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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dontyoulookatme

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    Sonic Colors Walkthrough
    Nintendo Wii
    Sonic Colors. Copyright of Nintendo, Sonic Team
    This guide is for the Nintendo Wii, and was written
    by Jim Jememies (Donyoulookatme) of gamefaqs.com
    This guide isn't to be hosted without permission.
    For permission, comments, and concerns, please feel
    free to e-mail me.
    SONIC Colors
    Tropical Resort
    ACT 1 [A1]
    ACT 2 [A2]
    ACT 3 [A3]
    ACT 4 [A4]
    ACT 5 [A5]
    ACT 6 [A6]
    ACT 7 [A7]
    Sweet Mountain
    ACT 1 [B1]
    ACT 2 [B2]
    ACT 3 [B3]
    ACT 4 [B4]
    ACT 5 [B5]
    ACT 6 [B6]
    ACT 7 [B7]
    Planet Wisp
    ACT 1 [C1]
    ACT 2 [C2]
    ACT 3 [C3]
    ACT 4 [C4]
    ACT 5 [C5]
    ACT 6 [C6]
    ACT 7 [C7]
    Starlight Carnival
    ACT 1 [D1]
    ACT 2 [D2]
    ACT 3 [D3]
    ACT 4 [D4]
    ACT 5 [D5]
    ACT 6 [D6]
    ACT 7 [D7]
    Aquarium Park
    ACT 1 [E1]
    ACT 2 [E2]
    ACT 3 [E3]
    ACT 4 [E4]
    ACT 5 [E5]
    ACT 6 [E6]
    ACT 7 [E7]
    Asteroid Coaster
    Terminal Velocity
    ACT 1 [G1]
    ACT 2 [BSS]
    ACT 1 [F1]
    ACT 2 [F2]
    ACT 3 [F3]
    ACT 4 [F4]
    ACT 5 [F5]
    ACT 6 [F6]
    ACT 7 [F7]
    Tropical Resort
    ACT 1 [A1]
    Run straight forward when you have control of sonic. There is a multicolored
    ring with a question mark to the left that will give you some information on
    how to play the game a little more efficiently. The game will pause, so you'll
    have time to read it.
    After that, head toward the middle, grabbing as many rings as you can, and
    either rush straight through, or grab the other tutorial ring. Boost through
    the area, and jump when you see a metallic red bar at the top of the level.
    Keep heading forward and hop up at the red-starred boosters.
    Hop along the short obstacles, and read the vital information in the form of
    tutorial rings if you wish. Use your homing attack to take out the three
    enemies before you. You can quickly take them all out with the targeting system
    on the homing attack. Also, once you've taken out the baddies, home onto the
    bull's eye to grab the lever to pull yourself up.
    Boost through the area, and you'll come across a gab. Use your homing attack on
    the enemies to keep yourself airborne. This will also cause you to clear the
    gap without even having to go down. Keep the momentum moving by heading through
    and grinding the rail. Keep moving, and you'll come across a hallway of enemies
    to take out. Use your homing attack and keep moving, popping the balloons if
    you wish. Move through and home onto the booster to get some speed and to jump
    high. Run round the loop, and when you're airborne in a bit, press the on
    screen buttons as they pop up.
    Remember to keep collecting rings; as you move through the railing, you'll be
    able to keep going right, or to head left and collect a bunch of rings. Home
    onto the balloons to keep yourself airborne, should you head into the gap. Make
    your way to the right. Grind on the rail, and move past the colored rings. The
    rails will split eventually. Keep the obstacles in front of you in view to
    measure which rail to jump toward. Head past the welcome signs and once high up
    into the air, you'll have to press the on screen prompts again.
    A good way to tell when this will happen is to take notice of the speed. When
    things start to slightly slow down, chances are you'll have to press the
    prompts that show up. Keep this in mind and you shouldn't be caught off guard.
    Keep moving forward, and shoot through the rainbow rings and you'll soon come
    to the end of the first act.
    ACT 2 [A2]
    Head straight through and follow the path of jumps and round abouts. There will
    be new obstacles to watch out for, including spiked platforms. Jump over these
    menaces to avoid them. Jump to the pole and swing upwards, from one to the
    next, and run along the loop.
    Don't slow down, as you'll come across platforms that will drop once you move
    over them. Home into the enemies as you jump to the right. A fan will blow you
    up to the next landing. Head right and you should see a glowing green aura.
    Head up and to the right of this obstacle, and run along.
    You're going to pick up a lot of speed. After moving forward quite some time,
    you'll come across a block by a wall followed by a tutorial ring. Double jump
    to get up, and then hop onto the moving platforms to get across the dangerous
    bottom. Heading right, you'll be blown high up.
    Grab the coins, and head left towards the railing. Grab onto it and before you
    even figure out where you're going next, you'll be shot to the right of the
    screen, and will continue running straight. There will be a lot of enemies
    coming in a hallway. Homing attacking them is the best option, but be careful.
    Depending one where you land, some of the enemies can hit you by surprise.
