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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 2.05 | Updated: 07/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    				TTTTT  H   H  EEEEE
    				  T    H   H  E
    				  T    H   H  E
    				  T    HHHHH  EEE
    				  T    H   H  E
    				  T    H   H  E
    				  T    H   H  EEEEE
    		DDD      A    RRRR   K   K  N   N  EEEEE   SSS    SSS
    		D  D    A A   R   R  K  K   NN  N  E      S   S  S   S
    		D   D  A   A  R   R  K K    NN  N  E      S      S
    		D   D  AAAAA  RRRR   KK     N N N  EEE     SSS    SSS
    		D   D  A   A  R R    K K    N  NN  E          S      S
    		D  D   A   A  R  R   K  K   N  NN  E      S   S  S   S
    		DDD    A   A  R   R  K   K  N   N  EEEEE   SSS    SSS
    				   *The Darkness*
    The Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough
    For Xbox 360, PS3
    Version 2.05 (7/25/07)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
    (email at the bottom)
    Version 1.0 - got the walkthrough complete
    Version 2.0 - redid the whole thing, and yes, got EVERY SINGLE collectable
    Version 2.05 - updated the contact info
    Table Of Contents
    Use Ctrl + F to surf around dude! 
    	Section:		Code:
    1. A Brief Foreword  
    2. Controls 			CON2222 
    3. Starter Tips		 	TIPS333
    4. Walkthrough 			FAQ4444
    	CHAPTER 1 		555DARK
    	CHAPTER 2 		555WARS
    	CHAPTER 3 		555BACK
    	CHAPTER 4 		555RIDE
    	CHAPTER 5 		555LAST
    5. Side Quests			SIDE555
    6. Enemies			BADD666
    7. Darkness Powers		DARK777
    8. Weapons			GUNS888
    9. Collectables			###9999
    10. Credits/Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    Short, but sweet. That sums up this game. 
    The Darkness is perhaps the best looking game I've ever seen. It's hard to 
    keep saying this for each new game that comes out, but I believe it is true.
    The realism helps to tell the gritty story, which itself is presented in a 
    remarkable fashion. This is one of the few games that drew me in. So much so
    that I will have to say this game is a must-play, for the story alone. And 
    don't be surprised if you get creeped out a few times.
    Aside from some pacing issues, and a lack of compelling gameplay throughout, 
    I think the story and graphics make this one of the better games of the year.
    * 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *
    Well, I only have the book for one game. So, that probably means you PS3 fan
    boys will have to connect the dots.
    A - activate
    B - reload (not needed as much as you might think)
    X - move Darkling
    Y - jump
    RT - fire
    RB - use Darkness power
    LT - fire; melee on two-handed guns
    LB - turn on Darkness
    RS - look; click to zoom
    LS - move; click to crouch
    D-Pad - left/right switch weapons; up/down switch powers
    Start - pause
    Back - info
    * 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *
    Just things to live by.
    *Surprisingly, do NOT reload your handguns at each chance. Instead of reloading
    	each gun, you will just drop one and replace it with another. And you
    	have two guns at any time, and the game is not that tough.
    *SHOOT THE LIGHTS! You have the edge in darkness, so make it so. And eventually
    	you can use the Demon Arm to knock out lights without using ammo.
    *Ammo, at least on normal, is not really a big deal. So you don't have to 
    	waste time combing each area for any traces of ammo.
    *The handguns are always a solid choice. You should not need the other guns
    	for much more than personal choice, or a specific situation. At least
    	this applies in the early going.
    *To be honest, you don't need anything but the handguns.
    *Use the Demon Arm when up close.
    That's about it. The gameplay is not complex, and the game is not hard.
    * 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *
    CHAPTER 1 ( 555DARK )
    The Chase
    Sit back and enjoy the ride and credits, for the most part. You'll eventually 
    be handed a shotgun, but you'll take forever to load the thing. After a series
    of unfortunate seatbelt errors you will be able to blast wildly (but it really
    doesn't matter), so try to shoot some guys. The ride will end.
    Grave's End Construction Site
    Collectables: 1, 89
    Whack the foreman
    Press BACK as you are on the ground to get the game moving. The icon pops up 
    as soon as you do, so press BACK again to read the objective. Now go help 
    Mikey Cimino to get your guns and then ask about each topic. And that's that.
    Don't waste your ammo and just break the lock on the door. Pick up a piece of 
    paper called a collectable. Now press Y to get over the crate and proceed for
    something interesting. There's ammo by the yellow hat in the corner and then
    enter the elevator. 
    There are two guys to kill, so just rush out and use the assisted aiming to 
    whack 'em quickly. There are about two little spots of ammo in the room, so 
    just move around. As you move through the doors you will open them on your own,
    and you'll end up outside. Quietly approach the back of the worker outside and
    execute the finisher. There are two more enemies in the area.
    Go past the door and there will be about four more guys in the next big room.
    Kill them and collect all the ammo on the ground and table. Now watch the TV
    for some build up and be ready for those workers to come for you. Go up the
    elevator and jump off to the second level, jump over the gap, and follow the 
    path to another collectable. Now jump back down and bring the lift down to you,
    and then take it to the top.
    Walk along the path and under the support, and shoot the one guy as soon as the
    door opens. Climb up the ladder and aim to the window in anticipation, and then
    jump up to the window. Go around the hall and into the room for another TV 
    scene. Open the closet and back up a bit toward the door. Scene.
    Trinity Cemetery
    Collectables: 29, 2
    Get back to safety
    You'll begin with a small fight with two more guys up above. Some ammo in the
    corner and then exit through the door. Another interesting encounter and then
    grab the ammo on the table. 
    Get back outside and you'll hear a voice when you see the cemetery, as well as
    the sound of a braking car. Quickly move forward and turn to the left and set
    up shop on the steps of the church. Stay to the left side, facing outward, and
    just move around a bit so that you can pick off the bunch of enemies that 
    surround you. They will come from all sides and over the fence and wall. Just
    become a turret and make sure to kill the guys if they stagger a bit. Should
    not be too tough since you can use the doorway as cover and you can see the 
    whole yard.
    Collect the ammo when you're done and enter the doorway across from the church.
    Follow the path and you'll run into Frank Rottenburg (the voice when you first
    entered the cemetery). Ask him about the topics and you're done. Now backtrack
    to the cemetery ASAP to get the show rolling. Scene. Now you're to the meat of
    the game. Eat the three hearts around you, pick up ammo, and summon the minion
    from the portal. Follow him and stop to watch the last bad guy die on the 
    fence; eat his heart when he's done. The berserker will open the gate and you
    are free.
    *NOTE: backtrack the way you came to the room after you woke up. Bust the 
    light and use the Creeper to open the vent on the bottom of the door, then 
    go in and grab another collectable.*
    There is an enemy near the car. Round the corner and go to the dark point in
    the corner of the streets. Activate the Creeper and enter the vent. Break the
    fan and crawl down, get real close, and then kill the dude. Eat his heart and
    retract. Now go down the stairs, put away the Darkness, and enter the gate.
    *NOTE: before you leave, tunr around and look to the garage. One of the doors 
    has a small opening at the bottom. Send in a Creeper and grab another number.*
    Canal Street Station
    Collectables: 34, 19, 3, 88, 39
    Call Jenny
    Check the pager and take the time to scope out the Darkness info. Go forward
    and turn left to find the phone and another collectable. Now call Jenny to
    update your objective. And after you can use the numbers you picked up from
    the collectables; one is quite worth it, another will put you on hold. 
    Move through the station and you'll run into Enzo Scardina down the way. Go
    forward to the Lower East Side station and you'll find another collectable. Use
    the phone nearby to call it. Now go down to the subway station and go around
    the stairs to find another paper. Look near #3 in the tracks and you'll find
    #88. Go down the walkway and listen to Frank Huntzinger, if you like. And you
    can even find Compton Scarr if you want. Use the phone near Scarr (by the other
    stairs) and call the two numbers. Go up the steps and talk with George Hadel.
    You get the equivalent of a side quest. Go down the steps and persuade Scarr
    to rethink himself; good stuff. Now tell George the good news and you get a
    free number, so use it. 
    *NOTE: #19 is behind an intercom near the Lower East Side exit.*
    Now resume your trek to Chinatown up the steps. At the next station stop to
    watch Bum TV. After the report you can actually watch a strange collection of
    shows on Bum TV; funny, watching TV in a video game. Don't waste too much time.
    Move on and talk with Nicky Barruci about Paulie. Move on.
    Collectables: 91, 53, 90, 5, 44
    Find Jenny
    The area on the street is covered with enemies all over the place. Sneak ahead
    and break the glass to grab an outfit. Just pop out with your dark buddies and
    start picking off enemies. Make sure to take out lights so you can use your
    Darkness powers. Once you get 15 hearts you will level up.
