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    FAQ/Walkthrough by F. Pelayo

    Version: 0.82 | Updated: 03/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   T H E   H O U S E   O F   T H E   D E A D   III
    Systems: Arcade, Microsoft X-Box
    Written by: F. Pelayo
    Version 0.82
    © 2003 Ferdinand Pelayo
    The House of the Dead 3 © 2002 Sega Corporation / WOW Entertainment Inc.
            0) Revision History
            1) Introduction
            2) Gameplay
            3) Walkthrough:
                    (a) Chapter 0
                    (b) Chapter 1
                    (c) Choosing Stages
                    (d) DFI Institute / EFI Genome Ward
                    (e) L2/L3 BIO Plant
                    (f) Information Systems Dept. West/East Wing
                    (g) Chapter 5
                    (h) Ending(s)
            4) Secrets
            5) Credits & Misc.
    (0) Revision History
    0.82 - March 5, 2003
         You folks are lucky... I passed by that arcade again with nothing better
    to do, so I beat it again just to get a better look at the last boss - and
    thus improve my strategy for it.  A little more about Rank too, and a Tips
    0.8 - February 28, 2003
         Added some new sections, completed walkthroughs for Chapter 0 and 1, and
    modified some boss strategies.  This will probably be the last update for a
    LONG while, as I've spent over $80 Cdn. in the arcade on it now and don't
    wanna go much further on an FAQ I didn't even plan on writing.  I may add
    more to the last boss strategy if I find someone else playing at the end, but
    don't expect to see walkthroughs added for Chapters 2 to 5 unless Sega brings
    this game out on Playstation 2 in the far future.
    0.3 - February 22, 2003
         Most of the basics of gameplay and strategies for most of the bosses are
    up, which is pretty much all you need to know for the arcade. :)
    0.0000000001 - February 18, 2003
         The day I started writing this. :)
    (1) Introduction
         First thing I must say is that I'm NOT an expert/veteran HotD player.
    Heck, I'm not even an expert light-gun shooter player.  I've played some HotD1
    and watched others beat it, and I beat HotD2 within a week of it coming out in
    my area. (and wasting the usual newbie amount of 20+ credits :()
         As for this one, I walked into a mall arcade on a whim, expecting to just 
    browse, and walked out wasting about $35 on this game. (damn...)  Well, I 
    decided later that night that since I spent an amount equal to getting a 
    recent, good-shape used console game here in Canada, I might as well get the
    most out of my money and hae bragging rights to the first HotD3 FAQ. :)
         Now, since I'm poor and can't afford the $1-credits that my local machine
    costs every week, and I don't plan on buying an X-box --- EVER --- don't
    expect this walkthrough to cover every nook and cranny.  This will be mainly
    for people playing the arcade who need tips and boss strategies.  Actual
    descriptions for the levels will have to be based on me watching other people
    play, since it's kinda hard to shoot and take notes at the same time. (and
    from the high scores on the machine I beat, only 2 other have beaten the game
    before me, so it's gonna be a while...)  I'll gladly stop writing if someone
    with more HotD experience and the X-Box version.  Just post on the GameFAQs
    board for the arcade or X-Box.
    (2) Gameplay
    Player 1: Lisa Rogan
    Player 2: G
    Year: 2019 A.D.
         Thomas Rogan, former AMS Agent from HotD1, and his personal elite
    commando team are searching for something in some complex.  After losing
    most of his team to the zombies, he and Dan Taylor (his only remaining
    commando) reach their objective, but are then attacked and Rogan is knocked
    out cold.  He awakens to find someone familiar-looking in business atire
    standing over him...
         Two weeks later, Lisa Rogan gets G, the other former AMS agent from
    HotD1, to accompany her to the complex to find out what happened to her dad.
         Unlike the previous HotD's, you must use a pump-load shotgun instead of
    a pistol as your light gun in the arcade (X-box users can use controllers or
    whatever light pistols are available for it).  Properly using it is tricky.
    You must be a reasonable distance away from the screen in order for it to
    shoot accurately.  I've had trouble hitting targets when I stood with my
    legs right next to the coin slot; sometimes, it wouldn't even shoot at all
    even when loaded.
         One advantage of the shotgun over the pistol in the arcade is its power.
