Red Ring Help?

  1. Could someone tell me the locations and how to get the following Red Rings?

    Aquarium Park
    Act 4- Rings 2 and 3
    Act 6- Rings 3 and 4

    Asteroid Coaster
    Act 1- Rings 2 and 5
    Act 2- Rings 1, 2 and 4
    Act 4- Ring 1
    Act 5- Rings 2, 4 and 5

    Have read the FAQs on here, but they are incomplete and do not list these rings. Really want to finish to great game 100%. :)

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  1. Aquarium Park
    Act 4-The second red ring is at the end of a laser maze really high off the ground. Just before it, you'll bounce on a pole up to a platform with a large set of rings and a Laser Wisp capsule in the middle. From there, you'll land on a ledge and see the same kind of walls you see in other levels where you're supposed to bounce off and ultimately get somewhere. I can't explain this one any further than I have so if you require further clarification, I recommend checking out Youtube which has videos showing you the locations of all the red rings and this one in particular was one of my most challenging ones so I feel the pain.
    The 3rd red ring in this act is found underwater and it's the first body of water you can enter immediately after the second red ring and it's easy to go past it because it's relatively small (you could easily jump the distance).

    Act 6 -The third red ring is across from where the infinite speed wisp capsule is. There's a trail of rings leading upwards if you used the hover wisp to follow it but instead, fly up and forward and then when hover runs out, use the boost to make the rest of the distance. Again, this can't be explained too well so check out Youtube to get a visual aid since words alone aren't sufficient.

    Asteroid Coaster
    Act 1 -The second red ring is found by following the blowing fans up until you can't go up any higher and then landing on a ledge with a checkpoint. From there, follow the groups of rings and don't fall down and you will come to a launch pad leading to the ring and you must hit the center of the launch; not the left or right one. The fifth red ring is in the same area the goal is. You'll notice the infinite frenzy wisp capsules and the various blocks concealing red springs. One of them will lead you right to it.

    Act 4-The first red ring will be on the second from the right path shortly after you start running.

    I can't explain where the rest of the red rings are without a visual aid so I'd suggest consulting youtube for the rest; I honestly wouldn't be able to understand my own explanations if I didn't already know where they are but if you end up finding more from my inadequate descriptions, cheers.

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