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    Weapon Guide by Vermilion

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 11/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (Why is this game is ALL CAPS on Xbox Live?)
    Wheeee! Fun, fun Weapon Guide (version 1.9)
    by Papillon db
    [1] - Introduction and Notes
    [2] - Alphabetical List of Weapons
    [3] - Wheeee! Fun, fun Weapon Guide
    [4] - Closing 
    [5] - Legal
    I know, you're just like me - well, I'm sure not too many of your are 
    just like me :P, but you bought this game because you got sucked into
    the promise of killing copious amounts of zombies with whatever you
    could get your hands on.
    Capcom most certainly did deliver on that promise and offers up a never
    ending stream of walking dead to unleash your inner horror movie geek
    on. Almost anything can be picked up and used as a weapon to defeat,
    main, kill (again), humiliate, or incapacitate the
    undead lurking the halls of Willamette Parkview Mall.
    So, what are all these weapons that you can get your hands on?
    What do they all do? 
    What are the best ones, and what should you generally avoid?
    Or, the real question: 
    which ones chop up zombies into little itty bitty fish bait while
    painting the walls with gore and a shower of crimson rain?
    That's what you really want to know isn't it? ^^
    (That would be the Excavator btw)
    I've been playing Dead Rising since it came out and have found great
    joy in dispatching zombies in all the various ways, and now I'd like
    to pass some of that joy to you. Not all of the joy though, I still
    have to keep some of it for myself, or I'd stop playing the game.
    That being said, I have found and used every one of these weapons
    during my travels, but many of them I've only had once or twice (the
    pickaxe, for example). I'm sorry if I forgot exactly where I got it
    or exactly what it does, but any weapon that's worth it's weight in
    zombie guts is most assuredly accounted for and thoroughly examined.
    I will very likely be playing this game for a long time to come and
    will update the fun, fun list as new uses for these toys are found.
    Experimentation is still underway and there will likely be many more
    different uses for weapons to be discovered!
    Time to kill some zombies...
    First and foremost, let's just make a comprehensive list of everything
    that you can shove into a zombie's skull and watch him squirm with.
    Weapons marked with an * are rare and usually only found in one place,
    like after killing a psychopath.
    Collect the whole set!
    2'x 4"
    Acoustic Guitar
    Baking Ingredients
    Baseball Bat
    Bass Guitar
    Battle Axe
    Bowling Ball
    Canned Food
    Canned Sauce
    Cardboard Box
    Cash Register
    CDs (30 count)
    Ceremonial Sword*
    Chinese Cleaver*
    Cooking Oil
    Dishes (30 count)
    Drink Cans (12 count fridge pack)
    Electric Guitar
    Fire Axe
    Fire Extiguisher (100 % full)
    Frank West
    Frying Pan
    Garbage Can
    Gems (10 count)
    Golf Club (and 30 balls)
    Gumball Machine
    Hand Gun (30 bullet clip)
    Heavy Machinegun (and a whopping 200 rounds)*
    Hedge Trimmer
    Hockey Stick (and 30 pucks)
    Hunk of Meat (ewwwwwwwwww)
    Hunting Knife
    King Salmon
    Laser Sword*
    Lawn Mower
    Lead Pipe
    Lipstick Prop
    Machinegun (with 150 bullets)
    Mailbox Post
    Mannequin Female
    Mannequin Male
    Mannequin Limbs (arms and legs)
    Real Mega Buster*
    Mega Buster*
    Molotov Cocktail*
    Nailgun (and 60 nails)
    Novelty Masks (bear, horse, servbot, and imp)
    Oil Bucket
    Paint Can
    Painting (5 flavors)
    Perfume Prop
    Pet Food
    Plywood Panel
    Potted Plant (6 flavors)
    Propane Tank (small)
    Propane Tank (large, w/ dolly)
    Push Broom
    Push Broom Handle
    Rat Saucer*
    Rat Stick*
    Sausage Rack*
    Saw Blade
    Shopping Cart
    Shotgun (with 20 round capacity)
    Shower Head
    Small Chainsaw*
    Sniper Rifle (and 30 bullets)
    Soccer Ball
    Steel Rack
    Store Display
    Stuffed Bear
    Stungun (with 100% of charge)
    Submachine Gun (with a 150 round clip)
    Toy Cube
    Toy Laser Sword
    TV (non-HD)
    Water Gun (with 30 squirts)
    Weapon Cart*
    Wine Cask
    Okay, so not *everything* in the mall can be picked up and used, but it's
    pretty close.
    While I'm sure we all have our "wish list" of weapon that we would like to
    see (I know I do), this is more than enough to wreak havoc on zombies with.
    Okay, now we come to the (Hunk of) Meat of this Guide. I'm going to break
    each weapon down into several points:
    Name - Duhr, the name of the weapon and a short description or (relatively)
    funny joke.
    Type - Type of weapon: melee, firearm, or humliation weapon
    Longevity - How long the weapon lasts before it "breaks." I give more of a
    relative term rather than a specific (i.e. 10 swings) because this can
    change depending on your attack power and whether or not its
    nighttime and the zombies are slightly more powerful. The big,
    fat cop zombies are also more durable than, say, the female zombies
    in skimpy dresses. The longevity of an item has more of a "feel" to
    it than actual count, says I.
    Power - Larger weapons made of steel are generally more damaging than
    small ones or ones made out of cheap plastic or cuddly stuffing (but
    they're not as cute).
    Location - Most weapons are just lying around everywhere and anywhere, but
    some are special or confined to a certain area or type of store. I'm not
    going to list every location for "one here" weapons, just where these
    weapons are most easily found, and usually in numbers. For example, there
    IS one Toolbox in the back corner of the parking lot, but they are more
    easily found in the warehouse.
    Attacks - Most weapons have more than one use, and some of them are not
    inherently obvious. That's where the fun comes in. Also, some weapons have
    different effects if thrown, but most only go "BONK."
    Rating - My own personal rating of how effective or useful the weapon is.
    Keep in my mind that this is only my opinion. You mileage may vary.
    Wheeeee! Factor - How fun is the weapon to use. That's why you're killing
    zombies isn't it? For the fun of it! Also only my own opinion.
    See also - People who bought this weapon also bought these...
    2' x 4"
    A brown long hunk of wood.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Great!
    Location: Spread out throughout the mall. Find a bunch lying around North 
    Plaza amidst the construction. Also, there's an infinite supply inside 
    Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza and McHandy's Hardware (A105)
    in Al Fresca Plaza.
    A great go-to weapon for all around zombie killing use. Most zombies fall
    to just one swing to the head. I guess it's only negative is that it won't
    hit more than one zombie at a time. It lasts for a good while too.
    Rating: A+ can't go too wrong with some 2'x4"'s in your inventory
    Wheeee! Factor: A  You did buy this game to bean zombies in the head with
    big sticks of wood, right?
    Old school guitar made of wood.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Tunemakers (P106) in Paradise Plaza
    Snag one of these and go Unplugged on some zombies. It has no special
    attacks, but it is a little more powerful than a totally average weapon.
    Good if you just run out weapons fending off the cultists in front of
    the movie theater.
    While all of the guitars are effectively the same, each type has a different
    set of animations for their attacks. The Acoustic Guitar has sort of a
    "stabbing" motion in front of you.
    A lost touch is would be the abilty to smash this over a zombie's head
    like the Honky Tonk Man. :(
    Rating: C+  Unspectacular, but certainly works
    Wheeeee! Factor: B-  Makes nice guitar noises when swung. I'm also 
    overcome by the urge to sing Wanted Dead or Alive when I have it for some
    See also: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
    (A big stuffed teddy bear goes to Lucas for pointing out the differences
    in guitars. I guess I never noticed. I usually pass by Tunemakers making
    a beeline for that Bowling Ball. ^^)
    Bag of Flour
    Type: Humliation, thrown
    Longevity: Single use
    Power: None
    Location: Many restaurants and in the Food Court
    This is why I love this game. Sure, chopping up zombies into bloody chunks is
    always fun, but it's the addition of these non-lethal, but hilarious weapons
    that keeps me playing this game.
    Throw or hit a zombie in the head with this to cover their face in flour and
    watch them stumble about blind. Snap a photo for an Outake PP shot.
    However, if you don't hit them in the face, it doesn't work.
    Rating: F as a weapon, but that's not it's purpose.
    Wheeeee! Factor: B  always cracks me up, but there are better humliation
    weapons out there.
    See also: Paint Can
    Not to be confused with the Dumbbell. The Barbell is the big, long one.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Strong
    Location: Flexin' (A104) in Al Fresca Plaza. You can take the one of the
    weight benches too.
