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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Delition_Hikari

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    HOUSE OF THE DEAD 3 XBOX FAQ (With a little bit on the side for HotD 2)
    Written by:  Delition (Delition_Hikari on GameFAQs)
    This was my first FAQ that I had written, so bear with me.  Anyways, as you 
    can tell from the title, this is an FAQ for the XBOX version of "House of 
    the Dead 3".  And since it tells you in the instruction manual, it's not a 
    spoiler for me to tell you that "House of the Dead 2" is included along with 
    this game.  I've tried to implement a "Quick-find" in this guide, but because
    I'm not too creative the "Quick-find" words won't always be short.
    	(1) Revision History
    		-Quick-find: (Rev-01)
    	(2) Gameplay (HotD 3)
    		-Quick-find: (Game-03)
    	(3) Game Options
    		-Quick-find: (Opt-2/3)
    	(4) Back Story / Characters
    		-Quick-find: (Chara-01)
    	(5) Story
    		-Quick-find: (HotD3-Story)
    	(6) Characters
    		-Quick-find: (Char-03)
    	(7) Items from 3
    		-Quick-find: (Item-03)
    	(8) Enemies from 3
    		-Quick-find: (Ene-03)
    	(9) Walkthrough (HotD 3)
    		- Chapter 0: Reminiscience (Thomas Rogan and Dan 				 Taylor)
    			-Boss: None
    			-Quick-find: (3CH00)
    		- Chapter 1: Chasing Shadows (Lisa Rogan and G)
    			-Boss: Death (#0011)
    			-Quick-find: (3CH01)
    			-Parking Lot after Split (3ch01a)
    			-Entrance after Split (3ch01b)
    		- From the Parking Lot:
    			Path A:  D.B.R. Institute
    				 -Boss: Fool (#0028)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHPA)
    			Path B:  L2 BIO Plant
    				 -Boss: Sun (#8830)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHPB)
    			Path C:  Information Systems Dept. EAST 					   Wing
    				 -Boss: Death (#0011)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHPC)
    		- From the Entrance:
    			Path A:  EFI Genome Ward
    				 -Boss: Fool (#0028)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHEA)
    			Path B:  L3 BIO Lab
    				 -Boss: Sun (#8830)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHEB)
    			Path C:  Information Systems Dept. WEST 					   Wing
    				 -Boss: Death (#0011)
    				 -Quick-find: (3CHEC)
    		- Chapter 5: Wheel of Fate (Lisa Rogan and G / 					 Daniel)
    			-Boss: Wheel of Fate (#0000)
    			-Quick-find: (3CH05)
    	(10) Bosses from 3
    		-Quick-find: (Boss-03)
    			-Death (#0011)
    			-Fool (#0028)
    			-Sun (#8830)
    			-Wheel of Fate (#0000)
    (1) Revision History  (Rev-01)
    0.1 - May 22, 2006:  I noticed, to much horror, that there wasn't much in 
    the FAQ section for this game when I was looking for information about the 
    second ending.  So, I decided to write up this little piece of crap.  
    Knowing me, it won't be quite so little.  Added basic info for HotD3, 
    including enemies, characters, and some other basic crap.
    0.2 - Dec. 27, 2007: Although this guide has been sitting in the middle of 
    nowhere on my computer, with the announcement of HotD 2&3 returns on the Wii 
    I figured that this guide may be useful to some people.  So, out of the 
    middle of nowhere it goes.
    0.3 - Feb. 28, 2008:  Going over everything again, with the hopes of 
    re-doing everything before the new games come out so I can try and help 
    people playing the Wii game.
    (2) Gameplay (HotD) (Game-03)
    You are probably thinking "If I've played one rail shooter, I've played them 
    all", right?  Well, you are correct if those were your thoughts.  Most rail 
    shooters share things in common with each other, but the one thing that I 
    feel most rail shooters lack is some sort of a threat.  That is one of the 
    main reasons I prefer the "House of the Dead" series to many other rail 
    shooters.  Perhaps I'm lying to myself with that last statement and the 
    truth of the matter is that I'm a zombie nut.  Anyways, the gameplay is 
    Shoot stuff.  Don't get hurt.  Win.  Hooray.