    When delivering the last blow to a zombie, you can also damage the zombie
    behind it.  Its main disadvantage is its size.  Even using two hands, my arms
    get tired faster and my trigger finger hurts a lot sooner playing this than
    HotD2 or Time Crisis 2.
         The process of reloading is has changed too - in the arcade you pump the
    shotgun, and the home version has an auto-reload option.  For the most part
    it's more convenient, as you don't have to point away from the screen and
    shoot.  The shotgun also does away with the on-screen reload trick (i.e. cover
    the front of the pistol with your finger and shoot).  Just be sure that your
    pump is working, and you pull it all the way back or you may not reload even
    though you felt you did.
         Same rules as before.  You start with 3-5 life points represented by
    torches.  There are hidden Life Ups in containers (drums, boxes, etc.) that
    are worth one life point each.  Finishing one of Chapters 1-4 with higher than
    a B rank earns you life bonuses too.
         Sometimes, saving your partner gives you a life bonus.  Since there are
    no civilians to save in the complex, they put your partner in danger instead
    and you have to kill all the enemies close to him/her until he/she can escape
    safely.  You lose the bonus if an enemy hits him/her.  Funny thing is, you can
    shoot your partner and not suffer any penalty unlike before when you kill
    civilians, so don't be afraid to hit your partner when aiming for a closeby
    zombie.  For Player 1 and 2-player games, it's usually G that's in trouble;
    for Player 2 it's Lisa.
    Life Up - self-explanatory; one to find per level
    Coin - gold coins, when shot out of containers, hop up then land and settle
           flat, like a tossed coin; they give you an instant bonus once you shoot
           them, then disappear
         - blue coins stand upright and can be shot multiple times for 100 pts/hit
         - all coins will stay in the same spot for about 10 seconds
    Animals - you may see something like a frog or dragonfly come out of a
              container and move all around an area of the screen (and if you
              don't see it, you'll certainly hear it moving); hit it for a big
              bonus (usually 4-digit points)
    Boss Fights
         In each boss fight you'll see a long green bar at the top of the screen,
    then the word Boss just below with a smaller bar to the right (usually red,
    sometimes blue).
    long life bar - the boss' overall health
    short life bar - can be...
      (a) the health of a component/piece of the boss, and/or...
      (b) the amount of damage you must do to stun the boss and prevent it from
          making its next attack
         In cases where you must hit the boss' main weak point in order to reduce
    the short bar, you'll be doing damage to both the short and long bars.  Even
    if you fail to deplete the short bar, you'll still be hurting the boss
    overall. (i.e. it's not like you'll never kill it if you don't stun it at
    every chance)
         Because of this 2-bar system, having good marksmanship takes on a
    different role in this HotD.  With some bosses before, you could just take
    one well-aimed shot to the weak spot to stun a boss.  Here, you must pummel
    its weak spot in order to keep it from attacking you.  In some cases it
    provides an extra challenge for expert players as they need to be accurate
    about 3-7 times instead of once, but at the same time opens things up for
    novice and intermediate players to go crazy with their trigger fingers as
    they only need around 25% of their shots to be accurate.
         Like with some bosses in previous HotD's, you can do tick-damage to a
    boss by shooting any part other than its weak spot.  This is helpful when
    you're having trouble aiming for the weak spot and are losing life points by
    the bundle because you can't stun a boss.  You should only do this though
    during times when the weak spot isn't open for hitting, and you'll need a fast
    trigger finger to make tick damage add up to anything significant.  The only
    boss that doesn't seem to take any tick damage is the last one (need someone
    to verify this), but it wouldn't be helpful for it anyway as you need to do
    REAL damage to it to have a chance - unless you're rich and like wasting $100
    on an arcade.  Tick-damage isn't really useful or needed for most bosses in
    this HotD though.
         I don't have a breakdown of points per enemy (to be expected, since the
    game's new), but the usual advice probably applies for getting a high score:
    don't lose too many life points, aim for zombies' heads, and memorize where
    to find bonus items.
