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    Vehicles FAQ by Halo 54

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 07/30/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         |  |         |   |               \  \          |  |             _/ /           \ \
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         |    ________    |        /  ______   \        |  |                    (__ =    / /
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                                   C O M B A T   E V O L V E D
                                           Vehicles FAQ
                                       Created By: Halo 54
                                           Version 0.6
                                         Table of Contents
            I.      Overview/General Information
            II.     Recent Updates
            III.    Vehicle Guide
                    1. M12 LRV Warthog
                    2. M808B Scorpion MBT
                    3. Ghost
                    4. Banshee
                    5. Wraith
            IV.     Strategies/Tips
            V.      Vehicle Tricks
            VI.     Credits
            VII.    Legal Info
            VIII.   Contact Info
        I. Overview/General Information
    Welcome to my Halo Vehicles Guide....made, of course, for the most incredible
    video game in history: Halo! You may recognize me from the message boards, or from some
    of my previous FAQs/Walkthroughs. If so, you will notice that my style and layout for
    it is pretty much the same, to save myself the trouble of making a new format for each
    one. Anyway, thanks for coming and I hope you find what you're looking for in here.
    Here is some general information about the game:
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Platforms                     |   Xbox                          |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Genre                         |   First Person Shooter (FPS)    |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Developer                     |   Microsoft                     |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Publisher                     |   Bungie                        |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Players                       |   1-16                          |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     ESRB Rating                   |   Mature {Violence,             |
    |                                   |   Blood and Gore}               |
    |                                   |                                 |
    |     Price                         |   $49.99 (U.S.)                 |
        II. Recent Updates
    Jul 30, 2003: Version 0.6
                  Got a lot of e-mails with tips, so they're posted now.
    May 27, 2003: Version 0.5
                  More tips added. Even more coming soon.
    Oct 30, 2002: Version 0.3 + 0.4
                  Added a bunch of new tips and a couple tricks, and also
                  added more information to each section.
    Oct 14, 2002: Version 0.2
                  I fixed a few errors, and changed a bit of the layout.
    Oct 13, 2002: Version 0.1
                  Just recently started working on this guide.
        III. Vehicle Guide
    This is probably what you came for, so I'll try not to disappoint you. For each vehicle,
    I'll give a basic introduction (found in the manual), and analyze it. I'll also rate them
    by certain statistics on a scale of 0-4. If you've ever seen my FAQ for AirForce Delta Storm,
    you'd probably notice my use of the same scale. Since each statistic is based on a 4-point
    scale, there are 16 possibilites for them (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4, 10/4,
    11/4, 12/4, 13/4, 14/4, 15/4, 16,4). So basically, there are 16 points on which a statistic
    meter could fall on.
    I will accept any suggestions, and if I use something that you send, I'll be sure to
    give you proper credit.
    Here we go......
    M12 LRV Warthog
    Crew: 3 (driver, passenger, and gunner)
    Weight: 3.25 tons
    Armament: 12.7mm three-barrelled machine-gun
    The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or the Warthog, is the standard vehicle
    of the UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers
    during hard cornering. A three barrelled machine-gun is mounted in the rear of
    the vehicle. Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry
    My opinion:
    The Warthog is a great vehicle to use. It's four-wheel drivetrain allows for
    maximum maneuverability; when you steer, the front wheels turn in the direction
    specified, and the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction. This is great if
    you want to make a quick turn, or a "tail-whip" motion to take out nearby enemies.
    The M41 Light Anti Aircraft Gun is located on the back of the Warthog, and is
    a devastating weapon. Packed with unlimited ammo, it is the weapon of choice for
    many situations. The drawback is, you can't use the gun while driving. However, it
    can be used be a fellow Marine, or a teammate in co-op mode.
    Since the Warthog is indestructable, you don't have to worry about it exploding while
    driving it. But, this doesn't mean that you can't be harmed while inside. A well-placed
    grenade can still dispatch a driver, as well as any enemy fire.
    Multiplayer Use:
    The Warthog is definitely a better vehicle in Campaign mode. For the most part, when
    you play multiplayer, it will be in "free-for-all" mode, meaning it is every man for
    himself. So, you won't be able to have a passenger who can fire from the backseat
    while you drive. This greatly reduces your attacking ability while in the Warthog,
    so therefore, you have to get out of the driver seat if you want to fire the gun.
