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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Natedrizzle

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 08/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Dead Rising In-Depth Walkthrough and Faq
                             compiled by Natedrizzle
    This Faq is (c) Nathan Conn August 13,2006.Put together from my own playtime.
    Unlockables and ending listing is partially assembled from my playthrough and 
    Dead rising gamefaqs cheatcode section. FrostyDragon is compiling my store/item
    weapon content.I hope this guide provides useful(accept no imitations)
    Version History
    Version 0.10-August 13,2006 First draft of First walkthrough available.
    Version 0.15-August 14,2006 Added complete list of PP sticker Locations.It was 
    put together by S.Hiryu and Estabon1 and everyone who posted in their topics.
    Version 0.20-August 15,2006 Added Franks Leveled moveset and how to perform 
    them,updated walkthrough up to scoop Lovers A,B,added 3 more boss fights.
    Version 0.30-August 16,2006 Added All Scoops and Cases up to start of 6-1.
    Version 0.60-August 17,2006 Added All Scoops and Cases up to The Facts
    Version 0.65-Added Cletus boss strategy in with Case 1 scoop missions,Partial
    store/weapons/items list added.Also added unlockables
    Version 0.95-August 28,2006 Added the last survivors i didnt add before and 
    overtime mode.
    Im not sure if im going to finish the items listing but if someone would like
    to comprise it and finish what i have already listed i will give you credit.
    I may be working on another Faq for a game starting tommorrow so i need help
    finishing this.And to those that used it in the beginning when it was the only 
    Faq i hoped i helped you in some way.This is my first Faq,and this game made 
    me want to write one its that good.
    Oh yes and one other thing I know what snuff shot J and B and the other 
    achievements are but im not listing them due to huge end game spoilers.
    Table of Contents
    01.00 Basic info
    02.00 Controls
    03.00 Achievement List
    04.00 72 hour walkthrough
    04.01 Day 01 
    04.02 Day 02
    04.03 Day 03
    05.00 Overtime Mode
    06.00 Infinite Mode
    07.00 Plaza's and Shops with Weapons ans Items listed
    08.00 PP Sticker Locations
    09.00 Franks moveset from level gains
    10.00 Unlockable items from Achievements
    11.00 Legal and Contact information
    01.00 Basic Info
    You are Frank West wartime Photojournalist investigating a mysterious outbreak
    in Willamette Colorado.
    Armed with your trusty camera and quick wit you are dropped off at a shopping 
    mall trying to find out the truth within 72 hours.Unveil cases and find out 
    what is really going on in Willamette mall.
    02.00 Basic Controls
    Left stick-movement 
    Right stick-move camera
    Click in Right stick-Resets camera facing the direction you are looking
    Left D pad-Check watch
    Right D pad-Answer Receiver messages
    Y button-Call out to survivors position
    B button-Action/cancel(performs the action displayed on screen)
    A button-Jump/confirm 
    X button-Attack/Use item(hold down X for secondary attacks on certain items)
    Left Trigger-Camera view mode
    Left Shoulder button-Switch items to the left
    Right Trigger-Aim view mode
    Right Shoulder button-Switch items to the left
    Controls in camera view mode
    Left trigger-hold for camera view
    Left stick-Move
    Right stick-Aim camera
    X-Take pictures
    B-Zoom in
    A-Zoom out
    Controls in Aim mode
    Right trigger-Pull and hold for Aim View release to lower your aim
    Left stick-Aim
    Y button-Set goal marker for survivors to go to
    X button-Throw(objects non firearms)
    3.0 Achievement List
    There are 50 Achievements in Dead Rising each worth 20 Gamerpoints.
    3 Day Survivor (20) Survive for 3 days. 
    5 Day Survivor (20) Survive for 5 days. 
    7 Day Survivor (20) Survive for 7 days. 
    Bullet Point (20) Fire 1,000 bullets. 
    Carjacker (20) Steal the convicts' vehicle. 
    Census Taker (20) Photograph 50 survivors. 
    Clothes Horse (20) Change into all costumes available in the mall. 
    Costume Party (20) Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies. 
    Frank the Pimp (20) Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors. 
    Freefall (20) Drop from a height of at least 16 feet. 
    Full Set (20) Collect all portraits in the Notebook. 
    Gourmet (20) Eat all types of food available in the mall. 
    Group Photo (20) Get 50 Target Markers with the camera. 
    Hella Copter (20) ??????
    Humanist (20) Get 10 survivors out of the mall. 
    Indoorsman (20) Spend at least 24 hours indoors. 
    Item Smasher (20) Break 100 items. 
    Karate Champ (20) Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded. 
    Legenday Soldier (20) ??????
    Level Max (20) Reach Level 50. 
    Life Saver (20) Get 20 survivors out of the mall. 
    Marathon Runner (20) Cover a distance of 26.2 miles. 
    Outdoorsman (20) Spend at least 24 hours outdoors. 
    Overtime Mode (20) Unveil all Cases and be at the heliport at noon. 
    Peace Keeper (20) Defeat 5 psychopaths. 
    Perfect Gunner (20) Don't miss with a machine gun. 
    Photojournalist (20) Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo. 
    Portraiture (20) Photograph 10 survivors. 
    PP Collector (20) Photograph all PP Stickers. 
    Psycho Collector (20) Photograph 10 psychopaths. 
    Psycho Photo (20) Photograph 4 psychopaths. 
    Punisher (20) Defeat 10 psychopaths. 
    Raining Zombies (20) Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol. 
    Saint (20) Get 50 survivors out of the mall. 
    Self Defense (20) Defeat 1 psychopath. 
    Sharp Dresser (20) Change into at least 20 different costumes. 
    Snuff Shot J (20) ???????
    Snuff Shot B (20) ???????
    Strike! (20) Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls. 
    Stunt Driver (20) Jump a car at least 33 feet. 
    Stunt Rider (20) Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet. 
    The Artiste (20) Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo. 
    Tour Guide (20) Escort 8 survivors at once. 
    Transmissionary (20) Answer all calls from Otis. 
    True Mode (20) Get the true ending. 
    Unbreakable (20) Get the True ending without being knocked out. 
    Zombie Genocider (20) Defeat 53,594 zombies. 
    Zombie Hunter (20) Defeat 1,000 zombies. 
    Zombie Killer (20) Defeat 10,000 zombies. 
    Zombie Road (20) Walk over 33 feet on the backs of zombies using the Zombie 
    4.0 72 hour Walkthrough
    04.01 Day 01
    Sept 19 11:27 A.M 
    After the opening cinema you will enjoy a little tour of Willamette on the way
     to the mall.Basically you will get Photo ops of things going on in the city.
    This familiarizes the player with basic camera controls. You can get 400 pp 
    from brutality shots on the first white car. 500 pp on the school bus average a
    nd 1000 pp at the gas station if you time your shot right as it explodes.
    Sept 19 12:00 p.m.
    After the cutscenes end with Carlos head inside the security door.To the left 
    go down the stairs.If you want go ahead and save now on the couch so you dont 
    have to go through the intro again.After you are done head straight into the 
    red office door and examine the desk(b).After the cutscene head into the yellow
    door.Follow right into the staff only door and follow the hall down to the exit
    After the clip you can take a photo of the 3 survivors barricading the entrance
     and score close to 1000 pp.You can also go around and snap everyone for some 
    extra pp drama pictures.Head to the back gate where Kathy and Alan arethis will
     trigger yet another clip.
    *side note*In a e-mail Joe Marsh pointed out to me about getting the shotgun 
    off of dead body near the fountain just clear away some of the zombies to get 
    to it. This could come in handy early on when you get confronted by the crazy
    convicts in Leisure park.Thanks for that info.
    After all hell breaks loose head for the top of the stairs take pics of people
     getting mauled for extra brutality shots!
    I have decided to include a list of scoop cases available between each main 
    case file.Starting with the first case and times available.*A side note*You 
    must be in a different area to recieve the transmission call from otis for the 
    scoop missions. Example to get a call for Barricade pair you must be in any
    area besides Al Fresca Plaza to get the call.