    *NOTE: #5 is near a dumpster on Harcourt street.*
    Follow the streetsigns, kill guys, and go to the corner of Lester and Victoria
    to find a paper nearby. Follow George street and enter a small crevice to find
    another number. You can follow Orchid street to find a buzzer on the left of
    the basketball court for a bit of Jenny's voice. Then enter the opening on the
    right of the courts; you'll find another number behind a fence. You'll hear her
    voice and you can round the corner and look up to find her. 
    Enter the door and go up until you find the room numbered 11. Ring the bell and
    go inside Jenny Romano's apartment. Yes, blow out the candles and then talk
    with your girl. Follow her and pick up the note. Now use the phone to call the
    numbers, and then call the Butcher's number. 
    Reach the Butcher's place
    Now go sit down, and then things get weird... I guess you can get up and leave,
    but you may as well stay and watch the events unfold. When she is done doing 
    stuff and almost asleep, then you can get up and leave; after she says she 
    has to pee.
    Down the stairs is a quick message. Come out and you'll see a few guys cross 
    your path. Only two have guns and attack you, so leave the other guy alone.
    Talk with Pete Chen and he rewards you with a number. 
    Move along to the corner of George and take the street where a car will speed
    up to you and spit out two gangsters. Summon a Berseker after to help you kill
    the three guys nearby. Take the alley to the Grove and send a Berserker around
    the corner to help you kill the final two goons. Hop over the rail and enter
    the Olive.
    Lower East Side
    Collectables: 6, 56, 55, 54, 35, 7
    Reach Hunterspoint Alley
    Help Joyce put away the dirt. When you talk to him, don't cut to the chase if
    you want to hear about the situation a bit. Ask about the Chicago families and
    the cops will approach. Go back inside and enter a closet on the left side of 
    the kitchen to find another number. Now go out to the dining area. 
    From how you entered, go to the right and wait in the area near the window. A
    SWAT truck will back into the wall nearby and take out most of the lights for
    you. Just summon your Darkness and wait for them to jump right in front of your
    line of fire. When they are iced, another group enters from the doors at the
    front of the place, so kill all three from the same spot. Now eat all the 
    hearts, collect the ammo, and grab a shotgun! Actually, it's not a good thing. 
    Switch to your handguns (D-pad) and exit the place. There will be another group
    of cops to the right, so just crouch and use the dumpster as cover. Pick up the
    ammo and the hearts. Turn down the left path and go into the corner, not the
    dead-end street, to find another number. The helicopter might show up, maybe
    not, so just hold on for a second. 
    Now head back to the cop cars, and take the pathway through the buildings. Two
    cops should close the gate as you get toward the end. Duck near the dumpster on
    the right and bust the light with a bullet, then pull out your shotgun and the
    Darkness and blast the fools. Then hold the LB and summon a Berserker to open
    the gate. Turn around an find the vent near where the light was. Send a Creeper
    inside the vent and you'll get #55.
    Act like you're going down to the end of the alley, toward the street, and this
    will cause a cop car to speed in. Kill the two cops and if you go toward the 
    street, and if you chopper was guarding #56, it will now move down this new
    road. Don't come out unless you want to get fired at. Go get #56 in the
    first street if you couldn't before. 
    *NOTE: Look in the phonebooth near the police car that sped into the alley for
    Return to the gate in that alley (near 55) and take the other end of the alley.
    Climb up the ladder on the fence and jump on top of the crate to get another
    number. Kill the two police that show up. Hop down and go forward to the open
    spot in the wall, near a fire. Go through and a cruiser will break through the
    gate. Get back to the street and fight the cops from there. Then send a Creeper
    on top of the crates for another number.
    Hunterspoint Alley
    Collectables: 8, 97, 9, 57, 58, 59
    Kill Dutch Oven Harry
    Go through the pool hall, not much interesting, and you'll find Matty Forehand
    near another number outside. Ask him about Harry. Jump over the dumpster and
    go down the stairs to talk with Dmitri Mihailov and tell him what he wants to
    *NOTE: After you talk with Matty, there is a white door with a light above
    it. Shoot the light and send a Creeper through the vent above the door. You
    will find #97 and the Jungle outfit for the Berserker.*
    You can mingle with the goons, and then round the corner and find Roach along 
    with a number on the ground (on the wall too) and some ammo. Talk with Roach,
    but the conversation will turn sour. Just pull out your shotgun after you've
    been ratted out and get the jump on Roach before he tears you up. Shoot out the
    light in the hallway and set up shop. Your handguns might be best for this part
    as the guys will run back and they hide behind cover, but you can get them 
    easily with the handguns. You may even be able to summon a Berserker if you
    Collect all the ammo, hearts, and the new uzi guns. Now return to Roach's room
    and play Roach on the intercom. Another bad guy pops up in the place, so just
    kill him and go outside. There will be a guy at the top of the stairs to greet
    you and then one more up high. At 55 hearts you will gain another Darkness 
    level. Now climb up the ladder and follow it until you can crawl into a room.
    Read the writing on the wall for a cool little story. You can peek into the 
    living room area and spot the two guys talking. Shoot the lights in the hall
    and use the gateway to summon a series of Berserkers to help you clear the 
    Check the kitchen for another number. Now exit through the door. Look to the
    right and grab the paper through the barrier. When you turn the corner to go 
    up the stairs there is one guy waiting for you. There is another at the top 
    with the lights. Shoot out the lights and pull out the shotgun. Open the door
    and blast the guy on the other side. Now pull out the handguns, shoot the 
    lights in your way, and then round the corner and start blasting the guys in
    the room. Shoot out the lights and peek into the big room with the stairs, but
    step back and let the guy up top run dry of bullets. 
    Now go out and shoot the light up high (the guy should be gone) and up the 
    stairs. Open the door and watch the tiny scene. Don't just jump down, fall off
    the left side and you'll be on a metal shading. Wait for the train to go by 
    and then hop down for another number and then get the juicy, evil heart. You 
    can summon Gunners, so do so and stand back to the side as the train approaches
    and the gunner goes to work. Now follow the tracks back to Canal Street. 
    Canal Street Station Revisited
    Call Paulie and Jenny
    It will be dark, so just move forward until you're back in familiar territory.
    Use the nearby phone and call both people who need it. Now call all the numbers
    you've collected. Then step in the train and take a ride. 
    Fulton Street Station
    Collectables: 95, 10, 41, 42
    Meet Jenny
    Find Ingrid Pulanski for another side quest. Her bracelet is to the right of
    where you talk to her, when you step down into the tracks. Quickly hop down and
    grab the thing after the train leaves, it's on the side, and then hop out. Now
    talk with her for another number. 
    You can accept Charlene Warburton's wager, but wait! There is a glitch at 
    this part. You must be looking at her the right way, depending on where she
    will go to drop the coins. If you're in her way and she doesn't move, then you
    MUST immediately restart the area from the checkpoint. Accept her wager and
    then make sure she goes to the tracks; in fact, you should just jump down and 
    follow her wherever she goes. You have like three seconds to grab about four
    coins, just smash the button and then jump back on before the train comes 
    blazin' through. If she doesn't glitch up again and you fail, just ask her
    again, or you will have to reload the area.
    Collectable 95 is in the men's bathroom in the last stall. Another is on the 
    opposite tracks you came from. Nothing up the other set of stairs, so just go
    toward the orphanage and find Jenny. Go to her and Jimmy and watch the TV. Talk
    with Jenny and then with Jimmy. The two will talk to each other after, but you
    are free to leave. Back through the station and up the opposite stairs to reach
    Grinder's Lane. 
    Grinder's Lane Abattoir
    Collectables: 11, 36, 62, 60
    Hit the Stash
    Don't shoot Frank Mortis. Instead, go to him and let him talk. There is 
    nothing else out here, so just go toward left side of the gate. Shoot the 
    lights around it and then blow up the control box through the gates. Use your
    powers and just gun down the two bad guys yourself. 
    Go into the workshop on the side, get the gas, and listen to the radio. Now 
    go through the only open gate to enter the meat lockers. Pass through two 
    more gates and then blast the lights in the small room. Open the gate and there
    will be four enemies waiting. Use your Darkness and just gun fight them to 
    death. Another guy will pop up when you go near the door, so make sure all the
    lights are out before you move along.
    Break as many lights and enter the next room. A guy will run in on the opposite
    side, so be ready. Break the lights and go to the door on the right corner. 
    Kill the three enemies in here (you can use a Gunner) and then summon a 
    Berserker to open the door for you. Eat the hearts, collect ammo, and then 
    burn the dough; if you didn't get the gas from the workshop then you can return
    to the last room and leave through the gate that was stuck at the start. 
