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    FAQ by Turbo Speed

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                    ( O | D | D | W | O | R | L | D | : )
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                        ( O | D | D | Y | S | E | E )
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                                   ( FAQ )
                    *          Game Information          *
                               Rated: [T] Teen
                           System: Microsoft XBox
                              Genre: Platformer
                     Blocks Needed: Less Than 30 per file
                              Players: 1 Player
                          US Release Date: 11/14/01
                         Japanese Release Date: N/A
                       European Release Date: 03/14/02 
                        Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
                   Publisher: Microsoft (US) and Atari (EU)
    An FAQ written by Turbo Speed
    Copyright 2004, 2007 Turbo Speed
    E-Mail at turbosp@gmail.com
    VERSION 1.7
    Created May 29, 2004
    Completed June 23, 2004
    Last Updated September 7, 2007
    All copyrights and trademarks contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
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         ( T | A | B | L | E )
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               ( O | F )
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    ( C | O | N | T | E | N | T | S )
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    1. Introduction
    |_>- 1.a Why Did You Write This FAQ
    |_>- 1.b What Is This FAQ For?
    |_>- 1.c What Information Is In This FAQ?
    |_>- 1.d Why Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee? 
    |_>- 1.f Where Can I Find A Copy Of This Game?
    |_>- 1.g How can I find what I want if it's here?
    |_>- 1.h What Can I Do To Help?
    |_>- 1.i What Kind of E-mail Do You Want?
    2. Other Things
    |_>- 2.a Vendos
    | |
    | |_2.a.a Normal Vendos
    | |
    | |_2.a.b Industrial Vendos
    |_>- 2.b Odd Objects
    |_>- 2.c Characters
    | |
    | |_2.c.a The Natural World
    | |
    | |_2.c.b The Industrial World
    |_>- 2.d Game Controls
    |_>- 2.e Gamespeak Controls
    |_>- 2.f Quarma
    |_>- 2.g Hints, Tips, and Interesting Tidbits
    |_>- 2.h Oddworld Story Information*
    3. FAQ
    4. Boring Stuff
    |_>- 4.a Version Updates
    |_>- 4.b Copyright Information
    |_>- 4.c Special Thanks
    5. End of Document
    * = There are very BIG SPOILERS under this section.
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     1. ( I | N | T | R | O | D | U | C | T | I | O | N )
         \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
    Welcome to my FAQ on Munch's Oddysee! 
    If you are one of those people out
    there who need help on identifying enemies or items, lost the helpful
    instruction booklet that came with this game, or just have a question
    on the game for me to answer, this FAQ is for you!
    a. Why Did You Write This FAQ?
    I wrote this FAQ because I liked this Oddworld game. It's the first
    3-D Oddworld game and it's a must play for anyone who isn't slow in
    the head.
    b. What Is This FAQ For?
    This walkthrough teaches you to get everything in the game. It's like
    your universal tool in beating this game. Though it's still not fully
    c. What Information Is In This FAQ?
    I'm glad you asked. I included some information in the games and an FAQ
    for the whole game. Anything about this game you ask about and I will 
    d. Why Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee?
    If you ask that, here's another question: "What kind of idiot would ask
    that kind of question?" Seriously, Munch's Oddysee is an awesome game
    and any XBox owner who doesn't have a copy must be a fool. It's a must
    play as much as Halo, only more overlooked and underrated. Take a look
    at the review down here to see what I think of this game:
    I was walking around at my local rental store and saw this game
    on the shelf. I looked around more and couldn't find anything I 
    haven't played. This was the only game I hadn't tried yet. I rented 
    it and ran home. I was literally blown away and flipped off of my 
    chair when I played this game. I really mean that.
    Story 10/10
    Very original and awesome. If you are one of the people tired of 
    saving a damsel in distress or saving the world from some guy with 
    too much free time on his hands. Here's the story: 
    In a distant galaxy, there's a planet called Oddworld. There was 
    a meat processing factory called Rupture Farms. Rupture Farms 
    and all other refineries and factories are run by a ruthless 
    race called Glukkons. Glukkons enslaved a race of native creatures 
    called Mudokons. There was a certain Mudokon named Abe who worked 
    in Rupture Farms and never knew freedom. He thought he had a good 
    job. But one day, Abe saw a flyer that read:
    "Coming soon from Rupture Farms, something New and Tasty!''
    and since there was a board meeting of Glukkon directors at the same 
    moment, he decided to eavesdrop. He saw the Glukkon directors standing 
    on the platforms around a circular platform with the CEO standing on 
    it looking at the TV in front of him. The flat screen TV had graphs 
    of how much money Rupture Farms was making. The profits looked very 
    grim since Scarabs and Paramites (examples of wildlife on Oddworld) 
    were becoming scarce. The president CEO of Rupture Farms had a plan 
    to make their profits soar off the charts. He then reminded all the 
    Glukkon directors of New and Tasty and revealed what it was. New and 
    Tasty was a Mudokon head coated in candy and on a stick. Abe panicked 
    and tried to escape the factory. After a narrow escape, Abe looked 
    at the moon and saw an imprint of a Mudokon hand on it. Abe reached 
    out to the moon and fell off a cliff. He was found the next morning 
    by a Mudokon tribesman called "Big Face" who took Abe under his wing 
    and predicted he would save Oddworld from Rupture Farms. Before poison 
    gas was released into the Mudokons in the factory, Abe pulled a switch 
    that killed the factory power and rescued all the Mudokons in the 
    factory. Abe became known as a legend among the Mudokons. 