    Scoop cases during Case 1
    Located Entrance Plaza
    Escort Bill(021)-Located at In the Closet(E214) In a corner in back of store
    available after 12:00p.m.
    Located Paradise Plaza
    Cut from the same cloth-available at 12:00 p.m/time to complete under 6 hours
    Located Al Fresca Plaza
    Barricade pair A-4:00 p.m.
    Barricade pair B-4:00 p.m.
    A mothers lament-5:00 p.m.
    Located Wonderland Plaza
    Out of Control-available at 9:00 p.m.-11:00 a.m.
    Japanese Tourists A-available at 10:00 p.m.
    Japanese Tourists B-available at 10:00 p.m.
    Located North Plaza
    Psychopath Cletus-Location Huntin Shack(N127)Available after 7:00 p.m. you wont
    get a call about him.
    Shadow of the North plaza-available 1:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
    Sept 19 12:30 p.m.
    Its time to go through the vent shaft to the roof.Talk to Otis before going and
     he will give you the mall map and receiver to contact you with. You can grab 
    some food from the security office and save if you like before you go.
    2 survivors are on the roof first is Jeff(019) by the elevator to the right go
     talk to him and he will join you.Then go around to the left side and talk to 
    Natalie(020) jeffs wife.They will embrace when they see each other.Take a pic 
    of them hugging to net you near 10,000 pp.Talk to them again and escort both to 
    the security room.This will give you your first two survivors and 20,000 bonus
    Head back to the roof and take the elevator down.Otis will give you a ring when
     you get off the elevator to tell you about paradise plaza.Listen to his whole
     conversation when he calls or he will keep calling you back.A side note is 
    you cant do anything except move around while talking to otis.
    Go through the warehouse heading to the paradise plaza door.You are now 
    assigned your first story case.Failure to do these will end the story line and
     you wont be able to unlock overtime or infinity mode.
    There is a maitenence key in the underground tunnels.Go into the tunnels turn
    right,left,right and its in the little storage area towards the center of the 
    underground tunnels. With the key you can move underground between plaza's 
    Case 1-2 Backup for Brad 
    You have until 6:00 A.m. before your next case starts.So be sure to leave yours
    elf about 2 hours between cases to get to the next spot.
    Brad is located in the food court but we will get to that in a little while but
     lets check out some of Paradise plaza first.head to the second floor of the 
    plaza and go to Columbian Roastmasters(P202).Check your map for the location.
    Grab a couple pies off the counter and mix two in the blender with the action 
    button b.This will give you a Untouchable drink.Grab two ojs from the fridge 
    next to the blender and make a nectar or two if you like.The Ojs are unlimited.
    There is a katana on the orange awning off the side of C.Roastmasters if you 
    want it jump over and take it.Then jump down and go to the right.Try to get a 
    pistol from one of the zombie security guards near the courtyard doors on the 
    Check your map and mark brads position if you want to follow an arrow. Go 
    outside through Leisure park and keep heading straight across to the food court
     entrance dodging zombies along the way. You most likely will have to clear a 
    spot by the food court entrance. If you need a good item there is a lawnmower 
    to the right of the door.
    Mini Boss fight Carlito 1 Location Food Court(F101)Bonus 20,000 pp
    There are a couple of strategies to this.You can go straight up the food courts
     steps to the right and get behind Carlito.You see him above shooting and 
    throwing explosives now and then.get behind a post and Aim up with a pistol and
     shoot him. He usually travels between the three windows up there.You can also
     use the stack of crates next to the no smoking sign and pull yourself up there
     and try to hit him with melee weapons.If you go to 
    Be sure to heal if needed about three or four hits with the katana should do 
    the trick.If not just keep shooting at him with the pistol.Brad usually will 
    get a couple shots on him or draw his attention so use that to your advantage.
    Engaging 1-3 Backup for Brad
    After the battle ends stock up on food if needed and continue heading east 
    following brad.Otis will chirp you again about a scoop mission(Cut from the 
    same cloth)Go ahead and answer it.You have under six hours to do it according 
    to the color code of the mission.But i will get to that in a little bit.
    Head towards Al Fresca Plaza to the right and save in the Gym Flexin on the 
    right side.If you run on the treadmills you get a bonus 2,000pp apiece and a 
    10,000pp bonus for running on all of them.You can destroy the sandbags for 
    2,000pp also and get that same 10,000pp bonus.Brad will run ahead of you to 
    the doors leading to Entrance plaza.Go in the doors then go up to brad and he 
    will raise the gates to the entrance plaza.Keep following brad.
    Engaging 1-4 A Temporary Agreement
    After the cutscene answer Otis again(he only gets more annoying.He tells you 
    about entrance plaza.You should have around 5 or 4 hours to get some other thin
    gs done before getting back to the security room.You might want to get Bill
    (021)from in the closet before you go back.
    Scoop Mission-Cut from the same cloth-Location Columbian Roastmasters(P202)
    Head back to Paradise plaza the way you came.Go back to Columbian Roastmasters
     and talk to Kent.Be sure to have some battery charge left if you dont go to 
    Cams Camera(P115) by the Warehouse entrance on the first floor. Kent wants to
     see your photo skills.
    After you talk to him have your camera ready to shoot.He will pose to take a 
    picture of you snap him doing this it will get you 700pp.Next take a pic of him
    doing him special pose right after he takes a picture 700 pp and also one of 
    him drop kicking a zombie(7,000 to 10,000 pp depends on how good the shot is.)
    Scoop mission available at 4:00 p.m. Barricade Pair A
    Escort Burt and Aaron.(survivors 026,027)Location Webers Garments(A106)
    Bonus 20,000 pp apiece upon delivery
    Head back out to the park and back to the food court going to Al Fresca plaza.
    Save at Flex gym again.On the left side is Weber's garments barricaded up.
    Remove the barricade pieces you may need to clear out some zombies with the 
    furniture as you break it down.
    Burt will attack you out of distrust.Hit him with your fists or kicks until the
     action button prompts you to talk to him.After gaining his trust talk to him 
    again him and aaron will then join.Be sure to equip aron with a weapon with the
     B button. I usually give him a bat or pistol.Since another scoop in the area
    will be available i usually will take burt and aaron and tell them to go behind
    the register at Mchandys hardware next door(A105).Then when it is almost 5:00 
    i will go into the food court alone so otis will call.Im not sure if he calls 
    if you are in the area already.
    At this point you will get offered another scoop mission.
    Scoop Mission A Mother's Lament-available at 5:00P.M. Location
    Riverfield Jewlery(A103) 
    Escort Leah(survivor 028)Bonus 20,000 pp
    Talk to Leah after shes done cryin jump over the counter clear the wayin the 
    store itself call to Leah and she will jump over the counter.Now approach her 
    and carry her with the action command.Go to Mchandys and call Burt and aaron
    you may need to toss the register so they can climb over.If quick enough you 
    will make it past the park before 7:00 p.m
    Now make a dash for the food court be sure to keep and eye for burt and aaron 
    if they need help drop leah and help them then lift her back up.She has a hurt
     leg.cut through the park to the security room.7:00p.m. some crazed covicts 
    appear outside and its dark out.Stay to the right.Keep hugging the right side 
    until you get closer to Sophie shes in the open for petes sake.If you already 
    took the others back then it should be easier. If not follow the strategy below
    Psychopath Boss Fight-The convicts(respawn)
    Fighting these guys are very optional.Mostly its best just to avoid them unless
    you are going for Psychopath related Acheivements. Its real easy to get them 
    caught up in a wall or tree or something. Its easy if you have the shotgun just
    take out the turrent guy first.Then you can grab the machine gun off the back
    of the humvee.Then just kill the other two.You cant shoot the driver through 
    the glass though.I have heard that if you destroy the humvee they wont respawn
    anymore.I havent had it happen to me yet so i cant confirm this.
    Escort Sophie(025)Location Center of Leisure park Bonus 20,000 pp
    Best thing to do is make a way point for your party to follow and go after 
    sophie(survivor 25) while they are doing that.Talk to sophie and have her 
    follow you towards the side with the others. It may be wise to stick between 
    the trees to get the convicts caught up.Shoot the turrent guy first if 
    necessary,then kill the driver and keep running for paradise plaza.If you get 
    them all back you will get a 84,000pp bonus.Go ahead into the Security office 
    door and end the first story mission.Save afterwards.It should now be around 
    7:00-9:00p.m depending on how fast you did the scoop cases.That gives you about
    9 to 11 hours till the next case starts.
