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"WWF Raw for Xbox...The Rock Smelled This Game and Passed Out!"

It has been a long time since the first wrestling game for xbox has been released and I played it for nostalgia purposes today. I really played it because I wanted to play as all my old favorite wrestlers (from the pre-WWE / Invasion Era). Now, I have played Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 which is a great game, and I am going to try to do this review without comparing it to other games.

The graphics are good for an xbox game. Not great, not bad, pretty much average. Except for a few wrestlers (Haku, Big Show, Stone Cold Steve Austin) all of the wrestlers look nothing like their real life counter-parts. Not even close. Triple H looks like a deformed half mutant mouse. Xpac looks like a little kid with a little paper beard. As far as the ring and other areas of the game goes, the graphics are top notch. Entrance themes are the best part of this flawed game. They are really spectacular.

Full entrance movies along with full theme music are also included which is a plus for me. The in game music is terrible and annoying.

Terrible. Plain and simple. It is near impossible to get a move off correctly, and if you do it looks award and does no damage. You could do ten finishers in a row and they will hit you twice, and pin you 1-2-3. The characters walk funny and overall the whole "stamina" concept is dumb because you run out of it after a move. The only good thing I found is that weapons are quite interactive, if you find a sombrero, you can wear it in the match. I like Stone Cold in a sombrero!

Seems pretty good, it is around 40 characters. This is the best part of the game for me, because I watched WWF when it was still WWF and not WWE. There is a pretty full roster with a few unlockables. You can access all theme music and videos in the museum, as well as a bio.

Pure disaster. It is a long and grueling process. It is pretty much impossible to make old school or new school wrestlers that actually represent themselves. The plus in this section is that you can actually make pretty sweet entrances.

Season Mode:
Not a real season mode. It is just you taking on 10 guys or so in a row, you get 3 losses, and no save point. It is pointless and not fun at all. This is where the game looses a lot of points because in Smackdown for PS1 (the original) you can have a full in depth season mode. There is no reason a newer game should be without it. Instead they put in a season similar to the season in the WWF Attitude games, which were real disasters.

I'd give it a 3/10 because the entrances are amazing, it has full videos and theme songs, you can wear a sombrero as Stone Cold during games, and because the rest of it sucks. Terribly. There are no redeeming qualities of this game other than nostalgia to play it. You are better off playing Smackdown 2 for PS1 or WWF No Mercy for N64. I paid $50.00 for this game the day it came out excited for a new innovative WWF game, instead I got a step backwards. I know the series never did redeem itself with WWE Raw 2 either, as that game is really not much better. If you can get the game for under $5.00 and want to see some old music videos for wrestlers, pick this up.

Quick Review:
-Great Entrances that look detailed and have full videos and theme music as well as amazing looking fireworks. The opening sequence in the game is also a great video to watch if you want to live those WWF Raw days over again.
-The ring looks great too!
-Stone Cold Steve Austin can wear a sombrero!!!

-Game play is a disaster, doing moves is frustrating and finishing moves are ineffective. The pinning system is random as well.
-The Season mode is not a real season, more of a gauntlet.
-The CAW is also not good.
-Basically everything except the entrances is a negative here.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/20/06

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