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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Draco312

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 11/10/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers
    Console: Wonderswan Color
    Made by: Bandai
    Genre: RPG
    Number of Players: One (1)
    Language: Japanese
    Supports: Wonderwave, WS Link Cable
    Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers
    Version: 0.1
    Author: Draco312
    Name: Justin Huang
    Email: draco312@hotmail.com
    FAQ Copyright 2001 Justin Huang
    1. Please do not copy this FAQ without permission
    2. Please do not change any contents of this FAQ and use it without 
    3. The latest versions of this FAQ will always be at GameFAQs
    4. If there are any errors, please inform me about it
    5. You are free to contribute to this FAQ
    Version 0.1: First Version, beginning things added...
    Table of Contents:
    1. The Story
    2. Explore Town and Others
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Secrets and Tricks
    5. Credits and Contributions
    Anode and Cathode Timers:
    The Hero of Digimon Wonderswan games, Ryo, began his journey in the Digimon 
    World in the Digimon WS Game: Anode/Cathode Timer.
    Ryo got a new laptop and was testing it out when suddenly, an Agumon 
    appeared on the screen. His Digivice flashed and he was instantly 
    transported to the Digital World. He meets Agumon there and was taken to see 
    Gennai. Gennai had informed Ryo that Milleniummon had appeared and captured 
    all the 01 Digidestinied and their digimons and imprisoned them with the 
    formal villians of 01. Ryo then embarks on a journey to save the 
    Digidestinieds and defeat Milleniummon...
    Tag Tamers:
    Both Ryo and Ken were summoned to the Digital World where they meet up with 
    Veemon and Wormmon after witnessing the Diablomon battle. According to 
    Gennai, Millenniummon had appeared once again and with him is Diablomon. Ryo 
    and Ken then walks up the mountain where Devimon was defeated (in 
    Anode/Cathode) and defeat Milleniummon and Diablomon. However, Milleniummon 
    returns again as Moon=Milleniummon. Ryo and Ken again goes on a quest to 
    defeat Moon Milleniummon.
    D-1 Tamers:
    In Ken's house, Ryo was summoned yet AGAIN to the Digital World by the Four 
    Sacred Digimons to participate in D-1 Tournament which will be taking place 
    in the Digital World. yet again, Moon=Milleniummon has reappeared again (he 
    just never dies does he?) and seems to want revenge at Ryo... Ryo has to 
    both win the Tournament and defeat Moon=Milleniummon... can YOU accomplish 
    Lets start with explaning the menu. These are the menus that will appear in 
    non-battle and battle...
    1. Look at Digimon Stats
       Check HP, DP, and etc..
    2. Arrange Digimon Row
       More dmg and less defense in front, less dmg and more defense in the 
    back, far-ranged attacks are effected by rows.
    3. Items
         D-3 (catches digimons and sends to the server)
         D-Terminal (check out things)
             Digimon Index (checks out digimon you've seen and had)
             Dungeon Maps (locates Ryo in the dungeon or shows the map of a 
             Evolution Chart (shows EXP and JP required for evolution)
             Destination (shows your next destination)
    4. Save
         Saves the game
    5. Digimental
         Equip (equips digimental)
         Remove (removes digimental)
         Trash (throw away digimental)
    6. Cancel
    1. Attack (Shows your list of possible moves to use)
    2. Items
         D-3 (catches a digimon and sends to server)
    3. Look at Digimon (look at digimon stats)
    4. AI
        Offensive AI (focus on attack)
        Moderate AI (both are evenly used)
        Defensive AI (focus on defense)
    5. Defend/Pass Turn (Skip digimon turn)
    6. Run away (exits dungeon)
       Town is a simple place to explore, but since it is in japanese, you might 
    not know things about some buildings, here's a map and guide of town.