    Careful timing of the homing attacks should suffice, and you'll be done with
    the second act fairly quickly.
    ACT 3 [A3]
    In this act, you'll be introduced to quick step mode. Use the control stick to
    move left and right. Head left and right to avoid the abrupt walls, but you can
    crash into the red capsules. After shifting a plane, the walls that come at you
    will be a little more abrupt. You'll have to have a little more quickness to
    avoid them, but it shouldn't be too bad if you're paying attention.
    After moving through a little, there should be a tutorial ring that will tell
    you some more important information. Carefully aim Sonic towards the middle-ish
    area of the path in front of you before you release. You'll move so fast before
    you can even fathom the obstacles that you've passed you'll be far across the
    path. Whether or not you got far, keep heading through and you should come
    across a wall with boosters.
    Head through and press the button prompts to slide through the narrow openings.
    Keep on heading through the path, and you'll eventually come across some
    enemies. Take them out and keep moving. When you come across a wall with
    blocks, crash into the different colored one to break through a capsule. Then
    climb onto the others to gain height and keep going.
    Keep moving, and note that you can destroy the wooden blocks. When the screen
    shifts to the side, you'll have some platforming to do. Head onto the initial
    platforms after they form, then head through and jump from the moving panels.
    Slide down towards the loop and smash through the baddies. You'll come across a
    bridge of lightly colored blocks.
    These (as you may have already noticed) can be broken through. Jump and crash
    downwards to destroy them and use the boosters to head back up to stay on the
    correct path. Head from the platforms and then keep moving right. Break through
    the other blocks and take note of the information the tutorial rings displays.
    Move right and destroy the other blocks before you head towards the loop. Run
    through and dash through the short obstacles.
    Home attack the little objects to stay airborne and move past the large gap.
    Keep moving, but be careful breaking the next batch of blocks, as some of them
    have spikes at the bottom. Take care, and keep moving right. There will be
    panels that slide out that you can jump to. They're located above the green
    aura, and tutorial explaining their significance. You'll move through and grab
    onto a railing. This will lead you to the end of the level.
    ACT 4 [A4]
    Head straight through, and you'll be welcomed by enemies. Jump home them and
    keep the pace going as you move to the right. Make your way to the railing to
    the right, and hop over the obstacle that will keep bringing you left. Aside
    from the rings to the bottom right of the level, you can head up and right
    quickly finish this level. That didn't take too long, now did it?
    ACT 5 [A5]
    Head right and when you get to the diamond shaped objects in the sky above the
    panel. Use the charge and aim technique use used during quick step move to aim
    at the side panels to quickly move through and to the right of the area. Slide
    through to the right, hit the boosters and slam into the enemies. Grab onto the
    grip that will bring you upwards.
    Your main goal is to shoot up and right at super fast speed with the aiming
    technique. Slam into the capsules to restore the gage in case you aim the wrong
    way. You can also use this technique to clear areas of enemies, if you don't
    want to use the homing attack.
    Or if you just want to bounce off the walls. It's fun. Keep heading right, and
    move through, sliding through the narrow gap. Rush through the loops and you'll
    get to a column. Use the technique to slam into the diamonds and continue the
    path right. Head forth. You'll have a lot of homing to do. Apart from the
    baddies, bounce past the walls and the balloons that you'll come across and
    you'll be able to complete the level.
    ACT 6 [A6]
    Head right and maneuver over the platforms. Slam through the enemies you come
    across normally, but when you come to the chain-connected platforms, step on
    the colored ground and you'll get the mechanism going. Continue to the path to
    the right. Keep this up and head to the golden ring to the right.
    ACT 7 [A7]
    When the battle starts, head onto the moving platforms. When you get a good
    distance away from the circle, but not too far, use the charge technique to
    bash right into the middle core. Head to the capsules to recharge, and watch
    for the boss' limb.
    You don't have to stay on the platforms, you can stay on the outer circles and
    jump when it's necessary. Hit the middle enough times, and you'll be done with
    this boss in no time.
    ACT 1 [B1]
    When the battle starts, head straight and keep heading through the path. You
    will have to make use of the homing attack to get ahead and to clear the large
    gaps that stand in your way. There will also be enemies to take out. Head on to
    the loop through the speed boost after taking out the enemies, and keep dashing
    past. Things will slow down a bit when the plane is 2D.
    Head onto the platforms and take out the bee enemies that can't wait to sting
    you. Make your way through the path. Slide through the narrow opening. The
    obstacles will start to get a little deadly as you move on.
    Watch your landing at you near the spikes. Make your way through the obstacles
    and head all the way right to a wall, forming a corner. Use the charge
    technique to get to the diamonds floating up and about in the environment. As
    you head through the area and things get a little more wide open, watch out for
    the oncoming missiles that will shoot out at you.
    Keep your eyes on the horizon, and be weary of your surroundings to quickly
    find cover, or a space to avoid it. When things slow down after you shoot
    through the air, press the button prompt, and move through the wide area again.
    As with the first, you have to dodge more missiles. Don't worry though, you're
    close to the end of the level. Good job!
