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"This game isn't as bad as people say it is"

When I first read the reviews I was like ''Stop these are low scores don't buy this game''. Boy are all the reviews and I WRONG! This game is an above average game for a first try from Anchor. I salute them so doing good in there first attempt at a wrestling game....ok now back to the review

Gameplay- 7/10

The gameplay of WWF RAW isn't half bad. The motion capturing is superb. I would've liked to see more inter-activity with the weapons like the ability to climb and do moves off the ladder. Also the walking in this game looks a bit funny. Taunts in this game makes up a few of the points again though as they all are real and true to life

Graphics- 10/10

This is where WWF RAW shines. RAW's graphics get a perfect 10 from me. All the wrestlers look real. I swear that this game has the perfect graphics for any wrestling game to date! The 1 arena in this game looks so real that the starting pyro at the start of the game looks like I was watching a movie! Only problem is the Triple H look's a bit disfigured but it's still not enough to not earn a perfect 10 from me

Audio/Video- 8/10

The quality of the entrences in this game is another one of the bright points. The starting video is the exact one shown at the start of WWF RAW. It looked like nothing I'd ever seen. The music in the menu gets annoying after a while and there's no commentary. That plus the stupid voice you hear when you select something is enough to knock off a few points

Re-playability- 4/10

This is the killer of WWF RAW. The lack of career mode and lack of CAW/CAS really hurts WWF RAW's re-playability. It's fun for the first few months and then it gets boring. Multi-player never gets boring which earns it a 4 from me.


- Audio Quality!


- Lack of career and CAW/CAS hurts RAW
- Barely any re-playability

Buy or Rent: I'd probably Buy if your a big WWF(WWE) fan if not then it's a sure rent.

Overall: RAW is a solid game for the X-Box and is worth the look to at least rent. Try it out first and if you like buy. Also the character selection is really good but was really outdated by the time the game came out on the X-Box. Have fun gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/01/02, Updated 06/01/02

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