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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nickjaro

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/11/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                     RRR  RRR  III      SSS III NN  NNNN GGG    GG
                     //           COMPLETE WALKKTROUGH          \\
                     //  Guide written by Nicolas Hernandez     \\
                     //  e-mail: nicohernandez96@hotmail.com    \\
                     //                Dead Rising              \\
                     //                 XBox 360                \\
                     //            Developed by: Capcom         \\
                     // *Spoilers* This FAQ contains spoilers   \\
                     // so I consider all of you warned before  \\
                     // you start reading this FAQ.             \\
    1.0 Complete FAQ/Walktrough
    Table of contents
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    1. Introduction to the guide................[intro0]
    2. Basic Info...............................[binfo0]
         2.1. Welcome to Willamette.............[binfo1]
         2.2. Survivors.........................[binfo2]
            2.2.1. Weapons, travel and shortcut.[bisur1]
         2.3. Psychopaths.......................[binfo3]
    3. Important Stuff..........................[stuff0]
         2.1. Important weapons.................[stuff1]
         2.2. Books.............................[stuff2]
         2.3. Food..............................[stuff3]
         2.4. Queen Bees........................[stuff4]
    4. Walkthrough..............................[walk00]
         4.1. Introduction......................[walk01]
         4.2. Day 1(September 19th).............[walk02]
         4.3. Day 2(September 20th).............[walk03]
         4.4. Day 3(September 21st).............[walk04]
         4.5. Overtime..........................[walk05]
    5. Survivors Checklist......................[surv00]
    6. Otis calls Checklist.....................[otis00]
    7. Achievements.............................[achiev]
    8. The end of the FAQ.......................[endfaq]
    9. Thanks/Acknowledgments...................[thanks]
    10. Legal Info...............................[legali]
                          Introduction to the guide
    By the time I wrote this guide Dead Rising is not a new game, but I had
    been reading many guides for beating the game, and at the end I add
    something myself and I consider that creating a new guide with new
    info, and beating strategy will be useful. I recommend that before
    using this guide you play 1 or 2 times the entire game so you can move
    easily through the mall and because you want to be at a higher level.
    This guide is different from the others because it develops the game
    from a different way that from any guide I've read does.I wrote this
    guide because Dead Rising is the first game I totally beat and the
    first game I discovered all the secrets it contains.
    Hope you all find this guide useful and write to me if you have a
    comment or a suggestion (nicohernandez96@hotmail.com). I live in
    Colombia and this is my firts FAQ.
    I repeat, this guide have *SPOILERS* so if you don't want to ruin your
    game, looking advice anywhere else would be better.
                               Basic information
    Now the FAQ begins, during this section of the guide you will find the
    plot of the events, the tips that will give you a much easier
    walkthrough, the weapons and guidance you got to have when you are
    chasing the perfect game, and much more.
                           Welcome to Willamette
    All the game will occur on the Willamette Parkview Mall, you will find
    out that this little and peacefull town becomes a hell when zombies,
    thousands of them,  start appearing, you are Frank West a
    photojournalist that is chasing the scoop of his life, during his
    adventure he will discover the origin of the zombie outbreak and also
    he will save the last survivors that remained on Willamette.
    Great part of your time during the game will be spent saving the
    surivors around the mall, and they are the key for unlocking
    achievements like Saint, Peace Keeper, Punisher, Transmissionary and
    many other achievemnts that rescuing survivors would do, during the FAQ
    you will find how to rescue the 49 survivors that are available and
    some tips while rescuing them that will help you a lot, and I mean a
    There are 4 interactions Frank can have with survivors: Carry, this
    interaction allows Frank to move easily through the mall because
    zombies find very difficult to bite you while you are carrying
    somebody; Offer Shoulder, with this interaction Frank will be strong as
    with carrying; Hold Hands, isn't a very strong connection, but if you
    got two girls that can hold hands you can hold hands with BOTH of them;
    Give, most of the survivors will have these interaction, with these
    interaction you can gave survivors a weapon.
    But I feel I got to remember all of you that the AI in this game isn't
    the best and you always have to get an eye in every survivor doesn't
    matter how strong or fast they are, and trust me there will be just a
    few that have these characteristics.
                      Weapons, travel and shortcut
    Most of the time during big scoops you must help survivors by carrying
    them or by holding hands, and when this happens, you can be absolutely
    sure there is a survivor near that can carry a weapon.
    But if you want the armored survivors to help you (or in Aaron's case
    cause you more trouble) you will want to give them powerful and one-hit
    killing weapons. That's why you always want to keep in your inventory
    some of these weapons:
     *Submachine guns
     *Katanas or huntin' knives
    These weapons will make your survivors to run easily through the mall
    and believe me you want them to fight by themeselves.
    The shortcut is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you are looking for the saint
    achievement, and also for any other thing, becuse it makes a connection
    between Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza, it is basic for this
    guide, and for any other guide, so if you choose to do 1 scoop let that
    be "Out of Control" scoop.
    With armored survivors running through the mall, the way to the
    security room should be easy, but most of the times, the survivors get
    themeselves in trouble or just stop running to cry (Gordon is a
    specialist on this, but also Aaron will be a pain in the ass dealing
    with depression) so you want to keep pressing Y-Button constlantly so
    they don't stop to cry, but if you heard something like a complain that
    mean they stopped press Y to solve it. Other problem is that sometimes
    zombies will grab your survivors and they will be stucked, when you
    hear something like "Frank!!!" or "Help" you know sombody is stucked
    set a waypoint in front of you for the survivors that passed the mob
    and rescue the one that is being grapped.
    The problems I mentioned in the paragraph above are the most common
    ones, but the final challenge is on the rooftop. After the long travel
    through the mall, you want to take your survivors to the Security Room,
    right? but making the survivors to fit the tiny corridor to the air
    duct is seriously a headache, so what I recommend is to set a waypoint
    marker outside of the elevator then go to the air duct and call them,
    most of the survivors will make it without any complication, but if
    some of them didn't, set a waypint maker near the air duct and go down
    to move them a bit, if some of the survivors that couldn't reach the
    air duct has the interaction Hold Hands or Carry take them and wait the
    others reach the air duct, then just let them free to go to the air
    When tragedies occur, the worst of the people can rise, and Willamette
    zombie outbreak is not the exception, you will have to fight against a
    creepy clown, a crazy cult leader, a sexually confused cop, and many
    other psychos that have conquered the mall, all the psychopaths have at
    least 1 survivor (except for Cletus, but c'mon if you kill him you will
    gain access to the gun shop), so you will want to kill them all.
    Psychopaths will be a piece of cake if you got the mini chainsaws,
    sometimes killing them can be tricky, so, just in case, carry a shotgun
    with you, after killing them you will be able to rescue some scared
    people and freed the world from a very creepy person.
                               Important Stuff
    Running through the mall, you will notice that some things are very
    important not only to solve the cases but to rescue every survivor on
    the run, in this section I will tell you some basic items you need to
    make your adventure through the mall easier.
                             Important Weapons
    The bat is one of the first weapons available, is a very good weapon to
    get rid of mobs or open ways for survivors, is a very powerful weapon
    and you should consider to have 1 on your inventory, but not very
    *Huntin' Knife*
    This is avery powerful weapon, perfect for killing some
    psychopaths(when you are at a high level), for giving survivors, or for
    rescuing survivors when zombies caught them. Carry at lest 1 with you.
    *Submachine gun*
    A very good weapon for killing psychos(Adam specifically)or for giving
    them to not very skilled survivors, carry at least 2 so you give them
    to the survivors.
    The best weapon you can fire, it will help you killing some zombies
    with just one shoot, giving them to skilled survivors will gave as a
    result a very independant survivor that will not have to be so followed
    by Frank, consider keeping between 2 or 3 of them, if you want to
    choose between submachine gun or shotgun, don't doubt, grab the
    *Mini Chainsaws*
    The best weapon that you will ever find in the mall, it is fast and can
    kill a lot of zombies in just one attack, you must take it, it will
    last over 900 swings with the 3 improvement books, when you have space
    reserve four spots in yout inventory for the chainsaw and the 3 books
    that improve it.
    The firsts times I played Dead Rising I never realized how important
    books are for keeping your weapons longer, but then I realized my Mini
    Chainsaw will last for almost all the game with the 3 books!!! Then I
    decided to pay more attention to books that can make your food to heal
    you three times its health value, or triple your weapons last.
    The basic element to survive, the food will increase your health and
    also the health of your survivors, very basic, open at least 2 spaces
    in your inventory to carry some wine or orange juice.
                                Queen Bees
    Queen Bees will appear at 5:00 p.m. on the 19th when you enter the
    warehouse, very important if you get caught on a huge mob, also you NEED
    them to rescue some survivors easily and quickily (Sally, Nick, Pamela,
    Susan), so always take them when you have the chance.
                    Welcome to the Willamette Parkview Mall
    The first cutscene introduce you to Frank, a photojournalist that is
    looking for the scoop of his live in Willamette, a town that had been
    isolated by National Guards barricades, he arrives by helicopter, the
    pilot is Ed DeLuca, and is not a great fan of Frank, let the adventure
    After the cutscene you will only be able to control the camera, the
    basic camera controls are teached, and you are flying all over
    Willamette, but, there are only 4 interest points to take pictures of:
     * The guy over the white car (After he died I felt guilty, because I
    distracted him: Sorry!!)
     * The school bus being sorrounded by zombies
     * The huge explosion of the gas station
     * That poor girl that felt from the warehouse (Take a pic of her
    falling, a lot of PP)
    After all this strange photo session, a cutscene of the National Guard
    helicopters trying to kill Frank and Ed, Frank jumps from the helicopter
    to reach the mall and when he falls, he meets Carlito, he seems pretty
    sick. But just ignore him.
                             Day 1 (Sep 19th)
    12:00 p.m. Frank arrives to the mall.
    Enter the Security Room, keep straight and near de monitors press B,
    "What in the world?" cutscene, get out of there, open the gray door
    leading to a hallway, follow it until it ends and enter Entrance Plaza.
    12:10. Entrance Plaza.
    A cutscene of some people gathering on the Entrance, Ryan trying to
    build a barricade, a crazy old lady looking for his precious, little,
    sweetie dog Madonna and a misterious woman (a pretty one).
    Ok, so you will be at the Entrance Plaza, take a pic of the 3 survivors
    trying to build a barricade (Ryan, Chris, Freddie), then a picture of
    Linsay crying because of her Madonna, a photo of Todd and Brian talking,
    a pic of Verlene trying to cheer up Dana, a pic of Mark and finally the
    picture of Alan and Kathy arguing about his young secretary, achievement
    Then move to the place where you can see some benches and stuff like
    that, a cutscene of a very mad old guy, and, an expoure of how love
    works, why? Because a 70 year-old person beat the strength of 3 adult
    guys(c'mon), however, Lindsay open the door(just dumb) and let all the
    zombies enter killing everybody on that floor.
    Grab a bat from the stuff that is near and run, near the fountain is
    probably the Brian's body, recover his shotgun and then you are free to
    go upstairs.
    12:25. Frank arrives to the Security Room.
    A cutscene of Otis(meet the most annoying person in the world) sealing
    the door, meet Brad and Jessie. Before going out talk to Otis, you will
    receive a Transceiver and a map of the mall, then you are free to go.
    When you arrive to the rooftop take a pic of the Air Duct and save it on
    the images screen, this is IMPORTANT for later so take it now before you
    forgrt about it.
    12:30. Marriage can be for life.
    Go near the elevator to find Jeff, he is looking for his wife Natalie,
    after a chat he will join you, go all the way around to find Natalie,
    they will have a nice lovely hug. A PP opportunity, take a pic of the
    hug, if you take it right it will worth 10,000 PP, 2 achievements
    Interrupt their little reunion and take them to the Security Room.
    SAVED: Jeff Meyer
           Natalie Meyer
    TOTAL: 2 survivors
    12:45. Mall Rundown.
    ///OTIS#1: Paradise Plaza\\\
    After receiving the call from Otis, go through the warehouse until you
    find a hallway go there, you will se a cutscene in which you hurt
    Jessie, she tells you about Brad in danger.
    Case 1-1(closed).
    -------->Case 1-2: Backup for Brad.<--------
    12:55. Welcome to Paradise.