    ACT 2 [B2]
    Quick step time. Head through the first speed booster, and you'll notice the
    world turn to a blur. You'll end up running through the sides of a machine. Use
    the control stick to direct Sonic to avoid obstacles.
    You'll move out into a more open space where things start to get a little wavy.
    No worries, as there aren't any pesky enemies to hinder your progress. Head
    through the air and you'll trigger a button prompt. Grind the rail, and slide
    through the narrow space as you make your way through the right.
    There will be a speed boost that will send you upwards. Take out the enemies
    that come your way with the homing attack. Though the level will make you
    hungry, you'll have to keep your eyes on the prize.
    Grind through the candy cane, after replenishing your power with the capsule.
    Move through the area making use of your homing ability, and hop over the
    obstacles toward the next candy cane. You'll bid the level farewell if you keep
    at it.
    ACT 3 [B3]
    Head straight, watching for moving too close to the edges, and head straight
    into the capsule. Head on and use your homing attack on the enemies you come
    across. The plane will shift, but you'll still have a wide expanse to explore.
    Head through, for you're about to gain a new ability.
    Use the rocket power up to shoot far into the air, and grab as many rings as
    you can. When you fall down, you'll fall at a fairly moderate pace, not as
    quickly as you soared. As you fall, head all the way right to cover a large
    majority of the space. There will be other rocket power ups, so use them to
    your advantage. It's fun, isn't it?
    There are lots of goodies up in the air, so grab what you can. Moving right
    enough, and you'll have some speed boosts that will push you up the inclined
    wall. Jump and homing attack your way through the platforms, while watching for
    the falling missiles. Follow the path along, and then you'll get to a wavy
    Shortly after, to get across the obstacles, you'll have to kind of jump from
    wall to wall to wall. Only thing is what you'll really be doing is jumping from
    pole to pole to pole. Head through and you'll move towards the other half of
    the wavy path. Hop up the platforms, and grab onto the grab pulley, and it will
    take you back up. Heading straight will get you to the end of the level.
    ACT 4 [B4]
    Head on and you'll get to a colored platform. Pressing it will move the
    mechanism to the right. It will flip round. Hop off when it's horizontal and
    run through to get past. Follow the next bunch of obstacles, and there'll now
    be two sinning wheels. Get them horizontal-ish and run through.
    Head on and place yourself on the colored platform again. Get the spinner
    vertical and jump down. AND AFTER YOU DO SO, GET WHHHAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!? Step on
    the next colored platform, and make a path for yourself. Keep this up as you
    move through, and then hop on the platforms and rush towards the loop. Home
    attack the incoming enemies, and you'll get to a wall.
    To get to the slightly out of the way platform, you'll have to double jump as
    high as you can toward the wall, then wall jump left. It's all about timing.
    You'll have more colored platforms but these ones move you around. Head right
    and home into the enemies, while moving through the blocks.
    Slide under the opening and move onto the large platform. Step onto the colors,
    but get off and move to the next one if the spinning lasers get too close.
    You'll be glad to know you're close to victory.
    ACT 5 [B5]
    Head forth, my brethren, as you head on to conquer the quickstep mode. There
    will be some enemies to homing attack into. Rush past, moving through the
    pulley lever, and homing attack the bees next to the pulley on the wall. Of
    course, grab the pulley.
    If you don't hit the bees, you'll plunge to your doom. Follow the path along,
    and grab some rings while you're at it. Move through the swivels and the loops
    and you'll swing on some colorful mechanism. Swing and release to get either
    left or right. Right is the primary path, so head from there to the platforms
    left. Once you get past, there'll be another swinga ma jiggy (trade mark) to
    use to get to higher ground.
    Now apart from the swinging, you can use the poles in the walls and the
    platforms to get higher up. Mistiming a jump takes you down, but it's not too
    dire a consequence. Once you finally make it to the top you'll have a lot of
    enemy homing to do, but the exit is very close by.
    ACT 6 [B6]
    Run without jumping till you get to the first jump booster. Across the yellow
    blocks is an enemy to take out. Head up to the next booster and keep running.
    Head on and there'll be some enemies on the top of stair-like platforms. Watch
    for their projectile fire and take them out before moving on to the next. Grind
    the candy cane and rush all the way to the slide space.
    There'll be a bunch of enemies waiting for you on the ground after the loop.
    Head from block to block past the enemies to get to the next section. The
    capsules in this area give you a power up that allows you to move through the
    blue blocks, so use it when stuck. Head past the last remaining enemies, and
    you'll be done with the level.
    ACT 7 [B7]
    Head right and avoid the projectiles from the cannon. A homing attack can take
    out a cannonball. In fact to get above the next layered cannons, homing from
    the ball to get leverage is actually what you need to do. Use the same method
    to get through the line of cannons unscathed, and keep going.
    Those aren't the last you've seen of cannons. Rely on your homing attack for
    the next cannonballs, and then home attack the blue lever. After the ship
    falls, you'll be on a flat surface. Use your homing attack to take out the
    cannonballs that the boss will throw at you, as well as the boss itself.
