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"Amazingly Fun and Insanely Hard!"

When Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced I decided to dust off my Snes and play all three old Donkey Kong Country's. Most of the reason I did this was because I heard that DKCR was going to be the hardest Donkey Kong of all three. So after beating all three DKC's I was pretty confident in myself and wasn't all that worried about DKCR but little did I know the game was even harder than I imagined. While the game is Almost unbelievably fun the difficulty is way past unbelievably hard but because it's so fun you won't find yourself bashing your controller.

Like I said the game Is really hard but that doesn't mean the game isn't fun, like the first DKC there are mine Kart levels I think that these levels are the highlight of the game. The whole time your playing the Mine Kart levels you are constantly at the edge of your seat looking at the whole screen at once searching for the next obstacle and further in the game the Kart levels get harder and everything around you will be falling apart and you have to be able to react instantly. There is also this weird type of level which is all silhouette looking and it's really cool the setting sun is just barley still in vision making the whole background orange and you the ground and the enemies are all pure black it's a very neat looking level and it's really fun.

The controls are the only flaw to this game if they weren't so bad I would've given this game a perfect 10 but they're really uncomfortable so I'm taking down a full point because of them. To start with for some reason Nintendo never thought to let you use the classic controller you can only use the wiimote sideways and the wiimote and nunchuck that is already kinda screwed up, but to top it off for some reason Nintendo was really in the mood to make all DKC fans shake the wiimote constantly I personally use the wiimote on it's side so the controls go like this. D-pad is of course move jump is 2 and run is 1 but to run is shaking the wiimote while moving to ground pound is stand still and shake to blow is crouch and shake. now you may be thinking these controls aren't all that bad, but they are like if there is a flower next to a cliff I'm gonna go blow it so I go to it and crouch and shake but apparently I did that too fast so DK never crouched so there I go rolling off the cliff and now I gotta go back to either the checkpoint or the beginning of the level. So yeah it sucks pretty bad and even though I got used to the controls and I don't do that anymore it's still kinda annoying shaking the controller every time I want to roll.

Sound and Music
One of my favorite parts of this game is the score, the music sticks to it's original roots and has a bunch of the classic songs you all remember and love from the first DKC. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have a pretty good voice they don't make any dumb noises that get on your nerves although it's a little repetitive hearing DK scream every time you start a level but it's not really anything that'll get on your nerves.

The story is pretty simple these little tiki men come over to DK Island and start playing this weird hypnotic music which makes other animals steal The Kongs Banana hoard. It's nothing deep which really didn't surprise me I mean your not gonna get any other story from a platformer about monkeys.

So altogether this game is really a must buy or at least just play it. This definitely isn't anything any DKC fans want to miss out on. And if you see any bad reviews of this game just ignore them the people who write bad reviews for good games are crybabies that weren't able to beat the game cause it was to hard, so they vent there anger by writing a bad review lucky for you I'm not one of those people.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/11

Game Release: Donkey Kong Country Returns (US, 11/21/10)

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