    Later on, there was a place called Necrum. Necrum was a place Mudokons
    bought their dead. But one day, the Glukkons started digging up the 
    Mudokon bones there for no known reason. They used Mudokons with their 
    eyes stitched shut to dig up the bones. Meanwhile, Abe was with a group 
    of free Mudokons that found a vending machine labeled "Soulstorm Brew" 
    with a Glukkon head icon close to it. The Mudokons started ordering 
    the brew, until Abe spoke up. "Don't drink that!" Abe cried to the 
    Mudokons. "Why not?" a Mudokon asked. "Well, that brew is made by 
    Glukkons and is probably bad for you!" The Mudokons ignored him and 
    ordered anyway. The Mudokons forgot their past and it was costing them 
    their future. It didn't take too long for the Mudokons to get addicted 
    to the brew. The Glukkons quickly noticed this and took advantage of 
    their addiction by letting the Mudokons have as much brew as they 
    wanted if they were willing to work for them. They fell for it. The 
    only work the Mudokons had to do was get tortured and get their tears 
    extracted. Abe soon learned that the brew was made of Mudokon bones 
    that were being taken from Necrum and had Mudokon tears added to the 
    brew to increase the taste and make it more addicting. Abe then sneaked 
    into the brew boiler and messed around with the controls. After Abe was 
    long gone and out of the brew factory, the boiler overheated and exploded. 
    Abe also helped cure the addiction of brew for the Mudokons. Now Abe 
    was convinced that there were still some Mudokons out there that had 
    to be rescued. Abe set out to rescue them. 
    Meanwhile, there was Munch. Munch was the last of his race, the Gabbits. 
    Munch was all alone and constantly searching for other Gabbits. While 
    he was looking for the tenth time, he was caught in a trap set up by 
    Vykkers Labs and had sonar implanted into his head. Munch then befriended 
    some creatures called Fuzzles that helped set him free. Munch and Abe 
    then met each other and figured out that they needed to team up and 
    cooperate to save their respectable species' from extinction. 
    Story 10/10
    Of all the plots from the games I've played, this undoubtedly has the 
    best one I've ever seen. I really mean a lot when I say that.
    Gameplay 10/10
    The game engine is surprisingly odd (Okay, that might not be a surprise). 
    Instead of the usual games where you constantly fight, you need to have a 
    brain to win at this game. That's right, strategy is everything in this 
    game. You use the revolutionary Gamespeak game engine to communicate 
    with others (Fuzzles, Mudokon natives and Scrubs) and gain their help 
    to beat levels (pulling switches, fighting off enemies, ect.). You 
    have to be on your toes to win at this game. The game is still real 
    fun, though.
    Gameplay 10/10
    This is truly what all games should be like.
    Music and sound 9/10
    The voices are well done. Everyone from Abe and Munch all the way down 
    to the Meeps and Fuzzles have have voices. The music is good, but only 
    comes on in battle and sometimes, for no reason at all. Probably to scare 
    you or caused by some kind of glitch that couldn't be ironed out. There's 
    also the fact that there are only two or three different songs that have 
    minor differences between them. 
    Graphics 10/10
    The graphics are beautiful and well detailed. Oddworld Inhabitants sure 
    took advantage of what the X Box can really do. They make the game look 
    like real life. There's not much to say about the graphics on the game 
    except that they are exceptionally good.
    Graphics 10/10
    [Insert praise about graphics here].
    Replay Value 10/10
    There are alternate endings in this game. Each depends on how many 
    rescues you made or how many things you let die. You should really 
    rescue as many Mudokon Scrubs, Fuzzles, and Egg Crates as you can 
    for the best ending the game can let you get. Can you get them all? 
    Buy or rent? 
    You shouldn't be asking me that! You should go steal it (like I did) 
    or buy it as soon as you spot it at the store. It's really that good 
    of a game. Anyone who doesn't own this game and owns an XBox doesn't 
    seem to want to be taken seriously.
    My Grand Total 10/10
    e. Where Can I Find A Copy Of This Game?
    Judging the year it is now, you might only be able to find a copy in a
    used game store for a low price. If the price is low, the seller doesn't
    know how valuable this game really is. I found it used for only 10$.
    f. How Can I Find What I Want If It's Here?
    You could press Ctrl + F if you upload this to your computer on the
    Wordpad. If you upload this on notepad, you will need to go to help
    or something related to that. I highly suggest not printing this
    guide; it could waste a lot of your perfectly good printer ink.
    f. What Can I Do To Help?
    Just have a question on the game, information I don't have here that
    you think should go here in the FAQ, or a spelling error warning,
    send it to me.
    g. What Kinds of E-mails Do You Want?
    The kinds on this list:
    - Spelling error reports and their location in the FAQ
    - FAQs
    - Praise
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    2. ( O | T | H | E | R )  ( T | H | I | N | G | S )
        \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/    \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
    I'm putting this information here for anyone who has either lost the
    instruction booklet or doesn't get the descriptions in the booklet. These
    are also with some of my own descriptions (which actually make sense).
    |2.a>- Vendos|
    These are special power-ups scattered throughout levels to aid you in
    obstacles. Go up to one and press A within the range of the Activation
    Arrows (see the Odd Objects section for more information on Activation
    =2.a.a>- Normal Vendos=
    Booklet Description: Feel free to express yourself!
    Useable by: Abe and Munch
    Increases running speed of Munch and Abe to run through dangerous areas
    and obstacles, such as a room full of popper Sligs and mines.
    Booklet Description: Make yourself jumpier!
    Useable by: Abe and Munch
    Makes you jump higher to overcome obstacles or overcome dangers. This is
    more useful for Abe than Munch, but it still works for Munch. Only for
    a limited time.
    |_>Aqua Bounce
    Booklet Description: Makes Munch jumpy with a splash of aqua.
    Usable by: Munch only
    Makes Munch leap higher from the water, but not the ground. Only for a
    limited time.
    Booklet Description: Allows Munch to "zap" attack enemies!
    Usable by: Munch only
    Gives Munch a Zap Attack that can be used his sonar for a limited time. 
    More useful than Abe's nearly useless slap attack.