         A new feature in the game that is very likely to have a relation with
    scoring higher is messages that sometimes appear when you kill a enemy.  Most
    have something to do with how fast you kill an enemy from the moment it
    appears.  Here are all the ones I've seen so far:
    Excellent (in pink letters) - when you kill an enemy the moment you see it
    Good (in pink letters) - when a kill is made relately fast
    Faster (light blue letters) - usually when killing an enemy the very moment
                                  before it attacks you, or if it's been allowed
                                  to stay alive on the screen for far too long
    Twin Shot (light blue letters) - for killing 2 enemies with the same shot
         For situations with multiple enemies on the screen, the game seems to
    take into consideration which ones are closest to you and how many shots it
    takes to kill each.  Thus, it's technically possible to get Good/Excellent on
    every enemy on the screen at one time.
         Before, your Rank was only measured after you beat the game.  Now, you're
    graded after every level completed and assessed an overall rank after the
    ending.  The way your Rank is determined is similar to before: how many times
    you got hit, your total time to finish the stage, whether or not you protected
    your partner successfully...  It seems that time weighs heaviest for this, as
    I once did Info Systems East with S rank even though I lost 2 life points.
         The rewards for each rank is pretty simple:
            S (usually 0 damage suffered) --- 2 bonus life points
            A (1 damage?) --- 1 bonus life point
            B to E --- 0 bonus
    - When playing the arcade version, the best way to hold the shotgun is to
    keep both of your elbows close to your body.  Trying to hold it like a
    hunting rifle - with one arm extended out to hold the end of the barrel and
    your trigger-finger arm's elbow sticking out at 90 degrees from your body -
    will use more of your arm strength.  The game's gonna take about half an hour
    to beat, and you'll need to save energy or else you won't be able to aim
    straight in the last couple of levels.
         For whichever hand is holding up the front end of the gun, have at least
    an index finger and thumb holding the front end of the pump/slide.  Gripping
    the sides of the pump may seem like enough at first, but when the action picks
    up and your hands get sweaty, you may find your hand slipping off the pump or
    it may not go all the way back when you try to reload.  Gripping the front
    gives you a better feel for pulling the pump back all the way with no chance
    of slipping.
         Also, lower your head so that your eyes are just above the level of the
    gun's tip. (hopefully your gun has a target hole on top to make things easier)
    - As usual, head-shots are your friends. :)  Shooting for zombies' heads is
    still the fastest way to take them out, and thus a key part in getting an S
    rank for a level.  They're also the only way to avoid damage from enemies that
    suddenly pop up from around the corner, as well as large groups of zombies all
    attacking at once.
    - Whenever the screen turns, shoot anything that moves or looks like an enemy!
    There are no civilians to worry about losing life points over, so get them
    before they get you.
    - When a boss releases a lot of projectiles that slowly come toward you from
    all over the screen, try to get rid of all the ones in one part of the screen
    at a time instead of just shooting all over. (e.g. divide the screen into 4,
    then clear the top left, then top right, etc.)  If the projectiles don't all
    come at the same time, shoot as many as you can from one area first, then look
    to see which ones are closest coming up to you and keep picking off as they
    (3) Walkthrough
    Normal Enemies
    Mach Series (maakushiriizu) - standard male zombies; come in various forms
    Morris (moorisu) - zombies with heavy axes
    Kageo - skinny rotting corpse; 0 muscle left on its bones
    Max - the hand-axe wielders from HotD2; some have chainsaws
    Ebitan - humanoid covered in what looks like green slime; kinda like a Swamp
             Thing ripoff
    Jury (jurii) - zombie with white top and blue pants
    Vic (biiko) - knife-weilding zombie; face and forearm are usually covered with
                  some type of bandage/cloth; can jump in your face and stab you
                  or toss its knife from a distance
    Big Ebitan (koebitan) - same as Ebitan, with a more rounded head and visible
    Hugh (hyuu) - agile midget usually holding something as a weapon
    Aztec (asuteku) - bald, muscular, topless zombies; some carry metal beams as
                      weapons, while ones that don't will stretch with a shoulder
                      circle before running into you with a clothesline
    Charles (chaarusu) - big bald fatsos that chug along until they ram into ya
    commando zombies - some look like Guile from Street Fighter 2, some like
                       Rolento from Final Fight with a knife instead of a club
    Birds of Prey (mookin) - usually a group of 3 birds that'll fly straight up
                             off the screen, then circle about far away before
                             diving in close on you
    bats - these come in large groups; they usually move slow and are easy to hit
    cockroaches - light green bugs that'll jump in your face and damage you if
                  don't shoot them off after 2 seconds
    worms/eels - maroon-reddish slimes crawling on the ground
    (3.A) CHAPTER 0 - Reminiscence
         Rogan and Taylor running through a lab, when one of their group trailing
    behind gets bitten in the neck and then devoured by a zombie mob.  They stop,
    turn around, and get down to business...
