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    Achievement Guide by joco127

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                                     Achievement Guide
                                      by  joco127
    Below will be listed the achievement name, the gamer score associated with 
    obtaining the achievement, and the in-game description.  I'll elaborate at 
    least slightly on each one.  If you are searching for a particular achievement, 
    use the table below.  Just copy and paste the text in brackets into your 
    browser's search box.
    Anyone For Tea?		[NE14]
    Finally Together	[FNL2]
    Halfway There 		[HLFW]
    Meet Up			[MTUP]
    One Of Each		[1OEA]
    Smelly Jelly 		[SMLJ]
    The Egg Hunters		[EGHU]
    The Hunter 		[HNTR]
    The Musician 		[MUZK]
    The Shuffler		[SHFL]
    The Student 		[STDN]
    You’re In The Way	[YITW]
    Hints and General Tricks[TRIX]
    [NE14]Anyone For Tea? 	(20)	Get to chapter 2
    Easy enough; all you have to do is finish enough levels in chapter 1 to open 
    the path to chapter 2.  It will appear in the form of an arrow on the right 
    side of the chapter 1 map.  *Note that the achievement will unlock once you 
    actually travel to chapter 2, NOT just when you unlock it.
    [FNL2]Finally Together 	(20)	Complete the game
    I'm not going to go in depth here, but you don't have to unlock any bonus 
    stages or complete all of the regular stages to unlock this achievement; 
    all you have to do is get to chapter 4, finish enough stages to unlock the 
    final stage, and complete it.  The achievement unlocks as soon as you've 
    reunited Ilo and Milo in the last stage.
    [HLFW]Halfway There 	(15)	Get to chapter 3
    Same as Anyone for Tea?, just complete chapter 2; no collecting or unlocking 
    necessary.  If I recall correctly, all you have to do is complete any five 
    stages in chapter 2.  The achievement unlocks as you're on your way to 
    chapter 3.
    [MTUP]Meet Up 		(20)	Completed a level
    If you need too much help with this one, maybe ilomilo isn't your game.  :)
    [1OEA]One Of Each 	(20)	Collect one safka of each color
    All you have to do is collect all three safkas in a level, which gets more 
    difficult as the game goes on, so I recommend getting this as early as 
    possible, although you'd have to try harder NOT to get this achievement than 
    to eventually wind up with it.
    [SMLJ]Smelly Jelly 	(15)	Get to chapter 4
    Same as Anyone for Tea? and Halfway There; finish enough stages in chapter 3 
    to unlock chapter 4.  The achievement unlocks once you travel to chapter 4.
    [EGHU]The Egg Hunters 	(10)	Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly 
                                    while playing cooperatively
    One of the hardest achievements in the game to get, not because of difficulty, 
    but just because you MUST get this achievement on multiplayer.  Which wouldn't 
    be so bad, except that none of your progress in single player carries over to 
    a multiplayer game; no matter how well you've done on single player mode, 
    you'll be starting a new game once you start multiplayer.
    Fortunately, for this achievement all you need to do is click an egg hidden in 
    the background of ten specific stages, which are as follows:
    Chapter 1:
    [x] [ ] [ ] ( )
    [ ] [x] [ ] ( )
    [ ] [ ] [x] ( )
    Chapter 2:
    [ ] [ ] [x] ( )
    [x] [ ] [ ] ( )
    [ ] [ ] [ ] ( )
    Chapter 3:
    [x] [ ] [x] ( )
    [ ] [x] [ ] ( )
    [ ] [ ] [ ] ( )
    Chapter 4:
    [x] [ ] [ ] ( )
    [ ] [ ] [ ] ( )
    [x] [ ] [ ] ( )
    So, since none are in bonus stages, all you have to do is clear a path to the 
    stages marked, and then get to the next chapter.
    It's probably easiest, by the way, to just man two controllers yourself for 
    this achievement, but you can also bring a buddy along if you prefer.
    Once you start a stage marked on the map, you'll notice that the inactive 
    player is on screen as a little fly that can move around with the left stick.  
    This serves no in-game purpose EXCEPT to find the eggs.  So, look around until 
    you find a big egg in the background and once you do, move the fly over to it 
    and press A.  If you've done it right, you'll see a short animation with the 
    egg's top popping off.  AT THIS POINT, YOU CAN EXIT THE STAGE.  You do NOT 
    have to finish the level to keep the egg and get the achievement (although 
    you may wish to, just to help progress further).  
    Note that all the eggs can be found with little to no movemement from your 
    starting point; none of the eggs are really hidden.  They're out in plain 
    sight in the background, and while it may take you a few steps and/or 
    rotations of the camera to be able to see them, you really don't have to 
    do anything more than that.  Good hunting.
    [HNTR]The Hunter 	(20)	Complete all bonus levels
    It would take a much longer guide than this one to walk you through this, 
    because some of the bonus levels are TRICKY.  That and the fact that you have 
    to collect every Safka in the game in order to be able to even attempt this 
    achievement make it the most difficult by FAR.  But hey, this is a puzzle game.
    Why wouldn't you want it to make you think?  Stick with it, see my general 
    tricks section, and good luck!
    [MUZK]The Musician 	(20)	Play the solo instrument to the music theme in 
                                    the main menu
    I found it helpful to look up videos on how to get this achievement since it's 
    all about audio and visuals, but I'll do my best to describe it here.
