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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ---------------------------------- [ SONIC COLORS ] ---------------------------
    -------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
    ---------------------------------- [ Nintendo Wii ] ---------------------------
    Wzup, Sonic fans? It's me again, Ice Queen Zero back with another Sonic the
    Hedgehog FAQ for your system. Thank you so much for reading my FAQ on Sonic the
    Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. I got a lot of fan mail on that especially the ones who
    got caught up in Lost Labyrinth Act 2. Now I am back to write an FAQ for Sonic
    Colors for the Nintendo Wii. I may do one for the Nintendo DS as well. Sonic
    Colors is the first 3D Sonic game to get a positive reception from the majority
    of the fans in a long time.
    Sonic Colors and its characters are trademarks of Sega and all copyrights 
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
    sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper
    From the official site:
    The diabolical Dr. Eggman has hatched another plan for world domination! He has
    built an amazing interstellar amusement park, floating in space bursting with
    incredible rides and attractions.
    However, all is not as it seems as Dr. Eggman has abducted an entire alien race
    called Wisps from far away planets and is harnessing their Wisp energy and
    color power for an evil plan. Before he has time to set his plans in motion...
    Sonic discovers his mysterious theme park and finds he is able to use these new
    alien powers too!
    Fuelled by their colorful energy; Sonic embarks on an adrenaline-pumping, super
    speed adventure through vibrant worlds from candy mountains, to lush vegetation
    in a mission to halt the sinister plot.
    The game is played with the Wiimote turned sideways but a Gamecube controller
    can be used as well.
    2 button to jump
    2 button while in midair gives you a double jump but...
    2 button while in midair for Homing Dash when enemies and objects are nearby
    1 button gives you a speed boost when there is energy in the boost gauge
    1 button in air without speed boost energy does a small air dash
    Down while in air does the Sonic Stomp 
    D-pad to move.
    + button pauses the game and goes to next screen after beating a level
    - button lets you retry the level after beating it.
    Ring - protects you from one hit but you will lose all of your collected rings
    and you will have to recollect as much as you can. Unlike most Sonic games, 100
    rings don't equal an extra life. It adds to your ranking bonus.
    Checkpoints - You will start from when you lose a life.
    10-ring - Worth 10 rings
    Burrobot (Big and small) 
    Motobug (Big and Small) 
    Chopper (Big and small) 
    Jaws (Big and Small) 
    Aero Chaser 
    Tropical Paradise - The opening stage of Sonic Colors. The green paradise with
    lush vegitation is the world's entranceway to the planetary theme park.
    Sweet Mountain - A world set high beyond the clouds. Feast your eyes on the
    delicious world of Sweet Mountain. Surrounded by lollipops and tasty treats,
    this is a world to remember.
    Starlight Carnival - With an array of colors set amongst the stars, Starlight
    Carnival features a parade of electric spaceships that Sonic must race through.
    Planet Wisp - This is the home planet of the Wisps, a host to a variety of
    fauna and mysterious vegitation.
    Aquarium Park is an underwater playground surrounded by blue seas. With many
    different hidden/secret paths and areas, there is always something new to find.
    In fact, every experience here will almost feel like a different one every time
    Asteroid Coaster - This action packed world set in an asteroid field runs on
    rollecoaster rails!
    Game Land - (Wii) Play as a Virtual Hedgehog in Eggman's Sonic Simulator in
    Game Land. Experience all the action in 2 player co-op where you can use
    Combined Color Power to have twice the fun.
    -No matter how powerful you are, you will automatically die when smashed, time
    runs out, drown, or if you fall down a bottomless pit.
    -As stated, rings are counted towards your ranking at the end of a level and do
    not give extra lives if you get 100 of them.
    -Don't bother trying to get all red rings in one shot. Some of them require you
    to come to the level once you have freed a certain colored wisp. Such as the
    yellow drill wisp need to be freed in order to get the second and fourth red
    rings in Tropical Paradise Act 1.
    -Speaking of freeing wisps, you can tell which colored wisp will become ready
    to be freed when you see it standing on the circle where it first becomes
    available to use.