    We are now in Paradise Plaza, run to the second floor to "Colombian
    Roastmasters"(P-202), grab some juice and jump into the orange ceiling
    from Colombian Roastmasters and take the katana, also take some knives
    from the zombies on the flowers, now you head to Leisure Park.
    1:10. Nothing as a walk through the park.
    Before helping Brad, we are going to the maintenance tunnels, so look
    for an entry on the wall on the east part of the park (look at the map),
    when you reach the red car entry the maintenance tunnels.
    1:30. Maintenance Tunnels.
    ///OTIS#2: Maintenance Tunnels \\\
    If you pay attention to the call, you will find out that Otis had left a
    key there, we are going to recover that key. Look at the map for a road
    that ends with a small room, you find it? I hope so, go there, enter the
    room and near a corner you will find the Maintenance Tunnel Key, and at
    the opposite side you will find a submachine gun, take it. Before going
    out take a picture of a great mob of zombies, if you do it right, you
    will unlock an achievement.
    After that leave the maintenance tunnels, take the new red car and go to
    the food court, I think before you enter you will receive a call.
    2:00. Enjoy your meal!!
    ///OTIS#3: Cut from the same cloth \\\
    After you enter Food Court you will watch a cutscene of Brad being
    attacked by that freak you meet at the helipad, Carlito. I just see 2
    ways of killing him, it depends more on which level are you, the first
    one(probably at a high level), you go to the place Carlito is and kill
    him with the katana or the knives, or shoot him from the ground(low
    level), I will explain them both.
     | Carlito                                    |
     | 1st. Run to the tables, jump on the wooden |
     |      box and again jump to reach Carlito's |
     |      level, take out your knife or your    |
     |      katana, after 3 knife attacks, and 2  |
     |      katana attacks, he will be done.      |
     |      Recommended for high level players.   |
     | 2nd. Go to the tables, be as near as you   |
     |      can from the structure, but be sure   |
     |      you still can shoot Carlito, take your|
     |      submachine gun(SMG) and shoot at him, |
     |      after a while he will move towards the|
     |      restaurant signs, continue shooting,  |
     |      be careful with his granades, he will |
     |      eventually die. Recommended for low   |
     |      level players                         |
    When his health is depleted, you will unlock a cutscene of Carlito
    running away, and Frank asking permission to Brad to cover the story as
    an exchange for a photo of an old man they are looking for.
    Case 1-2: Backup for Brad(closed).
    -------->Case 1-3: An odd old man(engaged).<--------
    If during the battle you use all your SMG take the one from the sign of
    "Chri's Fine Foods"(F-103), and if you don't use them at all, doesn't
    matter, just grab the SMG from the sign. Then jump from the sign of the
    Restore your health and meet with Brad at the entrance of Al Fresca
    3:00. Al Fresca Trip.
    You just entered Al Fresca Plaza, take some pipes from "McHandy's
    Hardware"(A-105) if you need a weapon, follow Brad(You got to help him
    sometimes by killing zombies in his way) when you arrive at the fountain
    leave Brad by himself and jump into the fountain, grab the submachine
    gun that is in there and meet Brad by the entrance of the Entrance
    3:45. A mad man.
    Enter the Entrance Plaza and watch a cutscene of Brad opening the bars,
    head to the stairs for another cutscene of Dr. Barnaby complaining, Brad
    trying to convice him to go out, etc, etc.
    Case 1-3: An odd old man(closed).
    -------->Case 1-4: A temporary agreement(engaged).<--------
    Brad disappear after the cutscene and you will receive a call.
    ///OTIS#4: Entrance Plaza \\\
    3:50. In the Closet.
    Go upstairs, you are looking for "In the Closet"(E-214) you will notice
    some zombies in the entry of the store, kill them with the pipes, or
    bats, don't use the submachine guns. By the time you finish killing them
    the clock will mark 4:00 p.m.
    4:00. Too much for going home.
    ///OTIS#5: Barricade Pair \\\
    Ok, after the call enter the shop, go to the back to find a little
    warehouse with some boxes, and a man screaming from behind them asking
    for help, destroy all the boxes, and you will find Bill, a man that had
    been trapped for 2 whole days, after a chat he will run out and will
    stop at the entry of the store, you talk to him and he will join you,
    give him a submachine gun, don't forget a photo of him.
    Now go downstairs with Bill and kill every zombie that is on the
    entrance of Al Fresca Plaza(shooting at the propane tanks that some
    zombies are pushing is a great idea), now you wait in the door of Al
    Frasca Plaza until 5:00  p.m.
    5:00. Al Fresca Plaza survivors.
    ///OTIS#6: A Mothers Lament \\\
    After the call ends, enter Al Fresca Plaza, go to the fountain and grab
    a parasol from the "Colombian Roastmasters Cafe"(A-108), and start
    pressing X so Frank uses the parasol as a shield, and create a safe
    passage for Bill, when you arrive to "McHandy's Hardware"(A-105) stop
    and throw the parasol far away, set a waypoint marker inside the store
    and leave Bill there. Probably you will get an achievement.
    5:10. Barricade Pair.
    I guess you saw something strange in the entrance of a store, we are
    going there, you are looking for "Weber's Garments"(A-106), take every
    object and throw them to near the zombies, then enter the store, you
    will find Burt and Aaron (Be careful with Aaron, he is specially
    vulnerable), Burt will attack you in the instant you enter, hurt him a
    bit with anything(please not a katana or a gun), after some pain he will
    give up and then you can have a civilized talk with him, he will join
    you and so will Aaron, they will run to the waypoint marker you set
    before, follow them to the store where Bill is when they reach the
    waypoint marker, give Burt the second submachine gun, and for Aaron a
    pipe or the katana, don't forget to take a photo of them. Now we are
    going to save our last Al Fresca Plaza survivor for now.
    5:30. Mothers Lament.
    Look for "Riverfield Jewelery"(A-103) and you will see a women, her name
    is Leah, go into the counter where she is and start talking to her,
    after she tries to strangle you, she will join you. Take a pic of her.
    Now a hard part, you have to call(botton Y) Leah so she jumps the
    counter, but if you do this Aaron, Bill and Burt will run to your
    position, so be careful, now call Leah, when she jumps the counter carry
    her, and run to the limit between the Food Court and Al Fresca Plaza,
    keep calling the survivors, when you reach the door leave Leah  and set
    a waypoint marker there, help anybody that zombies are biting(probably
    Aaron) and when all the survivors are near the door, move to the Food
    6:10. Food Court.
    ///OTIS#7: Food Court \\\
    Take some wine from "Chri's Fine Foods"(F-103), recover the survivors
    health and after all this head to Leisure Park.
    6:25. Prision Break.
    As soon as you leave the Food Court you will watch a cutscene of 3
    convicts on a military car, they tried to kill you, but Sid(Sophie's
    partner) will pay all the broken dishes. After the cutscene take Leah
    and run to an isolated area with low amount of zombies, Burt and Bill
    will be defending all your crew very well.
    I recommend not to fight with the convicts right now, just if they are
    following you and killing your crew, otherwise I recommend to let them
    be, I repeat you don't have a lot of time so I recommend not to kill the
    convicts, you will need to kill them later, but I will imagine you are
    going to kill them so here's the strategy.
     | The Convicts                               |
     | The best way to kill them is with a shotgun|
     | (hope you got the one from Brian) go and   |
     | wait them to crash, kill first the one at  |
     | the gun, then it will be much easier, kill |
     | the driver and the bat convict when they   |
     | crash using your shotgun(or grab the       |
     | machine gun from the convict car) both of  |
     | them will be piece of cake.                |
     | Don't forget the convicts respawn, do don't|
     | surprise if you see them again.            |
    If you choose not to kill them just be quick and reach Sophie, don't
    stop following her until you see on the screen "Sophie Richards Joined",
    now pick up Leah and the rest of the group, carry her and straight to
    Paradise Plaza, I guess you made it without any great complication now
    into Paradise Plaza.
    But I guess there is already 7:00 p.m. or later in the game, from this
    point now the zombies will be much more agressive, notice that if you
    receive the cutscene of the red-eyed zombie, and the convicts are behind
    you, they wil appear far away.
    7:30. Photography Class with Kent Swanson.
    Now enter Paradise Plaza, go upstairs quickly, because the time for "A
    cut from the same cloth" is getting over.
    Go upstairs with everybody and set a waypoint marker inside "Colombian
    Roastmasters"(P-202) and start talking to Kent, he will ask you for two
    photos, read the strategy.
    1. Kent's talent: The first photo Kent will ask is for a photo of him
    taking a picture of you, zoom him enough when he is taking a pic of
    you, take the photo, easy 500 PP.
    2. Kent's "cool pose": Now, Kent will ask for a pic of his "cool pose",
    for this just wait for him to take a pic of you, watch his arm moving,
    take a picture of that, remember to zoom a bit, easy 700 PP.
    A cutscene of Kent examining your photos and setting an appointment on
    the 20th at 12:00 p.m will be unlocked.
    7:45. Respect the power of the Queen.
    Now take orange juice from the freezer and restore your crew health and
    leave, your destination, the warehouse. After you enter you will watch a
    cutscene of Frank killing a Queen Bee, from now on some zombies will
    carry Queen Bees, for the moment the warehouse have 2 Bees, go to the
    elevator and set a waypoint near, kill the zombie near the elevator, a
    Queen Bee will appear, then go for Leah, near the door to Paradise Plaza
    you will find another zombie with a Bee, kill him, now break a
    mannequin, recover your submachine guns(SMG) from Burt and Bill, now go
    to the rooftop by the elevator, finally make your survivors to fit the
    little passage to the air duct(be sure everybody is near you) now enter.
    SAVED: Bill Brenton
           Burt Thompson
           Aaron Swoop
           Leah Stein
           Sophie Richards
    TOTAL: 7 survivors
    Remember to enter the Security Room, case completed. Also I would
    recommend to save.
    Case 1-4: A temporary agreement(closed)
    -------->Case 2-1: Image in the monitor(engaged but blocked)<--------
                       Blocked means that the case will be able
                       after an Otis call.
    A cutscene of Frank telling Brad and Jessie about Ed's helicopter and a
    way out of there is unlocked.
    8:45. Preparing for the battle.
    Go out to Paradise Plaza again, go up to the blue ceiling by jumping
    from the stairs and run until the end to find another SMG, take it,
    because you will need some guns for the battle that is near, after
    taking the SMG from Paradise Plaza, you go to the Food Court through
    Leisure Park.
    9:00 p.m. is near, you will receive a call.
    ///OTIS#8: Out of Control \\\
    Enter to the Food Court, if you spend all the SMG from the Food Court
    take it again, take some wine from Chri's Fine Foods and wait until
    10:00 p.m.
    10:00. Wonderland Space Rider.
    You will receive a call from Otis.
    ///OTIS#9: Japanese Tourists \\\
    Now you enter Wonderland Plaza, you will receive another call.
    ///OTIS#10: Wonderland Plaza \\\
    Go upstairs and go to the control panel of the Space Rider, a psychopath
    will show up.
    10:15. "Mommy, that clown scares me!!!".
    After a very creepy cutscene(very cool) Adam the clown will attack you,
    there is only a way to defeat him, gun fire. Remember this is the most
    important scoop, so do it.
     | Adam MacIntyre(the clown)                  |
     | Adam is pretty sick, and you want to avoid |
     | his chainsaws, so, you remember I told you |
     | to keep some SMGs now is the time to use   |
     | them, get far, far, far away from Adam,    |
     | after being far enough Adam will start to  |
     | inflate a ballon, shoot at it, he will be  |
     | coughing a while, now shoot with no mercy, |
     | stop when he uses his chainsaw as a shield.|
     | Repeat until Adam dies. Please take a pic  |
     | of him before you kill him. And you will   |
     | unlock an achievement after he dies.       |
    After the Adam's dead cutscene(is the coolest cutscene of the game) take
    the Mini Chainsaw, now to the control panel of the Space Rider, and meet
    After a chat with Greg he will talk you about a shortcut between
    Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza, now take another Mini Chainsaw and
    follow Greg, notice that if you get away enough from him, a great photo
    PP opportunity. Follow him until the women's restroom, he will stop near
    the sinks, now get out of the restroom, notice that Greg does not move
    from the restroom, go upstairs to rescue a pair of tourists. Be sure to
    take a pic of Greg in the bathroom.
