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    Morrigan by Sigfriedsfriend

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    MM      M    AA    RRRRR   V           V  EEEEEEE  L
    M M    MM   A  A   R    R   V         V   E        L
    M  M  M M  A    A  R    R    V       V    E        L
    M   MM  M  AAAAAA  RRRRR      V     V     EEEE     L
    M       M  A    A  R   R       V   V      E        L
    M       M  A    A  R    R       V V       E        L
    M       M  A    A  R     R       VV       EEEEEEE  LLLLLLL
                  V       V  SSSSSSSS
                   V     V   S
                    V   V     SSSSS
                     V V           SS
                      V      SSSSSSS
    C        A  A  P    P C       O     O M M    MM           3
    C       A    A PPPPPP C       O     O M  M  M M           3
    C       AAAAAA P      C       O     O M   MM  M        3333
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    CCCCCCC A    A P      CCCCCCC OOOOOOO M       M     3333333
    Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Morrigan Guide
    Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>
    Completed On: 2/26/2011
    Version History
     1.0 - All fields filled out
     1.1 [Done on 3/5/2011]
         - Added content to dialogue section
                               LEGAL STUFF
    This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
    rights to the game go through them.
    This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
    usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
    can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 
    1.0) Background
       1.1) Game Profile
       1.2) Extended Profile
       1.3) Alternate Costumes
       1.4) In-Game Dialogue
       1.5) Titles
    2.0) Movelist
       2.1) Assist Attacks
       2.2) Basic Attacks
       2.3) Skills
       2.4) Hyper Combos
    3.0) Strategies
       3.1) Team Hyper Combos
       3.2) Solo Battle
    4.0) Mission
    5.0) Contact Information
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    1.0) Background
      This is section of the guide is completely worthless, but may be 
    entertaining if you are looking to learn about who the character is. In the
    following sections I provide the little snapshot the game gives him and info
    I know about him based on the games I've played.
    1.1) Game Profile
    (This came from the game, unless otherwise noted, so credit goes to the
    makers of the game for this section.)
    Real Name: Morrigan Aensland
    Occupation: Head of the Aensland House
       The large wings on her back are able to transform as needed into tools
    such as a jet booster, large sickle, drill, etc. She is also able to drain
    her opponent's energy, and can create clones of herslef.
       In addition to powerful magic, she can also utilize her wings which are
    composed of a collection of bats.
       She is a succubus, a demonic creature able to seduce men. She is well
    known for her voluptuous figure and her titillating clothing. Although she is
    the head of the Aensland House, one of the three major houses of the demon
    world, she often abandons her dull duties to go looking for excitement.
    First Appearance: Darkstalkers (1994)
    Intelligence      |  6/7     
    Strength          |  4/7      
    Speed             |  5/7      
    Stamina           |  4/7   
    Energy Projection |  6/7      
    Fighting Ability  |  6/7     
    1.2) Extended Profile
    This part is all coming off my recollection of the character from the 
    original stories he is apart of. Careful, there will be spoilers.
    I'd like to start this off with an apology: I know next to nothing about
    her, so her extended profile is going to be very, very short.
    A succubus born as an S-rank demon, Morrigan's power was split into 3 
    pieces (her, another succubus named Lilith, and the last part held by her
    father) out of fear. Leading a life without knowing this she repeatedly
    visits the human world in the search of fun, returning one day to find her
    father dead. Having reclaimed a portion of her power she also takes over as
    the head of her family's house.
    Still seeking fun, she neglects her duties to continue visiting the human
    world. At some point she comes across Lilith (the last third of her power)
    and the two fuse together to restore her to full power.
    1.3) Alternate Costumes
    Costume 1 (X): Standard
      - The way she appeared in Darkstalkers and previous Marvel Vs Capcom games.
    Costume 2 (Tri): Orange w/ Yellow Hair
      - The purple parts of her outfit are now orange and her hair is yellow.
    Costume 3 (Sqr): Green w/ White Hair
      - Same general concept (alternate color scheme). This may be a tribute to
    Costume 4 (R1): Pink w/ Purple Hair
      - Same general concept (alternate color scheme)
    1.4) In-Game Dialogue
    This section contains notable dialogue the character says during battle. 
