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"Finally.... Way past cool!"

It's been a long, hard, and ruthless journey for our beloved hedgehog this past generation. Aside from those outstanding Sonic Rush titles that debuted on the Nintendo DS some years ago, as well as the newly released Sonic 4 episode 1, the future for Sonic and his wayward fans were looking at a struggle in epic proportions. While Sonic Unleashed was a step in the right direction, it just couldn't fully capitalize on what made that game great. Instead, it forced us to portray Sonic as a werehog half the game. A mindless, relentless beast that did NOT fit the profile of what Sonic really is. Instead, it did quite the opposite. Us diehard Sonic fans from the days of old were forced to wait another two years until what Sega finally brought us in return, Sonic Colors. Now that it has finally hit shelves, will the fate of Sonic be forever tarnished? Or is there light at the end of this dark, dank tunnel? I am very pleased to announce that Sonic fans of old, and new are in for a treat this time around. So without further ado, let's get started on what makes this game, the long time title we've all been waiting for.

Presentation: The menu screen is a tad off considering how well the game looks outside of this, but it's a minor complaint. The story is actually fairly interesting. Without spoiling too much, Sonic is basically baited into a trap by Dr. Robotnik (Yeah, yeah Eggman....yawn) once again that leads himself and Tails to a futuristic carnival that they just cannot resist. Not bad at all. Props. 8/10

Graphics: Don't get me wrong, this game has some of the best colors and graphics on the Wii. But that's just it, some. Some levels don't look as great as others. But for the most part, they are all massive. The world's for the most part look very slick and futuristic. 9/10

Sound: One of many reasons why Sonic has been struggling this generation. I am pleased to say, that I wasn't forced to mute this game when listening to the cutscenes. Sonic sounds like.....Sonic. All I have to say about that is, it's about time! The music is very well done too. I actually enjoyed the opening music so much I just had to download it. I still listen to it from time to time. 9/10

Gameplay: Sega has finally done what seemed to be the impossible. This game is truly as inspiring as it is fun. This time around, Sonic gains power ups that might remind you of a certain short, italian plumber dressed in red and blue.... Some of the gameplay relies on good old platforming as well. The controls are tight, but may take some getting used to. As you progress, the game will require skill as it does get more challenging. I've never felt so at home with Sonic in such a long time. The physics are FINALLY done right this time around too. 9/10

Overall Replayability: The main story should take you anywhere from 5-15 hours to beat depending on how much you want to do. In each of the levels, there are red coins to collect that reveal secrets as you find them. Take it from me, it is well worth it to collect them all. If you're looking to put more time then usual into this game, you can always go back to each level and try to beat your scores. It's fun, and it's very challenging. This game should keep you busy for a good time. 9/10

Conclusion: Finally, the Sonic we all know and love is back. He has been missed, craved and anticipated for far too long now. Aside from Sonic 4 ep. 1, this is the Sonic game we've all been waiting for. I am very pleased to say that I recommend this game to anyone just looking for a fun experience. You will get it. Looking for a challenge? Looking for a game to keep you busy for a while? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further. This game is for you without a doubt. Have fun, and beat those high scores! This game is.....Way past cool!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/18/10

Game Release: Sonic Colors (US, 11/16/10)

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