How do I get to the cemetery path gates?

  1. I do not know how to get for Costington's to the cemetery path gates. I have tried everything!

    User Info: 123nicholas

    123nicholas - 6 years ago


  1. Coming from Costington's Mansion, you get to the cemetery road by returning back the way you came, up stairs and over roof tops, through gates etc. When you come down the final staircase, you will be in "Town Square" which is a large open area with a well in the middle. The Mystery Machine is parked in bottom right of your screen and the the jail is at the top right. There is a road that leads from the well to the top of your screen - This the Cemetery Road. the first time you go towards this road there is a large wooden gate to get through. This is where Romero, back at the mansion told you he would meet you. As you approach the gate it opens and Romero will be waiting there for you. After that the gate will be open, but you will meet other obstacles.

    To get to both the Old and New Cemeteries, you follow this road. After following it for a short time, you will go through a gate, and past a few buildings and then you will come to a dug out area and a front loader in the middle. Velma will need to use her computer skills to turn on the tractor so the front scoop can be used to climb over the tractor and onto the other side of the road. Once past this you will reach the New Cemetery first and then further down the road, past Emilio and Estaban's hut will be the Old Cemetery.

    User Info: gramywheels

    gramywheels - 6 years ago 0 0

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