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Reviewed: 03/02/11 | Updated: 10/17/14

This game is very good, though it has big flaws

Poor Sonic. For 10 years now, he's been given really bad games. We cannot say that a lot of games after Sonic Adventure 2:battle were really good, though I enjoyed Sonic and the secret rings. Then came Sonic unleashed. It had the potential to be the successor because of it's very good 3D and use of 2D that's just right. Unfortunately, the good parts were covered by bad parts. Too bad those parts were twice as big as the good ones. It was like gold covered in dirt.

Now, when they made Sonic Colors, they had one big idea: Get the gold from Unleashed and replace the dirt with more gold. Did they succeed ? Let's take a look.

Story: 5/10

Eggman kidnaps something. Sonic kicks his butt. Credits roll. Nothing new, but, who cares, it's a game, not a movie.

Cutscenes: 6/10

At last, cutscenes that feel real ! Too bad they changed voice actors. Well they're pretty good anyway. The cutscenes range from funny, to epic, to rush-under-the-couch bad. They pretty much get better and better as the game goes on. So yeah, the first ones are not good.

Boss battles: 4/10

Why does everybody say that these battles are so great ? Most of the bosses are just big piles of machine parts that spit out robots you have to beat and they're boring ! Remember when bosses looked like something, like a giant bird or a metal version of you ? Now they all look dull and worse of all, you almost never fight them directly ! You're just walking on them and destroying smaller enemies.Worse of all, some are recycled to later parts of the game. Real lazy. Lucky for us, one of the bosses, is exciting, tough, cool-looking and epic. But just one...

Level design: 6/10

Wow. This is just crazy. I think 7 different persons designed the worlds of the game because they're so radically different from each other. Some are bad, some are good. Actually, I'll rate each world.
World 1: boring
Wolrd 2: great
World 3: bad
World 4: great
World 5( aquarium park): either amazing of terrible. Depends on the levels.
World 6: (coaster): outstanding
World 7: outstanding.
And there's also a big problem with this game's balance between 3D and 2D: there's BARELY any 3D ! I'd estimate this game's
3D levels count to 10% of the game. The rest is ALL 2D. I wouldn't mind if the 2D was really good, but it's not. Most of the time it's slow, boring and relies on cheap challenge. Fortunately, some 2D levels are amazing: cool gimmicks, multiples paths (up to 5 on some levels !) making those levels almost sand-box like. Sadly, they're not very numerous.

This makes me question myself: In Sonic Unleashed, for fun, I always replayed the day levels and never the night levels. Sonic Colors suffers from the same problem I'm only going to replay a small part of the game. However, there are a lot more good levels in this one than in the other.


Gamecube controller ! Yay ! No more trouble trying to do a homing attack ! Well there still are flaws. The turbo is a little irresponsive, light-dashing is awkward and the jumping is a little sloppy. And don't get me started on that spike ball. Then controls on that thing are mind-blowingly terrible. Aside from that, good controls. So you won't any sore arms after playing! Yippee !

Graphics: 9/10

Great character graphics, great backgrounds, great effects, nothing to complain about here.

Sound and music: 8/10

The music isn't the best I've heard, but it's pretty damn good. As for the sounds, they take us back to the wonders of the first Sonic games, being taken for the most part from them.

Length and replayability: 9/10.

I'd say this game takes about 9 hours to finish, but so much longer to get all its secrets ! And,unlike a lot of games, you have a bonus if get them all. I won't tell, but it's awesome. There's also something called the Sonic simulator, which is kind of like a tribute to the older Sonic games. It's 21 levels long, just a little longer than the first game.This makes the game's total amount of levels to 65. Not bad ! However, something bugs me every since Wii Sonic games came around: Why are they so short compared to the gamecube ones ? The gamecube is supposed to be less powerful than the Wii, but Sonic Unleashed took me a week to beat fully and Sonic Adventure took me months and months to get all emblems... not to mention there was a lot of bonuses in the latter. Well, moving on.

Powerups: 10/10

The wisps are just so freaking cool to use, it's unbelievable. You always cheer when you get them because then you're about to destroy everything in sight. Some of them are inspired from other games, while some are original, like the laser wisps. Best of all, there's a fitting balance between each wisp so none of them is overused.

And now, recap !

The good !

-Great graphics
-Nice cutscenes
-Cool music
-Very good sounds
-Good 3D levels
-Some 2D levels are excellent.
-After-game bonus that makes you pee in your pants from excitement.
-Wisps :D
-No annoying characters (Jet, Wave, Blaze, Storm, Shadow, Big, Cream, the list goes on...) just Tails.
-Multiple passages.
-Long to beat if you get every emblem.
-Sonic simulator

The bad !

-Flawed level design most of the time
-Flawed controls
-Crap bosses
-Too much levels in each world: it gets boring after the 3rd one and there are 6 !
-The first world. Horrible cutscenes and levels.
-A good part of the 2D levels are crap and they cover up a lot of the game.
-Cheap challenge in some levels.
-Getting these emblems is amazingly frustrating

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Colors (US, 11/16/10)

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