    Booklet Description: Now you see me, now you don't.
    Usable by: Abe and Munch
    Turns you invisible so you can sneak past enemies unseen. (Duh!) Only
    for a limited time.
    Booklet Description: N/A
    Usable by: Abe and Munch
    Allows you to recover all the health you lost from injuries, being
    attacked by others, and Abe being in the water.
    |_>Sobe Vendo
    Booklet Description: N/A
    Usable by: Abe and Munch
    Same as Health-Up, only under a different name.
    =2.a.b>- Industrialist Vendos=
    |_>Blitz Packer
    Usable by: Big Bro Sligs and Sligs
    This is THE most powerful weapon availible to Industrialists and shoots
    rapidly like a machine gun. Very good combination with Big Bro Sligs.
    Usable by: Vykkers
    This is a gun that shoots syringes at your enemies. Found in the last
    level only.
    |_>Lil' Hacker
    Usable by: Vykkers
    This is a sword-like knife used by Vykkers that can kill you in three
    hits only. This is my favorite Vendo weapon and I would rather use it
    than a Snuzi because it kills faster.
    |2.b>- Odd Objects|
    These are items and objects that you will need to brave Oddworld.
    Everything serves it's purpose. Note: I will list the objects from
    the instruction booklet in case anyone lost it or can't understand
    the joke descriptions it provides. After all, what kind of description
    is "Industrialists donate to the fund!" for an instruction booklet?
    Oh, and the objects are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy.
    |_>- Activation Arrows
    Booklet Description: A is for arrow and for Action.
    These look like circles pointing at their center at an object you can
    activate with the A button. You will find these all over the place in
    the first couple of levels on the Information pillars, Spoocelocks,
    Travel Wells, Egg Nests, Vendos, Levers, and, if ever, some Lulu's Fund
    |_>- Bonepowder Keg
    Booklet Description: Boom! Any Questions?
    Bonepowder Kegs look like red barrels with a Mudokon skull and crossbones
    marking it. Abe can pick these up and throw them at enemies from a higher
    ground than theirs. Do not attempt to throw one of these at an enemy if
    the enemies have firepower and are on the same level you are they can blow
    up the barrel while you are holding it because that would get you killed.
    |_>- Chant Circle
    Booklet Description: This is a chance for chants.
    Chant Circles cannot be used by neither Munch nor Abe, but by the Mudokon
    natives and, if ever, Scrubs. When you get Mudokons to follow Abe, just
    tell them to work and they will start walking to the circles and chanting
    to trigger a mechanism, such as a door opening or a travel well opening
    up. You can find lots of these on Storm Circles.
    |_>- Chant Suppressor
    Booklet Description: Doesn't give your chants a chance.
    God, I hate these things. They are there in some levels and can zap Abe
    or any of his chants that get in range. These stop you from possessing
    the enemies in the area. I know the only way to possess any enemies in
    the surrounding area of a Chant Suppressor is to lure the enemies away
    from it and then possess them when you are in a safe area.
    |_>- Crane
    Booklet Description: Hoist, heave, repeat as necessary.
    These are simple cranes that can only be controlled by Munch through a
    Remote Control Machine. You usually use these cranes for picking Bonepowder
    Kegs and dropping them on the enemies or picking up enemies and dropping
    them into a Recycler. Seeing them be dropped into the Recycler is a real,
    priceless experience.
    |_>- Egg Nest
    Booklet Description: Reincarnation comes to Oddworld.
    These are little nests that are empty when both Munch and Abe are up and
    alive, but there will be a blue egg with white spots in the nest when
    one of them is dead. To bring the dead one back, walk up to the nest and
    press A to reincarnate the lost character. I hate it when Abe is dead and
    Munch has to walk the way to the nest to bring him back 'cause he's so 
    slow with only one leg to walk on.
    |_>- Employee Status Board
    Booklet Description: Have you checked your employee status lately?
    I really like this thing. Without it, you would be in doubt about how
    many enemies are still in the level, how many rescues need to be made,
    and, if ever, how many managers are there. This is probably the most
    useful thing in the game to some players.
    |_>- Exploding Crate
    Booklet Description: Like a Bonepowder Keg, but different.
    The description would make sense if you know what a Bonepowder Keg
    really is like. The only difference is that you can't carry the crate
    with your hands. You need a Crane to pick it up. It's also larger and
    a different color. That's basically all the difference.
    |_>- Footswitch
    Booklet Description: Put your best- only?- foot forward to get through
    the door.
    This is a switch that opens a door when you stand on it and has a
    time limit of how long the door can stay open depending on the level.
    Some can last for 30 seconds, some can last half a second.
    |_>- Fuzzle Cage
    Booklet Description: Munch can zap them, or they can really put the
    bite on you.
    Unlike Scrubs, Fuzzles have to be freed from a cage to be taken to a
    Rescue Portal. In the first few levels, go up to the activation arrows
    surrounding the cage and press A. The Fuzzle in that cage will be freed.
    Only Munch can free them from inside.
    |_>- Information
    Booklet Description: If you've got a minute, it's an easy read.
    These are pillars with buttons on them. The industrial version is
    a metal pole with a sign that reads "INFO" on it. The native version is 
    a rock with a button and some sticks sticking out of it. To get the info, 
    press the button and a screen with a title, instruction, and a picture
    will appear on the screen. You will see a few of these in the first 
    few levels, but there will be absolutely none in the last few levels.
    |_>- Ladders
    Booklet Description: Climb your way to a better life.
    These are actually just plain, simple ladders. The industrial one is
    made of metal and has blue climbing bars, while the native is a tall 
    tree stump with wooden climbing bars. That's basically all about ladders.
    |_>- Lever
    Booklet Description: Pull your way to a better life.
