What are all the colors and there power?And what are they used for?

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  1. A wisp is a type of alien, whose body normally consists of a head and 3 tentacles. They have a special power, which is called Hyper Go On energy. There are 10 kinds of Wisps, each kind possessing a special power. They can also fuse with other life forms temporary, allowing their host to use that power. Each Wisp can be identified by their color and power.

    White Wisps- the common variety of Wisp. They dont necessary have a Color Power but they power Sonic's boost gauge

    Cyan Laser Wisps- This Wisp turns Sonic into an energy laser that bounces off of walls and destroys enemies. Simply choose the direction you want to fire and release! There are specific objects that Sonic can zap into that will led to other pathways.

    Yellow Drill Wisps- This Wisp allows Sonic to drill underground or through walls to found hidden items and pathways. It also allows him to move faster when underwater and helps him breathe better. However, if the gauge goes out while he's drilling underground, you'll lose a life.

    Blue Cube Wisps (only appears in the Wii version) - these Blue square shaped Wisps can cause powerful shockwaves that destroy enemies and blocks. They can also turn Blue Rings into Blue Cubes and vice versa, creating new platforms and paths.

    Orange Rocket Wisps (only appears in the Wii version) - This Wisp shoots Sonic into the sky, allowing him to reach high areas and find secrets. As the Color Meter depletes, Sonic's speed increases until finally being blasted into the sky. When he changes back, he goes into a free fall mode.

    Green Hover Wisps (only appears in the Wii version) - This allows Sonic to become floating green head, that can perform ring dashes and ram into enemies.

    Pink Spike Wisps (only appears in the Wii version) - a tough variety of Wisps. Their power allows Sonic to stick to any surface and make him invincible.

    Red Burst Wisps (only appears in the DS version) - a Red variety of Wisp that have bodies that resembles a flame. When they use their color power they look like fireworks, since they move in different sized bursts of fire.

    Nega Wisps- Purple Frenzy (Wii Version only) and Violet Void (DS Version only) Wisps allow Sonic to absorb and suck everything into his body like black holes.

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