    It has an attack in which it jumps high into the air. Running under it is the
    best way to avoid taking damage from this attack. Hit it enough times, and
    you'll be back on the ship. Do the same things you did leading up to the blue
    lever to get to the boss again.
    There will be a great amount of projectiles in the area, so great that you
    should spend more time homing attacking them than the the boss. Home attack the
    boss when it's near, but prioritize on not taking damage. There should be some
    rings toward the bottom if you'd like to reach out for them. Deal enough damage
    to the boss and you'll be done with the level.
    ACT 1 [C1]
    Now in a very lush and beautiful environment, run straight through as soon as
    the level starts. Make your way past the wavy path to the first loop. Head on
    towards the next wavy path. You can side step the enemies that you'll come
    across to keep the pace moving while avoiding getting hit.
    You'll soon come to a rail. Jump from the rail to the next one on the right
    when you get near the edge to avoid falling off. Then hop to the left when the
    time comes. When you near the tutorial ring and the capsule, you'll learn that
    you can now change forms to a wisp. This allows you to cling to ceilings and
    walls and keep moving without falling off. Try it yourself.
    Keep heading up the left wall. You should have sufficient time, as it takes a
    moderate amount of time before the power up is depleted. When you get to the
    highest point, you can head left to explore the area, and get back on track
    with the rocket power up, or you can head right onto the rail to continue.
    Following the path should lead you to a series of speed boosts that lead you to
    a loop. Side under the gap, and you should come across a capsule.
    Use your powers to get through the narrow gap with the rings. This level is
    slightly more multi faceted than others, so feel free to explore if you wish.
    Whatever the case, wall jumping from the blocks you'll come across that lead
    you to a loop and a sliding path is the main path.
    Take out the enemies and keep running like the wind. You'll get to a quick step
    section. Move through, jumping when necessary, and you'll end up in a more
    industrial section. Grab the rocket power up by the yellow arrows sign, and
    keep in mind that there are also wisp power ups, if that suits your fancy a
    little better. Head through the array of dark blocks and you'll near the exit.
    ACT 2 [C2]
    Head on and break the first breakable blocks. Move to the next and smash
    through them as well. You'll be boosted up to above the height of the enemy.
    Take him out and head past the platform stairs.
    Head above the column to the next set of platform stairs. Grapple the grapple
    lever, and avoid the spiked balls as you make your way across the area. Be
    careful, as you can lose a lot of rings here. The spiked balls disappear after
    a period of time, so you shouldn't worry too much.
    There's a grapple to the left that you have to aim for to make it across
    safely. Move through the loop path to the next moving platforms. Make your way
    through homing attack what doesn't suit your fancy.
    Take your time as you move through, and then take out the prospector enemies
    that are just waiting for you to teach them the lesson of the day. Head to the
    far right. Step on the colored platform to activate a series of events. Now
    head left and then up through the new path you've created.
    Take out the cousins of the people you destroyed before, and step on the next
    colored switch. Move onto the moving staircase platforms, taking your time (as
    you can fall easily) then rush through the path and loops all the way through
    the gaps, rails and toward the exit.
    ACT 3 [C3]
    Starting off in a quick step session, keep your eyes to the horizon, as you
    move left or right to avoid the enemies and obstacles that come at you swiftly.
    Don't pay too much attention to the floating green enemies, just watch where
    you're going, collecting some rings until you get to the wavy step path. Hop
    over the obstacles past the diamond, and you'll be zoomed to a 2D plane again.
    You'll be able to obtain a power up-containing capsule. Use it when you make
    your way to the top right path and come across numerous solid dark blocks. Use
    the power up to get path the next blocks of the same kind. Blue blocks are also
    made move-through-able by this method.
    While you're trying to figure out if that was indeed a word, head on over to
    the short platforms with the chained spike balls, and slowly make your way
    across. Head up and you'll be at the exit. Nice job!
    ACT 4 [C4]
    Move through the initial wavy step path, and you'll pass by numerous objects
    and obstacles, but eventually things will slow down when you get to two
    parallel walls. Wall jump your way through and homing attack the enemies.
    You'll come across moving platforms that aren't unlike a conveyor belt.
    Be cautious as you head through and head across the speed boosts. You'll get to
    another walled area, but this times there will be floating diamond shaped
    objects. You know what this means, use your power up to zoom through. Head
    across the rail and across the platforms to make it toward the exit.
    ACT 5 [C5]
    Head onto the jump boosters to break through the yellow blocks. Then move
    across and take out the enemies that try to stop your path. They can't stop the
    speed, baby! Show them your lack of concern for their mission by taking them
    out, and then heading over the speed boost toward the arched wall.
    Should you fall near the wall to the right, you'll gain a rocket power up to
    get back up. I'd use the power up intentionally to get some rings, and cause
    it's fun. Move to the right and continue the path. You'll come across some
    floating yellow blocks, followed by some enemies that try to make your
    platforming prowess futile. Take them out as you make your way up the path.