    -When gameplay slows down while you are being shot through the air, this means
    to continually press the Jump button to initiate the trick sequence. This will
    make Sonic jump repeatedly in the air and earn bonus points. He also  advances
    quicker than running.
    -I assume the color power is easy on the wrists when using the Gamecube control
    to play the game. You have to shake the Wiimote to use it normally.
    Now the game is easy to beat all by yourself for the most part. A walkthrough
    is not really needed but for those looking to collect every Red Ring. Then read
                                   TROPICAL RESORT
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 1~~
    Run forward along the line of rings and gather the pod of White Wisps. Use the
    1 button now to get a big burst of speed. If you are fast enough you will take
    to the sky. Try to land onto the rail to grind your way to the first Red Wing.
    Run and use the homing attacks on the ballons for fun if you want but you need
    to use a homing attack on the Egg Pawn with the sign to get White Wisps. Ride
    up the loft and se a Speed Boost in a straint line. All the rings will come to
    you. Now hit the spring and use the homing attack on the Spinners or ignore
    them and use the springs and take out the Egg Pawn. Use the speed ramp to grind
    the rail.
    Get the Cyan Wisp and laser through the Eggpawns then take the launch ramp to
    fly into the air and when you land, you go through a checkpoint ahead. Get the
    Yellow Wisp and drill down to the second Red Ring but watch out for Burrobots.
    If you want all the rings, you can use the Cyan Wisp to bounce off all of the
    diamonds. Otherwise continue to the right. Slide under the low wall and use the
    Yellow Wisp to drill to the top where another Yellow Wisps waits. Instead of
    grinding, take the low path and get the third Red Ring amongst the balloons.
    Spring to the top of the walls to hit the checkpoint then use the Yellow Wisp
    while standing on the dark patch of land and drill in circles. When all three
    bombs explode, the fourth Red Ring appears and is yours for the taking.
    Ride the rail to the end of the ride and keep moving forward until you hit the
    launch ramp and perform your tricks. When you land get on the right rail and
    after the first Rainbow ring boost. Jump up to hit the next and be launched to
    the fifth Red Ring. The exit is shortly ahead.
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 2~~
    When you get the Yellow Wisp, stand on the top of the first hill and use the
    Yellow Wisp to drill as the first Red Ring is directly beneath you. Proceed to
    the right as fans will lift you up in the air. A Cyan Wisp will appear and you
    will use that to enter the laser point. At the end of the ride, you will be in
    the air and you'll need to steer to the left to land on the platform and snag
    the nearby second Red Ring. From here, play the level like normal and when you
    reach the laser point, use the Yellow Wisp in this case to drill down and to
    the right and grind the rail. Beware of the Burrobots though. You will run past
    a series of loops. Don't bother with the Cyan Wisp's power. Get the Yellow Wisp
    instead and drop down between the spikes and use the Yellow Wisp to drill down
    and go left into the lower tube (has two in arrows). Drill all three sets of
    debris (first set yields a Yellow Wisp as well) and the third Red Ring will 
    appear for you to take. 
    Surface immediately and when riding the fans' drafts, you'll see the fourth Red
    Ring. Press the Jump button at the apex of the draft to snag it. Avoid the Egg
    Pawns or speed boost through them or better yet, get the Cyan Wisp and use its
    power to hit the diamonds to get past them easier. Don't be so hasty to exit 
    the level just yet because the fifth Red Ring is at the rear of the level. Get
    it before you leave the level.
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 3~~
    Cyan Wisps released
    You start in Quick Step mode, tap right at the start and jump just before you
    go down a slope to land on a platform and kill an Egg Pawn in the process. At
    the end of the platform, jump to the left and grab the lift to get onto another
    platform with the first Red Ring on it. If you want, you can jump to the left
    and grab the lift and reach the Cyan Wisp but it is not so important here. When
    you reach the second Cyan Wisp after the checkpoint, run under the platform it
    is on to grab the second Red Ring.