    Now go through the small door and through the next to kill two more guys. Go 
    through and turn left; there is nothing on the right. There is a bad guy in 
    the first room that you can stealth kill in the first room, and then a number 
    in the second. Now follow the path and unlock the door to leave back to the
    *NOTE: There IS something to the right. After you've cleared the office space,
    go to the empty room and send a Creeper through the vent on the floor to get
    *NOTE: Go to the entrance of the freezer area, with the two gates. Send a 
    Creeper above the metal shedding for #62.*
    *NOTE: as you leave back to the station, send a Creeper into the long room 
    above the steps to the station. Crawl through one of the windows to get #60.*
    Fulton Street Station Revisited
    Meet with Jimmy
    Use the new numbers on the phone. Now go to the meeting spot and Jimmy is a
    bit beaten up by the wall. He will rise and tell you the surprise twist details
    of what happened. Now through the gate to the orphanage. 
    St. Mary's Orphanage
    Collectables: 12, 100, 99, 98, 61
    Rescue Jenny
    Kill the three goons in front of you before they find you (fast gun play will
    do it). The orphanage is on the right, and there is more down the way. Another
    route to Grinder's Lane is down there, but no reason to go. Just collect the
    uzi ammo in a corner and then come back to St. Mary's.
    *NOTE: Near the same corner as the ammo, send a Creeper under the ramp to 
    get #12.*
    *NOTE: Return to Grinder's Lane from this area and use the Creeper to move 
    some boxes near a dumpster and grab #61.*
    *NOTE: After you watch the scene at the steps of the orphanage, send a Creeper
    directly above the front doors for #98.*
    Watch the creepy little scene at the steps and enter. Go to the left room for
    more creepiness and grab the number in the corner. Now back and through the 
    door on the right. Outside is a quick creep, so follow the ghost to the storage
    room for quite a long 'scene'. 
    Now backtrack and take the steps for another ghost scene. Go forward, and after
    a quick show of power from the Darkness, there is another ghost scene in the 
    big room. 
    *NOTE: After the scene up the steps, go out to the bombed out area and hop 
    along the surfaces to a bathroom for #99.*
    Go through the door, then another, and then just watch.
    CHAPTER 2 ( 555WARS )
    World War 1 Trenches
    Collectables: 14, 13, 63, 38
    Trenches - Find out what the heck is going on
    After the ... strange scene ... go to the left, pick up the new guns, and then
    come back and ice the bad dude. Now collect the evil heart and you get your 
    second Darkness power. The Demon Arm allows you to poke things, mainly you can
    now poke out lights. Just switch to the new power by pressing Up on the D-pad
    and round the corner. Poke out the light and then move the debris with the 
    *NOTE: The Demon Arm makes a good weapon to kill guys.*
    A bad guy will pop out from the left as the clutter is moved, and his little 
    hideout holds some ammo. Then there is another enemy on the right as you move
    on. Use his binoculars to spot the statue and the blinking thing below it. 
    *NOTE: Send a Creeper directly up the trench behind the binoculars. In the 
    ruined building is a letter.*
    Keep moving, and those are planes shooting at you so just keep the Darkness on
    the whole time, and then eat the heart of a dead guy to summon the Kamikaze 
    minion. He will clear a small path for you to crawl through. Turn and you will
    see two enemies patrolling outside. So get close and summon another Kamikaze
    to take both out. Collect the hearts and guns and move on. There is a guy 
    around the corner as his buddy is bombed out, so be ready. Two more that guard
    the exit to the field (use the Demon Arm to kill them, works well).
    *NOTE: Turn left as you leave the trench area. You'll see a bunker across a 
    canyon, but check the ruined structure for a wooden door on the ground. Shoot
    it and crawl down for #13. Lots of ammo down here too.*
    Turn to the right and start killing the soldiers on your way to the statue, but
    be sure to kill them and eat their hearts or else they will just keep coming
    back to life; use gunners where applicable. When you reach the statue thing,
    go up the hill for a paper, and make sure your Darkness is on so that they take
    the damage from the thing. Back down the hill and take the walkway on the right
    where you'll be met by two more soldiers at the end (you can use the Demon Arm
    to toss them off the edges, fun).
    Follow the path, kill soldiers, and you'll end up at a bunker. Kill the one 
    guy inside the turret placement, and then scoot around his position to arrive
    at a tree and a summon point. Summon a Kamikaze and then go back around to see
    the open door. Go through and kill the two enemies inside. There are plenty of
    spots to catch ammo. 
    Now line up in front of the door and switch your power back to the creeper. 
    Climb up the wall and through the opening to unlock the door. Kill the 
    patrolling enemy and then another down the right path. Summon a Gunner at the
    portal so he can open the path by destroying the box of ammo. Now cross the 
    *NOTE: From the hole in the bunker, come out and go to the left side 
    of the bunker. If you stand on the cliff and look back to the outside of the
    bunker you should see a letter. Send a Creeper to grab #38.*
    Yeah, jump down and talk with the Allies; yes, they are not right. You can 
    visit the lads in this trench and get a feel for the whackiness; if you vist 
    the poetic guy and then keep moving, something might happen in suicide corner.
    And then down the hatch. 
    The Village
    Collectables: 15, 66, 16, 65
    Find the American
    Proceed and grab the letter on the floor near the singer. Keep moving and up
    the ladder. Turn around the corner and find another letter. There is a camp 
    of men with a cache of guns. Listen to a crazy man, if you can stand the 
    madness, and then find another letter nearby. Crawl into the space before the
    bridge to find another letter and then climb back up. Cross the slanted bridge
    for a interesting image. Now go back to the crazy man and keep going to enter
    the church. 
    You'll meet Anthony Estacado, your great grandfather. Talk with him about what
    the heck is going on. Now back out and take the first bridge that is now open.
    The Hills
    Collectables: 80, 87, 79
    Find the man on the cross
    *NOTE: #87 is above the bell, only reached by a Creeper.*
    Move through the sewers and past the poor souls on the floor. Use your arm to
    move the bell blocking your path. Now go make your way outside. Follow the path
    with the lights on either side. Not much advice other than to make sure you
    put your Darkness back on each time it lightnings, and all the guys that revive
    will not lead to happy images for you (so kill them quickly). At 110 hearts you
    will gain a Darkness level. 
    *NOTE: As you head to the cross, you might want to eat the hearts of the bodies
    that are already on the ground.*
    You will, after becoming seriously freaked up, you will reach a trench. You can
    find letter 80 on the left. Now go up the hill and have a nice cup-of-tea chat
    with The Crucified. After you got the guns, turn tail and run back the way you
    came. Only a few new enemies, but you can just keep running all the way back to
    the village. Just use the left gun from afar to kill all the zombies without 
    eating their hearts.
    *NOTE: As you head back from the cross, you will find a path in the ground that
    leads to a house on the left. #79 is in the fireplace.*
    The Village Revisited
    Collectables: 28
    Talk with Tony about the next move
    Get back to Tony who is in a new spot. Talk with him and then ask about the
    zombies, then the next topic. The guards will open a path for you to take, so
    just hop down. Right after you crawl through the hole, there is #28.
    The Sewers
    Collectables: 17, 67
    Get through the sewers
    Follow the path and you will arrive at a big room with three enemies inside.
    Kill them, knock out the lights, and collect the hearts. The door is jammed 
    with water, so you must take the stairs up. Three guys in the room at the top.
    *NOTE: At the top of the long stairs, turn right and send a Creeper over the 
    railing for #17.*
    Keep to the path and head into the room on the right. Eat the dead guy's heart
    to gain the final Darkling summon. Bring out the Light Killer and move to
    the big machine on the side. He will bust the lights (hopefully) and you can
    turn the valve to lower the water level. Now return to the middle room.
    Enter the other room and bring a Light Killer with you. Turn the valve and the
    path below will be open. Return to the big room and turn the valve that will
    open the way. Enter the left chamber for a letter. Move forward, and only three
    enemies are in your way of the exit. 
    German Bunker
    Collectables: 18, 27, 68, 26
    Find the cannon
    Bust the lights as you move through the doors. Four enemies await your arrival
    in the big room. Use the Darkness guns to kill them and then summon a Light
    Killer. Move up the steps and kill the two guys at the top. A collectable is 
    in the corner, near the portal. 
    *NOTE: Upon leaving, it was clear that another letter was waiting in the corner
    of the gate. It's on the tracks connected to the cannon that lead to the gate.*
    Go outside and yes, you have found the cannon! Move to the back of the thing,
    which will take a while, and kill the soldiers you find. Pop the light and up
    the ladder. Open the door and use your Darkness Guns to pop the lights inside
    the cannon room and kill all the Germans; you can stay outside for the most
    *NOTE: #68 is under the walkway in the room with the red star on the wall.*
    Head up the steps after everyone is dead, or their hearts are eaten. Follow the
    walkway o the exterior of the cannon. Keep going until you find the hatch to
    the controls. Yikes! I think he needs a break! Use the controls, against the 
    wishes of the one who obviously needs some worker's comp. Scene.
