In gta 3 how do i get to staunton island?

  1. Im stuck.

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    DOOMking94 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Could you please specify where exactly you are stuck? What was the last mission you did?

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    MunKy321 - 7 years ago

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  1. You can get to Staunton at any point in the game. The island officially opens after completion of the Salvatore mission "Last Requests" and the Callahan bridge is repaired, however there are three things that the developers overlooked:

    First method:
    The angled girders that hang below the damaged section of the bridge are close enough to one another to perform a sprint-jump between them. Just walk down the girder that's on the Portland side (nearly all the way to the bottom), then hold the sprint button as you take a step and jump to the other girder. Walk up the girder, and there you to explore areas beyond Portland.

    Second method:
    Collision-detection can be defeated without the use of cheats. That fact opens up a few ways over to Staunton. You can stand on a high vehicle parked on the sidewalk in the mouth of the Porter tunnel. By doing so, the upper portion of your character pokes through the ceiling. If you perform a sprint-jump when stuck in the ceiling, your character will fall -up- onto the ceiling...allowing you to just run on top of the tunnel wherever you want to go. To return to normal ground, walk off the tunnel ceiling into "blue hell" will respawn on land with only a small loss of health or armor.

    Alternately, you can exit a vehicle that is slipping off a waters-edge location. If timed correctly, you will pass through the water tile directly below...allowing you to walk on the ceiling of a tunnel, etc.

    Vertical collision boundries (such as the blue barrier or subway gate) can be passed though under certian conditions. One such condition is when the program animates your character's fall when too close to an explosion. If angled correctly, your character will be blown right through the vertical collision boundry...and then free to walk through the area that was blocked.

    You may know that the speedup code allows you to defeat vertical collision boundries if you then sprint into the gap between a parked vehicle and wall (or barrier). The speedup code is NOT essential (it just makes it easier). If a vehicle is packed tight against a wall with you stuck between, the program must decide where to send you when you begin moving around. It will either "float" you up along the vehicle's side, or pass you through the barrier. Sprinting into the gap between an ambulance's cab and wall (when the ambulance is parked alongside the wall) is an easy way to exploit this glitch.

    In any case...when you visit Staunton when Callahan bridge is still damaged, you are free to drive between the Staunton and Shoreside islands in the Porter tunnel. There is only one blue barrier, and it's currently occupied blocking the Portland side. Similarly, subway gates exist only at the mouth of the Portland and Shoreside you can visit the entire subway system as well (to collect the two hidden packages down there, for example).
    All three safehouses are open after the initial mission, so you can use garages and save the game at any of them (before the two others are "officially" given to you). This makes early exploration of the game and early completion of optional missions/tasks simple to do.

    And the third method? Given that you can visit the airport at any point in the game using either of the previous methods, you can take the "Dodo" airplane that spawns there and fly it over to Portland to deliver it to the import/export garage there. After completing the garage, you can collect a Dodo from the garage whenever you want. Once you master flying the contraption (hint: it's really a glider, not an airplane), you can go most anywhere you want using it. Even fly through the hidden street that is shown in the initial cutscene.

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  1. When you go to the bridge on the first island there is a space where you can get a car through when you are through enter the flying car cheat and when you make the car fly make sure you pull up be for you go down in to the water it may take a few tries to get over you can explore the 2 and 3 island. ( ps I advise you tp take the taxi)

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