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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Vortex / A.K.A

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/23/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *****       !!*               *         ........'
     !!!!       !!!*             !!!         !!!!!!!             `!!!!!!!!`.
     !!!!       !!!!            !/!!!        !!!!*              ,!!!!!!!!!!!`.
     !!!!       !!!!               !!!       !!!!             ,!%!,        !!!`
     %!!!!!!!!!!!!%%          $     !!!      !!!%           !!!!!,`  ,!!._   !!!!
     %%%%%      %%%!         %%!!!!!!!%%     !!!!                    `!!'    %!%%''
     #!##!      ####       ##$%     %$###    %%!!                           ,###'
     #####      ####     %##%        %##$#   ####          !   `%%%      ,####,
    ########    ####*  ###%         ######%  ##############%    $############'
       !*****    ***    ****           ***      **********           ******`
                                Halo: Combat Evolved
                              By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                              By: _A.K.A_(Armin Jewell)
                                  Version: 1.3
    This guide may be found on the following sites:
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    This guide is copyright 2007(c)Quan Jin and Armin Jewell
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    com>.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are
    not specifically mentioned herein.  This document is copyrighted 2002-2003 by
    Armin Jewell.
                              -=TABLE OF CONTENTS=-
        1.0 - General Information
        2.0 - Introduction
        3.0 - The Game Interface and HUD
        4.0 - The Story so Far
        5.0 - Walkthrough
                5.1 - The Pillar of Autumn
                5.2 - Halo
                5.3 - The Truth and Reconciliation
                5.4 - The Silent Cartographer
                5.5 - Assault on the Control Room
                5.6 - 343 Guilty Spark
                5.7 - The Library
                5.8 - Two Betrayals
                5.9 - Keyes
                5.10 - The Maw
         6.0 - Multiplayer Information
                6.1 Multiplayer Modes of Play
                6.2 Multiplayer Levels
                6.3 Multiplayer Games
         7.0 - Weapons List
                7.1 - Human Weapons
                7.2 - Covenant Weapons
         8.0 - Vehicle List
                8.1 - Human Vehicles
                8.2 - Covenant Vehicles
         9.0 - Enemy List
                9.1 - Covenant
                9.2 - Flood
                9.3 - Forerunners
         10.0 - Strategies and Tips
                10.1 - Multiplayer Tips
                10.2 - Vehicle Tips
                10.3 - Enemy Tips
                10.4 - Level Tips
                10.5 - Secrets and Miscellaneous
        11.0 - Credits and Thanks
        12.0 - Version History
                              1.0 - General Information
    Halo was released for the Xbox on November 6, 2001 to comprehend with the Xbox.
    It was an immediate success. At first, it came courtesy with the Xbox, but
    after it became game of the year, JSRF and Sega GT 2002 took its place. It's
    still sold with the Xbox in Australia I believe. Anyway, it stayed at full
    price for a long time and in most gaming stores, it still is at a full $50.
    The price for most new games. Here are a few things you should know:
    Developer: Bungie
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter)
    Price: $49.99 (US)
    Memory: 227 blocks
    Players: 1-16
    Release Dates: Nov. 14, 2001(US)
                   Mar. 14, 2002(UK)
                   Apr. 25, 2002(JP)
    ESRB Rating: M for Mature: Blood and Gore Violence
                               2.0 - Introduction
    Halo is an awesome game, no questions asked. Unless you are some annoying mom
    who is against violence in movies and video games, you would no doubt, agree.
    I, myself am not a big fan of Xbox but I saw the success in Halo. I received my
    Xbox two months ago and Halo one month ago. So I apologize for the lateness of
    this FAQ. Anyway, Halo itself, is worth the $200 you've been negotiating.
    This guide is designed to both walk you through the levels and give you various
    tips and strategies on various types of enemies. I hope you find it helpful.
                            3.0 - The Game Interface and HUD
    Before you read this section, I strongly suggest reading the game manual first
    as it'll help you understand this section.
    *([Game Menu])*
    As you load up the game, you'll come to the main menu. You'll have four options
    to choose from:
    Campaign - This is the main bulk of the game. You will choose a player, and
    start a new game. Choose the difficulty and the level and you're on your way.
    Remember that you can only play levels that you've unlocked. Do this by
    finishing the level before it. There are a total of 10 levels in all.
    Multiplayer - You'll come to a screen with the following:
                  Cooperative Play - Similar to Campaign. You fight through the
                  same levels. Same cutscenes. Same story. But the one main(and
                  obvious)difference is you will have a friend to help you to
                  finish the level. You'll find that two heads are better than
                  Split Screen - The other main bulk of Halo. Split Screen is very
                  different from the Campaign. Instead of fighting the Covenant,
                  you will be fighting with or against friends. There are many
                  gametypes to choose from including Slayer,(classic deathmatch,
                  Free for all or Team Slayer)Capture the Flag, King of the Hill,
                  Game Settings - Change, add, or delete gametypes. You can make
                  your own as well.
                  Settings - You'll come to a screen with the players you added
                  or the computer created. You can add players, delete players,
                  and change their settings.(color, look sensitivity, etc.)
    Game Demos - Something you don't exactly see in other Xbox games, the game
    demos give you a list of interactive demos and movies. The demos are Fuzion
    Frenzy. The movies available are Amped, Azurik: Rise of Perathia, Bloodwake,
    NFL Fever 2002, Nightcaster, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, and Project Gotham
    *([Health and Shield])*
    Your health and shield meters are on the right of the screen. The shield is
    that large bar on the top and your health are the blocks below the shield.
    Your shield is capable of regenerating. Your health is not. If it gets too low,
    you will die. That's what health packs are for.
    __ ______________________
    \/ \_________________   /
     +  [][][][][][][][]/__/
    Hide when your shields are down to avoid losing health.
    *([Weapons Ammo])*
    On the upper left hand side of your screen, there is an ammunition monitor.
    Your amount of remaining ammo is displayed in the left window. Your grenades
    are displayed in the right window. And your ammunition in clip is displayed on
    the bottom of the two. This scheme is a fully loaded Assault Rifle with four
    grenades ready to go.
      ____________  ______
     / 600  x  1 / /() 4 /
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯
    The flashlight power level appears below the health and shield when you have it
    turned on. It will gradually lose power so be careful. Turning it off will
    recharge it.
    *([Directional Damage Indicator])*
    In the middle of fire, a red arrow will show you the direction that enemies
    fire is coming from.
    *([Nav Points])*
    Cortana will usually give you a Nav Point to follow to important areas.
    \  /
    *([Motion Tracker])*
    The motion tracker is the little circle in the bottom left hand corner of your
    HUD. It's very useful and could detect any moving target. Of course, because
    it's a motion tracker, it can't track enemies standing still. Only moving
    targets. On it are:
    Red: enemies
    Yellow: allies
                              4.0 - The Story so Far
    The year is 2552. Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced many
    of her former residents to colonize other worlds. Faster-than-light travel is
    now a reality, and Earth's unified government, through the United Nations Space
    Command, has put its full weight behind the colonization effort; millions of
    humans now live on habitable planets in other solar systems. A keystone in
    humanity's colonization efforts is the planet Reach, an interstellar naval yard
    that builds colony ships for civilians and warships for the UNSC's armed
    forces. Conveniently close to Earth, Reach is also a hub of scientific and
    military activity.
    Thirty-two years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost. A
    battlegroup sent to investigate was almost completely destroyed; only one badly
    damaged ship returned to Reach. Its crew told of a seemingly unstopable alien
    warship that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.
    This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they eventually
    came to know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races united in their
    fanatical religious devotion. Covenant religious elders declared humanity an
    affront to the gods, and the Covenant warrior caste waged a holy war upon
    humanity with gruesome diligence.
    After a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC Admiral
    Preston Cole established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may inadvertently lead
    the Covenant to Earth. When forced to withdraw, ships must avoid Earth-bound
    vectors-even if that means jumping without proper navigational calculations.
    Vessels in danger of capture must self-destruct.
    On Reach, a secret military project to create cyborg super-soldiers takes on
    newfound importance. The soldiers of the SPARTAN-II project rack up an
    impressive record against the Covenant in test deployments, but there are too
    few of them to turn the tide of the war.
    Existing SPARTAN-II soldiers are recalled to Reach for further augmentation.
    The plan: board a Covenant vessel with the improved SPARTAN-IIs and learn the
    location of the Covenant home world. Two days before the mission begins,
    Covenant forces strike Reach and annihilate the colony. The Covenant are now on
    Earth's doorstep. One ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes with the last
    SPARTAN-II and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant
    away from Earth.
                               5.0 - Walkthrough
    I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible while writing this. I'm playing
    on the Normal level.
    5.1 - The Pillar of Autumn
    General Tips: This mission of course is quite an easy mission. You'll find
    marines around for support. Try to keep them alive so you stay alive! You
    really can't lost. You won't be meeting any Flood or Sentinels yet so no need
    to worry.
    Description: Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.
    Recommended Weapons: Human Pistol/Plasma Pistol
    >> Complete Training Dianostics
    As you wake up, the technician will ask you to look around the room. Move the
    left thumbstick around. Now, step out of the cryo tube with X. The technician
    asks you to take a quick walk around the room but there's no need to if you
    know the controls. Just follow the technician to the Visions Testing. Stand on
    the square and simply look at every one of the yellow lights. They'll turn
    green when you lock on. The technician will allow you to test inverted and will
    ask you which one you like better. I happen to prefer Default but that's just
    me. Now, time to charge up your shields, follow the technician once again and
    stand on the square. Wait for your shields to go up. Press A when they're
    finished to bring them down again and see if they recharge normal. Captain
    Keyes should come in now and ask for the Master Chief. Looks like you're going
    to be skipping the weapons diagnostics. Dang!
    >> Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge
    After that, Elites should break in and kill the crew member up there. Time to
    follow the yellow suited technician out of here. As you exit the cryo bay,
    stop. As fate would have it, he meets a gruesome fate. Instead, hop over the
    pipes to the left and continue. Watch out for various explosions that could
    damage your shield. When you reach the end, look to your left to see a half
    closed blast door. Crouch under it and get through. Continue right and look to
    the floor by the left wall for a blue arrow. Go into the door it points to.  By
    the end, you should meet an Elite. Of course you're not armed yet so start
    moving when it moves out of the way. Head left and continue down the path. Up
    ahead, a small skirmish is taking place. Walk while avoiding the various plasma
    shots up to the marine by the door across from you.
    "Sir, the captain needs you on the bridge, ASAP. You better follow me"
    Well, wait until he moves and follow him past the empty armory to the bridge.
    Watch out for stray grenades that happen to land in front of your path. When
    you reach the bridge, head towards the front end of the bridge by the main
    viewscreen. Walk up to Captain Keyes.
    AI Constructs and Cyborgs First!
    >> Get Off the Pillar of Autumn
    Leave the bridge and follow the path to the left. You'll pick up some pistol
    ammo while you go. Take out the three grunts up ahead to open the door. Head
    through and pick up an Assault Rifle. Help out your marines by defeating waves
    of Covenant forces. Use the various tables as cover. I would suggest swapping
    your Assault Rifle for a Plasma Pistol or Rifle as it's more effective against
    the Covenant. Head to the other end of the cafeteria and head through the open
    door. Kill the Grunts and go through the door marked with a red arrow.
    Continue through the passageway until you reach an Elite with it's back turned
    on you. Smack it in the back with your weapon to bring it down. This goes for
    every level, whenever you have the enemy's back to you, just melee it.
    Continue and say hi to your fellow marines and head left and down that path.
    You'll see two marines in front of an airlock. Don't get too close as a grenade
    will send them flying. Take out the enemies behind them and pick up the ammo to
    the right of the airlock if you wish. There is an overshield inside the
    boarding craft as well.
    Continue down the passageway to find a green arrow on the ground. Kill the
    various Covenant inside the doorway and head in. Take the first left you see
    and assist your marines by killing every Covenant in the area. Continue right
    to find another red arrow on the ground and a health pack on the wall. Pick it
    up if you need it and head down the path that the red arrow is pointing to.
    Ignore any intersections and continue heading straight. Head forward to find
    another small skirmish between a few marines and a few Grunts and two Elites.
    There is quite a bit of ammo here so pick them up. Continue and you'll find
    another Covenant boarding craft with two overshields inside. Continue along
    and you'll find a room with something burning in the rear. Crouch and head
    under the door blocked by a round crate. Keep going and you'll find another
    green arrow on the ground. Enter the opened door and follow the path. You
    should reach some stairs and some Covenant on the floor above. I would suggest
    taking them out from the first floor and then climb the steps. Continue
    through the opening opposite of the opening you entered through on the second
    Follow through and pick up the ammo on the ground. Hide behind that piece of
    metal in front of you and pick off the enemies while constantly diving under
    for your shields to recharge and to reload. After clearing that room, head
    forward and enter a darkened room. There are many Grunts to pick off here.
    Continue and kill the other Grunts. Up ahead is an Elite hiding behind a
    shield. Take him out swiftly and follow the path right. Continue and take a
    look outside the second window, the lifepods are being shot by blue plasma
    beams. Time to go! A health pack is on the ground by a dead marine and
    assorted ammunition can be found through this area. Just follow the twisting
    path and take out the Grunts in the distance with your zoomed in pistol if you
    still have it. Cortana will attempt to open a door by the end. Wait for her
    and go to the door with the nav point. Turn on your flashlight and take the
    first left you see. It's pretty immediate. Continue along with your flashlight
    until you see a closed door in the distance. Take a right without heading
    towards it. Cortana will activate your motion tracker now. Continue going
    straight ignoring any turns. You should see a door with a green light in the
    distance. Go through.
    Cortana should now tell you to bash the stubborn door open. Use a melee to do
    this. Follow through and find a lone grunt. Smash it and continue. Take the
    first left you see and take out the enemies here. Continue in the direction
    the enemies are coming from and head through the door marked by a yellow
    arrow. There is a health pack on the wall here if you need it. Continue this
    way through the passageway to the Cryo Bay you were just in. Cortana informs
    you that the Elites were going to kill you before you woke up. Continue
    forward and enter a charred area. Walk up to the Elite in the distance to
    trigger an explosion killing it. Head back and go right now and watch the next
    explosion kill the Grunts. That sure makes life easier for you! Go through the
    charred door on the left wall of the room with the Grunts after the explosion.
    Turn on your flashlight and follow the path. After the path winds right, there
    will be a Grunt. Kill it and take the left turn. Follow and take the right. Go
    through the door here and help the marines kill the Covenant again. There is a
    Health Pack by the wall opposite the door you came out of.
    Make a left and follow the path. Go through the opened door to the left of the
    path and kill the Grunt there. Continue that way and kill the other Grunt.
    Ignore the turn to the right but head straight until you can't anymore. Then
    take a right and slay the Covenant here. Use the shield and other obstructions
    as cover. After they're gone, ignore the small doors and head straight and go
    with the passage left. Pick up the frag grenades in front of you and launch a
    few at the Covenant. After taking out the majority of the Elites and Grunts,
    jump over the obstruction and continue. Say hi to the marines here and Cortana
    will inform you that there is only one lifeboat left. Take the first door on
    the left wall. Follow straight and take the immediate right. Follow that and
    you'll be at another three way intersection. Take a left and you should get to
    the lifeboat and escape.
    ***Mission Overview***
    Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship.
    / REVEILLE /
    >> Complete Diagnostic Training
    You start out in the Cryo-Tube and looking around.  If this is the first time 
    in the real game you will have to go through a tutorial to set up your suit.  
    If you have to go through this, read the next paragraph.  If not, skip the next 
    They first ask you to look around, before you can get out.  They then give you 
    your health by “bringing your health monitors online.”  Then you are able to 
    get out, by pressing the X button.  You will se a cut-scene of you coming out 
    of the chamber.  Go to the red square indent in the ground next for target 
    testing.  If you want, you can look and move around to get used to the 
    controls.  Once you get into the square on the ground, they tell you to target 
    the 5 yellow things on the wall in front of you.  At first your controls are 
    not inverted, but once your target hits all of them for the first time, you get 
    to try it out inverted.  You can then decide which setting you like, I prefer 
    the normal settings, but that is just what I am used to.  Once you decide which 
    one you want, go to the other side of the structure in the middle of the room 
    to see another indented square in the ground for you to stand in, this time it 
    is a yellow square.  Face forward so you are looking at a bar.  Once the guy 
    talks to you some more press A to get your shields online.  You will get your 
    shield; then they will test its recharging capabilities.  Once everything works 
    you will be set to kill all of the monsters on Halo, potentially.
    You will see an explosion, and in the room up above the guy will get killed by 
    invading Covenant.  Captain Keyes then requests for you over the intercom, so 
    you have to make your way over there.  
    >> Find Captain Keyes on the Bridge
    Head through the towards the door and the guy will say follow me, follow him 
    for a little while, but don’t follow him to the door, wait back, and you will 
    see him die in an explosion.  Don’t fret, look to the left to see some pipes, 
    jump over them into the hallway, and head through the open door.  In the next 
    hallway, watch out!  Before you get to the door, you will see another 
    explosion, hopefully you avoided it!  Keep going down the hall and you will see 
    a door that is halfway closed, push and hold down on the Left Thumbstick to 
    duck underneath it.  You will see on the other side some marines and workers 
    from the ship trying (Key word in that is trying) to fight those damn Covenant. 
    WAIT!  Don’t go through into the line of fire yet.  Look to the right and you 
    should see a door closing between the Covenant and the marines.  Every time you 
    see a Covenant fighting marines, there will be a door that closes eventually, 
    so just wait so you don’t get hit in the crossfire.  Once the door closes, go 
    into the open door.  To know if you are going the right way, on the ground 
    there are arrows pointed to different places in the ship.  Follow the blue 
    arrows, they also say Bridge on them, to get to the Bridge.  Look ahead to see 
    more marines fighting more Covenant.  Turn left and go down the hall until you 
    see even more marines fighting even more Covenant.  Geez, they just don’t stop! 
    It will get MUCH worse then this.  Again, wait for the door to close, then go 
    to the Marine with an assault rifle in his hand.  He will tell you to follow 
    him, and do so.  Go through the room with a bunch of dead marines and into a 
    room where, you guessed it, marines are fighting Covenant.  You can ignore it 
    this time, and just follow the Marine.  He will stop in a doorway, and look for 
    a blue arrow leading right.  Follow the hallway to complete your first 
    objective by finding Captain Keyes.  He knows that the Covenant are too strong, 
    so he puts the extremely intelligent Cortana in your suit, and tells you to 
    escape from the Pillar of Autumn.  Before you go, he gives you an unloaded 
    >> Escape from the Pillar of Autumn
    Well, now the fun part starts, as now you actually get to find some bad guys 
    with your own guns.  Exciting, huh?  When you leave, turn left and follow it to 
    a hallway, and keep going until you get pistol ammo and you take out your gun.  
    Reload your gun to make sure you have full ammo, then go behind the door and 
    use its scooping power to scope in on the dark area up ahead.  There should be 
    3 grunts waiting for you to kill them.  Beware that they don’t throw a grenade 
    on you, as all Covenant tend to do.  Aim for their head to kill them each in 
    one hit.  Once you have killed three, go through the dark area left and look 
    right into a doorway, where you will pick up your shiny new assault rifle!  Now 
    here is your first real battle so be careful and don’t be reckless, be smart.  
    Many people here hide back and try to let the Marines do the work.  Hmm, maybe 
    on easy and normal mode, but on Legendary?  If you don’t help the Marines they 
    will die quickly, leaving you all alone to fight about 5 Elites to start out 
    and a couple more Grunts at that.  Not good.  Go in right away with your pistol 
    to help take out the original blue Elite that shows up.  Once he is dead, right 
    away ditch your pistol and take the plasma rifle that the Elite held, this 
    weapon will be the only weapon you need in this level.  Make sure you have at 
    least 2 marines alive if you can, so when the additional two or three elites 
    show up the Marines will distract them, making it easy for you to just plant 
    grenades and clean everything up.  Once they are all dead, you can move on.  
    Follow the next hallway and if you go the right way, you should see an elite 
    with his back to you.  Don’t waste a grenade, just melee him in the back to 
    instantly kill him.  Keep on following the hallways, killing some puny grunts 
    on the way, until you see two Marines guarding a door.  It will explode very 
    soon so throw a plasma grenade right next to the door, so when it explodes it 
    will hit the Covenant coming out of the pod.  There will be a couple grunts and 
    an Elite, do what you are trained to do.  Inside the pod are two over shields, 
    use the very wisely as they help tremendously, especially on Legendary.  Go 
    into the hallways until you get to a fork.  Staying to the left will keep you 
    safer and fighting with marines.  Going right then left however, gives you a 
    good vantage point to chuck some grenades at the unsuspecting Covenant 
    warriors.  There will be many waves of them so be careful.  My suggestion is to 
    have your over shield taken away after fighting all of the guys.  Yes, it is 
    not a typo, because then you can go get a fresh one without having to trace too 
    far back later on in the level.  Remember on or by most doors there are health 
    packs, so use them whenever you need it.  Follow the halls until you get to a 
    dark hallway.  When you get to a fork, to the left will be the marines fighting 
    and going straight will get you to the place where the Covenant are fighting.  
    Again, you can go either way.  Going with the Marines will make it safer, but 
    less effective.  Going to the Covenant is a little more dangerous can be 
    potentially much more effective.
    Continuing on you will get to more Covenant blasting in from their pods.  
    Continue to do what you hopefully do best to eliminate all of the foes.  
    Another pod means...more over shields!!  Actually there is only one this time, 
    but it is better than nothing.  Kill of the remaining elites, picking up plasma 
    rifles as needed since you can get new ammo for the same gun.  Once you get to 
    the next part you will see stairs ahead of you.  This is probably the hardest 
    part of the level because you are at a disadvantage and kind of at the mercy of 
    the Covenant, not good.  Rush VERY quickly up the stairs and you can hide 
    behind the little “flaps” coming out of the wall.  From the top level, you are 
    once again more equal to the Covenant, and you can destroy them.  I think there 
    are two elites and maybe four grunts or so.  Once they are all dead, go into 
    the opening of the door.  Now you will come to a closed door.  Just wait, if 
    you are in the right place, you should get a navigation point to go to after 
    some talking by Cortana.  Once you get there the door will open to a dark 
    narrow hallway. Continue until you reach a fork, then turn at it and follow it 
    until you reach an opening.  You should next reach a bunch of guys who are 
    trying to get rid of your presence, but hey are all in one space, so use your 
    rocket launcher.  Oops, did I say rocket launcher?  I meant grenades.  Once 
    they are all dead move on to a very open hallway with three grunts standing 
    stupidly at the other end.  If you happen to have a pistol, use its zooming 
    feature, or just use your plasma rifle as normal, because it has very good 
    range as well.  You will then go into the Maintenance Shafts. This is a very 
    complicated place, with many exits.  Whichever one you end up on you will find 
    some Covenant.  If you are really patient and observant you could go to all of 
    the exits to kill almost all of the Covenant unnoticed, but either way you will 
    succeed.  Now keep heading forward and if you are going the right way, you 
    should pass where you were before with the cry-tube and such, but you are 
    looking at it from above.  Keep on heading forward, and you will see a Red 
    Elite waiting for you at the end of the hall.  Keep blasting him and moving 
    forward, and soon there will be an explosion there, which will leave him every 
    weak and easy to finish off.  Turn right into the open space to see some 
    Grunts, don’t worry too much about them, and explosion will eventually kill 
    them too.  
    Now we get to go back into the maintenance shafts.  Yay!  You will now if you 
    are going the right way when you see a Grunt at the end of a hall.  Now wait!  
    Right to the right at a dead end will be another Grunt waiting for you to kill 
    him.  Now head forward in the only places you can go, you will get to three 
    exits.  Take the last one after launching a couple grenades through each one 
    along the way.  After securing this area, head to the open door.  It is the 
    right door, if you see a few grunts in there waiting for them to die.  Then 
    follow the hallway right to get into another good position to fight.  Once you 
    kill everyone jump over all of the junk in the floor to get to the last part of 
    the level.  You should see a barrier, with about 5 grenades on the right side 
    of it.  Keep crouched this whole time, and just launch all of your grenades 
    over to the other side.  You can take a peek every once in while to see where 
    they are, but once they are all dead Cortana will tell you to leave.  Get to 
    the escape pod on the left to trigger a cut scene of you finishing the first 
    level!!  Great job, but we are just getting started.
    5.2 - Halo
    General Tips: Remember that you don't have to rescue the Marines. You can let
    them die if you wish. But, I would still suggest you keep them alive. They can
    be the difference between life and death for you as well. Also, Cortana will
    help you a few times by giving you nav points and such if you get lost.
    Description: Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant.
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle/Plasma Pistol
    Flawless Cowboy
    As you start regaining consiousness, Cortana will wake you up. Walk outside
    and pick up the large ammount of ammumition and grenades. Stock up and walk to
    the bridge a few feet ahead of you. Before you can step on, Cortana informs
    you of covenant air patrols in the area. A new batch of objectives have been
    >> Evade the Covenant patrols searching for you
    >> Head for higher ground
    >> Search for other lifeboats
    Now, you can either take on the dropship(and it's two Banshee escorts)or
    escape. Since you don't wish to lose any health and you don't want to waste
    ammo, you should probably hide. Immediately walk across the bridge and start
    walking towards the wall. Now, hugging it, walk along it and stop at intervals
    to avoid the Banshee's sight. Walk along the wall avoiding the Banshees. If
    they start attacking you, there's nothing you can do except attack back.
    Anyway, after a small trot, you'll see a few Grunts and Elites up ahead by an
    area with a lot of rocks grouped together. If they haven't sighted you yet,
    use the element of surprise and use headshots on the Grunts with your zoomed
    in pistol. As soon as the Elites start charging you, strafe back and forth and
    attack them with your Assault Rifle. I strongly suggest picking up a Plasma
    Pistol switched your Assault Rifle and a few Plasma Grenades. Continue forward
    and jump down the small cliff. Continue as the path turns and Cortana will
    inform you of a lifeboat. Just as you reach an area with a few structures,
    you'll immediately see a Covenant dropship dropping off a few enemies. Help
    the Marines take them out and Sarge(the black guy with the baseball cap) and a
    few other Marines will talk to you. Cortana will give you a new set of orders.
    >> Stay with the survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship to arrive
    Take some time to search the crashed lifeboats and structures for First Aid
    Kits and various ammo. Ignore the various Covenant coming in and fight them
    when you have full health, and full ammo. Various dropships will come in and
    they will usually come in from the front and the back. This will be the first
    level that you will meet Jackals so make your aquaintance known. Use grenades.