    You can't have them breaking all the yellow blocks now, can you? Running
    through the grass, feeling the wind behind your ears will lead you to the exit.
    Pretty simple, huh?
    ACT 6 [C6]
    You'll start this level off in style, grinding across a rail. Jump to the left
    rail when the path disappears, and keep an eye forward to see which rails have
    dead ends, so that you can jump to the correct ones in advance. You'll get to
    jump boosters pretty soon. From there, homing attack the floating dudes, and
    grind through the loops.
    Yes, I know, the back ground is very impressive, but you're moving at break
    neck speed, so keep your eyes on the prize. HEY! Stop drooling! Next, instead
    of rails that end abruptly, you'll have spikes to hop over. From there, you'll
    head onto another loop. When you finally get situated on ground level, head
    right and take out the enemies near the moving platforms and take their spot.
    Head on the speed boost and keep moving through. Make your way through all the
    platforms, and you should be able to make it to the end of the level fairly
    ACT 7 [C7]
    You'll be in a circles with more circles followed by the boss, who's watching
    all the circles circle him about. You want me to say circle one more
    Grab the wisp power up to gain the ability to stick onto the circ-um...
    spheres. You may have to wait for it to circ- um...rotate about before you're
    able to grab it. Once you do head from ....aw forget it. Head from circle to
    circle leading up to the middle where the boss it. Attack him. This boss battle
    should be familiar. The lasers can be avoided by running and jumping and by
    using the not so fast moving circles as cover.
    Apart from that, there are also little electricity clusters that can do some
    damage. Even without the wisp power up, you can still hop onto the circles to
    reach the middle to attack the enemy. This is what you should be doing once the
    boss stops with the lasers. Hit the boss a couple more times, and you should be
    good to go. Be sure to grab some rings on the edges of the circle, as the boss
    can take you by surprise.
    ACT 1 [D1]
    No, you are not delirious;  you will start the level upside down. Run through
    the perpetually materializing, and dematerializing path and you'll eventually
    notice that you're in quick step mode.
    Pay close attention to the two enemies in front of you. They'll shoot lasers at
    you fairly quickly, but if you pay attention, you should see when they're about
    to do so and be able to move to the other side to prevent harm.
    Home attack the blocks that float in mid air, and move through the fantastical
    path until you get back onto solid ground. Things should be reminiscent of a
    disco scene. Never the less, use the blue power ups you come across to get past
    the blue blocks. Head to the right towards a colored platform. Step on it and
    move on. Keep going, and you'll be on the magnificent path again.
    You'll be in another quick step mode. This time you'll have to move left or
    right to avoid the wrath of the speeding enemies. After moving through the
    spacious gap, head through the wide open area with the numerous blue blocks.
    Moving on, you'll come to some cool mechanisms that glow red when you step on
    them and shoot you up into the air.
    Step on the colored platform. You'll have to watch out for falling columns.
    When the head up, run through. When they're falling down, quickly find a gap to
    stay in. Getting past the area, you'll be running through the crazy path again,
    and when you hop off, home attack the floating gray blocks, keep moving, and
    you should be done.
    ACT 2 [D2]
    Head right and over the blocks, picking up the power up and moving through. Hop
    from the platforms, and watch out for the exploding red ones. Step on the
    colored platform, and wall jump through the left narrow path.
    Head upwards, and grab the capsule. Head left to mess around, or head right to
    continue the path. Wait for the blocks to explode, and move through. The next
    blocs will do the same. When they do, head down onto the remaining blue blocks
    and proceed downwards.
    Head to the next set of touch-detonating blocks and move to the blue blocks for
    shelter. Feel free to use your blue power up if you wish. Head down and right
    and take out the baddy. You should be dangerously close to the exit.
    Well....dangerously close for the bad guys, and happily close for you.
    ACT 3 [D3]
    Move through the level, jumping from the numerous platforms. If you jump on the
    yellow platforms, it will bounce you up. Use this to get to the loop above.
    Move through and bounce on the next yellow platform.
    It will not follow your movement, so if you want to get over platforms that are
    blocking the way, you can't wait around for too long. Things will get a little
    tricky as you move on. Bouncing harder into the platform shoots you up slightly
    higher. Watch for all the obstacles, while keeping an eye on the direction of
    the platform and you'll be done with the level soon.
    ACT 4 [D4]
    Head on to the platform launcher and run through when you land. Watch out for
    the green ball that shoots projectiles at you. Head up and to the right. Take
    out the enemies, and keep heading right.
    Should you fall a little low, there's a grab pulley that will take you up to
    the right place. Keep heading up. Take out the enemies, and move up the narrow
    parallel walls with the grab pulleys while avoiding the green projectiles. Hit
    the colored wall to proceed and move through.
    There will be a lot of the green mechanisms that shoot out the green
    annoyances. Take your time moving through them. Head onto the speed thruster
    and you'll be done with the level.