    Levers are what they say they are. They activate mechanisms; usually 
    to open doors. But in this game, most levers come in large groups and 
    need to be pulled almost at the same time (about 2 or 3 seconds in 
    between). To get past these, gather Mudokons in front of some switches 
    and tell them to work. If you do, the Mudokons will pull the switches. 
    You will really need to master doing this if you want to get past even 
    the first or second level.
    |_>- Lulu's Fund Vendo
    Booklet Description: Industrialists donate to the fund!
    These are Vendos that only work for rich Glukkons when you possess them. 
    When you take control of the Glukkon, make him walk to the Vendo and 
    donate all his moolah. When he's broke, the possession will wear off 
    and the Glukkon will shout "I'm screwed," "I'm finished," or " Oh no! 
    Wha'd I do?!"
    |_>- Mines
    Booklet Description: By land or sea, ker-powie!
    Like the description says "By land or sea," the mines come in both a 
    water and land version. The water mines float in the water and are 
    covered in massive spikes. The land ones are smaller and usually 
    come grouped together in massive sets and groups.
    |_>- Mudokon Egg Crate
    Booklet Description: Fragile! Handle with care!
    These are egg crates each filled with four Mudokon Eggs. You will start
    finding these to rescue in Level 23 (The Loading Dock). You have to throw
    these into Rescue Teleport Wells.
    |_>- Mudokon Resurrection Totem
    Booklet Description: Make new friends, literally.
    Mudokon Resurrection Totems are found in certain levels where you need
    to get the help of Mudokons to beat the levels. When any of the Mudokons
    die, they can be bought back with this resurrection totem. But there's a
    catch: They can only be found in certain places and to bring back each
    Mudokon, you need 10 spooceshrub.
    |_>- Recycler
    Booklet Description: Chop your enemies or friends into mulch.
    Recyclers are awesome! Whenever you find one with a crane, you could drop
    some enemies into it. You could grind them into meat and get rid of them.
    Of course, you and any of your friends can be killed by this Recycler.
    Editor's Note: Just because I feel like it, I can list how to get into 
    the Recycler with Munch and escape it alive. Get Munch into a wheelchair 
    and get to the Recycler. The wheelchair will be sucked into the Recycler, 
    but Munch will come out unharmed.
    |_>- Remote Control
    Booklet Description: N/A
    I was being nice enough to add the Remote Control to this list. The
    remote control is something that only Abe can weild control of. Get close
    to it and press A to gain control of either a Snoozer or a Crane.
    |_>- Rescue Portal
    Booklet Description: Guide the liberated back home.
    This is a weird circle that sits on the ground with another circle with
    birds circling it above it. When you have some Scrubs or Fuzzles with
    you, press A in the inner circle of the portal and the Scrubs and Fuzzles
    will be taken through a portal and freed. In exchange for each rescue you
    make, you will get two Spooceshrub.
    |_>- Rescue Well
    Booklet Description: N/A
    Another thing I was being nice enough to include was the rescue well.
    These are found in only in Levels 23 through 25. When you want to save
    some Mudokon Eggs, pick them up and approach the Rescue Well. Drop the
    eggs inside and they will be rescued, but you will not get any Spooce
    for rescuing eggs.
    |_>- Shaman Circle
    Booklet Description: Shaman from the sky.
    When you are the inner part of this circle, press A and the Shaman will
    show up and explain something to you. If you don't want to hear it,
    just press A again and you will interrupt him and he'll go "Fine! Be
    that way!"
    Interesting Tidbit: If you stand in the inner part of the ring and 
    press A, you will hear the Shaman yell "Stand in the outta ring, stupid!"
    |_>- Spoocelock
    Booklet Description: You need Spooce to open one.
    When you gather enough Spooce, walk up to one of these and press A to
    donate Spooce until it doesn't need anymore. These look like weird
    posts with two screens. One screen has the number of Spooce needed and
    the other has a description of what it will unlock. These are usually
    attached next to Transformation Shrines and Mudokon Resurrection Totems
    and are needed to activate their effect.
    |_>- Spooceshrubs
    Booklet Description: Find 'em, collect 'em, grow more of 'em.
    These are probably the single most important element in the game. You
    need to collect Spooceshrubs (little, green lumps in the ground) to
    open Spoocelocks, use Resurrection Totems, use Tranformation Shrines
    and possess your enemies.
    |_>- Storm Circle
    Booklet Description: Get Natives to activate these and then see the
    These are basically large groups of Chant Circles with a large stone
    thing in the middle of each one. When you get Mudokons to chant on
    all of the Chant Circles of a Storm Circle, a special effect will
    happen to the natural enviroment around you.
    |_>- Teleporter
    Booklet Description: Get out already.
    There are two different kinds of teleporters. One teleporter is a
    normal one that teleports you to the coresponding teleporter and can
    let you teleport back. The other teleporter one teleporter with Munch's
    face drawn on it and the other is a teleporter with Abe's face drawn on
    it. These two teleporters are fused together and at the end of every
    stage. To exit the level through these teleporters, get Abe to stand on
    his teleporter and Munch to stand on his. It's that simple.
    |_>- Transformation Shrine
    Booklet Description: Transform the Natives.
    Transformation Shrines are large stones with a red ball implanted in
    it. Next to the stone is an activation Spoocelock and in front of the
    shrine is a circle of stones where you need to have your Natives to
    stand in to be transformed. Activate it through the Spoocelock and have
    Natives standing in the circle to transform one of them into a Tomahawker.
    If you want to get Mudarchers, get some Tomahawkers and go to a different
    type of shrine to transform them.
    |_>- Travel Wells
    Booklet Description: Whether by water or by land, may you travel well.
    To be sent somewhere else across the air or sometimes through a pipe,
    jump into one of these. Some are in the water and some are in the ground.
    |_>- Vendos
    Booklet Description: Beverages, guns, everything you need.