    After roughly 5-7 dropship encounters, E419 will radio in and pick up the
    survivors. Say hi to Foehammer as you'll be relying on her quite a bit.
    Anyway, she'll drop off a Warthog with a gunner. To get a side seat passenger,
    drive to a Marine and he'll automatically get in. After the Marines escape,
    Cortana will give you a new set of objectives after watching three new
    lifeboats fall from the sky. Joy!
    >> Search for three additional groups of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    Head forward and head forward. Go down the rocky slope and turn to your right
    into a small cave. If you can't find it immediately, Cortana will give you a
    Nav point to follow. Anyway, as you get close, Cortana will tell you that the
    cave is not a natural formation. Continue through the so called cave turning
    and shifting around until you reach a jump in the path. Gain as much speed as
    possible by falling down the ramp and heading back. Use the slope as a ramp to
    make it. Continue through until you reach a big room infested by Covenant.
    The easiest way to kill them(if you have a gunner)is to run over them with
    your gunner taking out as many of them as they can. After the initial Covenant
    are taken care of, head to the right of the room by the entrance and you'll
    find a small slope leading up. Be careful, at the top there is a Red Elite
    and he's intent on getting you. Don't go up to far. When you can see the
    end, throw a grenade to attract him and then use an overcharged Plasma Pistol
    to bring down his shields. Then, run up to him and melee him a few times to
    bring him down. Continue up and left and you should reach the bridge controls.
    Watch the bridge appear and head back to your Warthog.
    Now that you have the bridge activated, you can continue through and to the
    other side. The cave will swerve a lot and Cortana will tell you a few things.
    After a while, you will reach an opening in the cave. Finally!
    Reunion Tour
    Now, there are many paths in this area to three different rooms. In each of
    those rooms, there are Marines and a Covenant. I'll walk you through the
    fastest way but these can be done in different orders. Anyway, I'll number
    them to make life easier for you.
    1) As you exit the cave, head right and forward. Don't cross the river!
    Continue through for a bit staying by the right wall. Eventually, you'll see a
    trail going up with flashing blue lights on the ground marking it. Head
    through and you'll find a light skirmish taking place. If you want to snipe,
    head over right to the crashed lifeboat and pick up a Sniper and leave your
    Warthog. The alternative is to simply drive around and kill Covenants by means
    of crushing or gunning. The first is much easier and you'll take less damage.
    Head over to the rock in the back that is sticking out of the ground if you
    wish to snipe. After taking out the initial wave, a few more dropships will
    come in and you should kill them too. Head back to your warthog. If your
    passengers have died, pick up some more Marines.
    >> Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    2) There are two paths leading to this room. The one you came in is by the
    left, the one you should get out of is at the other side of this room.
    Continue along the wall and reach a skinny trail. This is a major shortcut and
    should save you a minute or two. Anyway, when you're back by the creek, there
    is another opening directly in front of your face with blue lights like the
    last. Continue through and you'll reach a downhill slope with more structures.
    There are Marines by the back near the group of rocks. Use your Sniper Rifle
    and get on the various structures and take out the Covenant. After the rest of
    them are dead, Foehammer will come again and pick up the survivors. Now, time
    to get to the last lifeboat. There are more first aid kits near the crashed
    lifeboat. Continue through the path by the crashed lifeboat.(not the one you
    entered from.) Exit.
    >> Search for the last group of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    3) Back in the open, there are a few Covenant. Squish them and swerve.
    Cortana tells you that the Captain has been captured. Uh oh. Anyway, head
    right and cross the river. There is a lifeboat ahead that Cortana informs you
    about. Replenish your Sniper Rifle's ammunition and continue in the direction
    you were going. There is a path here leading up to the final lifeboat.
    Continue through and snipe as many Covenant as you can. There are Elites on
    top of the structure and Jackals and Grunts walking on the ground. After
    taking out as many as you can, drive the Warthog near the structure and leave
    it there. Get out and kill the rest of the Covenant. This may or may not take
    a while. The Covenant may be hiding on a few of the structures. Foehammer
    will not come until you kill every one of them. Explore the various
    structures and when Foehammer comes, press X to enter the Pelican and fly
    to safety.
    ***Mission Overview***
    Seek out surviving Marines and help them take out the Covenant.
    >> Evade the Covenant patrols looking for you
    >> Head for higher ground
    >> Search for other lifeboats
    You start out in a lifeboat that has crashed.  Get out and get all of the items 
    that are right in front of your pod.  You should have full armor for both your 
    assault rifle and the pistol that is in your inventory.  From there, cross over 
    the long bridge that is to your left.  Right as you exit the bridge on the 
    other side, you should see a large shadow over you, that is the covenant 
    dropship.  It will give out 2 Banshees, which will please you immensely.  I 
    would just ignore them, and after a while they will start heading off into the 
    distance.  If you are daring and risky, and you think you can do this without 
    losing any health, you can kill one or both of the Banshees.  If you do this 
    now, they won’t show up later in this same level, so it is your choice.  I 
    would suggest on Legendary to wait until you have some guys to help you.  
    Once those Banshees leave or blow up, courtesy of you, follow the left rock 
    wall until you reach a more open area.  In this area are several grunts and a 
    couple of Elites.  Take care of business.  The thing I like to do is use the 
    zoom feature on the pistol to snipe out the grunts at least, and then go on 
    against the elites.  When fighting against the elites, there are many rocks in 
    this area that you or they can use for cover.  If they use it for cover, stick 
    a plasma grenade on the rock, not on the elite, so it will hopefully be 
    unnoticed by the Elite, leading to his doom.  Once you kill everyone in the 
    area, you will get a checkpoint signaling this, and head through the narrow 
    passage way.  If you do all of this fast enough, the enemies from the dropship 
    coming from behind you will not catch up to you.  If they do, I would suggest 
    reading this next excerpt.
    (Here is another way to do the first and second fights thanks to 
    When you begin the level, run out, fill up on goodies, and walk over near the 
    bridge to trigger the dropship. Your escape pod cut a swath in the ground as it 
    crashed. Follow the line of this smoking furrow back to the river. Soon two 
    elites and six grunts will disgorge from their
    dropship. You should be out of their range, but still close enough to snipe the 
    grunts with your pistol. Some of the grunts will head straight across the 
    bridge, so plug them before they get safely to the other side. There's plenty 
    of ammo at the crash site, so go through as many rounds as you want. Once 
    absolutely all the grunts are dead, we're ready to take out the elites. Two 
    against one isn't really fair odds, so we aren't going to play fair either. 
    We're going to get our feet a little wet and sneak around behind them. Hop into 
    the river and head back to the waterfall. Once you're far from the keen eyes of 
    the elites, turn right and hug the wall heading back west towards the escape 
    pod. Keep yourself pressed against the wall until you reach the edge of the 
    abyss, then follow the edge north out into the open in front of the escape pod. 
    If all goes well, you should be staring at the backs of two elites who have no 
    idea you're there. Now of course you should beat them to death. Quickly fill up 
    your pistol, grab the secondary weapon of your choosing (I like the plasma 
    rifle), scavenge for grenades, but don't get the health pack yet.
    Cross the bridge and look out for any grunts that might have gotten through 
    your hail of bullets. Two banshees will start making your life difficult right 
    about now, but if you keep an eye on them and only run between cover when 
    you're clear, they will turn around and just leave once you get far enough 
    along. If you want to be extra thorough, use up all that assault rifle ammo on 
    them. It will just go to waste otherwise. As you're making your way up the 
    hill, stay relatively close to the right edge. When you're all the way up as 
    far as the edge goes, turn left and look for a big rock against the wall to 
    hide behind. There are four grunts and an elite frolicking in the rocks here. 
    Peek out and snipe until all the grunts are dead, then ruthlessly slaughter the 
    single remaining elite however you choose. A charged shot from a plasma pistol 
    will drop his shields nicely and force him to run for cover. Don't forget the 
    goodies back at the escape pod if you need anything at all before going on to 
    the next area.  Now you can get the health pack. After you're full, head out to 
    save the marines.
    You should get a checkpoint just before you start the next fight. Save and quit 
    when you hit it.  Checkpoints have a nasty way of creeping up in this area just 
    after you've shot your last bullet and have no health left. If this happens, 
    just turn the machine off and restart your game. This area is the hardest part 
    of the level. There are six dropships that will land in rapid succession at 
    three different landing sites. You'll get a checkpoint after you've taken out 
    each dropship's complement of Covenant, but only save it if you've killed all 
    the elites, most of the jackals and grunts, left the rest behind for the 
    marines, and are already in range of the next dropship's landing site.
    By the way if at any time the dropships get ahead of you and you begin to get 
    absolutely overwhelmed, skip down past this section and read my strategy for 
    when things get all screwed up. You can always run down the hill as well and 
    wait around far from the action for about fifteen minutes. Foe Hammer will show 
    up and all of the Covenant will mysteriously vanish. But that's no fun.
    The first complement of troops has already engaged the marines by the time you 
    arrive. There are two elites and two grunts on the right and four grunts on the 
    left. Throw a frag grenade at the elites then take out the grunts on the left. 
    They're easier to kill and they throw grenades.  Throw another frag then follow 
    up with the pistol. Hopefully, the elites on the right side will be busy with 
    other things by now, so throw another grenade or two then clean up as 
    Scavenge as you run. Head immediately up the ramp over the structure, stopping 
    to pick up the health pack and goodies at the top if you need them. Run a few 
    feet down the ramp on the other side and drop down. Keep going and you should 
    see the next dropship in front of you.
    There is some randomness to the number and type of Covenant on these dropships, 
    but there are two elites, two jackals, and two grunts on board this one. Run to 
    the right and approach the port (left if you're on the ship facing forward) 
    side of the ship. As soon as the doors open, stick a plasma grenade to the 
    elite furthest back in the ship nearest the gun. By the way plasma grenades 
    stuck to the ship don't seem to do much, so make sure it's on the elite. If 
    you're fast and accurate, you can stick a second to the other elite before they 
    jump out of the ship. If not, throw another one where he'll land. Hopefully, 
    they'll both be dead now. Toss another grenade at the jackals and move on. 
    Don't worry about a few leftover grunts or jackals. The marines will take care 
    of them. But grab any plasma grenades lying around.
    The next landing site is past the escape pod on its right, past the pipe 
    structure, and on a slight hill. There's a health pack on the way, but only get 
    it if you really need it. This ship usually contains two elites and five 
    grunts. Again the elites will come out on the port side near you, so stick 
    plasma grenades to them or have some waiting for them when they land. Now run 
    back to the first landing site. This is where dropship number four is touching 
    down. Your path will take you through a pile of grunts from the other side of 
    the dropship. Take a moment to kill any that are easy pickings and take their 
    grenades if you're not full. Again leave the leftovers for the marines. The 
    important thing is to keep moving.
    Dropship #4 once again offers two elites and five grunts for your killing 
    pleasure. And once again the elites will be coming out of the port side so run 
    around the ship to the far side and stick it to them as usual. There are 
    probably a few grenades lying around here from the first fight, so be generous 
    with them. Hopefully there will still be some marines around to clean up after 
    you, but even if there aren't, scavenge and move on. Paste a few grunts to the 
    hillside on the way if they regain enough courage to attack you.
    The fifth dropship lands back on the hill where number three landed. This one 
    has three elites and four grunts. As before the elites are on the port side. 
    Take them out as usual, but since there are three be extra generous with the 
    grenades. If you've got a spare frag, chuck one towards the grunts. Scavenge at 
    least one plasma grenade from the bodies then head on around to where the 
    second dropship landed.
    This is the last one. Usually it has a slightly smaller complement of nasties. 
    Only one elite, one jackal, and four grunts. Stick a grenade to the elite then 
    throw all you have left to kill off this group as quickly as possible.
    Clean up by sniping at any surviving grunts from afar with your pistol or a 
    needler. Use the buildings to sneak up close to (and preferably behind) any 
    jackals that are still around and let 'em have it. Whew! If you've managed to 
    save any marines, you rule.
    Ok, now my strategy for when things get all screwed up. I can usually get to 
    the fourth ship, but the fifth and sixth almost always require this plan. First 
    locate a small walled-in area directly in the path of the escape pod. If it had 
    kept sliding it would have run straight into one of its walls. There are two 
    entrances to this place. One is very near the escape pod; the other is going to 
    be our back door. Grab a needler if you can and head in. Once you're there, 
    peek out the entrance towards the escape pod and snipe at grunts and jackals. 
    Wait around for all the dropships to unload and go away while you're picking 
    them off. You should be able to duck back in here and only very rarely will any 
    Covenant follow or throw grenades close enough to hurt you. Once everybody is 
    gathered, let them have it. Throw two or three grenades out at a time into 
    their midst. Use up all your grenades and most of your pistol ammo. Keep 
    sniping until elites are the only Covenant left. If you have a needler, use it 
    now to hopefully reduce the number of elites. This next part requires a bit of 
    luck. Sneak out the other entrance and run far, far away. If nobody sees you, 
    you can now roam around freely on the other side of the main structure 
    gathering supplies. Once you have a full needler and as many grenades as you 
    can find, sneak back in the back way. They'll never know you left. If they do 
    figure it out, it'll be too late. A full needler and a few grenades should do 
    the trick, but you can always sneak out for more. Once you have cleansed the 
    area, scavenge thoroughly then hop in the warthog for the next section. Keep 
    your pistol and needler.
    >> Stay with the survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship to arrive
    I would recommend saving and quitting at a lot of the next checkpoints in this 
    part of the level.  This is one of the hardest battles in the whole entire 
    game; so don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it at first.  There is a really 
    wussy way to do this, if you find it too frustrating and you are patient, go 
    towards the other end of where you come in to find a sloping hill that leads to 
    an entrance into a Covenant structure, which is a tunnel.  Go towards the 
    entrance of the tunnel and wait about 15 minutes, or until you hear Foe Hammer 
    calling for you.  There will be no enemies left.  Of course, if you really want 
    to earn your living, read on.
    There are several dropships that will come in, and they will make your life 
    miserable.  Each one usually has an elite or two with some grunts and jackals 
    to compliment them.  The best way is to kill these guys before they get out of 
    the ship.  If you can do this, it will make it ten times easier.  Obviously, 
    stick to going for the Elites only, then scavenge the rest of the guys off.  If 
    you can, leave the grunts and jackals for the marines.
    Again, if you get overwhelmed, just go and chill in the hill area until all of 
    the guys are gone.  This is a tough section so be patient.  I would suggest 
    that using the health pack is a very big lasI think the strategy above is also 
    really helpful if you get too overwhelmed.  Once you beat all of the dropships, 
    you will find Cortana talking to Echo-419 about the survivors on this planet.  
    The Pelican will disengage its Warthog for your use, and if you have trouble 
    finding it, they will give you a navigation point.  If you have any Marines 
    left (which is very hard to do), they will hope into the gunner seat to help 
    you.  You will also get some new objectives.
    >> Search for three additional groups of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    Continue straight past the Pelican, and go opposite the direction you came 
    from.  You will find that hill, that famed hill, to go down to find a Covenant 
    made tunnel for you to go through.  Maneuver your way through the tunnel until 
    you get to an open area.  There will be guys on both sides of the raised 
    “roadway” if that’s what you want to call it.  Where you need to go is on the 
    right side of where you came in.  Most of the time, I repeat, most of the time 
    the people on the left don’t come and attack you, but every once in a while if 
    you get too close they will pounce from both sides, rendering yourself 
    helpless.  It is up to you, but I would stick to the right side for ammo saving 
    purposes.  BTW, I suggest you have a pistol and either a plasma rifle or 
    Needler.  Once all of the guys are taken care of, look for an uphill incline, 
    which is a very narrow type of hallway leading to a sharp left turn.  DON’T GO 
    UP IT YET!  Now, since this is Legendary difficulty, you will find not one, not 
    two, but three elites just around the bend waiting to kill you.
    This part can get a little bit tricky.  If you go too far up the ramp they will 
    jump all over you and you will be dead pretty fast.  This will test your 
    fragmentation grenade throwing, and if you can get them to die or at least back 
    up you will win fairly easily.  Once you beat them head across to the place 
    where you will find a switch to turn on the light bridge.  Do so, and watch the 
    cut scene and then hop back in your Warthog and head across.  Keep going 
    straight, there aren’t any more guys here.  Follow the path around into the 
    open to get a new checkpoint.  
    During this part there are a couple of options actually.  Since you are 
    recovering three dropship inhabitants, you can go to which ever one you want 
    whenever you want.  I will give I walkthrough for the way that I do it, but you 
    can do it in any order.
    As you come out of the tunnel, head across the river at whatever point you can 
    and continue in that direction.  You will come upon a crashed life pod, so pick 
    up the well-deserved ammo and health.  Also in this area is a sniper rifle, 
    which I highly recommend you pick up, it will prove much easier to use this and 
    fight like a coward then to fight like a real soldier.
    Looking behind you, where you came from, you will see a slope, and a path 
    leading up to the right.  You will also see that there are a couple of Jackals 
    that can really make your life miserable.  Use your newfound sniper rifle to 
    blast them all out of the water.  Once they are dead, head in that direction 
    and go up the slope and to the right to find the first drop ship landing site.  
    Proceed with caution, there could be guys from anywhere, especially those 
    tricky Elites, usually Red ones at this point.  Straight ahead of where you 
    came in is a structure, go around it, bad guys permitting, and enter it through 
    the other side.  You will have to leave your current marines in the Warthog to 
    die, don’t worry; you will get more very shortly.  You can use that as a 
    distraction if you can’t take care of the entire Covenant by yourself.  Head 
    down into the structure, killing a few Jackals and Grunts along the way, to 
    find a whole new group of marines.  Lead them out through the other side, 
    killing guys on the way up, but don’t totally go out the door.  There is 
    usually an Elite and a Jackal around here that could tear you to shreds.  
    Again, use the marines as bait, and while the Covenant fire at them, you unload 
    on them, killing them much faster.  Once you are sure the area around you is 
    secure, head back to your Warthog, and scavenge around for any remaining 
    Covenant.  Once they are all gone, you will get a message from Echo 419 that 
    they are coming to pick any remaining marines.  It would be very good if there 
    were maybe 2 or even 3 marines left, but that is a stretch.  Most of the time 
    you won’t have any left.  After Echo 419 leaves, with or without marines, head 
    to the next dropship.  
    >> Search for the two remaining groups of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    From where you came in to this first dropship, take a right and go along this 
    wall, until you get to another opening off to your right.  Take that opening, 
    and to your right again will be the dropship, so stock up on ammo and health.  
    Beware, however, the Banshees are back, and if you have a Marine, it will be 
    very easy to take care of the Banshees.  If you don’t, I would suggest 
    unloading on them with the Assault Rifle that is lying around by the drop ship. 
    You shouldn’t carry that gun normally anyway, so you can waste some bullets 
    with this gun.  Beware again, do not, I repeat, NOT stand in one place while 
    shooting, because the Banshees will not hesitate to run your ass over.  Once 
    the two Banshees are taken care of look across the river and look until you see 
    some Grunts running around.  That is your next target.  Snipe them all away and 
    head in.  You should find a similar set up to the last drop ship, except there 
    is more of a cliff.  As soon as you get to the area with the structures, head 
    right and you will need to go up the hill to find some Marines waiting for you, 
    have them hop in and unleash hell on the Covenant forces.  Again, you have to 
    kill EVERY last guy, so stay around this place until you hear Cortana or Echo 
    419 say so.  The marines at the top of the hill will stay there, so if your 
    marine happens to die in combat, just get to the top of the hill to restock and 
    get some more.  Once that is done, head out of the place the same way you came 
    in and you will see the final area that you need to go for the final drop ship.
    >> Search for the last group of human survivors
    >> Protect the human survivors
    >> Wait for an evac dropship
    This last dropship, is more towards the end of the river, and it is more of a 
    steep incline to get to it.  Remember it is marked by blue glowing...markers, 
    to help you go the right way.  If you can’t find it, e-mail me and I will try 
    to clarify any confusing things in this guide.  Anyway, if you are in the right 
    place, you will see a bunch of large rocks with a few overhanging cliffs.  You 
    should come to a broken down dropship, so stock up on sniper ammo and health.  
    If you really want your Warthog in the rock structure, which I recommend, take 
    it all the way around to the right to find a place to bring it up to the top.  
    My suggestion is to find the top cliff and snipe everyone as much as possible, 
    and try to avoid going down to finish the last guys, unless no Marines are 
    going towards it.  After you kill the guys that were already here, a drop ship 
    will come in giving you more guys to have fun with.  A tip on the sniping, 
    snipe the hardest guys first, namely the Elites, then the Jackals, and then 
    finally the Grunts.  Also, be aware of your motion tracker.  If you see red 
    dots behind you that means that they are on to you and are about to attack you, 
    or your Marines, from behind.  After the first dropship leaves, another will 
    come in by the broken dropship.  This makes it much easier to snipe, so fire 
    away.  When you are sure you killed all guys from the second dropship go down 
    to check again, and have your gun ready.  They are only all dead when the evac 
    dropship comes in.  Once they are all dead, head to the evac dropship, which is 
    marked with a Navigation Point.  Cortana found Captain Keyes!  So now you will 
    go find him, as he is being held by the Covenant in a ship called the Truth and 
    Reconciliation.  Press X to enter the Pelican’s side seat and you will complete 
    the mission!!  Yay!
    5.3 - The Truth and Reconciliation
    General Tips: It's fairly easy to protect the captain in Normal and Easy
    difficulty. There's a lot of Covenant in this level and your first encounter
    with Hunters.
    Description: Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.
    Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle/Plasma Pistol
    Truth and Reconciliation
    Get out of the Pelican and Cortana will give you objectives.
    >> Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser
    You don't want to be engaging the enemy head on yet. You have a Sniper Rifle
    so use that. Never switch your Sniper for anything. Anyway, get onto the cliff
    by the right without getting too close to the enemy. Use the zoom in and night
    vision(the white key)and start sniping the Grunts in the gun turret first. The
    Covenant should react but don't stop sniping until they start firing at you.
    When they do, the Marines will come in. I would suggest protecting the Marines
    but if you're that selfish, let them take all the damage. After clearing this
    room, head to the path on the far side on the left. More Covenant will come
    along this path. Whatever you do, don't FALL DOWN! Cortana will soon tell you
    to halt. Ahead of you is another cliff with a Shade Gun on top. Take out the
    Grunt on top and advance. A few Elites and some more Covenant will jump down
    and engage you. Use the rocks and trees as cover and use hit and run tactics.
    After clearing the initial attack, pick up the health pack by the dead Marine.
    (now how did he get there?)Continue left along the wall until you find an
    opening and head into the main area. Using the rocks as cover, take out the
    Covenant here. Be careful of Grunt ambushes. Take out the various other
    enemies. There is a small path by a cliff edge that Cortana should tell you
    about. It's on the far wall from the way you entered. Continue along that way
    and you should see another cliff. The Covenant aren't in your sight but you
    can see red on your motion detector. Throw a grenade up the cliff to attract
    them. Now, there is a big rock by your current location that you can crouch
    under. After taking down the enemies that attack you(if no Covenant notices,
    just continue to the next step) , advance to the left along the cliff wall. Go
    past the first opening and up the most left opening. Now, Cortana will tell the
    Marines to take the middle while you take the other side. Your Marines will
    listen and start engaging. With you on one side and your Marines on the other,
    you can now surround your enemy. Try to take out every one of them before the
    Covenant dropship comes in. Use a Shade Gun Turret but be wary of stray
    grenades. There are many trees and rocks that you can hide behind to help you
    out. Take out every one of them and note the Active Camoflage by the back of
    the area. There is a small passageway by the right of the room. It's on the
    same wall as you entered from but it's on the far side. Go through.
    As you enter yet another room, you'll notice the gravity lift. Don't go for it
    yet. Instead, stand on a rock and take out a few Covenant before they notice
    you. I would suggest targeting the Shade Gun right in front of you first.
    After they start engaging you, engage back. Try not to lose lots of health as
    you'll need it later. The music will change a bit in this area a few times.
    When it gets dramatic, be careful, when it gets calm, you're okay. Enemies
    will come in by both Dropship and from the gravity lift so those two should be
    your primary target. Don't be afraid to use the Shade Guns. Just be careful of
    grenades. Use grenades as well but be careful not to blow up your own marines.
    After a few waves of annoying Covenant, two large Hunters will come down and
    start killing your Marines. Use your Sniper Rifle and give each a pop in the
    orange spot. Cortana will tell Foehammer to send in the reinforcements. Before
    you enter the ship, pick up the First Aid Kit by the dead marine. When you're
    ready, stand on the gravity lift and enter the ship.
    Into the Belly of the Beast
    >> Find the ship's brig and rescue Captain Keyes
    At first, Cortana will tell you that she doesn't detect any enemies. Of
    course, she was about to be proven wrong... BIG TIME! Covenant will start
    pouring in through the doors. Help your Marines kill them. Be careful, there
    will be one invisible Elite with a PLASMA SWORD! There is a First Aid Kit and
    an Active Camoflage in this room hiding beneath some crates. There will be
    many Covenants pouring in from the doors in various directions. Use grenades
    to make the fight go smoother. After the enemies seemed to have stopped, the
    Marines will enter through a large door into a corridor. As you reach the end,
    you'll notice a large door. Well, you guessed it, it's locked. The Marines and
    Cortana tell you that you'd have to head to the other side and open it from
    there. Well, we had better get moving.
    Head back to the big room and as soon as you exit the corridor, turn right
    into the unlocked door. At the end, head right and kill the lone Grunt.
    Continue until you reach the Elite. Kill him and his support and head right.
    You'll be in a large blue room. Ahead of you are a few Elites and a few
    Grunts. Cortana will mark the door opener with a Nav point but don't jump down
    yet. Instead, take out the enemies on the floor you are on and as many of them
    as you can on the bottom floor with your Sniper Rifle. You probably won't be
    able to take them all out though. Open the door and your fellow Marines will
    pour in. There are many enemies that will pop out and you can't advance until
    you take them all out. Afte you do, Cortana will open a door. It's marked by a
    Nav Point. Enter it and continue. Take a left and continue. Ignore the next
    path on the left and keep on head straight. The passageway will turn and
    Covenant are waiting for you down there. Keep on going while taking them out
    and keep straight. Ignore any turns unless there's no other way. Follow
    through and take out any enemies you see. You should soon reach a door.
    Welcome to the shuttle bay.
    This place can get tough but you have to know where to hide. Use the crates as
    cover while sniping out the enemies above you and meleeing the enemies on your
    level. It may take a minute. It may take an hour. It all depends on how you
    fight. Try to keep as much health as you can. There is an overshield on the
    far side of the entrance that you came from. After taking out most of the
    enemies, Cortana will try to open a door for you. But, as the music dramatizes,
    two Hunters come in. Take them out with your Sniper Rifle in the orange spot
    and Cortana should soon open the door. Before you go, there is a First Aid Kit
    by a fallen Marine by the wall that separates the two rooms. It's on the side
    you entered from. Head to the Nav Point and continue down the passageway.