    (3) Game Options (Opt-2/3)
    Controller Configuration
    This is basic.  It just changes the button layout for the controller you are 
    using.  The default is:
    R - Shoot
    L - Reload
    A - Shoot
    B - Reload
    X - Speed Up
    Y - Center Cursor
    Black Button - N / A
    White Button - N / A
    Vibration - On
    Allows you to change the volume of the BGM, SE, and Voice.
    Contains "Screen Adjustment" and "Brightness"
    Light Gun Settings
    Changes the settings for "Calibration" and "Vibration" for the light gun.
    The House of the Dead 3
    	-Difficulty (From Very Easy to Very Hard)
    	-Life (From 1 to 5)
    	-Credits (From 1 to 9, with "Free Play" being unlocked 	 later)
    	-Blood Color (Red or Green)
    	-Violence (Medium, Mild, and Gratuitous)
    	-Crosshair Setting (Speed and Graphic of the crosshair)
    The House of the Dead 2 (After being unlocked)
    	-Difficulty (From Very Easy to Very Hard)
    	-Life (From 1 to 5)
    	-Credits (From 1 to 9, with "Free Play" being unlocked 	 later)
    	-Blood Color (Red or Green)
    	-Crosshair Setting (Speed and Graphic of the crosshair)
    (4) Back Story / Characters  (Chara-01)
    (5) Story from "House of the Dead 3"  (HotD3-Story)
    (6) Characters from "House of the Dead 3" (Char-03)
    Here are the characters from "House of the Dead 3".  First I'll post their 
    descriptions from the instruction manual, and if I feel the need to post 
    anything else, I'll put it as a "Delition Add".
    Lisa Rogan
    -Height:       5'8" (172 cm)
    -Weight:       110 lbs (50 kg)
    -Gender:       Female
    -Age:          20
    -Nationality:  American
    The daughter of the top agent of the now-defunct AMS, Thomas Rogan. 
    Motivated and tenacious, Lisa is often told how much she resembles her 
    father.  She does not seem to take this as a compliment.  It has been two 
    weeks since contact was lost with her fater.  Saying she must follow her 
    mother's wishes, she accompanies her father's old partner, G, to the EFI 
    Research Facility.
    "Delition Add":  She's a whiny little turd, but her dialogue isn't quite as 
    cheesy as everyone else's.  Aside from one line, I actually find her 
    dialogue to be quite...mediocre.  While it isn't award-winning, it's better 
    than a lot of light-gun game dialogue.
    -Height:       6'0" (183 cm)
    -Weight:       170 lbs (77 kg)
    -Gender:       Male
    -Age:          Unknown (believed to be around 50)
    -Nationality:  Unknown
    Thomas Rogan's old partner.  G used to be exceptionally cold and calculating 
    and would use any means necessary to complete his missions.  Since the 
    incident at the Curien mansion, however, his perspective has changed 
    With the world collapse of 2003, his former employer AMS disbanded, but G 
    has continued his quest for answers under the assumption that the collapse 
    had something to do with his previous assignments.
    "Delition Add":  Just as G was the second player in "House of the Dead", 
    he's the second player here.  His dialogue is pretty cheesy, but tolerable.  
    He seems to be the better of the two (Lisa and himself) when it comes to 
    quick thinking, but of course that has nothing to do with gameplay.
    Thomas Rogan
    -Height:       6' 1 1/2" (187 cm)
    -Weight:       185 lbs (84 kg)
    -Gender:       Male
    -Age:          52
    -Nationality:  American
    The hero of the Curien mansion incident of 1998, Rogan is also Lisa's 
    father. Rogan's career after the incident continued to be marked with his 
    courage and excellent judgement, and he, too, pursued the causes of the 
    world collapse.
    But now he has lost many comrades in battle with unknown creatures, and 
    contact with Rogan himself has been lost...
