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Reviewed: 01/03/11

Need for Speed Nitro...Wait, this is Hot Pursuit?!

The Hot Pursuit series of Need For Speed games have always been a favorite. I have the first 2 on the PC, and when I heard of this 3rd one I had to pick it up. It's what was behind the company before all this "street" garbage. I was excited to see this game. I was even more excited about the car list, with some cars I haven't seen in a racing game before like the Ford Police Interceptor Concept, or the Lamborghini Revention Roadster. Nether the less,I went and got a PS3 copy and thought, WOW! This is amazing! I then tried the Wii Version. Let's just say I wasn't as pleased with the game.

Gameplay = 5/10
I'm going deep into this topic. In the game, you drive around world cities in cars ranging from Class D like the Chevrolet Camaro to Class A cars like the Bugatti Veryron. Wait a second. "World cities"? "Class D/C/B/A". Oh my gosh EA, you are just selling yourself out! That is exactly like Need for Speed Nitro! The driving engine in fact is identical! The gameplay itself, being copied from Nitro, is actually very well played out. you can use the Wiimote Horizontal, Vertical, Use the Nunchuck, Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller. The button layouts are similar too. Overall it carries the same easy controls from Nitro. The game itself is so similar in Nitro however, that I would forget I had Hot Pursuit in the Wii! Every race is like racing in Nitro. You start out the same way, Nitrous is earned the same way. The cops will even shout and talk in the language from the country you are racing in. Sad part? Cop audio is IDENTICAL to Nitro in some cities. the Physics are like Nitro's, only really screwed up. Drifting is like sliding on butter! Powerups, with the edition of a few more, are just like the one's in Nitro. The Menus? Oh, just a dark version of Nitro. Car customization? Only thing not from Nitro in this. This game isn't all bad though. It can be a little enjoyable. I did like how every car was in the game, minus the convertibles. There is a limited customization system within the game. This game also has no free roam or autolog, but does contain "be the cop" mode. Do not fear however, as the Wii version was NOT made by Criterion Games, but was made by Exient, who made Need For Speed Nitro.

Graphics/Sound = 4/10
Ok, I understand that the Wii is not a graphics powerhouse, but the graphics in this game is ridiculous. They could have at least kept the Nitro Graphics instead of making it look like Need For Speed Undercover with every display setting set to low/off on a PC. The cars themselves remind me of a DS game. Very poor modelling. Seeing as how they made the Wii graphics work in Need for Speed Carbon, Pro Street, and Nitro, this is terrible. There are no environmental effects AT ALL. No Day/Night cycles, no weather, nothing. The music isn't terrible. Need For Speed has never been great with their soundtracks, but this one is OK. The overworld (Buildings, roads) Are basically carbon copies from Nitro.

Final Verdict? 5/10
I would rather say 4.5/10 but it has to be a whole number. The game is squandered. People who see the trailer and commercial are going to be very disappointed to find all they have is just a repackaged version of Nitro. If you have a powerful enough PC or have a 360/PS3, get it on that system instead. If you only have a Wii, buy Nitro. It's got a great customization system, and it's cartoonish graphics are a MUCH BETTER take than in this game. If you are absolutely dying for this though, don't put 60$ into it. Buy it used or rent it. You'll most likely be trading it in for another game anyways.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (US, 11/16/10)

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