    See the Vendos section in this FAQ for more information on Vendos.
    |_>- Zapper
    Booklet Description: Ouch, that zaps!
    Zappers are a rare find. When you activate these somehow, the zapper
    will be able to stop enemies from entering some areas in some levels.
    They are as useful as they are rare.
    |2.c Characters|
    Please note that there will be no descriptions on the enemies lists
    because there isn't any description even in the booklet on them.
    =2.c.a>- The Natural World=
    Booklet Description
    Amphibian, revolutionary, Fuzzle freedom fighter.
    General Description
    A playable character. He can swim, use certain
    Vendos, help and command Fuzzles, use the wheelchairs and gain control
    of Cranes and Snoozers.
    Booklet Description
    Floor-waxer, revolutionary, visionary.
    General Description
    A playable character. He can run fast, slap,
    commmand Mudokons, rescue Scrubs, pick up objects, friends and enemies,
    and possess his enemies.
    Booklet Description
    Not as charming as they look.
    General Description
    Non-playable character. A huge red thing with four 
    legs, freaky-looking jaw, and human-like abs and chest. They don't 
    have arms. If they see you, they will attack you for food.
    Booklet Description
    Too hungry for your own good.
    General Description
    Non-playable character. A short brown/green thing 
    with four legs, and six claw things on it's face to eat. And by eat, I
    mean to attack you. Avoid them like the Scarabs.
    Booklet Description
    They're docile, and they're furry.
    General Description
    These are weird-looking sheep that can only be found in the Meep Herder
    Village. The only thing they have that's different from Sheep is they
    have only one foot and one eye. They also have a face that's a little
    more on the floppy side.
    Booklet Description
    Munch's lethal little friends.
    General Description
    These are little, fuzzy creatures that are usually being abused by
    Vykkers for their own selfish gains. They are always found in cages
    that Munch can zap with his sonar device. To find more, click on the
    left trigger to activate the sonar and Munch will point in the direction
    the closest Fuzzle is. Munch will be able to command the Fuzzles attack.
    Booklet Description
    Shackled by the Industrialists.
    General Description
    These are Mudokons that are enslaved by the Industrialists. They have
    prisoner uniforms and are a very pale blue; almost gray. Abe needs to
    gather them and rescue them through the rescue portals.
    Booklet Description
    Still free on Oddworld.
    General Description
    These are free Mudokons that are a semi-dark green and have feathers on
    their heads. They also have wristbands that look like bandages. Abe can
    lead these Mudokons and get them to help him pass certain obstacles.
    Booklet Description
    A Mudokon with a club mentality!
    General Description
    When you find certain Transformation Shrines, you can turn the Mudokons
    you gathered into Tomahawkers, stronger Mudokons with a huge club and
    white-painted skin.
    Booklet Description
    A Mudokon with a SpooceBow.
    General Description
    If you have just gotten Tomahawkers, you can take them to a different
    Transformation Shrine (the one with the picture of a Tomahawker with an
    arrow in front of it pointing at a Mudarcher) for Transformation into a
    Mudarcher. Mudarchers can fire laser-like arrows from their SpooceBows
    at enemies. These are the strongest Mudokons in the game.
    Booklet Description
    A spiritual guide.
    General Description
    This guy is a Mudokon Shaman who gives you instructions when you are at
    the beginning of the level and some suggestions of what to do next. If
    you don't want to hear him talking, press any button to interrupt and
    he'll get mad and leave.
    =2.c.b>- The Industrial World=
    Note: When I list the enemies in a group, I'm listing them from least 
    powerful to most powerful.
    Booklet Description
    The true enemies of Oddworld, for whom appearance and exploitation are
    Glukkon List
    Big Cheese
    Booklet Description
    A Slig's best friend and always off-leash.
    Booklet Description
    You might think they're snoozing... but you'd be wrong.
    Booklet Description
    Favorite pastimes include product development on lab animals, or
    performing open skull surgery on Gabbits.
    Vykker List
    Shot Doc
    Armored Scientist
    Armored Sawbones
    Armored Shot Doc
    Booklet Description
    Loyal pain merchants for the Vykkers.
    Intern List
    Shock Rocker
    Armored Worker
    Armored Shock Rocker
    Armored Shooter
    Booklet Description
    A penchant for beatings and shootings.
    Slig List
    Armored Bouncer
    Armored Popper
    |Big Bro Sligs|
    Booklet Description
    The meanest, shootin'est form of Slig
    Big Bro Slig List
    Big Bro Slig
    Armored Big Bro Slig
    |2.d>- Game Controls|
    Right Trigger
    Show Health and Quarma status
    Left Trigger
    Chant (Abe only)
    Sonar (Munch only)
    =Control Sticks and D-Pad=
    Left Thumbstick
    Movement (sneak/walk/run)
    Left Thumbstick (click)
    Quicker Sneak
    Toggle Camera
    Right Thumbstick
    Aim Weapon
    Right Thumbstick (click)
    Fire or use weapon
    =Remaining Buttons on XBox Controller=
    Start Button
    B, X, and Y Buttons
    Gamespeak (see section on Gamespeak below for more specific commands)
    A Button
    White Button
    Center the camera
    Black Button
    Switch between Abe and Munch
    Back Button
    Not Used (except in menu)
    |2.e>- Gamespeak Controls|
    Y Button
    Tap: Greet Individual
    Press and Hold: Greet Large Group
    X Button
    Tap: Tell Group to Wait
    Press and Hold: Fart or Belch
    B Button
    Tap: Instruct others to work (Abe only)
    Press and Hold: Instruct others to attack
    |2.f>- Quarma|
    Remember the part in the game when the Mudokon Shaman tells you that you
    must have higher quarma for the rescues you make? You can get more quarma
    to get better endings. First of all, there are THREE endings! Not two, 
    THREE! I can't see why everyone thinks there are only two endings. If you
    have any questions, remember to e-mail me at turbonoisetank@att.net.