    11:00. Japanese for beginners with Yuu and Shinji.
    ///OTIS#11: Shadow of the North Plaza \\\
    Go upstairs and look for "Sir Book-a-lot"(W-204) go in and take a yellow
    book that is behind the counter, then start talking to Yuu, after a very
    offensive talk about you, they will join, take the photo of them making
    a reverence (big PP opportunity) give them a SMG if you still have any,
    if not take some handguns from the near police zombies, after arming
    both of them, pick up the Criminology book from the back part of the
    library, now your chainsaw will last a bit longer, leave to  the
    restroom to meet Greg, then use the shortcut to Paradise Plaza.
    Set a waypint marker outside the restroom and go to "Bachman's
    Bookporium"(P-108) to get the Engineering book, and the Entertainment
    book, now your chainsaw will last almost the whole game, but if you got
    the chance take a new one.
    Now return to meet the guys, give Greg the shotgun and now straight to
    the Security Room, nothing challenging.
    Day 2 will probably begin when you are near the Security Room,  I will
    count day 2 as started near 12:15, and, hey you already rescued every
    survivor you can on day 1, congratulations!!!
    SAVED: Greg Simpson
           Yuu Tanaka
           Shinji Kitano
    TOTAL: 10 survivors
    Enter the Security Room for another cutscene, Frank and Brad are getting
    familiar(a frienship that will last forever......OK, maybe not), save,
    day 2 started.
                              Day 2 (Sep 20th)
    12:15. Knowing the North Plaza.
    You still have to save one survivior before the next case begins, now
    get out of the Security Room, if you need, take some orange juice from
    Colombian Roastmasters and then head to North Plaza by Leisure Park,
    enter and you will receive a call.
    ///OTIS#12: North Plaza \\\
    Then go to the "Huntin' Shack"(N-127) before going to the Shadow of the
    North Plaza scoop, look at the map for better indications that mine(it
    is in a long hallway) enter and you will meet Cletus.
    After a cutscene where James died because of Cletus, he will start
    shooting at you, you got to kill him.
     | Cletus                                     |
     | Take cover behind one of the white         |
     | exposers, then wait until he finishes his  |
     | 6-shoot round, if he shot you, be quick and|
     | take the picture of him drinking wine, if  |
     | not take a pic of him anyway. When he start|
     | reloading, run to the counter and destroy  |
     | him with your mini-chainsaw, after 3 or 4  |
     | attacks, he will be done.                  |
    After defeating Cletus, a cutscene of him trying to scape from you, and
    at the end zombie James will kill Cletus(payback is a b$#&€) take some
    shotguns if you want, then go out and activate the guide arrow, so you
    find easier the next survivor.
    2:00. David's leg.
    You will find David on an empty store, he will be afraid of you, but
    after some talking he will join, take a photo of him, eat the food David
    had and then offer shoulder to him, go to Paradise Plaza by the way you
    Arrive to the Warehouse and then to the Security Room, David is now
    SAVED: David Bailey
    TOTAL: 11 survivors
    3:00. Freetime.
    You got 3 hours until the next case, I suggest unlock some achievements,
    here I will recommend which ones to do.
    3:15. Bowling at Willamette.
    Go to the fountain near the entrance to Leisure Park in Paradise Plaza,
    behind it you will find a bowling ball, take it and enter Leisure Park.
    Take the bowling ball and aim to the entrance of Paradise Plaza, then
    throw it to the door and if you knock over more than 10 zombies you will
    get an achievement.
    3:30. Stunt Driver.
    Go to the parking lot and take the red car, drive again until the lake
    in the middle of the park, enter the lake at high speed and go straight
    to the benches located at the south-east part of the lake, when you
    crash them, the car will jump over 33 feet unlocking another
    4:00. A zombie party.
    Enter "Child's Play"(P-102) and take all the lego heads from the floor,
    place all of them on zombies heads(they will not be able to see, so
    funny to look them all lost), then go to "Ye Olde Toybox"  (P-110) and
    take all of the heads of horse and do the same that you did with lego
    heads, all of them added will give as a result 10 masks over the
    zombies, an achievement is ulocked.
    4:30. Waiting for the next case.
    Go for a new mini-chainsaw, take some orange juice, rest, wait, kill
    zombies, break objects(helpful if you are looking for Item Smasher
    achievement) or do whatever you want. Just don't be at the rooftop or
    the Security Room at 6 a.m.
    Please keep on mind you need at leat 3 bees to make it all easier to
    save the survivors to come, so take 3 bees quickly.
    6:00. Proffesor's kidnapping.
    ///OTIS#13: Image in the monitor \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the
    Security Room if you want to get this call.
    You noticed that the case wasn't activated until the call? Many cases
    will be activated by this method
    Go to the Security Room, when you arrive there, a cutscene of Jessie
    spotting the kidnapping of Dr. Barnaby will be activated.
    Case 2-1: Image in the monitor(closed)
    -------->Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor(engaged)<--------
    6:05. Rescue in the Entrance Plaza.
    Before going out, save. Now you got to run to the Entrance Plaza. You
    will notice that after entering the Warehouse, Otis will call you.
    ///OTIS#14: Entrance-Paradise door opened \\\
    Enter Entrance Plaza through Paradise Plaza. You will watch a cutscene
    of Carlito as a sniper, and Dr. Barnaby unconscious hanging over a
    hundred of zombies, now Carlito is going to pay.......
    After the cutscene go upstairs, now you are going to defeat
    Carlito...again. There are only 2 ways to kill Carlito:
     | Sniper Carlito                             |
     | 1st. Take out a shotgun or a SMG and shoot |
     |      Carlito until he's done, taking the   |
     |      columns as shield. (low level)        |
     | 2nd. Sacrifice a bit of your live and run  |
     |      until you reach Carlito(sometimes     |
     |      he will shot you more than you can    |
     |      stand, so restore your health) then   |
     |      take out your mini-chainsaw and after |
     |      2 cahinsaw attacks, he will be done.  |
     |      (high level)                          |
    After you defeat him(ouch!! he scaped again) Brad will be hurt because
    of a bullet Carlito fired at him, so Frank will carry Barnaby until the
    Security Room (don't worry you don't have to take him to the Security
    Room)Frank will, the cutscene ends with Jessie worried because Brad is
    developing a fever because of the bullet, Barnaby is totally
    Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor(closed)
    -------->Case2-3: Medicine Run(engaged)<--------
    6.45. Saving Brad's ass...again.
    Now you are in a hurry, so go to Wonderland Plaza trough the shortcut,
    then to the North Plaza. In this process of going to the main case
    place, you will receive a call(not be at Wonderland Plaza)
    ///OTIS#15: Lovers \\\
    When you arrive North Plaza, enter "Seon's Food and Stuff"(L-3). You
    will receive another call.
    ///OTIS#16: Seon's Food and Stuff \\\
    Go to the door between the Seafood counter and the Meat counter.
    7:15. Not vandalism is allowed on Steven's watch.
    A cutscene of a crazy store manager will be unlocked, now is the time to
    kill Steven.
     | Steven Chapman (the store manager)         |
     | Before nothing take a pic of him. Then get |
     | the hell out of his way, when you get to an|
     | open area, attack him from behind, a good  |
     | combination of gun fire and chainsaw will  |
     | be perfect, not a very difficult psychopath|
    After you killed Steven, a very strange cutscene of him will be
    unlocked, at the end, all he matters was the store, poor crazy
    disgusting man. Isabela again runs away from you.
    Enter the Pharmacy and take out the First Aid Kit now get out of there.
    7:45. Wonderland Plaza Lovers.
    When you enter Wonderland Plaza again, go upstairs and look for "Run
    Like the Wind"(W-201) enter and you will meet Tonya and Ross(wow, what a
    bad injurie), talk to them a bit, after a while Ross will ask for a gun
    PLEASE DO NOT give him one, he will commit suicide and Tonya will not
    leave him, just keep talking until BOTH of them join. Take the pic of
    both of them. Now give Tonya a SMG if you have any, then clear the way
    and carry Ross back to the Security Room, nothing challenging, but be
    careful, Tonya will ignore any order you give her, she will always be
    close to Ross no matter what. While you are scorting Tonya and Ross a
    call will enter at 8 a.m.
    ///OTIS#17: Hatchet Man \\\
    Recover your SMG at the end of the trip, you will receive another call
    at the end of the trip(warehouse) or slightly after rescuing Tonya and
    Ross, remeber you can't receive calls at the rooftop or in the Security
    Room. This call will be active at 9 a.m.
    ///OTIS#18: The Coward \\\
    SAVED: Tonya Waters
           Ross Folk
    TOTAL: 13 survivors
    Enter the Security Room, take a pic of Jessie on that possition that
    worhts more than 700 PP EROTICA, because if you have forgot we got a
    meeting with Kent later and he wants an EROTICA photo that worths over
    700 PP. Then give her the medicine.
    Case 2-3: Medicine Run(closed)
    -------->Case 3-1: Professors Past(engaged but blocked)<--------
    9:15. Teenage stupidity.
    I hope you have at least one queen for the next survivor. After rescuing
    Tonya and Ross, get out to Paradise Plaza(after 9:00 a.m.) you will find
    Pamela totally surrounded by zombies, I think you will have no problem
    finding her, because she is right in front of the warehouse, but for
    special cases look for "Child's Play"(P-102).
    If you have a queen USE IT(I told you so, remember you will need 2 more
    bees), if not get down there and kill everyone with your chainsaw,
    anyway you need to free Pamela of those zombies, talk to her, and she
    will join, now break the window of the toy store and get in, hopefully
    Pamela will be able to enter by the broken glass too, talk to Heather,
    Pamela's twin sister, after a chat she will also join, now to the
    Security Room again, no need of giving Heather a weapon, just clear the
    way for the girls. Remember to photograph both of them.
    SAVED: Pamela Tompkins
           Heather Tompkins
    TOTAL: 15 survivors
    Now you got an hour or so to recover, I recommend going for 3 shotguns
    at the Huntin' Shack(please DO NOT activate the Hatchet Man), recover
    your health at Colombian Roastmasters, and then wait on the warehouse.
    11:00. Medicine is working.
    ///OTIS#19: Medicine is working \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the
    Security Room if you want to get this call.
    Wait before going the rooftop, another call is about to enter.
    ///OTIS#20: Restaurant Man \\\
    Now go to the Security Room, the case starts with a cutscene of Barnaby
    waking up, and Jessie is trying to take the truth out of him, etc.
    Case 3-1: Professors Past(closed)
    -------->Case 4-1: Another Source(engaged but blocked)<--------
    Stay in Paradise Plaza, take the SMG from the blue sealing meanwhile.
    Restore your health, take some juice for your inventory, whatever you
    want to do, but DO NOT go away from Paradise Plaza.
    12:00. Some Erotica photos for Kent.
    At 12:00 Kent will appear on Paradise Plaza, talk to him and then select
    the photo of Jessie that worths over 700 PP. After this, if he is hapy
    with your picture, he will arrange a last meeting on the 21st at midday.
    Now you are in a serious hurry, so run and be quick. Now go to the North
    Plaza by Leisure Park.
    12:15. The war wasn't over, at least not for me.
    After you enter North Plaza enter "Crislip's Home Saloon"(L-2), very
    near the entrance, enter, the scoop starts with a cutscene of Cliff with
    a freaking big machete.
     | Cliff Hudson(Machete Guy)                  |
     | Cliff is smarter enough to start the attack|
     | from behind, but knowing this you can be   |
     | faster and smash him with your chainsaw.   |
     | Notice that after each succesful attack,   |
     | Cliff will run away, take a pic of him     |
     | jumping into one of the holes in the floor |
     | (great PP marker), after jumping into the  |
     | holes, he will appear above the shelves,   |
     | take out a shotgun and shoot him he will   |
     | jump to your level and try an attack, just |
     | respond with your chainsaw, repeat 3 or 4  |
     | times and he will be done. Don't forget his|
     | picture.                                   |
    If you had photographed Adam, Cletus, Steven and Cliff, you will get an
    The Cliff's dead cutscene is sad, seriously is depressing, he wasn't
    that bad, but what are we going to do? Rescue the people he kidnapped.