    It packs a punch and will actually last a little bit if you take it into
    a crowd of brain muchers and start swinging away. However, it is very heavy
    and cumbersome and will likely get you grabbed by a zombie as you recover
    from it's heavy, long swings. It certainly puts zombies down though.
    Try it when you tried all the other (i.e. good) weapons. You're better off
    just throwing one to clear your path out of Flexin' after saving your game.
    (You *ARE* saving at every oppurtunity aren't you?)
    Rating: D  waaaay to slow to be truly effective. Especially when there is
    2' x 4"'s across the street
    Wheeeee! Factor: C  Frank must be a pretty freakin' strong guy to actually
    wield a barbell. Yikes!
    See also: Dumbbell
    Hey batta, batta! Swing batta!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Good
    Location: All over. Oft found in trash cans, strewn about Leisure Park, and
    an endless supply in sporting goods stores. I always grab the one lying next
    to the steel rack on the rooftop by the elevator.
    Probably the best non-special weapon in the entire game. It's fairly lethal
    and will hit more than one zombie with its swing.
    Hold down the X button to wind up and wait for the unfortunate zombie to
    step up to the plate. Then swing away, Merrill! A fully powered hit also
    nets you 10 PP.
    Arm yourself with these and some 2'x4"'s and you are good to go, my friend.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeeee! Factor: A+ I don't need to elaborate on the joys of hitting a 
    zombie with a baseball bat do I?
    Similar to the Acoustic Guitar, but has a deeper voice.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Good
    Location: Tunemakers (P106) in Paradise Plaza
    Interchangable wiht the other guitars, just with a different sound when swung.
    I guess whatever suits your musical taste best is the guitar you'll pick (no
    pun intended).
    The Bass Guitar's special attack is to smash the guitar with an 
    onerhead full-on headbangers' smash the speakers move. Then, why isn't
    that the special move for the Electric Guitar?
    As weapons, all of the guitars make fine zombie bashers. It's just that there
    is better.
    Rating: C+  
    Wheeeee! Factor: C   Bass is not really my thing. I'm more of headbanger. ^^
    See also: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    (A big stuffed teddy bear goes to Lucas for pointing out the differences
    in guitars. I guess I never noticed. I usually pass by Tunemakers making
    a beeline for that Bowling Ball. ^^)
    Ancient Medievil (or modern MMO) two handed Battle Axe.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Lots and lots
    Location: Ned's Knickknackery (E205) Entrance Plaza top floor
    Woof! This thing rocks. Grab some and go-a zombie chopping. Swings relativly
    fast and sends zombie limbs flying.
    Charge up X for a few seconds and then let it fly. Frank will spin around
    with the axe like a whirling dervish, clearing all in his path. Obviously,
    this will use up the axe faster, but you grabbed more than one right?
    Throwing the axe will result in zombie-cide too. Just go get it.
    Rating: A+   Chop-saki!!
    Wheeee! Factor: A+  Especially in whirlish dervish mode.
    Wooden bench previously used for sitting on.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Depends on how many zombies you take out at once it. I usually
    throw them.
    Power: Tons
    Location: All over the mall. The park benches in Leisure Park can NOT be
    picked up however. :(
    This is a very underrated weapon, probably because it is unspectacular and
    unwieldy. However, this thing can clear paths of zombies is a flash.
    When used with just the X button, Frank lunges forward, plowing down zombies
    directly in front of him. This is great in the first onsluaght in the
    Entrance Hall in getting to the srairs. Also, when zombies gather around a
    fallen human an start chowing down, this move can wipe them all out if
    aimed properly.
    That is its main drawback. The bench only hits zombies directly in front of
    Frank, leaving him open from all other sides. 
    That's why I usually thrown them. When, thrown, the bench clear clear a long
    and wide path throguh the throngs of undead, allowing for safe passage.
    Also, a thrown bench is *excellent* for clearing out groups of the raincoat
    cultists. It usually kills them outright, leaving only the 6 and 10 pin
    cultists left.
    Rating: A  Seriously. Benches are plentiful and powerful. Path clearers of
    the highest order.
    Wheeeee! Factor: C   Okay, not whoppingly fun. 
    An ageless, ancient Australian killing machine. Or small child's toy.
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: Depends on if you catch it.
    Power: Small
    Location: Toy stores and there's a few in Leisure Park
    More silly than actually useful. The Boomerang will hit the zombie in front
    of you, and any in the way on it's return trip. I guess if you got good with
    these, they could be quite effective at knocking zombies down. Takes a lot
    to actually kill with though.
    Rating: C-  It does have the ability to knock out more than one zombie, 
    that's always a plus.
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   Funny for a little bit.
    These only come in blue? <insert your own blue balls joke here>
    Type: Melee and thrown
    Longevity: Moderate unless you bowl it and lose it.
    Power: Heavy
    Location: Sports stores and there is one in the fountain in front of Colby's
    Occasionaly found in cardboard boxes.
    One of my personal favorite weapons in the game. 
    Always keep in mind that you do not have to throw the bowling bowl. You
    can swing it like a regular melee weapon. It is also very powerful this
    way, often smashing a zombie's head in a gout of blood. Lasts a long time
    too, but is a little slow to wield.
    Now, when "bowled" (using the throw button) you can line up your shot and let
    fly, knocking down any zombie in its path. Hold down the X button to charge
    your shot more, getting more zombies and a little PP.
    Achievement Note: To get the "Strike!" achievement, you must knock down 10
    zombies in a row with the same shot. The best places for this are North Plaza
    and everybodys' favorite Maintenence Tunnels.
    Rating: A
    Wheeeee! Factor: A+   
    A simple metal bucket
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Fairly decent if you actually swing it.
    Power: Light
    Location: All over. Lots in North Plaza
    Yes, you can actually swing the buckets by holding X longer and beat
    zombies with it. It's low on power though.
    The bucket's real purpose is to tap X and put it over a nearby zombie's head
    to blind it. It will then stumble about forever. Worth an Outtake PP shot.
    Rating: C  Blinding weapon, usefull for that only
    Wheeee! Factor: C   Moderately funny, but the other "place it over their
    head" weapons are funnier.
    See also: Novelty Masks, Pylon, Smokestack
    I haven't figured out if this this cactus is supposed to be real or plastic.
    Type: Melee, but better thrown
    Longevity: Decent
    Power: Moderate
    Location: That Wild West Food Court. Yee-haw!
    Unfortunately, zombies don't because littered with cactus needles after you
    whack them with this a few times. 
    Throw it to knock zombies out of your way.
    Rating: C  One of those "throw it to clear your way" weapons, which do have
    their purpose.
    Wheeee! Rating: F :(  Now, if zombies beacme walking pincushions, then we'd
    be on to something.
    It's a can. That's it.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Small
    Location: Usually in cardbaord boxes.
    If there is some secret ability of the canned food, I have yet to find it.
    I guess it's there as a thrown item if you have absolutely nothing else.
    You can swing it, but it does little damage.
    No, this is not a consumable item, but a weapon, but you can make juices
    out of it like the Condiment. Just stick it in a blender.
    Still, there's chainsaws out there ya know!
    Rating: F
    Wheeee! Factor: F
    A large cardboard box.
    Type: Melee, storage
    Longevity: One hit before it breaks
    Power: Light
    Location: All over. Check every corner and nook and cranny to find them.
    The cardboard box is not really a weapon in itself, but a hiding place for
    other weapons or food. Pick it up and thrown it or Knee Drop it to break it
    open and claim your prize.
    Often hides that pack of Frozen Vegetables you so desperately need to get
    some heath back.
    No, you cannot hide in them like Snake. If this were a Konami game I'd
    bet you could, but then again, you couldn't dress up like Megaman either.
    Rating: hehe, A to F, depending on what's inside.
    Wheeee! Factor: F   Functional, nut not fun.
    See also: Garbage Can
    Big White Cash register
    Type: Melee
    Longvetiy: Short
    Power: Heavy
    Location: Every single store in the mall. Most have more than one.
    These wouldn't be so good if they weren't so plentiful. Probably meant to
    be the last resort weapon when you run out of everything else. Big and heavy,
    but it willbash zombies into the linolium. 
    Or you can throw it and watch the money go flying as well as the zombies.
    Rating: B-   Mostly because these things are literally everywhere.
    Wheeee! Factor: C-   Dull, except when the money explodes.
    And you thought your music store had too many of the same album.
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: 30 CDs.
