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"Amazing Game! :)"

This game has been heated and debated but yet, still packs a punch. Some thins that they should stop putting this game on the shelf every single year, yet the SAME people still love to play this game from sun up to sun down. This Call of Duty installment has finally, to me, lives up to the hype. But is it good or bad...Well, read on.


I have to say this is the first COD game that I actually enjoyed the story. Unlike Modern Warfare and MW2, the story isn't just bungled missions thrown together. They have finally shown "meaning", so to speak, to the series. You start off as a soldier, a CIA type soldier, named Mason. From the beginning to the end you will try to solve a mystery about a Weapon of Mass Destruction. The story was more realistic than before, so I give Treyarch and Activision big thumbs up for this one. Excellent action, and GREAT cutscenes. They actually had me believe I was there in person fighting. The storytelling is like reading a book, but playing it virtually. Now this may be some over exaggeration on my part, but to me this is simply the best story they have done for a Call of Duty game that I've played. Some claims it to be too short, but I believe it's just right. You don't need a 10-20 hour campaign. It will get dull and boring REAL quick. It's about 5-6 hours which is a good length before it gets repetitive.


The mechanics in the game is just right. If you were use to the controls in the modern warfare series, this game shouldn't be no different. The only adjustment I went through, was from a 360 to a PS3. The animations was spot on. I still wish that they can develop a easier cover system. The cover system is just lazy. In one way you can state that it helps the Difficultly in the game, but to me they could of made it with the same difficult measures and use a simple covering method. They could of easily used the one in Red Dead Redemption. Other than that, I like the gameplay. I would harp on the guns, but that's more for the graphics side. One thing, though, it seems like it's near impossible to run out of bullets. There's no shortage of guns, but it just seems to me that you have to be really unskillful to run out bullets in every gun you use (Not saying that you won't run out of bullets, but it takes awhile. And if your one of those prestige type of guys I guess you will know how to preserve your bullets). I especially like the character animation while walking and running. Not to stiff and not to forceful like either.


Ahhhh the graphics. Black Ops has one extraordinary level of graphics. Everything is stunning; From beginning to end. I have to give props to the level designers. They did excellent with the level creation. There is a lot of detail that takes place in each level. Great building designs, and good scenery outside too. You can tell that they spent majority of their time making the graphics eye-popping worthy. I like the way they modeled the guns. I'm a SMG to Assault rifle guy, and they had several of those types of guns. The animation with reloading them was better than last couple of years. So, bravo on that. I also like the characters. There expressions when going into sudden death is perfect. Almost "Real-like". The way they talk, you can tell that Treyarch spend a considerably time in making the animation near perfect. I applaud them again on that!

Zombie Mode

A unique mode that I didn't see coming. I've played this only once, and that is because to me it's better suited to play with more than one person. Playing by yourself gets boring real quick (I will play again and update this part when needed). You start off in a room, and you fend off zombies. Be warned, they are SLOW! They are more powerful in numbers rather than by themselves. If you like playing with friends, this mode is right for you.

Multiplayer Mode

Ok, this is the mode where EVERYONE is excited for. Yes, this is my VERY FIRST time playing a Call of Duty game online so I can't base this one on the previous games. I have to say that I have a blast every time I play online. It's real challenging. Though, I see what people mean by campers. But, I only seen that in the one or two games that I've been playing. Some has said that they experienced lag, but I have not experienced any of that...yet lol There's different modes, ranging from Team Death match to Free-For-All. There's also contracts and you can loosely customize your character. As in you can change your clothing and have different slots as gun slots. Which is real good, because you don't need to select what genre of guns to have you can already have your liking to start. There's different prestige level's, so once you get to a certain level you unlock different items. Also, you could do different objectives that comes with a contract. All in all, it is a great addition to COD. Although, I will take in what some say about lagging. That may or may not affect you.


In the near future, I would replay the campaign, but for now I'm so hooked on the multiplayer. So, the replay factor for this game is HIGH. If they keep up with the good story from Black Ops, then I could see COD being one of the greatest game series ever. I recommend this game if you enjoy campaign mode and a great multiplayer mode.

You should buy it! =D

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/07/12

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops (US, 11/09/10)

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