    Take the machete he drops and leave, near Crislip's is a cage, enter
    12:45. Saving war prisioners.
    You will find Josh, Rich and Barbara, take a photo of all three, then
    talk to any of them, the result will be the same, all of them will join,
    give Rich a shotgun, to Josh the machete, and to Barbara another
    shotgun, open both cage doors so they don't get stuck, get out of North
    Plaza through Leisure Park, go to the Food Court, the convicts will
    probably not bother you so ignore them, just be careful no zombie grab
    After entering the Food Court, take some wine for your survivors and for
    you, increase health of your crew, leave to Al Fresca Plaza, enter there
    and go straight to "McHandy's Hardware"(A-105) set a waypoint inside.
    1:30. Saving a coward.
    Jump the counter to find Gordon, first of all kick him and then talk, he
    will join, give him an SMG, or a lead pipe, doesn't matter, he will be
    crying most of the time. Take a pic before leaving.
    Now that you have your 4 survivors, we go again to the Food Court, if
    you need to, restore  your health and your survivors health also, before
    going out be sure you at leat have 1 food item that you can't use for
    yourself or your crew, I will explain later. Now set a waypoint marker
    as near as you can into Wonderland Plaza, be sure everybody is near(the
    passage through Food Court and Wonderland Plaza is tough) and enter
    Wonderland Plaza.
    1:50. Hanging on the rabbit.
    Enter Wonderland Plaza and set a waypoint marker near the bunny, a part
    where zombies can't reach them.
    Remeber I told you to keep some bees, I'm sure you already know why, as
    soon as you enter Wonderland Plaza you will notice 2 survivors hanging
    from one of those pink rabbits, their names are Nick and Sally(I always
    wondered how they both get there). Before taking them down take a photo
    of the rabbit from the front with Nick and Sally hanging, great PP(if
    you didn't do the thing of the 50 target photo when I told you so, this
    is a great chance).
    Now USE one of the bees near Nick, if you don't have bees(c'mon I told
    you so) go crazy and kill every zombie there, please be quick. Then take
    one hunk of meat that a zombie dying probably drop, aim and throw, Nick
    will fall, talk to him, he will join, he will run to the waypint, be
    sure to follow him until he's fine, give him a shotgun, if you don't
    have any take one from other survivor and gave it to him, he is just
    good with that shotgun. Now do the same thing to save Sally, after all
    that you will notice the time for the next case is running low, so you
    got to be quick.
    Head to the shortcut, don't save, because if you don't make it, you can
    start again from a safer point, now into Paradise Plaza.
    2:30. The true eye Cult.
    As soon as you enter Paradise Plaza you will watch a cutscene of a cult
    trying to sacrifice a young lady.
    When the cutscene is over, you will be far from the restroom, so before
    we confront the cultists, go to the restroom and be sure every survivor
    make it near the Leisure Park entrance, set a waypoint there, now take
    your chainsaw and kill every cultist there, after this help Jennifer get
    out of that box, she will join. Take a photo of her.
    2:40. God man stop eating, you are so fat!!!
    Now break the barricade on "Jill's Sandwiches"(P-104) with your
    chainsaw, enter, Ronald will be there, give him the food item I told you
    not to use, he will smile(photo PP), after that he will join, now run
    through the way between the bridge and the stairs, it is easier by that
    way, and reach the warehouse.
    If you have all 8 survivors I had rescued in this section you will
    unlock an achievement.
    3:00. Leave or not leave them, what a choise.
    When you enter the warehouse or near, the clock will be on 3 p.m.
    ///OTIS#21: Another Source \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the
    Security Room if you want to get this call.
    Now you are in the warehouse, give some food to the most injured
    survivors, and run to the Security Room, if you made it to the warehouse
    before the call, wait there, after the call, leave your survivors in the
    warehouse a sec, go into the Security Room and complete the case. Please
    don't leave the survivors at Paradise Plaza, you can't reach them before
    they die, leave them at the warehouse.
    Case 3-1: The professors past(closed)
    -------->Case 4-2: Girl Hunting(engaged)<--------
    Return to the warehouse to find your survivors there, recover your
    weapons and into the rooftop, make all your survivors fit the tiny
    passage to the Air Duct, and when you achieve to enter, 8 survivors more
    will be in the security room.
    SAVED: Barbara Patterson
           Rich Atkins
           Josh Manning
           Gordon Stalworth
           Nick Evans
           Sally Mills
           Jennifer Gorman
           Ronald Shiner
    TOTAL: 23 survivors
    3:40. Before the fight....
    As soon as you enter the warehouse Otis will call you.
    ///OTIS#22: Above the Law \\\(This call is active since 12:30 p.m. but
    the 8 survivors limit blocked the call)
    Restock your inventory with some food before the fight against Jo, be
    quick, if you take too long Jo will kill 3 of the girls. After being
    ready, go into Wonderland Plaza.
    4:00. Police Abuse.
    Go upstairs, you are looking for "Lovely Fashion House"(W-208), before
    entering, look inside and be sure that Janet, Kelly and Lilly are there,
    if not load and get there as fast as you can. But if you are following
    my timing the girls should be there.
    Enter the store, the scoop starts with a cutscene of Jo treating Kay in
    a very perverted way and Kay asking for our help.
     | Jo Slade                                   |
     | Jo will first attack Kay, don't attack Jo  |
     | there with your chainsaw, because you'll   |
     | probably kill Kay, wait until she run      |
     | towards you, then take your chainsaw and   |
     | kill her, after 4 attacks she will be done,|
     | but be careful, when she leaves you stunned|
     | she will hurt one of the girls(probably    |
     | Kay). Don't forget a pic of her before she |
     | dies.                                      |
    If you have killed Adam, Cletus, Steven, Cliff and Jo, you will unlock
    an achievement.
    Untie the 4 girls, if you want give Kay a SMG, take a pic of the 4
    girls, now get out of there and return to the shortcut, and into
    Paradise Plaza, go to the Security Room, while scorting the 4 girls, you
    will receive 3 calls at 5:00 p.m.
    ///OTIS#23: Woman who didn't make it \\\
    ///OTIS#24: Mark of the Sniper \\\
    ///OTIS#25: Antique Lover \\\
    Scort Kay, Lilly, Kelly and Janet back to the Security Room.
    SAVED: Kay Nelson
           Lilly Deacon
           Kelly Carpenter
           Janet Star
    TOTAL: 27 survivors
    5:15.Girl Hunting.
    Before rescuing all the survivors of the Entrance Plaza we are going to
    advance in the main cases, now take some juice from Colombian
    Roastmasters, and then go downstairs and take the shortcut to Wonderland
    Plaza, enter the North Plaza by Wonderland Plaza, an go to the entrance
    of Seon's Food and Stuff.
    5:45. Fighting aginst a hot chick on a motorcycle(yes!!!).
    So, Isabela is on a motorcycle and she wants to kill you, while you are
    on foot, great!!
     | Isabela on motorcycle                      |
     | Isabela can be tricky sometimes, you can   |
     | combine 2 ways to kill her.                |
     | 1st. Be near a wall, when she tries to run |
     |      over you, move a bit, she will crash  |
     |      and will probably get stuck for some  |
     |      time, now use your chainsaw from      |
     |      behind her, she will fall after 2     |
     |      chainsaw attacks.                     |
     | 2nd. Hide on the fountain, or over         |
     |      something, use gun power to defeat her|
     |      a shotgun will work great.            |
    You will watch cutscene of Isabela falling from the motorcycle, and a
    promise between Frank and Isabela to meet at midnight for a chat.
    Case 4-2: Girl Hunting (closed)
    -------->Case 5-1: A promise to Isabela(engaged but blocked)<--------
    Now before going out of there, notice the motorcycle of Isabela is now
    on the entrance of Seon's Food and Stuff, and it will respawn everytime
    you enter North Plaza, but if you want an achievement, get on the
    motorcycle. Have you seen the ramps, to the east of Seon's??? I guess
    so, drive with a very high speed toward this ramps and if you do it
    right you will jump, if you are high enough you will unlock an
    You, get out of there and head to the Entrance Plaza.
    6:45. Entrance Plaza survivors.
    As soon as you enter Entrance Plaza, a cutscene of the Hall Family
    aiming at you will appear on the screen.
    Now run upstairs, wait a sec because a call will enter at 7:00 p.m.
    ///OTIS#26: Ronald's Appetite \\\
    Now, take a pic of the Hall family before killing them, after that pic,
    run after them and kill them, one by one, they will run from you when
    you get too close, persue them, after killing all of them, you will have
    defeated 8 psychopaths.
    7:20. Jolie, the best friend you can ever have.
    Go downstairs again and enter "Gramma's Kids"(E-105), you will find
    Jolie, talk to her, when she asks you to look for Rachel go out the
    store she will change her mind and join you now, hold hands with Jolie
    and go upstairs and then look for "Ladies' Space"(E-216) enter and look
    the emotive reunion of Jolie and Rachel, take a pic of their hug for
    great PP points. Rachel will join.
    7:45. Old guy with old things.
    Go with Rachel and Jolie to "Ned's Knicknackery"(E-205), set a waypoint
    outside so Rachel and Jolie stay out of the store, go in and start
    talking to Floyd, after a way too long talk, he will join, but you have
    to carry him because he can't run long distances without stopping, get a
    photo of him, now get out of there, we are going to save the last
    survivor from the Entrance Plaza.
    8:15. Wayne the prey.
    Look for "Estelle's Fine-Lady Cosmetics"(E-210) and on the back-part of
    the store you will find Wayne, take a photo of him before you start
    talking to him.
    After you tell him the snipers are done, he will join, give him a SMG or
    a shotgun, now carry Floyd and get out of Entance Plaza, but before
    leaving take a snack from the floor(near the stairs on the 1st floor),
    Ronald wants some food, enter Paradise Plaza.
    8:45. Carrying the Entrance Plaza group to the Security Room.
    When you enter Paradise Plaza, Jolie and Rachel will run to attack the
    cultists, so keep calling them(Y-Button) constantly, when you are near
    the warehouse entrance and everybody is with you go in, nothing special,
    if you have no food for Ronald, now is the time to break some boxes to
    find anything, anything that is food. If you want recover your shotgun
    or SMG from Wayne, then leave them in the Security Room.
    SAVED: Jolie Wu
           Rachel Decker
           Floyd Sanders
           Wayne Blackwell
    TOTAL: 31 survivors
    Enter the Security Room to watch a cutscene of Barnaby telling zombies
    were product of Santa Cabeza drug trade, and that terrorists spread this
    drugs all over Willamette.
    9:30. Feeding Ronald.
    Remember I told you to take any kind of food, now you are going to use
    it, when you enter the security room, "Ronald's Appetite" scoop will
    activate automatically, enter the room where Ronald is, talk to him and
    give him some food.
    If you forget doing this and you leave the Security Room without giving
    Ronald some food, he, Pamela, Heather, Burt, Aaron, Sophie and Bill will
    be lost for ever and they will not count as saved at the final
    After talking to Ronald, save and leave.
    9:45. Waiting for the meeting with Isabela.
    You have now like 2 hours before meeting Isabela, I reccomend taking
    some orange juice, and some shotguns(you want to have at least 2),
    anyway, it is your choice, but when you are done enter Crislip's Home
    Saloon and wait there to be midnight, kill some zombies or break
    objects, whatever you want to do.
                               Day 3 (Sep 21st)
    12:00. You can't break promises.
    At 12:00 a.m. you will receive two calls from Otis, I will suppose you
    are in Crislip's Home Saloon.
    ///OTIS#27: A promise to Isabela \\\DO NOT be at the North Plaza or at
    the Security Room if you want to get this call.
    ///OTIS#28: A strange group \\\
    Now get out of there. When you enter North Plaza you will see Kindell
    near to the place you are going to meet Isabela, before talking to him,
    enter the place where you are going to meet Isabela.
    A cutscene will be reproduced as soon as you open the door, in this
    Isabela arrives being followed by a zombie, she is hurt and the zombie
    is going to kill her.
    After the cutscene, the zombie will take Isabela down, use a gun to kill
    him, after killing the zombie, you wil watch a cutscene, Carlito had
    shoot Isabela (what a brother) and then she passed out.