    It is still a fun vehicle to use, but it just isn't as useful.
    Attack   |_______|
    Defense  |____________|
    Speed    |____________|
    Power    |___________|
    Mobility |___________|
                 |   |   |   |
                 1   2   3   4
    - The Warthog's 4-wheel drive allows for harder cornering, although
      you have to counter-steer sometimes to avoid rollovers.
    - You can carry up to two allies: a passenger and a gunner.
    - The M41 LAAG (the gun in the rear) has unlimited ammo.
    M808B Scorpion MBT
    Crew: 1 (with 4 passengers)
    Weight: 66 tons
    Main Gun: 90mm High Velocity
    Secondary/Coaxial Gun: 7.62mm AP-Tracer
    The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle weapons platform,
    but it also has very high ant-infantry capabilities. It's ceramic-titanium
    armor makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, but its deep dead-zone,
    or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts
    it at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry. Up to four soldiers may ride on
    (and fire from) the Scorpion's track pods. Riding on a tank is always hazardous
    and should be done only when the advantages outweigh the risks.
    My opinion:
    The Scorpion is, without a doubt, a beast. Powerful, yet unsurprisingly slow,
    this large tank can destroy almost anything in a matter of seconds.
    It packs a large cannon and a secondary machine gun...more than enough to stop
    any enemy in his/her tracks. After firing from the cannon, you must wait a few moments to
    reload, so this is a great time to use the machine gun. Although the gun is very
    inaccurate at long range, it is deadly up close.
    If all else fails, you can also run over enemies just as easily. Overall, the Scorpion
    is a good vehicle to use if you are taking on numerous enemies, or another enemy-controlled
    vehicle. Other than that, it isn't too reliable.
    Up to four passengers can ride on the sides, so having a sniper on the treads isn't such
    a bad idea. The Scorpion is hard to tip over, so it isn't as dangerous as the description
    of it makes it sound.
    Multiplayer Use:
    This is a very good vehicle to use in Multiplayer, but only for a short amount of time.
    The thing is: you are a very easy target for snipers. If you happen to miss a shot, you
    will spend precious time reloading, and, considering you are playing against fairly good
    players, you will probably end up dead during this time. Aside from all the disadvantages,
    the tank also has many good points. It is a heavily armored killing machine, and as long
    as you avoid sniper fire, you can easily kill anyone quickly. A good way to do this is to
    travel in a zig-zagging motion instead of a straight path.
    [message sent in by Ollive]
    You know how a ghost can beat a scorpion sometimes? This is mainly because it's always 
    recommended that they hold on the left trigger. The ghost stuns the tank driver, decreasing 
    the traverse rate of the tank(the speed you rotate the cannon). Holding on the secondary gun 
    also reduces the traverse rate. With the traverse rate so horrible because of these 2 factors, 
    the ghost just strafes around the tank while the tank hopelessly tries to aim the main cannon. 
    Not holding on the secondary fire increases the traverse rate, letting the cannon aim at the 
    ghost much more easily, creating a definet win for the tank due to the increased traverse 
    rate caused by not holding on the secondary fire. I have tried this numerous times, and it 
    has worked succesfully each time, proving my point.
    A good tank driver only uses the secondary fire for 2 functions:
    1: to knock snipers out of zoom.
    2: to kill foot soldiers while reloading the main cannon.
    Thanks for the input!
    Attack   |_______________|
    Defense  |_____________|
    Speed    |_____|
    Power    |_____________|
    Mobility |______|
                 |   |   |   |
                 1   2   3   4
    - A tough, sturdy vehicle
    - Slow, but makes up for it in firepower
    - While main cannon is reloading, use secondary machine gun
    - Travel in a zig-zagging motion to avoid sniper fire. If
      necessary, turn the tank away from the shooter and face the
      turret towards them.
    - 1-2 shots from the cannon can destroy anything moving.
    - Since the cannon fires high-velocity shells, you don't have
      to worry about leading a moving vehicle or enemy (shooting
      in front of them to compensate for shot speed) in order to
      hit it. Just fire straight at it.