    Run forward and slide under the low wall and spring up. Get ready to do it once
    more. You will slide down a slope and hit some speed ramps that propel you down
    the road. Sonic might accidentally trip on a step but keep going and then slide
    under the low wall. When you spring up, use the Cyan Wisp to laser through the
    diamonds and land in front of another Cyan Wisp. Get it then use its power to 
    rocket straight ahead and hit the launch ramp that takes you to some White wisp
    ahead of you. Get the Yellow Wisp and drill down to the bottom until you get to
    the "in" tube that is goes downward. It spits you out to another Yellow Wisp.
    Use its power to drill as far down as possible. You will go through some blocks
    that you can drill through. You should be able to get the third Red Ring before
    you enter the "in" tube beneath it. The best way to travel is follow the down
    arrows formed by rings that direct you to that point.
    When you come out of the tube, you will shot upwards. Drill left to the tube on
    the very left and go in. Once you're out, get the fourth Red Ring and enter the
    tube and surface immediately. From here you can play as normal up until you get
    to the next checkpoint. Use the Spinners to cross the pit and procced until you
    pass a spring that will do nothing until you go back and hit it. It will launch
    you to the top of a platform with a Cyan Wisp. Use its laser to bowl over the
    Egg Pawns and get the Cyan Wisp just ahead. Try to get to the topmost platform
    and use the launch ramp to do tricks. Get the Amazing score to land on a high
    platform. Stay along the high road and when you reach the blue diamond, use the
    Cyan Wisp on it and bounce along the other diamonds to get the fifth Red Ring.
    Ride the zipline to the exit ring.
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 4~~
    Run forward and use the launch ramp to get over the pit. You will soon see some
    jar-like creature that spews rings. Use it and the balloons for leverage to get
    the third Red Ring. Be sure you have gotten the Yellow Wisp during this process
    because when you drop down, use it to go to the very left and drop down. Watch
    out for Burrobots There is a Purple Wisp waiting for you. Use its power to go
    into a frenzy and get the first Red Ring and make your way to the right. You
    will also get the second Red Ring buried below a stack of blocks which you can
    chomp through.
    Once the frenzy is over, head right and slide under the low wall and go through
    the loops. A yellow Wisp is at the end. Drill down to the right and go up the
    platforms for the fourth Red Ring. Go right and spring to the Yellow Wisp and
    drill to the top immediately. Ride the rail for the fifth Red Ring, a 1-up, and
    exit straight ahead.
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 5~~
    Get a move on and get the Cyan wisp then use its power to laser along the rings
    to bounce along the wall and diamonds and you'll even knock off an Egg Pawn in
    the process. Slide under the low wall and make your way to the next Cyan Wisp
    but you will not be using it. Instead you will drop down and get the Pink Wisp
    and use its spike power to scale the surfaces. You should eventually get a Pink
    Wisp to refill them break through hard blocks for the first Red Ring and a Pink
    Wisp. The power will eventually fade. Run ahead, and use the speed ramp to take
    you all over the place. When you land, you hit a 10-ring on the way down and be
    just in front of a checkpoint. Go about killing a lot of Egg Pawns however you
    prefer then when you finally make it to a Cyan Wasp, jump up and aim it at the
    side of the wall and it will bounce you to the second Red Ring. Move ahead till
    you get to a spot where lots of balloons are rising up. However, you want to go
    down and get the thrid Red Ring using the Sonic Stomp. Spring up, to the top.
    Go right and drop down and before you hit the ground, use the Cyan Wisp and aim
    it at the laser marker. You will get the fourth Red Ring in the process and you
    will also bounce around some diamonds and be propelled over the exit ring. Get
    the fifth Red Ring and exit the level.
    ~~Tropical Resort Act 6~~
    Stick to the high road. When you get to the teeter totter platforms, steer it
    so you can get the first Red Ring. Ride the zipline to the next platform and 
    you will see the second Red Ring below you. You probably thinking to drop down
    and steer to the left but I advise you to rotate the teeter totter platforms
    and safely get it then stay on the low road. The third Red Ring is also there
    in plain side along the triple-rotating platforms for you to get so easily. A
    Pink Wisp is ahead of you. You will see the fifth, yes I said fifth Red Ring
    but it is not important now. Use the Pink Wisp to fall through the blocks.