    Power: Light
    Location: Every music store
    Either on manual aim or auto-aim, you chuck these 30 CDs into your zombies
    while saying "I come in PEACE!" (Yay! to the three of you who get that joke)
    A last resort weapon.
    Rating: D    if you have nothing else, or have used everyting else
    Wheeee! Factor: D  ( C+ if you've seen that movie :) )
    Seea also: Dishes, Drink Cans, Gems
    A golden sword adorned with runes and jewels and such.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Pretty good actually
    Power: Great
    Location: Only gotten after killing Sean, leader of the raincoat cult in
    Colby's Movieland during the scoop "A Strange Group."
    After his failed atempt to use this against you, this is right next to
    Sean's fallen body. I don't think this is any more powerful than the regular
    sword, but it does lasy for a long time and it is very useful against the
    swarm of cultists who come running in afterwards.
    Should you save the ceremonial sword for zombie killing, it behaves just
    like the normal sword.
    Jump and press X to unleash a downward strike instead of a Jump Kick. This
    is both a good and bad thing. It is good because it cleaves zombies in two,
    but slightly bad because the Jump Kick is very useful defensice manuever and
    you lose it when equipped with a sword.
    Still, Asan Chop!!
    Rating: A   Chops up zombies and cultists alike
    Wheeee! Factor: A   
    See also: Katana, Sword
    Aaaaah yes, the one you've been waiting for.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Appallingly short
    Power: Lots and lots
    Location: McHandy's Hardware (A105) in Al Fresca Plaza
    I don't need to tell you all the wonderful things that a chainsaw can do to
    a zombie. I'm sure you can figure all that out yourself. Okay, I will. It's
    a chainsaw. I slices. It slices. It juliannes (whoever she is). You can also
    stand still and let zombies stumble into it for fun.
    Now, let me tell you why this is NOT the best weapon in the game. It counts
    as a heavy weapon, meaning you cannot store it or switch weapons to something
    else without dropping it. alos, if you get grabbed or struck by a zombie,
    you will drop it. 
    But mostly, this thing doesn't last long at all. Even if you grab a 
    construction book, it still doesn't last long. It's really pathetic.
    But, while it does last, it does do everything you dreamed of.
    Rating: B+   A if it lasted. Maybe I'm being harsh, but it upsets me.
    Wheeee! Factor: A+  Zombie + Chainsaw = fun!
    See also: Excavator, Small Chainsaw
    Get...the Comfy Chair!!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Scattered about, but mostly in restaurants and the Food Court.
    Two types: The cushy stuffed chair and the white plastic chairs, but both
    are equal in my eyes. 
    Mostly used when you have nothing else, like cash registers.
    It's a chair, not much else yo say about them.
    Rating: D+   They work at least...
    Wheeee! Factor: D   ...they're just boring.
    Now THAT's a knife!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Lots
    Location: After killing Larry the Butcher in Case 8-4, aptly named,
    "The Butcher"
    Larry's great big butcher knife. Chops up zombies and humans alike into
    ground chuck Larry would have been proud of (if he was still alive).
    Throw it for good zombie appedage removal.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+     Choppy choppy!
    This is the regular version of the butcher's knife.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Good
    Location: Meat Processing Area, Jill's Sandwiches (P104), a few other food
    related places.
    This is a really good weapon actually. It slashes fast and powerful and lasts
    a respectable amount of time. Should you be in the Maintence Tunnel, duck
    into the Meat processing Area to pick these up. 
    You can also throw these for zombie insta-kills and great fun. That TWACK!
    sound is very gratifying.
    Rating: A    Fast, powerful, and effective
    Wheeee! Factor: B+   More fun if thrown, you just have to go get it.
    See also: Hunting Knife
    Big yellow bottle that is not Orange Juice.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: One use
    Power: None
    Location: Most restaurants
    One of the funnier weapons, throw the cooking oil at the feet of zombies and
    watch them slide and slide on the slick surface. they'll do that until it
    dries up.
    A good tactic go into am area that has only one entrance, then throw a cooking
    oil at the base of that entrance. Zombies won't be able to get in.
    Outtake PP shot.
    Rating: D   Only useful in certain situations. More for humor.
    Wheeee! Factor: A  This is one of those things that hasn't gotten old yet.
    Bottle of Ketchup (or is that barbeque sauce?)
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: One use
    Power: None
    Location: Most food type places
    You'd think this is just like the Cooking Oil and causes zombies to slip and
    fall, but you'd be wrong. It's even better. What you do is jam the bottle
    into a zombie's mouth and leave it there. Great photo op!
    Also note that the Condiment can also be used as an ingredient in making
    Rating: D   Humliation weapon
    Wheeee! Factor: A   Funny, funny.
    Pile of ceramic dishes
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: 30 dishes
    Power: Not bad actually
    Location: We are on a restaurant kick aren't we?
    Angry housewives beware! There's a new gunslinger in town! Aim and throw.
    These are better than the CDs and gems and can kill zombies in two hits
    Rating: C+     The best of the thrown weapons
    Wheeee! Factor: C    sorta funny
    See also: CDs, Drink Cans, Gems
    Now comes in the handy fridge pack. How trendy.
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: 12 cans
    Power: Light
    Location: Just so I don't say "restaurants" again, there are some in the
    picnic area in Leisure Park and behind the counter at Colby's. Okay,
    restaurants too.
    Wow, you guys and your soda cans. :P
    After futher experimentation with the soda cans, they have been found to be
    much more powerful than originally listed. A well aimed shot to the head
    will certainly bring a zombie down. 
    I still say they should explode into a shower of fizz and foam. Travesty
    says I!
    Rating: C+   Just manually aim.
    Wheeee! Factor: D, the first time.
    See also: CDs, Dishes, Gems
    The handheld version of the Barbell.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Good
    Location: Flexin' (A104) in Al Fresca Plaza. There's also one in the fountain.
    Actually a respectable weapon. There is better true, but also much worse too.
    It is slow to swing, but just as powerful as you would guess it was. Braining
    zombies heavy objects is pretty much the sole purpose of this game.
    Rating: B
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   Bowling balls is cuter, but this is fine.
    See also: Barbell
    Who are you? Stevie Ray Vaughn? Eddie Van Halen? or maybe Steve Clark?
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Decent
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Tunemakers (P106) in Paradise Plaza
    There are two styles of electric guitar: your standard version and the 
    V-neck. Both are equal in ability (and sound), but have different attack
    The standard guitar utilizes a spinning move that can clear out more than
    one zombie at a time. Excellent to finish that three hit combo with.
    By constrast, the V-neck only has a slower, more powerful (I guess) swing
    as it's special attack. Huh?
    Rating: C+ 
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   Again, depends on your musical tases.
    See also: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar
    (A big stuffed teddy bear goes to Lucas for pointing out the differences
    in guitars. I guess I never noticed. I usually pass by Tunemakers making
    a beeline for that Bowling Ball. ^^)
    OMG!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Type: Melee, Heavy
    Longevity: Unbelievably Long
    Power: The most
    Location: Two in Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) and one of the scaffolding in
    the southern loop of North Plaza.
    This massive power drill is possibly the most destructive weapon in the game!
    Fire it up and ram it into a zombie and watch the blood and body parts fly!
    Wait, it gets better! Now you can move with the Excavator and use the
    spinning zombie to knock any other zombies out of the way. 
    Or you can just stand still and watch the blood pool at your feet grow bigger,
    and bigger, and bigger...
    Things like this are why this game was made! :D
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+   Simple words do not describe this beast in action.
    D-Fence! D-Fence!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Average
    Power: Good
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza
    This is fun for a little bit.
    Take the fence and ram it over a zombie, that's really about it.
    It does decent damage but has a slow swing.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C   Does wear thin after a while
    Previously used to recue people, now used to cut them into Zombait.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Not as much as you would think
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) (Uh-oh, here we go again...)
    This is a smaller one handed axe, btw, we're missing the big two handed
    version. Come on Capcom!
    This is a good weapon, but weaker than it should be. There is an unending
    supply of them however, so if you're an axe type person, there ya go.
    They don't stick when thrown. Bummer. That would be a great photo.
    Rating: B
    Wheeee! Factor: B-   Should be better, but it's not, for some reason.
    He really should ground that when using it.
    Type: Uh...firearm I guess. You shoot it.
    Longevity: 100%
    Power: None
    Location: Found in nooks all over the mall. There are actually signs pointing
    towards them, just like in real life. Neato.
    Not really a weapon, but more of a distraction. Spraying zombies causes them
    to stagger and "cough" and forget about you for a second. Then throw it and
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: D+  Dull, but I like how the frost builds up on the zombies
    as you keep spraying them.