    Case 2 starts Sept 20 at 6:00 a.m.
    I almost forgot you might want to go to North Plaza before the Wonderland Plaza
    chain of Scoops become available.Head to Huntin Shack(N127).
    As you enter the storea cutscene will ensure more insanity aplenty.
    Psycopath Boss Fight-Cletus(023)gunshop owner
    Make sure you have good healing items and maybe a +1health mag would help.If 
    you happened to make a trip to huntin shack before The AlFresca scoops were
    available and nabbed a sniper rifle or two it makes this fight alot easier.
    But any long ranged weapon will do.Immediately open the shop door and leave.
    Clear any zombies that may be crowding the area in front of the shop.Careful 
    not to step out in front of the door where he can shoot you.If you can snap a 
    Picture of him as he drinks his moonshine you can net a 10,000pp photo.
    Position yourself near the dumpster/garbage out front and preferably with a 
    sniper rifle you can shoot cletus right through the glass door(it wont break)
    and he cant get you with his shotgun. If you have alot of pistols you can keep 
    taking headshots aiming from behind the door. 
    If you take some shots just heal and keep an eye for zombies while your out
    front shootin.James(024)will be logged in your notebook after the fight as well
    but undead.You cant save him no matter what.
    At this time work on getting some PP or weapons maybe mix up some more juice.I
     will go through some more scoops as they come before we start the next case 
    file.After you take care of Cletus head to Wonderland Plaza.Doing these 
    Scoop cases are a good way of leveling up and also you can unlock a shortcut
    from Wonderland plazas womens bathroom to Paradise Plazas bathroom.This makes 
    Escorting easier without having to deal with those pesky Convicts in the park.
    Prior to the next scoop case you make want to go to Sir-Books Alot first and 
    grab the heath+1 magazine and the criminology mag if you have room if not 
    just get the health mag.Also a pistol and preferably hunting knife or other 
    blade is suggested.
    Scoop Case-Out of Control available at 9:00 p.m.Location Space rider Coaster
    Psychopath Boss Fight- Adam the Clown(029)
    Approach the space rider coaster from the left side 2nd floor coming from the
    food court.Be sure to have some food available.Activate the control panel to 
    the left and trigger the cutscene.This clown is insane.Leave away from the 
    ride and drop down to the 1st floor and go into the Play area.Adam will follow 
    you.His attacks are basically a fire breath attack,a jumping chainsaw attack,
    a spinning chainsaw attack,a knife throw attack and a balloon attack.
    Wait for adam to blow up a balloon and either shoot it during him inflating it
    or throw a knife at it.It will pop and the gas inside will stun him.This leaves
    him open for an attack.After you hit him back away because he will blow fire.
    Right after he does this you can usually get another hit on him.If he does the 
    spinning chainsaw attack wait for him to finish he will dizzy himself and 
    you can attack then.
    A little thing also that works is grab a play cube off the ground and when he 
    does the balloon attack you can throw it and it willhit him but he will also 
    get hit with the popped balloon.After about 4 or 5 good hits with a melee 
    weapon he will go down.Be sure to take his photo if you are going for the 
    Acheivement.It can be done either when hes dead or alive.
    After he is dealt with activate the control panel again. 
    Say hello to Greg(030)and he will take you to a shortcut in the womens restroom
    be sure to snag adams chainsawon the ground.It will respawn there for the rest
    of the game.Keep slightly ahead of greg and use the saw to clear large paths
    for him down to the restroom.
    Now jump up on the sink and use the shortcut to the paradise bathroom.Now you 
    can either escort him back or you can go ahead and do the next scoop which will
    chime if its past 10:00p.m.
    Scoop Case-Japanese Tourists A,B /Yu(031),Shinji(032) Location Sir Book Alot
    Head Back to Wonderland plaza bathroom using the shortcut,and go to the second
    floor take the set of stairs to the right coming out of the bathroom.Go in the
    store and pick up the translation magazine off the floor near the register.
    Talk to Yu and Shinji and they will join you.You can net 10,000pp if you snap
    them bowing to you after you talk to them Be sure to give them weapons and 
    also greg if hes still with you.
    Now take the same route to the bathroom and use the shortcut to paradise plaza.
    Go out left of the bathroom and that leaves you to a short sprint to the 
    warehouse door.Save your progress and head back out.
    We are going to go to the North plaza now.
    Scoop Case-Shadow of the north plaza starts 11:00p.m.location unfinished store
    under construction check the map.Escort David(033)
    Go to the North Plaza fastest way i would say is the shortcut then follow up to
    the plaza and go where the ? is on the map.Talk to David then put him on your 
    shoulder with the action command.Then just hoof it dodging between zombies back 
    to wonderland plaza restroom.From there shortcut to Paradise plaza and your
    done with the homestretch.
    Scoop Cases During Case 2
    Wonderland Plaza
    Lovers A,B-Available at 7:00 A.M.
    North Plaza
    The Hatchet Man-Available at 8:00 A.M
    Al Fresca Plaza
    The Coward-Available at 9:00 A.M.
    Paradise Plaza
    Two on location at between 9:00 a.m.-10:00 A.M. Pamela and her sister heather 
    are attacked at Childs play(P102)at Paradise plaza.One is inside and one is 
    outside in the fountain.
    Case 2-1-Image in the monitor starts at 6:00 A.M. in security room.
    Case 2-2 Rescue the professor.Location entrance plaza
    After the cutscene head back to Paradise plaza. The gate to entrance plaza will
    now be open.If you can take the smg off the blue overhang before you go or be 
    sure to have a pistol handy.Head left out of the warehouse door and go to the 
    After the cutscene triggers the second Carlito fight.
    Mini-Boss Fight Carlito 2(Sniper)
    As soon as the cutscene ends run up the escalator behind you and go to the
    right.Brad will go down the left side. Brad will be firing at carlito drawing 
    his attention.If he gets shot he will start to run backwards.Just keep moving
    down on the left side to try to get behind him.Use the pillars as cover.If you
    Have the smg fire from behind the pillars to wear him down fast.If not just use
    a pistol and take head shots.If he gets distracted you could also try to get
    up behind him while hes firing at brad.And melee him preferably with a bat or
    katana.A few hits and he should be finished.If you have adams chainsaw you
    can make even quicker work of him.Just be careful because he will toss bombs 
    behind himself if hes being chased.
    After the fight you should have about 4 and a half hours to complete the rest
    of the mission and get back to the security room.If its at least between 7:00-
    8:00 a.m. go ahead and save so you dont have to fight carlito again.
    Case2-3 Medicine Run Location Seons Grocery North Plaza
    / Next case starts at 11:00 A.M.
    Brad needs medicine so you must run to the store real quick.Take the bathroom 
    shortcut.Be sure to have some high potent foods or mixed drinks before you go.
    You might also want to have the smg or be sure to have a pistol.If you have 
    adams chainsaw or any magazine boosted melee weapons take them with you.
    Go inside Seons and head to the left.Maybe grab a wine or two if needed.
    Go in the doors next to the seafood department.Introducing crazy steven.
    Psychopath Boss Fight-Steven(077) the Supermarket manager 20,000 pp bonus
    This boss fight is really easy.If you have adams chainsaw with the engineer mag
    and entertainment mag you could nail him quick.
    As soon as the battle starts jump up on top of a shelf left or right it 
    doesnt matter.He really only has two attacks shotgun and his cart of doom.
    If you out of an aisle he will try to shoot you.Drop into the next aisle
    while he has out his shotgun and run behind him and melee him.Just be careful
    because after he gets hit he likes to kick up on the cart and turn around. 
    You can alternate with the smg or pistol after a close range attack just jump
    back up on a shelf.Its best to stay near the center using the aisle post as 
    cover.If you get down to a couple health bars just take shelter far from him 
    and eat.Go to the wine area if you need more health.