                    D1 Arena
                    | OOO  |
                    | OOO  |
        Jogress Center |  Storage Room
            |OO               OO  |
            |OO               OO  |
            |                     |
            |OO               OO  |
            |OO               OO  |
    Digimental         |      Upgrade Center
    Shop               |
            Item Shop  |      Transfer Center
            | OO              OO |
    	| OO              OO |
            |                    |
            | OO                 |
            | OO                 |
    Battle Hall        |
    Gennai's House ____|___Server
             ______|       |______
    House____| OO             OO  |___House
         | OO          O           OO|
         |          Tree of          |
    D1 Arena:
    This is where D1 Tournament takes place.. You'll be coming to this place 
    Jogress Center:
    After the defeat of Digitamamon, he will jogress digimons for you at this 
    Storage Center:
    This place stores digimons that you want to keep but don't want to have as 
    partner digimons that are with you.
    Digimental Shop:
    This shop holds all sorts of digimentals! Equip them to use in battle!
    Upgrade Center:
    This shop upgrades Item Capacity, Storage Capacity, Jogress stuff and 
    something else.
    Item Shop:
    Its what it is, an item shop, however, you won't find super rare items here!
    Transfer Center:
    With a link cable, wonderswans can link up and trade and rent digimons here!
    Battle Hall:
    This hall contains a chain of stores that allows you to battle D-3s, 
    D-Terminals, Pendulums, and more! At the end is a shop that you can trade 
    win points for permanent stats raise items.
    Gennai's House:
    Gennai here gives you advice and tells you where to go, you need to come 
    here to get his presents also!
    With the digimons you caught with your D-3, they are transferred here. 
    Reward digimons are found here as well!
    These houses contain digimons that give advices.
    You can't really call this a walkthrough, this is basically a guide, but I'm 
    used to calling guides as walkthroughs, I hope you find this useful!
    So, in the beginning, you get these questions from the computer at Ken's 
    house. These questions may influence some things in the future, I am not 
    quite sure what they mean. Anyways, after this, you get teleported to the 
    middle of town. Where Gennai and Pixiemon and D-1 Tournament participants 
    talk and talk and you meet with V-Mon, Agumon, and Wormmon. The bridge to 
    the first three dungeon opens. And on you go!
    VOLCANO DUNGEON: (Boss: Meramon)
    This dungeon is easy, where the first two battles are with baby and 
    in-training digimons. The third battle will end up with Meramon and 
    Candlemon, the bosses, just beat them and finish it.
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: Tentomon)
    So after the Volcano Dungeon, Gennai will tell you to go to D1 Arena, where 
    you will fight three battles where you cannot control your digimons. You 
    will be given the AI choices, I would say to choose the second AI option. At 
    the last battle you will fight Izzy's Tentomon, beat him and you will earn 
    Tentomon and Armadillomon's prevolution in the server.
    BUG CAGE DUNGEON: (Boss: Kuwagamon)
    I would recommend you to buy the Digimental of Courage and the Digimental of 
    Knowledge and equip them onto Veemon and Armadillomon's prevolution. Now, 
    put Wormmon in storage and keep the prevolution (might want to have Tentomon 
    in storage too). Go off to the second dungeon. This dungeon is strange, it 
    starts with a room in the beginning and has strange buttons on the floor. 
    Just press anything and keep going through. At the end, you will meet 
    Kuwagamon and his two minions. Kuwagamon can do a Multi-Range Attack which 
    can prove to be annoying. Hopefully you have Armadillomon now, together, 
    focus your attacks on Kuwagamon and take him out. Second, take out the 
    cockroach on the left since it could heal. And finally, take out the last 
    digimon. You have beaten Kuwagamon (I hope) and can now move on!
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: Terriermon)
    Gennai will tell you to return to the D1 Arena, after two battles, you will 
    fight Terriermon! Amazed? Terriermon appeared in 02 movie series, so don't 
    think its amazing for a 03 digimon to appear in 02 WS game. Anywayz, this 
    fight shouldn't prove to be hard. You will recieve Terriermon's prevolution 
    as a reward.
    TREE DUNGEON 1: (Boss: Mushroommon)
    The last zone of area 1 contains two dungeons. Go in the lower left one and 
    beat through. You will fight Mushroomon and his two minions. Do well to take 
    out Mushroomon first. He can digivolve and become stronger! This fight 
    should be easy after the main boss is gone.
    TREE DUNGEON 2: (Boss: Blossommon)
    As usual, wipe through the zone until you enter a fight with Blossommon and 
    the same two minions for the last battle. This time, take care of the two 
    minions first. Strangely, Blossommon will de-digivolve and become weaker, 
    take care of him when he de-digivolves for the second time.
