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"It has potential to be big for its sequels..."

I know a lot of people are going to say ''WWF RAW sucks'' or ''SmackDown 3 is better''. I some ways, it does suck and in other ways, this game isn't so bad. I really would like to see the flaws from this game be corrected in the sequel, and usually they are corrected. any ways, here is my review.

Graphics - 9/10
These are some of the best graphics that I have seen in a wrestling game, if not, THE BEST. ''Yet, something that seems like a perfection, usually has a flaw...'' one of my weird friends says when something seems too good, and he is right. Some of the faces in the game look really bad, especially Triple H's and Stephanie McMahon just to name a few. But other then a couple odd looking faces, the graphics are pretty great.

Sound & Music - 8/10
The sound on this game isn't something that provides anything new, but it doesn't suck. Music on the other hand is something I like about this game. You can listen to all your favorite superstars theme music and use them as your created superstars theme.

Control - 6/10
This is where part of the game falls a little short. If you are expecting a pick up and play type of game, Run around screaming bloody murder cause this game is not like that. you have to double tap on the D-pad or use the joy-stick to run since you can't just press a button to run. Also, everyone acts like they are stuck in slow motion, and that can get a little irritating after a while. yet the control can be mastered

Extras - 6/10
There isn't really nothing here to make you go ''wow!''. You will be a little disappointed though. there are no cool matches like a ''TLC match'' or a ''Hell in the Cell''. Nope, not here, you get a singles match, a tag-team match, triple threat, Fatale four-way, Battle Royal and a Hard-core match. You get to un-lock some secret characters however, yet there are only 4 of them. You can also unlock over 200 hundred Items. Also, you get a decent create a wrestler option too. Nothing really new when creating the wrestler, except you get to create a really good entrance however and that is really cool.

Replay - 8/10
This game has some good replay if you and a couple of friends want to play a wrestling game.

Rent or to Buy?
I would say Buy this if you are a really big wrestling fan (like me!), but if you are someone who wants a pick up and play type of game, Rent this first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/04/02, Updated 04/04/02

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