    I will never answer your question if you don't post a question. Please 
    bear in mind I will only answer questions on the game endings.
    |>- Angelic Quarma Ending (It took me a long time to get this one)|
    How to obtain: Fill up the Quarma Bar at 75% or more.
    You get an FMV of Abe and Munch on Lulu's flying yacht in the cargo area
    loading Labor Eggs aboard with some other Mudokons that were loading some
    eggs and got into a fight. "Now let's go git the Gabbiar" Abe says as
    Munch starts nodding ambitiously. Abe and Munch sneak behind the suite
    that Lulu is staying in to one of the windows while Lulu has a pleasant
    conversation with his Slig servant. "Hey boss," the Slig says pointing
    into a newspaper "it says here you're going to blow your whole fortune on
    the Gabbiar." "No way," said Lulu "where did those idiots get such a crazy
    idea? I hate that fishy crap!" Abe then posessed Lulu. "Git dressed."
    Lulu said (while he was posessed) to his Slig servant. "Where we goin'?"
    asked the Slig. Then at the Gabbiar Auctioning, Lulu came in with a flashy
    disco enterance. Lulu came in and another Glockstar and his finacial
    advisor seemed intimidated. The bidding started and Lulu continued to
    spend large amounts of his fortune until the posession wore off. "What
    the hell is goin' on here?" Lulu asked. "That's what I'd like to know!"
    said his Slig servant. Just up close to the roof in a hiding place were
    Munch and Abe. Abe was exhausted from possessing. "I want the Gabbiar,"
    Munch said to Abe "Git me the Gabbiar!" Abe then found the strength to
    continue posessing for a little bit longer. Lulu was posessed again and
    bid two million moolah (currency in Oddworld). Then the posession wore
    off for a few seconds. The other Glockstar was told by his finacial 
    advisor "Break the Bank!" "I'm goin' all the way," the other Glockstar
    said "Two million, five hundred thousand!" Everyone else looked really
    surprised. The Vykker bidder guy started saying "Going once, going twice,
    going, going, goi-" It was at that moment, Lulu was posessed again and
    yelled "Three million moolah!" Abe just had to keep Lulu posessed long
    enough to make sure he doesn't say no. "I can't beat that!" the other
    Glockstar said as he started crying. "Hurry!" Munch said to Abe as he
    looked exhausted. The Vykker bidder started saying again "Going once,
    going twice, going, going.." as Lulu tried to free himself from the
    posession. "SOLD!" the Vykker bidder yelled as Lulu was freed from the
    posession and Abe colapsed. "Sold to the gentleman Lulu for three million
    moolah!" Lulu and his Slig started shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
    a shout so loud, there were some Mudokon Villagers miles away asking "Do
    you hear something?" You will then get a newspaper clip of Lulu in the
    streets selling his Glockstar clothing holding a cardboard sign that said
    "Help Lulu's Fund!" and a picture of a police lineup of criminals that 
    looked like Munch, Abe and some other Mudokons like the Shaman and a
    Mudarcher that says "Outlaws still at large." You will now see the rest
    of the FMV showing Abe and Munch on Lulu's flying yacht with the can of
    Gabbiar. Abe will then say "That's a lot of baby gabbits, how you gonna
    take care of them all?" "I dunno. I never thought 'bout it." Munch said.
    Then Abe said awkwardly "You know, whenever I leave a mean place like
    that, it blows up!" Abe said as he pointed at Vykker's Labs which was
    about ten miles away from them. Meanwhile, inside Vykker's Labs, there
    were those two Vykkers from earlier that captured Munch earlier in the
    story talking about Lulu and the Gabbiar. "What an idiot!" one of them
    said. "I know, he must be bankrupt by now!" the other Vykker said as the
    two of them walked to the lab area and saw tons of dynamite everywhere
    and a timer that said "Guess who?" The two Vykkers hugged each other in
    fear and said "We're screwed!" Abe and Munch looked and saw Vykker's
    Labs blowing up in the distance and falling out of the sky. When Vykker's
    Labs fell out of the sky, it revealed another moon that looked like the
    one with an imprint of Abe's hand, only it had an imprint of Munch's foot.
    You will then get a congratulations message that tells you to take a nap
    because you earned it and will be followed by the credits.
    |>- Good Quarma Ending|
    How to obtain: Fill up the Quarma Bar some point between 50% and 75%.
    The endings will be the same as the Angelic Quarma ending, only you
    will get this message after the FMV:
    YA DID IT! Not only did you save the Gabbits from extiction and helped
    Abe rescue his unborn brothers, but ya rescued a whole bunch of Scrubs
    and Fuzzles, too! But... you didn't rescue everyone, didja? Ya want to
    try rescuing 'em again?"
    You will also be given these 2 choices of what to do next:
    "Yeah, I just know I can get Perfect Quarma!"
    "Nah, What more do ya want from me? I won!"
    If you chose "Yeah" you will be sent all the way back to level 3 (Hey,
    at least it's not level 1!) to try again. If you chose "Nah" you will
    see the credits and hear that cool Vykker theme :)
    |>- Bad Quarma Ending|
    How to obtain: Fill up the Quarma Bar less than 50% by level 23 (that's
    right, you don't get to see the whole game with bad quarma).
    There are some key differences if you have Bad Quarma throughout the 
    game, such as altered newspapers saying "Mudokon Scrubs transferred to
    higher security level," because you forgot to rescue them. The Shaman
    will talk to you more rude ways. An example is when you meet the Shaman
    at a certain point.
    Good or Angelic Quarma
    "Heya! I got ya this neat resurrection totem and this all-new transformation
    shrine that lets you turn your Mudokons into mean, green fighting machines. 
    Consider it a gift from yours truly!"