         First, you're up against 5 normal zombies.  Just because they're slow
    doesn't mean you can take your time shooting.  Pound their heads full of lead
    before any one of them gets the idea of doing a shoulder tackle.  After them,
    you'll turn around and face 4 Kageos.  There's a (skippable) scene with Rogan
    and Taylor checking and finding that none of the other commando units are
         You then continue forward and see a pile of zombies around the corner.
    Again, these guys can charge into you quick even from that distance, so waste
    no time.  After them, you turn around to see 4 Vics.  Since they're standing
    in a box, pick a side to shoot at and kill both of the ones on that side,
    then finish the other 2.  Moving forward, you see 5 Ebitans (or 6 for 2
    players) crawling out from the sides.  They can take quite a few hits to kill,
    so do as much damage as you can to each before they stand up.  Next up, 3 Vics
    pop out from the lab viles.  Shoot the 2 on the left ASAP before they can
    move, and the other will be easy pickings.
         The elevator's just up ahead and 2 zombies (or 3 for 2 players) drop from
    above.  After you get on the elevator and go up, the camera suddenly moves
    left to show 2 zombies hanging on the bottom.  You don't have to worry about
    making a perfect head-shot on each; they fall after taking one hit anywhere.
    Just be fast about it if you're playing solo or one of them will slash your
         At the top of the elevator ride, there are 2 Ebitans (or 3 for 2 players)
    behind the door.  The one on the right is WAY too close for comfort, so blow
    it away the moment the door opens.  As you get near the middle of the room,
    more Ebitans crawl out from everywhere.  After that wave of enemies, the
    screen turns around to show 3 running at you in a straight line (easy kills,
    as you won't have to move your gun/cursor to get them all).  Moving on, the
    next door you go through has 4 zombies (or 5 for 2 players) just before the
    end of the level.
         Rogan says they've found what they're looking for, but are then attacked
    by Death.  Rogan gets knocked out, then opens his eyes to see someone
    standing over him, whom we only get to see his dress shoes and dark pants...
    Flashback scene: Goldman swears to his son Daniel that he'll cure him, even
                     if he has to "tread into forbidden territory."
    (3.B) CHAPTER 1 - Chasing Shadows
         Lisa and G arrive at the EFI complex 2 weeks after Rogan did to find
    out what happened to him...
         Before you enter the front gate, you get to choose which path through
    Chapter 1 that you wanna take - Front Entrance or Parking Lot.  Doesn't
    really matter which you choose.  The enemies in the Parking Lot come in
    smaller bunches, but there are more points to be had through the Front.
         For the first set of zombies after going through the gates, head-shot
    the one running up on the right, then take the others apart one-by-one.  In
    the background are a few things you could shoot for extra points: 2 zombies,
    and a drum containing a blue coin.  Next are 3 zombies crawling out of the
    security booth.  The set after that you have to be a bit alert for.  Shoot
    the Morris on the right the moment you see it, before its axe comes down,
    then take care of the one on the left.  Next, the screen moves right and
    you'll have to get rid of 2 of those Charles fatsos (or 3 for 2 players).
    After that a couple of normal zombies pop out from behing the debris.  Take
    some time before they pop out (and/or after you kill them) to shoot the
    barrel that's partially covered by a piece of wall and shoot the frog that
    hops out for points.
         Back along the path you were going up, there will be an assorment of
    zombies around a couple of cars.  You should be fine as long as you get rid   
    of the Morris in front ASAP.  The screen then turns left and you'll have a
    Morris and 2 Aztecs to deal with.  Next comes your first chance to gain a
    Life Point, as you turn around to see your partner attacked.  The only zombies
    you should concentrate on are the 2 closest to him/her (the 2 furthest to the
    right).  Try to head-shot them, cuz otherwise their bodies take lots of hits
    and you'd need a fast trigger finger to get the life bonus.  After your
    partner returns to safety and you finish the zombies off, the screen turns
    left to show 3 Birds of Prey.  Try to kill/damage one of them before they rise
    up above the top of the screen.  After that it becomes an accuracy test as
    they will circle around several times before charging at you, giving you
    plenty of time to hit them).