    ACT 5 [D5]
    Upside down again, rush through to start the quickstep mode. Watch for the
    laser attacks, and you'll eventually meet with a lot of enemies. Greet them
    with your head banging into their being and rush through, grab the capsules,
    and use the green power up to fly.
    Aim for the rings as you do so, and keep heading up toward the silver entities
    (you can home attack them to stay airborne) and the platforms to the rightish.
    There are going to be a lot of obstacles on the way upwards. Homing attack the
    ones that will keep you airborne, and move on to grab the pulley.
    There will be spikes to watch out for if you're moving too far. Head on and
    take out the enemies as the path widens, and be sure to grab some rings. You
    can still use your power up to float around if you'd like to get some more
    rings. Otherwise, keep going straight, and make your way up the slabs.
    Take out the baddies, and float upwards toward the pipes. Keep moving up, and
    keep yourself in the air by bashing into the floating objects. Float into the
    air when you regain the power Up, and shoot on up to the exit.
    ACT 6 [D6]
    Use your float to move through the spiked path. Grab the capsules along the
    way. As you move along, you can either continue to float up or bashing into the
    silver mechanisms to get higher. As you continue watch out for the spiked tops.
    Keep heading on upwards and towards the exit.
    ACT 7 [D7]
    After the cut scene, run on and dodge left and right to avoid taking gunfire.
    Home attack the large projectiles that come your way and continue running. When
    the plane shifts to 2D, home attack the ship to deal some damage.
    Run on when it flees, grab some rings and capsules, and activate the power up.
    When you get close enough to the ship, you can home in to attack. When the
    plane shifts again, jump over the spiked balls, and watch out for the enemy's
    Those may be a little harder to dodge than the spikes, but if you take your
    time you should be able to do so unscathed. Rush on, inching closer to the ship
    and attack. Eventually, that big boy's gonna be down for the count.
    ACT 1 [E1]
    New environment; new dangers. You'll start the level in a free fall, followed
    by a quick step initiation. Watch for the obstacles, as you head forth and
    break through the capsules. Grab a couple of rings on your way through the
    area. Take out the enemies as you head near them. Follow through and you'll
    fall down a long path. As you head on, a tutorial ring will indicate that you
    are able to push certain boxes. Keep moving, and you'll soon come towards water
    for the first time. Believe it or not, hedgehogs aren't amphibious. You can go
    into the water without dying, or getting hurt, however if you stay in too long,
    you will run out of air. To remedy this dilemma when you are underwater for
    some time, or need to be underwater for some time, grab some air bubbles.
    Always keep an eye out for them when underwater. Head up the thrust booster,
    and the next tutorial ring will indicate that if you boost, you can run along
    the water without falling in. If you don't like getting wet, you can also
    homing attack the robotic piranhas that occasionally hop out of the water. You
    can head into the deep blue if you wish, but as you move along, your primary
    goal is to the right, and above the water surface.
    Slide down the gap to reach the loop. Take the enemies out by the box, and move
    through. You can crash down in to the destructible path to keep the pace
    moving. If you ever get lost, you'll want to know that heading to the right and
    above of the water surface by homing attacking the enemies, then boosting
    across will get you to the right path. Eventually, you'll land on a platform
    with a box. Enemies will start falling down as the path goes down.
    Touch the button to the left of the wall to continue. Rush through the next
    path and take note that it is a brief quickstep section. The exit shouldn't be
    too far way.
    ACT 2 [E2]
    Head straight and attack the initial enemies. Step on the connected colored
    platforms to get the mechanism to move. Be sure to grab the capsule above. If
    the blue blocks are getting it your way, you can use your power up to make
    things right. You'll get to multi-platformed chained mechanisms and enemies.
    Make your way through them all (it may take some time) and you should be done
    with the level.
    ACT 3 [E3]
    Another water level, you can head into the watery void and head all the way
    down. You can explore before doing so, but there is a rocket power up that can
    propel you high up. High up and to the right it essentially where you want to
    be exploring. On dry land, zoom through the loop and step onto the weight
    platform. Head on and hop over the ring decorated platforms.
    Move right through the water or through the rail, and take out the enemies on
    the platform that's going down. Watch for the blocks. To prevent you from being
    lonely, more enemies will come your way. When you're out of the water it's just
    a mad dash to the finish.
    ACT 4 [E4]
    You'll start the level off being chased seemingly by someone who thinks you owe
    him money. It won't be for long though, as you head onto the thrusters and
    continue along. Head fast enough to zip through the water surface and head
    through the piranha infested water near the floating diamonds. Seeing the
    floating diamonds should indicate that a certain power up can be used if
    Either way, keep moving, and be careful where you run and jump, for there are
    enemies on the path. Push the block off the platform and use the power up to
    get rid of the objects around you if you're feeling claustrophobic. You can
    grab a capsule to gain the drill like power up, that will allow you to burrow
    your way through the aquatic space.
    Keep heading right and head to the wall switch. Press it and move through. Keep
    going your merry way and then you'll OH MY GOD! The guy at the beginning will
    start chasing you again. It's a quick step mode. Watch for his swipe attacks to
    prevent your early demise. Run. Whatever you do, don't stop running.