    After the fight ends dont forget your photo unless you took one of him on his 
    cart.If you get a close up at the right time during his outtake when he kicks 
    up you can score 10,000 pp. Take the pharmacy key and go back throught the 
    doors next to the seafood department.Follow the hall around to the left through
    the pharmacy door and get the First aid kit.
    Now head back to wonderland plazas restroom.I suggest saving.Now if you dont 
    want to do the scoop cases you can go ahead and take it back to brad in the
    security room.But since im in wonderland already im gonna show the next scoop
    Scoop Case-Lovers A,B Located Run Like the wind(W201)Second Floor
    Escort Tonya(034)and Ross(035)
    Go up the stairs and head to the back of the store.Talk to Tonya and she will
    say that ross is hurt bad.Ross will try and talk you into giving him a gun for
    revenge.DO NOT give him a gun he will shoot himself.Instead just keep talking
    to both of them until they join. Give Tonya a weapon then carry ross on your 
    back down to the bathroom shortcut.
    Survivors Heather(040) and Pamela(041)-Location Childs Play(P102)
    After Dropping off Tonya and Ross go back to Childs Play near the warehouse 
    door entrance.Im not sure the exact time but the show up there between 9:00-
    10:00 a.m.
    Pamela is pounding on the store's window surrounded by zombies.Clear them away
    from her first then break the store window and have pamela follow you and 
    talk to heather who was inside watching Pamela being attacked(how cruel).
    Then give heather a weapon and head to the security room.You may need to hold 
    Pamela's hand during the trip.But if you keep hittimg y you shoould be able to
    get her to follow you all the way there.
    If its near 11:00 a.m. stay in the area and be in the security room for the 
    next case.
    Scoop Case-The Hatchet Man Available 8:00a.m. located Crislips Home Saloon(L2)
    Pyschopath Boss Fight-Cliff (machete man)20,000 pp bonus
    Stock up on plenty of food before the fight.It doesnt hurt to have a Qucikstep
    drink mixed either(milk+milk).Be sure to have quick melee weapons for this 
    fight and also your choice of long range weapon.At the start of the fight best
    thing to do is pick up a chainsaw and start it up quickly.If Cliff hasnt ran
    for the hatch in th floor yet run towards him and take a swipe with the 
    chainsaw.You can catch a picture of cliff right as hes going in the hatch for 
    the 10,000 pp bonus if you time it right.
    After he jumps down into the floor to escape you may want to either stay on the
    ground with the chainsaw still going or jump up on a shelf via stacked boxes.
    Either way keep an eye out for his location.When above he likes to toss a 
    variety of things Flares(careful they burn for damage)smoke,it makes you cough
    and also take damage and dynamite.
    If your still below find his location on the shelves and run up to whatever 
    shelf he is on.This will make him jump down.Then continue to saw him.You can 
    also chase him to hatches and try to get a hit in on him. If you stay on top 
    of a shelf look for him and try to shoot him with a gun and that should make 
    him come down.depending on your strength he should fall pretty quickly with
    that strategy.
    After you beat him he leaves you a empty store key.You can also take his bloody
    Head back to Paradise plaza it should be around 12:00 p.m Sept 20 day 2.
    Scoop Cases available during Case 3
    Paradise Plaza
    Restaurant man-Available at 11:00 a.m.
    Photo assignment-Available at 12:00 p.m.
    Survivor jennifer captured by cult trapped in box near the theatre entrance
    Available at around 1:00p.m. after the cult cutscene
    After Case 3-1 (cutscene) ends were going to head back out to do the other 
    scoop missions listed.Case 4 starts at 3:00 p.m. so make sure you are back
    to the security room then.
    Also we are coming up on Day 2 and Kent has another scoop mission at 12:00p.m.
    04.02 Day 2
    Kent should be running around on the 1st floor if its 12:00p.m. or after with
    his photo assignment scoop mission.Basically just talk to him and he will ask
    for your highest score erotic picture.If you sanpped a picture of Jessie 
    while she was waiting for brads meds around 1,000 erotic photo.As long as you 
    have a pic thats at least 700 pp he will accept it.Doing this will unlock his 
    final scoop mission that takes place at 12:00 p.m. the next day.
    After thats taken care of head to Al Fresca Plaza through the Entrance plaza
    route its quicker.
    Scoop Case-The Coward-Location Hchandy's Hardware(A105)
    Escort Gordon(042)
    Head to the back of the store.Behind the register gordon will be shaking and
    in the fetus position.Unequip your weapon and kick him.This will snap him out
    of it(he will start to crawl)talk to him then.When he joins give him a weapon 
    and leave the store.Go right and cut through the food court and through the
    park back to Paradise plaza.
    A cutscene should be triggered.I dont know the exact time but im gonna say 
    around 1:00p.m. Dont fight with the cult yet.Look to your immediate left and
    smash the window to Jills sandwiches.Make sure you have a item of food with you
    Scoop Case-Restaurant man-Location Jills sandwiches
    Escort Ronald(043)
    Call Gordon to follow you inside and speak to Ronald.He will ask for some food
    Give him your weakest food item and be ready to take a pp photo for 10,000 pp
    when he eats it and smiles.Give him a weapon when he joins up.Leave both of 
    them inside.The barricade that ronald put up should keep them safe.
    Go through the window and use the machete on the cult members.Its best to 
    catch them while they are chanting.if too many are alerted to you be careful
    hit and step back.They like to gas you and take all your stuff and lock you
    in a room with them which you will have to escape.Then you wont be able to 
    rescue Jennifer(044)that is trapped in the Box.
    After you kill all of them guarding the box let Jennifer out with the action 
    command and talk to her.Call for Ronald and gordon to follow.Grab jennifers 
    hand and head for the security room with the other two.
    It should now be almost 3:00p.m. and if you did everything quick enough you 
    have time to make it to the security room before Case 4 starts.
    Scoop Cases Available during Mission 4
    North Plaza
    Escort the survivors that were held captive by Cliff(Mr.machete)
    Wonderland Plaza
    Above the Law-Available at 6:00 p.m. Location Lovely Fasion house(W208)
    Entrance plaza
    Antique Lover-Available 5:00 p.m. Location Neds Knicknackery(E205)
    Mark of the Sniper-Available 5:00 p.m. Located Estelles Fine-lady Cosmetics
    The Woman who didnt make it-Available 7:00p.m estimated location Grammas kids
    Ronald's Apetite-Available 7:00p.m. bring food back to ronald in the security
    room to avoid chaos.
    Case 4-1-Another Source
    After the cutscene ends save your game.
    Case 4-2 Engaged-Girl Hunting
    Head to the Paradise plaza restroom and take the shortcut to Wonderland plaza.
    You might want to be sure to have plenty of health and a gun of some sort
    referably the machine guns.Head out the bathroom and head to the North plaza
    Gate.After the cutscene you will be treated to another Mini Boss fight.
    Mini-Boss Isabella(on Chopper)-30,000 PP bonus
    Just try and stay clear of the ramps as she will ride right up them and run
    you over.Best thing to do is get to the highest scaffold in the center and 
    shoot at her.You can also get in the center where she cant reach you.Mix that
    up with some katana or sword or really any power melee weapon and you should
    be able to stop her quickly.
    After the fight save in the restroom check the map and head back towards 
    Crislips.Open the door to the room next to the store 3 people are trapped 
    inside.Caught by Cliff.
    Escort Josh(037),Barbara(038)and Rich(039)
    Be sure to give them all weapons and grab the two mags in the room if you have 
    the space.Exit out through the courtyard to Paradise plaza.Take the stairs to
    the second floor and heal your group if needed in roastmasters.Run ahead of 
    the others to clear out cult members to make it safe.Follow around and down
    the other set of stairs.Continue to run ahead and clear a pathway to the
    warehouse door for them.
    It should be around 5:00 p.m. Be sure to stop in the security room for another
    Head to the entrance plaza bring a quickstep if you have one or mix one up.Also
    bring a firearm and good melee weapon of your choice.
    After the cutscene prepare to fight Rodger(052),Jack(053)and Thomas(054)
    Psyhcopath Boss Fight-Snipers Rodger and his sons Jack and Thomas-15,000pp each
    After the cutscene ends run up the escalator and head along the left side.