    Case 5-1: A promise to Isabela(closed)
    -------->Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela(engaged)<--------
    12:20. Transporting Isabela.
    Open both doors, carry Isabela near Kindell and start talking to him, he
    will join after a chat, now carry Isabela, Kindell is by far one of the
    best survivors, he should not have any problem during the travel to the
    Security Room. If you want his shotgun take it on the warehouse, then on
    the rooftop you will unlock the next cutscene before entering the
    Security Room. The cutscene is about Frank leaving Isabela on Jessie and
    Brad's hands, Brad wants to interrogate her as soon as she wokes up.
    Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela(closed)
    -------->Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza(engaged but blocked)<--------
    After the cutscene Kindell will automatically enter the Security Room.
    SAVED: Kindell Johnson
    TOTAL: 32 survivors
    1:15. Killing the Convicts....again.
    Save and get out of there, remember I told you to have at least 2
    shotguns, now you will see why, enter Leisure Park and find those
    convicts, now we are going to kill them, and you want to kill them
    because you will be using the park shortly.
     | The Convicts encounter 2                   |
     | I write how to kill them again, because now|
     | is almost mandatory to kill them, with some|
     | shotguns kill the one that have the gun,   |
     | every convict will die after 3 or 4 shotgun|
     | shots, then kill the other two too, how?   |
     | With their gun, or with the useful shotgun.|
    Get on the convicts car to unlock an achievement(I put it here, because
    the first time many of you probably don't kill the convicts).
    2:00. Giving wine to an old man.
    Shortly after finishing the convicts, or shortly before finishing the
    convicts, Otis will call.
    ///OTIS#29: Floyd the Sommelier \\\
    When you finish the convicts, go to the Food Court, take some wine from
    Chri's Fine Foods, and leave, go to the warehouse and wait there until 3
    3:00. Santa Cabeza Tragedy.
    Otis will call you for you to return to the Security Room.
    ///OTIS#30: Isabela is awake \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the
    Security Room if you want to get this call.
    Now go to the Security Room, enter the office, you will watch a cutscene
    in which Barnaby dies and Isabela told us everything about the Santa
    Cabeza zombie outbreak, case closed.
    Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza(closed)
    -------->Case 7-1: The Last Resort(engaged but blocked)<--------
    Now go to the room where Floyd is and give him the wine.
    REQUEST: "Floyd the Sommelier" fulfilled.
    Save and leave, you got to save 14 survivors before 11 a.m.
    3:15. Rescuing the gun masters Brett and Jonathan.....and Alissa.
    On the rooftop take a picture of the Air Duct if you haven't(I told you
    to do it at the begining of the game, if you accidentally delete the
    photo before don't worry, the photo will count even when you doesn't
    have it at the gallery) before leaving, it counts as a PP sticker. Then
    leave, go through Leisure Park to the North Plaza, now go to the Huntin'
    Before entering, open both doors, you will see 3 survivors, inside,
    Brett, Jonathan and Alissa. Enter there. All of them will start
    shooting in the moment you go in, get out using the flying dodge
    skill(Press LS in the same direction twice in rapid succession), after
    you go out, Jonathan will jump out of the counter to meet you. After a
    long talk he will ask you for a duct picture(now you understand why I
    ask for it), if you follow the guide you should have it, keep talking,
    at the end all of them will join.
    Be careful, Alissa has an special problem jumping out of the counter, so
    at the instant the message of Jonathan joining, run and take the cash
    register, if you are fast enough, Alissa will go out easily. If you
    wasn't fast enough, move her a bit to help her go out. Take a pic of all
    of them before going out.
    4:10. Brett and Jonathan the perfect survivors, and Alissa
    Brett and Jonathan are the best survivors you will find, they kill
    zombies in an extremely efficient way, Alissa is kind of slow so keep an
    eye on her, now get out of North Plaza through Leisure Park.
    When you arrive Paradise Plaza, take the path between the stairs and the
    bridge, for now it is more empty of zombies, go to the warehouse and
    into the Security Room. If you want, recover the Machine Gun from
    Brett(you will not find this gun until the end of the game, so take it)
    or the shotgun from Jonathan. Save before leaving.
    SAVED: Brett Styles
           Jonathan Picardsen
           Alissa Laurent
    TOTAL: 35 survivors
    5:00. Cinema Rescue.
    Get your ass out, as soon as you enter the warehouse, a call will enter.
    ///OTIS#31: Long-Haired Punk \\\This call is active since 4:30, but you
    will receive it later because the 8-survivor limit.
    Then go to Paradise Plaza and into "Colby's Movieland"(L-1), have your
    chainsaw prepared, go to the hallway leading to the cinemas, there you
    will find a bunch of cultisits, kill them all, do it fast, you don't
    want them to take you to their hideout. But if they do, load.
    After killing all of them enter cinema 4, a cutscene of Sean with his
    giant sword and some survivors tied up will be reproduced, and it will
    be the announcement of a psychopath.
     | Sean Keanan(cultists lider)                |
     | Sean is a very active old timer, he is as  |
     | fast as a teenager but he is like my grampa|
     | anyway, take your chainsaw out and start   |
     | the attack, be careful, he will attack you |
     | even when he is being hit, sometimes tricky|
     | but when he attacks you he will not let you|
     | stand up, run away from him before another |
     | attack. Take a photo of him before he meets|
     | his creator. He will just take 4 chainsaw  |
     | attacks before dying.                      |
    A very cool cutscene of Sean's dead(payback, payback). Now stole his
    Before anything, the last group of cultists will appear at the entrance
    of the theather, use some gun power to kill some of them, but the ones
    that run toward you, you know what to do.
    After killing the last cultists you are going to see in the game(yes!!),
    close the cinema doors, untie Nathan, give him a shotgun, untie
    Michelle, give her Sean's sword, untie Ray and give him another shotgun
    ot the submachine gun from Brett, then untie Beth(be careful with her,
    she is easy to kill) and give her the machete, then open the door near
    Beth to find Cheryl, talk to her, she will join. Take a picture of all
    five, and then get out of Colby's Movieland, open both cinema doors so
    nobody stays behind, when everybody is near enter Paradise Plaza.
    6:15. The cultists survivors.
    If you noticed, this is the only scoop in which you get 5 survivors from
    one mission, again, the same rules, take the path between stairs and
    bridge, it should be more empty by now, be careful with everybody, enter
    the warehouse, recover your shotguns, and the machete, you will not need
    the sword, go to the Security Room.
    SAVED: Nathan Crabbe
           Michelle Feltz
           Ray Mathison
           Beth Shrake
           Cheryl Jones
    TOTAL: 40 survivors
    7:00. When you can't handle alcohol, you will end as a drunk.
    Get out of the Security Room and go to Paradise Plaza, now you are going
    to the Food Court, I warn you DON'T USE Wonderland Plaza, if you do this
    some survivors life will start decreasing an eventually they will die,
    use Leisure Park, head to the Food Court.
    When you enter Food Court you will meet Gil, he will be in "Chri's Fine
    Foods", talk to him until he do a PP pose, take a pic of it, then he
    will start laughing, get out of the restaurant, he will change his mind
    and call you back, talk to him again, he will join. Take some wine if
    you need to and leave, DON'T USE Wonderland Plaza, use Leisure Park.
    Moving with Gil(offering shoulder), you will be in no time in Paradise
    Plaza, but probably 8 a.m. will catch you in Leisure Park.
    ///OTIS#32: A sick man \\\
    Don't worry, keep moving, enter Paradise Plaza use the same path as
    always, and then leave Gil at the Security Room.
    SAVED: Gil Jimenez
    TOTAL: 41 survivors
    Save before leaving, because the next group is a hard one.
    8:30. Saving Wonderland Plaza survivors from being zombie breakfast.
    You got 2 hours to save the last 5 survivors before the next case, take
    some juice if needed, when you are ready, enter Wonderland Plaza.
    As soon as you enter Wonderland Plaza, go to "Casual Gals"(W-102), I
    guess before entering you will see Susan, she is safe for now, enter the
    You will watch a cutscene of Paul, a crazy guy with a molotov
    threatening 2 women. Our next psychopath is Paul.
     | Paul Carson                                |
     | Before he starts running, take a pic of him|
     | then start the chainsaw attacks, he will be|
     | done after 3 or 4 attacks, so if he scaped |
     | of the store, follow him, after throwing   |
     | his 5 bombs, he will stop, take advantage  |
     | of those moments, sometimes he will laugh, |
     | PP points, take another photo of him(I ask |
     | the first one because maybe you kill him   |
     | before he scaped), anyway, be quick, the   |
     | next case is approaching fast.             |
    If you have killed Adam, Cletus, Steven, Cliff, Jo, Jack, Roger, Thomas,
    Sean and Paul, you will unlock an achievement.
    If you have photographed Adam, Cletus, Steven, Cliff, Jo, Jack, Roger,
    Thomas, Sean and Paul(before defeating him), you will unlock an
    You will watch a  cutscene of Paul's stupidity, he set himself on
    fire(dahh). From the moment the cutscene finishes he is no longer a
    psychopath, he is a survivor, take a picture of him on fire(Great PP
    points) and then take the fire extinguisher near him, stand near the
    fire and press X-button, be careful, sometimes is difficult to
    extinguish the fire, if he dies, you have to load and try again, I
    always put Frank at the Paul's right side, if you do it right, he will
    be safe and the fire will be off, after a chat he will join, give him
    wine or orange juice to heal him, then a shotgun to him, open the closet
    to find Mindy and Debbie, talk to them so both join, give the machete to
    Debbie, a picture of the 2 women before going out.
    9:15. Sick stammer man.
    Run out of Casual Gals with 3 survivors, make the way until "Estelle's
    Fine-Lady Cosmetics"(W-110), when you enter you will find Leroy, he is
    hurt(if you see his neck he has a wound) talk to him until he join, take
    a photo of him, and then give him a shotgun, set a waypoint near the
    bunny outside the cosmetics shop.
    9:40. What a polite boy.......
    Leave your crew and go to rescue Susan, if you want use a bee, or with
    your chainsaw, anyway you want, just be quick, after killing all the
    zombies near Susan jump to the ball and start talking to her, she will
    join, but you will have to hold hands with her, because she is old you
    know, and she can't run very long distances. Meet with your group near
    the bunny, take the picture of Susan before leaving.
    *NOTE*: You may ask yourself why I didn't rescue Gil and this group at
    the same time, the answer is because Susan and Gil, both need help to
    walk, and you don't want 2 survivors that need help to walk on the same
    10:00. The last Wonderland group.
    Now you have 5 real life minutes to reach the warehouse, be quick.
    Hold hands with both, Susan and Mindy, then call your survivors,
    straight to the shortcut, be careful of leaving somebody behind, you
    shouldn't take more than 20 game minutes.
    Enter Paradise Plaza, the same, get out of the restroom with all your
    survivors and grab hands with Susan and Mindy, straight to the
    warehouse, enter the warehouse and wait in there until 11 a.m. if you
    are scorting a little bit slow you got a bit of time, but try to be
    before 11 at the warehouse. Kill every zombie in the warehouse and clear
    the elevator meanwhile.
    10:55. Carlito's last announcement.
    At 10:55 a.m. Carlito will give an announcement about some "Last Resort"
    thing, immediately after you will receice an Otis call.
    ///OTIS#33: Last Resort \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the Security
    Room if you want to get this call.
    I guess you have already cleared the elevator, recover a shotgun if you
    want, go to the rooftop, and then enter the Security Room with your 5
    SAVED: Paul Carson
           Debbie Willet
           Mindy Baker
           Leroy McKenna
           Susan Walsh
    TOTAL: 46 survivors
    Enter the Security Room to complete the case. The cutscene shows Brad
    talking to Isabela and the great news that the last resort is a Carito's
    plan to blow up the mall. Perfect!!!
    Case 7-1: The Last Resort(closed)
    -------->Case 7-2: Bomb Collector(engaged)<--------
    Save before leaving the Security Room.
    11:25. Waiting the midday.
    Get out of the Security Room, in the warehouse you will receive a call,
    doesn't count for transmissionary, because Isabela is the one who is
    calling, I will highlight this calls differently from the Otis ones.