    Exactly what journalism school did Frank go to?
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Depends on how good you are at the game.
    Power: Awesome
    Location: Uh, if you can't find this one, check the game disc you put in.
    Maybe you put in Oblivion by mistake.
    No really, Frank must have gone to Ninjitsu Journalism school or something.
    Frank himself is a very lethal weapon after you learned some of his great
    moves. Among the best or more useful are:
    Double Lariat. Learn this one early. It does good damage but is even better
    for clearing the area around you. (Note: an homage to Street Fighter's 
    Zangief who uses this very same move ^^).
    Somersault Kick. Tough to master, but kills zombies easily. Also, the move
    I used to take down Brock in the final battle. Deals greta damage to him.
    (Also a SF homage this time to Guile/Charlie).
    Hammer Throw. While tough to get right (I often end up with a suplex instead)
    this move can be great for clearing narrow paths like aisles and hallways.
    Disembowel. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking 'bout! Best move in the game.
    It's effect are quite obvious, but don't forget that this move also works
    on the raincoat cultists and special forces soldiers.
    these are just the best moves IMHO, but absolutely none of the other moves 
    are useless at all. The Giant Swing, Wall Kick, Lift & Throw, etc all have
    their uses or are better adapted for different types of players.
    Even Martin Riggs would be proud.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    Like your zombies well done? Me too.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Good. but even Better if you heat it up.
    Location: Back to the restaurants we go.
    This is a very good weapon even without heating it up on a stove. the hollow
    BONG of the pan smacking a zombie face is purely exquisite. 
    It gets better. There is most always a stove nearby whever you find a frying
    pan and you can heat up the frying pan on said stove, maiking it more
    powerful and adding a new attack. When the pan lights up read, it's ready.
    You also
    get a PP bonus for using the stove.
    Now hold X to stick the hot underside of the pan right in a zombie's face and
    burn it to a crisp. While this does kill the zombie outright, I stick like to
    whaxk it with the frying pan before it falls over. I just love that sound. ^^
    Rating: A+
    Wheeeee! Factor: A+   either way.
    Lots of people throwing away their handguns I guess...
    Type: Melee, storage
    Longevity: Moderate if swung. Once if thrown
    Power: Heavy
    Location: All over
    Like the cardboard box, this more of a storage device than an actual weapon,
    but unlike the cardboard box, this will cause good damage if thrown at a
    zombie first.
    There are some truly bizarre things that have been "thrown out" by the
    patrons of Willamette Mall. Handguns, Baseball Bats, Bowling balls?
    How exactly did they fit a bowling bowl into that skinny openeing anyways?
    Rating: C   often holds a good weapon, and a decent weapon itself.
    Wheee! Factor: C   Trash goes flying and I'm just personally amused by the 
    things I find in these trash cans.
    See also: cardboard Box
    Somewhere in the world, Zsa Zsa weeps...
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: 10 diamonds
    Power: Light
    Location: All jewelry shops.
    You have top break the glass countyers first, but then you can grab a handful
    of gems and throw them at oncoming flesh eaters. 
    Personally, I think these should be changed into "slip-and-fall" weapons.
    Rating: D   Only 10? Blah
    Wheeee! Factor: D  Like I said, zombies should slip and fall on them too.
    See also: CDs, Dishes, Drink Cans.
    Slight misnomer, should just say Golf Balls.
    Type: Fiream
    Longevity: 30 balls
    Power: Small, but fun
    Location: Sporting Goods stores.
    I'll bet you'd like to wrap a 9-iron around some zombie's head, wouldn't you?
    Sorry, you'll have to do that in real life instead because you won't do that
    here. You don't use the golf club, but rather smack golf balls at zombies.
    Putting Green frustrations aside, there is still good amounts of fun to be
    had here. Only use it when you're relatively light on zombies and can
    properly line up your shots before striking. 
    Oh, and you have to yell "Fore!" You have to. It's required.
    Rating: B-    Why exactly don't you switch to just the club when you run out
    of balls exactly? Hmmmmm? Oh well.
    Wheeeee! Factor: B   Fore!
    See Alos: Hockey Stick
    Find the black one and win a prize!
    Type: Melee/Humliation
    Longevity: One Shot
    Power: None really
    Location: One in the lobby of Colby's MOvieland (L1) and some in the
    playgrounds in Wonderland Plaza.
    Another "not really a weapon per se" weapon. Throw it at a crowd of
    zombies and then watch then fun. When the gumball machine explodes it
    throws all of its contents onto the ground, turning the crowd into a
    zombie disco dance. Hilarity ensues.
    Rating: D   not a weapon
    Wheeee! Factor: B   Funny, but doesn't last long.
    Point and shoot, kind of like spray paint.
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 30 rounds
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Infinite supply in the Huntin' Shack (N127) and taken off of
    zombie cops.
    Any of us Resident Evil and horror movie veterans are already quite familiar
    with the proper use of a handgun versus zombies. Aim for the head to take
    them out with one shot. 
    Actually the game's auto-aim is rather reliable and will often (not always)
    target the nearest zombie and plug him. 
    I personally don't think the handgun is very useful in this game. It does 
    too little damage and, more importantly, even less knock back on the
    Survivors can make much more use out of handguns than you can, so give them
    some if you got 'em. That's if you're even bothering to save the survivors
    that is.
    Rating: B
    Wheeee! Factor: B   Successful zombie headshots are still as gratifuing as
    See also: Submachine Gun, Shotgun
    To match that women's skirt suit you just changed into (Eek!)
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Any upscale women's store
    Ummm, yeah. Wanna feel like a true pansy? Take one of these into a 
    psychopath fight. 
    The flip side is thinking about how Cliff must feel getting beat to
    beat by a cross dressing guy with a purse.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: C-   If you're into that sort of thing.
    No wire hangers! (Okay, cheap joke, but I couldn't think of anything else)
    Type: Humiliation
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: None
    Location: Most stores that sell clothing of any kind.
    Couldn't figure out what to do with these at first. Slashing with them
    wasn't producing adequate results. 
    Then I jammed the hanger into the zombie's mouth. Awesome! Good photo
    op too.
    Rating: D    They are plentiful though.
    Wheeee! Factor: B-
    I love smashing these 'cause I can't afford one myself.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short
    Power: Strong
    Location: Entrance Plaza during opening. Also in displays scattered
    throughout the mall.
    This is another of the big heavy throw 'em weapons. Useful for
    minimum wage gratification of breaking expensive equipment.
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: C-
    See also: TV
    Massive mounted .50 calibur machinegun. Hehe.
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 200 rounds
    Power: Awesome
    Location: Taken off of the convicts jeep in Leisure Park. You only need to kill
    the gunner to get it.
    The convicts can be tough for some people, but grab a shotgun (I'll tell you
    where later, hehe) and you can make short work of the gunner. When the driver
    hits a wall and stops moving, run up and snatch the machinegun from the back
    of the jeep. Now you're playing with power!
    This is the most powerful of the normal (non-unlockable) firearms and it mows
    down anything in its firing range. Again, the game's auto-aim works fairly well
    and you only need to tap the button to drop each and every zombie you can.
    Or, if you can lug this beast around long enough, it makes short work of any
    psychopath, especially Cletus in the Huntin' Shack. 
    Note that this is a heavy weapon, and you can only carry it, or you drop it.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+  Even if you just squander the bullets, it's still a whole
    lot of fun!
    I think that zombie's too tall, he needs a trim. Snip, snip.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Very Good
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza, McHandy's
    Hardware (A127), Also some scattered around Leisure Park.
    Another reason this game was created. Take these giant scissors and lop off
    some zombie limbs. Family fun for all!
    Add to that an unlimited supply in Crislip's and you are good for a long
    afternoon of zombie pruning.
    Rating: A  Instant kill and lasts for a good time.
    Wheeee! Factor: A  One of my other personal favorites.
    A nice, large Bowie knife.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Decent
    Location: Lots in Ripper's Blades (N116) in North Plaza, but you'll
    likely get more from any of the yellow Hawaiian shirt wearing zombies. 
    Must be some sort of gang.
    This weapon is decent. It attacks fast and after you've raised your attack
    power, you can fell zombies fairly quickly with these.
    It best ability however, is its quantity. Those yellow guys are all over
    the place and every single one of them drops a knife. These are great
    for filling your inventory until you find something better.
    Also, throw these into zombies and watch them stick. Ewwwwww.
    Rating: B+   Very,very plentiful
    Wheeee! Factor: B
    Got a zombie problem, eh?
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 30 pucks
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Most sporting goods stores
    Just like the golf club, you only get to shoot pucks with the hockey stick; 
    you do not get to use the stick itself.