    Follow through the passageway. There are a few Stealth Elites along the way so
    be careful. You will soon reach the shuttle bay. If you lost all your Marines,
    you'll have to get some reinforcements. Cortana will give you a Nav Point and
    you can open the shuttle bay door. Continue through like normal until you
    reach a door on the left side. This corridor is full of Covenant so be
    careful. We are near the captain. Follow the path up and reach the third
    level of the shuttle bay. Head right and kill the various Covenants ahead of
    you. There's a crate that you can crouch under. After they are taken care of,
    ignore the door they were guarding and make a left. There's a door at the end
    guarded by  a few Jackals and Grunts. Continue through that door and follow
    the passage until you come to a four way intersection. Head right and pick up
    the First Aid Kit and the Ammo. Head back and go straight to the center fork.
    You should now enter a large room. There are Grunts, and a few Elites. Be
    careful, there is a Gold Elite wielding a Plasma Sword. After wiping the
    enemies out, Cortana will give you a Nav Point to a door. Follow it and
    continue. Take the first left you see and head straight. There are many
    Jackals and Grunts along this path. When you reach the fork in the road, head
    left to an empty holding cell. In the rear, there is a control panel that
    deactivates the walls. In the cell closest to the entrance and to the right is
    a dead Marine. Pick up the ammunition and the First Aid Kit. Head back to the
    fork and go in the other direction. Ignore all the red doors and follow the
    path. When you reach the two Jackals, kill them and turn to your right. Here's
    the holding cell with Captain Keyes. Kill the initial enemies inside and go to
    the control panel in the rear to release your comrades. After a cutscene, you
    learn about Halo.
    Shut Up and Get Behind Me... Sir
    >> Return to Shuttle Bay for Extraction
    You can not allow the Captain to die. Anyway, if you want to kill him and see
    what happens, do it now. Head back outside but don't get too close, invisible
    Elites are waiting. Shoot them and kill them. Continue along the path.
    Remember the fork, head to the left this time at the intersection. Continue
    this way until you reach the Control Room. There are 2 Invisible Elites in
    here carrying the deadly Plasma Sword. Use the Sniper Rifle to hit their not
    so invisible swords. More enemies will pour in. Cortana will contact Foehammer
    to pick us up but it looks like she can't. You're going to have to get out
    Cortana will give you a Nav Point to follow. There is an unlocked door that
    you'll have to go through. Just follow the Nav Point killing off all that
    attacks you. You should soon reach the third floor of the shuttle bay you were
    at before. Kill the group of enemies waiting outside with a well placed
    grenade. Get to the Nav Point and press X to release the dropship. Just as you
    get on, two Hunters will pop out and attack you. Luckily, Keyes is skilled
    enough to crush them. You're now safe and everything is in order.
    ***Mission Overview***
    Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes.
    >> Board the Covenant Battle Cruiser
    Oh boy.  If you though that last level was hard, think again.  This will test 
    your Halo skills to the maximum, and will test you beyond belief.  Don’t worry, 
    it’s only the third level so it gets easier.  Right...?  Actually, this is 
    considered by many, including me, to be the hardest mission in the entire game! 
    Think about that as we begin.
    We start off getting off of a ship and you should know realize it is very dark, 
    and you have a sniper rifle in your hands.  As you follow your men, you realize 
    that you must stop.  You are now a sniper.  Look at your ammo, and it is 64 
    extra rounds!  Normally it is 24, if you didn’t know.  Now there are many 
    important things about being a sniper.  Here are some hints and very important 
    tips to look at when becoming a sniper.
    (Thanks to halo.bungie.org)
    Since we'll be relying on our sniper rifle throughout much of the level, I'll 
    take a moment to impart some sniping tips.
    Things to do with your sniper rifle:
    1. Be patient. You're not being timed.
    2. Stay on the 2X zoom mode when you're looking for something to shoot. Zoom in 
    further when you know exactly where a target's going to be.
    3. Wait for enemies to wander into your sights. Resist the urge to chase them 
    down with your crosshairs.
    4. Keep your rifle fully loaded. Even grunts can take multiple hits to finish 
    them off if you fail to hit them in the head. You don't want to have to reload 
    when you've got a Covie on the ropes.
    5. Always aim for the head. Well, unless you're shooting at hunters. Then aim 
    for the orange meaty bits.
    6. Hands and feet are fair game. Some enemies die if you shoot them in the toe. 
    Alien physiology is strange indeed.
    7. Run away. Getting hit knocks you out of zoom mode for a reason. Once you're 
    discovered, go find another spot to shoot from. The Covenant will soon settle 
    back down and start wandering if they don't see you.
    8. If an enemy in a Shade is turned towards you, shoot below and to the side of 
    the gunner's shield. You can hit them in the arm.
    9. Red elites will always take at least two shots to kill. One for the shields, 
    one through their head. If they're turned away from you, they're less likely to 
    dodge the second shot.
    Now that we have figured out how to become a sniper in this dark, perfect 
    weather, let’s begin sniping.  There is a perfect rock for this, probably made 
    this way for your sniping ease.  The only problem with this is that it can get 
    to be too far away and the view will get limited.  First things first, make 
    sure you snipe the gunner.  No questions asked.  Then get the Grunts first.  
    This is simple logic, because shooting the Grunts first eliminates all 
    possibilities for the Grunts replacing one another in those nasty guns.  Once 
    you are sure that all the Grunts are killed and you can’t find anyone else from 
    that rock, move ahead.
    Still stay back, but get close enough so you can see a portion of the left side 
    that just includes the gunner on the left as well as everything else on the 
    right.  Remember, if you are seen once and fired at, the rest of the cavalry 
    comes in and makes a fool of them selves, so be cautious.  There are a total of 
    two elites, two jackals, and seven grunts in the beginning group of guys. So 
    either keep tally in your head or keep tally by how many shots you fire or 
    whatever.  Once there is maybe a Grunt or two left, head in with your guns and 
    start a-blazin’.  This should cause the cavalry to come in and clean up anyone 
    that was left.  Now, beware of the guys coming from the left by the gun.  There 
    will be an Elite and two Grunts coming in, and the Grunts will definitely not 
    hesitate to man the guns and start blasting you away.  Try to stop this in 
    anyway possible and guard the guns.  Actually, this should help you, if you 
    catch them before they reach the gun, they will not shoot at you, and you will 
    just need to fire at a moving target, which I hope you can do.  Then, once they 
    are dead, four more Grunts along with two more Jackals show up.  Easy as pie, 
    clean them up, with the gun if you like.  Once nobody else shows up, continue 
    on very cautiously and get out your sniper rifle.
    On the ledge above you will see some guys hanging out, a couple of Grunts and 
    probably an Elite, so take care of them with care.  Once they are taken care of 
    more guys will show up on the level you are on, so watch out and let your men 
    help you.  They can help you by being distractions anyway. :) Once they are 
    killed, slowly move around to the left and you should see an Elite hanging out 
    in this relatively small area, so take care of him easily.  Now carefully move 
    forward and look to your left, in the small alcove will be a gunner, usually 
    distracted but be careful nonetheless.  Once you kill him you will fin a health 
    pack along with some sniper ammo.  DON’T GET THE AMMO!  There are 16 rounds in 
    each box, so unless you're 16 or more rounds from a full load, you'll end up 
    losing some if you pick up a box. Even if you're just one round shy of a full 
    load, you can still pick up a box of ammo. You'll just pick up 1 bullet while 
    the other 15 disappear into thin air. So throughout this walkthrough, unless 
    it's an emergency only pick up one box of ammo at a time, and only if you have 
    8 or less extra rounds for your rifle. You might have to do a lot of 
    backtracking, but it's worth it.  Now that I don’t have to talk about this 
    anymore, let’s continue with the walkthrough.  Your cavalry should be either 
    dead, or dying very fast right now so go help them with the drop ship that just 
    landed with some guys for your enjoyment.  Wait, before you do that use your 
    sniper rifle to look on the ledge and see a gunner in the distance shooting.  
    Snipe him up, then go help.  If things get really nasty, on the way to the 
    enemies is a camouflage, so you can really create some havoc.  Once everything 
    in the area is quiet, go on.  You will see a path by where you fought the 
    enemies from the drop ship, a small narrow dark path with that. 
    Going into the path will lead you to the next part of this level.  This is the 
    final stage of the first half of the level.  Yay, we are almost half way.  This 
    isn’t so bad is it?  I hope not, because it gets much worse soon.  In this next 
    part in the small narrow path, a couple of elites and even more grunts come to 
    meet you.  Take care of them however you need to, I suggest picking up a plasma 
    gun to make it a little easier to defeat them.  Once they are defeated, 
    continue on, until you get to the next area.  This is a little tricky, but you 
    will survive under my guidance.  There are a total of five gunners here, and 
    they are all facing you in a sense.  There is a rock right before you get to 
    the opening, use that as a fallback point if things get to hairy.  Start 
    killing off enemies one by one, and soon all of the gunners should be depleted 
    and you should be looking at a weird platform type thing in the middle.  Watch 
    that carefully, because a lot is going to happen there.  Soon if all the guys 
    are dead, wave after wave after wave, after wave...you get the idea...of 
    Covenant troops ill show up to try to destroy you.  The best way is to take 
    guerilla tactics.  Get their attention, usually shooting them works well, and 
    then have them follow you back to the rock in the corridor.  It will be much 
    easier to handle and manage with grenades and sniping.  Once the last group of 
    grunts, jackals, and elites are killed, there will be a change in the music, 
    signaling the arrival of two Hunters that you need to kill before you can get 
    into the ship.  Use anyway you want to kill them, there is sniper ammo, so 
    don’t worry.  Either use the charge/sidestep/shoot method, or whatever tickles 
    your fancy.  Anyway, once they are dead, a HUMAN drop ship comes in to give you 
    some more guys for when you travel inside the big ship.  Once they are all in a 
    circle on the launch pad, step on it as well, and you will see a cut-scene, 
    launching you into the beast.
    >> Find the ship’s brig and rescue Captain Keyes
    Now I don’t want to alarm you, just prepare you, for the hardest fight 
    (arguably) in the entire game.  It is for me, and it took several tries the 
    first time I did this level on Legendary.  You are about to fight wave after 
    wave after wave after wave...you get the idea, of Covenant.  There will be 
    almost 12, yes 12, different waves of Covenant that show up during this hurt-
    fest.  Don’t worry though, it should be easy enough.
    Before they all start to show up, there is a brief moment of silence before 
    they get see you and start coming.  Make sure you realize where the Active 
    Camouflage is in this room, yes there is one, but do not get it yet.  Save it 
    for when you actually need it.  A quick note, do not try to save your marines.  
    I repeat, don’t do it.  It is a big, big waste of time and you will regret 
    doing it once you die quickly.  The best way to use the Marines is do exactly 
    that, use them.  Use them as bait for some of the elites that show up so you 
    can kill them easier.
    There are three types of “waves” of opponents.  The first kind will reveal just 
    an invisible elite with a plasma sword, of course.  Make sure he gets killed, 
    and pour on the plasma.  Remember, shooting him a little bit makes his 
    invisibility stop working, making it easier for your marines to help you.  The 
    next type of wave is one with a group of jackals and grunts.  There are 
    probably around six or seven in this wave.  Strategies for killing this and the 
    next wave are coming later on.  The third wave is exactly the same as the 
    second, except that there will be a Gold Commander Elite along with them.  This 
    could be trouble.
    Now there are several ways to tackle this battle but the easiest way is to have 
    a system, and a system you will have.  The only waves that will come out after 
    that first Invisible Elite are the second and third waves, so this won’t be 
    that difficult.  The best way to kill the Elites is to use the sniper rifle.  
    Now it is pretty unrealistic to say that you should get a head shot EVERY time, 
    but try for them as much as you can.  If not, it will take three shots, instead 
    of two in the head; so conserving ammo is an issue still.  If the second wave 
    shows up, just throw a grenade to kill several, then rush in and finish them 
    off with some charged plasma pistol shots.  If you encounter the third wave, 
    throw a grenade first, then make sure you kill the Elite with the sniper rifle, 
    then finish off the rest of the guys in that wave.  Make sure to keep your eye 
    on your radar; I would rather have a leftover Grunt then a leftover Elite.  If 
    you do this correctly, you should even be able to save some Marines!  
    Of course, I will have a section if things go haywire.  The plan above can work 
    either really well, or it can fall apart pretty easily.  There are a couple 
    ways that it could fall apart.  One way is that you get behind and you aren’t 
    there to throw a grenade when the door opens because you are dealing with other 
    doors.  Another way is that your health gets low and you need that health pack, 
    causing you to fall behind.  Here is a strategy for if you fall behind.
    I think that the best way is to catch up and give yourself a hefty advantage is 
    to basically go with guerilla tactics.  When the Covenant open their door and 
    attack you, kill them but enter where they came from to take shelter and 
    destroy anything that enters.  Beware however, if you enter a door and you get 
    to a hallway, that means that more guys can come from these hallways, so keep 
    on watching your radar to make sure you don’t get blind sided by an Elite.
    Once you finish this excruciating battle, there will be a short break.  Gather 
    yourself and if you are hiding in the hallways, you will see a checkpoint 
    signaling when it is okay to come out.  You think that was it?  Guess again, 
    because a fresh batch of two Hunters will come to please you.  Dispatch of them 
    quickly, you will find them somewhat easier compared to the monstrous battle 
    you just won.  Once you win that battle, head down the open path where they 
    came from and you will see the door is shut.  That will cue Cortana telling you 
    to go around the place to open the door and let the marines through, if you 
    have any left, which I highly doubt.
    Go back to the main battlefield and look for newly green shaded doors.  Enter 
    one of them and head into the hallway.  You will come upon two grunts, which 
    you can kill easily.  Around this next corner will be a pain in the butt, as 
    you will find regenerating guys.  Sounds annoying, doesn’t it?  Well it is just 
    a Grunt and Jackal that keep on coming back for more.  Around the corner you 
    will also see a door, which opens to an open area with several Grunts and a 
    couple of Elites present.  The best way to kill all of them without them laying 
    a scratch on you is to use charged plasma pistol blasts primarily, and maybe 
    some Needler action as well.  Once they are all dead, you will find yourself on 
    the highest level of a small Covenant hanger with Covenant ghosts and banshees 
    inside.  Sorry, but you can’t ride them in this level.
    Head across the hangar and move into the halls that will take you downwards.  
    It will eventually take you to the lower levels of the hangar.  In these 
    hallways you will find a couple of grunts, a jackal and an elite.  Hopefully if 
    you don’t make too much noise, the elite won’t hear you and he will have his 
    back turned towards you.  An easy knockout for you.  :)  Anyways, move on until 
    you get to lower part of the hangar and in front of you should be some health 
    and a couple boxes of sniper ammo, load it up, if you need to, and get ready 
    for another pretty big brawl, but not nearly as big as the last one.
    When you get to the ammo and health you will see guys at the bottom.  Unless 
    you decided to snipe them from up top, which would be a bad idea considering 
    they have a much bigger advantage over you if you try to kill your shooting 
    enemies from higher or farther below them.  Anyway, the easiest way to kill 
    these guys is to snipe, because you have so much ammo right by you.  Make sure 
    you use the boxes wisely, and get them when you are out or very close to out of 
    ammo as to eliminate “lost” rounds.  Once the first wave is gone, several other 
    waves will join in the fun.  You might find it overwhelming to snipe, but do 
    your best to snipe as long as possible, and then continue on to your normal 
    strategies to eventually defeat them all.  Make sure to use your by now superb, 
    hopefully, guerilla tactics in defeating them, which can also include 
    retreating into the tunnel that you came from.  Don’t hesitate to run and make 
    them follow you; it is one of the best ways to kill a guy.  BTW, if you had any 
    Marines that survived that huge battle at the beginning, you can open the door 
    for them now at the other side of where you came in.  After you defeat those 
    waves of guys, you will be able to move out of this damn hangar.  Don’t worry, 
    you will be saying that about another place pretty soon...
    In this next long hallway there are several dead-ends as well as a couple of 
    grunts, jackals, and of course one elite.  The elite likes to catch you by 
    surprise and hide in a dead-end and blind-side you.  Be careful and ruin his 
    surprise.  Now when move on and get to a loading point in the game FREEZE!  If 
    you continue on the door behind you will shut, closing off the whole first part 
    of this ship.  If you did it right the door will stay open, granting you access 
    to ammo or health until you pass that point.  Make sure your sniper rifle has 
    full ammo and then continue on.
    You will now start to ascend the big place to get to the enormous hangar, which 
    originally can hold two drop-ships.  You will have to go up three “flights” of 
    hallways to get to it.  In this next part however, you will have to deal with 
    many upon many Covenant troops.  Don’t fret however there are, count it, 8 more 
    boxes of sniper rifle ammo in this part of the hangar alone.  So go absolutely 
    crazy with the sniper rifle.  After you kill the first wave of guys, the next 
    wave will appear and the next one, until you are almost overwhelmed.  Here is 
    where it would really pay off to have Marines, seeing as this is such a big 
    area the Marines could easily distract them long enough for you to get into 
    position and snipe them.  Also in this room is a health pack and an over shield 
    so use them wisely.  Here is the best way to make sure you stay alive in this 
    onslaught as well as some item and enemy information.
    (thanks to halo.bungie.org)
    The next area will take quite a while to clear out. It's a large three-story 
    hangar capable of holding two Covenant dropships. There are four boxes of rifle 
    ammo and a health pack on the far side of the first bay and four more and an 
    over shield on the far side of the second bay.  That's 128 sniper rounds you 
    have access to, so snipe away. One elite and a few jackals and grunts will 
    snipe back at you from the second story, so taking them out should be a 
    priority.  Work through the ranks of the enemy until you've cleared out 
    everyone here. Multiple waves of bad guys will come through the doors to make 
    you're life difficult, but it can sometimes take a lot of wandering to trigger 
    them. Always keep track of the door you used to originally enter the area 
    though. You'll want to head back there as soon as a new wave arrives. Sometimes 
    there are Covenant coming out of this door as you're trying to get in it, but a 
    grenade should clear the way nicely. Once you're safely inside, switch back to 
    sniping until the room is once again clear.
    So continue with that strategy or the strategy with the Marines, whichever 
    applies to you, until all of the enemies are taken care of.  Now you can 
    leave...oh wait, I forgot the Hunters!  Yes a battle like this wouldn’t be the 
    same without Hunters.  Kill them like you normally would, maybe waiting on the 
    over shield until now if you have trouble defeating Hunters.  Once they are 
    defeated, follow the Navigation Point to continue on.  Now you will really 
    start to ascend the hangar through these hallways, and boy it isn’t easy.  By 
    the way, the purpose of going to the top of the hangar in case you were 
    wondering is because there are two rooms full of prison cells sort of near the 
    top floor, so we must ascend.
    If you haven’t grabbed the overshield, now would be a good time to do it.  Move 
    ahead and try to use your sniper rifle as much as possible.  If you can’t see 
    them from that far away, just turn on your sniper at each corner.  Once you 
    move ahead, you should have killed a couple grunts and an elite.  Also further 
    along in this first hallway series is a couple of stealth/invisible elites 
    there to kill you.  That is why I told you to get the overshield now, because 
    they pack a punch and you can lose serious health if you are not careful.  Once 
    you get to the second story ledge, peek out to the right to see some baddies 
    sitting there waiting for you.  Obviously if they saw you they will start 
    running towards you, otherwise take out your sniper and pick them off one by 
    one.  If you find that you are low on ammo or don’t feel like wasting the time 
    with a sniper rifle, another ill-advised method is to throw a very well placed 
    grenade.  The elite will only dodge it right before, so even two well placed 
    ones would really get the job done.  Anyway, once they are killed move along, 
    and keep on sniping/killing guys on the way, about halfway through the ledge in 
    the middle, enemies will spawn from the door behind you.  I suggest taking care 
    of them before you move on, as there are bad guys up ahead as well.  There are 
    probably two elites, many grunts, and several jackals in the wave that appears 
    behind you, so they are noteworthy opponents.
    Once you defeat that wave, get ready for the next one.  They will only appear 
    as soon as you get close to the door on the right hand side, so prepare some 
    grenades.  Get close to the door, fire away, and then move back to deal with 
    the survivors.  Rinse and repeat with this strategy for optimal results.  
    In the next hallway, there are just a couple of grunts and jackals as well as 
    the lonely elite.  Take care of them, preferably with the sniper rifle, and 
    continue on to the third and final (yes!) level of the hangar.  Once you get to 
    the top, look to the right to see a group of bad guys waiting to get it.  A 
    couple of well-placed head shots will take care of the three or four guys that 
    are there.  Now this next part is pretty much suicide.  As you continue on 
    through the small barricades on your right across the ledge, you will see on 
    your radar a massive red spot both in front and behind you.  Yes, the have got 
    you surrounded on this ledge, and trying to fight a battle from both sides 
    really is suicide.  So my advice is to get the hell out of there.  One floor 
    below you, you should see a piece of land stick out in the middle.  It should 
    have a Shade on it as well, so if that’s what you are seeing, you are correct.  
    Jump out onto that and then move up to a more tactical position on the third 
    hangar, so you can kill every last one of them, snipering of course.  Once 
    everyone is dead, you can move on to where Captain Keyes is located.  
    But first off (almost there...) you will reach a command center or control 
    room.  This place is definitely not fun, but that is a later-on issue in the 
    mission Two Betrayals.  Before you get to the large control room, off to the 
    left you will see...a health pack and ammo!  Pick up as much as you need and 
    stand in the doorway to the control room.  Inside you will see several guys, 
    including two or three elites, several grunts and jackals, and one gold 
    commander elite.  This definitely will not be easy, but they start out nicely, 
    because absolutely none of them see you!  Start off sniping an elite, not the 
    commander, because it will not kill him, then the rest of the crew will wake up 
    to welcome you.  Tear through the ranks with your sniper and if it gets too 
    heavy, back off a little and wait to regenerate health or whatever you need to 
    do to get back in it.  Once you defeat every one of the guys in that control 
    room, give yourself a round of applause and continue forward.  Continue through 
    the door that is straight ahead of where you came from and continue to find 
    Captain Keyes.
    You are almost to him; he is only a heartbeat away.  In these next hallways, 
    follow them the only way you can go, and beware of the many Jackals that will 
    be in the halls.  They are usually in pairs also, so more fun for you.  There 
    is an occasional grunt around, but mostly Jackals.  The first group of jail 
    cells you come to should be completely empty, unless you missed it.  Use the 
    switch in the back to open the doors.  By the way, up ahead is the room with 
    Captain Keyes in it, not this one.  Now here is a strategy for beating the 
    other guys in the room with Captain Keyes in it and utilizing the Active 
    Camouflage effectively.
    (thanks to halo.bungie.org)
    The halls ahead hold a few grunts and three pairs of jackals. You can snipe 
    them all if you're careful. There's an empty brig off to the left, but don't 
    worry about that yet. Make sure these halls are totally cleared out and find 
    the second brig where Keyes is being held. You can peek in and snipe any grunts 
    around. There are also two stealth elites and an elite commander on guard. Now 
    you can go back into the empty brig. There's a health pack in a cell and an 
    active camouflage hidden away in the back. Grab it and run as fast as you can 
    to free Keyes. You should have plenty of time to sneak in and beat everyone 
    down. Now just hit the switch and you're set.
    Following this strategy is the best way to defeat the gold commander and 
    stealth elites in the room guarding Captain Keyes.  Once you defeat all of 
    them, continue and press the switch and you will reach the final and most 
    annoying part of the level.
    >> Return to Shuttle Bay for Extraction
    Finally!!  Keyes is finally free, now all you have to do is escort him out of 
    this damn forsaken place.  The sooner the better if you ask me, but you still 
    have a little work to do before you can leave, and you can bet the Covenant 
    will be there to impede your every progress.
    From the get go, the Covenant are there to make your life interesting.  BTW, if 
    I didn’t mention it before, you must guard Captain Keyes with your life.  If he 
    dies, you will automatically fail the mission.  Now on easy, he can take a 
    pretty good beating, but on legendary, he will die pretty damn quickly so make 
    sure you know where he is at all times.
    As soon as you start heading towards the door, two Invisible or Stealth elites 
    will show up.  Start blasting them as soon as possible to make your Marines 
    start to see and shoot them as well.  Once those two guys are dead, get the 
    health and ammo in the left corner from where you start to leave and then head 
    In the hallway, there is an elite and some grunts off to your left waiting for 
    you, so stick them with a plasma or fragmentation grenade to get rid of them 
    quickly.  On the way back to the control room you will meet several groups of 
    Covenant, do the best you can, with the sniper rifle, grenades, and the 
    occasional charged plasma pistol shot for the elites.  Make sure you are 
    keeping Captain Keyes safe, and be careful not to snipe your own guys, because 
    they are damn foolish and get in the way.  Once you defeat these couple groups 
    of guys, head on and go to the Control Room.  
    You will want to be swift about this because otherwise the Marines will barge 
    in and make an ass of themselves.  As soon as you can, run towards the Control 
    Room and whip out your sniper rifle.  In the Control Room are now two Invisible 
    Elites with Plasma Swords.  Take care of them quickly, as many, many Grunts are 
    about to rush in and try to overwhelm you, which they can.  Back off at that 
    point and try to let your Marines do some of the work, but still protect 
    Captain Keyes.  Grenades are important to try to clear out the many ranks of 
    Grunts and eventually, their stupidity and your intelligence will lead to their 
    downfall.  Continue through the Control Room and out, that wasn’t a fun place 
    to be, and continue out to the third level of the hangar.
    You are almost home free, so stick with it!  There will definitely be some guys 
    waiting for you on the hangar, which would include a couple Elites, several 
    Jackals, and many Grunts.  Use the door as cover for your sniper rifle and 
    grenades, and take your time.  Once they are all dead, you are pretty much 
    done.  Run out and to the left to see a switch floating there on your right.  
    Press the switch to release the drop ships and watch Captain Keyes ram over the 
    Hunters and zoom out of the place.  This is arguably the hardest level so don’t 
    worry, it will get easier from here.
    5.4 - The Silent Cartographer
    General Tips: There are a lot of Hunters in this level. You'll also be meeting
    your first Gold Elite. They're a killer. Also, invisible Elites are common in
    this level as well. Look for movement in the air. They're really easy to kill
    once you find them.
    Description: Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.
