Reviews:Great puzzle game that you shouldn'''''t pass by ( 8/10A cool variation for the age old question: to beam or not to beam! ( 84/100[DE] A challenging puzzle game ( 4/4Over 70 interesting levels and cute graphics could make you addicted ( 84/100Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge Your Way To Saving Eny ( is a game that is hard to put down (PDA 24/ a robot would do in the name of love! ( game at reasonable price! ([DE] The graphics are well done and was rewarded with great attention to detail implemented ([DE] Truly brilliant game! ([CZ] Robo - amorous robot ( engaging puzzle contains over 70 diverse levels, ahuge variety of brain twisting tasks andsuperb graphics. Lets help twoloving cybernetic hearts tofind each other!Love can make people commit mistakes, follies anddo many other silly things. Would anybody inhis right mind risk hislife, move under therays oflaser guns, break legs inthestone conglomerations, carry dreadful bombs andwander intofatal mazes? Love is avirus; andthereare nowalls which can stopit. Even robots cant resistit. Youcan now become aparticipant inthisunusual love story. Trytoadd some logic andconsistency inthebustle ofthis hot cybernetic passion andovercome, together with Robo, allmanner ofobstacles such aswalking through snow storms, scorched deserts andcold mountains. Usually only human intellect could rescue machines that aregoing this mad! So Robo has tosave Eny, who is kidnapped bytheevil Discharger, andnow held intheunderground compound which isprotected bylasers. Inorder tomove, our hero has toblock laser beams that guard allpassageways ordestroy laser cannons. This objective can be reached bymoving stones toblock laser beams, using bombs toexplode laser cannons oreven, forthegaming Einsteins, making cannons destroy eachother. Thegame rules are very simple, but thegame itself isnot, because bombs andstones are veryscarce. Are you ready totest your brains inthis cyber situation andconquer thepath to truelove?Game features:76 original levels4 game worldsOutstanding graphics andanimationIncreasing difficulty ofquestsSmart musicSimple rules andcaptivating gameplayNew features in version 1.1:Players can undo one turn during the gameAuto saved level progress on exitAdditional scroll buttons on screenOther minor bug fixes

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