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    Achievement Guide by MisterMarioMan

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             S T I L L    A L I V E
                Achievement  Guide

    Before we begin, let me get a few matters out of the way. This is an Achievement Guide for the game Portal: Still Alive. This is not an Achievement Guide for the Orange Box variant of Portal, nor is this a level by level guide. This is only for those of us who like to score all possible achievement points in video games.

    This guide was written and copyright MisterMarioMan, aka John Dunn, in 2009. The only sites allowed to use it are:


    If you see this guide on any other site, please contact me immediatly. Guide Theft is a very serious matter. You can reach me at

    That being said, lets begin scoring Achievements!

    Difficulty |3/10
    Time       |Approx. 30 Seconds

    This achievement may seem hard to get, but it's actually very easy. To score a gold on a challenge, you must complete a stage using very few tools(Be it time, portals, or footsteps.) The easiest way to do this is to go to Testchamber 14(In the challenge maps section, unlocked upon completing the chamber in story mode) Select to do a Portal Challenge. Place one Portal directly next to the platform that you must activate to complete the stage, and then climb the stairs to your left. The stairs will go down once you reach the top, and you can then shoot a portal at the ground the stairs once were. Fall into it, getting enough momentum where you will rocket out of the one you placed next to the platform. In doing this, you should be able to just barely land on the platform. Head to the goal, and, assuming you did it right and only used two portals, you get a gold medal for portals as well as this achievement.

    I realize it can be fairly difficult to understand exactly what you are suppose to do just by reading it, so I took the liberty of finding a video of exactly what you are suppose to do(NOTE: I DID NOT CREATE THIS VIDEO.) Here is a link:

    Difficulty |8/10
    Time       |Approx. 90 Minutes

    This is without a doubt the hardest achievement to earn. Basically, you must play through the entire game only entering the orange portal(So it looks like you coming "Out of the Blue") It is not necessary to do this in the first ten testchambers, but when you get to the testchamber where you first get control of the orange portal, you must play through the rest of the game only entering the orange. Just be careful, save often so you can restart if you screw up, never stand it a portal; always be quick when you go through 'em. It may take a few tries. The trouble area is in testchamber 18, towards the end of the chamber, where you must build up momentum and keep it up as you climb these steps. Basically, instead of just shooting a portal at the next step like you usually do, you must shoot a blue portal at the next step and shoot an orange one directly below you before you land. This can take a few tries, but by after a while it will become like second nature. Just be careful and quick through the portals,and you're sure to get it.

    Difficulty |2/10
    Time       |Approx. 30 Minutes

    The hard part about this is that you must find all of the rat man dens in one play through. A rat man den is where you'll see writing on the walls and the area looks abandoned. Often there are random objects in here too. You must find them all on one playthrough, but the first one appears in a late level, level sixteen, and they're found in all levels after that, so you really only have to start there. Here are the areas where they are found:

    TESTCHAMBER SIXTEEN: At one point, you should see a wall jutting out with two boxes blocking the way through it. Move the boxes and go past the wall into the area. Be sure to pause and check your achievement, game will tell you if you found one.

    TESTCHAMBER SEVENTEEN: After getting past the area where the machine spit the electric balls at you and entering the open area, drop down to the bottom level, and look at the wall opposite the room with the two switches. You should be able to blast a portal past that wall if you go from the left or right(It's jutting out of the wall) Shoot a portal past it(Should be a little area you can shoot to) Then just shoot another portal and walk right through.

    TESTCHAMBER EIGHTEEN: In the first part, where you're jumping from platform to platform, one platform should have a little crumbling area of a wall(Be sure to check every platform, it's not very obvious) Just crawl under the wall through the crumbling area and you should find it.

    ESCAPE(TWO FOUND HERE): While you're going through the escape, you should see two vents you can crawl through. I barely remember the rooms, but the vents aren't hidden, just check the rooms for a vent, crawl through the vent, and you'll enter a very small room where the achievement can be found.

    Difficulty |7/10
    Time       |Approx. 45 Minutes

    This is fairly tough achievement to get. I believe you can start on testchamber sixteen and get this, but you made need to start on the very first one. In any case, play through the game like normal until you reach testchamber sixteen. You must make it through this chamber without taking a bullet. Just be careful, avoid confrontation with the turrets if possible, and SAVE OFTEN. If you're careful, you should be able to make it through this chamber without taking a bullet, but if you do get hit, then revert to your previous save. Remember, when you knock out a turret, it's gonna fire like crazy; try to avoid this. After testchamber sixteen, seventeen has no turrets, and eighteens turrets can be taken out with little difficulty. Be careful with the escape turrets though, as they can be very tricky. Once again, save often, and be careful. If you made it through the entire game without getting hit by a bullet, you will be given the achievement as you enter the final room. Good job!