    *NOTE: Before you go down the hatch into the control room, turn around and 
    start heading to the cannon, the actual cannon. Send a Creeper up the right
    side to find #26 on the hinge.*
    CHAPTER 3 ( 555BACK )
    The Real World
    Collectables: 4, 40
    Go see Aunt Sarah
    You're back in the Canal Street Station. Talk to Jimmy and grab the new 
    objective. Talk to Jimmy again to gain an additional quest about a snitch.
    You can find a Terence Willis in need of help near the East side stairs. Accept
    his proposal and save it for later.
    Find a Lucas Hellinger nearby for another seedy proposal. You can play all you
    want, but you'll never win, so don't bother for now.
    George Hadel has the same old story, so help him out yet again and add his 
    request to the queue.
    Near the other stairs is a Dana Cutrone who needs your help. After you have 
    collected the other side quests, take the quick detour to Chinatown. No mob
    hitmen waiting this time. Just go forward into the alley and take the first 
    door on the right. Knock on the door here and don't ask nicely for the keys,
    ask for the keys. Take them and enter the room to collect a number and a new
    outfit for your Darklings. 
    From here, go back to the main road and head back to the station, but stop by
    one of the blue mailboxes to drop off the letters. Report back to Dana with
    the good news. Now you can dial your new numbers. 
    Head up the Lower East Side stairs for an interesting encounter, and then up
    to the Side.
    New Faces in Old Places
    Collectables: 54, 47, 46, 45, 20, 43
    Meet Aunt Sarah
    Yes, you've been here before, there just aren't any cop cars flying in at you
    everytime you take a step. Follow the path through the alley and climb the 
    ladder on the fence at the end. Jump down from the walkway up here and collect
    another number. Now jump down. 
    Pop the street lights at the corner and look down the street. There is Scarr
    and his boys down the road, and then Willis' guys in front of the Whitefish.
    Use the handguns to take out Scarr and his guys from afar, then go collect the
    harmonica and hearts. Now turn around and handle the group of punks. And after
    everyone is waxed you will have two objectives completed.
    You can return to Canal Station before you go to the row of houses in the 
    corner. Terence reveals the secret to the cups game. So return to Lucas and 
    use the 'distract him' option. Now dial the four new numbers. 
    Be sure to talk with Jimmy to learn about Pete 'Pajamas'. Go to Fulton and then
    head to Grinder's Lane. Take the building next to the yellow cab and use your
    Demon Arm to smash lights, hopefully not alerting the guards. Summon a Kamikaze
    at the gateway and send him into the hallway to kill the guards. Summon one
    more, unlock the door, and then send the minion inside to clear the room. Clean
    up any survivors, grab another outfit on the wall, and make sure you grab the 
    list from Pete's body. Return to the station.
    In the Fulton Station, talk with Mitch Deval and Vinny Mortarello.
    Now return to the Grape. Oh well, too bad, no reward. 
    Okay, after all that mess, NOW return to the Lower East Side. When you get 
    there, go up the steps and turn right and go to the small neighborhood. If you
    talked with Vinny you will notice the guy in red hanging around outside. Get
    close to him and listen to his bad manners; makes killing him all the easier.
    Wait for him to turn his back and then perform a stealth kill. 
    Now go to the house with the windows and ring the bell. Go into the bedroom 
    ahead for collectable 20. Talk with Sarah about whatever and you'll be given
    the task of going to Gun Hill.
    Head back into the station, but on your way you will see a car rush in and a 
    gang of goons will hop out. Don't let them get settled and just start shooting
    away; you don't have to use the Darkness if you are fast enough. Collect the 
    loot and head down. You can use the number if you wish. Then hop on the train.
    Vinny's Side Quest
    Now might be a good time to tackle Vinny's request. Head for Grinder's Lane.
    Go scope out the cops hanging around the gate. The one with the camera is your
    target. Shoot out one of the lights so you can use your powers and just send
    a hail of bullets their way. Return to Vinny.
    Use the train to return to Canal station. Go ahead and take up the
    Lower East Side hit. Go up the steps, turn around, and you will see the gang
    near a car. Slaughter them.
    Return to Vinny if you wish and then head to Chinatown. You'll find the dude
    in the alley on the corner of Plum and Orchid, so dispatch him as you wish. 
    Return to Vinny. Now you're sent to Gun Hill.
    Take the corridor behind Vinny and head to the Hill. Go toward the end and turn
    on the Creeper power. Look up and enter the open window. There is another 
    Darkling outfit up here. Position yourself behind and on the right side of guy
    in the chair (don't worry about the light), just get into position so you
    can kill him. Take the heart and retract. Now back to Vinny. At long last, you
    finally get the number!
    *NOTE: You can wait to return to Vinny, if you want to fight Shrote while you
    are here, but it will take a while.*
    Before you take off to Gun Hill, make sure you fit this detour into your
    Pier 19
    Collectables: 92, 37, 85, 93
    Grab four collectables
    The first one is down the alley to the right as you enter. 
    #37 is in a garage that is slightly open by the water. Send in a Creeper to 
    open the door. Clear the clutter and grab the number.
    #85 rests under a kid sitting by the over the water. Kick him off, for more 
    than a laugh.
    #93 is under some crates near the crane.
    *NOTE: 85 and 93 should be done during Chapter 3, because you don't get 
    another chance.*
    Gun Hill
    Collectables: 69, 21, 71, 70
    Find Shrote
    *NOTE: Just as you enter the outside, send a Creeper above the shack with the 
    trash cans for #69.*
    Just go all the way down the left path and enter the door to find Abe Hunter. 
    Take the key and enter the elevator to use it. Enter the first door and Shrote
    will make his escape. Slip to the left and enter the room to find some ammo 
    near another number. Keep moving and you will keep following Shrote. Eventually
    you will find a big room where you find a new gun, the Assault Rifle. There is
    also a lot more ammo in the room. Move along and you will see him run through a
    door that locks. Quickly break the lights around and watch as the copter gets
    close. Make sure your Darkness is on as the thing begins to fire. After you 
    pop your head through the window twice, the chopper will fire a missile, and 
    you should back into the hallway.
    Now you have an exit and the chopper should fly away. Climb the ladder down and
    don't take out the light. Jump on top of the units and make sure you stay up
    here. Follow them around the edge until you find another number. Hop down to
    the area below and follow the ledge (you should be able to look down and see
    that bald guy when you first entered the area below) and then hop onto another
    unit and follow the venting. Just hop along the vents and hop up where needed
    until you arrive at another rooftop. Smash the light and then use your Darkness
    as a shield as you gun down the three cops. 
    Go toward the door and jump onto the vent and then into the room to collect 
    your loot. Follow the path and you'll enter a small room that looks into the 
    office space of the police. Sadly, you must kill all the cops. Start by taking
    out the lights, then gunplay, summon a Light Killer if you want, and then 
    collect all the rewards; there is a bunch of ammo in the corner. 
    Take the door on the opposite side and follow the path to the roof. Don't let
    the chopper get airborne. Run around the corner to the right and grab another 
    number. Then go back to the door, but instead, run forward through the opening
    in the fence and watch the short scene. Now you're free to leave.
    Fulton Street Station Again
    Collectables: 96
    Find the key
    In the station, you can give Vinny the word to finish your objective for him
    if you didn't come back. Then use the phone and call the numbers, then call
    Pretty simple, just enter the men's bathroom and break open the closed stall
    to find the key. Now come out and take the path to the left of the stairs, next
    to Mitch. Follow the dark path all the way to City Hall.
    *NOTE: #96 is found in the dark tunnel with the tracks, right before you go
    into City Hall. Turn around and enter the dark (can't use your power). You're 
    basically following the tracks that the train would take, and it's blinking in 
    the dark, and no, the train is not coming.*
    City Hall
    Collectables: 22, 72, 81, 73
    Reach the baths
    *NOTE: At 180 hearts you go to your last Darkness level. Not much reason to
    stress over hearts, unless you want a 300 achievement on the 360.*
    Follow the tunnel all the way to a deserted train car and enter it for a 
    number and an outfit. Move up the steps to talk with Emerson Darke and ask 
    about this place. Head down the path and you will get an update for the Deval
    Move along and you will literally be bum-rushed. Summon a Kamikaze at the 
    gateway and he should kill the bums before they rush you. Move to the next 
    gateway and summon another Kamikaze and send him ahead you to kill two more
    bums. Proceed to another portal and summon one more bomber to kill one last
    Open the door and go down; watch out for the brick trap on the bottom step. 