         Finally you'll be back on the path leading to the front entrance.  You'll
    see the two cars from before and the crack in the ground where the Boss will
    pop out.  There is also a drum in the background that's partly hidden from
    view by the car on the left.  Shoot it as the screen moves forward to get a
    point bonus before Death pops out.
    Lisa: What?
    Lisa: A Security Guard?  You gotta be kidding!
    BOSS NAME: Death
    BOSS TYPE: 0011
    DESCRIPTION: A giant security guard wielding a club filled with skulls.
    WEAK POINT: head
         Nothing complicated.  Just keep shooting his head and try to empty the
    short Boss life bar before he swings his club.  The amount of damage your
    shots do depends on how accurately you hit him square on the noggen.  Do as
    much damage as you can before he gets ready to hit you. (at least half of the
    red Boss bar)  When he rears back, his head will be about where his right
    shoulder was; aim at that area, just outside the outline of his body.
         After stunning Death for the first time, you'll go along the path you
    chose at the start of the Chapter:
         There'll be a whole horde of zombies just before the steps up.  Get rid
    of the 2 Morris' in front ASAP, and the rest shouldn't be a problem.  The
    screen then turns right to show 3 or 4 more assorted zombies.  Take them out
    but not too fast, so you have time to shoot the drum in the background which
    has a 2000 point bug in it.  Next, Death will chase you again up to the stairs
    - stun him the same way as before.
         As you climb the stairs, you'll see 2 drums.  The first one's empty, but
    the 2nd one has a Life Up.  You have to shoot it fast while it's on the
    screen before your view turns left.
    G: Hey, we're just passing through.
         After you go in through the revolving doors, the screen turns left to
    show 3 Morris zombies dangerously close (get 'em ASAP before their axes get
    you).  The screen then turns right to show an assortment of zombies.  After
    them, you'll move forward a bit, then turn right to see 2 Aztecs.  Once
    they're gone, Death will bust in through the wall and face you for the 3rd
    time in this level.
         Lisa and G retreat to a double-door only to find out it won't open.
    G: We can't go this way.
         You'll then make a dash for the elevator at the opposite side of the
    front hall while facing Death for the last time... for now.
    <queue up stage results, ranking, and bonus life points>
         The screen turns right from the direction you were running in.  Some
    zombies hop off a truck to the right.  Take care of them, then fight Death
    again.  After you get away from him, the path turns left and you'll deal
    with 4 zombies.  Blast the closest one on the right first, then prevent
    the Charles' behind from throwing their drums and clean up the area of
    zombies.  Shoot the drums on the left for an instant coin bonus before you
    start climbing the steps.
    G: Hey, we're just passing through.
         Further up, 2 Aztecs drop down with metal beams.  Take care of them, and
    the screen goes to the left down some stairs.  There are 4 zombies at the
    bottom who can run up and ram you with their shoulders if you don't put them
    down fast.  There are also a pair of drums, which you can see from the stairs,
    on the other site of the parking lot entrance.  Try to not overkill the 4
    zombies (don't shoot them when they've already fallen to the ground) and use
    the time while they're writhing on the floor to shoot the drums for a Life Up.
         Once you're off the stairs, 3 Charles' run out from around the corner.
    You then walk around the corner to see 2 beam-wielding Aztecs and a Jury to
    the left.  They're followed by 3 axe-men that run out from the right.  Death
    then hops down from above.
    Lisa: G!  Above you!
    Lisa: Well he sure is persistent!
         You'll fight him for a 3rd time, then turn a corner and fight him for
    the last time this stage before reaching the elevator.
    <queue up stage results, ranking, and bonus life points>
    G: You OK, Lisa?
    Lisa: Yeah, just a little shaken up I guess.