    Again, what gives? Where's my two minutes for high sticking? 
    Ooooo, Ooooo, OR
    How's about knocking off a zombie's head, and then hitting that around.
    Yeah, there we go.
    Rating: B-
    Wheeee! Factor: B   Disapointing because of the stick thing, but the pucks do
    make a good Whack! sound.
    See also: Golf Club
    Go on. Lend someone a hand.
    Type: Humiliation
    Longevity: Until a zombie eats it.
    Power: None
    Location: Found anywhere someone's died. Also sometimes appears when you're
    busy chopping up zombies with one of your favorite weapons.
    Another of the most underrated weapons in the game. This thing can get you out
    of some tight jams.
    Basically, you throw the hunk of meat near of crowd of zombies, and they will
    go after it instead of you.
    Or, you can use these as bait to lead zombies into groups, then unleash a 
    weapon of mass carnage on them, like a bench. That tactic works very well.
    OR, run up and jam it into a zombie's mouth. Hey. that's where it was going
    anyways. Very excellent photo op.
    Rating: B+   Honestly, it works. Try it.
    Wheee! Factor: C   Ewwwwwww, that's icky.
    A long edged ninja sword. I have no joke here. It's a katana.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Gooder
    Location: Ned's Knickknackery (E205) in Entrance Plaza or Ripper's Blades
    (N116) in North Plaza. 
    (And yes, I know about the one on the canopy by Colombian Roastmasters.
    See the introduction. I can't list each and every single spot that one
    single weapon sits in the entire game.)
    Unleash your inner ninja and unleash mass carnage on the sea of undead.
    Easily one of the best melee weapons in the game. This is even slightly
    better than the sword because it still gives you access to your Jump Kick
    You can also kill a zombie instantly by throwing the blade.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    See also: Ceremonial Sword, Sword
    A big fish.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: One hit
    Power: Low
    Location: The fish counter in Seon's Food & Stuff (L3) or swimming around
    the lake in Leisure Park
    This is probably one you haven't found. You're not missing anything, other
    than hitting a zombie in the face with a fish.
    Rating: F
    Wheeee! Factor: D+  Funny about three times. Then, not so much.
    Now *I* am the master!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Great
    Power: Greater
    Location: Unlocked by getting the 5-Day Survivor Achievement. Appears in
    the security room along with your wrestling boots and Megaman outfit.
    This would be the lethal version of the Toy Laser Sword found in toy stores.
    I hear it also toasts zombies as it slices them.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+  Neato whooshing laser sounds...followed by zombie screams.
    The big red industrial type.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Great
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) and there's one by the Food Court
    entrance in Leisure Park.
    If you really wanted to, you can pick this up and beat zombies over the
    head with it. Or throw it. That's a lot of fun. But that's not really
    what you want to do with it...is it?
    The controls of the lawn mower are a little strange, but you start it
    up and hold X to drive forward. You can then steer it left or right,
    preferably into large crowds of zombies.
    Unfortunately, the zombies do NOT get chewed up and spit out the side
    in little zombie chunks. Awwwwww.
    Rating: B+   Works great, but the controls are a little wonky IMO.
    Wheeee! Factor: A   Fire that greenskeeper!
    A long hollow tube made of solid steel. 
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Good
    Location: Scattered through North Plaza, among other places. I always grab
    the one in the warehouse by the elevator on my way through.
    Bonk. Bonk. Bonk. This is me bashing a zombie's face in with a lead pipe.
    What you may not know however, is the lead pipe's thrown properties. 
    If you throw a lead pipe into a zombie it will stick straight into it
    while blood pours out of it. This kills the zombie after a few seconds,
    as well as getting gross/cool.
    Rating: A  Good all-around weapon. The thrown kills work very well too.
    Wheee! Rating: B
    Speaking of Zsa Zsa, here's her lipstick tube.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Low
    Location: Cosmetics Shops.
    This is a big lipstick display. Pick it up and hit zombies with it.
    I don't think there's much more to it than that.
    Moderately humorous.
    Rating: D
    Wheee! Factor: C
    No, THAT's a knife!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: High
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon after defeating Cliff the psychopath.
    Cliff's great big blade, covered in the blood of his many, many kills.
    There's nothing particularily specific about the machete. Grab it and
    chop away!
    Of course, if you've unlocked the hockey mask and prisoner garb, you can
    recreate a certain horror movie star for another clash of horror movie
    giants. Jason vs. Zombies! Sign me up!
    Rating: A+   but only ONE! T.T
    Wheeee! Factor: A+   Especially in full Jason glory.
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 150 rounds
    Power: High
    Location: Taken from fallen Special Forces near the end of the game (if
    you've been solving all the cases). If not, don't fret. You can still get
    one off of survivor Brett, who takes up shop in the Huntin' Shack later
    in the game with his two friends. Either kill him or trade him something
    else for it. 
    This is a powerful combination of power and firing speed. that, and the
    150 rounds don't even get used up quickly. Or, if the Spec Ops soldiers
    are running around, you can just get another one.
    No, you cannot use the under M203 grenade launcher. I guess they didn't
    bring the ammo for that.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A
    Not just the box, but its post as well. Cool.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: A few whacks before becomes just the post
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza
    Special delivery! Take this metal box on a pole and whack up some zombies
    good. After a few good whacks, the box falls off and your left holding
    just your pole.
    Wait, I'm not sure that came out right...
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C  Kinda funny, but there's ten times better stuff, even in
    the same store!
    See Also: Push Broom, Push Broom Handle
    Left after bashing zombies with the mailbox and post a few times.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza, and after using
    the Mailbox and Post.
    After your left standing with just your post in your hand, you might as
    well keep using it. Very similar to the Push Broom, but not the Lead Pipe.
    This can also be used to impale zombies like the Push Broom Handle or
    Lead Pipe.
    Honestly, the game needs more items like this: Ones that break and then
    become something else. Just better ones. ^^
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C-  Not as funny without the attached mailbox.
    See Also: Push Broom, Push Broom Handle
    Slightly less animated versions of human beings.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short before it breaks into pieces. Pieces last Moderately
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Strewn about the mall. There's always some in the warehouse.
    I'm not going to make seperate entries for each and every mannequin limb
    because the right leg doesn't behave any differently than the left leg.
    First, the mannequin starts out whole until you bash it against a zombie
    (or the wall). Then, it breaks into five pieces: right and left arm,
    right and left leg, and the torso.
    The two legs behave exactly the same. Frank uses the same thrusting attack
    that the Acoustic Guitar Uses. Moderately powerful.
    The Left Arm (the one that's bent) works just like the Boomerang. That's
    a bit strange.
    The other arm is simply a smacking weapon. 
    The torso is also just a melee weapon, but it is certainly more
    powerful than the limbs are. 
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   
    Wow, they really could have gone off the deep end and made all of the
    Megaman boss weapons unlockable in this game.
    Type: Firearm (literally)
    Longevity: 300 Mega-blasts
    Power: Great
    Location: Unlocked with the "Zombie Genocide" achievement. Spawns in
    the Security Room with all your other goodies.
    The powerful firearm equivalent of the Laser Sword. The blasts move
    slower than normal bullets, but they pack an extra punch. 
    And you Absolutely HAVE to dress up in the full Megaman outfit while
    using this. Otherwise, you would just look silly. :P
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    Hehe, this would be the fake version of Megaman's standard weapon.
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 30 shots
    Power: Like, none
    Location: Gift ship in Colby's Movieland (L1).
    I laughed for an hour when I found this. This is a toy Mega Buster
    that fires ping pong balls. Does absolutely very little to zombies, but
    gawd, is it funny. 
    It should be noted that you CAN kill zombies with this, but it may take
    a whole clip. Watch your back in the meantime.
    Rating: F 
    Wheeeee! Factor: A+   Maybe I'm just partial to Megaman, but this was
    the funniest thing I found in the game.
    "As per instructions, you just light it and throw it."
    Type: Firearm/Bomb
    Longevity: Only one
    Power: Great
    Location: Can only be gotten from Paul, the psychopath turned survivor,
    if you put him out when he's on fire. Later on, Otis will call you and
    say that Paul has a present for you. Guess what it is.
    These work extremely well, but you only get one. Yes, you can stock up
    on them by talking to Paul multiple times, but they go quickly.
    Toss one into a swatch of zombies and Boom! watch 'em go up in smoke!
    Rating: B+  Very effective, but too rare to be relied upon.
    Wheeee! Factor: B   The only bomb type weapon you'll be getting.
    Nailed 'em both!