    There is a 1-up in this area to snag too. Make your way around the ceiling and
    drop onto the blocks below. Defeat the Egg Pawns and get the fourth Red Ring.
    Use a homing attack to grab the lift and get on top of the platform and kill
    some Egg Pawns. Get the Pink Wisp and use its power to cling to the ceiling and
    break through the blocks. Move along the teeter totter platforms and grab the
    fifth Red Ring. Then let your spike power run you up the right wall and hit the
    exit ring.
    ~~Tropical Resort Boss~~
    Big Boy is easy to beat. Just get onto the platforms as they come around or you
    can run up to the ceiling and drop down and use a homing attack to hit the boss
    while you stay away from its claws. Three hits and the boss is defeated.
                                   SWEET MOUNTAIN
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 1~~
    Yellow Wisps released
    Head forward across the launch ramp and speed ramp. You will receive some White
    wisps. Use your speed boost to get all the coins and stay low and away from the
    missiles being fired. Get the White wisps on the right and use the lift to get
    up. Ride the zipline and drop off to the right to snag the first Red Ring. Go
    back up and defeat the Egg Pawns. Head forward as normal and you will see on
    the bottom a curvy road sign. Eventually your travels will lead some Buzzers
    and a Yellow wisp beyound them. Don't be so hasty to use its power just yet.
    Keep moving to the right until you have gotten past the loop and as you are
    about to run down a hill, stop and drill straight down. You will destroy some
    destructible blocks and there is the second Red Ring waiting for you. Get it
    and a Yellow wisp appears where it used to be. Get it and drill all the way to
    the bottom to get to the next section.
    Step on those sensors and watch those Egg Pawns get spiked to death in the
    background. Kill the ones in the foreground and you will see the third Red Ring
    on the other side of a wall but to get it, you must jump up the platforms to
    the top and grind a candy rail. Then turn back and get it. Get the Yellow wisp
    and drill to the right at the dead end. Surface to the top and get the Cyan
    wisp. Use its power to get over the wall. Run through the donut loop and stay
    low as possible so the missiles won't hit you. You will see the fourth Red Ring
    to the right. Let the next missile pass before getting it. Go back up and ride
    the lift up and run through the tube. As soon as you are launched into the air,
    use the trick session to not only avoid the missile but to also get bonuses.
    The fifth Red Ring is at the end of the road. Avoid the missiles en route to
    getting it. Spring up and hit the pod to exit the level.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 2~~
    Run forward to go into Quick Shift Mode. Stay in the middle for White wisps and
    you will soon be shot through some Rainbow Boost rings. Now you will go through
    Drift Mode and end up being launched into the air by a Launch Ramp. Score an
    Amazing Trick to land on the rail and grind it. You will eventually make it to
    a Green wisp. Use it to hover up and to the left. Carefully hover through the
    spikes going down and the first Red Ring is in sight for the taking. Stand on
    the platform the Red Ring used to be and let it fall. Slide under the low wall,
    proceed to the dead end and rings will form behind you out of nowhere after
    you stand on the switch. Egg Pawns will rain from the sky too. Dispatch them 
    and a lift will appear. You it to bounce through the springs and appear in the
    background. Run to the very left for the second Red Ring. Go right and drop to
    the bottom to get the Green Wisp then pull yourself up and kill some Egg Pawns.
    From here you can play the level as you normally would and get the third Red
    Ring on the spot. Go back and you can use the Hover now but I suggest that you
    use a Sonic stomp on the breakable block to step on the switch and use the lift
    to pull yourself up and get that Green Wisp and just use its power wherever you
    see rings. Use the speed boost to move along with the rings and the fourth Red
    Ring is yours. Let the power run out and run across the platforms quickly as
    they fall and instead of pulling yourself up, slide and you will get the fifth
    Red Ring and be boosted through Rainbow Boost rings. Grind the rail and jump
    constantly to grab as many rings as you can and the exit ring is at the end of
    the line.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 3~~
    Orange Wisps released
    Note: You cannot get all five Red Rings in this level in one shot regardless of
    what powers you do or do not have.
