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    Clothing Guide by GeistCH

    Version: 0.91 | Updated: 08/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead Rising
    Clothing Guide v0.91
    by GeistCH
    [1.0] - - - - - Statement of Purpose
    [2.0] - - - - - The Lists
      [2.1] - - - - Clothing Around the Mall
      [2.2] - - - - Achievement Unlockable Clothing
    [3.0] - - - - - Notes
    [4.0] - - - - - Credits and Legal
    - Version History - 
    0.9 - - - - - Aug. 17, 06 - First Run.  Likely double tagged repeat clothing
                                items as unique for the purpose of clothes
                                horse.  Will fix later, not a big deal.
    0.91- - - - - Aug. 18, 06 - Added Red and Black Hair dye, Shaved head.
    [1.0] - Purpose of this FAQ -
    Who doesn't like to look good?  Nobody!  And quite Frankly (get it?), that
    Purple dress doesn't go well with the orange sneakers and pearl anklet.
    Use this FAQ to make whooping zombie arse - however you do it - just that
    much more fashionable.
    The order I have listed the clothing in, is in the order the stores are in 
    in the mall.  The sections are covered counter-clockwise, from PP around to
    North Plaza.
    As you go down the list, you'll find entries marked with a *.  This indicates
    that if you follow the list from top to bottom this is the first place you
    will encounter this particular piece of clothing for the purpose of the
    "Clothes Horse" achievement.  Something else to remember is that you do
    not need to wear all of these in one playthrough to get Clothes Horse.
    I am aware that there may be cases that I have listed an item as being unique
    for that purpose more than once.  When it was difficult for me to tell if I 
    had seen that garment before, I marked it as Unique.  I compiled the
    information for this guide during an A ending play through for another
    achievement, and as such my time as contrained and I was forced sometimes to
    go looking for clothes in the dark.. which made telling some colors apart
    kind difficult.
    It's possible that I'm missing some of the achievement based clothing. I'm
    nearly done with the achievements, but I seem to remember ending a game
    without saving after unlocking one early on which may have resulted in me
    not getting a particular unlock.
    Contact me at " GeistCH@comcast.net " with any comments, corrections,
    or additions.
    [2.0] - The Lists
    [2.1] - Clothing Around the Mall
    Paradise Plaza
    P102 - Servbot Mask*
    P107 - Grey Fedora*
    P107 - Black Dress Shoes*
    P107 - Grey Pants/White Shirt/Black Tie*
    P109 - Green Ratman Shirt w/ Denim Shorts*
    P110 - Teddy Bear Mask*
    P111 - White/Red Lowtops w/Socks*
    P112 - Silver Rimless Glasses*
    P112 - Silver Sunglasses*
    P112 - Red Armless Shades*
    P112 - Black/Orange Sunglasses*
    P112 - Grey Sunglasses*
    P113 - Red/Grey Ratman Shirt w/ Brown Shorts*
    P113 - Horse Mask* (Back room)
    P116 - White Shoes*
    P116 - Black Shoes w/ Purple Socks*
    P203 - Black Shirt/Shorts w/ Picture + Pinstripes*
    P203 - Black Baseball Cap*
    L1   - Mega Man Helmet (Theater Gift Shop)*
    Entrance Plaza
    E101 - White Skirt-Suit*
    E102 - Brown Camo Vesst w/ Shorts*
    E103 - Grey Skirt-Suit*
    E104 - Red/Black running Shoes*
    E104 - White/Red Lowtops w/Socks
    E104 - Orange Lowtops w/ White Pearl Anklet*
    E104 - Spandex Track Suit*
    E104 - Bare Feet*
    E105 - Red/Grey Ratman Shirt w/ Brown Shorts
    E106 - Black Slacks/Shirt w/ Red Tie*
    E106 - Black Pants/White Shirt/Black Tie*
    E107 - Black Dress Shoes
    E107 - White Shoes
    E109 - Imp Mask*
    E110 - Pink/Black Dress*
    E111 - White Shoes
    E111 - Brown Suede/Fur suit*
    E112 - White Teddy*
    E113 - Black Sports Outfit #34*
    E113 - Black Fedora*
    E202 - Grey Pinstripes*
    E204 - Purple Dress*
    E207 - USA Track Outfit*
    E209 - White Suit*
    E210 - Grey Hair Dye*
    E210 - Brown Hair Dye*
    E212 - Pink/Black Dress
    E213 - Grey Sunglasses*
    E213 - Silver Rimless Glasses
    E213 - Silver Shades
    E213 - Grey Rimless Sunglasses*
    E214 - Black Shirt/Shorts w/ Picture + Pinstripes
    E214 - Light Brown Fedora*
    E214 - White/Blue Ball Cap*
    E215 - White Shoes
    E215 - Black Shoes w/ Purple Socks
    E216 - Blue/White Flowery Dress*
    E219 - Green Ratman Shirt w/ Denim Shorts
    Al Fresca Plaza
    A102 - Pink Suit-Skirt*
    A107 - Silver Rimless Glasses
    A107 - Grey Sunglasses
    A107 - Silver Shades
    A107 - Grey Rimless Sunglasses
    A107 - Red Armless Shades
    Wonderland Plaza
    W101 - Pink/Black Striped Shirt w/ Pink Shorts*
    W102 - White/Blue Flowery Fress
    W107 - Black Skirt-suit*
    W108 - Spandex Track Suit
    W109 - Blue Shirt w/ White Stars and Red Shorts*
    W110 - Red Hair Dye*
    W110 - Black Hair Dye*
    W201 - Black Baseball Cap
    W201 - Red/Black Running Shoes
    W201 - Blue/White Baseball Cap
    W202 - Blue Vest w/ Tan Shorts*
    W205 - Silver Rimless Glasses
    W205 - Black/Orange Sunglasses
    W205 - Red Armless Shades
    W205 - Grey Sunglasses
    W207 - Yellow Suit*
    W208 - Black/Pink Dress
    Stuff with no other Home
    - Black Fedora in a bin in an empty store near the gun shop.
    - Barefoot change in the lake in Leisure Park
    - Bathroom Mirrors remove Glasses/Masks.
    - Boxes under the Heliport stairs return Frank to original clothes.
    - You can shave your head in Ripper's Blades.  Does not count for Clothes
    Security Room clothing and Related Achievement** (SPOILERS)
    Ammo Belt - Perfect Gunner
    Arthur's Boxers - 7 Day Survivor
    Cop Hat - Saint
    Hockey Mask - PP Collector
    Mall Employee Uniform - Transmissionary
    Mega Man Boots - Unbreakable
    Mega Man Torso - Punisher
    Prisoner Outfit - Carjacker
    Wrestling Boots - Item Smasher
    Wrestling Shorts - Karate Champ
    Special Forces Boots - Legendary Soldier
    Special Forces Uniform - Hella Copter
    White Hat - Census Taker 
    [3.0] Notes
    I wish to point out that contrary to widespread speculation, clothing
    doesn't seem to do anything at all.  No unbreakable items, infinite ammo,
    etc etc. Nada. It's there to look good and distract you from how
    horrifically deformed Frank's nose is.
    Also take note:  You don't need to wear the security room outfits to be
    awarded Clothes Horse.
    **(From List Above)I pulled this info from my own game, and from the
    GameFAQs message boards.  Credit/Blame for the information on the
    security room clothing and their related achievements goes to the boards.
    [4.0]  Credits and Copyright
    Capcom for making the game.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Thanks to Tsylus for pointing out a couple I omitted.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeff Smeland 2006.  
    You may contact me at:  GeistCH@comcast.net .

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