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"Dissapointing but still good."

Everyone has been looking forward to this game since the first screen shots were shown. The game boasted intense blood, back stage areas, fighting in the audience, many WWF superstars and much more. Unfortunately, many of these things were left out of the final version.

Sound; 7/10
Decent sound for in game music and when the wrestlers get hit. But there is great music for your CAWs (Create a wrestler), including many themes from favorite superstars.

Graphics; 10/10
Some of the best graphics ever. This is the highest point in the game. All the wrestlers have great looking entrances. They have the titantrons (all the videos look better than they do on TV) for all the wrestlers, most of them are old but that's alright. Everything looks really cool. The weapons, the wrestlers, menu's, videos. Like I said before, its the highest point in the game.

Gameplay; 8/10
The game play is great, but its really hard to get used to for many reasons; 1. Everything can be broken up, from grapples, to finishers, to high flying moves. You just punch them and it breaks them up. This can get annoying in 3 way matches. 2. The camera focus's on all the human players at all times (after being eliminated), doesn't do this for comps though, unless its a tag match. 3. You can't always pin the person after the finishers... In most other games, you could usually get away with it.
The title mode is good, BUT YOU CAN'T SAVE! You have the choices of a few titles, and you have to beat a number of wrestlers in order to win it. Theres not really much for hidden wrestlers (theres only 4, and they all suck)
CAWs; 10/10
not the biggest range of moves, but other than that its the best CAW mode ever! You can make people look like robots, animals, stuff like that. Heck, you can change every aspect of them. You can make them have REALLY thin arms, or you can make them really big using the 3 dimensions (X x Y x Z), and each part of the body has its own section. You can fully customize your entrance to the ring and stuff as well. You could probably make just about anyone in this game. But you can only save up to 16 wrestlers on the hard drive :(

Buy or Rent? Buy
The game is really fun to play with your friends.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/15/02, Updated 02/15/02

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