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: Togemon)
    Gennai will tell you to go back to the D1 Arena. This is your first real D1 
    Challenge. The first two battles are so-so difficulty. Togemon can prove to 
    be annoying. Your digimons will probably take care of Mushroomon, then of 
    Togemon. When you get to Monocromon, it is possible that it has a high 
    defense at this time. It will revive Togemon and Mushroomon. You can live 
    through the battle, but when ten rounds have gone past, the match will end 
    and probably with Mimi winning. It is possible to win this, and possible to 
    lose. Your reward should be Palmon and Hawkmon.
    TOY LAND DUNGEON 1: (Boss: Monzaemon)
    If Mimi defeated you, Gennai will STILL let you through to Area 2. Go to the 
    Toyland Zone. Move your digimons to the back row. Then go in and beat the 
    digimons in here. You might want to capture ToyAgumon for later uses. At the 
    end of this dungeon is Teddymon and his minions. Teddymon uses long ranged 
    multi attacker. However, they only hit the front row, so if you listened to 
    me, you wouldn't get hit. At the end of the battle, he will ask you for an 
    item. Give him anything you don't need.
    TOY LAND DUNGEON 2: (Boss: Vadermon)
    Capture the ToyAgumon in the beginning and go through, move your digimons to 
    the front row. Beat the brain digimon, and it should be easy since he can't 
    hit you with the multi-attacker. Give him anything you don't need at the end 
    of the battle.
    TOY LAND DUNGEON 3: (Boss: Digitamamon)
    Move your digimons to the back row. Capture ToyAgumon, and go through to 
    find Digitamamon. Digitamamon can't hit you with the multi-attacker as well! 
    When you defeat him, give him a item. Digitamamon will now jogress for you, 
    you will see him in the empty store.
    Return to town, and store a couple of digimons inside the storage. You 
    should have three ToyAgumons if you captured them all. Take Terriermon and 
    jogress him with ToyAgumon. Take Veemon and jogress him with ToyAgumon. Take 
    Wormmon and jogress him with ToyAgumon. Take these three digimons to the Toy 
    Land stages to train up, they should be able to evolve to Galgomon, 
    Ex-Veemon, and Stingmon. Capture another ToyAgumon and more if you can. 
    Repeat these steps for Agumon and Armadillomon and Tentomon. You should have 
    Galgomon, Ex-Veemon, Stingmon, Greymon, Ankylomon, and Kabuterimon. If you 
    ever caught Poyomon, train him to Patamon and jogress with ToyAgumon as 
    well. Two Poyomons can make a Punimon. It'll turn into Gabumon, jogress with 
    ToyAgumon to recieve Garurumon! You should equip the digimentals of 
    Friendship onto V-Mon, Reliability onto Armadillomon, and Hope onto Patamon 
    so that you get them recorded in the D-Terminal.
    TOY LAND DUNGEON 4: (Boss: Garbamon)
    Move your digimons to the front row. Capture ToyAgumon as usual. Now just go 
    through the entire thing until you meet Garbamon. Multiattacker can't hit 
    you, so just kill him off. And give him an extra item.
    TOY LAND DUNGEON 5: (Boss: Etemon)
    This is the last of Toy Land dungeons. Move your digimons to any row you 
    like. Capture ToyAgumon and go through. Now, bosses from previous dungeons 
    will come out if you gave them items, they will reduce the number of battles 
    needed to fight. At the end is HolyAngemon, talk to him to heal HP, and go 
    through to fight Etemon. Etemon's Multi-Attacker can hit all rows, and is 
    very hazardous. You will have to focus on him, then on the healer, then on 
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: Togemon)
    If you did not defeat Mimi the first time, you will have to do so now. And 
    you MUST win her, since losing will not allow you to access Metal Empire...
    Get ToyAgumons and jogress them with Hawkmon and Palmon, for them to be able 
    to actually ATTACK and digivolve. They will become Aquillamon and Togemon. 
    You should equip the Digimentals of Love and Sincerity onto Hawkmon just so 
    those digimons are added to the D-Terminal.
    METAL EMPIRE DUNGEON 1: (Boss: Datamon)
    Capture Wheelmons if you can. Go through and defeat all the monsters. 