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 60 nails
    Power: Light
    Location: Found throughout the construction in North Plaza and Crislip's.
    Way too weak to be any effective. However, it can help clear off some of
    the walkways of zombies without using up your really good weapons.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   The idea of nailing zombies is more fun than the actual
    A black stick used to quell unruly criminals.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Better than average
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Dropped by zombie cops. They either drop this or a handgun.
    Eh, better than nothing if you run out of weaponry. It can knock down
    zombie after several strikes. 
    Holding down X will result in a thrusting motion as opposed to the proper
    way to whack someone with a nightstick.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: D   Bleh
    Four types: Bear, Horse, Imp, and Servbot.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Til you knock it off.
    Power: None
    Location: Toy stores.
    These are hilarious. They don't damage zombies at all, but instead
    you place them over zombies' head so they can't see. Then they stumble
    around in bear or horse heads. 
    Also note that you can dress up in any of these masks too, if you like.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: A
    See also: Bucket, Pylon, Smokestack
    A typical plastic bucket.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Eternal
    Power: None
    Location: Strewn about North Plaza. McHandy's Hardware in Al Fresca Plaza.
    Another in the line of the "throw it at their feet and watch them stumble"
    weapon. I guess it comes down to personal preference. 
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   
    See also: Cooking Oil, Perfume Prop.
    The large, blue umbrellas that save you from the strong UV rays of the
    sun. Those things are dangerous ya know.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long enough
    Power: None really
    Location: Found all over Al Fresca Plaza and on the ground floor of
    Entrance Plaza.
    If the endless swarms of zombies are starting to get on your nerves and
    you just want to get from point A to point B quickly, then this is the
    weapon for you. The umbrella doesn't actually damage zombies, but it will
    knock each and every one out of your way as you blaze your trail.
    Rating: B   Extremely useful for getting across long hallways packed with
    Wheeee! Rating: B
    Comes in five different styles, but they're all the same.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Single use
    Power: None
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) or in most of the the theaters.
    Very similar to the Skylight in where you jam it over the
    zombie's body, pinning it's arms to its sides and it just stumbles about
    trying to get you, only a little funnier.
    Rating: C+
    Wheeee! Factor: C+
    See also: Skylight
    At least it's more effective than the Lipstick Prop.
    Type: Humliation.
    Longevity: Single use
    Power: None
    Location: Cosmetics Shops
    See that great big perfume display in front of the cosmetic store? See that
    zombie slowly shuffling his way towards you? 
    See that same zombie slipping and falling on his undead butt after he's
    stepped into the puddle of perfume you threw at him?
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C
    Whoa, that was a surprise today!
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: One hit
    Power: None
    Location: I just found one on a survivor during Infinity Mode today. It
    must be in that mall somewhere normally, but damned if I ever ran across it
    Smack zombies in the face with this, or throw it at their feet and
    watch them fall.
    Yup, another one of those.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: D   Cooking Oil lasts far longer.
    Gives zombies more holes in their heads than they previously had.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Decent
    Location: Ha! Finally found where these suckers are hiding! 
    Sports High (E102) in Entrance Plaza.
    These should be better, but they certainly kill zombies good enough. They
    last a very fair length of time too.
    I guess I'm just disappointed that you don't ram one into a zombie's
    skull and leave it there. Maybe I'm asking for too much.
    Rating: Normally only a B maybe, but an A+ when you're empty-handed in that
    cave. There's just this and some rocks.
    Wheee! Factor: C+    Well, it works at least.
    A great big square chunk of plywood.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Great
    Location: Across North Plaza and in the theaters.
    Take note that not all of the plywood panels you see lying around North
    Plaza can be picked up. Be sure you see the orange weapon marker before
    you try to pick one up.
    That being said, this is another underrated weapon because of its size
    and unweildy nature. It wipes out zombies by the truckload however.
    Frank swings the panel in a low but wide swing which chops off all of
    the zombie's legs in the vicinity. Cuts them off at the knees, literally.
    Also note that this may not kill all of the zombies outright and they may
    still crawl after you. You can then put them out of your misery at will, 
    or let them stay crawling.
    Rating: B
    Wheeee! Factor: B
    Comes in six, count 'em, six varieties.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Usually only 1 hit.
    Power: Good
    Location: All over Willamette Parkview Mall.
    There are six different kinds of plants, but the ones you will most likely
    use are the large, circular ones lining Paradise Plaza. Pick one up and
    Blammo! smash it over a zombie's head. Good fun.
    The other potted plants are also usually only good for one shot deals. Even
    though you can swing away with them, They're usually better as thrown
    weapons to clear away a pesky relentless zombie.
    Rating: C+
    Wheeee! Factor: C+  I do like the way they smash and shatter.
    I highly recommend not running into them with your car.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long if you bash with them.
    Power: Good, both for bashing and exploding
    Location: Crislip's again. Or you can find many zombies with them in the
    Maintenece Tunnel.
    Both the large and small varieties can be picked up and used for zombie
    bashing, and they pack quite a punch too. They have a better use though.
    Place one and then bait a group of zombies with a hunk of meat. Then take
    aim with your firearm...
    Have you ever seen Jaws?
    Rating: B   Just don't be too close to the blast.
    Wheeee! Factor: B+    Zombies fall down, go boom.
    Helpful friend of janitors everywhere. Only comes in green though.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Decent until the head comes off.
    Power: Decent when there's nothing else around.
    Location: Bathrooms the mall wide. Also in the Meat Processing Area.
    The Push Broom's biggest asset is its range. Its swing goes downward,
    but it clobbers zombies across the brain. Sometimes its all you got down
    in the Maintenence Tunnel.
    Becomes the Push Broom Handle after the head breaks off.
    Rating: C+   Sometimes, it's all you got.
    Wheeee! Factor: C+   Generally dull, but it does hit hard.
    You go from holding your pole to holding your stick. Ewwwwwwww.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Above average
    Power: Good
    Location: Already in your hand if you had a Push Broom.
    After the head falls off the broom, you're left with just the stick, which
    is actually not as good. Instead of swinging the bromm stick, you stab
    with it. It actually does decent damage, but it leaves you too open to
    attack from the sides and behind.
    Or, you can throw it to impale zombies with. Aim for the head; that's
    always funny.
    Rating: C- 
    Wheeee! Factor: C-   Eh.
    Orange road cone.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Lasts until you remove it.
    Power: None
    Location: All over North Plaza and Leisure Park by the parking lot.
    Ahh, my personal favorite. Sticking these over zombie heads doesn't get
    old. It just doesn't. 
    I try to get as many as I can in one area and create an army of walking
    road hazards. Well, I think it's funny.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    See also: Bucket, Novelty Mask, Smokestack
    A bug in a bottle. Where exactly did that bottle come from?
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: One use
    Power: Instant death...er, again.
    Location: Only found after killing Queen host zombies. You can see the
    glowing red queen stuck to the backs of their necks and these zombies walk
    with their hands in the air, as if trying to catch flies.
    The Queen is like a zombie bomb. It will instantly kill all zombies
    within its "blast" radius. 
    You should always keep a Queen on you at all times just in case of
    something going wrong and you have to make a very quick getaway.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: B+   When struck, all of the zombies' heads explode. 
    That's Wheeee!
    A pink flying saucer with your hero and mine, Ratman!
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: In truth, I've never really used them up.
    Power: Little
    Location: Gift Shop in Colby's Movieland (L1).
    Stand at the counter and nad an infinite supply of these and unleash
    your frisbee rage on the zombies shuffling about the lobby. That's
    really all they're good for.
    Kind of humorous.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: C+  Funny for a little bit.
    Another promotional toy for Ratman. Megaman would so kick his ass.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Boringly long
    Power: Light
    Location: Gift shop in Colby's Movieland (L1).
    This rat toy is a wand in the shape of a rat's tail, and it's about as
    damaging as a real rat's tail would be. 
    Use it just as a goof.
    Okay, as people have pointed out to me, it isn't entirely useless as you
    can throw it and impale zombies with it. It still doesn't hoist my sail
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: C
    A great, big 'ol rock.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Very Good
    Location: Outdoors in Leisure Park and the final cave in Overtime Mode.
    The Rock is far more useful than you would imagine. The Rock explodes
    zombie heads very well. Frank's heavy downward swing almost always bashes
    heads and turns them into goo.
    Or, you can throw these big rocks and knock down several zombies in a row. 
    Rating: B
    Wheeee! Factor: B-
    Not to be confused with the other racks. This one smells like pork.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Heavy
    Location: In the back corner of the  Meat Processing Area in the
    Maintenece Tunnels.