    Use the pillars and shops for cover while making your way towards the three.
    Evasion roll also works fairly good.The best strategy is to chase them and 
    Melee them with a blade weapon or chainsaw.You can also choose to shoot at them
    from behind a pillar with a sniper rifle.
    Move in on them while they reload to get in close for a swipe or two.After the 
    first one goes down they will usually move towards them and most likely you.
    Just keep swinging at them and they should drop easily.
    Scoop Case-Mark of the Snipers 
    Escort Wayne(055)
    Now that you already took care of the snipers talk to wayne and he will come
    out of the corner.Hand him a weapon when he joins and we will go ahead with
    getting another survivor before we head back to security.
    Scoop Case-Antique Lover
    Escort Floyd(058) to safety
    Head to the right side of the escalators and follow to Ned's Knicknackery.Talk 
    to Floyd until he joins.It takes awhile to convince him just keep pestering him
    After that carry floyd on your back and head to the drop off.
    You can do the scoop cases however you want to but im gonna do the following 
    Scoop Case-The woman who didnt make it
    Escort Jolie(056) from Grammas Kids in Entrance plaza.
    Talk to Jolie.She will tell you about her friend Rachel(057)that was left on
    the second floor in ladies Space.Have jolie join you and order her to go up the 
    escalators.Go to ladies space and once rachel sees her friend again they will
    embrace.Snap a photo of this to net 20,000pp bonus.
    Drop them off or if your risky i suggest saving first we can do the next scoop
    If its around 7:00p.m. and you are anywhere but the security office you will
    get a call about ronald being hungry.Take care of him before doing the next 
    scoop case.
    Scoop Case-Above the Law
    Save Kay(046),Lilly(047),Kelly(048)and Janet(049) from Jo(045)
    Psychopath Boss Fight-Jo (Overweight Bondage Cop)
    If you are at low levels its just a matter of wearing her down.Use bladed items
    like chainsaws.Another good thing to do is using the plants or other furniture
    to keep her from shocking you. If using another weapon just be sure to strike 
    then back off because she then goes to shock you.If she manages to Zap you she
    will continue on to shocking one of the girls.
    If you get up fast enough you can get another shot on her while shes torturing 
    the girl.Once she drops be sure to get a picture. You can get a Bonus at the 
    beginning when she shocks Kay.10,000pp.Unlock all the girls handcuffs and give 
    KAy a weapon now head out.
    Go out of the store and to the right And you should see Nick(51) and Sally(50) 
    hanging off the giant rabbit.Order the other girls next to the window away 
    from the rabbit and next to the staircase.Then if you have any bees throw them 
    at the groups of zombies under and next to the rabbit.Clear out the rest in the
    areas with whatever.Take a hunk of flesh dropped and throw it at nick and one
    at sally to knock them down from the rabbit.After they join give nick a 
    weapon and have the group follow you to the bathroom shortcut.
    Make sure noone gets left in the transition in the bathroom.Order them to stand 
    to the back of the restroom to get them all in there then hit Y before you 
    enter the crawlspace. Take them back for a 200,000+pp bonus on delivery.
    You should have about an hour to meet Isabella in the north plaza.
    Take the bathroom shortcut to Wonderland plaza and go to the room near Pearly
    Whites photo(N101) and wait until 12:00a.m.Check your map if your not sure of
    the location of the room.
    04.03 Day three
    Scoop missions during Case 5 and 6
    North Plaza
    Survivors not scoops(You dont get a call about them.)
    Kendell(59) shows up in north plaza by park entrance 12:00 a.m.
    Brett(067),Jonathan(068),Alyssa(069) show up in Huntin shack after 12:00 a.m.
    Paradise Plaza
    A strange group-Available 1:00 a.m.Location Colbys Movieland
    Floyd the Sommelier-Available 2:00 a.m. Location Security room if rescued
    Wonderland Plaza
    Survivor Susan(074) shows up sometime around 6:00a.m. on top of the soccerball
    in the play area with zombies reaching for her.
    Long haired punk-Available around 6:00 a.m.Location Casual Gals(W102)1st floor
    A sick man-available around 8:00 a.m. Location Estelle'sfine lady cosmetics
    Case 5-1 A promise to Isabella 12:00 a.m. Sept 21 Day 3
    After the cutscene knock the zombie off of isabella.
    Case 5-2 Transporting Isabella
    Grab Isabella and head towards the park doors you will come across Kendell so
    talk to him and have him join you.I usually take his shotgun and give him a 
    bat or something so he doesnt stop and shoot so much.Go through the park and 
    to the security room.Once you hit the roof and get to the vents a cutscene will
    end the case.
    Case 6-1 Santa Cabeza
    After the cutscene ends you have 8 hours to get scoops done before case 7.
    *side note* I suggest going to the huntin shack in North plaza before tackling
    the cult leader.Since its after 12:00 a.m. 3 survivors will be holding fort in 
    there.As soon as you eneter they start shooting at you.Just leave the store and
    wait for them to talk to you.Brett(067),Jonathan(068),and Alyssa(069).
    Jonathan will ask for proof of the ventilation duct leading to the janitors 
    room.So you just need a picture of it to get them to join you.What I do though
    is wait until later to go back for them.They end up being the last survivors I 
    save.They will take care of themselves until then giving you some relief so 
    you dont have to worry about rushing for time management.
    Now its time to go ahead and take care of the Raincoat Cult for good.
    Scoop Case-A strange group located colby's movieland
    Rescue Ray(061),Nathan(062),Michelle(063),and Beth(64) from cult leader
    Lets go ahead and head toward Colby's Movieland.Be sure to have high health
    food items with you.Take some bladed weapons like katanas or swords and if 
    you have the criminology magazine helps.
    Once you arrive in the theatre if you want to save in the bathroom.Then head to
    the back where the movie screens are.rooms 1,2,3,and 5 have cult members/items
    or just items.there are some coffee creamers in a few of the theatres.
    After passing theatre room one around the corner hallway is a group of cult
    members.Its best to let them come to you a few at a time to avoid being knocked
    unconsious.After you clear them out head to room 4.
    Psychopath Boss Fight-Sean(060)The Cult Leader
    You can distance yourself from him and take shots with a smg or shotgun.But 
    really even at low levels you can use katanas or adams chainsaw and rush him.
    Go into the seats to make him jump up and you can hit him as you lands.
    Also if he does that slide move usually you can jump kick him and that will
    stun him opening him up for attacks.
    As soon as you beat him The remaining cult guys that were left come to kill you
    Take care of them quickly then shut the doors back.Untie everyone after its 
    clear grab Seans Sword and Brainwashing mag(It is handy).Then equip the group 
    and open the door by the stage.You will find Cheryl(065)who was also locked 
    up.After she joins take the group back to the security room.
    Just stay ahead of them clearing a path and using the go command.If you get 
    them all back you will get a huge 250,000pp bonus.
    Survivor stop-save Susan located in Play area in Wonderland plaza on top of
    the giant soccer ball.Clear out all the zombies around her and then escort
    her by grabbing her hand.She walks really slow if you dont guide her by the 
    hand.Take her with you to Casual Gals for the next scoop case.
    Scoop Case-Long Haired punk
    Take the bathroom shortcut to wonderland plaza and head to casual gals.After
    the cutscene Paul will run out of the store.If you have susan with you just 
    open the store room door where Mindy and debbie are and close it behind them.
    Now follow after paul around the mall but watchout for the bombs he drops.He
    also likes to send out remote bombs via RC cars if hes farther away from you. 
    Usually you can jump kick him or hit him with a melee weapon when he tries to 
    change directions.
    If you have a sniper rifle and good aim you could just get on top on one of 
    the makeup counters and take shots at him without worrying about him or the 
    After the fight with him take a pic with him on fire for 10,000 pp.Grab the 
    fire exstinguisher and use it on paul(070).Best way to do this is stand some 
    distance away from him and use it.After you hose him talk to him and he will
    join you.Dont forget to grab Mindy(071)and Debbie(072) from the stock room
    in the store.