    @@@ISABELA: Bombs on the Maintenance Tunnels @@@
    And into Paradise Plaza, go to Colombian Roastmasters to take some
    orange juice, take the SMG from the blue sealing if you want. I only
    advice ane thing, DON'T LEAVE Paradise Plaza until noon.
    12:00. Kent is out of his mind.
    If you are at noon in Paradise Plaza, a cutscene of Kent looking for his
    "piece de resistance", photographing the exact moment a human crosses
    into zombiehood, and a survivor tied up, Kent is now a psychopath.
    Ohhhh!!! Before I forgot, if you are not at 12 m or 12:05 p.m. in
    Paradise Plaza, Kent will kill his survivor and will tie you up, so you
    will loose every item you got, and you will have a very complicated
    fight against Kent, so I recommend to BE AT NOON in Paradise Plaza.
     | Kent Swanson(photographer)                 |
     | Then people say that being obsessed with   |
     | work isn't a problem. I will assume you are|
     | in Paradise Plaza at noon. You will notice |
     | Otis calling you, ignore him until Kent is |
     | dead, take your chainsaw, an easy boss,    |
     | just use your chainsaw twice and he will be|
     | done for good, I think guns aren't useful  |
     | during this fight, because Kent is fast as |
     | sound, so using guns is dumb. If you have  |
     | not completed the Psycho Collector         |
     | Achievement, Kent is one of your last      |
     | chances, so if you want take a pic of him  |
     | before he dies.                            |
    If you haven't complete the Psycho Collector Achievement or the Punisher
    Achievement Kent is one of your last chances.
    12:15. Tad, the perfect model for a photo.
    After the Kent's final words, you will see Tad, but before you untie
    him, answer the Otis call.
    ///OTIS#34: Kindell's Betrayal \\\
    Take the pic of tad before untie him. Untie Tad, give him a shotgun or a
    SMG, take some orange juice, and into the warehouse.
    When you enter the warehouse, you will receive a call. But don't go away
    from the entrance, you will leave soon.
    ///OTIS#35: A Woman in Despair \\\
    12:25. Simone, the poor bitten girl.
    Get out of the warehouse with Tad, look for "Players"(P-103) and set a
    waypint marker near the entrance of the store, enter and near the window
    you will find Simone, talk to her, you will discover she was bitten, but
    if you have completed all the cases until now, she will join, if not,
    she will stay there with nothing to change her mind, so I hope you have
    completed all the cases until now.
    When she joins, leave the store and now you can go to the Security Room,
    you know the way, enter the warehouse, if you want recover your shotgun,
    then into the Security Room.
    SAVED: Tad Hawthorne
           Simone Ravendark
    TOTAL: 48 survivors
           Congratulations!!!If you saved everyone until this point you
    have        rescued every survivor you can from the mall!!!
    12:45. Kindell's Suicidal Plan.
    DON'T LEAVE, you got to talk to Kindell before leaving, because if you
    don't do this, he will leave with ELEVEN survivors, including Kindell,
    so I'm sure you will talk to him before leaving. Look for Kindell's room
    and talk to him, after a chat, Kindell will give up his plan and the
    request will be fulfilled.
    REQUEST: "Kindell's Betrayal" fulfilled.
    12:55. Photo Achievement Completition.
    Take a pic of Otis, and Isabela, if you don't take the pic of Jessie for
    the photo request also one from her, and if you had photographed every
    survivor you have saved. You will unlock an achievement. Don't worry, if
    you don't get the ahievement later enter the survivor rooms and
    photograph everyone, eventually you will unlock the achievement.
    Safe before leaving.
    1:10. Drop da Bomb.
    After saving, get out to Paradise Plaza, remember the door near the
    restrooms, go there, use it to enter the maintenance tunnels, go to the
    parking lot to find a white car, use it to collect the bombs around the
    maintenance tunnels, I can't show you the map, but I will make a list of
    the order you should follow to collect the bombs. Remember, the bombs
    are inside the trucks, just open the doors and take it.
    1. Entrance Plaza Bomb
    2. Al Fresca Plaza Bomb
    Probably in Al Fresca you will meet truck driver Carlito.
     | Truck Driver Carlito                       |
     | PART 1. You will meet him at Al Fresca     |
     |         Basement, collect the bomb from    |
     |         there and before getting in the car|
     |         again just use your chainsaw       |
     |         through Carlito's truck door, he   |
     |         will loose the half of his life,   |
     |         then he will run away.             |
    3. Wonderland Plaza Bomb
    Your car is probably damaged, but if you reach Wonderland Plaza Basement
    with it, or you are near, you will be fine. Take the bomb from the
    truck, Carlito is probably already back, or he is just about to do it.
     | Truck Driver Carlito                       |
     | PART 2. The same technique that the one    |
     |         from part 1, use your chainsaw     |
     |         through the door, doesn't matter if|
     |         your car is wasted, just attack    |
     |         Carlito again, if you do it right, |
     |         he will be done.                   |
    A cutscene of Carlito's truck being destroyed will be reproduced, and
    Brad following him, you are near Paradise Plaza again, go and take the
    new white car that has just being respawned, now you can finish with the
    bombs in peace.
    4. North Plaza Bomb
    5. Seon's Food and Stuff Bomb
    After taking the bomb from Seon's Food and Stuff Basement, exchange your
    car with the truck parked there.
    @@@ISABELA: GO to the Maintenance Tunnels Exit @@@
    Then go to the Maintenance Tunnel Exit that leads to Leisure Park.
    Frank will take the bombs out and Brad will be in problems, because
    Carlito leave him with many zombies sorrounding him.
    Case 7-2: Bomb Collector(closed)
    -------->Case 8-1: Jamming Device(engaged but blocked)<--------
    3:30. Brad is now lost....forever.
    You will appear in the truck outside of the maintenance tunnels, if you
    leave the truck behind take the red car, we are going back to the
    maintanance tunnels. Enter the maintenace tunnels and go to the place
    where you find the maintenance key(the closed road),  you will unlock a
    cutscene of the Brad's good bye. After the cutscene just go slowly to
    the end of the road, near the door, Zombie Brad will be the only one
    there, get out of the car and take a picture of Zombie Brad.
    Then kill Brad or leave him there, take his gun and keep it, a survivor
    will ask for it soon, now get out of the maintenance tunnels.
    4:00. Riding a zombie Yihaa!!!
    Go to Leisure Park, before entering to Paradise Plaza, jump over the
    back of a zombie(Press A, but not to cloose, and the zombie must be
    showing his back), if you do this right, Frank will jump over the
    shoulders of the zombie, and because you are in the entrance of Paradise
    Plaza, many zombies will be near, just start moving when a lot of
    zombies are near, keep walking until you unlock an achievement.
    4:20. Waiting the next case.
    You have until 5 p.m. to kill zombies, break objects, do whatever you
    want, break some potted plants, chairs, everything, maybe at the end if
    you break more than 100 objects you will unlock an achievement.
    5:00. Jessie's Worried.
    I guess you are in Paradise Plaza, you will receive 2 calls.
    ///OTIS#36: Jamming Device \\\DO NOT be at the rooftop or at the
    Security Room if you want to get this call.
    ///OTIS#37: Paul's Present\\\
    Go to the Security Room to close the case. The case starts with a
    cutscene of Isabela talking about Carlito's hideout and the computer he
    got there, Jessie is kind of worried.
    Case 8-1: Jamming Device(closed)
    -------->Case 8-2: Hideout(engaged)<--------
    5:15. Infinite Molotovs.
    Before leaving, enter the room where Paul is, talk to him, at the end he
    will give you a molotov, now he will give you molotovs any time you
    REQUEST: "Paul's Present" fulfilled.
    Save before leaving.
    5:25. Going to the Hideout.
    Get out of the Security Room to meet Isabela near the duct, talk to her
    and start moving, you got to use the elevator, Isabela is like a
    survivor, she will go to the next place only if she is next to you,
    follow her until you reach North Plaza, go to the same hallway that goes
    to the Huntin' Shack, Isabela will stop in a near store, the hideout is
    discovered with a cutscene of Isabela and Frank entering the hideout, go
    to meet Isabela, you will watch a cutscene of Isabela trying to discover
    the Carlito's password, the case is closed.
    Case 8-2: Hideout(closed)
    -------->Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery(engaged)<--------
    6:45. Waiting for Otis calls.
    Now you have time to recover your inventory, leave the hideout to take
    some shotguns from the Huntin' Shack, go to Seon's Food and Stuff to
    take some wine. At 7:00 p.m. you will receive a call.
    ///OTIS#38: Simone the Gunslinger \\\
    Go to Wonderland Plaza to take a new chainsaw, then get a gun from the
    zombie guards before 8 p.m., after this go to the Warehouse, wait there
    until 8 p.m.
    ///OTIS#39: Cheryl's Request \\\If you receive this call, and you have
    received every call from Otis, you will unlock an achievement.
    Now go to the Security Room. First of all finish the case, a cutscene of
    Jessie looking at the monitors and a man carrying Carlito to the Meat
    Processing Area.
    Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery(closed)
    -------->Case 8-4: The Butcher(engaged)<--------
    After this go to the room where Simone is, talk to her and give her the
    gun, don't worry, she will not kill herself.
    REQUEST: "Simone the Gunslinger" fulfilled.
    After the talk with Simone, go and talk to Cheryl, take some pictures of
    her posses, after few photos, she will be happy.
    REQUEST: "Cheryl's Request" fulfilled.
    Now save, you will notice the case is coming dangerously red, don't
    worry, if you follow the guide you will be alright.
    8:10. Going to the butcher shop.
    Go to Paradise Plaza as fast as you can, enter the Maintenance Tunnels
    by the door near the restrooms, enter the white car and go to the Seon's
    Food and Stuff parking lot, look at the map to find it quicklier.
    8:40. Fresh Meat from Larry's.
    When you reach the parking lot, notice a metalic door near the entrance
    to the stairs, enter there, to find Larry the butcher. Probably you will
    notice that after meeting Larry an achievement will be unlocked.
     | Larry Chiang(butcher)                      |
     | Larry will not attack you inmediately, so  |
     | you can take him a photo if you haven't    |
     | achieved the "Psycho Collector Achievement"|
     | then attack him with your chainsaws, he    |
     | will defend well, so be careful, be        |
     | specially careful with the hanging cows(he |
     | trows them at you), and when he gets too   |
     | close be extra-careful, because he may hang|
     | you on a meat hanker, so kill him quick,   |
     | but not a very difficult boss.             |
    Larry was your last chance to achieve "Psycho Collector" and "Punisher"
    A very simple dead the one from Larry, but what are we going to do?,
    Carlito also died, payback is a..., but well at least Isabela will
    discover Carlito's pasword(yeah, sure).
    Case 8-4: The Butcher(closed)
    -------->The Facts: Memories(engaged but blocked)<--------
    Go to Seon's upstairs, take some wine from the store, and wait until 10
    @@@ISABELA: Memories @@@
    Meet Isabela at the hideout, Isabela will achieve to discover Carlito's
    password, and Jessie is pretty excited because emergency line had been
    The Facts: Memories(closed)
    10:15. Jessie's Fate.
    Move outside the hideout, Jessie will be calling HQ, then get out to
    North Plaza, go to Paradise through the park, but before leaving North
    Plaza a cutscene of a tragedy HQ ignore us, then go to the warehouse,
    near the entrance 2 soldiers will be at the Security Room talking to
    Jessie, after this cutscene Jessie is lost as a survivor, so sad, go to
    the Security Room, Frank will find the 2 bodies from the soldiers, and
    the Jessie's glasses, Frank discovers what happened.
    10:50. Zombie Jessie Photo Session.
    Enter through the red door, Jessie will be near, take a pic of her
    before killing her.
    Kill zombie Jessie, see that the survivors aren't anymore in the
    Security Room, what happened to them??? Is a mystery. It's almost
    frustating to save everyone for the army to kidnap or kill them.
    Leave the Security Room, take some orange juice, from now on keep as
    many bees as you can, after this just wait.
    12:00. As the story ends....
    At 12:00 you will see a cutscene of the special forces soldiers entering
    the mall, from now on they are going to ba a real pain in the ass, but
    with the chainsaw, nothing to worry about.
    Now you have many hours to do whatever you want, I reccomend to do some
    achievements, or level up, but it's your choice. I will make a guide of
    what achievements I consider you should unlock while you wait the last
    12 hours.
