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"The Best FPS Wii has to offer"

After playing the first two Call of Duty titles for the Wii, I was extremely excited to see what Treyarch had in store for us Wii owners this time around. Treyarch previously made the game Call of Duty: World at War. Although it was a lot of fun, it was extremely lacking in most areas. It felt like a demo compared to the HD console versions. It only had TDM and FFA with its hardcore counterparts. I was willing to give Treyarch another chance and I was extremely happy with their final product.

When I first got this game, I immediately jumped online; this was the part I was most excited to see. The first thing I noticed was the textures. The guns looked pretty bad as well as the overall look of some of the maps. Graphics don't really affect the overall experience for me so I was more than willing to overlook this slight problem. After playing this game and other Call of Duty titles on the Wii, I've come to like the graphics and have grown used to them. Anyway, I first started playing around online and was really impressed with the overall gameplay. The guns sounded great, were very accurate thanks to no lag, and were fun to use. I was happy about the fact that there was no more lag. Previous Call of Duty titles ran off of Nintendo's servers but now because of how successful the franchise has been on the Wii, Nintendo allowed Treyarch to use their own dedicated servers which in turn produced a lag free experience. This may take some getting used to for World at War and Modern Warfare veterans who were used to the “lag shield” produced by large amounts of lag in the other games. Players can no longer run out in the middle of the battlefield and expect to live. Another thing Treyarch added was voice chat. This was a huge addition to the game and I was excited to finally talk to players. If you're willing to overlook the large amounts of kids with high voices yelling into the mic, you will like this new feature. Text messaging friends was also introduced in this game. If you don't have a mic, you can send messages to friends by typing on an onscreen keyboard. You also have the option to use a regular keyboard and type your message. This is recommended because it's a lot faster than clicking each letter with the Wii remote. Treyarch really outdid themselves with all these new features. They add made an already great series even better.

A large part of the online experience comes from all of the different weapons, perks, and killstreaks rewards you can use. All of these can now be bought with “CP” which is the Call of Duty currency. All the perks are available to buy from the beginning but the weapons are not. You have to unlock the weapon by leveling up and then buy it from the shop. This works well; the currency adds a nice touch to the game and even helped create new game modes that reward you with CP instead of the usual XP. Once you reach level ten, you gain access to the killstreak reward menu which allows you to choose between three default killstreak rewards and nine purchasable killstreak rewards. The Wii didn't get three of the killstreak rewards that the Xbox and PS3 had due to RAM limitations. It's forgivable but definitely disappointing. The killstreak rewards range in price with killstreak rewards that require a higher killstreak costing more. This adds depth and more strategy to the online play.

The next thing I tested out was the campaign mode. I have never played campaign on either of the two previous Call of Duty titles but after hearing how good it was from some of my friends, I had to try it. I usually don't like to waste time playing campaign when I know I could be leveling up online but let me tell you, it definitely wasn't a waste. The missions are fun because they have a lot of interactive things within the mission that aren't available online to use. The story is interesting and some of the characters are memorable. The missions are pretty long which adds to the overall length of the story. My only problem is that sometimes the missions aren't too straightforward and every so often, I found myself confused trying to figure out how to progress to the next objective in the story. This didn't detract from the experience too much though and I ended up having a great time with the single player.

Finally, I had to try out zombies. Treyarch disappointed the Wii community with Call of Duty: World at War by not including zombie mode. I was anxious to finally get to experience it and it was pretty good. Unfortunately, the Wii version only came with one map but Treyarch is supposedly releasing more as DLC. It is not yet confirmed how much it will cost or if it will be free DLC. The gameplay was exciting; I never got bored playing it. The chance to get a new high score by surviving for a certain amount of rounds is addicting and will keep you wanting to play more and more. Hopefully Treyarch does release DLC because I can't imagine one map keeping my attention for very long when there are fourteen multiplayer maps I could be playing online. Zombies were a great addition to this game though and it makes me happy to know that Treyarch listens to its Wii fanbase and adds in what we want.

In the end, Treyarch made a fantastic game that will keep me addicted until next year's installment. Hopefully by then Treyarch can fix the few problems in this game and create an even better experience although it will be hard to top Black Ops.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/24/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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