    Now equip everyone and head for the food court to get some wine for Floyd.
    You will happen to come across a Drunk named Gil(66)behind the bar at Chris's
    Restaurant.Just keep talking to him to have him join you.Head to Wonderland
    Scoop mission-A sick man Located Estelle's Fine lady Cosmetics(W110)
    Rescue Leroy(073)
    Go to the shop its the first store on the right as you leave the food court.
    Just be sure to clear zombies and order your small army to a spot nearby.
    After you finish talking to Leroy and he joins arm him and make your way to 
    the bathroom shortcut.Just keep carrying Gil while calling for everyone.You 
    may need to let go of Gil to help someone if they get grabbed or to clear large
    groups ahead on the way to the bathroom.
    Once you get back you should have about an hour to an hour and a half before
    7-1 Last Resort cutscene starts.
    Scoop Missions during Case 7
    Paradise Plaza
    Kent Day 3 Scoop-12:00 p.m.-Location Paradise plaza Columbian Roastmasters
    A woman in despair-1:00 p.m.-Location Players(P103)
    Kindell Betrayal-Available at 12:00 p.m.-Location Security room
    Case 7-2 Bomb Collector
    After the cutscene ends before going to the maintenence tunnels we are gonna do
    some scoops.
    Scoop Case-Kent Day 3(i cant remember the name of the scoop)
    Rescue Tad(076)from kent.
    Leave the security room and head for Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise plaza
    and get there before 12:00 p.m.
    Psychopath Boss Fight-Kent 
    Once 12:00p.m hit you are treated to a cutscene of Kents madness.After it ends
    just chase him and hit him with a katana on the awning if you need it).He will
    go down in about 3-6 swipes depending on your level.
    After the fight unti Tad and take him outside to the park.Wait until you get
    the transmission from otis for the next case.Then head back inside to Paradise 
    Scoop Case-A woman in despair-Location Players(P103)
    Escort Simone(075)*side note*She will not come with you if Isabella isnt with
    your safe group,because of her bite and no hope for a cure.
    Head to Players its on the first floor next to the toy store.Go around the 
    cd racks and you will find simone balled up on the ground.Talk to her give her
    a weapon and jet to the security room.
    Scoop Mission Kendals betrayal
    Go in the room that kendell is in i think its the green door one. Keep talking
    to him to advert his deceit.
    Now it time to haul butt to do the Bomb collector.Run to paradise plaza.Then
    out to Leisure park.Run straight ahead to the car park area.Jump on the 
    motorcycle and go down the ramp into the maintenence tunnels.Take a left and
    follow that all the way down.Go past the running truck and stop next to the 
    back door of the truck open it and retrieve the first bomb. Now head back and 
    pass the tunnel entrance you entered from and take a immediate left then
    another left all the way down to a second truck.Retrieve the bomb.
    *Just a side note for during this mission*
    Carlito should be showing up after you get the second bomb.He's driving around
    in a truck tossing out bombs.You dont really need to fight him.Its best just 
    trying to avoid him the best you can.If you must attack him use a smg and 
    also maybe a blade weapon.If you fight him try to get him to back up against 
    a tunnel wall then shoot at him or get close with the katana.
    Turn back around take a left if you go all the way down to the stairwell area
    there is a car parked there if the truck is badly damaged.Then from there take
    a left and follow down around the sharp turn to the next bomb. get the bomb 
    and keep heading west keep left at the loop and retrieve the bomb. Now from 
    there turn out left continuing west then take a right heading back towards the 
    exit. Take the first left as you are going for the exit.Get the bomb then 
    turn left out then another left at the entrance.
    After the cutscene you should have enough time to get back to the security 
    room. Just jump in a car and truck it to the Paradise plaza doors
    Scoop cases during Case 8
    Pauls present-Available at 5:00p.m. location security room.
    Simone the Gunslinger-Available at 7:00p.m. location security room
    Case 8-1 Jamming device
    After the cutscene ends head out to the roof.isabella will be waiting for you.
    Follow with her to North plaza cutting through the park.Check the map the 
    hideout is near huntin shack.
    Once you get there another cutscene will trigger
    Case 8-2 Carlito's hideout
    Approach isabella in the hideout.After this cutscene head for the security 
    office be sure to take a pistol with you for simones survivor request at 7.
    As soon as you enter the security room a cut scene will show.
    Case 8-3 The Butcher
    You should have plenty of time if its around 7:00p.m.Just make a dash for the
    maitenence tunnels and turn left from the entrance down to the door to the 
    Psychopath Boss Fight-Larry(078)The butcher.
    As soon as the battle starts grab the cleaver off the table.Or use any other 
    bladed weapon if you have it.It also helps to have a shotgun.Larry will do a 
    charge move which you can cleave him afterwards.When he grabs a slab of meat
    be ready to do an evasive roll.If you are close and he grabs you he will put 
    you on a hook and cleave you taking about 4 health bars away.
    There is milk in the room if you need energy regained.Just keep slashin at
    him and he will drop for the count.
    After the battle if you have less than 2 hours before 10:00 p.m. dont bother 
    back to the security room.Instead head back to carlitos hideout in North Plaza
    so you can plan your escape.
    The Facts-case starts at 10:00 p.m.
    After the cutscene leave the hideout and head to the security office.As you get
    closer more and more is revealed.Make it to the office then basically you have
    until 12:00p.m. when the chopper comes.Do what you please at this time. You 
    might want to use this time to level up,gain acheivements,or whatnot.Try to 
    take out the chopper for the heli copter achievement. Just keep gunning it 
    with machine guns you get from special ops guys. Another note to get the true
    ending and to go into overtime mode be at Carlito's hideout at 10:00 a.m.
    This will trigger a cutscene.After this you have two hours two go back to the
    helipad.At 12:00p.m. if you did all the case files and met up with Isabella you
    will get ending A and go into overtime mode after the credits.Then you must get
    through overtime mode without getting knocked out to get the true ending and
    unlock infinity mode.
    05.0 Overtime Mode
    Im not going to far into overtime mode because it is fairly easy and straight-
    forward.You are given another 24 hours to cure yourself with the help of 
    Isabella.The beginning is simple you will need to go back to isabella and talk
    to her about curing yourself.
    Basically you just need to not get killed by the Special ops guys throughout 
    this gamemode.The best items against them are the chainsaws,katanas,shotguns,
    and if you have leveled up more and have some of the better grab moves those 
    will kill them in one hit.Like the throw,disembowler,etc.
    If you get caught its best just to reload your save file so you can get the 
    true ending.At the start you will need to go around to various places in the 
    mall and retrieve items for isabella.Just check your map and pick up all the
    items then go back to the hideout and talk to isabella.
    After that she will tell you about the generator which is in the park on the
    tower.Once you enter outside you will be treated to a helicopter shooting at 
    you.If you want to and you have time you can try to take it out.Its easiest to
    use a sniper rifle and go for the pilot and or rotor on the back.This will net
    you the Hella Copter achievement.Just be careful because after awhile it will
    start shooting missles.Use the action command on the generator and go back to 
    isabella again. 
    You may want to start collecting queens for the last part of the mission.After
    you speak to isabella she will tell you to retreive 10 adult queens.The best 
    thing to do is drink nectars and go into the maintenence tunnels and get them.
    Once you give her 10 it will take you to the next cutscene.
    You will now traverse the caves with Isabella.Just grab her hand and trudge 
    throught the zombies to the gate.Open the door on the left and isabella will 
    crawl through and open up the gate.Keep going and do this the next time.You 
    will reach the next part where you will have to carry her on your back.
    Just follow with her and head left at the end of the path where the remaining
    guards are.Go up the steps and pull the lever opening the gates.Go back down 
    the steps following left and through the gate to the jeep.Drop isabella off
    you back and enter the jeep.
    This part is on rails and you are in control of isabella on the turrent.You 
    will be confronted by Brock in his high tech tank.Just keep shooting at the 
    green light areas by the treads on the front but shoot at the laser scope when 
    it comes up as well.Shoot down the mini copters and missles when he shoots 
    them while finishing him off.