    Recommended Weapons: M6D Pistol, Plasma Pistol
    The Silent Cartographer
    >> Clear the landing beach of hostiles
    Immediately, the initial Covenant will start firing on you. Get out of the
    Pelican and stay back killing off any Covenant that only fire at you. Your team
    of Marines should be more than enough to wipe out the Covenant unless you're
    playing Legendary, then they'd be dead in two seconds. Anyway, after clearing
    out the Covenant on the beach, continue forward past the archlike structure and
    kill the rest of the Covenant forces. Make sure you wipe out everyone or else
    your special Warthog won't come. As soon as a Marine yells,"Area Secure." You
    can stop fighting. Foehammer will come in with your Warthog. Joy!
    >> Find the entrance to the map room
    Start driving down the shore forward in the direction your Warthog was facing
    before. Keep driving until you come to a small incline to the left. Kill the
    Covies in this area and continue up the incline. There are a few more Grunts
    and Elites here so kill them. You should be on a concrete like slab sticking
    out of a cliff and next to you should be a structure that you can enter. Leave
    the Warthog and go inside and kill the enemies here. Use the various pillars or
    whatever they are as hiding spots. There are a few Elites and Grunts you have
    to take care of. Remember to pick up a Plasma Pistol as well.
    >> Activate the map room
    Continue to the end of the hallway and head right. Go down the incline until
    you reach a small room with a lot of Covenant. Take advantage of that and throw
    a Fragmentation Grenade before they can move. Pick off any Covenant that didn't
    get in the blast. You'll immediately notice the door that you were supposed to
    go to close. Don't worry, that's supposed to happen. Sigh. Cortana should call
    Captain Keyes now and they have a small conversation. You must located the map
    room. You're going to have to deactivate the security door thingy.
    >> Find the main security override
    First of all, head back outside by exiting the structure. Turn to your left and
    use your flashlight and locate the small cave that you can jump into. You're
    going to need a running start by the way. You can get to the shore by driving
    the Warthog there but this is a quick shortcut that should save you a few
    minutes. Even after you get out of the cave, you still have a bit of walking
    to do. Continue along the wall that you emmerge next to. After about a minute
    of walking, Cortana will inform you about a path leading into the interior of
    the island. After that, you should see a few Covenant ahead of you. Use the
    rocks and trees as cover. Be careful of the overcharged shot from the Orange
    Jackals. Anyway, after taking them out, notice the path that Cortana was
    talking about. Face it and turn around, well what do you know, a Warthog. Looks
    like the Marines had some bad luck. Anyway, there are two First Aid Kits and a
    few pieces of ammunition. Reload your M6D and continue up the path Cortana was
    talking about before. Kill the other Covenant that come down. Keep on walking
    and killing and using rocks as cover and eventually, you should come to a
    structure... with two Hunters.
    Be sure to turn left immediately as soon as you enter the first room for two
    First Aid Kits and a few bits of ammo. Now, time to focus on the Hunters. If
    they haven't noticed you, great. Snipe them in the orange spot with the pistol.
    If they have noticed you, run up to them and make them charge you. Then strafe
    to the side so their orange spot on their back is uncovered. Give them a pop
    that way. After killing the two Hunters, continue in the direction opposite of
    the direction you entered from. If you are playing on easy, there are two over
    shields hiding behind a crate. Anyway, continue that way and take out the
    various enemies that throw themselves at. You should use the rocks as cover and
    watch out for the Jackals overcharged Plasma Pistol capable of taking down your
    shield. If one happens to get to you, immediately take cover without taking too
    much damage. You should soon get to a bigger area with a path going down right.
    Kill the Covenant here and take that path. There are Grunts here. After taking
    care of them, enter the building that you're next to. In the first big room,
    there are two Hunters hunting for you. Try not get in their way. Jump to the
    side when they melee rather than strafe. Use your M6D like before and kill.
    Keep going straight now down the hallway. At the end is the Security Override.
    Press X to open the door... Finally.
    It's Quiet
    >> Find the Silent Cartographer
    After opening a door, a Gold Elite should emmerge with a Plasma Sword in the
    cutscene. Time to head back to the door. Now head back around down the hallway.
    Don't walk too fast as 2 Stealth Elites are waiting to ambush you. Be careful
    of his annoying moves. Stand in one spot without trying to chase it. Look for
    it's weapon firing to find it. Since the invisible Elite doesn't carry a
    shield, it should be considerably easier to defeat it. Head back outside and
    turn to your right. I hope you haven't used every one of the overshields next
    to you yet. Pick up one and head in the direction you came from before.
    Advance in that direction all the way until you get to the structure where you
    found the Hunters. As you'd expect, the Covenant know of your position and sent
    in a Dropship to drop a few Jackals. This is too easy. Take them out and
    continue forward. If you need any health, use the First Aid Kit by the fallen
    Marine if you haven't picked it up before. As soon as you enter the beach area,
    head left. Yes, that's correct, left. If you saw the crashed Pelican when you
    were up there, great. If you didn't, doesn't matter. It's a bit of walking but
    when you get there, take out the Jackals and pick up the various ammunition.
    Might I remind you that there's a Rocket Launcher too. Now, go through the
    cave, use the Warthog, do whatever to get back to the structure where you found
    the locked door. When you get to the structure, there are two Hunters you have
    to take care of however. A Rocket Launcher will make short work for them. Now,
    time to enter the structure. The Silent Cartographer is past the unlocked door.
    Enter the structure and go through the hallway and turn right and follow the
    path down. There will be no Covenant because you killed them all. Anyway, head
    through the door you opened.
    You can head right and take a look at the depth of this place. After you do
    that, head in the opposite direction and follow the path. By the end should be
    an Elite with his back turned to you. You feeling what I'm feeling? Smack him
    in the back and go right. Enter the door there and kill the various Covenant on
    your floor. You can kill the Covenant on the higher levels but that's not
    neccesary. Now, there's another door on the opposite wall you entered from.
    It's pretty hard to miss. Kill the Jackals hiding there and move down the path.
    Be careful not to venture too close to the edge. Anyway, enter the door at the
    end and you should be in another room with a lot of Covenant. Okay, before you
    go in there full charge, let me tell you something. There are Hunters, and
    Jackals. Don't go in immediately. Instead, from the door you entered from, head
    down the path straight and check out the dead Marines. Pick up what you need to
    pick up and start hiding behind one of the pillars. The Jackals should've
    already noticed you. Anyway, let them come to you. Don't go to them. After
    killing them, head towards the center of the room to deal with the Hunters. If
    you are still sporting a Rocket Launcher, use that. If not, use a M6D. Now, on
    the left wall(opposite of the dead Marines), there is another path going down.
    Go down once again to reach another level. At the bottom, you'll hear a
    conversation between a few of your Allies. Looks bad. Anyway, jump down. You'll
    lose a bit of shield but that won't matter. Face forward and turn your head
    left. Walk forward a little bit and you should see two doors. One to the left
    and another to the right. Take the left door and head down the path. As you
    enter another room, turn left down the small incline and pick up the Active
    Camoflage. Jump off the platform to the level below and continue. At firstm it
    appears you can't get out but turn around and go through the passageway to the
    right. Continue and you should reach a room. There are Covenant but you have an
    Active Camoflage so they can't see you just yet. You can attack them if you
    want but it's not neccessary. From the door you entered from, head left and
    when you reach the end, make a right. Kill any Covenant in your way. You should
    come to a path leading left. Go through and head down the incline. Kill the
    annoying Grunts here and pick up the Over Shield. Now, continue forward and
    take the first right you see to get to the map room.. or the Silent
    Cartographer. Before you can activate it, kill the two Elites on the far side
    of the room that should be attacking you. Ah, now activate it with X.
    >> Return to the surface for extraction
    You should hear that Cortana can't contact Captain Keyes. This is bad. Anyway,
    I'm going to have to list the directions back because it will be different than
    the direction we came. Head back and go back up that ramp we came from to the
    left. As soon as you enter the room you came from, you should be at a fork, one
    path going left and one going right. Take the left one to find a ramp leading
    to a higher platform above. Turn right and continue along this way. Towards the
    end, you should see some red dots on your motion detector. Turn right and the
    music will come on to a more interesting pace. Anyway, kill the Jackals and
    head up the path without falling down the middle. As you exit, there should be
    a lot of enemies around. Take a quick look around. This is door we didn't
    choose last time. The door on the right. You're going to have to fight off
    these Covenant but avoid losing your sense of direction. From the door you
    entered the room from, head straight and you should see a ramp leading up to
    the platform above you. Get on and kill the annoying Grunts on top. Continue on
    this as it twists. When you reach the incline going down, ignore it and
    continue towards the path forward going left. Don't get off this platform until
    you reach the end. At the end, go up the familiar ramp killing the enemies
    here. Don't rush, you have all the time in the world. After clearing the room,
    head to the door you entered from again. You should be able to find it.
    Continue up this familiar path. Go through the door and keep in mind that this
    room is full of the Covenant. The best course of action would be too
    immediately head to the right and go through the doorway. Kill the Elite and
    continue through the path you should be all too familiar with. However, what
    should be blocking your path. A GOLD ELITE. Yes, it's the Elite you saw
    earlier. Use a Needler if you have one and run backwards while shooting it. Be
    careful of it's jumps. After clearing him, go forward and run up the incline
    to get to the first hallway. As you look outside, notice the covenant Dropship.
    You will soon be attacked by invisible Elites. Roughly three. Try to finish
    them or hide until Foehammer comes and starts down. Press X to enter it and
    escape intact. Guess what, you're going underground.
    ***Mission Overview***
    Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo.
    >> Clear the landing beach of hostiles
    Wow, since you beat the last level on legendary, this level will seem like a 
    joke.  This is my second favorite level, as you can really do whatever you want 
    on this enormous island that you are on.  As a matter of fact, you can almost 
    skip half of it right from the beginning.  Isn’t that cool?  I will write it 
    like you are supposed to do the level, and also include some bits on where you 
    can skip certain parts and whatnot.  So let’s begin!
    You start out getting dropped off by a Human dropship, not the one you stole 
    from the Covenant, and you get placed on the beach along with several other 
    Marines.  Now from here there are a couple things you can do.  You can follow 
    the Marines and take the longer but usual route and you can follow this 
    walkthrough.  If you feel like skipping a lot of this then turn around and 
    start walking the other way, keeping the ocean on your left.  You are going to 
    have to go halfway around the entire island, but there won’t be much to any 
    activity.  You will eventually reach a place with a flipped warthog and a 
    forested area guarded by several logs with many guys in that area.  If you 
    decide to do the first method read below, if not skip down to where you see a 
    series of symbols that look like this: !@#$%^&*.  Follow these next steps:
    1. Highlight it
    2. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + C
    3. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + F
    4. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + V
    5. Press Enter or Return
    All right, if you are reading here you decided to take the longer but 
    relatively safer route as well.  With this route you should always have some 
    Marines with you.  If you follow this route it is the route the game intended 
    so you will see the entire plot.  Anyway, from the start follow your Marines, 
    now in Easy mode you could probably let the Marines do the dirty work and kill 
    the enemies, but here in Legendary, as you know, the only purpose they really 
    have is to a kill a couple guys and serve as bait.  With this however, you want 
    to keep a minimum of two alive so you must go and help out.  Until you find a 
    plasma weapon use either your pistol or assault rifle to mow down some baddies, 
    then use their weapons to take the rest of them down.  There are several rocks 
    here so you can hide as well as the elites can hide.  There are threee groups 
    of two Grunts when you first start out, and take them out with your zoomed in 
    pistol.  After that first part there is a lone Elite waiting for a Plasma 
    Pistol blast in the face followed by pistol shots.  Then the next wave includes 
    another Elite and three Grunts, take them down and lob some Grenades for this 
    last group of two Jackals and two Elites.  Once they are all dead you will 
    receive confirmation of that by Cortana requesting a Warthog and receiving it.  
    You will get a Navigation Point to the Warthog being dropped off by the 
    enormous human dropship, and with your two remaining Marines, have them load up 
    with you to aid you in your journey.  
    Continue on around the bend in the mountain, keeping the ocean on your right, 
    and you will see some guys on your left.  Not just some actually, you will see 
    seven or eight jackals, oh man that is a nightmare.  This is optional and you 
    can just speed by, but here is what to do if you want to kill them.  The guys 
    on the ground are easy enough to kill, but the guys on top of rocks can provide 
    you with a lot of pain.  The best way is to get out of your Warthog and take 
    care of them yourself, as the aim of the Marines with the Chain Gun on the back 
    of the Warthog is pretty subpar.  Once the enemies in that area are eliminated, 
    move a little further to see some Grunts and two Elites.  Right away, go for 
    killing the Elites and run their ass over, because they will provide nothing 
    but trouble for your gunmen.  Usually the gunmen will take down the rest of the 
    Grunts, but help them out as well by running a few over.  Once they are all 
    dead in this area, continue up the slope and left until you get to the top of 
    the slope.  
    You will now be able to see the cave where the Cartographer is located.  Before 
    going to the entrance however, you might want to backtrack and head along the 
    beach to find an overshield guarded by three Jackals, or three run-over 
    Jackals.  Once you get the overshield, the entrance awaits you.  At the 
    entrance you will see three or four Elites and several Grunts.  Obviously the 
    Elites are a priority, as they can rip you apart pretty damn fast.  Try to 
    either run them over or make room for your gunners to mow them down.  Once the 
    entrance is free, you get to enter the structure.  As soon as you enter you 
    will see a narrow hallway with three pairs of alcoves on both sides, so one on 
    each side.  In this area there are, count it, four Elites.  Sounds like 
    trouble?  Well it is trouble.  The best thing for you to do is to not stand and 
    wait for them, but have them wait for you, sort of.  They will all be standing 
    there stupidly until you pass that alcove, so head into the first one and peer 
    across to see if an Elite is there.  When you peer around the next corner and 
    you see an Elite, stick him quickly with a Plasma Grenade and listen to him 
    wail.  This might wake up the others, and it probably will, but it is better to 
    fight three then four right?  Take cover when needed and use the Plasma Pistols 
    often to kill them quickly.  Once you kill these people, head down this hallway 
    and take right, and down the narrow slope.  When you get to the bottom, take a 
    peek left to see a couple of Grunts, a regular Elite as well as a Commander 
    Elite with a Plasma Sword.  Throw a grenade down there to hopefully kill some 
    guys, but the Gold Elite will retreat behind the door and close it, leaving you 
    with those guys.  Throw grenades and plasma pistol blast them and they will die 
    quickly.  GO to the bottom realizing that the door is locked!  You must go back 
    and unlock the door, oh goody!
    >> Find the main facility security override
    Retreat out of here and get back to your warthog.  Your guys will have 
    faithfully stayed there, hopefully, unless they got killed.  Take them down to 
    the beach and follow the ocean to your right until you get to the next area.  
    It will include a flipped warthog and several guys in a wooded area.  Read on 
    to figure out what to do.
    Well, here we are at the wooded area with the flipped warthog.  If you are 
    coming from the beginning, you will find this part a little more difficult, 
    because you don’t have a plasma pistol, but with your sharp shooting skills 
    with a pistol, you should be fine.  Stand back, and if you have Marines let 
    them shoot, otherwise just let it rip.  There are several Grunts, several 
    Jackals, and I believe two Elites.  Those are going to be a pain in the ass, so 
    be careful and take your time with them.  If you find they are hiding, charge 
    at them, this means they are weak and are trying to regenerate their shield.  
    This might take a while to defeat all of these guys, but be patient and use 
    whatever you can as cover for your mayhem.  Once they are all dead, move up the 
    slope behind into a narrow passageway of trees and such.  In this section, you 
    will find several other people to fight, and this my friends includes another 
    two Elites, a couple of Grunts and a couple of Jackals.  Hiding behind rocks is 
    a good idea as the enemies can get overwhelming, so just be patient and you 
    will be victorious.  Once they are all dead move on until you get to an 
    opening.  I wouldn’t go too far in the opening, because to your right will be 
    two Hunters waiting for you.  I think this is the easiest setting to beat 
    Hunters in.  Across from where you came from you will find a Health pack as 
    well as some well-deserved pistol ammo.  That gun is what you need to kill 
    these guys.  Also, down by one of the shield type objects in the ring by the 
    Hunters is a couple of over shields.  Doesn’t get any better than this does it? 
    Once you defeat them, you can continue on.
    Continue down a sort of slope to a bigger area with many trees and a large 
    structure on the right.  In this area there are many enemies, and these include 
    three or four jackals on the right side and four or five grunts with an Elite 
    on the other side.  Taking out the Jackals first is recommended otherwise, they 
    will just be getting in your way as you shoot the others.  Plasma Pistol is 
    very useful here to take them all down efficiently.  The ground will be covered 
    in Plasma Pistols, so don’t worry about that.  Also, you have another over 
    shield back by the Hunters if things get messy.  Once they are all dead, head 
    around the corner to meet another Grunt and Jackals waiting for you at the 
    entrance, dispatch of them and move past the entrance to find THREE OVER 
    SHIELDS!!!  I have no idea what you would need three over shields for, but you 
    never know I guess.  So now, enter the structure to find the security system 
    switch.  There is only one group of enemies that are waiting to stop you, and 
    that is another two Hunters.  Joy!  This is a pretty large area where you end 
    up fighting them, and you have three over shields up top and a health pack in 
    one part, so this should be a sinch.  Once you kill them, continue on through 
    the door at the other side to get to the switch.  Press it to open the door to 
    the Cartographer.  Once you press the switch, you will see that the door to the 
    Silent Cartographer will open, letting the Gold Commander Elite free, but don’t 
    worry, you won’t fight him...until later.
    / IT’S QUIET /
    >> Find the Silent Cartographer
    Well, now you get to trek all the way back to the Silent Cartographer base, and 
    that isn’t an easy task.  But first things first, we got to get out of this 
    place.  Head back the same way that you came.  When you reach the area where 
    the Hunters were, you will be in for a big surprise, and my worst nightmare.  
    Not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5, yes, 5 stealth/invisible elites are in this area.  
    Thankfully they don’t have plasma swords, or you would be very screwed.  You 
    can stand back and try to fight them all, and you eventually should kill them 
    all for a checkpoint, but that is a bad strategy, seeing as how they are 
    invisible.  If you really want to try this strategy, then the best way is to 
    try your best to single each one out, or focus on just one, so you can for sure 
    kill that one.  If you shoot all of them three or four times, they will appear 
    for a second, but then their invisibility will regenerate, putting you back to 
    where you started.  There is another way to do it, and here is a strategy that 
    I recommend ten times over the last one.
    (thanks to halo.bungie.org)
    There are five stealth elites now in the room where you killed the hunters and 
    they can be very nasty. The easiest way to eliminate them is to run as fast as 
    possible straight through this room. Your overshield should keep you alive. 
    Once you're safely on the ramp leading out of here, you can peek in and pick 
    them off much more easily. They'll bunch up together just inside the door. Take 
    a moment if you wish to gloat over the pile of bodies.
    Whatever you decide to do, once you complete this part of the level, you won’t 
    have any trouble finding the outside and, some fresh air.  Now we have to get 
    back to the Silent Cartographer, and you know that your last failed assault on 
    the Cartographer will make the Covenant try extra hard to kill you with more 
    and harder enemies.  Hunters anyone?  Anyways, there is again a split in the 
    road.  From the entrance of the Security System Facility you can fall down the 
    cliff ahead of you, effectively creating a shortcut, or if you prefer the path 
    more traveled turn around to the left and back where you came from.  Either way 
    works, but the Covenant troops are waiting for you back where you came from.  
    As always, I will provide you with a strategy for both directions, and a way to 
    get to each direction.  This is a much smaller detour, but it less killing of 
    guys and less traveling.  On the other hand the longer way is safer than taking 
    the huge drop.  If you prefer the path less traveled via going down the cliff 
    and taking a shortcut, just skip the next paragraph.  If you are going back the 
    way you came, read on to the next paragraph.  
    If you are here, that means you are going back the way you came.  Pick up an 
    overshield, which you probably need after the onslaught of those five stealth 
    elites.  So go back the way you came, and eventually you will end up at the 
    place where you fought the first Hunters.  You will see a Covenant dropship 
    coming in, and they will give you, five jackals.  My favorite.  Get down behind 
    some of the cover and use some charged plasma shots to take them down.  Keep 
    shifting so they don’t catch up with you, and eventually they will fall.  If 
    you need some more ammo, go back to where you killed the Grunts to get some 
    Plasma Pistols.  Once they are dead, head left and down the narrow passage out 
    into the open to find your old abandoned Warthog.  Take the Warthog left with 
    the ocean on your right and around the bend.  You will end up where the people 
    who have dropped down have ended up, with a fallen HUMAN dropship and a tall 
    mini-plateau ahead of you.
    Alright, if you took the long route you must skip a couple paragraphs, as it 
    entails how to go about getting to the bottom of this cliff by jumping, and not 
    affecting your health.  To get to the paragraphs after these you must search 
    for this: *&^%$# @!.  Yes, it is the same thing, but it is backwards.  It is 
    simple, yet effective.  If you decided to take the shortcut, read on to the 
    next paragraph.  Anyway here are those steps again to find the next part if you 
    decided to take the shortcut: 
    1. Highlight it
    2. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + C
    3. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + F
    4. Press Ctrl (or Apple) + V
    5. Press Enter or Return
    Once you exit the main structure, head over to the right side of the cliff and 
    scope it out.  There are several palm trees and a not as steep slope further 
    right.  There are two ways to do this, one would include having good jumping 
    skills, the other would require not as much skill, but good concentration 
    nonetheless.  Obviously the second one is easier, but whatever you like to do.  
    If you are doing the first one, read on to the next paragraph.  If you are 
    doing the second one, skip the next paragraph.
    To get down the cliff by jumping, you must have good jumping skills.  You will 
    have to judge and time yourself correctly for this to work properly.  The idea 
    is to jump on one of the trees and on to another one so that you can fall 
    safely without getting hurt.  Again, timing and distance judgement is key to 
    this, and if you feel these aren’t very, very good for you, then this isn’t for 
    you.  Nevertheless, once you get down, you should see a crashed human dropship 
    and a tall mini-plateau.  BTW, if you haven’t figured it out already, skip the 
    next paragraph.
    To get down the cliff by sliding, basically all you have to do is jump and make 
    sure you land on the down slope.  It should take you most of the ways down, and 
    if it doesn’t you should be able to jump down the rest of the way without 
    losing health.  You might lose your shield, so take a moment and regenerate it, 
    but you shouldn’t lose any health.  Taking an overshield at the beginning of 
    this might help as well.  Anyway, once you get to the bottom, you should see a 
    crashed human dropship and a tall mini-plateau.
    *&^%$# @!.
    Head up to the dropship and grab all of the goodies.  There is a health pack, 
    lots of pistol ammo, assault rifle ammo, needler ammo, and (sings heavenly 
    music) a rocket launcher.  Definitely take this as it can really help you out.  
    Anyway, if you managed to get to the goodies without killing anyone or getting 
    hurt, I applaud you.  For the rest of us, we have to take care of them.  Facing 
    away from the dropship there are four jackals on the left as well as a couple 
    on the right, with about five or six Grunts on top of the plateau.  First, kill 
    the Jackals on the left.  Either run over them with your Warthog or whip out 
    your pistol and zoom in and take their heads off.  From wherever you came from, 
    it is a good idea to stop and snipe at least one of these guys with your 
    Once they are all dead, move on to killing as many of the Grunts on top as you 
    can.  You can use the pistol, but for this part I would use the Needler.  Stand 
    back as far as you think you can hit them with the Needler and let it rip, as 
    you aren’t going to be keeping this gun anyways.  Unfortunately, the Grunts are 
    chickens, so you won’t be able to kill all of them, but you should be able to 
    kill enough to keep the enemy fire from up there to a bare minimum.  
    Once most of the Grunts on top are dead, move on to killing the other Jackals 
    at the other side.  This is the way that you want to go, so that is why I 
    picked them last.  Run them over or shoot them, it doesn’t really matter, just 
    take care of them.  If you need to you can snipe, but running them over works 
    just fine.  Once everyone in the area is dead, grab your Warthog and head left 
    with the ocean on your right.  You will come up to where you first started, and 
    if you skipped this part earlier, you will now have dividends to pay as not 
    only does the original group of people still exist, there are more Covenant 
    waiting for you.  Luckily you have a Warthog before the battle, so barrel 
    through their ranks with it and get the hell out of there.
    Once you pass them, you will reach the part right before the Cartographer base. 
    Again, if you haven’t been here yet you might have to fight some guys, look up 
    from before to get more details on what to do, or not to do.  Once they are all 
    dead you can go up the slope and you will be just to the side of the base.  
    There will be several Grunts here before you get to the outside part and they 
    are just in the way.  Massacre them, but keep an eye by the base, because out 
    come the Hunters.  A pair of Hunters will show up and firing at all cylinders.  
    Sadly enough the Hunters will not only aim at you, but at your Marine friends 
    in the Warthog.  Hmm, I wonder what you should use for them?  Maybe that crappy 
    rocket launcher you picked up could do the trick!  Blast them both away quickly 
    and effectively and start to enter the structure.  Go into the complex and go 
    through the security door, which you opened up.  Turn right at the T-
    intersection and look at the depths of this place.  You will get a cutscene of 
    the Master Chief staring around this enormous facility.
    / SHAFTED /
    I really don’t know why Bungie decided to put a subtitle there, it doesn’t mean 
    anything really.  It is more funny to me but anyways, go back the way you came 
    and continue straight into the complex.  Here is one of the most in-depth 
    strategies and ways to get into the place unheard and unseen and getting the 
    (thanks to halo.bungie.org)
    Moving along, you'll come across an elite hard at work on his big purple box 
    thingy. Hit him from behind then head half way up the ramp to your right.
    One or two grunts will be patrolling the upper floor. If you wait patiently on 
    the ramp, they will wander over near you, turn around and expose their backside 
    to you as they walk away. Make sure to wait for the second one if there are 
    two, then run up and hit them from behind.  There's also often a sleeping grunt 
    up here so take him out while he's snoozing.
    Head back down the ramp and take an immediate right through the door. Again 
    there are one or two patrolling grunts and often one sleeping. Peek around the 
    corner and wait for the second one to pass. They patrol around the central 
    structure in the room. They also like to turn when they reach the corner 
    nearest to you and look in your direction before proceeding, so be careful. Run 
    out and bash the second one after it turns away. The first will turn around 
    after it reaches the next corner so move fast. Duck behind the central 
    structure after you strike so it doesn't see you. Use your motion tracker to 
    notice when he moves on, then go for the sleeping grunt. Retreat to the door 
    and wait for the first grunt to return. He should be easy to sneak up on this 
    time. He uses the same pattern as before.
