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Reviewed: 04/08/02 | Updated: 04/08/02

A flawed game that proves itself

This was one of the games I had been waiting for when it was announced. When I finally saw screen shots, I couldn't wait to own this game. After numerous delays, I was finally able to purchase it. To my surprise, many of the features I had hoped to be in it were not there. As to my dismay, I continued forth in hope that this game had more to offer than its lack of options. Luckily, there was greatness to be had once I had discovered this games full potential. The create-a-superstar was great, due to the fact I was able to make most of my wrestlers from Fire Pro D. This game began to show its potential as I moved on.

Graphics were by far the greatest I've seen for a wrestling game. Entrances for the wrestlers were the most realistic I've seen. In-ring animations for moves were great. When a wrestler was hit, injured, or fatigued, it was pure bliss as it showed how this game was very realistic and what the developers hoped to accomplish.

CONTROL - 8/10
The controls were unique as they attempted to be like the UFC game for the Dreamcast and WWF No Mercy. While frustrating at first, it became second nature once I figured out different types of moves for different situations. The controls may turn off some gamers, but those willing to try, they are in for a surprise as it can be quite comfortable.

While this a good game, the modes have a lot to be desired. A career mode of sorts would have made the game more enjoyable. Music from the hard drive would have made the create-a-wrestler entrances more enjoyable. Aside from its many flaws, it also makes a great multiplayer mode. With 4 people, the experience is more enjoyable.

Though lack of modes and extras hamper most gamers thoughts on this game, most wrestling fans will appreciate its detail and authentic appeal. I, for one, enjoyed this game. Not for it being a WWF product, but that it was for a new system and that it had potential. Though I hyped myself for it, in the end I was thoroughly happy with the product.

All in all, this is a game most wrestling fans shouldn't miss. Though its flawed, I found it rewarding to find its potential and that it wasn't that bad to begin with. Definitely one title that shouldn't be missed.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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