    Things like him shouting a character's name is omitted unless he refers to
    the character in a special way. Also, sayings directed at him by characters 
    that are unique are also written down. If I'm missing any please let me know,
    but make sure it's not like: Hulk while swapping mid-battle "Morrigan!"
       "I hope we can have some fun."
       "You're in for quite a night."
       "Don't let me scare you."
       "Bad feels so good."
       "I want you, body and soul."
       "So... like what you see?"
    To Tron - "Aren't you just the cutest."
    To Magneto - "Allow me to help release your hate."
    To Phoenix - "You need to strip off those prosaik morels."
       "Let's play again sometime."
       "Is that all you got?"
       "Good's not bad, but bad is better."
       "I'll take good care of you."
       "Relax and let me do all the work."
       "Oh, we'll play more later."
       "Let's try that again."
    To Tron - "[Laughter] Children should be sleeping at this hour."
    To Magneto - "You need to learn to think happy thoughts."
    To Phoenix - "Show me your true form. Let it out."
    End-Level Dialogue Box:
       "I could use a nice plaything like you."
       "I'm so glad you wanted to take me on, but you didn't have what it takes
        to truly satifsy me."
       "I sense a strong power gathering. Looks like tonight won't be so boring
        after all!"
       "Mmm, that was fun. Let's do that again."
       "Mmm, that really did not satisfy my urge. I'm going to have to look for
        someone else to take care of me."
    To Phoenix - "Strip away those inhibitions and let your true self out. 
                There is no shame in that."
    Taunt: "Done so soon?" or "Fool."
    Finishing Shower Activation - "Can you dodge this?"
    Astral Vision Activation - [Hard to discern]
    Shadow Servant Activation - [Can't hear last word(s)]
    Darkness Illusion Activation - "You've been naughty."
    HC Activation in a series:
       Middle - "Can you feel it?"
       Last - "This is all for you..."
    1.5) Titles
    Miss Princess        - Clear Arcade mode with Morrigan on any difficulty
    [Unknown]            - Clear Arcade mode with Morrigan on Very Hard
    Succubus             - Complete 5 missions with Morrigan
    Darkstalker          - Complete 10 missions with Morrigan
    Too Hot to Handle    - Use Morrigan 30 times
    2.0) Movelist
      In this section I provide a list of his attacks and explain what they do
    and how they perform. This can give insight as to how useful moves are and
    different strategies they can be applied to. 
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    2.1) Assist Attacks
    Alpha Type: Shadow Blade
     - Appears next to player and uppercuts the enemy into the air.
    Beta Type: Soul Fist
     - Appears next to player and fires a flaming skull along the ground.
    Gamma Type: Dark Harmonizer
     - Appears next to player and pulses with energy, filling a portion of the
       hyper combo gauge.
    2.2) Basic Attacks
    (L) - leg kick
    (M) - long kick
    (H) - front flip (4 hits)
    (2+L) - double tap (2 hits)
    (2+M) - low leg kick
    (2+H) - leg sweep (trips enemy)
    (6+H) - stretch kick (transition to juggle)
    air L - stabs enemy
    air L, air L - stabs enemy behind her back
    air M - kick with one leg
    air M, air M - kick with other leg
    air H - encases herself in a ball of spines
    air S - turns wings into drill (hits up to 3 times)
    Taunt - waves off enemy
    2.3) Skills
    Soul Fist (236 + atk) in air OK
     (L) - Fires a slow-moving horizontal flaming skull
     (M) - Fires a faster-moving horizontal flaming skull
     (H) - Fires a flaming skull at a 45 degree angle
    Shadow Blade (623 + atk) in air OK
     (L) - Short uppercut using bladed wings (1 hit)
     (M) - Medium uppercut using bladed wings (3 hits)
     (H) - High uppercut using bladed wings (5 hits)
    Vector Drain (63214 + atk)
     (L) - Grabs enemy, flies into the air, and crashlands him (minor damage)
     (M) - Grabs enemy, flies into the air, and crashlands (mediocre damage)
     (H) - Grabs enemy, flies high up and crashlands (better damage)
    Flight (214+S)
     - Morrigan gains a glowing aura, signifying her temporary ability to fly
      wherever she wants.