    Aside from the dangling sausages, this cart behaves just like the others.
    pick it up and swing away. 
    I don't think too many zombies are vegetarian.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C-
    A bigger, deadlier CD.
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: Moderate
    Power: Decent, or Insta-kill
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) or break open a Toolbox.
    This is fun. 
    I recommend manually aiming these because if you hit a zombie (or two) in
    the head, you will decapitate them with much gore and fanfare. The
    auto-aim can do this too, just not as often.
    They make a cool whizzing sound too.
    Rating: B   for the instant death.
    Wheeee! Factor: B
    Won't do anything for that rotting flesh, but your hair will look great!
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Once
    Power: None
    Location: Cosmetics and Beauty Shops.
    The problem with this guide is that some of these weapons are perfectly
    identical in use to antoher weapon, they just look different.
    Throw it at zombie feet and watch them dance.
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: C+
    The only difference is that one has brown shelves.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short
    Power: Heavy
    Location: Strewn about North Plaza. There are also some in the warehouse too.
    Case in point, these two.
    These are cumbersome, heavy objects, but they do splatter zombies fairly well.
    Like the Benchs though, I personally think they are more effective when
    Rating: C+
    Wheee! Factor: C+
    Blue plastic shopping cart. Loved by all jackasses.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Seon's Food and Stuff (L3) and often seen being pushed by
    fat lady zombies.
    Sadly, you cannot ride in the shopping cart yourself or put zombies in it
    and push them away. Awwwww. What a lost oppurtunity.
    What the shopping cart is good for is knocking zombies out of your way, 
    just like the Parasol, but with a much narrower swath.
    OR...here's a fun thing to do. After you grab a shopping cart, press A
    to have Frank boot the cart with force and send it flying through 
    whatever zombies are unlucky enough to be standing in front if it. 
    (A kudos to Matt for that one).
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: B-   when going Wheeeee!
    Ah yes, the shotty...
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 20 shells
    Power: High
    Location: Huntin' Shack (N127) in North Plaza.
    The shotgun as it applies to Dead Rising. It delivers a powerful blast
    that usually pops zombie heads. Manually aim for the best results.
    Its cone of fire is wider than it looks. 
    This is also extremely effective against psychopaths and is my
    firearm of choice in those battles.
    Rating: A
    Wheeee! Factor: A   Taking out three or four zombies at once is always fun.
    Okay, that's gross.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Decent
    Power: Insta-kill
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon and sometimes found in cardboard boxes.
    This is equally cool and horrific at the same time. What you do is jam
    the shower head into the top of a zombie's skull, and then watch the blood
    rain out of the shower head.
    Okay, ewww.
    Rating: B+
    Wheeee! Factor: B+
    Wow, why does this suck?
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: High, if you can hit with it.
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) and all over North Plaza. A few
    are located in Leisure Park as well.
    This would seem to be a standard zombie killing weapon, but its behavior
    is awkward. What the shovel wants to do is decapitate a fallen zombie
    with a downward strike (which is really cool if you get it), but what it
    doesn't do is worry about the three other zombies that are still standing.
    This can be very frustrating and maybe even fatal to you.
    Stoopid shovel.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: B+  if you actually get its kill move.
    Death has come for you!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Insta-kill
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2), Leisure Park, and sometimes
    found in cardboard boxes.
    The Sickle has two main attacks, both of them absolutely devastating.
    By simply pressing X, Frank will catch the nearest zombie by the head and
    SWIP!, decapitate them cleanly.
    Or, you can hold X down for a wide low swing that slices off any zombies'
    legs in range. The arc of this swing is also almost a full 180 degrees
    in the direction Frank is facing.
    Very, very good weapon.
    Rating: A
    Wheeee! Factor: A
    Everywhere signs. Blocking up the scenery.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Average
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Storefronts the mall wide.
    These are the "Sale" and advertising signs placed out in front of stores.
    You can pick these up and knock some zombies out of your way if you have
    nothing else. 
    I know I want to take out some zombies out with that Christy cutout. 
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: D   If you have nothing else.
    No skating in the mall, you punk!
    Type: Melee/Transport
    Longevity: High
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Sporting Goods stores.
    Definitely better as a mode of transportation than an actual weapon, but
    you can use it as such. I mean as a melee weapon too, not just running
    over any zombies in your way while riding it.
    Rating: B-
    Wheeee! Factor: B
    Hey zombie, lighten up!  (Ugh, that was terrible.)
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Long if you leave it there.
    Power: None
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (popular place huh) in North Plaza.
    Indeintical to the Painting where you stick it over a zombie's
    body, pinning it down.
    It is kind of fun to try to incapacitate every single zombie in Crislip's
    this way.
    Rating: C-
    Wheeee! Factor: C
    See also: Painting
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing...
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Extremely High
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloong in North Plaza, McHandy's Hardware (A105)
    in Al Fresca Plaza, North Plaza, and the the warehouse.
    Not my wheeee! favorite, but probably my most used weapon.
    Like the Sickle, the sledgehammer has two obliterating attacks.
    The first ius a powerful downward strike that smashes zombie heads into mush.
    Hold X to execute a low sweeping attack that brings nearby zombies to their
    Note that this can also kill survivors in one hit. Oops, sorry Aaron.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A
    Now THIS is what we had in mind!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Great!
    Location: In front of the Space Coaster in Wonderland Plaza, but only after
    defeating Adam the Evil Clown.
    There aren't enough kind things to say about Adam's small chainsaws. They're
    small, so you can carry more than one and other weapons too. They're chainsaws,
    so they obliterate zombies easily. They respawn at the coaster too. Wonderful!
    These are the melee weapons of choice for defeating the other psychopaths.
    Three or four good whacks and that's all she wrote. Take that, Jo!
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    See also: Chainsaw
    Ummmm, yeah.
    Type: Humliation
    Longevity: Once
    Power: None
    Location: Crislip's Home Saloon (L2) in North Plaza.
    You know the drill by now. Stick it over a zombies head. Watch them
    walk around blind. 
    Mix these in while you're smashing paintings and skylights over other zombies
    in Crislip's if you like.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: D    Pylon, all the way.
    See also: Bucket, Novelty Masks, Pylon.
    For those who have no desire to keep up close and personal.
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 30 bullets
    Power: High
    Location: Huntin' Shack (N127) or taken off the three sniper psychopaths:
    Roger, Jack, and Thomas.
    This is for those of you who are not like me and want to stay as far away
    from zombies as possible. Popping zombie heads is always good family fun
    This can also be very effective against the convicts in Leisure Park,
    allowing you to freely shoot them from out of their machinegun range.
    Rating: B   Personal, I don't care much for the sniper rifle.
    Wheeee! Factor: B
    Au revior!
    Type: Thrown (er, kicked to be technical)
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Sporting Goods atores and there are some on the rooftop.
    These are very effective early on in the zombie while zombies are still
    fairly weak. The Soccer Ball will pinball itself through nearby crowds of
    zombies, knocking down as many as ten zombies. This usually doesn't kill
    zombies, but it will certainly get them out of your way.
    Rating: B   for zombie clearing.
    Wheeee! Factor: B-
    See also: Toy Cube.
    This must have been the really slow day in the weapon brainstorming meetings.
    Type: Firearm,...er...mouth?
    Longevity: About a minute
    Power: Good, but gross
    Location: Made in blender. Ingredients could be anywhere.
    I don't know if you know this or not, but if you hold the trigger button
    down when Frank is unequipped with a weapon, Frank will spit at passing
    zombies. Noraml spit, in and of itself, doesn't really do anything, but
    mix it with that frothy blue juice you've made to turn it into spicy
    jalepeno spit (or something) called Spitfire.
    Spitfire juice can be made from mixing a pie with a Condiment (I'm sure
    there are other cominations, but don't email me with them. This is not
    the juice FAQ :P ) and it will turn your spit into a liquid acid that puts
    zombies down for the count.
    Rating: C+
    Wheeeee! Factor: B if you get your jollies off of gross things like this.
    The absolute best weapon in the game!...for a whole one minute.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Very good
    Power: Moderate
    Location: The warehouse and particularily in the cultists' hiedout.
    In any other situation, the Stepladder is excentionally average and should
    be replaced by anything else.
    However, should you get gassed and captured by the raincoat cult, the 
    Stepladder is the only weapon you will get to blaze your path to that sword
    lying on the tarp. Then use it to mop up the stragglers.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: D
    Shotgun? Sniper Rifle? Nah! I've got a store display!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Decent
    Power: Good
    Location: Huntin' Shack (N127) in North Plaza.
