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"Raw was War!!!"

This was the one of the best wrestling game i played. Yes i played Wrestlemania, all of the smackdown series, Firepro and even WWF attitude and ECW hardcore Revolution. They all are good games in their own ways, and they all have their flaws, and certainly Raw has it's flaw as well. But, x-box certainly displayed it's hardware power through Raw ......and Raw is one of the game that True wrestling fan must own!!!

Gameplay 9

Raw's game play was unique. It was kind a cross between firepro, no mercy and smackdown. It's gameplay is lot like a tv style, where wrestler throw more punches, kick and clothesline than grapple moves. If you seen Raw or Smackdown, you will know what i'm talking about. In real life...wrestler perform about 3-5 grapple moves. I guess, it is depend on the situation, becuase in P.P.V, they do perform lot more grapple moves. But in t.v show, they average about 3-5. I know Tazz is human suplex machine, but in t.v he does not perform more than 4 grapple moves. Tazzplex, judo flip, t-bone suplex and belly to belly. He does have more but, he doesn't perform more than 4 in a match. Raw is kind a like that. YOu kick, you punch, you clothesline....and occasional grapple will pump up your crowd. I have played for more than 4 days...and i can't get enough of the game play.

Graphic 10

Enough said here, no one in right mind will say this game's graphic sucks, because the graphic is that DAMN GOOD. If only they included blood in the game...i would of giving 11.

Mode 6

Not enough mode....and this is where they let me down. I'm a big royal rumble and six man tag fan, so i was really disappointed. But playing a tag team and fatal four King of the ring, ease my disapointment.

Lasting Appeal 8/replay value 7

My first 3 hours of playing RAW....i was really frustrated. (I play Normal) I couldn't figure the game out. I played firepro and n64 game before, but it seemed i couldn't seem to nail any of my grapple move even after long period of times. (I guess i'm use to grapple...grapple...grappple..and thaen even more grapple style play of ) But on my fifth hour, i caught up with the game's gameplay and instead of making me want to throw RAW away (my first 3 hours of playing RAW) I enjoyed the matches. But the lack of season mode really brought the RAW replay value down. Even with the great challenge mode, RAW just doesn't satisfy my thirst for season mode.

I know not having season mode, other arenas and backstage truly disappointing, but i personally like this game. Because it's REAL AMERICAN WRESTLING!!!! Something i do hate about the game is People's Elbow!!!! it's really hard to recreate the Rock's super spinebuster into People's elbow, because rock doesn't jump over his opponent, he just runs by!! But putting all things aside, i really liked this game. Maybe it's just me, but I love all the wrestling game. Even Attitude, because it separates the Player from the jobbers. So instead of picking all the bad things about the game, thing about the good things. Because that's just how i look at things. Just for the rec. I would give Attitude 8, SDJBI 9, and Firepro 9(it's because of the translation)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/19/02, Updated 02/19/02

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