    2.4) Hyper Combos
    Finishing Shower (236+ atk atk) in air OK
     - Sitting back while leviatating, she creates a web with her wings and 
       launches a salvo of slow-moving rockets. (hits up to roughly 30 times)
    Astral Vision (22 + atk atk)
     - She presses up against an invisible mirror and pushes it away, creating
       a clone of herself that will exactly mimic what you are doing for the
       next 10 seconds or so. The clone mirrors your position with the enemy.
    Shadow Servant (623 + atk atk)
     - Reaching into the air she summons a ripple of uprising pulses of energy
      that drags the enemy to the end of the screen. (hits up to 5 times)
    Darkness Illusion (214 + atk atk) in air OK, consumes 3 HC gauges
     - She scoots forward 2 full screen lengths. If she makes contact with the
      enemy she does a long combo using a temporary clone before spiking the
      foe into the ground. This move is really hard to miss with in a combo.
      (hits 33 times on ground, 35 times in the air)
    3.0) Strategies
      In this section I will cover what combos I have developed that
    makes her a formidable character. The first sub-section covers specific 
    combos I have performed that are either very flashy or incredibly devastating
    or useful. The second section is meant to set up basic combos with her when
    she is the only character you have left.
    3.1) Team Hyper Combos
    Morrigan has a deadly list of hyper combos in her arsenal, but only 3 of
    them are comboable. Below is a compilation of some chaining for a lot of
    Felicia (Dancing Flash) --> Shadow Servant
     - Cancel into morrigan anytime before Felicia takes the enemy into the air.
    MODOK (Killer Illumination) --> Shadow Servant
     - MODOK's killer illumination hits 30 times before he throws the enemy onto
      the ground. The moment he spikes the enemy into the ground cancel into
    Dante (Million Dollars) --> Finishing Shower/Darkness Illusion
     - Cancel into either of Morrigan's hypers after Dante's second to last
      shot (if he fires off the "Jackpot" shot both finishing shower and 
      darkness illusion will lose effectiveness).
      Note that Darkness Illusion works 100% of the time here.
    Trish (Round Harvest) --> Finishing Shower
     - The moment Trish lets go cancel into finishing shower. The enemy will be
      too caught up in the spiralling sword to defend (just make sure to keep
       the enemy on the ground or Trish's move will force this combo to fail).
    Hsien-Ko (Tenrai Ha) --> X-factor --> (Tenrai Ha) --> Finishing Shower
     - The moment Hsien-Ko's HC hits, X-factor and do it again. Like before, the
      moment the 2nd tenrai ha hits cancel into morrigan. The spiked balls will
      continue to fall after the initial hit lands.
    Haggar (Rapid Fire Fists) --> Darkness Illusion
     - Cancel out of the last hit in Haggar's hyper combo to pull this off.
    Dante (Million Dollars) --> X-factor --> Million Dollars --> Darkness Illusion
     - L, M, H, S, air L, air M, air H, air 236+L, 214+L add H, Million Dollars
      two times and cancel into Darkness Illusion after Dante fires his second 
      to last shot. The enemy will helplessly tumble in the air until s/he hits 
      the floor and Darkness Illusion will hit 100% of the time. Can be done 
      NOTE: X-factor into the second million dollars BEFORE the second to last
      shot goes off. If the enemy gets popped up in between the two Dante attacks
      Darkness Illusion may miss given odd circumstances.
    MODOK (Killer Illumination) --> Shadow Servant --> X-factor --> Darkness Ill.
     - When MODOK spikes the enemy into the floor cancel into the Shadow Servant
      and immediately X-factor into Darkness Illusion. The uprising blasts will
      carry the enemy, but you will catch up...