    Another number is in the corner. Bust the lights and be sure to Demon Arm the
    wire up ahead to disable the fire trap. Proceed and don't step into the water
    with the electricity touching it (a life lesson that you've hopefully already
    learned before). Switch to the Creeper power and snake your way to the wall 
    where the wire is coming from and cut it. Now retract and keep going. 
    Now cut the wire and move down the steps where you will have to touch these 
    wires and activate the gas trap behind you. Use the Demon Arm to bust the light
    and hit the vent above the door. Then run into the wire yourself and come back
    out and hide in the corner. Send your Creeper through the vent and unlock the 
    door. Enter.
    Deval has gone crazy and has locked himself behind the gate, and behind a 
    bulletproof shield. Go to one side and start breaking the chains on the gates.
    This will cause him to freak out and get up and start shooting you. So just 
    gun him down. Now move to the gate on the right and open it. Move the box 
    nearby and use it to jump up. Claim the evil heart and you will have the Black
    Hole power.
    Grab the number in the corner and then move on. Use the Black Hole on the 
    locked gate to lift it open so that you can crawl under. Two more guys down the
    path. Hop down and go left all the way to the baths. 
    *NOTE: Before you hop down to the ground, follow the railing to the corner and
    look to the left to see the blinking number. Now jump down and send a Creeper
    to nab it.*
    Turkish Baths
    Collectables: 74, 75, 24, 82, 25
    Find the briefcase
    Follow the path and then use your Black Hole to completely clear the debris in
    your way. Summon a Light Killer at the portal and take the left path to find a
    number. Now come back to the portal and take the other route where you will
    have to use your Arm to break a wall.
    *NOTE: There is actually an AK-47 in the stairs, I just missed it the first
    You will emerge in a bathroom and you will see a few guys across the way. Try
    to bust the light nearby and then start fighting the four guys in here; two 
    on bottom, two on top (try a few Black Holes). 
    *NOTE: #75 is on a platform in the corner of the bath; use a Creeper.*
    Move down the hall, busting lights, and there are two more bent cops in the 
    next room. Another will appear on the stairs, and he holds a new gun, the 
    AK-47. Bust the lights and assume his position to take out the guys further up
    the steps. Again, Black Holes are your friend.
    Cross the small wooden bridge by setting your red dot on it and move forward as
    the dot keeps you level. Enter the hall and summon a Light Killer. Then move 
    so that you can look into the next room, and then a bunch of guys will come 
    after you; maybe the Light Killer will act as a decoy for you (send him in 
    first). At 180 hearts you will gain another Darkness level. 
    Go forward and another enemy will be waiting around the corner. Get your Black
    Hole ready, open the door, and use it to take out the bad guys guarding the 
    case. You will also find the last new gun, the Riot Shotgun. Make
    sure to loot the place of all the ammo and then send a Creeper over the fence
    to grab another number. Now grab the briefcase.
    Come out and go down the path to the left for another number. Backtrack past
    the old ghost and then go down the path with the blinking light. Grab another
    number in the sauna. 
    Backtrack to the gateway and summon a Gunner, just in case. Send him to the 
    railing and then step out for the SWAT guys to start falling. Now, send a 
    Black Hole toward the sunroof to not only kill the bad guys with you, but you
    will also down the chopper outside (some funny dialogue, and an achievement on
    the 360). Now send another vortex to the fire below to kill the dude down 
    there. Then drop down to the floor from up here, bypassing the other 
    room and more enemies. Use a Black Hole on the guy hiding behind a riot shield
    in the doorway.
    In the long corridor there are two guys hiding behind riot shields. Just hug
    a crevice in the wall and summon a Black Hole to open the path. Return to the
    debris, have a Black Hole ready, jump over, and use it. Claim the hearts and
    return to the tunnels. 
    City Hall Revisited
    Collectables: 23, 30
    Return the briefcase to Joyce
    Follow the path around and your old friend Emerson will open the door for you
    and give you some advice. Go through and follow part of an old path where you
    will hear the voices of the police. Move along and enter a bathroom on the 
    left for another number. Summon a Gunner at the gateway and maybe he will start
    shooting enemies, but just send him inside the room so he can shoot something.
    You poke in and send Black Holes in the directions of the enemies. Make sure
    to hide in the archway and shoot the lights; summon more Gunners too. 
    Collect hearts and ammo. Come around the barricade when the place is clear and 
    watch the door by the second lamp. It will open when you get near and a cop
    will come through. Summon either Gunners or Kamikazes, or just use a Black 
    *NOTE: #30 is in the walkway where the SWAT guys stood.*
    Now down this old bum path, summon a Kamikaze, send him to he end, go to the
    gateway, summon another, and send him back to where you first found Emerson.
    Now bring another one (that makes three Kamikazes) and send him down into the
    train tunnel to clear it. 
    Back in near the abandoned train car, summon a Gunner and send him down the 
    path. Use a Black Hole on the lone SWAT guy, and then hide from the far away
    guns on the tracks. There is quite the blockade down the way. It might be 
    best to just to poke your head into the open and use the handguns to pick off
    each one, because for some reason the Black Hole didn't work all the time. But
    if you can pull it off, the vortex will do best.
    Back to Base
    Collectables: 48
    Return the case to the Butcher
    Help Mitch as soon as you return. Now use all the numbers you've collected. 
    Now go into the bathroom to meet with Joyce. Do the deed and then use the phone
    Spend #'s and then go back to Canal Station and then to the cemetery. Go past
    the ghost and enter the yard. Visit Jenny's grave in the corner and then enter
    the church after you have the revelation. 
    Trinity Church
    Spring the trap
    Go through the doors to enter the sermon hall. Shrote is behind you, but just
    do as he says. Hide behind a pillar and turn on the Darkness when the lights
    go out. Whip out your machine guns and kill the guys on the ground first. Then
    summon a Gunner to help you as you take out the SWAT up high. Just switch sides
    and move around until all are dead and your weakness exposed. Use Black Holes
    as needed.
    Watch the gruesome events and eventually you will have some options. You will
    assume that it is as if you have your Demon Arm on the whole time. So go 
    through four of the options and then let the arm go as you look at the case.
    CHAPTER 4 ( 555RIDE )
    Return to the Darkness
    Collectables: 76, 78, 64
    *NOTE: Remember to use the Darkness Guns on the Germans, and don't use any
    Black Holes.*
    Find Anthony
    *NOTE: Send a Creeper under the walkway on the ground for #76.*
    Ah, good to see your old friend is still employed. Press the button to update
    the objective. Open the hatch and go up. Follow the walkway and climb down to
    the ground. Listen to the corpse and then head to the area behind the cannon.
    Fight the 8 or so guys on your way to the structure; Gunners help, and just
    shoot the red lights because they are hard to Demon Arm. 
    Go down the ladder and fing a letter in the pipe looking out. Take the other
    pipe to return to the Village. 
    Another letter along the way. The bars will just fall when you touch them. So
    follow the water back to the Brits. Ask Frances Fox about Anthony. Now take
    the path back to the short sewers that lead to the Trenches. Along the way 
    you'll meet a Charlie Hazelgrove. The name may sound familiar to that of 
    someone in New York. Save the quest for later and keep moving. 
    The Tank Ride
    Collectables: 83
    Man the turret
    Jump onboard. Shoot the plane if you can. There are two soldiers on the ground,
    then a tank, and then more planes (six planes is an achievement on the 360). 
    As you go up a bridge there are more planes, soldiers, and then a turret in
    a building. Two tanks down one path, and then you'll take the other where there
    are two soldiers at the top of a curve in the road. Watch for another tank and
    some planes on the right side as you cross the bridge. 
    Now you'll cross a narrow bridge all the way to an intimidating enemy bunker.
    Shoot the two guys in the placements. Not much you can do after the brakes go
    out other than aim where the bullets are coming from. You'll crash down into
    another path and there will be a break in the action, but watch for the tanks
    on the right side. 
    Then you will arrive at another large structure and then you will crash. Watch
    the scene and then you will be picked up by a Shlogg. As soon as the thing has
    you in it's grasp you must fire at its head and never stop. When it moves you
    around you will have to quickly move the turret fire back onto the thing. It
    will not take long before 'fight' is over. 
    Now go see Anthony. Go back to the side of the Shlogg and enter the room for 
    another paper. Take the path near the hole in the ground and go through the 
    door. There is another door near this one in the hall. Now just follow the 
    lonely path to enter the castle.
    The Castle
    Collectables: 31, 77, 32, 33
    Find the shell
    Bust all the lights and enter the shell cart room. Bust all the lights and kill
    the Germans. Go up the walkway and collect a letter. Pull the lever and return
    to the cart to start the engine. 
    *NOTE: #77 is at the start of the bridge, on the left light.*
    Another ride, but this one is back to the cannon. One plane and then try your
    best to get the Germans around the cannon. When you stop, shoot the two in 
    front of you and then drop to the right side and summon a Gunner to help you
    out. Kill all the enemies. Now is a good time to grab a letter underneath the
    platform with the shell cart, if you didn't get it the first time.