    "Delition Add":  You get to play as Rogan during Chapter 0 if you are 
    playing as the first player.  Aside from that, the main reason he's in this 
    game is the fact that Lisa is looking for him. 
    -Specifications Unknown-
    A character enshrouded in mystery.  Believed to know many important things 
    about the activities of the EFI Research Facility.
    "Delition Add":  Daniel plays a pretty important part in the storyline, but 
    not until the end.  However, just because he is important doesn't mean that 
    his dialogue doesn't suck, because it does.  Also, you get to play as him 
    for the end of the last chapter.
    Dan Taylor
    -Specifications Unknown-
    A member of Rogan's secret division.  Was brought in for his tactical 
    expertise in battle.
    "Delition Add":  Dan is who you play as in Chapter 0 if you are the second 
    player. He doesn't really have anything to do with the storyline, but since 
    he is a playable character I decided to add him anyways.
    (7) Items from "House of the Dead 3" (Item-03)
    Extra Lives
    Extra lives are pretty rare to find in this game, so I'll try and help by 
    listing the ones I have found.
    Ch. 0: None that I can find.
    Ch. 1 (Entrance Path): 
    -Right before reaching the building (After fending off Death a second time) 
    in a barrel to the right of the doorway.
    Ch. 1 (Parking Lot Path):
    -Right after you take out the group of Mark II's while descending the stairs
    to the parking lot, you'll see two barrels.  It's in the nearest one.  Just 
    try and get it before the Charles comes around the corner.
    Ch. 5:
    -Right before the final boss, there will be a screen where you turn around 
    to face two Rogan Commandos.  A tad bit to the left of them you'll see some 
    barrels.  Inside one of them rests an extra life.  This one is kind of 
    tricky to get, though.
    Golden Frogs
    Golden frogs, while somewhat hard to find, aren't as hard to find as the 
    other things listed here.  You can tell if one is out in the open by it's 
    distinct sound.  They are worth 1,000 points.
    Ch. 0: None that I can find.
    Ch. 1 (Before branch):
    -Right after fighting the first pair of Charles zombies, you'll see a barrel 
    to the left of the speed sign.  Shoot it, and there it is.
    Path A (D.B.R. Institute):
    -When you encounter bats for the first time in this level, there will be a 
    box right below the swarm.  Just hit it.
    Path C (WEST Wing):
    -After the second time fighting off Death, and after fighting two Mickey 
    Ver. 2s, you will encounter two Johnnys and an Azteca.  There's a barrel in 
    the back. If you get to the part where three Rogan Commandos crawl under the 
    divider, you've gone too far.
    Mini Magicians
    Mini Magicians are pretty rare, and if you get one out in the open they are a
    little bit trickier to hit than the frogs, but they aren't a huge deal.  Once
    out in the open, they say "I've been waiting for this time to come" and then 
    they'll zoom around in a pattern.  Just one hit takes them down for a decent 
    2,000 points.
    Ch. 0: None that I can find.
    Ch. 1 (Entrance Path):
    -Right after fending off Death for the first time, you'll fight a group of 
    zombies.  To the right of the Charles holding a barrel will be two other 
    barrels.  Shoot them to release the Mini Magician.  If you don't collect
    it on this screen, when the screen shifts to the right you have another 
    Path C (WEST Wing):
    -After fending off Death for a third time, you'll come to the outside area 
    where you have to fight three vultures.  During the time when you have to 
    save your partner, there are two barrels on the right.  The Mini Magician 
    is in one of them.
    Mecha Zombies
    Mecha Zombies are really rare.  I've only seen a few of them, and I have 
    yet to actually destroy one.  Well, I have hit them, but they take multiple 
    hits to destroy, although the 3,000 points they dish out is well worth it.
    Golden Coins
    Golden Coins are sort of common as far as items go, so I'm not going to list 
    all of their locations here.  They add 300 points to your total.  I'll note 
    them in the walkthrough.