    Now you should be left with one elite down below, one grunt on the ledge above 
    him, and possibly another near him. Find a good sniping spot out of view of the 
    elite and send one round through each grunt's head in turn. The elite will be 
    alerted, but will have no idea where you are. You should be able to use the 
    upstairs catwalk to sneak around and pistol-whip him.
    Now that the area is yours, switch out your rocket launcher for a plasma 
    pistol. There are three jackals in the hall ahead. Empty a plasma pistol on 
    them. Just keep sending charged shots down the ramp. Throw a grenade down too. 
    If they get into the room with you, run up and smack them then go back to 
    gunning down the ones in the hall. After they're toast, pick up a more fully 
    charged plasma pistol.
    The next area has two pairs of jackals roaming about and two hunters blocking 
    the way forward. As you enter the room, you'll see a hall extending to your 
    left and one in front of you overlooking the shaft. Move into the one ahead of 
    you and look to your left. You should see a narrow corridor that leads to the 
    interior of this room. This short, narrow corridor is a beautiful place. Only 
    very rarely will Covenant follow you in here. You'll use it now on the way down 
    and again on the way back out. Send charged plasma shots at the jackals from a 
    distance then follow up with your pistol. Grenades as well work wonders against 
    jackals. Hang out near the corridor and use it for cover whenever necessary. 
    There's a pile of goodies here, but save it for after you face the hunters. 
    These guys should be easy. Try to get the two of them in a line so they can't 
    both fire at you. Dodge up to them then backpedal and shoot them in the gut 
    when they charge. Go fill up on good stuff and retrieve your rocket launcher.
    Follow the path down to a mysteriously vacant area. As you enter this place, 
    the exits are directly beneath you. You could just hop down, but wander around 
    for a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. This place will be 
    crawling with jackals later.
    There are two doors out of this room. The one on the left leads to an active 
    camouflage. Go down and take a look. Memorize where it is. We'll be getting it 
    later. The one on the right leads down a ramp to a long hallway with three 
    grunts at the end. Zoom in right at head level for these shorties and nail 
    them. There are six more grunts and an elite on the lower floor. Move ahead and 
    look down. Just before you expose yourself on the ledge ahead, you should see 
    little triangular openings next to the floor. Through the one on the left 
    you'll see several grunts milling about. Crouch down, zoom in, and start 
    shooting. After you've sent many of them to an early grave, the rest will 
    retreat down a ramp overlooking the shaft. This leaves the room they were in 
    nicely vacant for you. Notice there are four ways in and out of this room. If 
    you're still standing on the catwalk facing the center of the room, there's one 
    behind you, the one you came from. The Covenant retreated through another. It's 
    to your left, and you can see the shaft through it. To your right and in front 
    of you there's a ramp that leads down to two more elites. And to your right 
    behind you another ramp leads up to the room with the active camouflage. Take a 
    moment to look around the theater and familiarize yourself with the location of 
    all emergency exits.
    Drop down and go to the fallen bodies of the most recently deceased grunts. 
    Grab a needler and drop the rocket launcher for now. Peek out into the shaft 
    and unload your needler on the elite and grunts that retreated. Keep firing 
    until the grunts at least are all definitely dead. The elite might be trickier. 
    A charged plasma shot will send him behind cover. While he's hidden you can 
    creep up next to him and drop a grenade or run around and blow his head off. 
    There's an overshield here behind cover, but wait until after you've dealt with 
    the next two elites before snatching it.
    These guys cover each other very well. You could always get their attention 
    from one direction then run back into the previous room and use another exit to 
    get around behind them and stick a grenade to their back. Or you can just toss 
    several grenades into the hall with them.  Unloading a couple of clips of 
    needles works well too. You have many options. Try them all.  Just as long as 
    they die.
    Whew. At last you can activate the cartographer, grab that overshield and your 
    rocket launcher and get ready to blast your way out of here.
    Wasn’t that an awesome strategy?  Wow, it amazes my every time I do it.  Anyway 
    just because you finally got the damn Cartographer, doesn’t mean this mission 
    is over yet.  In fact, the hardest part is yet to come.  You now have to get 
    out of this place with the Covenant alerted that you are here.  Sounds like fun 
    right?  Well get ready to rumble.
    From the Cartographer, head back the way you came to the room with the catwalk 
    in the middle and head straight across.  Head up the ramps and through the next 
    door with you will then come to a room with an active camouflage.  Sounds like 
    fun huh?  Well, first take care of those pesky Jackals firing at you, or just 
    run in and out, grabbing the Camouflage.  Anyway, once you get it, head back 
    into the room with the catwalk.  You must definitely make the most of your 
    Active Camouflage by getting the hell out of this place.  Hopefully you 
    remember the way you came from, so you don’t waste time looking for the exits.  
    Head down the ramp and to the ramp going down the long hall.  If you are lucky, 
    you can make it to the room with the active camouflage, except where those 
    Jackals were firing at you.  Hopefully you took care of them, if not fire 
    Plasma Pistol shots at them to take them down fast.  There are originally six 
    or seven of them, so it might be a challenge, but tough it out and stay 
    conservative and hang back firing those Plasma Pistols.  Once they are dead you 
    can move on.  
    Moving on, get out of this damn pit that you get to.  Blocking that will be an 
    Elite with some Grunts.  If you diddle dawdle you will be gunned down, period, 
    so make sure you take it to them with some Plasma Pistols blasts.  Once they 
    are all dead continue on.  You will get to another ramp up and several 
    more...Jackals.  Man I am starting to hate these guys!  You know the drill, 
    Plasma Pistol them and melee or pistol.  BTW, if any guys give you a lot of 
    trouble, you should have a rocket launcher, so make use of it well.
    Once the Jackals are dead you will end up in a room with an exterior hallway 
    around the room along with an interior that is quite large.  In this room there 
    are several Jackals (ugh!), some Grunts, and an Elite.  Hide in one of the 
    little pockets in the interior to take care of as many guys as possible from 
    that point of view, then use their Plasma Pistols to take out the rest of your 
    foes, including the Elite.  Continue on to one of the last rooms before your 
    You will find yourself in the upper deck of a room with a couple Jackals 
    (GEEZ!!) a couple Grunts and of course and Elite.  The Jackals will be 
    stationed all around the top floor waiting for you as the Grunts and Elite will 
    be at the bottom.  Give the Grunts and Elites some Plasma Pistols before 
    continuing on.  The Jackals shouldn’t give you too much trouble, and you can 
    almost ignore them.  Continue out the top-level door and you will see an Elite 
    guarding the lower level door.  Stick him with a Plasma grenade and watch him 
    squeal.  You are almost done, hang in there!  Now we come to the Gold Elite 
    Commander with a Plasma Sword.  You should have gotten a checkpoint before 
    this, so you can try as many times as you need.  Basically, go through the 
    halls until you are looking straight at the place you got shafted with the door 
    on your right.  In that doorway is the Elite.  The best way to kill him is to 
    stick him with a Plasma Grenade.  Once you do, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!  He 
    will come running after you, because he is pissed off.  I guess I would be too 
    so I can’t complain.  Anyway, once he dies, continue through the door out to 
    the room with many alcoves.  
    This is the last battle, so hang tough.  The last battle consists of about five 
    or six stealth elites.  The best way to kill them is to fire a couple bullets 
    in the hallway to get the interested and then back off.  They will usually 
    congregate right around the corner, waiting for you to blast there butt away.  
    With any luck you should be able to sidestep out and blast them all away with a 
    well-placed rocket at their feet.  If all of them don’t die, you can kill the 
    rest easily enough.  You can basically use the same strategy and kill them 
    quickly and effectively.  You are now home free, as nothing can stand in your 
    way.  A Pelican will be there to pick you up and the mission will be completed! 
    Congratulations, but save the celebrations for if you beat this next level, 
    because it is one of the hardest in the game.
    5.5 - Assault on the Control Room
    General Tips: If you ever get disorientated when in a structure, use the white
    arrows on the ground as reference. They will always point in the right
    direction. Be careful of the Wraiths in this level.
    Description: Defend the Control Room against wave after wave of Covenant
    Recommended Weapons: Plasma Pistol, M6D Pistol/Sniper Rifle
    I Would Have Been Your Daddy
    >> Reach the transition to the second chasm
    As you make your way out of the Pelican, the Grunts will start running away and
    make the Elites come at you. You can easily take a Shade Gun Turret and start
    mowing them down. After they fall, continue through the door they came from.
    There may still be stray Grunts in this hallway so be careful. Enter through
    the door at the end of hallway and you'll enter a circular room. An Elite
    should be patrolling the entrance. If it hasn't noticed you yet, stay back and
    give him a smack in the back. Anyway, if the Grunts woke up, start hiding
    behind a few of the pillars and kill them that way. If they haven't woken up
    yet, start meleeing them. Anyway, there are quite a few Elites and a lot of
    Grunts in this room but there is a lot of cover that you can hide under while
    you attack. Use Plasma Grenades strategically as well. After clearing the room,
    go to the door opposite of the one you entered. Remember to switch your Assault
    Rifle for a Plasma Pistol. Anyway, if you can't figure out where this door is,
    use the arrows on the ground. They will point you there.
    Follow the hallway until you reach another door. Enter and you'll come outside.
    Keep in mind that you are under the surface of Halo so snow... is a bit
    strange. Anyway, immediately start smacking the sleeping Grunts to your right
    and left and wait for the Pelican to radio in. It seems they're being attacked.
    Now, look around. You seem to be on some sort of bridge. Drop down the sides
    and you die. We're going to fight all the way to the other side which can be a
    problem. The key thing to remember is to not rush. Don't just charge into the
    enemy. Instead, let them come to you. Advance through the bridge by
    continuously using Elite tactics. Popping up and jumping back to cover when
    your shields are low. After clearing the first half of the bridge, you'd
    probably be seen by a Gold Elite with a Plasmatic Sword. Well, avoid his sword
    and stick a Plasma Grenade on him if you could. Clear out the rest and kill
    the Grunts in the two Shade turrets by the end. You'll come to another door.
    This door leads to an elevator to the area you saw below. We're going down to
    the ground underground. Continue through the hallway and enter yet another
    circular room infested with Covenant. This room is similar to the last room you
    went to. Take a left and head that way around the room killing off any Covenant
    that attack you. About 1/4 of the way around the room, you'll find a dead
    Marine with some ammo and a First Aid Kit. Pick them up if you need them and
    continue in the direction you were heading. Avoid getting too damaged by the
    onslaught of Covenant. Try to pass them without killing them all. When you
    reach the tunnel like path heading down. It's easy to catch because it's
    flashing yellow and the white arrow is pointing in the direction. Continue that
    way until you reach the elevator. Press X when facing the control panel to make
    it go down. Avoid getting too close to the edge of the elevator as there are a
    few tiny air pockets that you can fall through.
    After going down and exiting the lift, go through the small hallway and you
    should come to another large room with a lot of Covenant. Luckily, there's a
    lot of cover you can take. Hide in the little Grunt sized alcoves or on some of
    the higher platforms to kill the Jackals, Grunts, and Elites. Now, it's easy to
    get lost and disorientated and because of the size of this room, you might get
    lost. However, they decided to make it easier for you and add arrows in this
    room. When you see an arrow, travel in the direction it's pointing to reach the
    door outside. Head through the small hallway to reach the bottom. Look up to
    see the bridge you were on before. Ahead and a little bit to the left is a
    small battle between a few surviving Marines and a few Covenant. Actually,
    quite a lot of Covenant. The closest enemy should be a Grunt in Shade Gun so
    throw a grenade on the Shade and then focus on the Ghosts and the various other
    enemies. Don't go attack the Wraith or any Covenant up ahead as you'd want a
    vehicle first. If your Marines are alive, use the overturned Warthog. There is
    also a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher by that vehicle.
    Drive forward and take out the Wraith(the thing that shoots the blue mortars)
    as quickly as possible. If you took the Rocket Launcher, use that. After the
    Wraith is destroyed, focus on the other Covenant in the area. Be sure to take
    out that annoying Grunt in the Shade on the cliff to the left. This is a wide
    open area without too much cover so you'd have to use evasive maneuvers and
    strafes to escape the Covenant's fire. After killing the Covenant in the
    vicinity, continue forward through the canyon. Don't forget your Warthog! As
    soon as you reach the ice pond, you should notice a Scorpion. Get out of your
    Warthog and immediately get on. Some Marines may also get on but that's good.
    Start killing off the ghosts that come after you and kill the various other
    Covenant in the area. Be careful of the Jackals and they're overcharged beams.
    You should also notice a crashed Pelican to the left of the canyon wall. There
    is some ammunition and a First Aid Kit. Go through the canyon and take the
    tunnel on the right. There are various Ghosts and Covenant in here. Try not to
    use your main cannon because of the tight area. You might end up hurting your
    marines. Exit the tunnel and you should emmerge in a large battlefield. The
    Covenants will immediately target you and you might notice 2 Wraiths(one on the
    cliff at the far side and another directly in front of the small cliff in front
    of you. First, take out the enemies attacking you(including a really annoying
    Banshee), then focus on the Wraith and Shade at the top of the cliff. After the
    enemies are obliverated, take a look at the tunnel below the former Wraith
    above the cliff. There will be two Hunters in that little thing so you might
    want to take them out. The Scorpion does wonders as a direct hit will send one
    flying. Anyway, continue through the tunnel unlocking the first door.(the
    control panel is on the left wall.)
    Get back in the Scorpion and enter through the open blast door. Advance through
    the hallway. When you reach the large room at the end, prepare yourself for a
    big battle. I would suggest getting out of the tank and killing that way. There
    are a few Elites patrolling the first area and a Shade gun on the unfinished
    bridge to the right. There is also another Shade gun on the far left as well.
    After clearing the initial enemies, take your tank if you wish and cross the
    left bridge to the other side. Now... before you do anything, let me remind you
    that there are an abundance of Elites and Jackals plus two Hunters so be
    careful. The Shade turret is to your left when you get on the other side. At
    some point, you may want to try getting out of the tank and crouching behind
    and use it as a cover. After the Covenant are destroyed, open the large door on
    the opposite side you entered from. Continue down the large passageway with
    your Scorpion.
    Rolling Thunder
    After the chapters fade, you'll find a little Covenant emplacement with two
    Ghosts and a few Elites. Take them out and continue in that general direction.
    Soon, you'll find yourself heading uphill with a tank. There will be a hell
    amount of Jackals and Elites around here. Reach the top of the tunnel to get
    back on flat land and find a Covenant Dropship and a lot of enemy.
    >> Reach the transition to the third chasm
    The Dropship will drop off a few Elites and at least 6 Grunts. A Ghost should
    come at you immediately so look out for that. Anyway, you have two paths. One
    takes longer but has less combat but the other is shorter with more combat.
    Let's go right for the shorter path. There is a Grunt with a Shade on top of
    the small incline. Take him out and continue in that direction. Focus all your
    firepower on the single Wraith ahead. After it's gone, take out the others that
    are attacking you. Like before, get out of the tank and use it as cover if you
    want to. Anyway, after the Covenant here are dead, continue through the path
    that you were facing before. Behind the former Wraith. Two Hunters should be
    around here. Kill them and continue. There are a lot of Grunts in this next
    area plus a spiraling slope down. After taking out the Grunts. Drive the tank
    carefully down the slope without falling. At the bottom, you'll find some more
    Marines and a lot of Covenant. As you can see, they're pretty much overwhelmed
    so help them out. A Dropship should drop a few Covenant around as well.
    As the Covenant are destroyed, notice the pipelike barrier in front of you. It
    would appear you can get through them but the tank couldn't. Too bad. Anyway,
    note the ammunition on the left wall close to the pipes. Behind where the
    Hunters were formerly standing. An active camoflage and some more ammunition
    including some rockets. Now, head through the pipe like wall and continue. You
    should see an Invisible Elite with a Plasmatic Sword and a few other enemies.
    If you have the Camo, they wouldn't have noticed you. Send a Plasma Grenade
    their way and stick it on him. Continue in the direction of the Elite and
    your Marines should should inform you of a Shade Gun on top of a cliff. Well,
    exit the tunnel and look around and up. A Shade Gun is resting on top of the
    wall. Use the Rocket Launcher to send it flying. By this time, a Banshee
    might've sighted you and started a strafing run already. Meet it with a rocket.
    Continue forward and your Marines will come with you. There is quite a bit of
    Covenant here so use LOTS of maneuvering and lots of hiding. If you can, steal
    a Ghost and start wreaking havoc. Now, on the right wall, there is a door
    guarded by two Shades and a few Elites. You're going to have to get there. Use
    a rocket to take them out from a distance. Enter the door and continue down the
    You should emmerge in another room with a few Covenant around. Immediately turn
    to your left and smack the Grunt there. Continue in that direction killing off
    the various enemies that attack you but stay on that path. When you reach the
    flashing yellow arrow on the ground, head in that direction. Continue through
    the door. Guess what, you're going on the elevator again.
    At the top, you should be surprised by a Jackal. Smack him with something pain-
    ful and continue through the hallway. On the other side of the big block are
    two Jackals and a dead Marine next to them. Kill them and pick up the
    ammunition and the First Aid Kit if needed. Continue up the path. This is yet a
    very similar room to the one you went to before. As you get in, turn right
    immediately and use the same strategy as before. Kill off the Covenant here but
    avoid getting lost. There is also a Gold Elite in this room armed with a Plasma
    Rifle but you can get past without him getting too much on you. When you reach
    the door with a arrow pointing in it's direction, there will be a small force
    of Grunts and Jackals blocking the hallway. Throw a good grenade in there and
    clear them out. Continue down the small hallway and you should come out on
    another large bridge. You were in the canyon below. Anyway, smack the sleeping
    Grunts and continue down the bridge. You are on the left of two bridges and
    enemies are attacking from the other side as well so make your moves quickly.
    There's no need to kill everyone, just to get to the other door. By the end,
    there is an invisible Elite. He doesn't have a sword for the least.
    As you travel down the hallway, you should come to another door. Enter and
    you'll come to another circular room. As you enter the room, head left and
    follow the Elite. If you can, smack him in the back. Continue that way getting
    and killing enemies in your way. When you reach the dead Marine, pick up
    whatever you need and continue forward. Exit through the door and advance down
    the hallway. Immediately, you should come to a more wider hallway with a lot
    of Grunts and Jackals. Use grenades to take them out swiftly. Continue forward
    and you should come to a circular room. Turn right and look out for Covenant.
    Exit the door when you see it and you should enter another hallway(this is
    getting repetitive). Go through and you'll find yourself on another bridge. You
    were just on the bridge to the right and now you've gotten to this bridge. Keep
    head through the bridge watching out for enemy fire. Use cover as there are
    Hunters on the other bridge. Try to get through as fast as possible. Be careful
    of any Invisible Elite ambushes. Continue through the door and follow the hall-
    way. Another circular room. Head to right and kill the various Jackals and
    Grunts. When you reach the small slope flashing yellow again, go through and
    you should see a Plasma Sword floating in the air. Kill the wielder and
    continue. You should come to yet another circular room you have to navigate
    through. Take another right attempting to avoid the Hunters. If they see you,
    there's nothing more you can do but to kill them. Anyway, follow the arrows to
    another hallway. Enter and...
    If I had a Superweapon
    Now, you can easily steal a Banshee to finish the level early. You have to get
    to the Banshee in front of you before the Elite does. Use a Sniper Rifle or
    something to take him down before he does. Then steal it. However, it might not
    happen if you are too slow or something. After you get the Banshee, immediately
    fly to the pyramid to the left and land on the floor with the large door. This
    is really fun and is a lot easier.
    However, for those of you that don't feel like being lazy and want to take it
    the long way, follow these:
    Anyway, kill the initial enemies on the land bridge and watch the Banshees come
    at you. Bring them down and head to the opposite side of the land bridge.
    Continue through the door and guess what... another circular room. sigh. Head
    left and kill the Covenant in your way. When you reach the tunnel leading down,
    follow the hallway to the elevator. Your at the bottom now. Exit through the
    hallway and you'll find yourself in another room similar to a few before. Turn
    right and follow the arrows to the door. Exit through the hallway and you'll be
    outside. One of the first things you'll notice is the Wraith ahead of you and a
    little to the left. Head in it's direction. You don't have to destroy it but
    avoid it's fire. Notice the big arm coming down from the pyramid. It's like an
    extra growth. It leads to a pit. In this pit is a lot of ammo plus a Ghost?
    Anyway, find some vehicle to commandeer and avoid enemy fire. Somewhere around
    at the base of the pyramid is a path leading up around the left part of the
    pyramid. A Hunter is right there so crush it with your Ghost. Now, continue up
    the slope and follow the path right through the small tunnel. Kill the enemies
    on the other side.
    Now, turn around and head in the opposite direction. Go up the slope to the
    next level. There's a Shade Gun at the top of the slope. Continue right all the
    way, past the tunnel and to the slope. Another Shade gun rests at the top so
    you might as well throw a grenade. Continue upwards and head left. Be careful
    of the Jackals here. Continue in this direction to the next slope upwards to
    reach a more flat area with a few Grunts, three Shade Guns, and two Hunters.
    Take them out as you would normally take them out. Now, we have to get to the
    next level. You can't climb from the front but the sides are climbable. You
    should emmerge by a large, locked door. The controls are on the right side. If
    you have a Rocket Launcher, arm it right now. When the door opens, prepare to
    be greeted by a large force of Grunts and Elites. Including a Gold Elite with a
    Sword. Use your Rocket Launcher to clear out the middle and start climbing the
    structure behind you. The slope is on the left side. The Covenant won't climb
    after you so this is a great place to hide. Kill the initial force and
    continue. There are more Elites in the but after that, these guys are extremely
    easy. Now there will be no more enemies around. W00T!!! Anyway, open the next
    door with the controls and the next to finish the mission. Don't rest now, as
    you'll have to get moving again... quickly!
    5.6 - 343 Guilty Spark
    General Information: You'll be meeting a new enemy in this level. They are the
    Flood. Apparently, they are very different and are still very lethal. Be care-
    ful around them as they use a completely different approach than the Covenant.
    Description: Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemies the Covenant fear.
    Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Assault Rifle
    Well Enough Alone
    >> Locate Captain Keyes
    Apparently, you're now in a scary looking swamp... by yourself. It would seem
    that Cortana stayed back at the control room. Anyway, you're already facing in
    the correct location. Continue forward and look a bit to your left to find a
    crashed Pelican. There is a bit of ammunition by it so take some and continue
    in the direction you were going. Simply continue forward until you're attacked
    by a few Grunts. Kill them and continue straight taking the left fork. To your
    left is a crashed Covenant Dropship that was supposedly shot down by something.
    Anyway, a few Jackals might make their way to your position so take them out if
    needed. Continue left around the downed Dropship and take out the various
    Jackals attacking your position. Ahead of you is a strange growth coming out of
    the ground. After getting closer, you should notice that it's just downed tree.
    Anyway, jump onto one of it's roots and walk up and along the trees stem. When
    you get off, you may notice a Shade Gun in the distance on top of the small
    cliff. Don't worry, it's not manned yet but kill any Grunts that try to make a
    run for it. Now, the majority of the Covenant that landed here in that Dropship
    are residing here. Notice the large structure ahead of you before engaging the
    Covenant. There are many rocks and trees here and you won't have to worry about
    Elites so this fight should be an easy one. Now, note the structure, go inside
    and you should hear a strange humming sound. That is the elevator in front of
    you. Don't get on until the lift gets to your level. Then, press the control
    panel to head down...
    At the bottom, you should see a few Covenant on your motion detector but no one
    can be seen. Fire a few rounds and some Covenant should come pouring out of the
    side of a wall with two green symbols above it. Kill them and continue through
    in that direction. Kill any enemy still there and continue through the door.
    There was a light bridge here but it appears to be broken. Jump down to the
    lower level and kill everything here. There is an opened door on the right wall
    of this floor. It should be pretty easy to find because of the size of this
    room. Continue through and take either path left or right ignoring the red
    doors and emmerge into the next room. Go left along the wall and kill the three
    Jackals guarding the door. Enter through and look at the Grunt blood and the
    dead Jackal on the floor. Well, something happened here obviously. This hallway
    is similar to the last one. Continue either left or right(I chose left for
    obvious reasons)ignoring the red doors and exiting through the door at the end.
    Here's a room similar to the one you entered before. There is a bit of Grunt
    blood in the middle plus two Shade Guns. Now, ahead and a bit to the right is
    a door on a low ledge that you can easily jump on. Notice the Needlers and ammo
    below the door. Jump on the ledge from the side to get on and go through the
    door. This should be common knowledge by now. Continue either left or right and
    exit through the door at the end.
    Ahead of you is a Marine. He appears to be mental as of right now. Apparently,
    something must've caused him to go this crazy. You can kill him for pistol ammo
    if you want. If you cared to listen to him, you'd hear that you witnessed some
    sort of monster or whatever. Anyway, walk through the room to the end. Note the
    incredible amount of Covenant blood in this room. Towards the end is a platform
    above some fire. Jump onto it and get up to the second floor. Exit through the
    door directly above the door you entered from. Go through this corridor like
    last time and you should come to a familiar looking room. Ahead of you is a
    Light Bridge Control Panel. Press X to activate the energy bridge and cross to
    the other side. There is a door before you with two red symbols above it. Enter
    and turn left and right to find some blood on the ground from a dead Marine and
    two First Aid Kits. Take one if you need it and continue down the path. Take a
    left and walk up to the green door. Watch the cutscene if you wish but I assure
    you, it's both long and disturbing.
    The Flood
    Position yourself in the middle of the and arm your Assault Rifle. A faint
    banging should be heard. Immediately, lots of red dots will appear on your
    motion detector. Aim in the direction of it and watch the door blast open with
    strange little creatures popping out. The door behind you has locked so you're
    going to have to fight the critters. Use short bursts to conserve ammo. There
    will be more Infection Forms coming out soon. After a few waves, the door that
    you entered from will break open with both the Infections and the Combat Forms.
    Luckily, they don't carry any weapons yet but they will melee you. Take them
    down quickly and exit back out.
    >> Escape!
    Judging by the exclamation point, I'd say this is pretty important. Immediately
    head back to the door you entered from and you should see quite a few red dots
    on your motion detector. Look below to find the Grunts being obliverated by the
    infamous Flood. Just try to avoid them and turn right without falling down.
    Go through the unlocked door and continue through this squarelike hallway. Exit
    through the door at the end and you'll find multiple Flood on the floor below
    you. Without making too much noise, turn right and go through the smashed door
    on the wall. It looks like the battle you saw before has probably ended. No
    need to stick around. Anyway, turn right and kill the Jackals and Grunts
    guarding the door with two green symbols above it. Go through that door and
    make a left to find a dead Marine with a few First Aid Kits on the ground. Pick
    up the Shotgun, trading it for you Pistol. Do not get rid of your Shotgun until
    the end of the level or until you run out of ammunition but that probably won't
    happen. Anyway, continue down the hall in the direction you were going and exit
    through the door at the end.