    Make your way forward and get the White wisps and spring up. Use a Speed Boost
    to gather some rings and go flying through the air. Use a Homing Attack on the
    last Egg Pawn before you land. You will go through some speed ramps a spring.
    To proceed, ignore the Egg Pawns and go left.  Use the springs to grind on the
    rails. You will get an Orange Wisp. Jump up the springboards and don't get hit
    by the missiles. Proceed forward and continue the normal route until you get
    the first Red Ring then go back to before the spring and use the rocket (Orange
    Wisp's power) to gather the second Red Ring and pull to the right to land. Kill
    the Egg Pawns on the way up and go right. You will get the Pink Wisp when you
    hit the curve. From here, there are two avenues to take. The high road or the
    low road. High road will net you the third and fourth Red Ring. The low road
    will net you the fifth Red Ring. You can only choose one road and replay the
    zone for the other Red Ring(s).
    High Road: Activate your spike power and break the blocks and roll along the
    left wall and stay on that surface until you are above a platform that'll move
    when you drop onto it. Now stick to that platform and roll along it to gather
    rings and Pink wisps (for refilling). When you see the third Red Ring, jump up
    and roll along the curve and get back onto the moving platform. Stay on the
    platform until the end of the ride. Get to the next moving platform quickly
    before the next missile appears. Duck under the wall and use the triangle jumps
    to get the fourth Red Ring. Grind on the rail and head for the Exit Ring.
    Low Road: Instead of using the spike power, stay on the ground and run down the
    curve and run through the checkpoint. Grind on the rail then jump to the left
    one when it appears and jump onto the plaform. Among the objects is the fifth
    Red Ring. Pull yourself up and run through the tunnel. Use the Spinners to get
    across the chasm and use the lift to pull yourself up. Now keep moving until
    you are launched into the Exit Ring.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 4~~
    Note 1: Like Act 3, you cannot get all Red Rings in one shot. You only get one
    Cyan Wisp in this level but you need two to get all the Red Rings which is not
    possible so after you get all the Red Rings on the first go-around (I'll guide
    you through 2-5), replay the level to get the remaining Red Ring.
    Hit the springs and step on the switch. The barriers are deadly to touch so
    stay on the switch until it is safe to pass. Jump up the platforms and stay on
    the switch until it is safe to pass and get the Cyan Wisp above the popcorn and
    hit the switch hidden at the end of the popcorn trail. Now slowly manuever the
    barriers and climb your way up. After you have pulled yourself up via the lift,
    remember this spot because that is where you'll end up after you have gotten
    the first Red Ring after the next go-around of this level. Go up to the speed
    ramp but don't run into it. Jump and use the laser to aim up-right and you will
    ricochet off a series of diamonds and get the second Red Ring. Get to the dead
    end and step on the switch to make the platform come to you then step on the
    switch that's on it to get to the other one. Do the same for this platform and
    get to the top. Step on the switch here to lower the triple platform. Stand on
    the far switch and wait until the right side is past the barrier then step on
    the switch over there and ride it up to get the third Red Ring.
    Get the Purple Wisp and proceed to the right. Go into frenzy mode and get the
    1-up and the fourth Red Ring. Let the frenzy end then slide under the wall to
    the checkpoint. Step on the switch in the middle and you already have an idea
    of what to do here. Basically avoiding the barriers as you go up. Near the top,
    go to the left and get the fifth Red Ring hidden in the popcorn and continue to
    the top and the Exit Ring will be on the left.