    Difficulty |1/10
    Time       |Approx. 20 Minutes

    Probably the easiest achievement in the game to get. Heres what you do. During the escape, you will hit a switch and an eye will appear. You need this eye to bring some glass for you to escape. This eye is a rocket sentry. All you have to do is place a portal on one side of the eye and another on the opposite side. Have it shoot a rocket through one side, and it will go around to hit him. Just by doing that, you'll earn the achievement.

    Difficulty |1/10
    Time       |Approx. 5 Minutes

    This is another very easy achievement. Best done in Testchamber Sixteen. Find a camera, shoot a portal at it to knock it off the wall, then pick it up, find a turret, and knock it down by smacking the camera into it. No problem.

    Difficulty |6/10
    Time       |Approx. 10 Minutes

    This is actually kind of a funny achievement. You have to somehow get yourself into a position where you cannot continue and GLaDOS must help you. This can be done by going to testchamber fifteen. Make it to the end of the chamber where you must hit two switches and then fire an electric ball into a port. You want to hit both switches very quickly, but instead of continuing getting the ball to the port, blast a portal right next to the area the ball should go(On the ground) Blast a portal on the ground near you, and jump through. You should gain enough speed so you can jump right into the space with the port. It may take a few tries your first time. Upon doing this right, you should actually be stuck in the room with the port. GLaDOS will make an announcement that you have managed to trap yourself in a room, and will open an emergency escape hatch, netting you the achievement.

    Once again, it can be tough to know what I'm talking about just from this description alone, so I have found a video to explain what I'm talking about. I DID NOT CREATE THIS VIDEO. It can be found at

    Difficulty |2/10
    Time       |Approx. 5 Minutes

    Another very easy one. Go to testchamber sixteen(There are a lot for this one, aren't there?) And make it all the way to the end. There should be one turret in front of the final elevator. Either knock it out and grab it or just grab it and carry it to the elevator. It should get caught in the blue "Aperture Science Emancipation Grid" and start making a very weird noise. give it a second, you'll see it start sparking, and then after that, it should completely dissolve and you'll earn the achievement. Nice one.

    Difficulty |3/10
    Time       |Approx. 15 Minutes

    This is an easy achievement, but also very easy to miss. During the escape, you should reach a point where you must shoot a portal past fans to continue. After doing this, you'll be in a room that is sludgy on the bottom, has a bridge in the middle, and a ledge to the opposite side. Get on the bridge. Once there, go to the right, and enter the office rooms. Look through the rooms there, and you should find one that has a big window that will allow you to look into testchamber fourteen. Look at the desk in this room and you should see one piece of paper on a clipboard with the word "FAILED" on it. Pick it up and you will earn the achievement.

    Difficulty |3/10
    Time       |Approx. 25 Minutes
    Difficulty |4/10
    Time       |Approx. 60 Minutes
    Vanilla Crazy Cake
    Difficulty |7/10
    Time       |Approx. 2 Hours

    The reason I lumped these three together is that they're all basically the same. This game features 20 challenge maps, and to earn all of the achievements, you must complete 5(Cupcake), 10(Fruitcake), or all 20 of the achievements. I'm not going to go over each of the challenge maps; this is not the kind of guide for that. However, I'm sure you can find plenty of guides online to help you. The maps that you must complete are:

    • Still Alive 1
    • Still Alive 2
    • Still Alive 3
    • Still Alive 4
    • Still Alive 5
    • Still Alive 6
    • Still Alive 7
    • Still Alive 8
    • Still Alive 9
    • Still Alive 10
    • Still Alive 11
    • Still Alive 12
    • Still Alive 13
    • Still Alive 14
    • Testchamber 13 Advanced
    • Testchamber 14 Advanced
    • Testchamber 15 Advanced
    • Testchamber 16 Advanced
    • Testchamber 17 Advanced
    • Testchamber 18 Advanced

    Most of them are pretty easy anyway, just a lot of trial and error. Good luck with trying to complete them!

    Closing Note

    Hopefully this guide was able to help somewhat with your quest to score all of the achievement points. I love getting comments, suggestions, or feedback, so if you want to email me, please do so! My email address is Just don't email me with straight hate mail or questions about writing your own guide, as I won't respond to those. Thank you!

    Copyright John Dunn 2009-2010