    You appear to be in a operation room. Anyway, head right and exit through the
    door on the opposite wall. You should emmerge with a wall blocking your way
    straight. That's good so the Flood in the room don't notice you. Now, working
    quickly, run to the elevator in the middle. The Flood will no doubt, notice you
    but you can make a quick getaway without taking too much damage. Or... you can
    stick around and fight. Immediately press the Control Panel and start
    descending. As you head down, notice the various Grunt blood on the walls(How
    come it's always Grunt blood?! Not Jackals or Elite blood). Anyway, there are
    a lot of Flood at the bottom and they carry both human issued and Covenant
    issued weapons! Luckily, they're not too smart and will throw themselves into
    combat without taking cover. They don't seem to have too much brainpower so
    constantly taking cover and popping them with the Shotgun should be enough.
    Now, there is an Over Shield above a stack of purple crates, left of that is
    the exit. Since the purple crates are blocking the right exit. You're going to
    have to walk around to the left to the door.
    Entering another familiar room, there is a small skirmish below between a few
    Marines and the Flood. Let them die off. That is cold but we can't save them.
    Anyway, the Flood may notice you and start jumping to your position. Yes, they
    can jump that high. Blast them in the air while they are vulnerable. Pick up
    one Active Camoflage to your right and jump down. Kill the various Flood on the
    bottom floor and pick up the Shotguns the Marines dropped. There is another
    unlocked door on the left wall. Like the last one, it should be simple to find
    because the room is small. Anyway continue through ignoring the doors on the
    side. If you still have your Camoflage, the Flood in those rooms won't notice
    you. Continue through the broken door at the end and enter. There are various
    Flood on the second level so you're going to need to get up there. Walk towards
    the other side of the room and get on the rubble above the fire. There is a
    M6D and a First Aid Kit on this platform. Continue on the second floor killing
    off any Flood that attack you. Now, there is another door on the second floor
    that is directly above the one you entered from, go through and continue
    through. There are various Infection Forms and look below through the clear
    floor to see more. Head through the door at the end and you'll be at the other
    side of the flickering bridge.
    Continue straight to the other door. Head through and exit through the door at
    the other end to reach the top floor of another room. Jump down and head left.
    There's no need to kill off every Flood but it would be a good idea. Exit
    through that door that you were head for. Continue through the squarelike hall-
    way and exit through the door at the end. Initially, the Flood will start
    attacking you like crazy. Shoot them down and go through the blasted door on
    the other side of the room. Straight across from the door you entered from.
    There are many Combat Forms here in a tight area so you might lose some health.
    Continue and turn right. Jump onto the human blood splattered platform and pick
    up whatever you need. See the walkway directly in front of you? Jump onto it
    from the platform and look for a door on this upper level. Continue through
    this squarelike hallway and exit. Kill the Combat Form that immediately comes
    at you and activate the bridge with X. Go across and approach the door directly
    ahead of. It bears two green symbols, and a purple symbol. Don't get too close
    as a load of Combat Floods will come out. Stand in one spot and let them come
    to you. If you want, you can throw a grenade. If you start getting shot by the
    Flood on the lower level, move to a more covered area. After blasting the
    Flood, continue through the door and turn either left or right. Head to the
    middle of the room and ride the elevator up.
    As you ascend, Foehammer will come in telling you to reach a certain tower
    outside your current location. Reach it and you'll be picked up. Also, at the
    top are a few Marines armed with Assault Rifles and Shotguns. Now, once you're
    outside and back in the swamp, you may notice a few red dots on your motion
    detector.  Anyway, your Marines will lead you in the correct direction so
    always follow them. Do not allow every one to be killed or you'll have to find
    the structure yourself. If the Marines aren't walking, there are probably more
    Flood in the area. Kill them and they'll start walking again. After a bit of
    running, you'll notice a strange structure rising out of the ground. You'll
    also walk into some water. Lots of Flood will begin ambushing you and chances
    are, your Marines were probably eaten by most of the Infection Forms already.
    You may see some red lasers coming from floating robots. These are called
    Sentinels. As of now, they will help you but later on, you're going against
    them. Anyway, after clearing out the majority of Flood, you'll be teleported?
    343 Guilty Spark
    Meet the Monitor of Installation 04' Before you can have a say in anything,
    he will immediately teleport you to places unknown....
    5.7 - The Library
    General Information: The Library is a very repetitive level so don't be afraid
    if you get lost. It's very linear. And also, this level is all Flood so
    remember to use Human weapons. There are many areas where you should simply
    stick back and let the Flood come to you. Be careful of those annoying Flood
    with Rocket Launchers.
    Description: Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of
    the index.
    Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Assault Rifle
    The Library
    >> Follow the Monitor to the index
    Now, despite what the Monitor says, advance forward slowly. The first to attack
    you should be the Infection Forms and a few Carriers. After clearing them out
    with a few pops from your Assault Rifle, continue forward a bit until a few
    Combat Forms attack you. I'd suggest the M6D when going against these as you
    don't have a Shotgun. Pick up any grenades if possible. If you can get your
    hands on a Shotgun, please pick it up quickly and switch it for your M6D.
    Notice the blue glow ahead of you. That's the Monitor and remember to follow it
    when you're not in combat. Anyway, walk up to him after clearing the small
    group of Flood and he'll say something like,"We are near the index chamber,
    follow me" You should notice a lot of Flood ahead of you now. Use your M90 or
    M6D to clear out the Carriers first to kill the Combat Forms around them. Then
    focus on the ones that survived. Try not too charge into the opposition as
    they will tear you apart. Instead of doing that, calmly stay by one of the
    structures coming out of the ground and wait for them to come to you. When they
    get into your sight, kill them quickly. Now, I know that one of the Flood here
    has a Shotgun so locate it as it'll make your life a lot easier.
    Now, notice the Monitor once again. He's hovering above a tunnel that you can
    advance through. Head through the short tunnel and emmerge in a large room.
    Don't fall down that pit in the center as that will probably guarantee you
    dead. Anyway, a few Combat Forms should make their way to your position. Take
    them down and more and more should come. A good strategy is to back up into
    the tunnel you took before and use the confined space to group your shots on
    one Form so they fall quickly. Anyway, notice the blue glow of the Monitor and
    follow it. He's hovering above a tunnel similar to the one before. Keep in mind
    that as you reach the end of the corridor, you will be ambushed by a few Flood.
    Jump back when they do and take care of them. Beyond in the room ahead are a
    few more Flood. When you walk in, the Flood will come out of two holes in the
    wall directly in front of you. You can lower the amount of fighting by throwing
    a grenade into one of them. This battle is fairly tough and you may find that
    you must occasionally, head back into the small tunnel and hide. After the few
    waves of annoying Flood, you should pick up a Shotgun if you didn't before.
    Continue forward a bit and turn right. More Flood will reside up ahead but
    luckily, you have some cover you could shoot from all around you so this battle
    should be a bit easy. Many of the Flood will carry Shotguns now so keep that in
    Continue past the blocks sticking out of the ground like pillars. Kill the
    Flood on the higher ground ahead of you with an Assault Rifle and turn to your
    left to find 343 Guilty Spark by a large door:
    "The security doors have sealed automatically. I will go access the override to
    open them."
    Luckily, the Flood won't come now so all you have to do is wait about a minute
    and follow through when the door opens. The Monitor will head right so follow
    it. Some Flood will come out of the various "holes" in the wall. Take advantage
    of that and throw a few grenades to "meet" them. Continue in the direction we
    were going and more Flood should throw themselves at you. Luckily, for them,
    they don't know the difference between courage and suicide and you may find
    that some of them may die when they hit the ground. Anyway, use some of the
    cover on the right side and kill them. Continue forward until you reach the
    three glass panels ahead of you. Backtrack quickly and keep the Flood ahead and
    in front of you to prevent annoying ambushes. This fight is fairly easy but
    keep an eye on your shield and take cover when it goes down. There are a few
    Combat Forms and Carriers so shoot the Carriers when they're by the Combat
    Forms to take them down easily. Ahead of you should be some some giant blue
    televisions? Anyway, advance towards them and notice the red dots that pop up
    on your motion detector from all directions. Pedal back and use evasion to
    confuse the Flood. There are a lot of Flood which means a lot of ammunition so
    remember to reload after the fight. Be careful, many of the Carriers will try
    to ambush you by hiding behind the large wall. Be careful.
    After taking everyone down, take the path left. The path right leads to a dead
    end with a hole in the wall. Turn left again at the first turn you see and
    fight the stray Flood here. Emmerging in a very familiar looking hallway, turn
    right and notice the blue glow ahead of you. Walk up to the Monitor and it
    should head through the hole in the wall directly in front of you. And guess
    what comes out of the hole, more FLOOD! Since you really can't take any cover
    without attracting more Flood ahead, use some strafing runs and grenades. The
    Flood are slow and ungainly so you should have no problem killing these. Now,
    it sure doesn't look like you can get up to that hole so you can't follow 343
    Guilty Spark but turn right. There's a detour you can take. JOY! Continue this
    way and pick up the First Aid Kit in front of the first "leg" that comes out of
    the wall when you entered this hallway. Note the pit ahead of you. Jump into it
    and pick up the Over Shield here. Head back up the ramp and continue in the
    correct direction. Go past the pillar like objects and turn to your right at
    the first big alcove. The Monitor should fly through plus a lot of Flood will
    appear like many times before. Take cover behind some of the pillars and kill
    them with a few shots. The Monitor is directly in front of you so follow it
    like before. By the end of the hallway, you should see some more big, blue tvs.
    Not only that but notice the three glass panels on the floor. A good strategy
    is to lure a few Flood on them and shoot the glass so they plummet all the way
    down to their deserved deaths. More should appear and simply take a bit of
    cover, and take them out calmly. After taking out this wave of Flood, continue
    into the blue television hallway and turn right to follow the Monitor. Turn
    right again and look to your right to find three Carriers ready to ambush you.
    Run away and let them blow each other up. Continue through the hallway ignoring
    the path to the left and notice more Flood. Luckily, the Sentinels shall come
    to your rescue like the last mission and take out the majority. The Flood
    should start focusing on the Sentinels so stay back and attack any that attack
    you. After clearing out this large group, continue forward and turn through the
    small alcove to the left and get on the lift.
    Wait, It Gets Worse
    And it sure does. Anyway, when it reaches the top, exit through the door and
    follow the monitor. Immediately turn to your right and take out the Carriers
    that fall down. If you must, retreat back through the small hallway and get out
    and back on the elevator. Throw a Fragmentation Grenade into the narrow hallway
    to send them flying. Continue left through the hallway again and continue. As
    you advance, Sentinels should start coming around and follow you. Ignore the
    first left and take the second left. Continue this way and notice the pit in
    the center. In it are two First Aid Kits. Meanwhile, the Monitor has to fix
    some thingamajig so simply continue without him. The Sentinels will pretty
    much take care of most of the enemies here. Continue forward and make a right
    to emmerge at a large door and a new set of objectives.
    >> Hold your position until the Monitor returns
    Uh oh, that doesn't sound good and the presence of more Flood make it even
    worse. The Sentinels are here however so they should make your job much
    easier. You can either take cover and hide away from the Flood or kill them
    head on. Obviously, you would lose less health with taking cover without doing
    too much fighting but your Sentinels will get damaged and destroyed. Find some
    way to kill them and eventually, the Monitor will open the door. It's okay if
    you didn't kill ever Flood. You don't need to. Remember the two First Aid Kits
    in the small pit? If you need a First Aid Kit, use one of those.
    >> Follow the Monitor to the index
    Continue and turn to your right. Your Sentinels have already picked a fight
    with a few Flood. You should probably want to stick back as the Sentinels can
    easily take care of the Flood over there. If you're willing to fight, this
    group of Flood is pretty easy to defeat. Continue in a generally straight path
    and turn as the path curves. There should be another group of Flood ahead. You
    still have your Sentinels with you so let them fight. If you want to make it
    go quicker, by all means, head in there and create some damage. Just keep in
    mind that one of these annoying Combat Forms bears a Rocket Launcher and a
    direct hit will render you lifeless. However, you can simply use strafes and
    sidesteps to avoid enemy fire. Pick up the Rocket Launcher if you wish and
    continue. You may get disorientated by the fight but the blue glow ahead of
    you should get you on the right path. Emmerging at yet another large door, the
    Monitor has to go open the door once again and you're left by yourself... like
    >> Hold your position until the Monitor returns
    Luckily, not too many Flood will engage your location right now except for a
    little group coming from behind you. There are more Flood on the other side of
    the door so you should be aware when the Monitor comes back.
    >> Follow the Monitor to the index
    On the other side of the door are a few more Flood you need to take care of.
    Kill them swiftly and follow the Monitor once again to the right. When you
    notice a few red dots on your motion detector, stand back a bit and prepare
    for another small fight. If you have a Rocket Launcher, arm it now and take
    out the Flood rapidly. Try to use up all the rockets in this fight and then
    switch it for something else quickly. Hide behind the "legs" coming out from
    the wall when your shields are low. This group of Flood shouldn't be too hard
    but if you're not aware, you could lose health pretty rapidly. After killing
    the initial attack, continue forward and notice the pit ahead. The only
    difference between this one and the others before is tunnel you must take that
    resides here. Fall down and continue through the narrow tunnel. It's fairly
    long and a few Flood are patrolling in here. When you reach the end, a few
    Combat Forms may become aware of your position and jump down. There are more
    Flood up there so I would just suggest staying in the tunnel and luring them
    into your hiding spot with a few stray shots. After clearing out a few,
    get out and take out the rest.
    Anyway, when you emmerge, turn around and turn right to meet up with the
    Monitor once again. Follow the Monitor as he turns left and be careful of the
    Flood that jump off the various rafters in the area. There are quite a few so
    retreat when neccessary. Continue down the blue television hallway and turn to
    the left when you see the turn. Turn right this time and continue. Notice the
    Flood at the end. Use a few grenades to take out a few. I would believe one
    or two of them are wielding a Rocket Launcher so take caution and use strafes.
    At the end of the hallway(after clearing out the Flood)is a First Aid Kit by
    the wall. Pick up the Rocket Launcher if you wish and continue right and
    follow the Monitor. Ignore the pit in the center as it contains nothing and
    continue. Flood will start coming from your sides and in front of you when you
    reach the small pillarlike things. A lot will pop out but considering the
    amount of cover, this battle should still be, nevertheless, easy.
    After killing the initial Flood, walk up to the Monitor to trigger more and
    more. Use patience plus evasion to take them down. Continue forward to a
    hallway with their televisions shut off. Okay, the blue screens are more
    fainter here. Continue right and follow the empty hallway. At the end, turn
    right and the Monitor should appear directly above you. Anyway, follow it
    again. Take the path left and notice the Combat Forms that appear behind you.
    Believe me, it's much easier just running past these guys and getting to the
    elevator. Jump on and let the lift take you up.
    But I Don't Want to Ride the Elevator
    As you reach the top, exit through the door. We are now on the third floor by
    the way. Anyway, you should meet up with the Monitor once again plus a few
    Sentinels. Head left and turn left again and continue down the hallway. A few
    stray Flood Combat Forms should be ahead of you but your Sentinels should
    already be taking care of them. Anyway, up ahead is another ramp leading into
    a tunnel similar to the last one. Drop down and continue down the narrow
    hallway. There may be a few Flood in this tunnel but there shouldn't be too
    much. If you still have your Rocket Launcher, use that. When you get back out,
    you should be greeted by your Sentinels. Notice the red dots on your motion
    detector and let the Sentinels take care of the Flood. It would be a lot
    easier to let the Sentinels take out the Flood but keep in mind that they are
    not indestructable and if you find them being destroyed, help them out.
    Anyway, face the tunnel as if you were going back in and head right past the
    pillars to the faint blue screens. Head right and you should see the Monitor,
    like before, float into the tunnel and leave you. Anyway, continue right at
    the end of the hallway. Another large door is ahead of you.
    >> Hold your position until the Monitor returns
    First, kill the two Flood guarding the two sides of the door. They both wield
    Plasma Rifles. Now, back up against the door and strafe back and forth with
    your Shotgun. There are many Carrier Forms in this group so blow them up first
    before taking down the Combat Forms. If you need to, use grenades. Remember to
    kill any Flood that attempt to charge at you as they pose the biggest threat.
    Do not allow them to get too close or you will probably get overwhelmed.
    Pretty soon, the Monitor should return.
    >> Follow the Monitor to the index
    Go through the open door and head left down the hallway. Flood should appear
    ahead of you as the Monitor waits. This group should be easily taken down with
    a grenade. Shoot any Flood Combat Forms left and melee the Infection Forms.
    Continue and follow the Monitor to meet another larger wave of Flood. A few of
    them will even get on top of the blocks to get a good shot at you. Most of
    these wield Plasma Rifles and Shotguns by the way so be careful when you're
    shields are down. The Monitor is still ahead of you and waiting so follow it
    and head left through the opened door. Continue down the hallway right and
    pick up the First Aid Kit and a few Fragmentation Grenades by the fallen Flood
    on the left wall if you need them. Continue down this hallway and a few Flood
    should jump out of the pit ahead of you. This hole doesn't lead to a tunnel so
    there's no need to jump in. Continue toward the blue television area and head
    left down the hallway.
    At the end of the hallway, go left and left again. There are more Flood by the
    end of this hallway but they should have been killed already. The Monitor is
    up ahead by a partially opened door. You can still walk through though so do
    that and continue forward. Make your way towards the Monitor and notice the
    First Aid Kit in the second alcove separated by the legs coming out of the
    wall. By the First Aid Kit are a few grenades. Now, make your way to the
    Monitor and it tells you to wait here as it deactivates the door. As soon as
    it leaves, head straight into the small alcove on either side of the door.
    >> Hold your position until the Monitor returns
    Get all the way to the back of the niche and stay there. Don't fire your
    weapon and don't throw any grenades. The Flood won't notice you right away and
    won't attack you until the door is open which shouldn't be long. After about a
    minute, the Monitor should return and the door should open.
    >> Follow the Monitor to the index
    The Sentinels on the other side of the door should take care of the Flood.
    Still, be careful of any Combat Forms that make their way into your little
    shelter. Taking care of this group of Flood should be simple with the help of
    the Sentinels. Anyway, after killing every red dot on the motion detector,
    continue through the open door and notice all the dead Flood on the floor. The
    Sentinels had already taken care of these guys so you can thank them and pick
    up any ammunition. One of the dead Flood carried a Rocket Launcher so you can
    take that. Continue toward the next large hallway and head left. Up ahead are
    a lot of Flood by the way so you might want to stick back and kill a few
    without wasting too much ammunition. If you are going to fight, use a few
    strafes and such. The Flood have really bad aim and they probably won't hit
    you. Anyway, whichever way you choose to kill the Flood, they should be dead.
    Continue down the blue television hallway and make a left and another left. Up
    ahead is another elevator and a few Carriers that drop from the ceiling. Just
    run past them and get on the elevator to the final floor...
    Fourth Floor: Tools, Guns, Keys to Super Weapon
    As we all know, we're on the final floor. Exit through the door and the
    Sentinels should greet you. There's a First Aid Kit plain as day in front of
    you when you exit. Turn right and let the Sentinels kill the majority of the
    Flood. This hallway is the hallway we will be going down after killing the
    Flood. Help out your Sentinels and use strafing runs to take them down.
    Continue down the hallway and kill the few Flood here. Turn right and then
    left through this large corridor. Combat Forms will start jumping from above
    but the Sentinels should easily take them down. Continue and turn left towards
    the end of the hallway. A pit should lie ahead of you. Jump down and head
    through the tunnel given.
    There are a large number of Flood in this room. Exit the tunnel to come to
    another large hallway. Face the tunnel again and turn right to the large
    partially opened door. Although it is slightly ajar, you still can't get
    through. Immediately, a few waves of Flood will attack you. These will come
    from all directions rapidly. Try to use tremendous evasive maneuvers and lots
    of cover. These guys carry a lot of Shotguns so be careful when you're shields
    are down. This fight may seem tough but prepare yourself for a tougher fight
    later on. Pick up any ammunition you may need and follow 343 Guilty Spark as
    he opens the door. Continue through.
    Another pit lies ahead of you with a First Aid Kit if you need it. Continue
    forward to the blue screen area and turn left. Continue down this long
    corridor and make another left at the end. Red dots on your motion detector
    should surround you. Backtrack immediately and attack the Flood in your rear
    before focusing on your front. The Flood seem to be trying to flank you so
    just move to the side and they will give up their plan and attack you from the
    front. This group is pretty large so use grenades sparingly. After knocking
    these guys down, continue down the hallway and the Monitor should meet up with
    you again as he flies through the hole in the wall ahead. Turn right and once
    again, the Flood should attempt to surround you. Luckily, we have a Shotgun.
    Start blasting away and they should fall quickly. Follow the Monitor up ahead
    and look to your left. Prepare yourself for a large attack. As the doors open
    partially, Flood should immediately start pouring out. There are much more
    inside, believe me. Anyway, throw a grenade to take out the initial attack.
    As soon as the front lines have been blown, head straight for the door and
    immediately turn left. Go through this little niche and stay there. The
    confined space will allow you to take on the Flood one by one to make life
    easier. Remember to get out occasionally to attract more Flood. After most of
    them have been killed, exit the hole and continue towards the blue beam up
    ahead. There are still Flood around so kill them as needed. There are many
    hiding Flood in the area so search and destroy. After clearing out the
    majority of them, you may retrieve the index, finally.
    >> Recover the index
    Ignore any remaining Flood and run straight for the blue beam. If you're
    overwhelmed, take a little time to put things back in order with your trusty
    Shotgun. Anyway, don't fall down but get onto one of the paths leading towards
    the middle. Walk towards the beam and the cutscene will start with the Library
    finally finished. Time to get back to the Control room and "activate" the
    index. Cortana is still there, waiting for you. We must hurry and the Monitor
    teleports you back.
    5.8 - Two Betrayals
    General Tips: Remember that for the majority of the level, you'll be going
    backwards so follow the arrows backwards. Of course, a few times you may get
    confused as you will also visit a few areas you haven't before.
    Recommended Weapons: Plasma Pistol/Needler, Shotgun
    Immediately kill the four Sentinels as the Monitor leaves with a Plasma Pistol
    overcharged shot or a few rounds from your Shotgun. Use the various glass
    screens as cover when killing the Sentinels. Their lasers can't shoot through
    it. The Sentinels should fall pretty easily and it's time to leave now.
    The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe
    Now, a few things to keep in mind. As stated in the General Tips, this is
    simply Level 7(Assault on the Control Room) backwards so you will have to be
    relying on the arrows again. Follow them backwards so you don't get lost.
    Cortana will soon think up a plan so head towards the large doors and open it
    with the Control Panel to the right of it. Ahead is a skirmish between a few
    Sentinels and a lot of Covenant. If you want to, throw a grenade to end the
    fight more quicker but the smarter thing to do would be to stick back and wait
    for the Covenant to knock down the Sentinels. Now, advance and kill the
    remaining Covenant with a well placed grenade if they are grouped together.
    Continue forward towards the next large door and open it via the control panel
    to the left. I would suggest picking up a Needler right now for a Gold Elite
    encounter later on. Anyway, the door should open, but no enemies? There are
    two plasma shields here. Open the next door with the control panel like before
    and a few Jackals and Grunts. Use the plasma shields to your advantage. After
    killing them, Cortana will give you a new set of objectives.
    >> Locate and destroy Pulse Generator #1
    Now, notice the ramp leading up the tower ahead of you, continue upwards until
    you reach the top level. Up here is a Sniper Rifle, M6D Pistol, Shotgun ammo,
    Fragmentation Grenades, and a First Aid Kit. Pick up whatever and Cortana
    should already have told you about her plan on how to destroy the Pulse
    Generators. Head back down the ramp and continue back down and jump down to
    the next level or use your Sniper Rifle to kill a few. Now, the Navigation
    Point leads to the first Pulse Generator but you can not get up there without
    a Banshee or some air transport. Anyway, try to kill every Covenant on this
    level without losing too much health. Now, to the right of this level is a
    ramp leading down to the next level. On this level are a few Elites that need
    to be killed. If you picked up the Needler before, now would be a great time
    to use it. Continue on this level killing off any enemies and through the
    small tunnel. Towards the end are more Covenant who need a bit of lesson.
    Continue down the ramp to the next level. Go through the tunnel and kill the
    opposition towards the end. If you must, use the various pieces of metal
    sticking out of the ground as cover.
    Head down the next ramp and the Covenant Tank plus a large force of Covenant
    should be activated towards the bottom. You will need to act fast or die as
    this battle coming up is quite tough. Instead of just heading down the ledge
    to your doom, continue towards the small tunnel on this level and pick up the
    Rocket Launcher and a First Aid Kit if you need it. Now, you can simply head
    down the slope in front of you to the snow but it appears as if you probably
    won't live with that decision. There is a lot of opposition down there and one
    of the Covies is a Gold Elite. You should notice him quite immediately as he
    will make his presence known. If you decided to take the Needler, now would be
    a good time to empty the clip on him. After killing the Gold Elite, the battle
    should be much easier although there still are a lot of other Elites. Take
    them out the best you can from the pyramid. After killing a lot with various
    grenades, rockets, etc. make your way down the slope. The Covenant Wraith is
    still there to your right but you have to make sure every other Covenant is
    dead. Arm your Rocket Launcher and go for it. As you head towards it, you may
    notice one Banshees to your left. Use two well placed Rockets to bring it down
    quickly and smoothly.
    The music should fade now. That signals it's safe to go. Get into the Banshee
    and continue toward the Navigation Point. When you reach the platform, the
    door should open and a few Covenant should come out and attack. Use your Fuel
    Rod Cannon to kill them quickly. Be careful of the Elites as they prefer to
    hide and if they can get enough shots on your Banshee, it will tear apart.
    Now, kill everything and exit the Banshee. Be careful not to place the Banshee
    so you fall out when you get out(you exit from the rear). Make a "safe"
    parking and enter the structure in the cliff. Continue down this hallway
    towards the navigation point and you should reach a circular room with a
    large, blue beam ahead. Listen to Cortana explain what you should do.
    Apparently, you will have to walk into the beam to trigger the detonation.
    However, the aftereffect will drain your shield energy. Uh oh, that doesn't
    sound very good. As soon as Cortana shuts up, walk straight into it, and
    stand there for a few seconds. The Pulse Generator will make a large sound and
    your shields will be gone. As we expected, Sentinels are already flying in.