    - If you see a grenade on the tank, immediately jump out.
    - If you can't get a good shot at an opponent, you can still try
      to run him over.
    - The secondary cannon decreases the traverse rate, so don't use it
      when you need to turn the turret quickly.
    Crew: 1
    Weight: 3.25 tons
    Armament: Two Plasma Cannons (100-250 kW range)
    The Ghost is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle. It
    is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the standard light vehicle
    mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of super-
    heated plasma in the 100-250kW range. While the vehicle is fast and maneuverable,
    the driver is virtually unprotected.
    My opinion:
    I think that the Ghost is an all-around okay vehicle. It is definitely not my
    favorite, but it is still good to use on occasion. Its best feature is probably
    speed: it is very fast, and can get you out of a sticky situation, when needed.
    It is destructable, though, so it is best used in guerilla warfare, where you can
    sweep by, shooting whatever gets in the way, and then flee. Even though this may not
    appeal to some people, it is a good way to avoid damage and progress through a level
    at the same time.
    Since it can strafe, it allows for circling around enemies while
    firing at them. Its guns can also "freeze" an enemy or enemy vehicle, causing them
    to move much more slowly, thus giving you the upper-hand.
    For some odd reason, the Ghost won't take any damage when it is not being driven. So,
    if you see a plasma grenade stuck to it, the best thing to do is hop out. The grenade
    will blow up, but the Ghost shouldn't be damaged.
    Marines can also pilot Ghosts, but they sometimes accidentally run you over, so it is
    best to get in a vehicle yourself to avoid getting hit. Or, you could just kill the
    Marine...but that brings up some other issues, so I'll go with the former.
    Multiplayer Use:
    When playing in Multiplayer, speed is usually the most wanted element when choosing a
    vehicle. This is where the Ghost comes into play. In a level like Blood Gulch, the
    Ghost makes it easy to travel from one side to the other. As mentioned in the previous
    paragraph, it can be used to circle around enemies and use the guns to freeze them, making
    them vulnerable to further attack. So, even though the Ghost falls short in Campaign Mode,
    it really stands out in Multiplayer as a better vehicle to use.
    Attack   |______|
    Defense  |____|
    Speed    |_____________|
    Power    |_______|
    Mobility |____________|
                 |   |   |   |
                 1   2   3   4
    - The Ghost is a good vehicle to quickly escape in.
    - The plasma cannons can freeze an enemy/vehicle.
    - You can circle around enemies while firing at them to
      avoid getting hurt.
    - Since you aren't protected from the sides and rear, you
      have to try not to leave yourself exposed. You are an easy
    - The Ghost won't take any damage when it is not piloted.
    - Marines that drive in Ghosts are sometimes dangerous, so it is best
      to also be in a vehicle when this happens...so they don't run you over.
    - Most, if not all, enemies in Single Player mode cannot be run over by the
      Ghost. The only things that you can run over are Hunters when they are
      standing straight up, and a Co-op/Split-Screen partner.
    Crew: 1
    Weight: 2.25 tons
    Armament: Two Plasma Cannons (100-250 kW range)
    Secondary Weapon: Two Fuel Rod Cannons
    The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft. It is very
    fast, extremely manuverable and capable of hovering. It has two weapon pods
    mounted to either side of the fuselage. Both of these pods contain a light plasma
    cannon and a ruel rod cannon. Though small arms fire may disrupt of disable
    the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting damage or destroying
    the vehicle.
    My opinion:
    Easily my favorite vehicle in the game, the Banshee is an aircraft
    that is powerful, fast, and very maneuverable. Like the Ghost, it
    takes damage, but when in the air, it is much harder to be hit directly,
    and therefore damaged severely, than in any other vehicle.
    Its fuel rod cannon is an excellent weapon, and can be used to take out
    multiple enemies at once. When combined with the dual plasma cannons, the
    Banshee should be considered extremely deadly.
    Aside from the weapons and the maneuverability, the ability to fly and hover
    is extremely fun. Some of my favorite parts in this game would be grabbing a
    Banshee and dogfighting with enemy Banshees while taking enemy fire from down below. It's 
    just an incredible advantage to be able to fly through a level, raining hell on infantry
    Multiplayer Use:
    Sadly, the Banshee can't be used in Multiplayer.
