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"Raw: Under cooked"

I have not played a decent wrestling game on a console since WWF No Mercy for the N64. My friends and I have logged a lot of hours into the N64 wrestling games and were hoping to do the same with WWF Raw. But much to our disappointment this game was a big let down, mostly because of the gameplay.

Gameplay: This is where the game falls apart. I found a lot of people had the same basic moves and the grappling system is a complete mess. THQ needs to pay more attention to how they're games are being developed. What was the matter with the grappling system in No Mercy? Also what is the point of the finishers and chair shots? They do nothing. My friend's first match was, Matt Hardy vs. Spike Dudly. It took my friend 31 minutes to beat him. After giving Spike 5 Twist Of Fates and numerous Swanton Bombs (both in and outside the ring), Spike would just keep getting up. What’s up with that! Another puzzling thing is the computer AI. While wrestling I called out two wrestlers to interfere, once they were finished they left the ring, but if I went near them outside the ring they would attack me! It just doesn't make any sense. Wheres the story? Although not extremely important, it is nice to have.

Graphics: Raw does have nice looking graphics. The intros are well done, and nice to watch. Seeing the Rock take off his elbow pad and fling it into the crowd was beautiful. The wrestlers models look great for the most part. Also when the camera angles change while a wrestler is doing a move is great, and the replays are done well. These things make you feel like you are at a live event. Being able to wear most of the weapons you find is also a nice feature.

Sound: The sound in Raw was all right. Punches and kicks sounded nice, as well as the sound of a chair shot. The music was not that noticeable and did not get annoying.

Replay Value: The CAW can be very fun, with lots of choices in making your own wrestler. Besides the CAW I don’t see much replay value in Raw besides unlocking the four “wrestlers” and finding all the weapons. Lack of a story mode hurts the replayability.

Rent or Buy: I’d say rent this game and see if you like it. You may enjoy it more than I did, but if your used to the N64 THQ games then I doubt that you will.

Last Thoughts: Raw could have been one of the best wrestling games released but it seems as if they were rushed. If they fix the major problems (blood, story, double team moves, etc...) then a sequel would be great.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/04/02, Updated 03/04/02

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