Review by Jolt Cola

Reviewed: 02/15/02 | Updated: 02/15/02

A solid stepping stone for future games, but still not worth your hard earned cash

Ok, first off let me say that I was really looking forward to this game. This game was one of the main reasons I bought an xbox. And after a long wait, it is finally here. But when I popped the game into my xbox, I was met with nothing but disappointment.


This is the game's main strong point. The graphics are amazing, the best of any wrestling game ever! Some of the characters look almost real(although some look nothing like themselves at all, example Triple H). But overall, the game looks great. The arenas look good, the crowd still needs a little work though. The entrances are great as well. A lot of them are out of date now, but that doesn't matter too much. The only problem I had was that the wrestlers walk to the ring like they are robots. They all walk the exact same, all stiff and upright. But still, the games looks amazing none the less.

SOUND: 7/10

Another strong point for this game is it's sound. The music is spot on and really clear. There is also a good selection of entrance songs to choose from for your create a wrestler.
However, the sound effects in the game struggle. When you punch someone, it sounds like you are punching a door or something. All in all though, the game's sound is pretty decent.


This is where the game really struggles. Right from the start I didn't like it. Of course, you can get the hang of the controls after a while, but even then, the game still doesn't play that well. First, lets talk about the momentum bar. The makers have obviously tried to take a page out of the Nintendo wrestling series by factoring in momentum to your health bar. There is just one thing I don't get, after you do a move a couple of times, it starts to decrease your momentum. I don't know about you, but when I constantly punch a guy in the corner, I expect to get the momentum, not him. And doing a special can sometimes prove to be very difficult. Your opponent can easily counter it, even if you have been beating on him for more than 20 minutes. All they have to do is get a punch off, and your move is countered. Same thing in a 3-way or Battle Royal match. If you get struck by another person's punch, you move is ended. You may think that is sounds good, but when you have 4 players playing, it gets to be very annoying. And one last quick thing, the amount of extra modes is terrible! Where the heck is my Royal Rumble or Ladder Match?!!! No cage match either? Man, what were they thinking? Overall, I suppose you could live with the lack of modes(multi-player can be fun with 4 people, sometimes), but the annoying gameplay may turn off most players.

Buy or Rent?: Rent

If you are a die-hard wrestling fan and absolutely must have a wrestling game for xbox, then go and pick this up. But if you are a just casual wrestling fan, I would advise you to rent this one, and wait for the next installment of the series to come along.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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