    Instead of sticking around to fight, RUN back through the door, past the
    Sentinels that may get a few good shots on you and back outside to the
    Breaking Stuff to Look Tough
    >> Go to Canyon B
    Get into a Banshee. You may notice that a second one has magically appeared.
    I would suggest taking this new one as it has no damage. After getting back on
    the Banshee, Cortana will give you another Nav Point. This Nav Point will lead
    to the land bridge you were on near the end of 'Assault on the Control Room'.
    We are now heading backwards through 'Assault on the Control Room' so
    remember to follow the white arrows on the ground BACKWARDS. Anyway, there are
    a few Covenant on the land bridge. The Grunts here are carrying a Fuel Rod
    Cannon that can rip apart your Banshees in seconds so be careful of those
    flying green projectiles. Other than the Grunts, there are a few Elites and
    Jackals that will try to hit you with their charged shots. Be careful, they
    are guided. Anyway, use a few Fuel Rod shots and your powerful Plasma
    Cannons on the Elites to rip them apart quickly. After clearing out the
    opposition, head towards the door marked by the Nav Point. Continue down the
    hallway and turn left and continue that way in a clockwise motion to the
    next door. Kill any Covenant that get in your way and use the same strategy as
    you did in 'Assault on the Control Room'.
    Soon, you should reach the small path leading down. It's flashing yellow and
    the arrow is pointing away from the door so that means you should continue
    through. There are various Jackals and Grunts in this hallway. You should
    quickly see the hallway widen to the right. Advance forward and you should
    reach a force of Covenant towards the end. Kill them and use the pillarlike
    things on the right side of the room as cover. Eliminate them and continue
    forward into the next hallway. Go up the slope and you may notice a few Combat
    Forms up there. Instead of raging in, stick back and let the Elites take care
    of them. Then, enter. Before you do anything, notice the two First Aid Kits
    and a bit of Shotgun ammunition to the right. Now, head to the left and make
    your way to the next door. The majority of the Covenant here are Elites. There
    is also a Commander Elite towards the center. Luckily, he is only armed with a
    Plasma Rifle and you can take him down quickly with a Shotgun. Continue left
    around the outskirt of the room in a clockwise motion until you reach the next
    door. This door will lead you outside, to a bridge resting quite high above
    the valley below. When you're ready, head through.
    Follow the hallway and exit. You should immediately notice it's darker and
    bleak outside than Level 5. Continue forward and kill the Jackals. The Flood
    are on the other bridge shooting at the Covenant so stick back without doing
    anything! There are a lot of them and the Elites this time are overwhelmed.
    The Combat Forms will jump from the other bridge even to fight. After a
    minute, things should calm down. The Combat Forms are still in large numbers
    so blaze away with your Shotgun without getting too careless. There's a lot of
    cover on this bridge so use it. The Combat Forms are weak after the fight so
    they should go down pretty easily. After killing every red dot on your motion
    detector, pick up any grenades, ammunition, anything you need and make your
    way to the end of the bridge. There is a possibility that a Gold Elite is
    still residing by the end with a Plasmatic Sword so watch your back. In fact,
    the Gold Elite may even have attacked you before but you killed him, right?
    Enter the door and advance down the corridor to the next room.
    This room is infested with Flood so arm your Shotgun. Take an immediate right
    turn and continue. There are many Combat Forms here so don't rush but avoid
    losing your sense of direction. There's no need to kill every Flood in this
    room. You just need to survive and get to the next door. Anyway, the first to
    attack you should be a few Infection Forms. Use a melee attack to knock out
    most of them. Continue in that direction and you should meet a few more Combat
    Forms blocking your path. By now, the other Combat Forms should be coming and
    you are probably overwhelmed. Instead of sticking around, backtrack quickly
    back to the doorway you entered from and hide there while knocking a few out.
    When you're comfortable and confident, turn right and run for the door at the
    end blasting any Flood in your way. Enter the door and notice the Elites ahead
    of you. They will at first, start shooting at you and then dive into a Flood
    conflict. Stick behind like before and wait for the gunfire to stop which
    should happen pretty quickly. Before we dive in, remember that one of the
    Flood towards the end carries a Rocket Launcher. The Elites should have lost
    this battle so take care of the Flood in this room. Pick up the Rocket
    Launcher if you wish.
    Continue down the hallway and enter another circular room infested with the
    infamous, Flood. Luckily, you can use the Carrier Forms in this room as
    grenades and take them out quickly. At first, it seems like you killed the
    Flood here. Turn right and continue forward towards the next door. A large
    explosion should signify the arrival of more Flood ready to kill. Instead of
    sticking around to fight, outrun them and get through the door. There is a
    First Aid Kit by the door and you can pick it up quickly. A lot of Infection
    Forms will come at you on the other side of the door so stay a second to
    allow your shields to recharge. Continue down the hallway to the next outdoor
    bridge above another canyon below.
    This bridge is quite tougher than the last. Not only will you be forced to
    fight an onslaught of Flood, but the Banshees above aren't making it easier.
    The best course of action would be stay by the large wall blocking your sight
    and letting the Banshees take care of all the Flood. It may take longer than
    expected so if you want to, start fighting prematurely but I have no guarantee
    that you will live. If you die this way, wait a bit longer next time and get
    out at the right moment. The Banshees should still be flying around so take
    them out with a well placed rocket. Be careful, there are two Combat Forms
    with Rocket Launchers on this bridge and they have no care if they blow
    themselves up in the process so use lots of caution. Towards the end, there
    are more Flood around so whip out your M90. It hasn't failed you yet! There
    are a lot of Infection Forms around the second half of the bridge so give your
    shields a chance to recharge. Continue through the next door and through the
    next corridor to another circular room.
    Ahead of you are a few Flood Infection Forms taking a well deserved snooze
    after catching some prey. Smack a few and kill them quickly. Head left and
    continue until you find the next door. Another explosion should come and you
    will notice more red dots appearing on the motion detector. Like before, don't
    fight but run straight for the door. However, if you are being fired upon,
    there's nothing you can do but to retreat. If you are fast enough however, you
    can outrun them and save a good bit of ammo. Go through the path leading down
    a bit and exit through the door at the end. The path leading down is flashing
    yellow by the way. Continue through this narrow hallway to reach the elevator
    at the end. Activate it with the control panel and head down to the bottom of
    the canyon. Exit the lift and continue through the small hallway to the next
    room of Flood.
    At first, it appears empty but walking up a bit will cause a few Flood to
    ambush you from the ceiling. Take them out quickly and head right. A few
    former human Flood Combat Forms should pop out of various places. Stay on the
    border of the room following the path counter clockwise. It would be best to
    go slowly blasting any Flood that get too close. Eventually, you'll reach a
    door that leads outside and to Canyon B. Okay, before we get to the objective,
    let's pause the game and get a feel of what's around. Let's see, a large force
    of Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. Two or more Banshees circling above. And a
    large Covenant Tank towards the left firing high explosive Plasma Mortar
    shells at you. So, we are at least going to use a little bit of strategy.
    Anyway, Cortana will give you your objectives first...
    >> Destroy Pulse Generator #2
    Notice the flipped Ghost in front of you. Take it quickly and immediately mow
    down any enemies in close proximity which should include a few Elites and
    Grunts plus a Ghost to your right. After killing the driver of the Ghost, get
    out and arm your Rocket Launcher. The Banshee will make a few passes. Do not
    shoot until it dives at you. Then aim and fire a nice rocket to sail to meet
    the oncoming Banshee. Now, get back into the Ghost if you want and head to
    the other side. There are 2-3 Shade Gun Turrets plus a Wraith that you should
    focus on first. The Grunts should already be trying to take you out. Use
    concentrated fire to knock them out and continue crushing whatever you can.
    It's okay if you lost a block or two of health but if your Ghost is an inch
    from destruction, get out and rely on foot combat. The Wraith is right there
    so either use the Ghost to circle strafe around it firing plasma or use two
    good rockets to bring it down. It shouldn't be too hard as you have a lot of
    room to maneuver. After killing off the Wraith, focus on any stray Elites.
    Use your Ghost to crush them. Now, before actually advancing, notice the
    large alcove in the middle of this canyon. There is a flipped Ghost here plus
    two small rooms with Rocket Launcher and ammo, Shotgun ammo, and Pistol ammo
    on one side and two First Aid Kits on the other side.
    Take the flipped Ghost in the middle alcove and continue towards the left
    side of the room jumping off the small cliff thingy. You may recall this room
    from Level 5. This is the cave where you couldn't bring the Scorpion into
    because of the pipelike barrier blocking your way. With proper maneuvering,
    you can get your Ghost through the barrier and into the other side of the
    canyon with the spiralling slope upwards. The first enemies you should
    encounter are two lone Jackals that seemed to have gotten lost a bit. They
    will be no match for your Ghost so mow them down and continue forward where
    you'll find a flipped Warthog. Around it is a bit of ammunition and one dead
    Elite and another dead Flood. Hmm, this seems a bit confusing. Anyway, get
    back in your Ghost and drive up the spiral slope without falling off. On top
    of the cliff are a few Grunts that require killing. Continue into the next
    large and familiar, canyon.
    This canyon should contain a large pillarlike rock formation in the middle
    separating the paths. Both paths will lead to the same area but the left one
    shall take you to the Covenant Tank. Take the left and ignore everything and
    focus on the tank. The best way to defeat it and take the least amount of
    damage is to circle strafe. The tank should be torn apart pretty quickly.
    When it explodes, notice the Shade Guns around and the Banshee circling
    around above. Get out and arm your Rocket Launcher if you still have it and
    wait for it to dive again. Shoot it to bring it down quickly. There are still
    many enemies around to kill so don't get cocky just yet. Luckily, there's a
    lot of room around and you can either use the Ghost or walk on foot. Kill
    everything on your half of the canyon without walking to the other side. On
    your side is a door leading into the pillarlike rock. Enter and follow the
    path to a circular room. There is a dead Flood and a dead Elite with a First
    Aid Kit in the middle. Notice the slope leading upwards to the ledge. Recon
    the enemy's position from here without them noticing.
    The first thing you should see are two Hunters. If you still have a Rocket
    Launcher, use that from your current ledge. If not, pull out any weapon and
    engage them by jumping off the ledge and taking them out quickly and
    efficiently. Now, head left in the opposite direction of the way you entered
    from. Continue down the canyon and swerve right as it turns and notice the
    two Elites and the Shade Gun Turret. By the former Covenant, there are two
    Banshees to fly up. Before flying to the generator, take out the Covenant on
    top of the pillarlike rock. There are a few Shade Turrets manned by Grunts
    and a Commander Elite. You may also notice an extra Banshee that you can take
    when your Banshee gets damaged. Keep in mind that the other Elites may take
    one of the Banshees and start dogfighting you. Prevent that by killing them
    before they get to one. Your former Banshee should be quite damaged and you
    may also notice Fuel Rod shots coming from the platform with the door to the
    Pulse Generator. Get into a new Banshee if you can and take out the threat on
    the ledge.
    The Covenant should soon be dead so you can land on the ledge safely. Be
    careful not to position yourself so you fall out when you get out. Enter the
    door and follow the corridor. There are many Flood in this Pulse Generator
    room including one with a Rocket Launcher. Wait for the Sentinels to die
    before running in and fighting. Luckily, this circular room has much cover
    for you to hide under. The Flood have poor aim so strafing runs should do
    wonders as well. Kill every Flood before walking into the Pulse Generator.
    When you feel safe, head into the beam and wait for the sound before walking
    away. Like before, your shields will be completely down and the Flood pouring
    out aren't helping. Because the Flood have covered your exit, you can't run
    away this time. Instead of fighting right away, find a little niche or hiding
    spot to allow your shields some time to recharge before charging out. There
    are a lot of Flood again this time so use cover and don't rush. One of my
    favorite strategies is hiding behind something that will offer you cover when
    crouching and then popping up and blast a few shots and then dive under
    again. Take caution as one of these Flood also wields a Rocket Launcher.
    Whichever strategy you choose, the Flood shall soon be dead. Head back to the
    exit and continue onto the ledge where Cortana will give you some more
    information. The game gives you an extra Banshee so don't be surprised if you
    see two Banshees on the ledge.
    The Tunnels Below
    >> Move through tunnels and enter Canyon A
    As you make your way towards the Nav Point, Cortana will tell you that she has
    found the Pillar of Autumn. Anyway, there is a tunnel below that leads to the
    next canyon. As you near it, you may see a skirmish going on between Flood and
    a lot of Covenant. It would be best to wait for them to finish as the Flood
    will probably win. When the screaming stops, continue through. Now, there are
    two Flood in the vicinity with Rocket Launchers so you may find that getting
    out of your vulnerable Banshee may be a good idea. Avoid getting the Shade
    Guns as the rockets are quite accurate. There's no need for your Banshee
    anymore so continue through. As you walk, you may find a flipped Ghost to your
    left. Take it for faster transportation. This passageway is slightly long and
    at the end of the hallway is a large blast door. Get out and open the door via
    control panel and a large explosion stops the door from opening completely.
    The opening is large enough for a single person to fit through so you can't
    bring any vehicles. Aw man. Flood will start attacking you through the small
    opening so move back and take them down quickly. Continue through and you may
    recall this room from 'Assault on the Control Room.'
    Take the right bridge as the left one is broken. At first, there appears to be
    no enemies around but as you make your way across the bridge, a large group of
    Infection forms will start attacking followed by a few more Flood. Blast them
    down with a Shotgun and Flood will start appearing on the other side. These
    will carry more lethal weapons like the Rocket Launcher so be quick with your
    attacks and take cover a lot. The blocks sticking out of the ground will
    protect you well enough. After mowing the Flood down, you can now proceed to
    the large blast door. Open the door via the control panel and pick up either
    First Aid Kit towards the right side of the room near a block sticking out of
    the ground. When you are ready, proceed to the door and open it. Prepare to
    walk. Continue along the hallway and open the next large blast door we saw
    before. Open it and ahead of you, you'll see the ground transition to snow.
    Yes, we are back outside. Continue along this path to the last Pulse
    Final Run
    >> Destroy Pulse Generator #3
    We are now in canyon A and we need to destroy the last Pulse Generator. The
    Pulse Generator is quite close but extremely high up and we lost our Banshee
    before remember? Walk up the slope and look ahead and a bit to your right. A
    battle is raging ahead with a large group of Flood and Covenant plus one or
    two Banshees circling above. Let them fight as the Flood will probably
    overrun the Covenant quite quickly. The Banshee/s may start firing at you but
    you can counter with a well placed rocket directly in the center of it to
    destroy it quickly. When the battle ahead starts receding, move ahead and get
    into one of the Shade guns and just mow down the Flood. Do this quickly to
    avoid the one with the Rocket Launcher. Continue along the right wall watching
    out for Flood ambushes until you reach the group of Shade Guns and Ghosts.
    Luckily, they are empty. Take a Ghost and continue along the right wall(the
    cave is blocked with rocks)and you should soon reach another battle. Since we
    just ran into it, there's no need to run away. Continue along squishing and
    firing and the Flood and Covenant should be destroyed quite quickly. Ignore
    the blocked cave and continue forward where more Flood reside. Be careful of
    the two Rocket Flood here as they can do quite some damage.
    After clearing them out, continue forward to a small ledge that seems to stop
    you in your tracks. At first, it seems you can't get the Ghost up but examine
    the left wall. There's a small slope where you can launch yourself up and over
    the ledge. Ahead is a starting battle but there are also the Banshee you will
    need. Now, hasten and stick close to the right wall so the Flood and Covenant
    don't notice you. Ignore any opposition along the way unless you are inches
    from death, then you will need to hide. Continue along the right wall using
    the rocks to cover your moves. The Flood are closer but they lack intelligence
    and senses and probably won't notice you. There are two Covenant Wraiths up
    ahead but we can clear them quickly. When you get close enough, get out of the
    Ghost and run as fast as possible towards the Banshees. The Wraiths will
    notice your position and start firing but you will be able to make it and fly
    off and out of danger. Now that you are airborne, I would strongly suggest
    forgetting about the battle below and immediately head towards the Nav Point
    leading back and to the final Pulse Generator.
    Fly back and towards the ledge leading to the last generator. Beware as 5-7
    Sentinels will fly out of the door before you can land. Try to stay out of
    their weaponry or just fire from far back. They will fall pretty quickly but
    keep in mind that they can kill you pretty quickly as well. If you want to
    have some fun, fly the Banshee into the Sentinels and they will fall. After
    the Sentinels are reduced to scrap metal, land the Banshee and walk through
    the hallway. The last Generator resides in this room but it's still covered by
    a few Sentinels. Well, I would say that after all that, this battle should be
    fairly easy. The Pulse Generator is waiting for you. Destroy it and we're
    done. Now, it's time to find Captain Keyes and destroy the Pillar of Autumn
    which in turn, will destroy Halo.
    5.9 - Keyes
    General Tips: This mission takes place in the same ship as the 'Truth and
    Reconciliation.' There will be a lot of opposition in this level and some may
    consider Keyes the hardest level. You'll be meeting some Black Grunts and
    Elites plus a lot of dangerous Flood so beware. Because of the number of
    Elites in this level, the Needler may be a good weapon to carry.
    Description: Stage a one-cyborg assault on a Covenant ship and bring back the
    Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Needler
    Under New Management
    >> Find a way into the control room.
    Head forward a little distance and a strained Keyes will radio in. Cortana
    urges you to continue. Soon, you will reach a fork in the road and a Grunt
    will give a whimper. Following it is a Combat Flood Form so kill it and then
    the Grunt. Head right ignoring the door to the left and head that way until
    you reach a fork leading left. There are a few Grunts in here but the Flood
    will come pretty soon. If you wish, stay back and let the Flood kill the
    Grunts but I would probably go against that as you can kill the few Grunts
    anyway. Mow through the Flood and the various little Grunts and advance down
    the hall. Continue and you should pretty soon reach a door leading to a large
    pit. There's nothing you can do but jump down. If you stay however, a lot of
    Flood will come so you'd probably want to take the jump down to a large fight
    between the Covenant and a lot of Flood below.
    >> Find another way into the ship.
    Well, we're pretty screwed right now. It's best to hide somewhere and let the
    Flood and Covenant finish their feud but if you wish, head out and mow through
    them. Be sure to use your flashlight and when you need to recharge, turn it
    off and head into a little alcove or something. Remember to clear the canyon
    before you continue. Along the left side of the canyon is a path leading to
    another canyon. Search around for it and continue through the natural like
    passageway. Since there's no enemies, you should recharge your flashlight
    here. Soon, the path will widen up and plasma fire will appear in front of you
    in yet another skirmish. Wait back and stay until the fire slackens a bit.
    There are a lot of enemies here. Before you continue, be sure to take out the
    Combat Form on the ledge before continuing as they prove the most threat.
    Head to the left of the rock that is in your path and stick to the wall that
    should provide you some cover. Kill as many of the enemies as you can and
    advance through the bodies and such (remember to pick up ammunition) until you
    reach another path through the canyon. Kill off any other enemies and go
    through this path as well. Charge up your flashlight and keep going. There are
    going to be a few Flood along the way. Halfway through, a Carrier Form will
    drop from above and try to take you in it's mucky explosion. Advance until you
    reach a cliff and a dropoff point. Cortana gives you a nav point to follow. On
    your ledge is a Sniper Rifle that you may use to kill the Hunters below if
    you wish. Stay on the ledge until the fighting settles a bit. Pick up the
    First Aid Kit if you want to.
    There will be infinite Carrier Forms coming out of the water so don't worry
    about them. The Covenant should fall quickly but the Flood are in larger
    numbers and you may have some trouble. Take some time to pick up some extra
    ammunition if you wish and continue all the way to the other end of the canyon
    mowing down the enemies until you are capable of exiting fairly quickly.
    There's a First Aid Kit in the area that you should pick up. Continue through
    this similar path through the canyon. At the end of this path is yet another
    canyon we have to clear. The first enemies you should come across are a few
    Grunts and an Elite in a Shade Gun. Throw a plasma grenade quickly on the
    Shade to clear everyone. Head forward and a bit to the left killing off the
    Flood Forms. Take your time and stick to the right wall which will lead you
    up a hill to a cliff.
    Jump down the small cliff which takes you to a path. Advance through it to
    reach a small canyon with some Flood on a ledge and a few Elites around. It
    shouldn't be too hard killing off these ones either considering what we went
    through before. Just watch your health and use the First Aid Kit by the front
    wisely. Continue around the rock that blocks your path to a really short path
    that brings you to the gravity lift Cortana has been talking about all the
    >> Hold your position under the lift until it re-activates.
    You really don't need to wait or anything. Despite what it appears to be, it
    really isn't too hard to get through them. Head around the plateau blasting
    through the clumsy Flood and pick up the Over Shield towards the other end of
    the greenish water and head up the plateau to the grav lift. Kill the enemies
    on top by throwing a well placed grenades to get inside the ship... again!
    Upstairs, Downstairs
    >> Follow Cortana's directions back to the control room
    Once you get inside the ship, you will find yourself in the middle of a huge
    room.  There will be some small Flood off to the left, but they aren't that big
    of a deal.  You can take care of them or let them hit you.  Anyway, to leave,
    you must go through the door to the right.  Head down the hall, and you will
    hear Cortana talk and she will give you a nav point and eventually some Flood
    forms will fall down right in front of you.  Beware however, they will appear
    behind you as well.  Take care of the carrier flood first so that they can kill
    any others around them, and then take care of the fighter flood.  There will be
    many carrier flood coming up behind you, so it isn't necessary to kill all of
    them, and you can just keep on moving.
    Eventually you will get to a place where you can see the floors below, and it
    will be completely spattered with Covenant Blood.  On this level, there will be
    a couple flood, but more importantly an overshield with some health.  Grab them
    for sure, and since the Flood are there, you can stock up on the shotgun ammo
    that they will drop.  I would recommend also that you try to thin out some of
    the Flood on the lower level, as it will be much easier to fight them from up
    here then from their level.  Use whatever weapons you have, and the shotgun
    will be a big part as well as grenades.  Once you get most of the dead, you can
    jump down and continue through the next door.  Head through the halls and you
    will get to a point where many, many Flood will drop out of the ceiling.  It
    would be in your best interest to stay around the previous corner and wait for
    them to come to you so that you can deal with them in more manageable numbers.
    Wave after wave of them will appear, but eventually you will be able to cut
    through their ranks and win.  You can move on even though the hall even when
    the infection flood are appearing because they will spear for a lot longer time
    than the rest, so just continue on.
    Continue through the halls, killing any extra Flood, and you will get to the
    bottom level.  Look around the level before entering to blast away any Flood in
    here already, and then when you feel comfortable, enter and a big group of
    Flood will enter through the big door by the overshield.  Start shooting and
    throwing grenades to thin out their ranks until they get too close.  Switch to
    your shotgun and finish off the rest of them.  This shouldn't be too hard, and
    you should be able to defeat them pretty easily.  Then this area is yours, and
    the exit is directly across from where you entered.
    Exit through the door and wait right before the corner with your shotgun armed.
    There is a group of flood right around the next corner, so quickly go out and
    throw a grenade in the midst of them, then get ready to shotgun the survivors.
    Once you destroy this group of flood, keep heading down the hall until you get
    to a dead end, or so it seems.  The hole in the ground is your next
    destination, but before you go down, use up any weapons around you to kill
    anything below you, because you will not be able to come back.  Make sure you
    kill off the carrier flood so that they don't explode when you land next to
    them.  Once the coast is seemingly clear, go down the hole and kill the rest of
    the Flood that you missed.
    Once you drop down and continue, you will see another battle between the Flood
    and Covenant break out, and you will have to wait again.  A huge rule of thumb
    here is to never break up their fighting to fight you.  Let them battle it out,
    but if you see one side winning by a large margin, you can drop some grenades
    in there to even things out.  Once you hear the battle has stopped, quickly go
    and destroy the rest of the survivors, so that they can't recover from their
    previous battle.  There might be some carrier and infection flood that find you
    also, so be aware of them and take care of them.  Continue down the hall and
    you will get to a small, pathetic group of Covenant with maybe 5 grunts and a
    couple Elites.  Peer around the corner and throw a couple grenades onto the
    Elites' backs and kill off the rest of the Grunts.  Also, don't worry if there
    are extra Covenant around, it will be to your advantage that they are.  Keep
    going and when you turn left, you will trigger a huge group of flood to come
    out behind you.  If you turn around they will be up the hall and to the right.
    Now there are two ways to go about this.  If you think there are any Covenant
    that they will swarm towards, get the hell out of there, as they will be busy
    enough with the Covenant to ignore you.  If there are no Covenant, you can also
    run, but it won't be as effective and you will probably end up getting killed.
    If you experience the scenario where there are no Covenant, read on to the next
    paragraph, otherwise, if you can get away from them, skip the next paragraph.
    Alright, here is a battle that might test your skills.  The Flood here are
    almost endless, and don't be surprised when you just killed ten Flood, that ten
    more appear out of nowhere.  The best way is to stay behind a corner or find a
    small alcove where they can get at you only in smaller numbers.  An alcove or
    indentation is the best thing to find, because really only one Flood can get to
    you at a time.  It might take a lot longer, but it will be much safer.  Fight
    through wave after wave after wave of the Flood, and slowly but surely move
    towards your destination.
    Anyway, once you pass the left turn triggering the Flood behind you, continue
    on and take a right and Flood will pop out of the ceiling in front of you.
    Drop some grenades in preparation of them coming at you, and then shotgun the
    rest of them.  Keep heading down the hall and if you didn't kill all of the
    Flood in the first wave, then turn around and start shooting the Flood coming
    after you.  Continue on until you get to the shuttle bay, which is your ticket
    to freedom from the Flood behind you.  They will stop reappearing once you get
    to the shuttle bay.
    When you enter the shuttle bay, you will see a health pack right to your left
    side, so get it if you need it.  Once you do that, take cover behind the blue
    shield and take a look around.  Right in the middle of the place is that
    central platform with many elites on it, as well as the stationary guns.  This
    is the best chance you have to kill them, so I would definitely take advantage
    of it by killing as many of the elites as you can and definitely kill all of
    the Grunts so that the Shade gun isn't operational.  To even further help you
    out, a group of Flood will come and attack the Covenant, so help the Flood or
    the Covenant out by throwing grenades everywhere.  The elites should be taking
    a big blow with the Flood and your grenades, so they aren't going to sit
    around.  Be aware on your left the door to the bottom level might open with a
    Covenant or Flood trying to attack you, so take care of that.  Now, I would go
    and kill off the rest of the Covenant or Flood in the middle, whoever wins,
    once you feel comfortable.  Keep throwing your grenades and taking cover behind
    the pillars/shields until you kill them all. There are many of them, so it
    won't be easy to kill them all.  Once you do, head back towards where you came
    from, then head to the door on the far left of the shuttle bay to continue on
    in the second level.