    Go up to the control room and fire the shell. Say goodbye to Stubs and cross 
    the long bridge on your way to the castle. There is a letter at the very end
    of the thing, behind one of the last glowing dots. When you're inside, look to
    the left of the descending stairs for another letter. Then take the stairs.
    Castle Hall
    Collectables: 84
    Take control of the Darkness
    Go forward and grab the letter behind the first gate, ahead of you. Go to 
    each station and extract your darkness at each machine. Cough up your guns
    before you step onto your last machine.
    This is NOT a fight. Just put your guns away and move up to the Dark you. Then
    do it again and the story will move along. However, if you give up the guns 
    last (or perhaps it was just a glitch I ran into the first time) then will not
    be able to just touch him two times; though, I believe that works if you can
    still pull it off.
    If he keeps pushing you away when you get close, just back off as far as you
    can. Kill the Darklings at his side and then pull away when he summons a 
    vortex. If you survive, then just go up and touch him.
    CHAPTER 5 ( 555LAST )
    Back in New York City
    Collectables: 49, 50, 52, 51
    Find the Butcher
    Return to Fulton, find Vinny, and learn of your next move. 
    Rosie is sitting on the bench nearby, so fulfill the request. Use this number
    on the phone. 
    You will find a 'Little Petey' Terrone down here that also has a request. 
    Return to Canal and turn to the left for a ghost. You can hear it from a 
    Dorothy Paine if you like. You'll find Mickey Famiano near a vending machine.
    Use the number. 
    Stop by the Chinatown exit and meet an Alfred Blackmoore for a counter-
    productive side quest. Take a detour in Chinatown and revisit Dana's place. 
    Talk with her and take the keys, then report back to Fred.
    Stop by Enzo Scardina at the cemetery exit for another objective. Pick up
    the briefcase and head to Fulton. You'll find "Noses" near the Gun Hill door.
    Just make the swap and head back for Enzo. 
    Now to Lower East Side.
    Use the radio
    Send off the letters in the mailbox nearby. Go meet your aunt and Joyce. Ask
    both of them for info and you're sent to Grinder's Lane. There is a trio of
    goons to kill outside the gates, but you can't get in through the gates. Take
    the door in the corner. Summon a couple of Kamikazes to clear your path down
    this hall. Make it to the meat locker and summon a series of Kamikazes to clear
    the room of the guys that come in. Collect the ammo in the small room and be
    sure to get the hearts. Now use the door in here to quickly reach the workshop
    and use the radio. 
    Now come out and have a Black Hole ready for the car of goons that rushes in.
    Make your way back to the station after you get the page. Use the phone to 
    contact Butcher. Get on the train and return to the Lower East Side. Head down
    the street and follow it to the tunnel; you might run into a thief along
    the way. 
    Pier 19
    Collectables: 86, 94
    Kill the boat captain
    Turn to the right and Black Hole the two chatters, then kill the guy by the 
    car. Try to hit the thug on the bridge above if you can. 
    *NOTE: If you joined this guide after Chapter 3, then there are four other
    numbers in this area, but you can't get two of them anymore. You just need to
    finish the game and reload Chapter 3. Just go to Pier 19 to get the last two
    you will need, if those are the only two you need.*
    Go toward the walkway onto the boat and take out the street light nearby as 
    an enemy appears on the boat. There will be another to fire on you, and then
    make sure you pop as many lights as you can see before you get onboard. Open 
    the door and use a Black Hole to try and clear the room, then back out, regain
    your power, and then go in to clear the place. 
    Descend down the stairs and get a Light Killer from the portal. Send him into
    the next room (it will look a bit glitchy) and then send in a Kamikaze to 
    finish off the bad guys. Go down and through two crate tunnels and then use
    the Creeper to find a number above the second open crate. Now come back and a
    lone enemy awaits at the ladder.
    Get up and summon a Gunner to accompany you up the stairs. Now go back to the
    outside and come around. After the save icon a bad guy should come from the 
    stairs on the right. Shoot out the lights and go in. Follow the path and use
    a Black Hole on the enemies at the stairs. Another one will meet you when you
    turn around the corner. Use the gateway to summon some Kamikazes. Send them
    through the door on the same level and kill the guys in here. 
    Summon a Gunner and go up the stairs. There will be a three guys past the 
    obstacle, so just send a few Black Holes there way to clear the path. Down the
    steps and around the corner is the control room. Just open the door and send in
    a Black Hole to clear the objective. 
    Come outside and make your way back to the start of the ship. Go to the front,
    kill a guy, and collect another number. Now get off the boat and head back. 
    There is a car behind all the crates in the street, but the guys are already
    scattered. Just keep your Darkness on and go about killing the guys with your 
    guns. Get to the portal that is behind a corner and use it to summon as many
    Gunners as needed. Poke your head out from the corner as the Gunner gets into
    position and help him clear the road. When the coast is a bit clearer you can
    run up and use a Black Hole to clear it completely, or enough to finish off the
    rest with ease. Then run back to the Side.
    The Siege
    Save Aunt Sarah
    This place is not safe. Be sure to shoot out the lights as you move down the 
    street on the left. Yes, the spot where you were ambushed by cops and held up
    by a crook, that same alley corner is a trap. Just use a Black Hole to clear 
    the goons. Now get to the corner of the street and two more thugs will be 
    waiting. Keep shooting lights as you move. When you get near the home, watch 
    out for the bad guy in the alley on the right, and try to use another Black 
    Hole on the group in front of the house. Go inside where you'll find the whole
    gang and a few new faces.
    Defend each room, living and kitchen, and look out each window. It's just a 
    matter of peeking out, shooting, and then ducking back when you get hit. 
    Eventually a car will rush in a your guns are put away. Meet with Butcher and
    accept the proposal of Jimmy. 
    Now leave and take a quick detour in the station. Just call the last of your
    numbers. Then return to the pier. Avoid the cops in the area and turn left at
    the crates to find the boat. Get onto the boat and tell Mario you're ready
    to leave.
    Kill Paulie
    Daytime, not good. Go forward and up the steps are a few goons. Kill them and
    look to the sky. Hmm. Anyway, it will be safe to use your Darkness as you 
    proceed up the steps. Eventually there will be complete darkness for you. Use
    the portals to summon Gunners. Use your rifles as you get close to the mansion.
    It may be tricky to hit the guys up above you, but a few Black Holes will clear
    them out. After 300 hearts (at least on the 360) you can stop eating them if 
    you please. 
    You'll round a corner and see a bunch of dudes, so a Black Hole is in order.
    You will notice that you can summon groups of Darklings to command. Get ready
    when you're about to enter the front yard of the mansion. When you get close 
    enough, the spotlights will come on and endless streams on baddies will flow
    toward you. Just shoot out the lights, use the automatic Darklings, and quickly
    clear a path to the mansion doors. 
    Now will begin a series of scenes for you to both watch and interact with. You
    will mainly do watching, but occasionally you can shoot and use the powers. For
    the most part, this sequence is just a big cutscene, so enjoy, or not. Then 
    you will be back in control of a much more powerful Darkness. You can use 
    continuous Black Holes, so make your way down and through the hall. Cut a path
    to the big room directly behind the room you came from. Scene.
    After the horrible scene, return to the first room, where you started, and go
    up the stairs and through the doors. Follow the path to the lighthouse and 
    chase Paulie up the the stairs. Climb the last ladder and then follow the path
    to a door. Open it and shoot the coward. What follows is a scene where you can
    watch Paulie cower for a while, but don't let him pull the gun on you, kill him
    quick. Scene. Credits. Game Over.
    Congrats! Good game. Hope there's a sequel.
    * 5. Side Quests ( SIDE555 )                                                  *
    Yeah, it's an RPG game term. But they are the same thing in this game.
    Always find the people and get the mission. Return to them to collect more 
    numbers that lead to extra content; sometimes nothing.
    Chapter 1
    George Hadel - the first time you meet him he will ask you to handle a thug
    named Compton Scarr, who is down the steps. 
    Pete Chen - save him after you leave Jenny's apartment. 
    Ingrid Pulanski - jump down to the tracks and grab the bracelet from under the
    concrete near her.
    Charlene Warburton - jump down to the tracks and grab the coins before you
    are squashed. (yes, this quest glitches up a lot, good luck)
    Chapter 3
    George Hadel - The second time you must kill Scarr in the Lower East Side.
    Vinny Moratarello - you are asked to become a hitman once more. The first hit
    is in front of Aunt Sarah's house. The next is a cop in Grinder's Lane. Then
    return to the Lower East Side and kill the guys by the car. Then go to 
    Chinatown and kill the seedy character in the alley way near the entrance. The
    final one is hiding in a room on the second level in Gun Hill, near the door 
    leading to Shrote's elevator.
