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    Walkthrough by redrangers698

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    Harry Potter
    and the
    Deathly Hallows
    Part 1
    by redranger698
    1.0 Intro
    1.1 Controls/Spells
    1.2 Walkthrough
    1.3 Review
    1.4 Warning
    1.5 The End
    Hey, I'm back, just as recently as my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    was uploaded. I said hopefully I'd make more of these, and sometime after this
    gets uploaded Part 2 will be up, maybe after Christmas, I suppose, if I get the
    game. And Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire...for GBA.
    Move Harry - Control Stick
    Camera - Wii Remote
    Run - Hold A
    Talk/Interact - A
    Cover - Minus button
    Pause - 1
    Select Spell - Wii Remote
    Aim - Z
    Cast spell - B
    Wingardium Leviousa - Hold B and use control stick to move
    Expecto Patronum - Double tap and hold C
    Protego - Hold C
    Four Points - +
    Select potion - On control pad; up, down, left, and right
    Throw potion - B
    Drink potion - A
    Wear/Remove Invisibility Cloak - 2
    Watch the cutscene. You'll be on Hagrid's motorbike, with has 2 seats. Death
    Eaters will start casting spells at you. Use Stupefy (which is the only spell
    you have at the time) to defeat them.
    Cast at them repeatdly until Hagrid gets KO'ed. There'll be a cutscene. Then
    you'll be ridin' again. Use Stupefy to fight back, or you'll fail the mission.
    Use Z if you need it.
    A cutscene where Voldemort says he'll kill you, oh brilliant. You get to face
    Voldy! He'll be like, floating. (I wonder what his broom, if he has one, looks
    like). DE's will still be there, so cast at them as well as Voldemort.
    You're on your feet for the first time! The game'll tell you to use Four Points,
    the spell was introduced in The Goblet of Fire book if you're not familar with
    it. It'll guide you to Luna's dad, one of the Quibbler writers, Xenophillius
    You'll have to meet Ron's dad after that. Once he gives you the three items, a
    battle will engage, much to everyone's chagrin. Go to place you can get behind
    for cover, the game will point you to one. You'll be taught Protego not long
    after that, as well as Impendimenta.
    You'll apparate to London, to hide. You'll have to check out 2 people to see if
    their DEs. The cloak itself, will help regen your health, as Protego will too.
    After checking and telling Ron he's not a DE, he'll tell you to check out the
    lady at the end of the street. She'll sing an annoying song, or just look
    Go to the cafe. A cutscene. Two DEs will attack you, when you beat them more DEs
    will show up.
    You'll apparate again, which is starting to get on my damn nerves. Oh yeah,
    f*** cutscenes! Explore Grimmauld Place, get Doxycide if you see it to defeat
    the doxies. You'll get another spell...bloody hell. You'll learn about R.A.B.
    Go back to Ron and Hermione and you'll hear a crashing sound. Investigate the
    crime scene (Lol, this ain't no CSI!). My comment there was awkward. Turns out,
    Kreacher's in the closet banging. Talk to him. Then, give him the fake locket.
    Elsewhere, there'll be a Dementor in one of the closets. Use expecto partronum
    to deafeat them. Kreacher and Dobby'll return with Mundungus Fletcher (had a
    major part in the book) and use Petrificus Totalus, whew, hard to spell. Talk
    to Hermione.
    Yeah, they have these now. There'll be three below.
    Mini-Quest 1
    Go on through the area and rescue Mudbloods. (What, I dont feel like typing
    muggle-borns.) Cast at the snatchers.
    Keep moving (this levels pretty long) and continue rescuing Mudbloods. You'll
    end up if a fight, so use the IC if you wanna live.
    Mini-Quest 2
    Battle some snatchers, and use the IC as many times as you can for health regen
    WOO. Cast out spells to complete the mission.
    Mini-Quest 3
    You'll be in a dragon's cave. Run to shelter from the fire. Grab the Fire
    Protection potions so you wont get damaged. Its kind of a maze, so if you get
    burned, you don't die instantly. Snatchers'll be in there, so get ready to cast.
    Put on the IC and follow Reg Cattermole. He'll go down an alley. Take off the
    cloak and Stun his legs. Get the Polyjuice left by him. Get on to the next
    target on the list.
    Make your way to the toilets to get in the Ministry. You'll walk extremely slow.