    12:05. Killing the army.
    Enter any plaza and look for the special forces, they almost every time
    go by pairs, so when you see a pair kill them both, keep doing this
    until you kill 10 special forces men, I reccomend going to Seon's Food
    and Stuff, because there are plenty of soldiers and food, after killing
    them, take 6 of the machine guns they drop.
    12:35. Use your guns.
    In Seon's, go downstairs to the Meat Processing Area, use the machine
    guns to finish zombies there, keep one machine gun, then aim to one of
    the hanging cows, start shooting, DON'T MISS ANY SHOOT, or you will not
    get the achievement.
    Use the rest of the machine guns killing ot whatever, just be sure to
    shoot at least 1000 bullets(easy with machine guns).
    1:30. A gourmet photographer.
    Get out of the Meat Processing Area and go to Seon's upstairs, kill the
    special forces soldiers, and then start eating every food you find, a
    list of the food you must eat is below:
    -Japanese Radish
    -Coffee Creamer
    -Frozen Vegetables
    -Orange Juice
    -Raw Meat
    -Uncooked Pizza
    -Red Cabbage
    -Ice Pops
    Some food have special changes, I list the original food and the way it
    changes, take into account that some of these food will produce stomach
    pains to Frank, and others will give more health than normal food:
    -Well Done Steak: Cook a raw meat on an oven(Food Court is plenty of
    -Spoiled Meat: Take a raw meat and keep it in your inventory a while(it
    will take a purple color)
    -Golden Brown Pizza: Cook a pizza on an oven(Food Court is plenty of
    -Rotten Pizza: Take an uncooked pizza and keep it in your inventory
    until it gets a purple color.
    -Melted Ice Pops: Take ice pops and keep them until they melt.
    -Thawed Vegetables: Keep frozen vegies in your inventory until they get
    After eating all of the above, go to Colombian Roastmasters and eat:
    But for getting the achievement you have to drink every juice available,
    I will put here some recipes top made them, remember you will need a
    blender to make juices(Colombian Roastmasters, and Food Court have
     * Pie + Pie
     * Well Done Steak + Corn
     * Spitfire(Blue) + Nectar(Yellow)
     * Cooking Oil + Cooking Oil
     * Snack + Snack
     * Untouchable(Red) + Nectar(Yellow)
     * Untouchable(Red) + Raw Meat
     * Zombait(Purple) + Randomizer(Black)
     * Corn + Corn
     * Raw Meat + Cooking Oil
     * Quickstep(White) + Raw Meat
     * Baguette + Corn
     * Untouchable(Red) + Spitfire(Blue)
     * Orange Juice + Orange Juice
     * Orange Juice + Snack
     * Energizer(Green) + Zombait(Purple)
     * Milk + Milk
     * Wine + Wine
     * Wine + Condiment
     * Yogurt + Ice Pops
     * Nectar(Yellow) + Wine
     * Frozen Vergetables + Orange Juice
     * Wine + Cooking Oil
     * Zombait(Purple) + Orange Juice
     * Cabbage + Cooking Oil
    After eating all the food and all the juices, you will unlock the
    5:30. Taking the Helicopter out.
    Go to the Huntin' Shack to get some shotguns, and to Seon's to take a
    lost of food, then go out to Leisure Park, you will find the army
    helicopter there, go to the small flower circle and wait, the
    helicopeter will try to take you out, but in the instant it passes over
    you after shooting all the bullets (sometimes is hard because if the
    bullets hit you, they will stun you, but in cases you made it safe that
    is the moment) shoot the tail of the helicopter, if you do it right, and
    sometimes is more try and try and with a bit of luck the helicopter will
    go down.
    7:30. Leveling up.
    Now use the hours left to make your level higher, kill special forces
    soldiers (each one you kill gives you 5000 PP) and wait until 10:00 a.m.
    10:00. Army finishes the cleanup operation.
    At 10:00 Isabela will call you.
    @@@ ISABELA: New Stage of the operation @@@
    She tells you about a new stage the army is about to enter and that you
    have to go to the hideout. Let's do it, go to the hideout, you will see
    a cutscene of the army leaving the mall, after this, don't leave, TALK
    TO ISABELA before leaving, she will tell you to leave, now after this go
    to the heliport, and wait, your ride is about to come.
    12:00. A tragic end.
    At 12:00 you will se a cutscene of Ed DeLuca in the way to pick up
    Frank, but before this, a zombie kills him and the helicopter
    Don't worry is not the end for Frank, after the credits, you will see
    which objects you acquire during the walkthrough and some achievements
    you unlocked.
    This achievement is automatically acquired after the cutscene.
    If you followed the guide, this 2 achievements will be unlocked.
    After finishing 72-hour mode and getting Ending A, the next step in the
    game will be unlocked.
                                Overtime Mode
    Overtime starts with a cutscene of Isabela saving Frank from being eaten
    by a zombie, and Frank passing out, then Frank wokes up on the Hideout,
    and Isablea someway we never discover that Frank has the zombie virus in
    his body, she needs some supplies to make a vaccine that will make the
    parasite to stop growing.
    Go out of the hideout, grab some shotguns from the Huntin' Shack, then
    go to the North Plaza, a cutscene will reveal the appearence of army
    mini-helicopters that will activate an alrm when seeing you.
    Now you have to collect many supplies that are all around the mall, and
    all of them can be picked in one big circuit, this are the objects you
    have to collect from the mall:
    -First Aid Kit
    -Coffee Filters
    -Magnifying Glass
    -Camp Stove
    -Developing Solution
    -Perfume Bottle
    -Cold Spray
    First of all go to Seon's Food and Stuff, kill the special forces
    soldiers and enter the pharmacy, take the First Aid Kit and leave.
    FIRST AID KIT: Check
    Go out of Seon's and take Isabela's motorcycle, drive into Wonderland
    Plaza, stop near "Wonder Jewels"(W-104), enter there and take the
    Magnifying Glass.
    Now use the shortcut to Paradise Plaza, look for the second floor of
    "SporTrance"(P-111) take the cold spray there.
    COLD SPRAY: Check
    Then go to Colombian Roastmasters and take the blender, restore health
    if you need to.
    BLENDER: Check
    Now go downstairs to "Cam's Camera"(P-115) and take the developing
    solution behind the counter.
    Now enter the warehouse, kill every soldier there and go to the security
    room, there take the coffee filters from the desk.
    Now leave by the door Otis sealed at the begining of the game, it is now
    open, enter Entrance Plaza, there look for "Sports High"(E-102) and take
    the camp stove.
    CAMP STOVE: Check
    Now look for "Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics"(E-210) on the second floor,
    there you will find the perfume bottle.
    Now go to the hideout again anyway you preffer, you just go there and
    talk to Isabela, she tells Frank now she need adult queens, and Carlito
    have kid time bombs with the parasite all aroun the country, great. But
    before that the generator broke and you have to look for it, go to
    Leisure Park and to the clock tower, you will see the remains of Ed's
    helicopter, and a tunnel full of zombies, after that cutscene take the
    generator from the clock tower and again back to the hideout.
    Now Isabela just need some queens, now go to make some Nectar and grab
    many queens, you need 10, so go to the hideout from time to time to give
    them to Isabela, if you want before giving Isabela the 10th bee, you can
    finish any achievement you want, but I will imagine you want to finish
    this and give her the bee, after you give her 10 you will see a cutscene
    of Isabela giving the vaccine to Frank, and both of them entering the
    tunnel with the Isabela's repelant of zombies.
    Save before starting the journey, now grab hands with Isabela and just
    do the things you need to do for opening the gates and everything, reach
    the end of the tunnel with a cutscene of Frank looking how to scape,
    save on that high spot and go down, carry Isabela to th mechanic system
    that activates the gates, after this run to the car(similar to the
    convicts car) and now Frank will face a tank(pretty cool detail).
     | XM3 PROTOTYPE TANK                         |
     | God, more obstacles to scape, but not so   |
     | hard to finish tha tank, shoot to the      |
     | flashing green lights on the front of the  |
     | tank, shoot them with no mercy, just stop  |
     | to shoot that aiming device that have a    |
     | laser, do it quick because if the laser    |
     | becomes red the tank will shoot a missile, |
     | but nothing to worry, it just take 1 health|
     | block, keep shooting the green spots, be   |
     | careful with the mini-helicopters and the  |
     | little missiles the tank throws at you, you|
     | have to deplet the tanks life, after it    |
     | stops, a cutscene of Frank being thread    |
     | with a missile and discovering that Brock  |
     | also conducted the Santa Cabeza cleanup    |
     | operation, he is a serious cold-blooded    |
     | dude.                                      |
     | Brock                                      |
     | After the cutscene Frank will fight against|
     | Brock with no weapons, so, go to a lower   |
     | part of the tank, wait for Brock to go down|
     | when he tries to go up again use the       |
     | jump-kick move, repeat this until Brock    |
     | falls over a crowd of zombies.             |
    After Brocks dead, Frank screams(?) and then start appearing on the
    screen the final events of Frank's scape, the end is uncertain about
    Isabela, Frank publishes the story and the end coul lead to a sequel.
    The credits start, after them the achievements you unlock will appear.
    At the end of Overtime you will inlock infinity.
    You will probably get this achievement following this guide, so I put it
    here as completed.
    You will get this one on a normal walkthrough.
    If you follow the guide and you were careful, you will get this one.
    I think it is almost impossible not to get this one on a normal
    And now the achievement many og you have been waiting.