    Terence Willis - return to the Whitefish entrance and kill the rowdy crowd 
    Lucas Hellinger - after you finished Willis' request, go to the cups game and
    select the new option.
    Mitch Deval - almost part of the main game. Just follow the path before you and
    you cannot miss his crazy brother. Then tell him when you return.
    Dana Cutrone - she asks you to get her key in Chinatown. Go there and enter
    the only open building on the right side of Jenny's place. Knock and get the
    key. Return it to Dana.
    Jimmy the Grape - apartment 216 is in the building on the left as you enter
    Grinder's Lane. Kill all the cops and ice Pete in the kitchen. Take his list
    and return to Jimmy. (no reward)
    Chapter 5
    Charlie Hazelgrove - a side quest from the other world. You'll meet him in 
    your return trip and he asks you to give a trinket to his wife in New York. 
    Rosie is the character that has been sleeping the whole game. Wake her and 
    tell her the good news (awkward scene follows).
    'Little Petey' - take the letter to a Mickey Famiano in the Canal Station, near
    a vending machine.
    Alfred Blackmoore - undo the work you did for Dana Cutrone earlier.
    Enzo Scardina - near the cemetery area this guy asks you to find Mr. Tieri in
    the Fulton Station. He is near an info booth, so make the swap there.
    Frank Rottenburg - the bum in the cemetery bathroom. Use the Creeper to get 
    his medicine. No reward, so it's up to you.
    Keeper of Secrets
    A fun little 'hidden' quest, and an achievement on the 360. You can find random
    numbers throughout the game. Which ones carry-over and are saved is a mystery,
    because I could have sworn that I found 16 much sooner. Oh well, here are the
    ones that I know will work, and a few extras just in case. And it's probably
    best to use these in the same game to avoid confusion.
    555 9898
    555 9132
    555 7892
    555 4565
    555 1847
    555 1206
    555 3243
    555 6667
    555 7934
    555 3840
    555 3947
    555 1233
    555 8024
    555 6322
    555 6893
    555 2402
    555 6118
    555 4565
    555 4569
    555 9985
    555 1037
    555 6325
    * 6. Enemies ( BADD666 )                                                      *
    Hmm, not sure why I have this section. The enemies aren't exactly 'deep' as 
    in most games. Oh well.
    Mobsters - oh my gosh! I've found their weakness! It's the head! They're 
    powerless without their heads! (Scary Movie 3) No but seriously, make sure they
    are actually dead. If you can't eat their hearts, that means they are still
    alive on the floor, struggling to get up, which they will if you let them.
    Germans - tougher than normal enemies. Hearts must be eaten in order to keep
    down, or they will get up.
    Crazed Bums - don't let them shank ya! Watch for the traps in their area.
    SWAT - Yes, the strongest enemy you'll face. Kill them quickly before they set
    up any plans. The ones behind riot shields require Black Holes.
    Tanks - no, they aren't that tough. Just use the turret on your tank. They are
    more like tin cans on wheels than anything.
    Planes - not really a threat. Again, use the turret. (be sure to get 6 if you
    got the 360 version)
    Shlogg - As close to a boss as you get, and it's debatable as to whether it
    is actually a fight. Only fought one time, in the castle, and the only enemy
    that is not a humanoid.
    Dark Jackie - You have to touch him. If you can do it from his left side as 
    soon as the battle starts, then this encounter is short. Otherwise, just hang
    back, shoot the Darklings, resist the Black Hole, and then go touch him. This 
    is NOT a fight.
    * 7. Darkness Powers ( DARK777 )                                              *
    All of these turn on when you activate your Darkness. You only start with the
    Creeper, Berserker, and Shield, so you have to collect the rest along the way.
    Shield - When you summon the Darkness it will automatically protect you from
    incoming bullets, but only to a point. This creates the main theme for you to
    play by: shoot the lights. With all the lights off you can always have your 
    shield on. Of course, if you don't know where the enemies are, then you will 
    be shooting lights the whole game for no reason.
    Creeper - You focus all your dark energy to form an extension. This small 
    'snake' creature can go anywhere and fetch you stuff, and even kill people, but
    it has to be in complete darkness or it will come back. The thing runs on 
    Darkness energy, so you kinda have a time limit. Retract when you're done.
    Demon Arm - A gained ability that lets you use the Darkness as a weapon. You
    can use it to stab people, move objects, and poke out lights.
    Darkness Guns - Ancient guns that are powered through your Darkness energy.
    The left one is a shock blast, and the right one is a quick shot. Not really
    worth it if you have handguns, but solid choices if you're out of ammo. Good to
    use while in the dark realm. Best to use on the Germans, no use elsewhere.
    Black Hole - The final power you unlock. Perhaps the only one needed for 
    combat. Creates a vortex that pulls in enemies and drains life. The more 
    Darkness energy, the stronger the vortex. Will consume a all of your energy for
    a short time, and then you can turn it back on. Best used when enemies are 
    close together. Do not use when enemies are spread out, or you will be without
    your shield. Not a wise choice on the Germans.
    Darklings - Summoned at the holes in the ground with the tentacles. You start
    with the Berserker.
    	Berserkers - can open gates and help you do stuff. They can melee 
    	fight with bad guys, but not too well. Search for the costumes found
    	in the game to dress them up.
    	Gunners - the best choice when you don't know where the enemies are 
    	coming from. These shooters will spot enemies and start spraying.
    	Kamikazes - use only when the enemy is close. These guys run to goons
    	and blow themselves up. A bad choice if the enemy is far away. As 
    	close to a grenade as you'll get.
    	Light Killers - they knock out lights. That's pretty much it, and 
    	sometimes they don't even do it! They can fight, but not often. Good 
    	choices if you just want to bring a pal wherever you go.
    Darkling Weapons
    	Broken Sword - Near the entrance of Chinatown
    	Machete - In Hunterspoint Alley, through the vent near Matty
    	Saw - In Dana Cutrone's apartment
    	Axe - During Jimmy the Grape's side quest
    	Sledgehammer - Near the final hit on Vinny's objective
    	Jackhammer - In the broken train in City Hall Station
    	Golf Club -  Dial 555 5664
    	2K - Call 555 4263
    * 8. Weapons ( GUNS888 )                                                      *
    Handguns - just the collection of all the small guns you've picked up. There
    are many kinds, but you don't get to choose which ones you get. Doesn't really
    matter. Good choice for all encounters. (pretty much all I used through the 
    whole game)
    Shotgun - eh, why did they even bother? It's not like the kind you find in 
    zombie-shooter games, with the wide shot. This one just shoots a bullet in a 
    narrow line pretty much, and it's tough to hit anything at close range.
    Sub-Machine Guns - if it wasn't for all the smoke they create, these might have
    been better. Good choices if you must, but the ammo runs dry in a hurry.
    World War I Rifle - okay if you run into single enemies, by themselves. Other
    than that, the reload is terrible.
    Assault Rifle - a solid gun, nothing wrong with it. Used primarily for big
    AK-47 - same as the last one. Although, this one didn't seem quite as effective
    in killing.
    Riot Shotgun - it was bad enough with the last shotgun! No, this one is better,
    but don't think close-range-only with these shotguns.
    * 9. Collectables ( ###9999 )                                                 *
    Complete list. You might find this elsewhere on the net too.
    Chapter 1 
    Grave’s End
    #1 – Hard to miss. Found after you open the first door.
    #89 – While going up the elevator in the room with the TV ambush, get off on 
    the second level and follow the walkway.
    Trinity Cemetery
    #29 – Backtrack a bit after you gain the Darkness to a room that you could 
    not get into earlier. Break the vent on the bottom of the door and send in a 
    #2 – Send the Creeper under the garage door that is slightly open.
    Canal Street Station
    #34 – Near the phone as soon as you enter from the cemetery. 
    #19 – Near an intercom at the Lower East Side exit.
    #3 – Under the stairway, can’t miss it. 
    #88 – On the tracks nearby #3.
    #39 – Complete George Hadel’s first, short objective.
    #91 – Found at the corner of Lester and Victoria.
    #53 – In a doorway on George Street.
    #90 – Behind a fence in the alley to Jenny’s place.
    #5 – Near a dumpster by the crates at the end of Orchid.
    #44 – Save Pete Chen after you leave Jen’s place; don’t kill him.
    Lower East Side
    #6 – Found in a broom closet in Butcher’s kitchen.
    #56 – After the gunfight outside the Green Olive, and after the chopper moves 
    away if it blocks the path, go around the subway entrance and find this one 
    in a dead-end alley.
    #55 – Use the Creeper to find a vent in the corridor through the buildings 
    after the gunfight. It’s the vent at the end of the path, near where the cops 
    try to trap you with the gate.