    Bad Quarma
    "Pee-YEW! I can smell your Quarma and it stinks from here! But anyways, I
    got ya this resurrection totem and the transformation shrine that lets you
    turn your Mudokons into mean, green fighting machines. Consider it a gift
    from yours truly, even though you don't deserve it."
    Abe and Munch are talking to each other about getting the eggs out of 
    Vykkers Labs when a deformed fuzzle lands in front of them saying (in 
    the fuzzle language) "Why didn't you save us?" and another deformed one 
    appears saying "They did things to us!", another says "Bad things", 
    followed by another deformed fuzzle saying " really bad things!"
    Munch pleads with the fuzzles saying "I was just trying to help out 
    Abe!" but the Fuzzles reply "Wrong answer!" Abe says "Wrong answer? 
    What does that mean?"
    A fuzzle with nails stuck into [it] shouts " over here" where he is sitting 
    next to an alarm button.  "What goes around, Comes around" and Abe and 
    Munch plead for him to stop as the fuzzle jumps onto the alarm button.
    With that the fuzzles go beserk and they start attacking Abe and Munch 
    and as the attack starts the camera moves up to two fuzzles perching on 
    rafters above roaring in demonic laughter.
    Then cut to Irwin and Humphreys room where Abe's head has been put on a 
    trophy with the plaque "loser" underneath and you see Humphrey making a 
    phone call.
    "Hello Lady Margret?"
    You see Munch strapped in a chair with cut here drawn on his chest.
    "We've got your brand new lungs right here! We can do the transplant as 
    soon as your available"
    Dramatic music on zoom in on Munch's terrified face.
    Humphrey then looks straight at Munch and with a evil smile he says
    "see you then"
    Irwin appears and out of nowhere pulls out a drill and two circular saws, 
    blurting out
    You here Munch whimpering and the drills starting to move. On the health 
    machine (that you see on the second fmv clip) everything goes blank and we 
    hear a shivering Vykkers laugh as it ends.
    Once again, if you choose "Nah", you will hear that cool Vykker theme
    in the credits.
    |2.g Hints, Tips, and Interesting Tidbits|
    - Your possession orbs cannot travel across the water. Remember that,
    especially when you think that a possesion orb always stops on the water
    because of lack of Spooce.
    - The distance the posession orb travels depends on the amount of
    Spooce you put into it, however, the posession time can last as long as
    you want it to.
    - If you somehow get into the office of a Glukkon, a laser will kill
    you when you make it inside.
    - When you get to the end of the stage and find the pads with Abe and
    Munch's faces on them, you can get Abe and Munch to stand on any of
    them and you will exit the level because the pads are connected together.
    - If you get close to a recycler, you would normally die. If you used
    Munch and a wheelchair, the wheelchair would get sucked inside and Munch
    would come out unharmed.
    - The Sawbones Vykkers are more deadlier than the Shotdocs. The Sawbones'
    "Lil' Hacker" can kill you in three hits (and at full health)! The reason
    could be that when they swing the Hacker, they take out more tiny blades
    from behind their backs with their other arms and strike all at the same
    - You know the Sligs in the game? When they see you once, they can run
    after you forever unless you run off a cliff to lower ground, jump to a
    higher area (the Poppers will still shoot you), and if they hit a land
    mine. Otherwise, they can chase you forever. Scary...
    - When you make it to the end of Fluoride Testing (the teleport pad
    secluded in a caged area full of Interns), the Interns will come and slap
    you after you are gone, but you will still hear Munch yell "Ow!" O_0'
    - When you posess a Glukkon, you can make him talk through Gamespeak and
    say things like "Everybody loves me," "Enough about you; let's talk about
    me," and "I'm gonna need an *** the size of a truck to fit this wallet!"
    - If you need to posess enemies that are in the range of a Chant
    Supressor, you can lure the enemies you need to posess out of the range
    of the Suppressor, quickly make an orb, and use it on an enemy before
    he runs away to the safety of the Chant Supressor.
    - If you have any more interesting tidbits or anything that you think
    belongs here, e-mail it to me!
    - From AIRIN'20_1985: If you possess a Slig, then insult a fellow slig,
    he will occassionally say "KISS MY (BLEEP)!" It actually censors it, too!
    |2.h Oddworld Story Information|
    There's a lot of things to know about the story information. There's some
    good information in the instruction booklet. I simply thought you might
    want to know any of this information if you are a first-time player of
    Oddworld games or just wanted to see any of this if you rented this game
    without an instruction booklet included. 
    Quintology Information
    "Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee is the second part in the five part Oddworld
    Quintology. Each game reveals more about the strange and bizarre universe
    that is Oddworld, and its varied inhabitants.
    Thus far, we've accompanied Abe in the first installment, Oddworld: Abe's
    Oddysee and in an extra game, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. In Oddworld:
    Munch's Oddysee, Abe meets Munch for double the Oddworld punch including
    a new 3D view of Oddworld. Even though you can play as either Abe or
    Munch, the struggle doesn't get any easier as the forces of industry
    continue to decimate the planet for their own greedy gains.
    Future games of the Oddworld Quintology introduce new dilemmas, new
    villains, and most importantly, new and unlikely heroes like Abe and Munch.
    Be forewarned: the inhabitants live on Oddworld together, and as the story
    unfolds, characters that are overlooked could prove really important in
    the big picture. Oddworld is so big that we've only just scratched the
    surface and barely explored the depths of THE ODD."
    The Story
    "We first met Abe, hapless floor-waxer-become hero, in Oddworld: Abe's
    Oddysee, where he rescued his fellow Mudokons from Rupture Farms and
    struck a major blow to the Glukkons of the evil Magog Cartel. Then,
    ancestral spirits showed him there was more to the slaughter of his
    fellow Mudokons than met the sutured eye. Because of this, in Oddworld:
    Abe's Exoddus, Abe had to save the remaining living Mudokons as well
    as save the spirits of his dead Mudokon ancestors, sabotaging the
    Soulstorm Brewery boilers in the process. It was a lot of work for a
    simple Mudokon like Abe, but in the end he was successful.