    Crystal Coins
    Each time you hit one, you get 100 points.  You can obtain 1500 points this 
    way.  I'll note in the walkthrough if they are in there.
    Twisted Coins
    200 points.  I'll note them in the walkthrough.
    (8) Enemies from "House of the Dead 3" (Ene-03)
    Once again, these are straight from the instruction manual.  If there is
    anything extra, I'll add a "Delition Add" again.
    Mark II
    This extremely adaptable zombie was manufactured in great quantities.  Mark
    II wanders about in groups searching for flesh, savagely attacking whatever
    he finds.
    "Delition Add":  There's nothing really special about Mark II, hence the
    reason he's one of the most common enemies towards the beginning.
    A mummified zombie.  Kageo is weak and slow, but in groups he is dangerous.
    His body is fragile.  Of his appearance, only the shape of his upper body is
    "Delition Add":  The description is quite accurate.  Except for the part 
    about being dangerous in groups.  Kageo isn't dangerous at all.  Sometimes 
    they will appear without their lower bodies.  In the walkthrough I'll call 
    them half-bodied Kageos.
    The remains of a former building employee.  Julie will stubbornly pursue 
    anything that comes her way and attack by flailing her numbed arms.
    "Delition Add":  I don't quite know where they got the gender from, because 
    this zombie doesn't even look like a female, nor does it give out remotely 
    female sounding groans when she gets hit.  Equal opportunity slaughtering, 
    I guess.
    Frederic is believed to have been created from a former researcher in the 
    building.  His rapid attacks leave little time to react.
    "Delition Add":  Finally, a change of pace.  This is the first zombie that 
    I've listed that has a different attack other than to grope you.  To make 
    things worse, their attacks are kind of irritating.  They appear on the 
    screen and throw what appear to be scalpels at you.  While some scalpels 
    are pretty easy to hit, they can be a problem to hit sometimes.
    Rogan Commandos
    The elite soldiers who stormed the building and tried to seize control.  
    They remain trapped in a state between life and death, but they retain the 
    superior fighting abilities they once honed through strict training.
    "Delition Add":  I don't quite know what the instruction manual is talking 
    about here, because if they had these kinds of abilities while they were 
    alive, they wouldn't be dead.  While they move fast, they aren't really a 
    threat.  Just make sure to not let them get close to hitting you.  Of course,
    that is easier said than done sometimes.
    Carries a long-handled axe.  Staggering under the weight of the axe, he may 
    look like he can't handle such a weapon - but be careful:  he puts his back 
    into his fearsome attack.
    "Delition Add":  He isn't much of a threat either.  The only time he is a 
    problem is if he surprises you when you first start to look at him.  If he 
    has his axe raised when you first see him, blast him  away.  If he doesn't 
    have his axe raised, don't worry too much about him, since it does take a 
    while for him to raise it.
    Charles is twice the size of a normal zombie.  His thick layers of fat 
    conceal his toughness.  His strength puts him in a league of his own, and 
    he'll keep coming at you even with holes blown through his stomach.
    "Delition Add":  Although it says he'll keep coming at you with holes in his
    stomach doesn't mean that he will with holes all over the rest of his body.
    Just blow him away, just like everyone else.  In my many hours of playing 
    the game, these guys have probably hit me the least.
    Azteca drags along an enormous steel frame and has exceptional power - he 
    wields a metal chain in one hand as though it were as light as straw.  His 
    weak point is his somewhat slow movement.
    "Delition Add":  Although I don't remember him ever swinging around a chain, 
    I'm pretty sure he has at one point or another.  Anyways, like the manual 
    says, he's pretty damn slow.  I'm pretty sure Charles is faster than he is.
    Keep this in mind as you blow him to smithereens.
    Raymond uses his buzzsaw saws to cut through anything that stands in his 
    way.  He grinds the blade against the metal more for a flashy display than 
    to keep the saw sharp.
    "Delition Add":  While they say it's for a flashy display, while he sharpens
    his blade it is hard to hit him in the head.  Try and hit him before he gets 
    in the mid-range and he sharpens his blade.  He charges pretty quick after 
    he sharpens the blade, so try and take him out early.
