How to unlock all the characters?

  1. Please help me...

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  1. play story mode then if you beat a team in competition you can buy players from that team and if you want to get players from inazuma 2nd or inazuma japan you have to beat them in a practice match in story mode.
    secret characters:
    Shadow (Raimon): scout his Dark Emperors version.
    Feldt (Brainwashing): scout his Dark Emperors version.
    Night (Kirkwood): scout his Dark Emperors version.
    King (Royal Redux): scout King (Royal Academy) and (Neo National).
    Stonewall (Royal Redux): scout Stonewall (Inazuma Japan).
    Samford (Royal Redux): scout Samford (Royal Academy) and (Inazuma National).
    Canon: scout Mark (Raimon), (Raimon II) and (Inazuma National).
    Torch and Gazelle (Fire Dragon): scout Aphrodite (Int'l Allstars).

    password characters:
    Giulio Acuto: justlikejude
    Syon Blaze: axelcousin
    Paul Peabody: markfriend
    Miles Ryan: nathanfriend
    Cadence Soundtown: coolrhythm
    Phil A. Minion: lordzoolan
    Karl Kappa: legendary

    I hope this helps

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  1. U need to play story mode , play the tournament defeat the tournament
    the in challenge mod (second on the left side) defeat the teams again
    some players can be bought using pass words

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  2. Buying certain characters can also unlock new characters to be bought.

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  3. what are the english passwords. Some one plz help. And how do you get Syon Blaze (Masato)

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  4. To get Syon Blaze you must type in the password axelcousin (European version only). I haven't bought him so I don't know how much he is. I hope this helps!!! Also other passwords I know are= justlikejude legendary markfriend coolrhythm! Thats all that I can remember... I think there are 7 passwords!

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  5. blue_flare23 is right. They work.

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