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    Achievements Guide by olcsi2

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     Oneechanbara Vortex Achievement Guide                      Written by oliverio
    * General Tips *
    There are three types of achievements in the game:
    - Completing the game in several difficulty settings
    - Collecting all costume pieces for the three characters Aya, Saki and Annna
    - Completing Quests (satisfy predefined criteria, such as making combos)
    For every quest condition met, you get a costume item or wallpaper unlocked, so
    by completing all quests you will get all costumes for Aya, Saki and Annna
    When you start playing the game two difficulties are available, EASY and NORMAL.
    I recommend starting on NORMAL difficulty as you do not get anything for
    completing the game on EASY. When you finish the game on NORMAL, you will unlock
    HARD, after finishing HARD, VIOLENT will be available and upon completion of
    VIOLENT, you can play on BERSERK difficulty.
    In general, you will not have problems with the normal enemies on a level. If
    you encounter problems with a boss, just play Survival to collect 3 green orbs
    and 2 mud zombie hearts to go berserk with, then try the boss fight again.
    Life draining attacks and counter-attacks in berserk mode should then take care
    of any boss and if you have 3 green orbs to heal when needed, there will be no
    * Cool Combination *
    Some quests as well as killing the blood smoke zombies require that you
    perform the most difficult combo in the game, the Cool Combination. I used Aya
    to master it, she has a one-sword and a two-sword combo as well, the first has
    12 hits, the latter 21. All you have to do is press X with the right timing.
    You know that you are doing the right thing if you see white crosses on the
    screen when you hit. The moment there are no white crosses, you failed the
    timing and have to start again. The combo is more difficult to perform when
    your sword is covered in blood, therefore the first thing you should do is to
    go to level 3 and kill the smoke zombie there (he is on the upper level in
    the first room to the right, once you passed the door with bars). Use Aya and
    go for the one sword cool combo. My guess is that 7-8 cool hits take care of 
    the zombie. Remember, when you fail one hit, you have to start all over, so
    stop, clean your sword and try again. 
    After killing him you will be transported to some other world where you have
    to finish off all enemies to get a bracelet. Once you have the bracelet, put it
    on and finish a few levels with this to get it to level 3. When this is done, 
    putting on the bracelet prevents your blood meter from filling up. It will make
    the execution of the cool combo a lot easier. Well, easier, thats what people
    say on the forums, I find it still almost impossible... :) Anyway, all it takes
    is practice and time, a lot of time.
    On a side note, I myself have not been able to perform this combo yet, so quest
    11 and 15 that need this combo executed are described based on info I found on
    several internet forums.
    * Quest Achievements *
    Quest 1 - Perform Life-Draining Combos
    When using Aya or Saki, press Y+B to execute a combo that drains your life
    energy. Perfrom this several times on a level to unlock the quest, only attacks
    that hit something count.
    QUEST 2 - Kill a lot of enemies
    Go for killing a lot, preferably all enemies on a stage to get this quest. It
    might not work on all stages - could be dependant on how many enemies are on a
    stage altogether.
    Quest 3 - Crimson make-up
    This one should be easy to get as you play through the game for the first time.
    On level two just go to the blood smoke zombie - after the small alley where you
    defeat the crows turn left and at the very end he is - and start beating him.
    When the blood meter on your sword fills, just clean it and keep on beating him,
    when you go berserk, go back to the holy statue and then go on beating the smoke
    thing until you get the quest. It is either triggered by the number of full 
    blood meters on the sword or berserk modes, I guess the previous one. I do not
    know if you can repeat it on the same level, therefore I suggest that whenever
    you find another of those blood smoke zombies, repeat this process until you
    have all three quests.
    Quest 4 - Kill boss in berserk mode
    You have to defeat bosses in berserk mode. Its recommended anyway, but in case
    you want to make it really easy, play survival, collect some mud zombie hearts
    and green orbs. Run to the end of some level (1 and 2 should be quick), take the
    zombie hearts until berserk and beat the boss with Y+B attack (heal if needed).
    If you are lucky, Quest 1 will unlock as well.
    Quest 5 - Kill boss with little health left
    You have to finish the boss with your VITALITY gauge at minimum. For the first
    two quests 3 remaining bars should do, but the last one needs 1 bar remaining.
    Easier on EASY as you might survive even if you get hit towards the end, but I
    recommend to play the game and wait for it to unlock, there are some bosses that
    you will only be able to defeat like this ;). If not, you can always go back to
    the level 1 boss when your POWER is close to max. It takes one combo to finish
    him off.
    Quest 6 - Kill boss with blood meter full
    After killing the boss you should have your sword covered full in blood. This is
    an easy one, e.g. on level 1. Fill up Aya's sword so that its very close to
    full, switch to Saki, take the health of the boss down to minimum, switch back
    to Aya and finish him off.