    Cain is the result of an experiment to create zombies fused with vegetable 
    matter.  He is as tough as an oak and his whip slices through the air with 
    an audible crack to inflict more pain than poison ivy.
    "Delition Add":  Same thing goes for Cain as Morris.  If they are already 
    attacking when you encounter them, act quickly.  Otherwise, they aren't a 
    huge threat.
    --------The following enemies are not listed in the enemy list for HotD3-----
    Just like in HotD2, Ebitan pops out of the water to attack you.  They can 
    also appear from other places, but water is their main residence.  This time
    around, they don't appear close to you for a quick swipe, but most of the 
    time they charge at you.  Also, in this game, their upper body tends to 
    slide off pretty easy, so make sure they aren't crawling up to you when you
    aren't paying attention.
    The first way to notice Johnny is by his flannel shirt.  The second way is 
    by the hand axes he carries around.  He usually appears close to the screen,
    ready to slash at you.  The easiest solution to this is the same solution 
    used for every zombie.  Blast him away as fast as you can.
    I'm not sure if he's supposed to be the same Mickey as in the second game, 
    but he looks similar, and attacks using knives, and that's good enough for 
    me.  Anyways, you mostly see these guys in Chapter 0 and the final chapter,
    and instead of throwing their knives at you, they quickly charge and jump 
    at you.  Just like with Mickey Ver. 2, there is a small time after they 
    jump on you that you have to attack before being attacked yourself.
    Micky Ver. 2
    I'm not quite sure if this guy is supposed to be a Mickey variant, but he 
    is small and attacks quickly, so there you go.  Although in this game he 
    doesn't throw his knives, but rather jumps around with electric blades and 
    jumps on you.  When it comes to strategy, if you are having a problem 
    fighting him, wait until he jumps on you.  You have a small amount of time 
    to blast him while he is in your face before he hits you.
    Randy Ver. 2
    Once again, I'm pretty sure this guy isn't supposed to be the same Randy 
    from the second game, but he's another small and quick guy and he wears a 
    mask.  These guys usually come in pairs, and brandish what appears to be a 
    small spear.  Anyways, they have the same weakness as both Micky 
    variants...if you let them get close enough to attack you, they'll pause 
    before they do.
    These damn leaches are back for another fight.  They usually appear in packs 
    of about five, but with only one hit to kill them, they aren't much of a 
    threat.  Great for getting time bonuses in Time Attack mode.
    While these aren't usually much of a threat, if you encounter them while 
    they are coming out of a vent they can be irritating.  If you see them 
    right off the bat (no pun intended), they are easy targets, and great for 
    bonuses in Time Attack mode.
    These things only appear in Path B, and they aren't much of a threat.  It 
    takes a while before they attack you, so make sure to use that time wisely.  
    Also, if you can, try to hit them a few times before they fully emerge from 
    their hole.
    Hopping Fleas
    These things appear in great numbers, which is great for Time Attack mode, 
    and they are easy to kill.  They have the same downside as the Micky 
    variants, so if you can't hit them on the floor, just wait for them to leap 
    on you and take some quick shots.
    The first way to identify these guys is by their pants.  The second way is 
    the fact that they are pretty muscular.  These guys are somewhat tougher 
    than the basic enemies, along with somewhat stronger.  They sometimes appear 
    carrying objects, such as barrels or computer monitors.  If you destroy the 
    objects they carry, they charge at you, trying to clothesline you.
    Always appearing in packs of 3, these birds aren't really much of a threat.  
    Just make sure to blast them away before they hit you, of course.  Just 
    remember, just because your characters are using shotguns doesn't mean that 
    they work the same way as normal shotguns.  You can easily take care of 
    these birds.
    I don't know where I got the name for this one from, nor will I ever know.  
    This zombie isn't listed in the manual for 3, but he's in there.  He wears 
    Brownish-red pants and is extremely easy to kill.  Think of him as a 
    palatte-swap of sorts for Mark II.  He doesn't wear a shirt and seems to 
    have a goatee.