    In Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, our new hero Munch is the last surviving
    Gabbit on Oddworld. Gabbits were an amphibious species that were hunted
    to the verge of extinction for their lungs and their eggs. Munch finds
    out that one can of Gabbiar (egad, them's Gabbit eggs!) remains, and
    that the Vykkers and Glukkons have it in their possession. In much the
    same predicament, Abe needs to find the eggs containing his unborn
    Mudokon brothers, which just happen to be warehoused in Vykkers Labs.
    But Abe can't break out his shell-shackled family without help from
    Munch, and vice versa. Together our heroes must find the eggs in order
    to save their respective species from total extermination."
          _   _   _
         / \ / \ / \
     3. ( F | A | Q )
         \_/ \_/ \_/
    Q: I have a question on the game. How do I send it?
    A: Send me an e-mail with the question inside. I will then put it up
    here for all to see. I can't put up a question you don't ask!
    Q: What is your e-mail address?
    A: My e-mail address is now turbosp@gmail.com
    Q: What kind of questions will you accept?
    A: Send me an e-mail with the address given above and make the subject
    "Oddworld FAQ". I will not take questions that have multiple misspellings,
    cuss words, or about some other game I haven't heard of.
    Q: I sent you a question and it isn't here!
    A: One of the following things could have happened:
    * You mistyped my e-mail address
    * You typed my old e-mail addresses
    * You didn't type the subject "Oddworld FAQ"
    * There were too many misspellings and the message was unreadable
    * You used bad grammar (Example: yo sup dawgs wats da ansur to da kweshtun)
    * It was a stupid question (Example: What game is this?)
    * You asked about a game I've never heard of
    * The question was in a foreign language
    * I detected a virus in the e-mail
    Q: Why is this section so short?
    A: Hello! I need questions! If you have one, send it!
    Q: I bring the Scrubs to some switches and tell them to get to work.
    I do a "Hi, y'all" and "Get to work." They don't pull the switches. Any
    ideas what I'm doing wrong?
    A: Pardon my lateness in a response, but I think you might not have enough
    scrubs. When there are more switches than scrubs, the scrubs will refuse to
    do anything and pretend that they are wondering what to do. Either that, or
    you're telling the scrubs what to do with Munch.
    Q: I know the game is rated T, but my disk says it's rated E. Is there
    something wrong with my copy or something?
    A: It could just be some sort of typo. Either that, or you have a pirated
    copy. If the game disk doesn't have the picture of Abe and Munch on the
    front, it must be a pirated disk. Don't worry if you do; just don't count
    on selling it any time soon.
         _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _
        / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
    4. ( B | O | R | I | N | G ) ( S | T | U | F | F )
        \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
    4.a >- Copyright Information
    All copyrights and trademarks contained in this document are owned by
    Oddworld Inhabitants, their respective trademark and copyright holder.
    You shouldn't steal from them.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be displayed on any other website or reproduced
    and sold without my permission. If you violate any of the listed above
    warnings, you are violating copyright laws.
    4.b >- Creditor Information
    Turbo Speed doesn't like to give info about himself. Sorry!
    4.c >- Version Updates
    Version 1.0
    DATE: Wednesday, June 23, 2004
    I have finished creating and making this FAQ. I also have sent it in to
    GameFAQs.com for content review.
    Version 1.2
    DATE: Friday, June 25, 2004
    I added the extra section on interesting tidbits to my FAQ. Now my guide
    is longer! =)
    Version 1.5
    DATE: Sunday, July 4, 2004
    I inserted a review in this to make the FAQ longer and to give the readers
    a good idea of what this game is like if they haven't played it. Oh, and
    Happy Independence Day (if you are in America)!
    Version 1.55
    DATE: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
    Wow! I actually got an FAQ and a Tidbit! I added those to the guide and
    altered the Z in my name in the ASCII art at the bottom of the FAQ.
    Version 1.65
    DATE: Sunday, September 5, 2004
    Sorry I didn't update for so long. I got another FAQ to add and added the
    fact that I now have a gmail address! If you have anything useful, don't
    hesitate to send it in!
    Version 1.67
    DATE: Tuesday, October 10, 2004
    Not much of an update this time. I just removed my old e-mail address
    from this guide. I also added the fact that my new username is Turbo
    Temjin. Don't get confused and start asking "Hey, where's that MegaSonic
    guy's guides?" It's actually me. I'm still keeping the ASCII at the end
    of the guide.
    Version 1.7
    DATE: Sunday, September 9, 2007
    Updating older info on myself, and announcing that I am no longer updating
    this FAQ.
    4.d>- Special Thanks
    Oddworld Inhabitants for developing this game and dumping Sony to work
    with Microsoft
    Microsoft for publishing this awesome game (though they didn't do
    much advertising for it....)
    Me for being born and making this FAQ for this awesome game
    The Storm for sending me a little detailed info on the Bad Quarma Ending
    Golden Vortex for sending me extremely detailed info on the Bad Quarma
    Microsoft for making the Xbox with enough specs to play an Oddworld game
    Me again for remodeling the FAQ celebrating the new look of GameFAQs
    CJayC for owning the only video game website with encyclopedic knowledge
    and information on video games
    Sony for having the honor of being dumped by Oddworld Inhabitants (In
    your face, Sony!)
    AIRIN'20_1985 for sending me 1 tidbit(s) so far.
         _   _   _      _   _      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
        / \ / \ / \    / \ / \    / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
    5. ( E | N | D )  ( O | F )  ( D | O | C | U | M | E | N | T )
        \_/ \_/ \_/    \_/ \_/    \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

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