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Reviewed: 11/30/10

The Colors are so Bright

Sonic Games have struggled over the past few years. Thankfully Sega is getting a better handle on their team mascot. Although I wouldn’t say all their games were bad, just that the better half were decent. In 2010 the Sonic Team finally started listening to the fans (and haters) of the series. Their comeback streak started with the Mario Kart rip-off Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, then with the new retro Sonic 4 and of course Sonic Colors.

Story: 1
It’s a Sonic Game, so you can’t expect much here! I have to hand it to Sega for at least trying to give it a plot this time around rather than making up a crazy theme and have Sonic trying to destroy Eggman’s unexplained evil scheme. Although besides a Looney Tunes plot, I guess you could say that it hasn’t changed much!

Sound/Music: 8
Surprisingly Sega decided to change some of the voice actors. In my opinion Sonic sounds a little odd now, Tails sounds much better and Eggman was left alone, but he already sounded perfect for the part. The rest of the usual cast didn’t make the cut, but one can only hope Sega doesn’t ruin other characters with new voices in future games.

The music was great for the most part. It fit the mood of the game quite well. There was one track I didn’t like for its unforgiving loop. I don’t want to throw in a spoiler, but it’s not hard to guess the song I’m talking about. It’s too bad because the tune itself was good, but it just looped too quickly, making it very repetitive. Aside from this one track though, I want to say again that the rest of the music is some of the best work in the series.

Graphics: 10
Sega hit one out of the ballpark. This game’s graphical presentation is beautiful! When they called this game Sonic Colors, they weren’t kidding. The colors and graphics in the background, level design and everything else all look amazing.

Gameplay: 7
Sonic Team finally listened to their fans when making this game! I can only hope in future games the series plays similar to this one. I can proudly say It’s about time Sega, although it wasn’t without its flaws! If you played Sonic Unleash, the game plays similar to the Sonic Levels of that game. It’s a combination of 2D and 3D Sonic gameplay. Like every Sonic game, it too introduces a new gimmick. This time around it wasn’t too distracting to the core gameplay, in fact it added to the enjoyment. Aliens called Wisps give Sonic interesting power ups, similar to Mario caps. The wisps all have different colors to make them recognizable from one another. The light blue one gives Sonic more boost ability, the Yellow one allows Soinc to drill through certain surfaces, the orange one lets you take off like a rocket and you glide back down, so-on. Although this gimmick was a fun addition I still look forward to when Sega finally makes a game without gimmicks.

The physics of the game could have been more polished off. I can’t help but think something is always off when they make a 3D game. The funny part is I think the 3D angle is just fine, but when the camera shifts to the 2D view it has an awkward feel to it. It’s weird because when they make other 2D games they do a much better job on the physics, like the Sonic Advance Series, Sonic Rush Series, Sonic Colors DS, and even Sonic 4 was better although that one isn’t the best of recent examples.

The last thing I wanted to say was that some of the Levels seemed too short! Some levels have 7 or so obstacles and you hit the goal. I can’t complain about more than half the levels here, but I’d like to see Sega progressively make the levels longer as you reach the climax final Boss.

Multiplayer: 2
I can clearly tell this isn’t Sega’s focus on the game, but it hurts me to see them attempt this kind of failure. It gives you co-op levels to play with your friends like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game. This would have worked better as a race, rather than a team effort. One screen doesn’t work well with two Sonics, you’ll find yourself out of lives faster than you can blink just because you couldn’t keep up with your partner.

Overall: 7
I enjoyed this game. I may have a few problems with the outcome, but all and all it was worth the purchase! For Sonic Fans, this is a must buy. It’s clearly the best 3D Sonic game yet. I only hope this becomes a base for future Sonic games, rather than see Sega try a new route only to fall back a couple steps!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Sonic Colors (US, 11/16/10)

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