"Bah, rumors....."

If you are at all interested in this game, then chances are, you've heard the many, many rumors of how terrible this game is. Terrible lack of modes, finishers don't do damage, they walk funny, and so on and whatnot. I have played this game almost constantly since I got it a few days ago, and to tell ya the truth, most of the people don't want the game for gameplay, they want it for gimmick matches (see: SD series).

First off, sure, there aren't a wheelbarrow full of match types, and it's just basically the stuff you see on TV's RAW. Single matches, tag team, triple threat, fatal four way, battle royal, and the like. With the exception of the two (fairly) recent ladder matches, you never see them, or table matches, HIAC, Inferno, TLC, Casket, Deathmatches, Buried Alive, and all the others. Just the basics. And with the gameplay as good as it is, why is everybody complaining? Sure, I wouldn't mind having those gimmick matches in, but I'm perfectly content without them. Besides, the game is hard enough as it is. I have to worry about Crash Holly beating the living hell out of me, I don't want to also worry about that little devil throwing me off the cell through a table. Or I just suck. Either way, I feel the modes are fine.

Another gripe I heard about the game was that they all get up after a finisher. I myself have yet to experience that problem. However, a problem I DO face, is being able to be pinned too easily. Going back to Crash Holly, I had a match with him. I wailed on him for seven-ten minutes, hitting numerous finishers (none of which he got right up, BTW. I didn't want to pin him yet, though) and he barely got any offense against me whatsoever. But what happens? He punches me three times, the third I go down and that little devil pins me 1-2-3! Bah. Or maybe I just suck. Either way, only rarely did I notice they get up from a finisher.

It is true that they walk funny. It's so bad it's hilarious, actually. Who doesn't chuckle at Stone Cold when he's going from corner to corner, walking like a cowboy? But you want entertainment? Have them pick up a weapon such as a TV, crate, or ladder and have them run. Now THAT'S awkward!

Now the graphics are nothing short of amazing. All the faces look very lifelike, with the exception of Triple H, who looks like a 5-year old girl. But you easily look past that when viewing his totally lifelike entrance. Undertaker has his ''Rollin'' music, and it's even the long version, with the firework explosion sounds at the beginning. Just like his WrestleMania 17 entrance. Jeff Hardy even has his spasms in his entrance! Killer!

The audio is the best I've seen. Everyone has their full music (plus video). Seriously, who wouldn't want to spend their day watching X-Pac's entrance listening to his X-Factor music? Seriously?

The animations are top-notch, also. So many small animations for everything, even rolling on the ground is fun to watch! One of the coolest things I saw, was I was the Rock against Kurt Angle, and we were outside. I went behind the announcers table and grabbed a chair. I kept getting hit before I could hit him with it though. He took the chair from me and kicked the crap outta me with it. I managed to hit it out of his hands and knock him down. I pick up the chair, waited till he got up and BAM! I literally broke the chair to pieces, the analog in the controller went on the fritz, and he was down for a good twenty seconds. What's even better, is a friend of mine was over watching the game for the very first time (this was the first match he saw, as well) and he went ballistic over how awesome that was. God, I wish I could've recorded that somehow.

In conclusion, I definitely see how people can dislike or even hate this game, but that doesn't apply to me. I've had the most fun ever playing this game, but it can get frustrating when Crash Holly and/or Funaki destroys you in a landslide victory. Bah. Or maybe I just suck.

I would probably rent if you could care less about this game, but if you were totally psyched about this game as I was, I would go out and buy it. Go and show Crash who's boss!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/02, Updated 07/14/02

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