    I have no idea why you would grab these when there are shotgun five feet
    away. I guess you could clear out the zombies in front of the store
    without wasting bullets.
    Rating: F
    Wheee! Factor: D
    Hey, it worked for Harrison Ford.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Average
    Location: Food Court
    The selection of "real" weapons in the Food Court is relatively light, so
    this is one of the better ones if you didn't bring anything else with you.
    It's not too powerful, but it swings faster than the larger chairs or
    cash registers.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C
    Feel the wrath of the giant stuffed teddy bear! Arrrrrrrrrr!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: High
    Power: Little
    Location: Toy Stores, and there is one of the blue outcropping of 
    Paradise Plaza.
    Yes, you CAN kill zombies with the teddy bear. It takes many, many swings but
    they will go down eventually. This is a goof weapon of the highest order.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: B   
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: 100& charge
    Power: Decent
    Location: Taken from the psychopath Jo the cop. Sometimes found in
    cardboard boxes.
    Hehe, this is pretty fun! Zap! Zap!
    You can hold the button down and shock a zombie until it dies, or you can
    use samller zaps and watch them convulse for a few seconds to your own
    Rating: C+   not very powerful however.
    Wheeee! Factor: B+
    Better than the Handgun; but not the Shotgun
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 100 bullets
    Power: Moderate
    Location: The only weapon that isn't found in one central location.
    There is one in the fountain in Al Fresca Plaza, one on the blue overhang
    in Paradise Plaza past the giant bear, and one in front of Chris the chef's
    entrance right under his nose.
    Like I said, this is better than the handgun because of its higher rate
    of fire and it can certainly be a welcome weapon to your inventory early
    in the game. 
    Very good against the early psychopaths and zombies alike. Aim slightly high
    and sweep across them at head level. You'll get a few of them.
    Rating: B+
    Wheeee! Factor: B-
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Good
    Location: Ripper's Blades (N116) in North Plaza and the one in the
    cultists' hideout.
    Very good weapon for cutting swaths through packed in shoulder to
    shoulder zombie groups. 
    Jump up and press X to use a chop-saki move that cleaves zombies in two.
    Rating: A
    Wheeee! Factor: A
    See also: Ceremonial Sword.
    Boring, but it's what inside that counts.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short
    Power: Moderate
    Location: Strewn about North Plaza and the warehouse.
    The toolbox itself is a little more powerful than, say, a cardboard box,
    but it breaks open to reveal a couple Saw Blades. Better than finding
    cabbage I'd say.
    Rating: D
    Wheeee! Factor: D
    See also: Saw Blade.
    A colorful giant foam cube. More damaging than it sounds.
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: Good
    Power: Light
    Location: The playground areas in Wonderland Plaza.
    The Toy Cubes work just like the Soccer Balls. You kick them and they
    pinball arounf nearby zombies, knocking them over and out of the way for a 
    few seconds. Good for getting out of jams.
    Rating: D+
    Wheeee! Factor: C+ I think it's funny.
    My favorite toy weapon next to the Mega Buster.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Average
    Power: Light
    Location: Toy Stores
    This glowing sword often won't even kill one single zombie before it breaks,
    but I like the cool sound it makes. Or I make my own lightsaber sound effects.
    Whoosh! whoosh!
    But here's a fascinating discovery made by Ithaqua:
    "Just by having the toy laser sword in your inventory, you will be surrounded
    by a pink glow at night time, extending your vision in the dark.
    Since I get a glare on my tv screen I need to have one of these in
    inventory or I can't play during the games night cycle."
    Makes me wonder what other weapons might have some other useful function
    other than slaying zombies. Perish the thought...
    Rating: C   Promoted for its use in the dark.
    Wheeee! Factor: B    It's funny to me.
    Just a TV. Looks kind of like mine.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Average
    Power: Good
    Location: The warehouse a few other displays around the mall.
    The big, heavy picture tube TV's may be obsolete in today's TV viewing
    world, but they still kill zombies just as well as any Plasma TV.
    Throw them to make the glass explode in a cool visual and sound. 
    Rating: C
    Wheee! Factor: C
    See also: HDTV
    I'll bet it's a priceless antique. Oh well - SMASH!
    Type: Thrown
    Longevity: One shot
    Power: Average
    Location: Most high end stores use them as decoration. 
    Note that there are several vases in the game that you cannot interact with.
    Watch for the orange weapon tag to come up. 
    Otherwise vases make a satisfactory shattering sound with smashed over 
    Rating: D+
    Wheeee! Factor: C
    My kind of heavy metal!
    Type: I guess melee, Hell, the way this game is, I wouldn't be surprised
    if Frank could pick the car up over his head and throw it. ^^
    Longevity: Depends on the vehicle and how many propane tanks you run into.
    Power: Techincally, the most powerful weapon in the game.
    Location: Scattered (I'll get to that in a minute)
    If you can kill a zombie with it, it's a weapon. 
    There are several vehicles in the game, but they all behave basically the
    same. Jump in the vehicle, hit the gas, and run over as many zombies as
    you can before it breaks down. This is of course, the best way to get
    that Zombie Genocider achievement.
    Two Motorcycles: One always in the parking lot in Leisure Park and Isabella
    will leave hers after the boss battle with her in north Plaza.
    Two regular cars: The red sports car in the parking lot and a white/beige
    number down in the Maintence tunnel.
    The meat truck in the Maintence tunnel by the Meat Processing Area.
    And don't forget about the convicts' jeep after you've killed them. Use 
    the jeep until it breaks down, then grab the machine gun off it.
    Quick Tip: When driving through the Maintence Tunnel trying to get those
    53,594 kills, don't forget that ducking into and out of the Meat Processing
    Area or another entrance to the mall will reset the vehicles down there. 
    So try to time your car rides to end up by the Meat Area so you can make a 
    quick trip in there and exit, resetting the truck right out in front of it!
    Restock some weapons in there while you're at it too.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: B   It does get boring after a while.
    Oh yeah, eat this!
    Type: Firearm
    Longevity: 30 squirts
    Power: None
    Location: Toy Stores and cardbaord boxes.
    This thing sucks. Its short water bursts will stagger zombie a little, 
    but not enough to be useful. 
    Just drop it and grab something better.
    someone also had a theory that just could put out the flaming psychopath
    with the water gun, but even if that is true - there's a fire extiguisher
    right there anyways. Just use that instead.
    Rating: F
    Wheeee! Factor: C-
    Eeek! Get that thing away from me! Aaaaaa!
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Long
    Power: Great
    Location: Seon's Food and Stuff (L3) after defeating Steven the psycho
    in case 2-3 "Medicine Run."
    This is possibly the most bad ass horrific looking wepaon in the game.
    Steven went waaaaay off the deep end and outfitted a shopping cart with all
    kinds of nasty, rusty, bloody blades and a pitchfork. 
    Hey!!! Where'd he get a pitchfork?! I want one!
    This thing obliterates zombies in the extreme. Just run them over.
    I've been corrected by a few others about taking the weapon cart with you:
    Just pick it up a carry it! Duhrrrrrrrr. How silly of me! 
    Well, I can't think of everything folks! ^^
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    Give us your best Donkey Kong impression.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short
    Power: Good
    Location: Food Court
    Pure Donkey Kong and you lift barrels and throw them down the stairs. Or
    you can pick them up and bash zombies with them.
    Rating: C
    Wheeee! Factor: C-
    Hehe, don't forget to use zombies against other zombies.
    Type: Melee
    Longevity: Short
    Power: Good
    Location: There's a few scattered throughout the mall. You may have
    to search to find one.
    No really. Many of Frank's hand to hand moves will use zombies themselves to
    take out other zombies.
    The best of these is porbably the Hammer Throw. Press X+A while standing next
    to the side of a zombie to throw him in a straight line, knocking down all
    zombies in it's path.
    The Lift and Throw will also kill any zombies stupid enough to not get
    out of the way when you chuck another zombie onto them.
    Most humorous is the Giant Swing where you grab a zombie by it's ankles
    and swing it round and round, knocking out all the zombies in the area. 
    Beware that this move will leave you dizzy if you do it for too long.
    Rating: A+
    Wheeee! Factor: A+
    [4] CLOSING
    Okay, it's time for you to go out and have some fun humiliating, maiming, 
    decapitating, disembowling, crushing, flaying, shooting, and otherwise
    killing zombies.
    Take the weapons from this list that you feel fit your playing style, or
    current mood, and go shopping!!
    But most of all, have fun! Wheeeee!
    [5] LEGAL
    As always:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006 Geoffrey Rogos

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