    I'm not creative.  Never claimed to be.  These creatures have skin joining 
    their arms to their chests, so they look like flying squirrels, except...
    naked and zombie-ish.  They usually crawl on the ceilings.
    (10) Walkthrough for HotD3
    Notice:  For the sake of the walkthrough, I shall be going through the game 
    on the normal difficulty level.  There isn't actually any difference between 
    the difficulties in terms of how many zombies there are, but just how fast 
    they move and how many hits they take to hit.
    Since this game is mostly about encountering numerous enemies at once, I 
    am going to mark down which enemies you encounter, in order.  I won't be 
    providing much guidance, since all I would say is "Shoot the enemies".  
    I will also mark when there are cut scenes and when you can obtain hidden 
    items.  If there is a break in between markings, it either means that there 
    is a cutscene, or it is a while until you encounter the next group (a while 
    isn't that long of a time in the HotD universe, mind you).  I will also mark 
    when your ally is being attacked with === brackets.
    Here we are:
    Chapter 0: Reminiscience (3CH00)
    -Cut Scene-
    -Mark II (3), Julie (2)
    -Kageo (4)
    -Cut Scene-
    -Mark II (2), Kageo (2), Julie (2)
    -Mickey (4)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Ebitan (5)
    -Mickey (3)
    -Mark II (2)
    -Mark II (1)
    -Julie (1)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Ebitan (2)
    -Ebitan (5)
    -Ebitan (3)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Kageo (2), Mark II (2)
    -End of Chapter-
    Chapter 1: Chasing Shadows (Lisa Rogan and G) (3CH01)
    -Cut Scene-
    -Mark II (2), Julie (2)
    -Mark II (2), Brett (1)
    -Morris (2), Gold Coin (Barrel on the left side)
    -Charles (2), Golden Frog (In the middle in a barrel, behind the enemies)
    -Mark II (2) (Frog is also obtainable at this point)
    -Charles (1), Morris (2)
    -Charles (1), Crystal Coin (Behind Charles.)
    -Morris (1), Azteca (2) (Crystal Coin is still obtainable)
    Ally Rescue Point (Rescuing G)
    -Mark II (3) (Furthest one from G can be ignored)
    -Vultures (3)
    -Cut Scene-
    -Branch Split-
    Parking Lot after Split (3ch01a)
    Entrance after Split (3ch01b)
    -Partial Boss Battle (Death)-
    -Morris (2), Mark II (2), Charles (1), Mini-Magician (Barrel on right side)
    -Azteca (2), Mark II (1), Mini-Magician (Same one, but on the left now if 
     you missed it earlier)
    -Partial Boss Battle (Death)-
    -Extra Life (On the right side of the entrance to the building, in a barrel)
    -Morris (2), Mark II (1)
    -Mark II (2), Morris (1), Charles (1)
    -Azteca (2)
    -Partial Boss Battle (Death)-
    -Small Dialog-
    -Partial Boss Battle (Death)-
    -End of Chapter-
    From the Parking Lot:
    Path A:  D.B.R. Institute (3CHPA)
    (Coming Soon)
    Path B:  L2 BIO Plant (3CHPB)
    (Coming Soon)
    Path C:  Information Systems Dept. EAST Wing (3CHPC)
    (Coming Soon)
    From the Entrance:
    Path A:  EFI Genome Ward (3CHEA)
    -Charles (2)
    -Kageo (1), Twisted Coin (Barrel on left side)
    -Kageo (3), Brute (1), Crystal Coin (In a box in the next hallway near the 
    -Bats (10)
    -Randy Ver. 2 (2)
    -Murrer (5)
    -Kite (2)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Mark II (4)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Mark II (4)
    -Kite (4)
    Ally Rescue Point (Rescuing G)
    -Kageo (2)
    -Mark II (2) (Both Mark IIs can be ignored)
    -Small Dialog-
    -Morris (3), Mark II (2)
    -Half-Bodied Kageos (4)
    -Brute (2)
    -Kageo (1)
    -Frederick (3), Golden Coin (In a box on the left side)
    -Brute (2), Charles (1)
    -Randy Ver. 2 (2)
    -Frederick (1)
    -Bats (10)
    Ally Rescue Point (Rescuing G)
    -Mark II (2) (Nothing can be ignored)
    -Randy Ver. 2 (5)
    -Kite (3)
    -Mark II (2), Morris (2)
    -Frederick (1)
    -Frederick (1)
    -Murrer (4), Crystal Coin (Right side of murrer cage)
    -Randy Ver. 2 (3)
    -Brute (2)
    -Randy Ver. 2 (1)
    -Bats (10...?)