    On the main menu -- not the title screen, but the one that appears with all the 
    options starting with "Single Player" after you press A -- a slow little tune 
    will be playing.  After four measures, you'll hear a little ditty being banged 
    out on what sounds like a xylophone or marimba or something of the like.
    You may notice that when you move the cursor on this screen, a random musical 
    note also plays.  This is important.   What you need to do is to tap down on 
    the left stick in time with each note that plays.  When you do this, the notes 
    of your cursor moving will match the notes of the melody.
    There are two parts to the melody: the first goes through the whole list once 
    then stops momentarily on Help & Options (the third from the bottom).  The 
    second part goes through the whole list again and ends on the last option.  
    If you've timed your presses correctly, the achievement will unlock.  If not, 
    you can wait for the melody to replay or restart your game and try it again.  
    It will probably take a few tries just to get the rhythm right, but once you 
    have that down it's not hard.  Happy musicianing!
    [SHFL]The Shuffler 	(10)	Get a score of 500 points or more in the 
                                    ilomilo shuffle minigame
    A pretty tricky achievement that relies somewhat on luck.
    First off, you can unlock ilomilo shuffle by discovering a certain item that 
    you'll stumble upon relatively late in the game.  That's bunk.  You want to 
    use the cheat code: on the main menu screen, hit LT, RT, LB and RB in that 
    sequence and you'll be playing ilomilo shuffle whether or not it's "unlocked."
    Now, in this game you get a point for every photograph that's collected, as 
    well as 20, 30 or 50 points for each Safka collected (depending on the color).
    BUT there's a trick to this:  the 20 point Safka appears first; the 30 point 
    Safka ONLY appears when the 20 point Safka is already on the screen; and the 
    50 point Safka ONLY appears when BOTH of the others are currently on the 
    screen.  Therefore, your strategy becomes to not collect the first two Safkas 
    but to keep them around as long as possible to make the 50 point Safka appear.
    It involves some luck, as the way the stages shift is random.  If one of your 
    Safkas is about to bite it and fall off the edge, just grab it and get to 
    safety, and in general try to stay away from the edges.  It may take a few 
    tries, but 500 points isn't all that bad once you know this strategy, so 
    stick with it and you'll have it soon.
    [STDN]The Student 	(20)	Complete the tutorial
    Again, you shouldn't have any trouble with this.  It's a tutorial.
    I've heard of this achievement failing to unlock for people who played the 
    demo, but if you replay the tutorial with the full version it should unlock.
    [YITW]You’re In The Way (10)	Defeat a Nabber in the same move as you 
                                    complete a level
    A Nabber is the moving cage enemy that holds a Safka inside which you'll 
    encounter in a few mid-game stages.  You have to corner it to grab the Safka, 
    as it will run away from you once you get near.  This is easiest to do as soon 
    as you first encounter a Nabber.  Just move one of your characters to a spot 
    where it can block the Nabber, then get behind it with your other character.  
    You'll basically sandwich the Nabber between you and on the same move bust the 
    cage and meet up.  It's that easy.
    Just a few things to help, since this guide doesn't cover step-by-step 
    strategies for individual stages:
    * Remember to always pick up blocks you've used as stepping stones before you 
    move on.  Odds are you'll be re-using the block ahead, and if not and you need 
    to go back, you'll have it with you anyway.
    * Don't forget that every level has a hint in the pause menu.
    * Those little sock puppet guys who nab your blocks when you move over them?  
    There are some situations where you have to use them to get a block into a 
    certain spot.  Just remember, they always throw your block back the way you 
    came.  This is helpful if you need to get a block on top of one of those jack 
    in the box-type creatures that pops up when you get near them.
    * The spring pads that bounce you ahead once you step on them can somtimes be 
    manipulated; they bounce you the direction you're moving when you step on them
    ...UNLESS you manage to block that route with a cube, in which case you will 
    be able to choose a new direction.
    * About the stepping stones in chapter 4 that are activated by the dark cube: 
    if one of your characters is standing on top of an activated stepping stone 
    when the other picks up the cube that activated it, it will still stay solid 
    until you find a way to move off it.  Use this to your advantage.
    * Remember that the bird block -- which flies upward when you place it -- is 
    often used as a sideways elevator for your partner.  That is to say, what is 
    up to your current character is often sideways to your other character, and 
    the bird block is more commonly used as lateral transport than vertical.
    * When you've strung together more than one block to cross a gap, always grab 
    the one you crossed FIRST so that you can still have access to both if you 
    need them.  More of a time-saver than a puzzle-solver, but helpful.
    * A lot of the puzzles in ilomilo revolve around finding ways for your two 
    characters to help each other.  When you're stuck, always look for two things: 
    a way to pass blocks to your partner, or to lay a block to make a path for 
    your partner.
    * Remember that the end goal is just to get the two characters side-by-side; 
    you can often figure out what your next move is by trying to find the way that 
    will get both characters oriented the same way.
    Hope you enjoy the game and this guide!  Feel free to use any way you want, 
    just please don't forget to credit me.  Email me at jjcmanhattan@hotmail.com 
    with any questions/suggestions/additions.
    Last updated: 2-25-2011

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