    Thankfully, the exit should be fairly nearby.
    ACT 5 [E5]
    Head right and you'll come across another one of those yellow bouncing
    platforms. Don't you love those? You will have obstacles and exploding blocks
    to watch for, but no enemies initially.
    If you take your time, you should be fine. Be sure to touch the detonating
    boxes, so as to not get yourself stuck. Head onto the rising platforms and
    detonate the boxes. Of course, you wanna be away from them when they blow up.
    Keep heading upwards, and you'll meet the exit sooner than boy meets world.
    ACT 6 [E6]
    Head right and move through the water, as you slowly and peacefully make your
    way through the calm waters. As the enemies are not advocates of peace, they
    will disrupt your relaxation, and will need to be dealt with, with force. Grab
    some air bubbles as you move through; since the area is large, you can get into
    situations where you run out of air.
    Keep moving, watching for the large fish enemies, and the spikes at the bottom
    of the ocean floor. The little reddish, orange fish that group up and follow
    you around won't harm you, so don't worry about that. Keep making your way
    right, and head up towards the surface when you find a path leading to such.
    Run through the large path, and you'll come across some enemies.
    You can keep moving along by homing attacking the enemies, while moving in the
    air over the platforms you need to move through. Therefore your progress won't
    be brought to a halt, s you're still moving while taking out the enemies.
    Moving further still, you'll come across a few scattered enemies, and the
    floating power up. Use the power up to get higher, and you'll move through a
    more colorful path.
    Eventually you'll come across a circle of enemies, and will have to attack them
    again, and again, and again. Head back into the water, and move forward. By
    forward, I mean right. Head on right and you should come across the exit fairly
    ACT 7 [E7]
    A boss battle. Head to the right, watching for the missiles, and emerging
    obstacles. As you're in water, its' a little easier than in previous levels to
    get around obstacles. However, since you move a little slower, it can be a
    little difficult to dodge sometimes.
    Boost your way up and through to the blue lever. Hit it to trigger some events.
    There's bubbles to the right that you can regain air from. A large enemy
    followed by numerous little minions will come your way and attack you. Take
    them out indiscriminately depending on which is closer: boss or minion.
    Hit the boss enough and you should be back on the ship, and will have to move
    back to the blue lever. Step on the top of the force field and hit the switch
    to commence the next sequence of battle. Take your time and move around the
    space to have some breathing room from the boss and the little minions. When
    the time is right hit the boss, but other than that, slowly take out any
    minions that are bothering you to get to the boss. Knock enough sense into him,
    and you'll be done with the level.
    ACT 1 [F1]
    No, you're not at six flags, but yes you ARE on a roller coaster. Head off the
    roller coaster when you want to pick up some rings. When you're back on the
    ground, you'll be on wavy step mode. Keep running and grab the purple capsule
    to use the power up to make it through the obstructions.
    Chew your way through all of the columns, and when you're past that area, home
    attack into the enemies. You'll be back on the roller coaster. Head on it, and
    keep moving through the path. Rush toward the rainbow speed boost and keep
    running and you'll eventually get into outer space. Home attack the brown rocks
    and zoom past the ring around the planet.
    You'll get to a gravity bent area, where you'll jump upside down from
    platforms. Head on through the platforms to get back to regular gravity, and
    you'll be back out in space. Head from space rock to space rock, and you'll
    reach the exit of the level soon.
    ACT 2 [F2]
    Head from the side of the object with the purple power up, and move through the
    blocks. There will eventually be red and blue blocks that will retract and
    extend. Move through them by taking your time and run along the narrow path.
    Head on from the rings of the planets, and through the asteroids again with
    your homing attacks. You'll come across an enemy and a capsule.
    Take the enemy out and grab the capsule, so that you can use it to chomp your
    way through. Head through 2D plane, and gravity will switch. Take your time
    through the path as the moving platforms and wait for the side panels of
    opposite color to move in or out. You'll be jumping upside down, but it
    shouldn't discombobulate you as some of the panel's will make gravity go the
    right way. Keep moving and you'll reach the exit.
    ACT 3 [F3]
    When the battle start, home attack the first couple of enemies and head right.
    Move down the blocks. Though you can see the exit, you'll have to hold your
    horses for just a little while longer.
    Head down and to the right, and use the red jump booster to head up and break
    through the destructible boxes. Move toward the yellow trampoline platform and
    watch for the slabs that come out of the wall as you head right.
    Take your time, and determine whether you should stay up above the slabs, or
    move through. Grab the ceiling sticking power up and make your way. Back around
    up, and to the left. Grab the ground slamming power up and then head towards
    where the exit was. Slam the ground, and end the level.
    ACT 4 [F4]
    As the level starts, you'll be running along side some enemies, and will be
    able to quickly shift planes. You can shift when you're parallel an enemy to
    take them out, or move out of their way so they don't attack you.