    Probs cause you be old man! Make your way to the lifts. Cutscene. You'll now
    have to go to the security office. The Polyjuice'll wear off, so use the IC
    (Oh and yeah, if you get spotted, you'll have to fight a ton of DE's and
    Dementors) Go to the middle lift, which takes you to Level 1. Search all the
    offices for clues, six in all. You'll then learn she's at the courtrooms. Head
    over to the courtrooms. (By the way, you might've learned a new spell back in
    one of the offices, and by she I mean Dolores)
    You'll have to fight Umbridge and her lot. Dementors'll will start coming round
    and sucking your soul. You'll have to fight your way out of the MOM, yeah I
    know, MOM. You'll learn my fav spell, Expelliarmus. Use cover as much as you
    You'll have to make your way to the Floo network places. It shouldn't be really
    You'll be in a forest, so its probably gonna be full of the unknown. Take out
    spiders and doxies you see. You will see Dean Thomas with Griphook along the
    way; follow them. Your friends get their asses handed to them. Its awkward,
    really, you might get your ass handed to you after the silver doe.
    Keep following Dean, you'll come accrose DE's and Snatchers (How come he didn't
    fight them...?) There'll be a building, with of course DE's and Snatchers, so
    tired of typing that..
    You'll come to another area, so be prepared to fight. You'll eventually come to
    a boulder. Go back to the area you passed and head left throught the broken
    gate. Get the spellbook. Then go back and cast the spell. Keep moving. Ron will
    um...leave. You and Hermione'll have to find a camp. Speak to Hermione when you
    get there. You have another Mini-quest choice.
    Mini-Quest 4
    You'll be in the ministry. Put on the cloak, because its the same rules as the
    first time you were in the ministry. There will be two guards at the first
    gate. Get the other muggle borns out.
    Make your way to the next gates and watch out for Dementors and DE's and
    Snatchers. This is probably one of the easiests quests if you're very good with
    the control stick (Or you'll get your ass kicked).
    Mini-Quest 5
    Again, saving muggle borns. Take out the spiders and Snatchers/DE's you see.
    There is a total of three muggle borns to save. Cast away at the spiders, cause
    their webs affect you somehow...
    Mini-Quest 6
    This is hard if you think you're a tough guy, and don't need any cover or the
    cloak. You'll have to hold out the attacking DE's and Snatchers. And no damn
    You go to Harry's hometown of GH. Find your parents grave. Use the cloak alot
    for this, cause there are more Snatchers and DE's and Dementors than ever. Then
    Bathlida Bagshot'll be following you, so follow her. After the cutscene, she'll
    turn into Nagini, Voldemort's snake. You have to cast at her head before she
    can bite you. You'll get swung to other sides of the rooms. Hermione'll come
    and save your ass sometime.
    Mini-Quest 7
    More muggle borns to free. There are four in total. Holy crap, you have four
    muggle borns....to rescue.
    Head through the area and you'll come across an area with a bridge, where most
    of them are.
    Mini-Quest 8
    Survival mission. You'll get help in a little bit, so don't get worried. Take
    out all enemies. Theres alot of cover, but they follow you.
    Mini-Quest 9
    This is the final quest. You'll be back in Godric's Hollow, resucuing muggle
    borns again. Get as many potions and essences. There are six in all.
    Use Four-Points to follow the silver doe patronus. Spider's are gonna try and
    get you, but just take them out. You'll come across Whomping Willows, but be
    careful not to bump into them.
    You'll come across a frozen lake, which holds the sword of Gryffindor. Watch
    the cutscene. Rons back! Yay! You'll have to take out Voldemort's remaining
    soul. Take cover, because the snakes take alot of your health.
    You'll take out a team of baddies. Take them out to get Ron back to Hermione.
    Watch the cutscene once you do. Use Four-Points if you're off track.
    You're going to find your way to Luna and her father's house. Take out the DE's
    and Dementors you come across. You'll eventually come across a rock like area,
    like the maze from GOF.
    There will be boulders, willows, and other dangerous stuff. There will also be
    an area with Inferi if I'm not right. Watch the cutscene.
    You just need to not die for three minutes. Hold on the attacking enemies. It's
    not very hard, just stay alive for three whole minutes.
    You start out where you came from, except more enemies than ever. Fight your
    way throught the DE's, Dementors, Snatchers, and Inferi you come about. You
    will have to put on the IC for health regen.
    There will be more than enough baddies in the next area. Take all of them out.
    Head on through and there will be a cutscene. Snatcher's will also try and take
    you out. This is a very huge map, so don't be worried you're in one tiny place
    with very little cover. This is going to take you about 10-20 minutes, so be
    prepared. Watch the cutscene. You won, anyway.
    After the cutscene, take out all DE's that roam in the MM prison. This is also
    the last level before my review.
    Pick up Hermione upstairs and then you'll be against Bellatrix and Draco. Watch
    the final cutscene and a sad ending.
    My review
    The graphics improved, very little glitches and you can finally choose spells
    instead of casting. I loved the new combat mode, instead of going into a
    different mode. I also loved new spells and you have new mini-quests.
    Don't copy this. These are the only sites that can take this.
    Thats pretty much it...
    The End
    This is sad, hope you guys loved this!
    Contact me at

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