    Datamon can use Multi-Attackers that hit all rows. You should defeat the 
    healer or defeat him first.
    METAL EMPIRE DUNGEON 2: (Boss: Andromon)
    Capture Wheelmons if you can. Andromon is basically the same as Datamon. Use 
    the same technique.
    METAL EMPIRE DUNGEON 3: (Boss: Gigadramon)
    If you have two wheelmons then don't capture anymore. All bosses in this 
    Zone use the Multi-Attacker. So use the same strategy...
    METAL EMPIRE DUNGEON 4: (Boss: Boltmon)
    Boltmon is a strange boss... In the beginning, it will ask you whether to 
    use AP gear, PP gear, or SP gear. I would recommend SP gear, Boltmon will 
    focus on raising SP. Defeat him, it should be easy.
    It has already been time to upgrade your units to the Ultimate stage. 
    Jogress Angemon with Ankylomon. Jogress Ex-Veemon with Stingmon. Apply the 
    JP Item to Armadillomon, Veemon, Greymon, and Garurumon. Use the D-Terminal 
    Evolution Chart to find out how much JP they need. Soon enough, you should 
    have Shakkoumon or HolyAngemon, Paildramon, Metal Greymon, and 
    WereGarurumon. If you want Imperialdramon, jogress Paildramon with Metal 
    Greymon. If you want Omegamon, jogress HolyAngemon with WereGarurumon, and 
    jogress Paildramon with Metal Greymon. Keep applying JP Items... Soon enough 
    you should have Metal Garurumon and WarGreymon, jogress together to get 
    Omegamon! The two wheelmons you caught can be applied to recieve 
    BlackWarGreymon with enough JP...
    GRAVEYARD DUNGEON 1: (Boss: LadyDevimon)
    Before you proceed into this dungeon, carry Galgomon and the digimon you 
    like to use. The last digimon, take an useless digimon that you just took 
    out of the server randomly. Battles should become tougher now... At the end 
    you will meet LadyDevimon. Defeat Metal Greymon first, then defeat the right 
    hand digimon. Focus on LadyDevimon now, and when you defeat her, she will 
    power up and attempt to revive. If she revives, this dungeon will remain 
    uncompleted, you will need to send that useless digimon into LadyDevimon to 
    defeat this dungeon.
    GRAVEYARD DUNGEON 2: (Boss: Skull Satamon)
    Get another useless digimon, and go into the boss battle after the other 
    battles. Skull Satamon can suicide and deal up to 200 dmg each, it is better 
    to arrange rows so that you won't be hit. Myotismon can revive Skull Satamon 
    so it is a good idea to take him out first. After this battle, send the 
    useless into Skull Satamon...
    GRAVEYARD DUNGEON 3: (Boss: Skull Greymon)
    Get another useless, and do the same thing. Skull Greymon won't suicide but 
    he does Multi-Attack. At the end of the battle, send the useless digimon 
    into Skull Greymon.
    GRAVEYARD DUNGEON 4: (Boss: Venom Myotismon)
    Get your best digimons and charge into this dungeon. Venom Myotismon's 
    special is to disable one of your skills. It shouldn't be too harmful, Venom 
    can be easy if you have Galgomon with you.
    I did not tell you to catch Raremons, but if you could, it would be good. 
    Catch two and train them into Metal Etemon and King Etemon (no exp). Jogress 
    them, you will need a bunch of JP to train him into the mighty 
    MILLENIUMMON!!! If you could, get another Millenniummon. Jogress them 
    together and you will recieve Moon=Milleniummon! By now, Red Veedramon 
    should appear in the server. Get him, and jogress him with Galgomon. Let him 
    learn some more good attacks like 'Summon' which you learn from Soulmon...
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: WereGarurumon)
    This tournament is really a lot harder. You will be weakened by the time you 
    fight Matt's WereGarurumon with Angemon and Leomon. Pray and hope that you 
    Now that you have another Garurumon, use him however you'd like to.
    ANGEL TOWER DUNGEON: (Boss: Goddramon)
    Now we enter Area 3, and the first zone. These dungeons are getting harder 
    as in that dungeons may now link up to consecutive battles and there are now 
    two passages you can go. The boss battle shouldn't be too hard, probably 
    just takes some time...