    Amaterasu (Okami Shuffle) --> Darkness Illusion
     - Using Ammy, have her do L, M, H, 6+H, 2+H, 6+H, 2+H, 6+H, S, air M, air M,
      air H, air H, air H, 236+atk atk. While Ammy is comboing the enemy with
      fire, ice, and thunder get ready to cancel about mid-way through the
      thunder portion. If done correctly (or against a wall) the enemy will be
      floored into Morrigan's ultimate for massive, massive damage. 
    3.2) Solo Battle
    Morrigan can be a devastating character to fight. Despite having a small 
    arsenal of normal skills she has one of the craziest combo potentials in the
    game. Below are some combos I've discovered...
    L, M, H (4 hits), S, air M, air M, air H, 623+M, (236 or 214 atk atk)
    L, M, H (4 hits), 623+H, (236 or 214 atk atk)
     - NOTE: This specific combo does not work well in a corner!
    L, M, H (4 hits), 6+H, 236+H, 623+atk atk
    L, M, H (4 hits), 6+H, air M, air M, air S (3 hits), H (4 hits), S, air M,
       air M, air H, air 623+M, 236+ atk atk
    Corner Only Combos
    L, M, H (4 hits), 6+H, air M, air M, air S (3 hits), H (4 hits), S, air M,
      air M, air H, 214+S, air L, air M, air H, darkness illusion
    L, M, H (4 hits), S, air M, air M, air H, 214+S, air L, air M, air H, 
       214 atk atk
    4.0) Missions
    In this section we tackle the missions (or at least the ones I can do).
    Most missions are straight forward, but for some characters beating a mission
    requires rediculously perfect timing and if I have completed them this 
    section will be useful to those who are stumped.
    Ones I've Completed: 1-10
    Ones I have not completed: N/A
    Mission 1 - Attack using Soul Fist
     Solution: 236+M
    Mission 2 - Attack using Vector Drain
     Solution: 63214+L
    Mission 3 - Perform a combo using a dash
     Solution: air M, air H, M, H, 236+M
     Strategy: double tap forward and Morrigan will dash diagonlly, allowing you
               to do air M, air H with no trouble.
    Mission 4 - Perform an air combo
     Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
    Mission 5 - Perform an air combo
     Solution: L, M, H, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S, 623 atk atk
     Strategy: This is a basic attack; an easy combo into the air, spike the
             enemy and follow up with her hyper combo.
    Mission 6 - Perform a combo using a hyper combo cancel
     Solution: L, M, 2+M, H, 2+H, 6+H, 623+H, air 236+atk atk
     Strategy: Cancel out of the last hit of 623+H into the hyper combo
    Mission 7 - Perform a combo using a crossover assist
     Solution: 2+L, 2+M, P2, 2+H, 236+H, 236+M, 623+atk atk
     Strategy: the trouble is knowing how the assist character works. What the
           assist character is supposed to do is juggle the enemy so you can land
           the 2nd soul fist and cancel into the hyper combo. The combo will 
           feel like 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 236+H. Practice that until you can summon
           the assist in and finish the combo.
    Mission 8 - Perform another air combo
     Solution: air S, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, 623+H, 236+atk atk
     Strategy: coming out of a jump press S to initiate the combo, follow up
           with a air combo and end with her upper cut canceling into her HC.
    Mission 9 - Perform a combo using a crossover assist (corner only)
     Solution: air H, 2+L, 2+M, P1, 2+H, 236+H, M, S, air M, air M, air H,
              air 214+atk atk
     Strategy: coming out of a jump/dash hit H and follow up with the crouching
               L, M, H, soul fist combo into Tron's assist. With the enemy 
               unable to recover from Tron's attack until they touch the floor
               finishing the combo is cake.
    Mission 10 - Perform a special combo (corner only)
     Solution: air s, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 236+M, X-factor, M, 2+M, H, S, air M, air M,
              air H, air 214+S, air L, air M, air H, air 214+atk atk
     Strategy: This is a helluva combo right here. Practice pulling off this 
              attack in parts and it becomes much easier. The major pain is
              continuing the combo after 214+S, but once you get the rythem of
              when you can start attacking out of it finishing the combo isn't
              too horribly difficult. For the x-factor cancel, doing it when or
              before the projectile hits works.
    5.0) Contact Information
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.
    Name: Darin
    Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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