    Quest 7 - Perform dancing blade combo
    I used Aya, after you press X three times in a row (so far so good) you can make
    her do the fourth action in the combo to be a horizontal slash (right timing),
    then by pressing X with the right timing you can make her slash her sword
    horizontally back and forth, with increasing speed and like this executing the
    combo. The first quest unlocks after something like 10 slashes, the second 15
    and the last one after around 20.
    The last one is pretty difficult, keep trying, you will succeed eventually.
    Quest 8 - Kill enemies in a row
    To unlock this quest you have to kill 50, 70 and 100 enemies in a row, the
    counter is on the bottom right corner (yellow). Easiest to do with the
    motorcycle on level 5.
    Quest 9 - Finish stage without taking a hit
    Once Aya or Saki is levelled up a bit, go to level 1 on EASY difficulty, run
    through the stage to meet the boss, evade his attacks and counterattack or get
    behind his back and beat him. Level 2 is relatively easy as well and level 5
    should be no problem at all. You can not do it multiple times on the same level.
    Quest 10 - Kill bost fast
    This quest has to be done in three different chapters to unlock the quest
    achievement. It will get relatively easy to do once your characters are levelled
    up, just go to EASY difficulty and play a few of the first levels (e.g. 1,2
    and 4).
    Quest 11 - Kill boss with Cool combination
    One of the most difficult ones, as you have to execute the cool combo to get the
    quest. Make sure your finishing blow on the boss is the last hit of a cool
    combo. Also, note that according to some forums, you can only do this on higher
    levels (ie, not on level 1). The best recommended level is Saki's solo one
    (lvl 16) that ends with two huge zombies. The perfect cool combination on that
    level takes care of both of them.
    Quest 12 - Perform heart grabbing move
    Press X, X, X, forward + X to execute the heart grab move on a mud zombie. Level
    3 and 6 are good for this quest as the mud zombies respawn.
    QUEST 13 - Obtain VIOLENT rating
    You have to keep on hitting enemies until you get the VIOLENT rating. Do this
    several times on a level to complete the quest. Annna is the easiest to do this
    Quest 14 - Perform Ecstacy combo
    As you kill enemies a yellow gauge on the bottom left corner fills up. When it
    is complete you can release a combo by pressing A+X. During the combo you are
    invincible. Perfrom this combo several times on a stage to unlock the quest.
    Annna is the easiest to do this with.
    Quest 15 - Cool combo to Berserk mode
    Definitely the most difficult quest. With the last hit of the cool combo you
    have to fill your rage meter and go into berserk mode. There is a video on
    youtube on how to do this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PCQJe5Do8E). Once
    you mastered the full cool combo, look for a blood smoke zombie and just start
    trying. There are some bracelets that might make it easier, but the trick is
    really to be able to execute the cool combo.
    Quest 16 - Evade attacks
    The quest unlocks after evading 10, 20 and finally 30 attacks in a row, without
    attacking or getting hit inbetween. To evade you have to lock-on to the target 
    and keep rolling towards them (you can't get hit while doing this). You will
    notice when you were successful, as the game will go into slow-motion for a
    couple of seconds.
    Its a slow and painful quest. I found the easiest way to try with only one
    zombie around. They have a standard attack pattern, once every 10 seconds or so.
    Make sure you start rolling towards the zombie before it attacks and then you
    will get one successful evade every second or third turn with minimal risk of
    being hit. Not sure, but it can happen that you can not do them on the same
    level, so if you do 10 more after having done 10 already it might not give
    the quest. Give me an update if you found out whether it is true or not.
    Quest 17 - Kill boss with counter attack
    Like quest 10, this also has to be performed multiple times on different levels.
    I suggest to focus on killing bosses with the counter move from the very
    beginning of the game an sooner or later the achievement will unlock.
    Counter is one of the most effective way to take care of boss fights, so you
    will perform this action often enough anyway. To perform a successful counter
    you have to evade an attack and during the slow-mo press X to counter. 
    Quest 18 - Hit and Run
    This can only be done on level 5 as you have to defeat enemies while driving the
    bike. The last one unlocks when killing 100 enemies, it is important that you
    can not stop your bike. Just speed to the max and destroy anything that you
    Quest 19 - Rain of Bullets
    You need Annna for this. Keep using her A+X attack when the yellow gauge allows
    you to.
    Quest 20 - Play Survival Mode
    Keep on playing survival mode, the quests unlock at level 16, 36 and the last on
    56. Recommended once you maxed out or are close to max out Aya or Saki. Pair up
    with Annna, go berserk with Aya/Saki and you will instantly destroy almost all
    types of enemies by pressing RT+X. There will be enough healing items appearing
    to support berserk mode until the very end, if you run low anyway, just switch
    to Annna until another green orb appears
    Thanks for glenn3e and Bray209 on gamefaqs.com and CommanderX for some tips
    Copyright 2007 oliverio (XBOX Live gamertag)
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