    Attack   |__________|
    Defense  |____|
    Speed    |______________|
    Power    |_______|
    Mobility |_______________|
                 |   |   |   |
                 1   2   3   4
    - The Banshee is a highly maneuverable aircraft. Use this ability to avoid
      enemy fire.
    - It carries two weapons: dual plasma cannons, and a fuel rod cannon.
    - The fuel rod cannon is strong, but, like the tank, it needs time to recharge.
    - When flying over enemies, always be on the lookout for mortar blasts and other
      deadly weaponry. One well placed mortar can usually destroy a Banshee...and the
      Flood are very good at using rocket launchers.
    - When dogfighting with an enemy Banshee, always try to be behind it, as you don't
      want to be shot at from behind...especially from a Fuel Rod Cannon shot. So, if you
      know that a Banshee is behind you, make a quick circle around the enemy so you can
      take the offensive.
    Crew: 1
    Weight: n/a
    Armament: Mortar Shells
    The Wraith is a mortar tank used only by the Covenant forces. It fires
    extremely powerful mortar blasts, vaporizing whatever it hits. But, these
    mortars are fired in an arc-like manner, so it is somewhat easy to avoid their
    impact. The ability to hover makes the Wraith much more maneuverable than the
    Scorpion Tank, making it harder to destroy it with rockets or other explosives.
    My opinion:
    The Wraith is actually quite a threatening vehicle. When faced with one, it is
    best to constantly be moving in order to avoid the mortars. Using a gun like the
    M41 on the Warthog is definitely not suggested, unless it is being driven by a
    partner. The best way to take down a Wraith is by using the Scorpion and firing
    about 2 shots at it, preferrably at the top part of it. The high-velocity shells
    are much more sufficient, as well as efficient, to use against them than a
    slow-moving rocket.
    In case anyone didn't know, ^^^YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE WRAITH^^^
    Multiplayer Use:
    Attack   |________|
    Defense  |_______|
    Speed    |______|
    Power    |___________|
    Mobility |__________|
                 |   |   |   |
                 1   2   3   4
    - Very maneuverable, making it harder to hit dead-on with a rocket.
    - Thick armor protects  damage from small arms fire
    - Fires powerful plasma mortars
    - Mortar blasts travel in an arc-like manner, so they are easy to
    - Grenades can destroy a Wraith, but it takes quite a few.
        IV. Strategies/Tips
    Here is the section where I take all of the tips given to me by other Halo
    players, and list them. If you have a tip you'd like to see here, e-mail me and
    tell me it. I'll try to put everything I can, as long as it is valid.
        When trying to run Covenant over with the Warthog, it helps to turn right
        before you get close to them. That way the side of the Warthog, which is
        much wider than the front, will hit them. (Star Blitzer)
        In the Ghost, don't be afraid to drive straight into another vehicle. You
        should just fly right over it. This will allow you to drive away or attack
        from behind. (Star Blitzer)
        Here's a tip for Halo. When your facing the flood. Try putting a plasma
        grenade on the smallest one when they to swarm you. And run!!! If done
        correctly the grenade will blow up all of them and you'll save on ammo and
        life. (Rob_Denning)
        In the single player game I generally don't use the Scorpion tank, but if
        your playing multiplayer CTF it's awesome!  Have one player grab the tank and
        he/she can park it up against any wall backwards.  Then the large canon can be
        turned around (shooting backwards) while protecting the driver.  Using this
        technique the driver can with stand around 2 rocket launcher blasts (as long as
        your shield is recharged) plus if you see the incoming rocket the driver can bail
        out.  This is especially useful when parked in front of your base entrance
        (making the other team have to access the rear entrance).  At least 1 if not 2
        depending on how many players you've got can cover the unprotected sides with
        sniper rifles for a deadly combo. (Mojo)
        In the multiplayer game if your playing with the radar on you can ambush other
        players by not appearing on the radar.  If you are standing still or walking
        slow with the control stick slightly pressed you won't show up on the other
        players radar.  This is useful for base defense in CTF (It really pisses people
        off when the butt of your gun meets the back of their head just when they think
        they've got your flag!), and it really confuses other players in a death match
        when your dot just disappears after moving around and you get the drop on them
        around a corner or from behind. (Mojo)
        I love the warps!  Here's a dirty little trick for any map that has warps.  If
        your in a fight and around a warp head through the warp and after your through
        immediately step backwards.  When your pursuer follows you through you can end
        the fight with a gun butt in the back of the head (if your feeling really mean)
        or now they'll be running from you as you attack from behind. (Mojo)