    After the cutscene it will just be you and brock no weapons bare handed.If 
    you are at low levels just use jump kick sweep kick combos and the charge move
    works on him if you time it good.If he knocks you off the tank just use the 
    zombie walk to jump back onto the tank.After a while he will go down and you 
    will see the true ending.Congratulations you have finished the game.
    06.0 Infinity Mode
    Im going to give a brief rundown of what this mode consists of since so many 
    people are still trying to understand it.
    The whole mall is open from the start.You cant level up any in this mode so 
    you might want to level up more in 72 hour or overtime first before you take
    a shot at it.Food items dont respawn.Your health drops one bar every minute and
    twenty seconds.
    And survivors and bosses from the story mode appear in this mode as well. You
    basically do what it takes to survive.Other humans when killed leave a box of
    random supplies.So when you cant find food scattered around the mall you must
    rely on hunting down the other people for supplies.
    The only real advice i can offer is to stock up on all the health booster mags
    from bookstores.Then horde a small supply of food.You can usually take refuge
    from zombies in high areas and actually wait it out in each section of the mall
    But you must also keep hunting for other survivors so you never run out.
    7.0 Plaza's and Shops with Weapon and Item's Listed
    Just a small reminder that items inside cardboard boxes are random.
    +Security Room (After Breakout)
     -Apple x 1
     -Coffee Creamer x 2
     -Baseball Bat
     -Steel Shelf x 3
     -Soccer Ball x 3
     -Propane Tank
     -Bucket x 3
     -Cardboard Box
     -Bucket x 3
     -Mannequin x 3
     -Toolbox x 3
     -Steel Rack x 3
     -Cardboard Box x 6
     -Lead Pipe
     -Paint Can x 2
     -TV x 3
     -Barrel x 3
     -Propane Tank x 2
     -Step Ladder
     -Fire Extinguisher
    +Paradise Plaza
    +Contemporary Reading (P101)
     -Book (Weekly Photo Magazine)
          -Get a visual cue to indicate prime photo timing.
     -Book (Sports)
          -Hold on to sporting goods 3x longer.
     -Book (Hobby)
          -Hold on to toys 3x longer.
     -Book (Photo 1)
          -PP earned from photos +25%.
     -Cash Register
    +Child's Play (P102)
     -Head Change (Servebot)
     -Watergun x 2
     -Toy Laser Sword x 3
     -Novelty Mask (Servebot) x 6
     -Stuffed Bear x 2
     -Rat Saucer x 3
    +Players (P103)
     -CD x 11
     -Cardboard Box
    +Jill's Sandwiches (P104)
     -Cooking: Stove
     -Cooking: Microwave
     -Large Potted Plant
     -Stool x 11
     -Baguette x 4
     -Pie x 4
     -Cooking Oil x 3
     -Register x 3
     -Orange Juice x 2
     -Frying Pan
     -Condiment x 2
     -Baking Ingredients
    +Entertainment Isle (P105)
     -CD x 12
     -Cardboard Box
    +Tunemakers (P106)
     -Accoustic Guitar x 4
     -Bass Guitar x 4
     -Electric Guitar x 11
    +Cantonbury's (P107)
     -Head Change (Hat)
     -Suit Change (White Top, Black Pants)
     -Shoe Change (Black Shoes)
     -Small Potted Plant x 2
     -Large Potted Plant x 2
    +Bachman's Bookporium (P108)
     -Book (Engineering)
          -Hold onto Tools and Construction items 3x longer.
     -Book (Horror Novel 2)
          -Zombie defeat bonus +25% PP.
     -Book (Entertainment)
          -Hold onto Entertainment items 3x longer.
     -Book (Interior Design)
          -Hold onto Interior Design items 3x longer.
    +Tyke N' Tots (P109)
     -Suit Change (Green Ratman top, Jean shorts)
     -Hangar x 3
    +Ye Olde Toybox (P110)
     -Head Change (Bear)
     -Toy Laser Sword x 3
     -Boomerang x 3
     -Novelty Mask (Bear) x 3
     -Novelty Mask (Horse) x 5
    +Sportrance (P111)
    +First Floor
     -Shoe Change (White with red stripes)(? Not sure.  Can't remember.)
     -Register x 2
     -Cardboard Box
     -Hangar x 2
    +Second Floor
     -Golf Club x 2
     -Hangar x 6
     -Baseball Bat
     -Skateboard x 2
     -Bowling Ball
     -Register x 2
    +Universe of Optics (P112)
     -Glasses Change x 5 (Five different sets, not all the same)
     -Large Potted Plant x 3
    +Kid's Choice Clothing (P113)
     -Suit Change (Grey Ratman top, kid's shorts)
     -Head Change (Toy Horse Head)
     -Hanger x 2
     -Stuffed Bear
     -Register x 2
     -Cardboard Box
    +Josh's Jewels (P114)
     -Gem x 15
     -Chair x 4
     -Cardboard Box
    +Cam's Camera (P115)
     -Charge Battery
    +Shoekin's (P116)
     -Change Shoe (Forgot what kind)
     -Large Potted Plant x 2
    +Marriage Makers (P201)
     -Gem x 14
    +Columbian Roastmasters (P202)
     -Cooking: Blender
     -Cooking: Stove
     -Pie x 3
     -Can Drinks x 2
     -Frying Pan
     -Orange Juice x 2
     -Large Potted Plant x 2
     -Chair x 24
    +Tucci's of Rome (P203)
     -Suit Change (Jersey + Shorts)
     -Hat Change (Baseball Cap)
     -Hangar x 4
     -Cardboard Box
    +Lady About Town (P204)
     -Handbag x 5
    +Colby's Movieland (L1)
     -Rat Disc x 3
     -Gumball Machine
     -Garbage Can x 2
    +Concession / Back Counter
     -Cooking: Blender x 2
     -Register x 3
     -Cardboard Box x 2
     -Can Drinks x 2
     -Snack x 2
    +Gift Shop
     -Head Change (Mega Man Helmet)
     -Rat Stick
     -Mega Buster Toy x 3
    +Theater 1
     -Plywood Panel
     -Gumball Machine
     -Mannequin x 2
     -Steel Rack
     -2x4 x 2
     -Cardboard Box
    +Theater 2
     -Coffee Creamer x 2
     -Bucket x 4
     -Propane Tank
     -Steel Rack
    +Theater 3
     -Cone x 5
     -Coffee Creamer x 2
     -Paintin x 3
    +Theater 4
     -Propane Tank
    +Theater 4 Side Door
    +Theater 5
     -Can Drink x 3
     -Propane Tank
     -Stun Gun
     -Push Broom
     -Paint Can x 3
     -Cabbage x 2
     -Cardboard Box
     -Push Broom
    8.0 PP sticker locations
    Paradise Plaza
    - Bird statue clock between Contemporary Reading (P101) & Cam's Camera (P115)
    - Giant servbot in Child's Play (P102)
    - Girl cutout in front of Players (P103)
    - Store sign above Kids' Choice Clothing (P113)
    - Clock in Universe of Optics (P112)
    - Between basketball hoops on staircase in SporTrance (P11)
    - Green vase in Marriage Makers (P201)
    - Green sign over 1st floor in Colombian Roastmasters (P202)
    - Central green MegaMan shirt in Tucci's of Rome(P203)
    - Kids' Choice Clothing ad in stairwell near bathroom
    - Middle bear behind register in Ye Olde Toybox (P110)
    - Tyke N' Tots store sign (P109)
    - Tunemakers store sign (P106)
    - Jill's Sandwiches store sign (P104)
    - Ratman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland (L1)
    - Megaman cutout in front of Colby's Movieland (L1)
    - Colby's Movieland sign (L1)
    Colby's Movieland
    - Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
    - Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
    - Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
    - Movie poster behind the snack counter (4 total)
    - Ratman cutout on the right side of the gift shop
    - Fox cutout on the left side of the gift shop
    - Fox cutout inside the gift shop
    - (Requires you getting abducted by the cult) On the red tarp
    - (Requires you getting abducted by the cult) On the fox cutout
    Entrance Plaza
    - On a brown teddy bear in the southeast corner Children's Castle (E109)
    - Shoes on pedestal right inside of Refined Class (E103)
    - On the big green tent in Sports High (E102)
    - Outermost doors, leading out of the mall on the south end
    - Bee statue at the south end of the Plaza
    - Girl cutout in front of Robsaka Digital (E218)
    - Fox cutout in front of Robsaka Digital (E218)
    - Antique crown in Ned's Nicknackery (E205)
    - Green vase in Special Gifts (E206)
    - Poster on the north wall of Estelle's Cosmetics (E210)
    Al Fresca Plaza
    - Entrance to Food Court sign
    - Between 2 Paintings in gym
    - Middle treadmill in gym
    - Second West-most stationary bike gym
