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"A fantastic console Sonic game for the first time in a decade?"

Sonic games nowadays have not been so popular with the masses and have been classified as falling under the infamous Sonic Cycle. But does this game fall under that cycle?

This game actually does feel like an actual platformer rather than a race track and it's not just holding-forward/right-and-homing-attacking-to-win anymore. I haven't had this much fun with a Sonic game since S3&K in 1994. There are 37 stages, and 7 bosses. The level design is, for the most part, just brilliant, unlike past games like Unleashed because there are very few cheap bottomless pits and no stages that feel completely suspended above a huge bottomless pit, plenty of platforming elements, no alternate gameplay, and a very important feature in the levels: Exploration. These levels, most notably in Aquarium Park are mostly big and wide rather than completely linear. I often found myself having to flip a coin on whether to go left or right, up or down, underwater or abovewater, drill path or laser path, etc. The wisps really add to the exploration too as they are what open up the multiple pathways that contain the red medals as well as other challenges. There are very few deaths that felt cheap, they all felt like they were entirely my fault. The jumps are somewhat awkward though. They don't feel "floaty" but in this game, you don't lose all momentum and come to a complete halt by letting go of the Dpad there's actually a LITTLE bit of momentum in this game that makes you keep going. The problem lies in the double jump, if you do it while you're NOT holding the Dpad right that jump makes you lose all momentum and you're unable to move from there often resulting in a death, it's easy to master once you see the way it works, really. In general controlling Sonic in the free 3D sections is a bit clunky, but not so much so that it's unplayable. While the 3D sections had a lot of on-rails sections, there were some parts that gave some nice 3D platfroming sections to work with. The bosses are definately the weak point of the gameplay. They're just so easy once you figure out their pattern, and they're also repeated, Final boss was really easy too, but they were all a bit too easy to be much fun. The best parts about the gameplay have to be that for once, there are no completely unrelated, unwanted alternate game-play styles taking up over 70% of the game, and that there's a real challenge involved this time instead of just being hard with bottomless pits and cheap deaths galore.
Game-play gets a 9/10.

The storyline is once again a lighthearted, humorous story that you would expect from a series about a blue hedgehog his 2- tailed fox friend as opposed to the generic serious stories from the past. Some lines were corny but overall good lines. I liked how Sonic acted in this game , him and Tails having actual personalities. I simply wish that there was more character development for Yacker.
Story gets a 9/10

My ears were not ready for this. This game easily has the best soundtrack in a Sonic game even surpassing S3&K and 06 IMO. The blend of classic-esque catchy tunes with adventure style rock as well as beautiful orchestration make it simply the greatest
Music gets a 10/10

I really ended up liking Sonic's new voice more than the past 2 voice actors, Kate Higgins did an amazing jobs a Tails, and once again Mike Polluck works his magic with Eggman. Best thing about this are the PA announcements he gives during the levels that had me laughing hard.
Voices get a 10/10

Well it's the Wii so you can't expect much. But It does a good job during the main game. beautiful

This game is clearly some of the best work that Sega has ever put into a Sonic game and is easily the greatest 3D Sonic game Sega has ever made, a real Sonic Cycle-breaker. I recomend a buy for all Sonic fans or even if you are just a fan of platformers.
overall score: 9.3/10

This Retro fan is very pleased.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/01/10

Game Release: Sonic Colors (US, 11/16/10)

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