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It's on like Donkey-- *gets sued for a million dollars by Nintendo*11/30/10SuperPhillip
Donkey Kong is back...but not to the same "Country"11/30/10WebEffect
Not just a quick cash-in on the 2D platformer and retro series craze, this game has some of the best level design in any platformer12/06/1094067
Leave it to Retro Studios to make another great Nintendo re-imagining.12/22/10AK_the_Twilight
Mixing old-school gameplay with the power of the Wii, amazing level design is what makes DK's return to the country so great.01/18/11Archmonk Iga
Insert some overused "Donkey Kong is back" tag line here.01/07/11BimmyandJimmy
Welcome to the jungle...12/06/10discoinferno84
Donkey Kong Country 4? No. But that's only because it was intended to be as original as possible, and it succeeded.07/07/11gamer_boy997
He's finally back, performing for you...03/31/11horror_spooky
The beautiful countryside.01/23/15Malorkus
Retro Studios has brought Donkey Kong back to life!12/14/10MarioSuperstar
A few unfortunate flaws makes this return a slightly disappointing one, even if the game remains great nonetheless.05/31/11MTLH
Donkey Kong Frustration Returns10/29/14nastynate3118
A throwback adventure that's probably best left for people who are already fans of the Donkey Kong Country series12/14/10nintendosega
A Defining Game of this Console Generation10/09/13noseriouslyguys
It's Better Than No DKC412/10/10PSICOffee
More fun than a barrel of monkeys... or even the original for that matter!10/31/11Shining_Knight7
Donkey Kong Country Returns, but with a monkey on his back01/26/11sircooksalot
I loathe you, ape (No trolling intended)01/10/11StephenYap3
Donkey Kong Country Returns... but along with more Nintendo Wii Disappointment...12/06/10StormCroc
I am ashamed for having ever doubted Retro.12/23/10TwilitLeviathan
For the name "Returns", it sure doesn't feel familiar.01/24/11xcamel24
One of those games you don't know you'll enjoy when you unwrap it01/03/11Zerothma

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