    #7 – In a phone booth at the end of the alley where the cop car stops.
    #54 – It’s in the alley adjacent to the Whitefish pool hall. You can either 
    send a Creeper to snake it, or if you’re coming from the Green Olive you can
    climb the fence and jump down to grab it.
    #35 – On top of the crates before you enter the pool hall.
    Hunterspoint Alley
    #8 – After you get through the pool hall, it’s on the ground just as you exit.
    #97 – Near Matty there is a door. Bust the light and send a Creeper through 
    the vent for the number and the Jungle outfit.
    #9 – In Roach’s room.
    #57 – In the kitchen of the apartment with the goons.
    #58 – In the stairwell, after the previous apartment, reach through the 
    barrier to grab it.
    #59 – Next to Dutch Oven Harry’s dead body.
    Fulton Street Station
    #10 – On the tracks near the break-dancers. 
    #95 – In the men’s restroom.
    #41 – Ingrid Pulanski’s sidequest (the bracelet is wedged between track and 
    #42 – Charlene Warburton’s dare (restart if she just stares at you after 
    you talk with her, because she glitches up a lot).
    Grinder’s Lane
    #62 – On the metal roofing in front of the two gates near the workshop; send 
    a Creeper.
    #11 – In the office area. Look in the second room near a desk.
    #36 – Send a Creeper in the vent of the big empty office room; the vent leads 
    to the money stash room.
    #60 – Above the station stairs is a long room with a few open windows. Send a 
    Creeper to the room.
    St. Mary’s Orphanage
    #12 – Before the orphanage, send a Creeper under a ramp in the corner of the 
    #61 – Take the path to Grinder’s Lane. You’ll be in a small place that you 
    could not access before. Use the Creeper in the corner of a dumpster to move 
    some boxes and open the way to the number.
    #98 – Before you enter the place, send a Creeper above the front door to a 
    #100 – In the left room as you enter St. Mary’s, in the classroom corner.
    #99 – On the second floor, after the memory scene, take the door to the 
    bombed-out area. Jump along the platforms to a bathroom.
    Chapter 2
    #14 – Opposite where you look through the binoculars. Either send a Creeper 
    up the trench, or visit the ruined house after you are on the field.
    #13 – Right after you kill the two guys who guard the trench exit, go left 
    until you see a bunker across a gap. Look around the nearby ruined structure 
    for a trap door in the ground. Shoot the door and climb down for another 
    #63 – Right under the Pestilence thing that you see in the binoculars.
    #38 – As you exit the bunker, turn left and look to the side of the bunker. 
    Send a Creeper along the bunker to grab the letter.
    #15 – In the short sewer to the village, near the harmonica player.
    #66 – In a small shack after you exit the sewer.
    #16 – In the bombed out building next to the church, the one that overlooks 
    the water. 
    #65 – Climb down the ladder that leads to the sewer water.
    The Hills
    #87 – Above the bell, send a Creeper. 
    #80 – Just as you see the cross on the hill, turn left and grab this letter 
    in a small trench.
    #79 – In the fireplace of a ruined home. Best grab this one when you have the 
    Darkness Guns. It’s on the left as you return from the cross to the village. 
    There is a path in the ground. 
    Village Revisited
    #28 – Right after Anthony lets you down into the sewers.
    #17 – From the top of the stairs in the big room with the locked door, turn 
    right and send a Creeper over the railing and down to pick it up. 
    #67 – In the left chamber after you open the door.
    #18 – At the top of the stairs, near a gateway in the room before you exit.
    #27 – Follow the tracks connected to the cannon to a large gate. In the right 
    corner is the letter.
    #68 – After the battle inside the cannon room, go to the red room with the 
    star on the wall. The letter is reached by sending a Creeper under the star.
    #26 – On the right hinge of the cannon. You’ll have to send a Creeper up to 
    the side on the cannon before you go down into the control room.
    Chapter 3
    New York City Revisited
    #4 – Found in Dana Cutrone’s boyfriend’s place. 
    #40 – Given by Dana after you return her keys. 
    #45 – After helping George Hadel again.
    #47 – Given by Terence Willis for killing the gang outside Whitefish. 
    #46 – Only after you get #47, talk with Terence again to learn the secret of 
    the cups game.
    #20 – Found in Aunt Sarah’s home.
    #43 – From Vinny after you beat his objective.
    Pier 19
    #92 – In the alley to the right as you enter. 
    #37 – In the garage door by the water. Send in a Creeper, open the door, 
    move the junk, and then grab it.
    #85 – Kick a punk kid off the pier into the water, and grab it.
    #93 – Near the workers (who are not friendly) by the crane. Just move the 
    crates and pick it up.
    *Those last two cannot be done during Chapter 5, so you have to get them now.
    Gun Hill
    #69 – As you first step outside, send a Creeper above the metal shack where 
    you can see a gateway.
    #21 – Soon after the chase starts, you’ll find this one in a small room on 
    the side.
    #71 – After the helicopter fires the missile, climb down the ladder and find 
    this one on the ledge, near the light. 
    #70 – As soon as you get to the rooftop and the helicopter starts to leave, 
    grab this number in the corner and then jump through the hole in the fence 
    before you get blown up.
    City Hall
    #96 – Right before you enter City hall, while you’re in Fulton Station, turn 
    around and go to the tracks. In the dark you should see the paper blinking 
    down the tracks.
    #22 – In the busted train car, and next to an outfit.
    #72 – After you go through the door with the star, and past the brick trap, 
    this one is down on the pipes. 
    #81 – After you kill Ernie just check the left corner.
    #73 – Above the light after you jump down to the ground, right before you get 
    to the baths.
    Turkish Baths
    #74 – Take the left path at the first fork, where you find the gateway.
    #75 – In the big room with the bath there is a platform that you cannot 
    reach, near the fire. Send a Creeper along the pillar and work your way onto 
    the platform.
    #82 – Next to the room where you grab the briefcase, in a dead-end hallway.
    #24 – In the fenced-off area in the briefcase room. Just send a Creeper over 
    the fence.
    #25 – After you have the briefcase, backtrack, and enter the area with the 
    blinking light. This number is in the sauna room.
    City Hall Revisited
    #23 – In the stall of the bathroom.
    #30 – In the walkway of the room where you are ambushed.
    Fulton Station
    #48 – Talk with Mitch Deval after you’re return, because you had to cross 
    paths with Ernie. 
    Chapter 4
    #76 – After you see the skeleton, go to the left and send a Creeper under 
    the ramp.
    #78 – In the pipe right before you enter the village from the cannon sewer.
    #64 – In the sewer pipe as you re-enter the village.
    *Make sure you talk with Charlie Hazelgrove for the first half of a quest.
    Tank Ride
    #83 – Enter the room nearby as soon as you kill the Shlogg. 
    Cannon/Castle Entrance
    #31 – On the catwalk in the cart room (one chance to grab it).
    #77 – Just as you start to cross the long bridge, stop at the first two 
    lights and it sits next to the left one.
    #32 – As you get to the end of the bridge, this letter sits next to the 
    light on the right.
    #33 – Before you go down the stairs inside the castle, go the left side to 
    find this letter in a collapsed doorway.
    Castle Hall
    #84 – In the gate as soon as you arrive. Can’t miss it, unless you try.
    Chapter 5
    Subway Stations
    #49 – In Fulton, give Mrs. Hazelgrove the locket. She sleeps on the bench 
    near Vinny.
    #50 – The short side quest for “Little Petey.” Famiano is near a vending 
    #51 – Pull off Enzo Scardina’s swap of the briefcases. He’s by the cemetery 
    exit. “Noses” is near an intercom.
    #52 – After you beat Alfred Blackmoore’s collection quest. You’ll find him at 
    the Chinatown exit. Just take the keys from Dana and report back.
    Pier 19
    #94 – In the front of the ship, on the ship, under some steps.
    #86 – In the cargo hold of the ship. It’s above the second hollow crate that 
    you can walk through. Send a Creeper up the sides and above the top of it.
    * 10. Credits/Copyright                                                       *
    rattlesnakedick - for an external guide, but no longer needed, helped me find
    collectables though
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. And if you must send a flame, please
    be nice so that I'll consider it. Also, if you have a cool trick or comment 
    that you want me to add to this guide, good luck, I don't accept just anything.
    You will have to present it well and I will have to like it a lot!
    Please have 'The Darkness' in the title.
    My email: 
    PS - If I don't respond, don't take it personally, but there is most likely a
    	good reason (lazy, heard it a million times, it's stupid, etc.).
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Rainbow Six Vegas
    Oblivion (work in progress)
    Shivering Isles
    Knights of the Nine
    Dead Rising
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
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    and even a few foreign and other random sites
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    Copyright 2007 Brad Russell

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