Review by Ryan Rider

"This is the reason that I bought my X-Box!"

Even though I did end up getting GameCube too, I decided to get my X-Box first mostly because of this game. It kept being delayed, until it finally came out. And, you know what? I think it does live up to its hype and it rocks!

Gameplay: 8/10

There were some things that people wanted that they took out. Who really cares about the ''Smackdown Mall'' anyways. I mean they're is so much in this game! There are 35 wrestlers to choose from going from The Rock and Triple H all the way to Haku and Funaki! The controls may be hard at first, but once you get used to them after a few matches, then you'll start to like them. The game is hard at the beginning, but watch the ''How to Play'' and try doing a 2-Player match(or 2!) and then it will become a bit easier. There are also all sorts of matches including King Of The Ring, Battle Royal(formerly known as the Royal Rumble), Tornado Tag, Hardcore, Fatal 4-Way, etc. There are hundreds of hidden weapons and several secret characters throughout the game. I know you can't save your progress, but if you get secret weapons/characters you can save them on your X-Box hard-drive or a Memory Card. The CAW(Create-A-Wrestler) feature is also quite good but could have been better. There should have been more features to do. Aside from that, you can still make quite a good wrestler and I know lots of people like making known wrestlers that are not in the game.

Audio/Video: 9.5/10

All I can say is... WOW! The graphics of this wrestling game are far more superior than any other. The video at the beginning of the game is amazing, especially the pyros and lights. The music videos and entrance themes of wrestlers are 100% perfect, and the graphics in this game are so realistic! Big Show ducks his head when he comes out, exactly right entrances, etc. The only annoying thing in this game is when a fake Lilian Garcia voice announces the wrestlers to come out. I especially hate when she calls my CAWs: ''Player One'' and ''Player 2''.

Replayability/To buy or to rent?: 8/10

There is just too much to do in this game. You can have big Battle Royals or King Of The Ring tourneys with your buddies and friends, you can try to get every single hidden weapon and wrestler, play all sorts of kinds of matches in Exhibition against the computer or a human player/players, etc. You'll never get bored of this game. As for to buy or rent, I suggest that you rent this game first as I say that about 50% of people like this game, 50% don't. I bought it knowing that, and I loved it. So I guess it's personal preference. Rent it, and if you like it then buy it!

Overall: 9/10

A great wrestling game and in my opinion the best game on any of the next-generation consoles, and the best wrestling game of all time. Even though so X-Box Bashers do not like this game, I will continue liking it so I suggest that you guys stop trying to tell people not to buy this GREAT game. I suggest it for any hardcore wrestling fan, or any wrestling fan for that matter that owns an X-Box. End Of Review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/16/02, Updated 02/16/02

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