        I call this trick "cover fire".  In Blood Gulch playing CTF or Slayer if you have
        the rocket launcher during a fight you can fire a quick shot from the top of either
        base toward the warp.  (If you can make it look like a missed shot it works very well)
        Jump through the warp and turn toward the base you just warped from.  Stand and fight
        if you were followed through the warp and if timed correctly and your aim is good the
        rocket should either hit your foe directly or hit them with "splash" damage.  This
        should kill them or at least give you an easy "clean up" kill.  This trick also works
        with the Plasma Pistol that you can charge up.  A direct hit will wipe out their shield
        leaving you to finish the rest.  With a little practice and skill these work great in
        multiplayer! (Mojo)
        Park any vehicle over the warp and any one who tries to warp will be trapped leaving
        you to fill their back with bullets.  Happy hunting. (Mojo)
        I found this trick one day while playing. The Covenant seem to not be able to see
        through they're stationary shields. If you get behind one fast enough before they
        destroy it, you will be invisible. Some of them might come running around on your
        side (most of the time it is Grunts) but can be wiped out easily. This makes some
        levels such as Two Betrayals and The Pillar of Autumn a bit easier. (NavySEAL118)
        -When driving in a vehicle in Multiplayer, you will take less damage when shot at.
        -And marines will only pilot Ghosts that have already been used by Elites. (Zero12)
        Drive a warthog on the winding ledge and you can use its turret.You can use it on
        people who haven't found the ledge ,and they won't find you very easy. You are high
        enough to be hard to hit, and your armor goes up in the Warthog. Anyone who is dumb
        enough to try to go up the path gets blasted... (Anonymous)
        Wanted to add that for greater maneuvaribility for the Warthog, the brake is A. You
        can do some great power slides with them while holding the brake. Heck, I got that
        one from Mario Cart, ad one day went to see if it worked. Ir really does, and is
        especially useful in Silent Cartographer, where they are plenty of Covenant....and
        plenty of room to maneuver. (Jamirus9)
        I found a great way to get rid of a Hunter in later levels.  Make sure you
        have the shotgun, equip it, then get the Hunter to charge you, strafe out of
        the way when it swings it's sheild at you, then shoot it point blank with the
        shotgun.  It generally takes 2 shots.  As an added bonus, it leaves a pretty
        sizable splatter of their blood on the floor, wall, etc (Mr2459)
        Yeah I just wanted to point out that you can also kill a hunter with one shot
        from a pistol or sniper rifle if you move out of the way as they charge and
        shoot them in the orange muscular area on their back. The shotgun only takes
        one shot to kill them as well if you shoot them in this area. (Bob)
        Whenever you play the campaign (co-op or single) and you run into a Wraith, if
        you get fairly close to it (a matter of feet) it will stop shooting at you, letting
        you just shoot at it, but the explosion will hurt. Also adding on to mr2459's Hunter
        tip, only one well-placed pistol shot is needed. (Aric)
        I found this trick on Blood Gulch. Drive a warthog on the winding ledge and you can
        use its turret. You can use it on people who haven't found the ledge, and they won't
        find you very easy. You are high enough to be hard to hit, and your armor goes up in
        the warthog. Anyone who is dumb enough to try to go up the path gets blasted. (anonymous)
        Tip for multiplayer: get a crappy gun (like the plasma pistol, maybe Needler) and
        a Rocket Launcher. Now for the fun part: find somone on foot. Shoot at them with the
        crappy gun, when they come towards you for an easy kill, switch out to the Rocket
        Launcher. Then pop them. Easy kill. (AzzManv7)
        Here's a trick I learned from a very good halo player if tanks are anoying you in the
        level blood gulch just drive them into the cave with the overshield in it (The
        entrance closest to blue base)  the tank should turn on its side a little bit and go
        right in this should piss your friends off and the tanks cant be taken out. (DCtopdawg979)
        Here is a tip with the tank in the level blood gulch drive a tank to the back of red
        base and up onto the dark hill in the corner, if your playing with two or more
        people tell one to get a sniper, after you drive it to the top turn it towards the
        wall and turn the turret around make sure the rock is in front of the turret to offer
        some protection from rockets start shootin with your buddies and go ahead and take the
        other tank too guard the basses with the tank and your sniper pal it gives
        you major kills. (DCtopdawg979)
        V. Vehicle Tricks
    There are many tricks/glitches that can be done in Halo, and a good deal of them have
    to do with vehicles. I have listed a few, but I hope that in the future I will be able
    to add more to it. I did not find these tricks myself, so I am thankful to those who did
    discover them.