    MOON DUNGEON 1: (Boss: Kimeramon)
    This is like Angel Tower, two passages, consecutive battles... And the 
    enemies are becoming very hard, make sure you got some high HP digimons! The 
    boss battle shouldn't be too hard...
    MOON DUNGEON 2: (Boss: Machinedramon or Mugendramon)
    Another two passaged consecutive battles filled with hard enemies... 
    Machinedramon can use multi-attack, Jijimon can slash your digimon in halves 
    so that they die in three rounds. Try to finish this battle quick!
    D1 TOURNAMENT: (Boss: WarGreymon)
    This is the final showdown of D1 Tournament. Tai will be the final enemy, 
    and his digimon, the ultimate WarGreymon! Hope your digimons are strong, 
    sometimes 10 rounds will pass, and if your digimons are still stronger than 
    his, you will win! Good luck! The reward is either a greymon or that there 
    is no reward...
    COLOSSAL DUNGEON: (Boss: BlackWarGreymon)
    The Colossal Dungeon is under D1 Arena. The icon that is glowing will 
    teleport you to this dungeon. This dungeon contains hard digimons, some of 
    them like Greymon and Ex-Veemon, with high HP. Occasionally sometimes, you 
    will meet BlackWarGreymon, Paildramon, and Greymon in a boss layout before 
    you really fight the boss. You can capture these digimons! Go ahead and do 
    so! Black War Greymon is a kind of hard battle, it will be long, you'll have 
    to deal damage so they can't heal and revive!
    After that, Moon=Milleniummon will begin to appear after the long silence. 
    Talk to Gennai, and he will lead you to Moon=Milleniummon's final dungeon!
    FINAL DUNGEON: (Boss: Moon=Milleniummon)
    This is the hardest dungeon ever! Eight consecutive battles (with no breaks) 
    with three megas in each of them! You may capture the megas that you will 
    need or want. Moon=Milleniummon will appear in the eight battle with 
    Diablomon and Apocalypmon. Diablomon will erase your skills, 
    Moon=Millenummon will use Chain Attack. This will be a long battle...
    In the end, Ryo defeats Moon=Milleniummon, and his knocked out. D1 
    participants gather and talk about him.. Then the credits roll....... When 
    you restart the game, Ryo talks to Gennai, Gennai will tell you that you can 
    go anywhere and keep collecting digimons! Now, when you go to Milleniummon's 
    dungeon, it will be filled with digi-destinied champions with the strength 
    of megas. The second battle with Moon=Milleniummon will reward you with 
    Veemon, Wormmon, and Agumon.
    Yes there are secrets and tricks in this! Although very few...
    In the basement of D1 Arena. There are three other icons that should've led 
    somewhere. Depending on the questions you answered in the beginning, these 
    icons will be open or closed.
    By pressing 'START' in a fight, a window will come up saying OK or NO. If 
    you press NO, then from now on, the battles will not show the digimon 
    hitting the opponent.
    In the mode where digimons show themselves moving and hitting, just as the 
    digimon is ready to tackle and hit the enemy, press left then A before it 
    hits and it will result in a mega hit! (Does not work for ranged attacks)
    JP ITEM:
    The legendary JP Item, which increases 5 JP, you must've been wondering what 
    on earth I was talking about. In certain final dungeons, you will find this 
    JP item in the room before the room that is before the boss battle.. Here 
    are following locations...
    -Etemon's Dungeon
    -Boltmon's Dungeon
    -VenomMyotismon's Dungeon
    -Goddramon's Dungeon (Lower passage)
    -Machinedramon's Dungeon (Lower passage)
    -BlackWarGreymon's Dungeon (Lower passage)
    These are not sold in shops neither is it sold in the Battle Hall.
    Gennai will give you digimons in the future when you have done certain 
    -RED VEEDRAMON: Meet 100 Digimons
    -GOLD VEEDRAMON: Get 100 Digimons
    -MASTER VEEDRAMON: Jogress Red and Gold Veedramons
    So far, the things I have listed in this FAQ was found out by myself. In the 
    future updates, I will add more things, some of them may have been told to 
    me by some people.

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