    -Charles (2)
    -Boss Battle (Fool: #0028) / End of Chapter-
    Path B:  L3 BIO Lab (3CHEB)
    (Coming Soon)
    Path C:  Information Systems Dept. WEST Wing (3CHEC)
    (Coming Soon)
    Chapter 5: Wheel of Fate (Lisa Rogan and G / Daniel) (3CH05)
    (Coming Soon)
    (10) Bosses from "House of the Dead 3" (Boss-03)
    Death (#0011)
    Levels:  Chapter #1 and Path C: Information Systems Dept. EAST and WEST 
    Description:  Big brutish zombie in a security outfit and brandishes a club 
    with  skulls attached to it.
    Weakpoint:  His head.  Relatively easy to hit earlier on, a tad harder to 
    hit in later encounters.
    Strategy:  There really isn't any strategy needed when fighting him.  When 
    you first encounter him, hitting his head isn't a huge problem, but when 
    you encounter him later he starts swinging his club more wildly, making it 
    harder to hit his weak spot.  Also, in the second level you encounter him 
    in, both his health and concussion gauge seem to decrease slower.  It seems
    as if you attack him at a slower pace instead of rapid-fire, you do more
    Fool (#0028)
    Levels:  Part A: EFI Genome Lab and Part A: D.B.R. Institute
    Description:  A giant sloth-like monster who crawls around the walls of his 
    feeding cage while attacking with its limbs.
    Weakpoint:  Both of his hands, and both of his feet are weakpoints.  
    However, you can't continuously hit them.  Only the one that is currently 
    targeted by the green cursor can be hit.
    Strategy:  Not a whole lot of strategy here, either.  Either you hit his 
    currently targeted area and reduce his concussion gauge, or you get hit.  
    After you get his health down to about 2/3 and 1/3, he'll face the wall and 
    start shaking it.  Some of the bodies in his feeding cage will fall down, 
    and you have to shoot them before they land on you.  Shooting them down 
    isn't much of a problem, and rarely do you have you aim outside of dead 
    center in order to hit one.
    After you get him down to one hand left to attack, he won't swing himself 
    towards you in order to attack you.  Instead, he will leap across the whole 
    span of the cage and try to swipe at you.  If you are playing with an 
    XBOX controller, it can be kind of irritating to hit his hand while he is 
    doing this, but not too hard.  If you do bring the concussion gauge down, 
    he'll still be coming towards you, but he'll wind up nearly losing his grip 
    on the wall.  Reduce his life bar to make sure he loses his grip for good.
    Unlocking "House of the Dead 2"
    In order to unlock "House of the Dead 2", all you have to do is beat "House 
    of the Dead 3" in either Survival or Time Attack modes.
    Personal Information / Contact
    I've been a big zombie fan, especially since the Resident Evil and House of 
    the Dead series games came out.  If I could ever get my grubby mitts on a 
    copy of House of the Dead 1 for the Saturn, I'd glady get it.  But, since 
    I can't get my hands on it, the second and third games will certainly take 
    its place.
    There isn't much else to add, but then again I'm pretty sure that no one 
    will read this anyways.  With the small amount of information on this game 
    on GameFAQs, I wouldn't be surprised if people have given up on this game 
    If there is any need to contact me, just drop me a line at:
    frostdragoon at msn dot com

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