    Launching out of Blood Gulch
    For this trick, you'll need to go to Blood Gulch, and have Ghosts enabled.
    Get a Ghost, and go to the Red Base. Face the Blue Base for reference, and
    you should see a rock to the front-right part of the Red Base. Hover on the right
    side of this rock, and face your viewpoint where the small plant is in the
    middle of the Gulch (where the rocket launcher is located). Now, strafe to
    the right, and when there is a change from dirt to grass, press "X" to get
    out of the Ghost. You should now be launched into the air and out of Blood
    Gulch. You can hold back on the thumbstick if you want to get higher up.
    It may take a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to do.
    Launching out of Sidewinder
    To launch out of Sidewinder, you'll need a Ghost. Now, stand near the blue base.
    If you are facing outward and slightly to the right, you should be able to see
    the small hill leading up to the raised path on the cliff wall. Once you spot it,
    get in a Ghost and make your way up this hill. Once at the top, in front of you should
    be where the mountain caves in, and there also should be an opening to the right. Turn
    your Ghost around so that the opening in the wall is to your left, and hover to
    the very edge of the cliff. Now, back up while strafing and press X when you get
    closer to the wall. You should be launched, just like in Blood Gulch, out of the map.
    Takes practicing, but it shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    Falling Underneath Blood Gulch
    (By: NavySEAL118)
    A glitch I found in the level Blood Gulch is that you can fall underneath it. There
    is no point to it but the level looks weird from underneath. Ramp a Ghost into the
    inside of either teams base and then move into the center of the base. If you know
    of the trick on the level SideWinder where you can go through the wall with the
    Invisibility Cloak and OverShield, just do the same. If you don't, you'll just have to
    listen to another long explanation. Center yourself inside the middle of the base on
    the far left. Then start moving to the right and almost immediately after you start
    moving, jump out of the Ghost and it will push you through the wall underneath
    the level. Then you will die.
        V. Credits
    I'd like to thank everyone that has made this Guide possible:
    For making this game:
    For holding this Guide:
          GameFAQs     ------------------------- http://www.gamefaqs.com
          Neoseeker    ------------------------- http://www.neoseeker.com
          CheatHappens ------------------------- http://www.cheathappens.com
          FatalFantasy ------------------------- http://www.fatalfantasy.com-1.net
    For making this Guide:
          Me...of course.
    For sending in information, questions, suggestions, etc:
          Star Blitzer
    Once I get more e-mails, I should have more people to thank...obviously.
        VI. Legal Info
      (c) Copyright 2002  Randy Chlebek. This FAQ and everything included within
      this  file  cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form (physical,
      electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely-accessible,
      non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered  format.
      Remember to include this section if you are to post this on yor site.
      This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes or promotional purposes. It cannot
      be used in any sort of commercial transaction without written consent. All
      copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically
      mentioned in this FAQ. If you want to contact me, use my e-mail that's listed below.
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        VII. Contact Info
    To contact me, just use my e-mail, which is randychlebek@netscape.net
    If you have any questions, feel free to write me and I'll try to get back to you
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    On GameFAQs, my user name is Halo 54; on AIM, my screen name is randychlebek.
    Thank you!

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