    The first Red Ring is obtained by getting to the spot where you normally would
    drop down past the barriers after adjusting them but in this case you will use
    the laser on the above wall and ricochet off it (using the rings as your guide)
    to land on a platform. Run and slide under the wall and get the Red Ring and at
    the bottom of the road, everything remains the same as explained above.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 5~~
    Hit the speed ramp but head backwards for the first Red Ring. You'll end up in
    Quick Step Mode. Your travels will take you near the blue rings encased inside
    of blocks and a Blue Wisp. Don't use the power just yet. Go on your merry way
    until you've obtained the second Red Ring. Avoid being spiked and when you get
    another Blue Wisp, go into cube mode while still in midair and you will knock
    out all the Egg Pawns in the vicinity. Use the speed ramp on the right to go
    through a few twists. Work your way up to the swinging mechanism and jump off
    to the right to get the third Red Ring.
    Ignore the Blue Wisp and drop down past the blue rings and get the pink one.
    Slide under the wall and work your way upwards. Towards the top, go to the left
    via swinging mechanism or hugging the left wall and using the spike power early
    to roll over to the floor then use that same power up to get the fourth Red
    Ring. There is a refill in this area for you to get because you'll need it to
    roll through the narrow passage above and get the fifth Red Ring nearby. Get
    through the Egg Pawns and use the Buzzers to reach the Exit Ring.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Act 6~~
    You'll find some yellow replacable blocks in this level. When you get to the
    Pink Wisp, use the spike power to get the first Red Ring. Rush forward to get
    the second Red Ring since it is easier to roll through platforms than to run
    and jump. Grind the rail and you will get a Pink Wisp but what you want is the
    Blue Wisp. Use its power to get the third Red Ring and hurry back to get the
    1-up if you need it since the yellow blocks will be in the way if you do it the
    other way around. Fortunately, you'll still have your Pink Wisp from the ealier
    time you got it. Use it to reach the fifth Red Ring above the blue blocks. (It
    counts as the fifth on the Ring counter). Get to the top and ride the rail back
    to get what counts as the fourth Red Ring then head for the Exit Ring.
    ~~Sweet Mountain Boss~~
    This boss is a two-part battle. You head to the right and try to hit the switch
    but you have to avoid being hurt by the cannonballs. Red ones spew out rings if
    attacked. When you hit the switch, you jump off the ship and avoid the boss's
    toys while it jumps. Hit it with a clear homing attack when it is on the ground
    until it retreats and repeat the process with a different cannon layout. Defeat
    the boss again and it is down for good.
                                   STARLIGHT CARNIVAL
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 1~~
    Blue Wisps released
    You start off running down what I'll refer to as the matrix line. You will be
    in Quick Step mode. Shift to the other side immediately after gathering your
    rings to avoid the lasers being shot at you. Get ready to use Homing Attacks on
    the white blocks to avoid falling to your death. When you reach safety, you'll
    run down another matrix line and be thrown into a ship. Proceed to the right
    and get the Blue Wisp. Use its power to go down. Here you can let the power run
    out to get the first Red Ring or you can reuse the Cube for the same effect. Go
    right and get the Pink Wisp. Then go through the red Boost Rings to get back to
    the top. Work your way upwards, killing two Egg Pawns and when you reach the
    wall with a Spiny on it, use the Spike Power to move along the surface.Let its
    power run out then do a speed charge over the pit. You will get another Pink
    Wisp. At the wall use a Sonic Stomp until you hit solid floor. Use the Spike to
    get to the second Red Ring. Hit the sensor below and take a dive on the left. 
    You are back on the matrix line. Use the Quick Step to knock over the Motobugs
    trying to run you over. After the first jump, get past one set of rings and
    shift over to the right to get the third Red Ring. Now just survive the Matrix
    until you are back inside the ship. You will be launched high up into the air.