    - Cushion of the east most weight bench gym
    - Above the poster of the kid flexing gym
    - On the "E" of the Flexin' banner inside gym
    - Poster inside of Eyes Like Us (A107)
    - Shoes on pedestal right inside of Brand New U (A102)
    - Columbian Roastmaster's sign (A108)
    - Menu of Hamburger Fiefdom (A101)
    Food Court
    - Food Court bee sign
    - Food Court bull sign
    - Cowboy cutout to the right and below the bee sign
    - Central Nachos sign
    - Dark Bean mug sign
    - Meaty Burgers sign
    - Frozen Dreams sign
    - Jade Paradise sign
    - Teresa's Oven sign
    - Statue of a chef in front of Chris' Fine Foods (F103)
    - Statue of a chef behind Chris' Fine Foods (F103)
    Wonderland Plaza
    - South end windmill in the south play area
    - West side of the yellow house in the south play area
    - South side of the yellow house in the north play area
    - Big bunny statue near Food Court entrance
    - Big bunny statue near North Plaza entrance
    - Sign behind the cash register in Small Fry Duds (W101)
    - The green and yellow balloon to the left of the register in Small Fry Duds 
    - Sir Book-a-Lot store sign (W204)
    - Kokonutz Sports Town store sign (W202)
    - Alien sign on top of the Space Rider ride (west side)
    - Astronaut on top of the Space Rider ride (west side)
    - Space Rider sign (west side)
    - Astronaut on top of the Space Rider ride (east side)
    - Shirt on display on the north wall of Scuffs & Scrapes (W109)
    - In Homerunner's sporting goods shop, picture of a red uniformed team 
    celebrating (W108)
    North Plaza
    - Cupid fountain near Crislip's Home Saloon (L2)
    - Crislip's Home Saloon sign (L2)
    - Behind Crislip's Home Saloon counter on a signboard (L2)
    - "Gardening as a passtime" sign in the southwest corner of Crislip's Home 
    Saloon (L2)
    - American Flag in the right window outside of the Huntin' Shack (N127)
    - The cut-out of a guy in green holding a rifle, in the window to the right 
    of the Huntin' Shack (N127)
    - On the nose of the deer head in the back of the Huntin' Shack (N127)
    - On the nose of the deer head in the front of the Huntin' Shack (N127)
    - "Seon's Food" sign. The sticker is between the O and D in food (L3)
    - On the "Seafood" sign in Seon's Food (L3)
    - On the "Meats" sign in Seon's Food (L3)
    - On the "Pharmacy" bottle sign in Seon's Food (L3)
    - North helmet showcase In Ripper's Blades (N116)
    - South helmet showcase In Ripper's Blades (N116)
    Leisure Park
    - North face of the clock tower
    - East face of the clock tower
    - South face of the clock tower
    - By parking lot with red car and motorcycle, above the entrance to the 
    Security Room
    - On the board behind the couch in the security room
    - Security room entrance ventilation duct
    Maintenance Tunnels
    - One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
    - One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
    - One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
    - One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
    - One on each of the bomb trucks (5 total)
    Meat Processing Area
    - Cow poster on north wall
    - Top of meat shute on north wall
    This list is credited to everyone that put it together in S. Hiryu's and
    Estabon1's topics. I came up with half of them but was tired of doing it so i
    posted this list so everyone could have access to it on my walkthrough.
    9.0 Franks Moveset from level gains
    Here is a Listing of the moves unlocked and how to do them for a quick refrence
    Take note that these moves cannot be performed until gained from leveling up.
    Jump Kick-Press X in mid jump
    Zombie Ride-Press A while pressing Left analog forward near standing Zombies.
    Kick Back-When grabbed repeatedly push Left analog stick in direction of zombie 
    to deliver a kick to the attacker
    Flying dodge-Double tap Left analog stick in direction you want to evade to
    Power push-When grabbed repeatedly push left analog to right or left to repel
    the attack
    Football Tackle-Press A while clicking in the Left analog stick
    Judo Throw-When grabbed by a zombie push down repeatedly on the left analog
    stick to toss over your shoulder
    Double Lariat-Press X while clicking in Left analog stick to do this spinning 
    move.Note if you have a weapon equipped you will toss it when you finish the
    Roundhouse Kick-Press X right as you land from a jump or drop.This makes a good
    combo with the drop kick as it clears out groups.
    Lift Up-While facing a zombie from the front press X and A button together 
    without moving the analog stick to pick up a enemy.Press X to throw.
    Knee Drop-During a jump press Down on the left analog and the X button for a 
    Powerful head bursting knee.
    Suplex-From behind a enemy press X and A together without moving the left 
    analog stick.
    Wall Kick-Jump towards a wall and press the left analog stick in the opposite
    direction plus the x button for this awesome flying kick.Good for knocking down
    large groups.
    Hammer Throw-Stand to the side of the zombie and press X and A button together
    Use the Left analog stick to choose the direction you want to send it.
    Neck Twist-Stand near the head of a downed enemy (must be still alive)and press
    A and X together.
    Giant Swing-Stand near the feet of a zombie and press A and X together.This
    will pick the zombie up and swing then into other zombies.Be sure to toss them 
    with the X button.If you spin for too long Frank will get dizzied for about 10
    seconds.tap the left analog left and right to recover faster.
    Face Crusher-Press X and A button while pushing forward on the left analog from
    Behind the zombie.
    Disembowel-Push forward on the left analog stick while pressing A and X button
    Together for this gut wrenching move.This move also works on cult members
    Somersault Kick-Press A to jump then immediately press X.Looks just like guiles
    Flash kick from street fighter.It decapitates.
    Karate Chop-Press X and it will chop zombies approaching frank from behind.
    Zombie Walk-Continue to hold down X to blend in with the zombies make sure you 
    are unequipped.
    10.0 Unlockable special items from Achievements
    Item				Achievement
    Ammo Belt 			Perfect Gunner 
    Arthur's Boxers			7 Day Survivor
    Police Hat                      Saint
    Hockey Mask 			PP Collector 
    Laser Sword 			5 Day Survivor 
    Mall Employee Uniform 		Transmissionary 
    Real Mega Buster. 		Zombie Genocide 
    Mega Man Boots 			Unbreakable 
    Mega Man Tights 		Punisher 
    Prisoner Garb 			Carjacker 
    Pro Wrestling Boots 		Item Smasher 
    Pro Wrestling Briefs 		Karate Chop 
    Special Forces Boots 		Legendary Soldier 
    Special Forces Uniform 		Hella Copter 
    White Hat 			Census Taker
    And these are the endings in the story mode and how to obtain them
    Ending A- Solve all cases, talk to Isabella at 10am, and return to the heleport
              at 12 pm on the 22nd 
    Ending B- Don't solve all cases and be at the heliport on time 
    Ending C- Solve all cases but do not talk to Isabella at 10am on the last day 
    Ending D- Be a prisoner of the special forces at 12 pm on the 22nd 
    Ending E- Dont be at the helliport and dont solve all cases 
    Ending F- Fail to collect all of Carlitos bombs on act 7-2 
    11.0 Legal and Contact information
    All users may use this faq publicly but I must remained credited for it.
    If you have any questions or would like to contribute something e-mail me at 
    This Faq is only posted for gamefaqs.
    Addition websites this faq is posted on
    Any other use of this Faq without my knowledge will be taken action upon.
    Any use of this faq beyond whats listed should be brought to my attention
    Dead Rising is a (C)trademark of Capcom.

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