Review by Chael

"Well it's not completely horrible... I guess?"

Graphics 9/10

O.K. It's true the graphics are great in this game. It's really nicely done, no more block wrestlers. They're all smooth and nicely done. The muscles actually come out of the wrestlers body (in other words, they're no longer just a pretty texture mapped on to the 3D figure).

Sound 5/10

This holds true except for the entrance themes. Those were well done, and quite possibly the best part of the game. It's really upsetting, though, to say that the entrances are the best part of a game. They should be an entertaining thing to watch, but not the highlight. After you see them once or twice, there's no real purpose to ever view them again.

CAW 7/10

Lot's of options, yes. Fun to build people... Kind of. It's also really annoying though, and it takes a lot longer than it should to find certain pieces, and once done there's no going back. Say you just unlock a new item, well there's no way to ever add it to your wrestler. It's time to build a new one. Great.

Gameplay 5/10

Reversals are horrible. All the broken grapples slow down the game play, and the moves aren't as great as they should be. Also finishers are just a waste of time to try to pull off. It hurts a lot by failing to have anything but pin fall matches. No extras. Nothing.

Overall 7/10

I wanted to like this game. I really did. But no story mode, not even a royal rumble. The lack of loading time would have been great here, but no! Even the SNES games had royal rumble! It's just really upsetting. I give it a seven over all because I think it points the new direction in wrestling games. Good graphics, an almost workable engine. The worst thing is, I know the second one will be great. And I'll have to buy it too. Wrestling games should be like sports games. You only need to buy one, and that will last you years. Then a new breakthrough will occur and you'll get a new one. After seeing the smackdown series, this really falls short. It was really upsetting.

Bonus 3/10

Well you have your secret wrestlers, and who are they? None other than the McMahon family. Wow. That's just super. how about some NWO wrestlers? How about SHAWN MICHAELS? How about Hulk Hogan? Something fun. Macho Man Randy Savage? Or Old school, still cool, undertaker? And I'm still waiting on a game with the Million Dollar belt, and the Million Dollar champion... remember him.. back when he didn't talk... back when he wasn't yet ''stone cold''? Mind you it was after he was ''stunning'' though. Heavenly Bodies nothing!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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