         After you get to an elevator, you get to start choosing the order of the
    next three levels.  Each end of each level is connected to each other via
    elevator up until Chapter 5.  Here's a rough idea of how they're connected:
    Entrance elevator                            Parking elevator
    -----------------                            ----------------
           | --- EFI Genome Ward ----------------------> |
           | <------------------------ DFI Institute --- |
           |                                             |
           |                                             |
           | --- L3 BIO Lab ---------------------------> |
           | <------------------------- L2 BIO Plant --- |
           |                                             |
           |                                             |
           | - Information Systems Dept. West Wing ----> |
           | <---- Information Systems Dept. East Wing - |
         For instance, if you went in from the front entrance and picked the
    L3 Lab as the 2nd level, you'll end up at the elevator connected to the
    parking lot and your next choices would be Info Systems East and DFI.
         No matter what you choose as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages, the chapter
    names and the Curien flashbacks you see stay the same:
    Chapter 2 - Bewilderment
      Flashback scene: Curien shows Daniel a vile and tells him nobody will have
    to fear death with it.
    Chapter 3 - Sensory Chaos
      Flashback scene: Curien asks Daniel if what he's doing is right, since all
    of his researchers have left him.
    Chapter 4 - Ultimate Challenge
      Flashback scene: Curien looks like he's in mad ecstasy, telling Daniel he'd
    found "it" and mentioning The Magician and the Wheel of Fate.
    (3.D) DFI Institute / EFI Genome Ward
         Both roads lead to the same entrance to the circular cage where The Fool
    DFI Institute
    <coming not so soon>
    EFI Genome Ward
    <coming not so soon>
    BOSS NAME: Fool
    BOSS TYPE: 0028
    DESCRIPTION: A giant sloth.
    WEAK POINT: claws (hands and feet)
         Fool starts by climbing horizontally to the left and offering his right
    hand to be targetted.  This part is pretty easy to handle as it crawls
    relatively slow, making the target easy to hit.  Don't use this as an excuse
    to slack off though.  When you stun it, it doesn't get knocked back so it
    will keep inching closer and closer to slash you with its right hand until
    that claw is "dead"... for now.
         Next is the right foot.  Fool climbs much faster across the cage to the
    right during this part.  You'll have more trouble hitting the target this
    time, and it doesn't help that the staircase you're walking on sometimes is
    in the way. (though you can still see the target circle on the screen, it's
    still an annoying distraction)
         You'll know that the right foot's done when Fool rattles the cage and
    causes hanged corpses above to fall on you.  It looks like a small close
    clump of bodies from far away, but there are more corpses behind the ones you
    see so shoot them all fast.  Most of the corpses funnel into one space on the
    screen up close, while others that are nowhere close to the centre of the
    screen will miss you if you leave them alone.  I essentially shoot at solo
    corpses above and below, then fire like crazy at the ones in the middle of
    the screen until I don't see any more orange shirts there.
         When the screen returns to Fool, it'll continue its assault climbing to
    the right, but now the left foot is the target.  Pretty much the same speed
    and difficulty in hitting as the right foot.  After that's done, Fool climbs
    arm-over-arm to the left and you get to shoot its left hand.  Though it moves
    faster than the last time it climbed left, the left hand is much easier to
    hit than its feet.  Once that claw is "dead," you'll face another barrage of
    corpses from above before targetting its right hand again.
         Since its other claws are all shot up, it can't climb across the cage at
    you - so it resorts to jumping and slashing you with its last good claw.
    This is essentially like fighting Hierophant from HotD2 when it jumps in the
    air, except that you need more hits to stun this boss and prevent it from
    attacking. (I think I've only succeeded stunning Fool once at this point)  If
    you have trouble hitting this last claw, shoot its body while it's hanging
    from the cage.  You can do this at any time during this fight, but it's best
    to save your trigger finger for here where you'll need it most.
         The Fool tries to grab the cage, but slips and falls a few floors while
    hitting some steel bars, which are supporting the staircase, along the way.
    Lisa: Had enough yet?
    (3.E) L2 BIO Plant / L3 BIO Lab
         For once, they've put a boss right in the middle of a stage.  You'll be
    playing from one level of this stage to the other.  Not all the enemies you
    see in one direction will be the same in the other direction.
    L2 Plant to L3 Lab
    <coming not so soon>
    L3 Lab to L2 Plant
    <coming not so soon>
    BOSS NAME: Sun
    BOSS TYPE: 8830
    DESCRIPTION: A tree with skulls and flowers on the trunk, and tentacle-stems
                 with 5-petal flowers on the ends
    WEAK POINT: skulls on the trunk
         Start by emptying 2 full shotgun loads into its weak spot.  By the time
    you're done that, it will send stuff to attack you.  After you take care of
    those, empty 2 more sets of 6 shells into the skulls and repeat the process.