    That's the main goal of this level; it's a race to the exit, and you have to
    make sure you don't get hit too many times. You should be fine if you take out
    the enemies that are right by you, and you should be done with the level
    ACT 5 [F5]
    After free falling, head to the right jump booster and head right. Home onto
    the enemies, and you'll come across another one of the moving laser mechanisms.
    Take your time and head down. There's a purple power up you can use to get to
    the right and over the blocks.
    Grab the other power up and use it to bounce your way through the narrow walls
    and slabs. There other power ups you need will typically be right in front of
    you once you've used the previous one. Keep moving right and move the laser
    platforms to get to the last section. Dispatch the enemies and exit through the
    ACT 6 [F6]
    You'll be back in six fla- um the space roller coaster. However due to shotty
    maintenance, you will be required to jump to parallel roller coasters when the
    one you're on has an unfinished track. Very poor service, yes, but it's no
    different from the quick step grinding sequences so you should be fine. You'll
    start to fall down a narrow space with a bunch of spiked balls.
    Gently move yourself away from harm, and head onto the jumper booster to get to
    the top of the inner ground workway. You'll see suspended water, due to the
    gravity in the area. If you end up needing air, you can just (ironically) swim
    down to the air. Take out the baddies, and head up the right exit of water.
    Moving back out into the air will lead you to a purple power up. It's weird to
    say air knowing that you're in outer space, but it works in describing where to
    You can use the power up if you'd like but it's not necessary just yet. You'll
    fall down the large gap again, and will then have to run through a path with
    enemies shooting projectiles at you. The fire ball looking things don't move
    too fast, so it's not too hard to get by. Again, you can use your power up on
    the columns, or save it for a few moments later.
    I recommend the later. When your path is impeded, use it to break through the
    blue columns, and attack the enemies should you run out of juice. You'll
    eventually free fall once more. Run through the speed boosts, and make your way
    to a large circular area like in the boss' arena from before. Attack the middle
    section with the lasers, while watching out for the falling obstacles and fall
    down once more towards the exit.
    ACT 7 [F7]
    Things will start off in quick step fashion. Watch out for the machine shooting
    at you. Dodge from side to side. The path in which the ship will shoot should
    be fairly easy to spot. When you get close enough, home attack the ship. The
    plane will shift, and you'll have to avoid bouncing asteroids, and the ship's
    fire again- this time from above.
    For the bouncy asteroids, you can time your sprints, and move faster or slower,
    or unchanged to avoid taking damage. You can jump over the machine's fire
    accordingly. Keep hitting it, and the patters of fire will shift slightly with
    each successive encounter. Use your rocket power up after dodging the next set
    of space rocks to hit the machine. When it's taken more damage than it can
    stand. It won't anymore........not that it stood before, but you get my drift,
    don't you?
    ACT 1 [G1]
    You'll start off running at "terminal velocity!" (heh heh heh) as a trio of
    enemies try shooting lasers at you. It's quick step, so shift planes when you
    see the attack coming. Next you'll head on to another quick step, high
    adrenaline run: the race again enemies.
    Take them out when they get near you by shifting into them. After you race past
    them, you'll be chased once again by the person you though you owed him money.
    He's got a variety of attacks, but they can all be avoided by shifting, and the
    enemies he shoots out can be slammed. Stay alive long enough and he won't be
    able to catch you as you reach the finish line.
    BOSS [BSS]
    The first attack eggman uses consists of purple blocks that block your path.
    You can shift left or right to avoid these. Get past the tetris looking blocks,
    and you'll be able to home attack the machine's hand...limb...mouth thingies.
    Another attack in his arsenal consists of purple spiked balls that come at you
    Jump over, or evade these bad boys to keep moving. Aside from the limbs, there
    are other places in which you can home in on to attack once you're close
    enough, so do so. Usually used after hitting him hard enough the first
    sequence, he's also got an attack in which he shoots out a long thin purple
    laser out at you.
    It moves from one side of the screen to the other, so you'll have to jump
    across. Pay attention to the attack patterns, so you'll be able to avoid them.
    Once you've hit eggman twice, he's be pursuing YOU. He'll toss over blocks at
    you and shoot lasers simultaneously. The laser will reflect off of them and
    reach you if you don't move out of the way.
    Thing swill switch from you pursuing eggman, to him pursuing you. Watch out for
    the attacks, and stay on the offensive yourself. His attacks will get a little
    more desperate and frequent, so stay on your toes.
    You'll also get frequent opportunities to attack him, so if you avoid taking
    damage, you should be doing fine. After enough damage, he'll recant, and you'll
    have to press the button on screen to join forces with your friends and take
    him out in a colorful showdown.
    ACT 2 [G2]
    The place will be falling apart. Gaps will appear, so you'll have to avoid him.
    Keep running and the dark orb behind you should near you. It will eventually
    catch you though, and that will signal a cutscene. Congratulations, you've beat
    the game!
    Gamefaqs, Steve Johrall, Andrew T. Jim Jememies( dontyoulookatme)
    This guide is not to be hosted without permission. Thanks to all who
    made it possible. I hope you enjoyed it, and God willing I will continue to
    make more guides when possible.
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