                             Survivors Checklist
    | Check | Survivor            | Characterisitcs                     |
    |  [ ]  | Jeff Meyer          | Found in the rooftop                |
    |  [ ]  | Natalie Meyer       | Found in the rooftop                |
    |  [ ]  | Bill Brenton        | Found in "In the closet"            |
    |  [ ]  | Sophie Richards     | Followed by the convicts in         |
    |       |                     | Leisure Park                        |
    |  [ ]  | Burt Thompson       | Barricade Pair B- "Weber's Garments"|
    |  [ ]  | Aaron Swoop         | Barricade Pair B- "Weber's Garments"|
    |  [ ]  | Leah Stein          | A mothers Lament - "Riverfield      |
    |       |                     | Jewelry"                            |
    |  [ ]  | Greg Simpson        | Out of Control - Space Rider        |
    |  [ ]  | Yuu Tanaka          | Japanese Tourists A - "Sir Book-a-  |
    |       |                     | lot"                                |
    |  [ ]  | Shinji Kitana       | Japanese Tourists B - "Sir Book-a-  |  |
    |                     |                                     |
    |  [ ]  | David Balley        | Shadow of the North Plaza - Empty   |
    |       |                     | Store                               |
    |  [ ]  | Tonya Waters        | Lovers A - "Run Like the Wind"      |
    |  [ ]  | Ross Folk           | Lovers B - "Run Like the Wind"      |
    |  [ ]  | Josh Manning        | Hatchet Man - Cage at North Plaza   |
    |  [ ]  | Barbara Patterson   | Hatchet Man - Cage at North Plaza   |
    |  [ ]  | Rich Atkins         | Hatchet Man - Cage at North Plaza   |
    |  [ ]  | Heather Tompkins    | Looking her sister at a toy store   |
    |  [ ]  | Pamela Tompkins     | Sorrounded by zombies               |
    |  [ ]  | Gordon Stalworth    | The Coward - "McHandy's Hardware"   |
    |  [ ]  | Ronald Shiner       | Restaurant Man - "Jill's Sandwiches"|
    |  [ ]  | Jennifer Gorman     | Kidnapped by the cultists in        | |
    |                     | Paradise Plaza                      |
    |  [ ]  | Kay Nelson          | Above the Law - "Lovely Fashion     |
    |       |                     | House"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Lilly Deacon        | Above the Law - "Lovely Fashion     |
    |       |                     | House"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Kelly Carpenter     | Above the Law - "Lovely Fashion     | |
    |                     | House"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Janet Star          | Above the Law - "Lovely Fashion     | |
    |                     | House"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Sally Mills         | Hanging from a bunny in Wonderland  | |
    |                     | Plaza                               |
    |  [ ]  | Nick Evans          | Hanging from a bunny in Wonderland  | |
    |                     | Plaza                               |
    |  [ ]  | Wayne Blackwell     | Mark of the Sniper - "Estelle's     | |
    |                     | Fine-lady"                          |
    |  [ ]  | Jolie Wu            | Woman who didn't make it - "Gramma's| |
    |                     | Kids"                               |
    |  [ ]  | Rachel Decker       | Woman who didn't make it - "Ladies  | |
    |                     | Space"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Floyd Sanders       | Antique Lover - "Ned's Knicknackery"|
    |  [ ]  | Kindell Johnson     | Fighting zombies with a shotgun in  | |
    |                     | North Plaza                         |
    |  [ ]  | Ray Mathison        | A strange group- "Colby's Movieland"|
    |  [ ]  | Nathan Crabbe       | A strange group- "Colby's Movieland"|
    |  [ ]  | Michelle Feltz      | A strange group- "Colby's Movieland"|
    |  [ ]  | Beth Shrake         | A strange group- "Colby's Movieland"|
    |  [ ]  | Cheryl Jones        | A strange group- "Colby's Movieland"|
    |  [ ]  | Gil Jimenez         | Drinking wine in "Chris's Fine      | |
    |                     | Foods"                              |
    |  [ ]  | Brett Styles        | Hiding in the "Huntin' Shack"       |
    |  [ ]  | Jonathan Picardsen  | Hiding in the "Huntin' Shack"       |
    |  [ ]  | Alyssa Laurent      | Hiding in the "Huntin' Shack"       |
    |  [ ]  | Paul Carson         | Long-Haired Punk - "Casual Gals"    |
    |  [ ]  | Mindy Baker         | Long-Haired Punk - "Casual Gals"    |
    |  [ ]  | Debbie Willett      | Long-Haired Punk - "Casual Gals"    |
    |  [ ]  | Leroy McKenna       | A sick man -"Estelle's Fine-lady    |  |
    |                     | Cosmetics"                          |
    |  [ ]  | Susan Walsh         | Sorrounded by zombies in Wonderland |
    |  [ ]  | Simone Ravendark    | A woman in despair - "Players"      |
    |  [ ]  | Tad Hawthorne       | Photographer's Pride - Kidnapped by | |
    |                     | Kent                                |
                             Otis Call Checklist
     | Check | Otis calls                  |
     |  [ ]  | Paradise Plaza               |
     |  [ ]  | Maintenance Tunnels          |
     |  [ ]  | Cut from the Same Cloth      |
     |  [ ]  | Entrance Plaza               |
     |  [ ]  | Barricade Pair               |
     |  [ ]  | A Mother's Lament            |
     |  [ ]  | Food Court                   |
     |  [ ]  | Out of Control               |
     |  [ ]  | Japanese Tourists            |
     |  [ ]  | Wonderland Plaza             |
     |  [ ]  | Shadow of the North Plaza    |
     |  [ ]  | North Plaza                  |
     |  [ ]  | Image in the Monitor *       |
     |  [ ]  | Entrance-Paradise door opened|
     |  [ ]  | Lovers                       |
     |  [ ]  | Seon's Food and Stuff        |
     |  [ ]  | Hatchet Man                  |
     |  [ ]  | The Coward                   |
     |  [ ]  | Medicine is Working *        |
     |  [ ]  | Restaurant Man               |
     |  [ ]  | Another Source *             |
     |  [ ]  | Above the Law                |
     |  [ ]  | Woman Who Didn't Make It     |
     |  [ ]  | Mark of the Sniper           |
     |  [ ]  | Antique Lover                |
     |  [ ]  | Ronald's Appetite            |
     |  [ ]  | A Promise to Isabela **      |
     |  [ ]  | A Strange Group              |
     |  [ ]  | Floyd the Sommelier          |
     |  [ ]  | Isabela is Awake *           |
     |  [ ]  | Long-Haired Punk             |
     |  [ ]  | A Sick Man                   |
     |  [ ]  | Last Resort *                |
     |  [ ]  | Kindell's Betrayal           |
     |  [ ]  | A Woman in Despair           |
     |  [ ]  | Jamming Device               |
     |  [ ]  | Paul's Present               |
     |  [ ]  | Simone the Gunslinger        |
     |  [ ]  | Cheryl's Request             |
    * DO NOT BE AT THE SECURITY ROOM when the call is activated
    ** DO NOT BE AT NORTH PLAZA when the call is activated
    Before starting I advice you that 38 of the 50 achievements appear
    during my guide, but I will repeat every single one for comfort of many,
    I will do a sign (*) after the name of the achievement that DOESN'T
    appear in my guide.
      Just Survive the 3 days on the 72-hour mode
    - 5 DAY SURVIVOR *
      Look for 7 day survivor
    - 7 DAY SURVIVOR *
      In order to get this achievement, you have to play on Infinity Mode,
    you     have to play 14 hours continously, because there is no safe
    option in this   mode. 5 day survivor have to be achieved in the same
    way, just that you get   the 5 day survivor after 10 hours.
      You have to shoot 1,000 bullets, the best way to do this is taking
    some     machine guns from the special forces and shoot until you get
      You have to kill the 3 convicts to get this(I describe how to kill
    them in the guide), and after that you jump in their car.
      You haved to photograph 50 survivors, so take a picture of EVERYONE,
    if at the end you haven't achieve to get this, go to the security room
    and take pictures of everyone there.
      Use every single outfit in the mall (good luck with that), try
    entering every srore and try everything, but I am sure that on internet
    are plenty of guides for this achievement.
      Put masks on 10 zombies, try on the toy stores, there are a lot of
    masks there, and then put 10 to 10 zombies.
      Escort 8 female survivors at once, try with the 4 Jo girls. I will
    post a guide for this one soon.
      Probably the easiest achievement in the history of XBox 360. Jump from
    any high spot to the floor, jump from the place you want.
    - FULL SET
      Meet every character in the game, this means, MEET EVERY CHARACTER,
    not necesarily to save them.
      Eat every food available in the mall, I personaly write every food you
    have to eat to get the achievement on the guide so look for it, or look
    on google, there are a lot of gourmet guides.
      Take a picture with more then 50 markers. Take a picture of the
    maintenance tunnels.
      Take down a special forces helicopter. Sometimes, more difficult than
    it sounds, but just keep practicing and be persistant, at the end you
    will get it. I write how to take it down in the guide.
      Save 10 survivors. Look at Saint achievement.
      Be inside the mall for 24 hours. There is a funny glitch, before the
    zombies enter Entrance Plaza wait there for 24 hours, after you get the
    Indoorsmen achievement, go upstairs to the security room and save, then
    load the game and you will get outdoorsmen achievement.
      Unlock infinity mode. Just finish Overtime mode.
      To get this you have to play using no books, just use the objects
    until they break, if you do a playthrough you will get this.
      Defeat 1,000 zombies barehanded, I get this achievement by using a lot
    the DOUBLE LARIAT and JUMP KICK moves, go to the maintenance tunnels
    below Seon's Food and Stuff and do repeatedly, if you need health go
    upstairs to Seon's and grab some wine.
      Kill 10 special forces soldiers. Is actually very easy, use the
    minichainsaw with 10 soldiers.
      Be level 50. Doing all the scoops and cases, killing a lot of
    soldiers, and killing zombies will be the best way to get it(remember
    that the game saves your level and if you start a new game it will start
    with the level you finidh the last one).
      Save 20 survivors. Look at Saint achievement.
      Walk 26.2 miles. In a normal walkthrough with a lot of motion, will
    lead you to achieve it.
      Look at indoorsman glitch. It worked fine for me.
      Unlock Overtime Mode. Finish the 72-hour mode with ending A.
      Defeat 5 psychopaths.
      You can't miss with a machine gun(special forces ones), use a hanging
    cow from the Meat Processing Area as a target and you will get this one
    in no time.
      Take a picture thet scores over 1,500 PP. Easy with the survivors
    hugs, actions, etc, just be quick to take the picture of them.
      Photograph the 100 PP markers in the mall. The PP markers are white
    stickers over certain things, look for guides in google.
      Photograph 10 psychopaths, there is sometime hard(Cletus shooting is a
    problem, or Adam with those chainsaws) but basically easy.
      Photograph 4 psychopaths.
      Kill 10 psychopaths, can be tricky, but with my guide you will be
    instructed of how to do it.
      With a Parasol Plummet hit 30 zombies, in Al Fresca Plaza are some
    Parasol Plummets, and many zombies, mmm..., I thing you already know
    what to do.
    - SAINT
      Save 50 survivors, follow my guide and save every possible survivor,
    there are 49 survivors to rescue, and with Frank and Isabela counting at
    the end of Overtime, you will get 50 survivors, just be patient and work
      Kill 1 psychopaths, during cases you have to kill Steven, do it and
    that's it.
      Use 20 different outfits. Loof at Clothes Horse achievement.
      Take a photo of zombie Brad. After case 7-2, go to the maintenance
    tunnels room of storage to find Brad as a zombie, take a picture before
    killing him.
      Take a picture of zombie Jessie. After finishing the cases, Jessie
    will call you to return to the Security Room, go there, after many
    cutscenes you will see Jessie as a zombie, entert the Security Room,
    take a pic of her and kill her.
    - STRIKE
      Knock 10 zombies with a bowling ball. Easy to do it.
      Jump in a car more than 33 feet. Use the red car in the parking lot,
    drive to the lake, hit the southeast bench and that's it.
      Jump with a motorcycle. I use the Isabela motorcycle and those ramps
    at North Plaza, you will get it in no  time.
      Take a picture with 3,000 PP. Easy to get when a PP marker a ppears
    over survivors.
      Escort 8 survviors at the same time. In my guide I describe a way to
    get it, or search in google.
      Receive all Otis calls. I make a checklist with all the calls so check
    it out.
      Don't be captured by the cultists or by the special forces. This means
    you can't appear at the cultists hideout, and also not appear tied up in
    the special forces helicopter.
      Kill 53,594 zombies, the best way is driving and killing A LOT in the
    maintenance tunnels. You can get this one, but you have to kill the
    zombies in one walkthrough, so dedicte entirely to that.
      Kill 1,000 zombies. In a normal walkthrough is 99% sure you will kill
    at leat 1,000 zombies, so do it.
      Kill 10,000 zombies. Look at Zombie Genocider achievement.
      Walk 33 feet over zombies, just go to a mob of zombies and jump aver a
    zombie back, walk over the mob 33 feet, and you can do it in several
    tries because it is cumulative.
                            The end of the FAQ
    Thank you all for reading, hope this guide help you all guys, if you
    have any question, comment, correction, addition or suggestion, please
    e-mail me:
                        nicohernandez 96@hotmail.com
    Please try to do intelligent questions and ask just if you didn't find
    what you were looking in the whole document. So you know, comment, if I
    receive good comments I will probably make another guide.
    - Thanks to Capcom for developing a great game
    - Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for creating a space for asking quiestions
    and   publish guides
    - Thanks to oceanshoreview who created a list with all the achievements
    in   alphabetical order and helped me in the guide.
    - Thanks to Yuka Takeuchi Fan that helped me when I have troubles
    finding   survivors or problems in how they join
    - Thanks to www.youtube.com people that posted how to take the
    helicopter down
    - Thanks to the person who teach me how to combine books and weapons
    - Thanks to GeistCH for his clothing guide
    - Thanks to the person who said to use the SMG and the ballons of Adam
    against   him (forget who)
    - Thanks to the multiple guides in google who helped me in Gourmet
    - Thanks again to Yuka Takeuchi Fan because he helped me out in the 2nd
    day in   the morning with all those survivors
    - Thanks to JPaterson who created a good example of how to create a
    copyright   paragraph
                                Legal Info
    Game created and developed by Capcom, and no credit should be taken from
    This FAQ is for personal use only.  This FAQ may not be altered or used
    for commercial use. Websites may use this document without permission,
    but they must give proper credit to the author and musn't alter it any
    way, shape or form. If you want the FAQ in any website, just ask me by
    e-mail, and I will be happy of sharing my knowledge.
    Here is the list of websites that can puclidh my FAQ:
    www.gamefaqs.com and its associates
    Dead Rising copyright 2006 Capcom.
    Copyright 2009 Nicolas Hernandez Muñoz
    Thanks for reading!!! Please write to me about anything related to the
    Pleasure to write guides, hope it is useful.

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