         For the first half of the fight it sends various tentacle attacks at
    - 3 tentacles that swirl around the screen right in front of the trunk.
    - 3 tentacles winding around from the left or right (and these can come slow
      or fast)
    - 2 tentacles digging their way through the ground; can be one from the left
      and one from the right, or both from the same direction
    The objective of course is to destroy the flowers on the ends before they
    attack you.  Pretty simple when the tentacles are airborne, but you may find
    the ones in the ground tricky (shoot the yellow spark).  Even if you can't
    seem to destroy them while they're in the ground, you must damage them
    enough so that you can finish them off in one or 2 shells when they pop out
    to lash at you.
         In the second half of the fight, Sun will rely on the flowers above the
    skulls to attack you.  When you see one open up, empty one load of shells
    into it, then wait to see what attack it does.  If a face pops out, simply
    shoot and drain the red Boss life bar before it spits spikes at you.  If it 
    spits spikes up into the air, shoot some of them as they're going up and
    finish the rest before they come down on your face.  It's technically
    possible to damage the flower and prevent it from throwing the spikes, but I
    find this hard to do by myself.  Should be easy to do with 2 players that
    have decent aim.
    (3.F) Information Systems Dept. West/East Wing
         Lisa will step out of the elevator and take a wrong turn into security
    lasers.  Her and G run to escape the closing security barriers.  After
    they're "safe," a big hand suddenly grabs the last barrier before it closes
    and lifts it all the way up.  It's Death, and you'll have to fight him all
    throughout this level.
    BOSS NAME: Death
    BOSS TYPE: 0011
    DESCRIPTION: A giant security guard wielding a club filled with skulls.
    WEAK POINT: head
         Like the BIO Plant, you work from one end of the stage and end up at
    the other, depending on which elevator you took to get here.  This will remind
    HotD2 players of the Strength fight, as Death pops up from almost anywhere,
    especially coming through walls.
    West to East
    <coming not so soon>
    East to West
    <coming not so soon>
    (3.G) CHAPTER 5 - Wheel of Fate
    <coming not so soon>
         At the door just before the last boss, you might find yourself in the
    traditional Bonus Room, filled with points and Life Ups.  Similar to previous
    HotD's where you must save all civilians, here you must rescue your partner
    at EVERY opportunity to have this room appear.
         Daniel says he's been watching "this evil" grow for 19 years.  We then
    finally find out its identity when Lisa asks him if he's OK fighting his 
    Wheel of Fate: I am... Curien.
                   I will destroy everything, and... resurrect everything.
    BOSS NAME: Wheel of Fate
    BOSS TYPE: 0
    DESCRIPTION: Silver humanoid being, always floating in the air.
    WEAK POINT: symbol on his chest
         Curien will either start attacking you or spin his Wheel of Fate.  If he
    attacks, his first attack pattern is to send horizontal bars of electrical
    energy at you.  They seem to arc out from his body left and right slowly, then
    go wide to his sides before turning in your direction.  When you see him
    starting to throw them, shoot all him at his sides to get rid of most of the
    electric bars as they come out.  Once you stun him for the first time, Curien
    will go and "spin the wheel."
         Spinning the Wheel of Fate is how Curien chooses his next attack. (and
    during this whole process, you can't damage him)  When he's stunned, or some
    amount of time's passed by, he flies into a virtual "slot" in the background
    with his wheel laying vertically flat into it.  From the wheel, a circle
    extends out that's divided into sections, each with a symbol/picture in it.
    It's like looking at the Wheel of Fortune wheel, but with only 12 prizes.
    There are 3 different symbols, repeated in 4 sets. (1 set in each quarter)
    Some electric bolts then extend from Curien's wheel - a few short ones and one
    long one.  The result looks like a sword, but the purpose it serves is like a
    clock hand.  Curien's wheel spins for a couple of seconds, and the symbol that
    the large bolt lands on represents the next attack.
    - For the symbol with an "I" in the middle, he does the electric bars attack
    described above.