    Move to the right to land. Get the Blue Wisp and use its power to make the
    climb upwards as you switch rings and blocks back and forth until you get the
    fourth Red Ring then go right. You can zoom to the middle launch pad to get
    to the next section sooner or you can use the left one to get more rings. Avoid
    getting smashed in this area. It leads to an instant death. Get the blue Wisp
    and wait for the ceiling to go back up. Use the Cube to be able to reach the
    spring and get a boost onto the top of the sinking ceiling. Get the Blue Wisp,
    and use the Cube again to hit the spring and get on top of the ceiling. There
    are some rings and the fifth Red Ring at the end. Land and go through one final
    matrix run. Be sure to use Homing Attack on the white blocks and soon you will
    be at the end of the level.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 2~~
    The Pink Wisp will be very important in this level if you expect to get all the
    Red Rings because it is required to get all but the last one.
    Run right and get the Blue Wisp. Use its power then dispatch of the Egg Pawns
    and get the Pink Wisp before the power runs out and run to the right end across
    the exploding blocks and use the Cube while it is still active to clear some
    of the hard blocks away. Use the Spike to clear the rest away. Roll towards the
    upper region to get the first Red Ring then hurry over to the Pink Wisp to get
    more energy. Work your way downward to the floor then up through the red Boost
    Rings that have no effect on Spike mode. What you want to do is head to where
    you got the first Pink Wisp and start rolling your way upwards through the big
    blocks gathering lots of rings then you'll see the second Red Ring among the
    ceiling but dispatch of the two Egg Pawns before you get it. Now go right and
    drop down the pit. Roll to the sensor on the left as the spikes cannot harm you
    then the door will open. Roll along the top and get the Pink Wisp to refill and
    hit the explosive block and roll away to let it explode then roll over to the
    third Red Ring. Now take a plunge to the very bottom while still in Spike mode.
    Roll along the exploding blocks to get the fourth Red Ring before the blocks
    blow up and roll to safety. If you run out of energy, drop down and get the
    Pink Wisp. You can exit from here actually but you do want that fifth Red Ring,
    right? Roll back up the left side and make your way to the top to get the Blue
    Wisp. If you are fast enough, you might get the fifth Red Ring while in Spike
    mode but if you are not positive in making it on time, let it run out first and
    make the explosive blocks blow up and use the Cube to reach the Red Ring. You
    will need a triangle jump to make it easier to get. Cube your way to the bottom
    and watch out for the Egg Pawn bullets and make your way to the Exit Ring.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 3~~
    You have a short Matrix line run. Do a jump and home in on the lift you pull
    yourself to the top platform and use the moving springs to gather rings. Use a
    Sonic Stomp to bounce higher. That's how you'll get the first Red Ring. Slide
    under the low wall and drop to the bottom and go to the left and wait for a
    moving spring to get to you. You will use that to get the second Red Ring via
    Sonic Stomp of course. Head to the right and work your way up the platforms.
    At the loop use a Speed Boost to make it across and get the third Red Ring. Now
    take a series of moving springs. The second one stays with you during an auto-
    scrolling session. That also means to get the fourth Red Ring quickly as the
    floors will fall down. The fifth Red Ring will be in sight. Don't touch the
    electric Spinner when getting it. Steer clear of the electric Spinners and use
    the Sonic Stomp on the moving springs to reach the Exit Ring.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 4~~
    You will see a bunch of balls that spew out lots of green sparks. Avoid those
    at all costs. Underneath the second one is the first Red Ring. Keep going right
    to the dead end and drop down amongst the rings. There is the second Red Ring
    nearby. Pull ypourself back up then start working your way upwards. There is
    the third Red Ring underneath the spark ball. Wait for the sparks to clear out
    before you get the Red Ring and proceed to the next. Get the Purple Wisp in
    front of the door when you get to the hard blocks, use the Frenzy to chew them
    up and get more Purple Wisps to refill your bar. You will get the fourth and
    fifth Red Rings as will as a 1-up if you stay along the top. The Exit Ring is
    immediately after the fifth Red Ring.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 5~~
    Green Wisps released.
