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"Best 3D title in the series in awhile, takes the best parts of Sonic and blends them together seamlessly"

Let's face it, Sega has received a lot of criticism in recent years in regards to their 3D Sonic titles, usually in regards to the extra characters or gimmicks they have crammed into the series in order to try and make it stand out. Sonic Unleashed being the latest 3D titles to have this issue due to that fact that most people did not care for the werehog levels and therefore had a negative view towards the game, despite the fact that the daytime levels that were played through using Sonic were generally considered to really good.

Sega has at last taken note of the criticism they have received as a result of such games and have instead opted to have the entire game consist of levels using Sonic, with the Wisps (the game's unique hook) instead being integrated into the game in a positive way as opposed to being an unwelcome distraction.

Story 9/10:
The story behind Sonic Colours is essentially the same as ever. Dr Eggman is up to no good once more and it's up to Sonic to save the day. Upon hearing about Dr Eggman's new outer amusement park suspended in space above Earth, Sonic and Tails travel there in order to discover his motives. Upon arriving, they discover that Dr Eggman is using the theme park as a cover in order to capture and experiment on alien creatures known as Wisps in order to unlock their latent powers, and so Sonic sets off to rescue the wisps and stop Eggman's evil plans.

Personally, I believe the story is actually fairly good and compliments the game play well. It is certainly more detailed than that of a Mario game just don't enter into this game if you are expecting a story of RPG quality as you will be disappointed.

Sound 8/10:
Whilst the soundtrack is not as good as the likes of Sonic Adventure 2 or Super Mario Galaxy in my opinion, it suits the manic style of the game play well and doesn't detract from the overall experience.

Characters 10/10:
All the characters in Sonic Colours are essentially the same as ever. Sonic is the brave hero, Tails is the brainy mastermind, Eggman is the evil villain and he even has some stereotypical henchmen (one stupid the other smart) On the note of characters whilst they haven't changed roles at all I enjoyed the fact that an extra dimension has been added to Sonic, Tails and Eggman, as we get more of an insight into their motives and personalities then we have in any of the previous Sonic titles.

Graphics 10/10:
No matter what anyone else may think, this is one of the premier titles to show off the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo Wii and in fact rivals Super Mario Galaxy 2 in this department. From its highly detailed and very colourful stages, to the lighting effects in cut scenes and even Sonic himself when he running along or using a Wisp power this game doesn't miss a beat and manages to look awesome regardless of whether you are running or standing still. What is even more impressive is it does so without any noticeable slowdown what so ever.

Gameplay 9/10:
This game has everything a Sonic fan could want, from blisteringly fast over the shoulder 3D speed sessions, to strategic 2D platforming sections, Sonic Colours delivers on all accounts and switches between the two seamlessly. Toss in the fact that most levels have secret areas begging for you to explore and often which require you to replay them with Wisps you have unlocked in later stages and you will get a lot of replay value from this game. Furthermore, each stage has several red coins for you to collect, which will require traversing each and every path option in order to find them all.

And if that wasn't enough, the game also gives you a strictly 2D bonus feature of the game, called the Sonic Simulator which takes a leaf from Super Mario Bros Wii and allows two players to co-operate together in order to reach the end goal of each level.

Controls 9/10:
Everything you expect them to be, you can play this game with the following controllers:
Wii Remote
GameCube Controller
Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro
Wii Remote and Nunchuk

Other than occasional instances in the 3D sections where Sonic proves difficult to control, this game controls beautifully.

Final Score 9/10
This game is great for everyone and is a fine return to form for Sega after stumbling a few times in previous games. Anyone who loved the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed but didn't enjoy the werehog sections will find exactly what they were looking for in this game. Of course if you hate Sonic, this game will not change your mind.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/10

Game Release: Sonic Colours (Limited Edition Pack) (AU, 11/11/10)

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