    - There's symbol that looks like a heart.  In this attack, Curien goes to the
    middle of the screen and moves further into the background than usual, then
    glows.  After that, he slowly move straight towards you and through you.
    Start shooting his chest the moment you see the red Boss bar start to fill up.
    It should take 2 loads of shells to stun him.  This is his easiest form to
    deal with, as all you need is to keep your aim steady and have a fast trigger
    - The third symbol looks like 3 stick people.  Curien starts this attack by
    standing in the middle of the screen, then zooms in one direction and off.  He
    returns and then go in another direction (usually opposite of the first).  He
    comes back a 3rd time, but usually close to a corner of the screen and it's
    harder to hit him.  On the 4th pass by, he'll go to the edge of the screen,
    then turn and run into you from that side. (kinda like Magician after he
    teleports all around)  This is the hardest of his sequences, because not only
    are you aiming at a moving target, but you also must shoot past his rotating
    wheel which provides him some cover.  He doesn't necessarily fly in a straight
    line either - sometimes he goes in a slight curve, and others he'll do an
    up-to-90 degree turn up/down.
         When he loses about half of his health, the next wheel spin seems to
    end up on the borderline between 2 symbols.  During this next attack, his wheel
    rotates all around him and generates spark balls.  The balls then separate from
    the wheel and he flies off the screen, while the balls swoop one way and then
    come at you 2 or 3 at a time.
         After he's stunned out of the spark-ball pattern, Curien will spin the
    wheel again, but this time the wheel doesn't stop.  The outer wheel with the
    symbols fade away, and Curien and his wheel become gold in color.  At this
    point, you may see the green Boss life bar fill all the way back up.  Don't
    worry about this, as the green and red bars go down in the same proportion for
    this final phase of the fight.  As for his last attack phase, he stays in one
    spot and generates electricity.  It appears you can hit his entire torso to do
    damage during this phase, so if tick-damage were to apply anywhere in this
    fight it would be here.  When Curien shoots his electricity out, the screen
    turns to the right and the electric bolts hit the wall behind you.  Each bolt
    gathers up into a spark ball that slowly comes your way, and there'll be LOTS
    of them coming at you.  If your trigger finger's tired by now, you probably
    won't manage to hit them all, but it should be manageable for 2 players.
    A little note: even if you finish off Curien's energy bar, if he manages to
    shoot his sparks beforehand you MUST deal with them before the fight can
    officially end.  This happened to me the first time I beat it, where the Boss
    bars were flashing and empty but the screen still shifted to the right and I
    got killed by the oncoming sparks.  Had to waste a credit just to be alive
    for when the screen shifted back to Curien, and then the ending began.
    (3.H) ENDINGS
         So far I've only seen the standard ending.  If there are others, I
    probably won't ever see them since I'm not getting the X-Box version. :P
    How to get them is probably similar to previous ones: # of continues used ends
    with a 0, get a final score above whatever, beat the game with whatever rank.
    Normal Ending
         Curien's body starts to break down.  He questions if this is the world
    that "you humans want," then says, "Daniel, you need me."  Lisa and Daniel
    pretty much give a "whatever" and blow him away.
         Credits start rolling, and we see G helping Rogan walk away from the
    complex.  They have a talk about what the future has in store, and G ends it
    by saying Lisa's starting to sound a lot like Rogan.  Rogan asks "What's that
    supposed to mean?"
         Daniel and Lisa also get outside the complex.  Daniel then stops and
    turns around to give his final message to his dad.
    (4) Secrets
         Just about everything you needed to know about unlocking stuff on the
    X-Box version can be found on GameWinners' site:
         I'll list the most important stuff here for those who're too lazy to open
    their browser: :P
    Free Play - beat the game with an A rank, or get S rank one or more times on
                each level you complete up to the point that you die or lose all
                your credits; then go to Options and keep increasing the number of
                credits up past 9
    Unlock HotD2 - beat Survival Mode
    (5) Credits & Misc.
         Thanks go to:
    - all the HotD2 FAQ writers, whose FAQs I used to cross-reference items and
      enemies that return in HotD3
    - the official HotD3 Japanese website which I took names for most of the
      enemies from
    - ... well, thanks - I think - to Sega and WOW for making me spend more in
      the arcade on this game than it would have took for me to buy it ^^;;

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