    The level automatically makes you run forward at the start in Quick Step mode
    as you run down the matrix line. Unlike Act 1, you can shift between three
    lanes which will come in handy when both Interceptors fire their lasers at you
    simultaneously. as you can get in the middle to dodge. At the end of the run,
    you will take a plunge. Guide yourself between the spike balls. The second set
    has the first Red Ring in the middle of them. Proceed as normal until you get
    the Pink Wisp. Jump to the top block and use the Spike power to roll along the
    upper platform then roll along the platforms floating in the air until you roll
    along the bottom surface where the second Red Ring sits. Slide under the low
    wall and you'll hit a spring. Dispose of the Egg Pawns and get the Green Wisp.
    Use the Hover function to float upwards. After getting the second Green Wisp,
    float to the left to get the third Red Ring. If you are about to run out of 
    power too soon, use the  Metal Spinners to get to a small platform above. This
    will raise you to the spot you need to be. Get a boost from the Rainbow Boost
    Ring and ride the zip line. You will miss the fourth Red Ring but you can get
    it via Spike power. Get the Pink Wisp shortly after the zipline and use the
    Spike power on the stack of blocks shaped like an upside-down L-Block from the
    Tetris series. You will use it to work your way left then down. Get the refills
    as you go back to safety. Keep going until you see a gang of Egg Pawns. You got
    to kill them off to get the Green Wisp. Follow the line of Rings to the next
    Egg Pawn. Kill it to get another Green Wisp. Keep repeating the process with
    other Egg Pawns and when you seee a spiral of rings. Use the Hover Zoom to
    snag them all and get the fifth Red Ring. The exit is at the end of the line.
    Use the Rainbow Boost Ring to hit it.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Act 6~~
    Get the Green Wisp then make your way past the Metal Spinners. You will need to
    fall to the right but use the Hover before you fall to your death to go to the
    left where spinning spike balls appear. At the end is the first Red Ring. Get
    it then wait until you get back to the last platform safely before using it.
    Now make your way up and to the left. Land on the floor and wait for the power
    to run out. Go left and get the Green Wisp. Jump to the left and use the Hover
    to reach the wall and get a refill and start making your way up through the
    spike balls. You'll eventually get the second Red Rings. When out of power, get
    past the Metal Spinners and get the Green Wisp. You will be going up and use 
    the boost to get the rings and thus avoid Spiny's projectiles. Get the Green
    Wisp after the power runs out then hit the sensor on the left to make lots of
    Rings appear. Boost through all of them in Hover mode. You'll get the third Red
    Ring in the process and also hit a sensor at the end which makes the fourth Red
    Ring appear as well as many 10-rings. Get the Green Wisp while still in Hover
    mode and float up and to the right. Avoid the Spiny and Spinners and work to
    the left. It's OK to let the Hover run out on top as you will fall down a line
    of rings and hug the wall on the right to reach the fifth Red Ring. Jump left
    and use a Sonic Stomp. Go to the very right after getting a Green Wisp and jump
    then use the Hover to go up. You will need to rely on the Homing Attack on the
    Metal Spinners as the Hover runs out too soon to get the next one. When you use
    the Hover again, you will have to rely on the Homing Attack again to reach the
    Exit Ring.
    ~~Starlight Carnival Boss~~
    You'll be in Quick Step mode. Avoid the machine gun spray and when you get in
    range, use a homing attack on one side. It takes many hits to destroy that
    side. It will shift over to 2D view. Avoid the cargo that falls then avoid the
    shots. When in range, use homing attack on the engine. Now you must avoid the
    spike balls in addition to machine gun shots. As before, when in range you use
    Homing Attacks on the selected target and keep repeating the process until the
    boss is dead. When it dies, the boss spews out lots of rings to collect. Also
    in the fight, you can use a Cyan Laser to catch up.
    Tune in next time as I finish the rest of the game.
                                     PLANET WISP
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 1~~
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 2~~
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 3~~
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 4~~
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 5~~
    ~~Planet Wisp Act 6~~
                                    AQUARIUM PARK
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 1~~
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 2~~
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 3~~
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 4~~
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 5~~
    ~~Aquarium Park Act 6~~
                                   ASTEROID COASTER
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 1~~
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 2~~
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 3~~
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 4~~
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 5~~
    ~~Asteroid Coaster Act 6~~
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