    While heading down the halls, another battle between the Covies and the Flood
    will break out, so stand back and let it rage on.  You know the drill; help out
    whoever is losing so the battle is closer, but all together stay out of the
    battle.  Continue on, and you will find some Grunts being attacked by some
    Flood.  Let the Flood kill them, then take care of the Flood.  Go around the
    next corner and continue through the halls.  There isn't anything really
    special here, there will be some combat flood that will appear, but other than
    that it is pretty much straightforward.  But after the first left turn, move
    ahead, take a right, and look around to the left.  Holy Flood!  There will be
    lots of Flood there, and you need to get rid of them...somehow.  Take a shotgun
    and blast them or put a grenade in the middle of them to attract their
    attention.  Then head back around the corner, and draw them out one by one.
    They will be stupid enough to come out one by one, so just keep on shotgun
    blasting them to pieces.  Once they are all dead, continue on until you reach
    the highest floor of the shuttle bay.
    Once you get to the highest floor of the shuttle bay, you will see a dropship
    moving in, and it will drop of some Covies on the bottom floor.  Well that's
    not going to do any good.  You can ignore them completely, and now we get to
    battle some more Flood.  The Covies, as you can see, were a little late so you
    don't have any help here.  Peek around the cornerto the right to see some Flood
    by the doorway.  You can snipe some with your pistol and throw some grenades.
    Once they see you, go back around the corner and wait for them to come out one
    by one just like before.  Once this wave is stopped, look back around the
    corner to see more Flood.  Get their attention again, and repeat the same
    process.  After the second wave, go towards the door, and a third wave of Flood
    will come out of the hallway.  To take cover, go to the right/left of the door,
    or back off and kill them that way.  Once they are dead, move on.
    The Captain
    Continue through the door and through the halls.  Continue around to the right
    and you will see a big battle between the Covenant and the Flood.  The left
    path is blocked by a fire, but it does contain a health pack, if you need it.
    Continue on and once the battle slows down a little, get in there and clean the
    rest of it up.
    >> Recover Captain Keyes
    When you get to a four-way fork, you can either go straight, right or left.
    Going right is a total dead end, straight will lead you into some Covenant and
    a dead end, and going left will lead to the control room and lots of Flood.
    Basically you can just go left, or if you want you can lure the two together
    and have them do some work for you before you have to.  Then after you do that,
    continue on to the control room.  Here, there is going to be lots and lots and
    lots and lots of Flood.  It's going to be a long battle to even get into the
    control room, so be ready for a fight.  Use the same tried and true methods of
    battling Flood, especially the way the works for you.  Grenade and get
    attention, step back and one by one shotgun them down.  This might take a
    while, and if you get overwhelmed, you can retreat while firing.  You can go as
    far back as you like, just eventually kill them all.  Once you do, head into
    the control room, and up the ramp to the right to trigger the cut-scene.
    Once you are done looking at the gruesome Keyes, head down the ramp.  On the
    way are many, many Flood that you might have to battle.  They will come out the
    doors that you didn't come in.  The door you came in from is loaded with
    Covenant.  However, if you trigger it right, you can make the Flood and
    Covenant battle each other.  Wait a few seconds after the cut-scene, then go
    stand by the door that you came from.  The Covenant will then come out and
    hopefully the Flood will as well.  They can just completely forget about you,
    so go in the back and hide while they duke it out.  The Flood will most
    certainly win, because they have such big numbers, so you will have to take out
    the Flood surviviors, but it is much better than fighting the Flood then having
    to fight the Covies.  Once all of the bad guys are dead, the door will open and
    you will have one last thing to do before you are home free.
    >> Escape via the shuttle bay
    Head out of the control room, and go back the way you came.  Along the way, all
    the Flood that you killed are now being replaced by Covenant, so you get to
    kill them all over again.  There will be a couple groups patrolling around with
    usually an elite and a couple of Grunts.  Kill them if they get in your way and
    continue on to the shuttle bay.  Now you have two options.  You can either go
    back through all the halls and kill Covenant after Covenant after Covenant.  Or
    you can take the easier way, and just drop down to the bottom of the shuttle
    bay.  Drop down one level at a time, and make sure to recharge your shield, as
    it will definitely help in taking the damage.  Once you reach the bottom, or
    before you reach the bottom, two Banshees will land.  Elites will come out, but
    if you are quick enough, you can be right there to bash their skulls when they
    get out of the Banshee.  Quickly take the Banshee before you attract any more
    trouble, and zoom out of the shuttle bay into the space.  Congratulations, only
    one more level left!
    5.10 - The Maw
    General Tips: In this level you revisit the first level and you come back to
    the Pillar of Autumn.  Of course this time around is much, much harder, with
    many Black grunts, Gold and Invisible elites, many Flood, and of course,
    Sentinels.  You will visit much, much more of the Pillar of Autumn than you
    even want to, but you will survive and finish this level.  There are also many
    puzzles to solve along with an exciting race to the finish, and it is a pretty
    well done finishing level.
    Description: Destroy Halo before Halo destroys all life in the galaxy.
    Recommended Weapons: Shotgun, Plasma Rifle/Pistol
    ...And the Horse You Rode In On
    >> Make your way to the bridge
    When you enter you will be in an escape pod bay, so behind you is a never-
    ending drop.  Head forward and left and go right around the corner.  Follow the
    path around to get to the maintenance tunnels.  Enter the maintenance tunnels
    and turn left right away, so you don't have to search through all the other
    passageways, until you get to a hole in the ground with a ladder.  Right away,
    infection flood will come out, so take care of them.  Also, look down the
    ladder once they stop coming to take out as many Carrier flood as possible so
    you aren't blown up when you go down the ladder.  When all is relatively clear,
    drop down the ladder.
    The carrier flood, if any will explode and hurt you for not killing them, but
    if you killed off as many as you could you might not even get hit.  Once you
    drop down, take out your plasma rifle and look ahead to see four sentinels.
    The plasma rifle is practically the best, and is the most efficient gun in
    taking the Sentinels out, so keep one of these guns with you.  If you find
    yourself out, you can also use plasma pistols.  Anyway, take out those
    Sentinels using the tremendous cover that you already have.  Move on and you
    fill find your first fighter flood of the level.  There are maybe 5 or 6 of
    them, so I would use up what's left of your assault rifle on them because you
    won't need it ever again.  Why?  One of the fighter floods has a shotgun, so
    you definitely want to pick that up.  Move ahead and you will find yourself
    seemingly in a dead end.  However, look at the door that is there and you will
    see it bursting open with lots more Flood.  This is the first real battle of
    the level, and if you do things carefully and actually aggressively, you will
    get in and out without a scratch.
    This first battle is like another Flood battle you have later on in the level.
    They will come in waves and waves, but actually the waves come out of thin air.
    After you pass a certain spot the waves will stop coming and you will be set.
    It isn't quite like that in the later battle, but it is very similar.  So for
    this battle, kill off the first wave.  As soon as the door opens lay a nice
    frag grenade in the doorway or even a little further back because the infection
    flood will be leading the waves.  Also, if you can, right away shotgun and
    carrier flood you see to act as another grenade.  Once you do all that it
    should be just as easy as cleaning up the remains and scavenging or ammo.  Now
    once the first wave is gone, right away head up the passage that they came in.
    Keep going through until you get a checkpoint, and then you know for sure there
    will be no more flood waves.  Oh and by the way, you will need a pistol
    sometime very soon, so go and get one if you don't have one already.
    Continue through the halls until you get to a doorway that is right next to a
    fire.  Now here there are two options.  You can either stay back and fight and
    have a nice little game with some elites, or you can just run totally through
    and fight the elites in a much more manageable situation.  The best thing to do
    is to follow this exactly, so as soon as you see the door, take out your pistol
    and peer out the left side of the door.  A hunter will come charging through
    trying to kill flood.  Since you have a pistol, one shot in his orange meat
    will kill him, so do it quickly and it doesn't have to be perfect.  Turn right
    from there and a hunter will come through a door and attract his attention,
    otherwise he will escape.  Once they are killed, get the health pack that is
    straight across from the door you came in, then head in the doors of the mess
    hall, and they are across from the door you came in on the left and right.
    If you did this fast enough, the Covenant that would be occupying this room
    will not have gotten there or are just arriving.  The troubles start when you
    don't get there in time.  When you do that, a pistol and needler will come in
    handy to snipe the Grunts and needle down the Elites.  If you came in there at
    the right time, you can just leave and you won't have to worry about them.  If
    you get there in time, I would recommend doing this because the only thing that
    killing those Covenant will do is deplete your ammo.  If you feel the
    adrenaline rush to exterminate every single life on the ship then go for it,
    but for this guide's sakes we will just move on.
    After the mess hall, keep heading through the hallways and through the doors
    that have an arrow on the ground next to them saying Bridge.  Once you get
    close you will get to a hall where you must turn right to get to the general
    Bridge area, but straight ahead will be an Elite that blends in very nicely to
    the background.  This guy, if you do not see him will rip you apart, so be
    aware of him, and know that he won't attack unless you get pretty darn close to
    him because he thinks you can't see him.  Grenade or needle him and move on.
    In the area of the bridge, there are a couple of Grunts along with some fuel-
    rod ones as well.  Use the cover and the element of surprise to kill them all,
    then move to the front of the bridge where you will find a glass thing, which
    will trigger the cutscene.  Make sure that you have a Covenant weapon before
    you trigger the cutscene as well.
    After the cutscene, four Sentinels will appear outside.  Use the Covenant
    weapon you picked up to dispose of them quickly and use the glass thing as
    cover from their lasers.  Once you kill them, you will get a new objective and
    you will finally be heading out.
    >> Get to engineering by way of the cryo storage facility
    Head out back the way you came, and when you get to the mess hall, you will see
    that it is closed off, and some Flood will welcome you to the next stage of the
    level.  Blast them with your shotgun and use some grenades to help you out and
    kill them all.  Head towards the far door, and inside will be some Hunters and
    an Elite.  You can try to avoid them and run by them, or if you want to have
    some fun you can kill them off.  There is a loading point shortly after them so
    once it loads the Hunters will have forgotten that they have seen you.  Anyway,
    head into the next hallway and some Sentinels will be there to greet you, so
    hopefully you still have some Plasma weapons to take care of them.  Once you
    kill one of the groups of Sentinels another group will attack you as well.
    Once you take care of the Sentinels, move on and you will get to the door of
    the cryochamber.  I would suggest not going in yet, as a pretty big battle is
    ensuing between the Flood and some Sentinels.  As you can probably guess the
    Sentinels will die rather quickly, so I would almost suggest going in while
    there are still some Sentinels left and helping them out by shotgun shooting
    some of the Flood.  Anyway, once you clear out the bottom level of the
    cryochamber, use the ladder to get to the upper level.  As you continue forward
    to the control center of the cryochamber, you will come upon some Sentinels.
    Use the glass windows as cover, and make sure you don't get hit by their
    explosions when they die.  Also, below you another wave of Flood will come in,
    but I would suggest just ignoring them.
    After finishing off the Sentinels, head left past the controls and you will
    trigger a huge battle between you and many, many Flood.  I personally fight
    this battle differently based on the difficulty setting.  To the right of where
    you went is a dead end and a hiding spot for you to recover from the Flood.  I
    found this especially useful in legendary difficulty and, although it was
    tedious, I barely got hurt.  However, I think in Normal difficulty you don't
    need to use this strategy and you can take the shorter, but more dangerous
    route.  If you go into the hallway where they appear and rip them completely
    apart, right away continue down the hallway and once you get past a certain
    point any remaining Flood waves will cease and you will have received a much
    smaller scratch.
    Once you finish the huge Flood battle, continue down the halls, picking up the
    overshield that is located in a dead end, and head into the maintenance
    tunnels.  From the maintenance tunnels there are several exits.  I personally
    don't care which exit you take, but before you exit any of the exits make sure
    you look around so you aren't ambushed by some Flood.  The only enemy you will
    find are Flood, no Covenant are here as they should all be dead.  If the battle
    is still raging, don't go out there yet, let them finish their business before
    you intervene.  Exit out into the hallways and try to use the element of
    surprise as much as you can to wipe out the remaining Flood.  Once they are
    dead, and look around the hallways until you find a door with a big red arrow
    on the ground by it saying Armory.  Go there and you will find yourself in
    heaven.  Stock up on your ammo, and I would suggest taking a fully loaded
    shotgun along with a fully loaded rocket launcher.  Don't stay here too long
    however, if you get in and out fast enough you can avoid the invisible flood
    that are here.  If not, you can take care of them just as well.  Head out back
    into the hall and this time follow the door that leads to the engineering.
    Once you get to a three-way fork, you will get a cutscene.
    Light Fuse, Run Away
    After the cutscene, you will arrive at a three-way fork, and you can go either
    right or left.  At this point either one is fine, but I usually go to the
    right.  Now, before we continue with this massive and annoying section of the
    game, there are some things I need to tell you.  The objective of this section
    of the level is to set up a bomb using the engine.  To do that, you must open
    up four exhaust manifolds and shoot some explosives inside of them.  On each
    side of the room there are two "staircases" in a sense to get to the top floor
    where the switches are to open them up.  Before you start your ascent, on each
    side of the room are several health packs, as the programmers knew that this
    part of the level could get annoying.  That should be all the miscellaneous
    information that you need to know.  Once you enter the main control room, and
    Flood start coming out behind you with Cortana buzzing away with what I just
    told you, start heading towards the third floor.  You must do this next
    sequence four times, so just continue doing it until you get a new objective,
    which I will continue from there.
       >> Use the controls on the third floor to retract an exhaust manifold
      I am going to assume you went right, so I can give you a more detailed
      walkthrough.  From the door into the engine room if you took a right, take
      another right and head up the ramp.  Head across the ramp away from where
      you came and enter the door.  You should have seen the health packs along the
      way, pick one up if you need it for some odd reason.  Also, before you enter
      the door some Flood could be behind you, so watch out for that.  Once you
      enter the door, head straight up the ramp and right around until you get to
      where you will see many Flood.  This is stage one of the Flood fest.
      Basically shotgun blast all of the Fighter flood that are in your way, and
      otherwise you can just barge through and ignore the rest of them.
      After you go through the next door out onto the second level, go left and
      head to the door right there and enter.  Ascend again until you get to
      another door, when you open it, it will be filled with Flood, so go crazy.
      This one has some more Flood than the last one, but it is still manageable.
      Remember you can always back away as far as you like to, but if you didn't
      kill all from the first one you might sandwich yourself.  Once you get past
      the second stage of the Flood fest, you will finally get to the third floor.
      Press any of the switches, being aware of any Flood that could run at you
      and hit you, and jump down to the corresponding manifold that is moving.  It
      should be right below the switch that you press.
       >> Destroy the open vent core with a grenade or rocket
      Take out your rocket launcher, and turn around so you are facing where you
      just jumped.  You should see a grating that is opening and closing and when
      it is open some yellowish reddish color is behind it.  You must get your
      rocket inside of the engine, so fire it when it is open and fire it through
      the open holes.  You will know if it registered when the actual thing blows
      up and you will hear some beeping as well.  To make it even more complicated,
      once you press the switch, some Sentinels will come and join you.  I would
      suggest not even bothering with them, as you can avoid them quickly enough
      if you shoot the rocket and get down fast enough.  Rinse and repeat.
    Once you complete this four times, you will finally be able to leave.  Go all
    the way back up to the top level again, all the while Cortana will explain to
    you what to do (don't listen) and give you a new objective.
    >> Get to the elevator on the third floor
    Starting from if you went the right side, or the way that I gave the
    walkthrough for, go all the way to the last door before the third floor.  Go
    through the door, and look straight across, and you will see a door at the
    other side of the third floor.  Head straight, and look left to make sure no
    more Flood will sneak up on you, and head through the door.  Head throughout
    the halls, they are pretty straight forward, and once you get to an elevator
    that isn't quite open yet, take out your rocket launcher.  It will eventually
    open up with a couple of elites and fuel rod grunts.  Shoot a rocket, followed
    by a well-placed grenade will do the trick.  Board the elevator and get ready
    for the last section of the game.  Eventually you will reach the top, and you
    should start moving right away.
    Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Convicts
    >> Escape from the Pillar of Autumn before it's too late
    At the top of the elevator start moving quickly, and Cortana will casually
    explain to you that the bomb you set will explode in 6 minutes, and it
    completely destroy the planet, so I don't think you will survive.  If you are
    quick enough you can take one of the six Warthogs in the first room, otherwise,
    grab the one overturned in some fire.  Start driving right away, completely
    ignore and enemy that is in the way.  You must go in 6 minutes about 2.1 or 2.2
    km, as your navigation point will tell you.  Your last objective is to get the
    hell out of this planet, so you need to find a ride.  So get going.
    From the overturned Warthog, go up the slope and stay straight as you enter the
    first courtyard.  Head into the tunnel and again ignore all enemies.  Head
    slightly to the right side of the tunnel, otherwise you will run right into a
    pillar.  Continue forward the rest of the way into the first hallway.  Head
    straight down it but eventually head to the right side of the hallway.  In the
    next courtyard, going down the middle is a very bad idea, as more often than
    not you will end up slowing down or even flipping over, so avoid that.  Enter
    either the tunnel to the right or to the left of the center jump.  Head to the
    far edge of the courtyard upon exiting the very short tunnel For instance if
    you took the right tunnel, head to the right side of the tunnel so you have a
    head start.  If you get stuck or something, Sentinels will be right there to
    remind you of it.  Head around the middle wall and go into the next hallway.
    The next hallway is a very key part to whether or not you will make it on time.
    In this hallway every 50 feet or so there is a pillar right in the middle, and
    you can go either left or right of the pillar.  Usually, one side is completely
    flat like the rest of the hallway, but the other side as a little bump in it
    that can send you flying, or can give you that risk.  If you can, just weave in
    and out of the pillars on the side that doesn't have the bump.  Also, in this
    hallway, there is a shortcut, a little hole in the wall that will cut through
    part of the hallway.  I personally think it is way too much trouble and it is
    more difficult to get into the shortcut than it is actually worth.  One last
    thing, any enemies you see, just keep on truckin'.
    You will then get to the third courtyard, and this one can be either very easy
    or kind of tough.  Right from the beginning, you can get on either of the
    raised runways and most importantly stay on than that is the best way.  If not,
    head to one of the tunnels and then come out the other side and head straight
    to the next hallway.  This hallway is just nice and straight, so just get
    straightened out if you are spinning out for the next courtyard.  The fourth
    courtyard is the hardest of the bunch, as you will have to do some very tight
    slalom work between pillars.  Head down the middle and do your slalom thing,
    and take your time because you don't want to flip over.  Once you are through
    run over the shade gun sitting there and continue to the next halls.
    If you have been listening to Cortana at all you would know that you Foehammer
    is the one you are looking for and the Navigation Point is the place where
    Foehammer would pick you up.  You will eventually get to the bridge where
    Foehammer is supposed to pick you up, but sadly enough you shouldn't stop.
    Sadly enough, Foehammer will not be counted as a survivor of this trip.
    Continue on and you will get to another hallway with the giant slalom.  There
    is again another shortcut, but use it only if you really want to, and by the
    way it is on the right side this time.  Whatever you decide to do, continue on
    and Cortana will warn you of a big jump coming up, so line yourself up straight
    and hit the gas as much as you can.  You are not supposed to make it to the
    hanging platform, and you are supposed to fall all the way down into a tunnel.
    Follow the path as it is pretty straightforward until you get to some
    obstacles.  Now, you are so close, and you will have to run the rest of the
    way.  There will be battles raging on all around you, but I would completely
    ignore it and just make a mad dash for the hangar.  Once you get to the hangar,
    the screen will turn white, and the final movie of the game will play.
    Congratulations!  You have just beaten a very fine game in Halo!  Now just sit
    back and enjoy the movie.
                                  6.0 Multiplayer
    This is what you do when you are bored of doing it solo, then you go for the
    Multiplayer mode!
    6.1 Multiplayer Modes of Play
    Multiplayer allows you to play Halo in a number of exciting and varied ways,
    and with a few features that differ from the main Halo campaign, such as the
    liberal use of ammo and health power-ups in many of the multiplayer
    environments.  Read the descriptions below to find the type of game you 'd like
    to play and then follow the setup instructions.
    Cooperative Play
    This option allows two players connected to a single Xbox video game system to
    play through the entire single player campaign side by side.
    To start a Cooperative game:
    1.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen
    2.Select Cooperative Play from the Multiplayer screen.
    3.Each player presses Start or A to join the game.  Each player must select a
    custom player profile.
    4.Select the difficulty level for the campaign.
    5.Press Start or A to begin.
    Split Screen
    This option allows up to four players to play in split screen mode on a single
    Xbox video game system. You'll pick your own maps and game settings.
    To start a Split Screen game
    1.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen.
    2.Select Split Screen from the Multiplayer screen.
    3.Each player presses Start or A to join the game.  Players may select a custom
    player profile if desired.
    4.Select the map you 'd like to play on.
    5.Select the game type you 'd like to play.
    6.Press Start or A to join the game.
    System Link Play
    You can connect two Xbox consoles together using an Xbox System Link Cable, or
    up to four Xbox consoles using an Ethernet hub and standard Ethernet cables.
    To start a System Link Play game
    1.Physically connect two Xbox video game systems to each other using Xbox
    System Link Cables, or up to four Xbox consoles using Ethernet cables to plug
    them into a 10Base-T network.  Refer to your Xbox Instruction Manual for more
    information about how to do this.
    2.Select Multiplayer from the Main screen.
    3.Select System Link Play from the Multiplayer screen.
    4.Each player must press Start or A to select a profile and then join the game.
    Halo attempts to find an available game on the linked network.
    5.If there is no game and you 'd like to start your own, press X or A.
    6.Select the map you 'd like to play on.
    7.Select the game type you 'd like to play.
    8.Press A to begin.
    6.2 Multiplayer Levels
    (Thanks to xbox.ign.com's Vincent Lopez)
    Rat Race
    "Up the Ramps, Down the Tubes"
    2-6 Players
    Simple corridor match with an overhead cavern that allows you to get from one
    end to the other, one particular corner with two shield stands where you can
    properly camp in the public eye. Look for the shotgun and the overshield at the
    end of one of the overhead caverns, the Halo equivalent of Quad damage. A
    couple of portals keep this from just being a running game. Make sure to sneak
    up behind your opponent with a shotgun for a good one-shot kill. A good map
    overall for small groups, especially two players.
    "Get on Top"
    2-8 Players
    It's built like a multi-story mall, and there's plenty of space for grenade
    tossing, especially if you're on top. Risk the bottom level for the active
    camouflage (aka invisibility) in the center of the map. Remember, you can
    actually leap most of the platform gaps on the higher levels, so don't think
    you're stuck walking around the edges. Not really recommended for two players -
    - we'd recommend at least four for this one, as it's too easy to play chicken
    in the interior of the buildings.
    Hang 'Em High
    "Tombstones for Everybody"
    4-16 Players
    This one's got a little bit of everything -- a maze of pylons to run around in,
    a shotgun to blow people to smithereens in, and some nice high ledges to snipe
    from. It's wide and open, so if you don't have enough players, you may be a
    little bored -- unless you're a marksman, of course. Play it on Snipers mode
    for some real fun fun fun. Definitely more fun as a Capture the Flag map than
    anything else.
    Chill Out
    "Dude, you really need to..."
    2-8 Players
    One of the best maps for small group battles, especially if you've only got two
    players. There's a good variety of weapons (even a Sniper rifle), and lots of
    twisty corners to turn. If you're not familiar with multi combat, this is a
    non-threatening, intimate map to get you started.
    "Deep-Space Anomaly #0198"
    4-8 Players
    I'm not a huge fan of the open courtyard type maps, which is what this one is.
    If you're a good Sniper this can be some fun. This level works best if you're
    playing a game like King, where you've got to control a point. With little room
    to camp, this one's a tough battle.
    Boarding Action
    "Ship-to-Ship Combat"
    4-16 Players
    Another one for rocket fanatics and snipers. You've got two ships split open
    like apartment complexes, and all sorts of long range weapons to use on one
    another. If you're a rocket arena fan, you'll like the strategy in this one,
    but close combat fans will be bored. Definitely more exciting in concept than
    execution, unless you're a long-range fanatic.
    Blood Gulch
    "The Quick and the Dead"
    4-16 Players
    A fantastic map that is just screaming for you to play it in Capture The Flag.
    You've got your bases. Made for huge numbers, but even smaller groups can get
    into it because of the open fields of play, and nice selection of vehicles and
    weapons to play with. Try it out in Team Rally mode, where you're racing to get
    to checkpoints, for some jeep racing fun. Get a good gunner on the back of your
    jeep, and you're golden.
    "Round and Round and Round"
    2-8 Players
    Not being a fan of courtyard battles, this one tended to bore me, at least in
    two player games. There's a limited selection of weapons, and generally little
    to do other than shoot blindly. Things get more fun when someone grabs the
    Active Camouflage, though. Another one that's good for beginners, since it's
    really, really straightforward.
    Chiron TL34
    "Spartan Clone Training Complex"
    2-6 Players
    An insanely claustrophobic corridor battle with little variety in weaponry, and
    one well-placed packet o' instant Active Camo. Tons of little evil slits in the
    scenery for you to fire through, a myriad of portal points, and some nasty
    little hiding spots make this a vicious game for campers and close-combat
    freaks alike. If you can keep from getting lost, this is a fun, fast-paced CTF
    game for tiny groups.
    "A long walk down a short hall..."
    2-8 Players
    This level's skinnier than the casting call for Ally McBeal. There's not much
    room to move, so you'll have to know this level inside and out, and most
    important, find that shotgun! Get a perch and get it quick. Sort of insane for
    any team games, which is actually the best part, if you've got some fragging
    experience and want a close combat challenge. Weird and fun.
    Battle Creek
    "Splash Splash, Bang Bang"
    2-8 Players
    If you're looking for a way to show off the beauty of the game in multi, this
    and Sidewinder are the levels to use. It's a really natural landscape, complete
    with a river, and two conveniently located fortresses on either side. This is a
    traditional CTF map, complete with some Sniper locations and a maze-like
    fortress to keep your sacred flag well-protected. Use the trees to keep you
    covered, as well as all your Quake-honed CTF techniques, and you'll be fine.
    "Red Blood, White Snow"
    4-16 Players
    One huge ice field and two fortresses make for some heavy combat. This one's
    good with four players, but you'll find that it ends up being a corridor battle
    in the "hidden" walkways that lead through the mountain to each base. Get over
    eight players involved though, and throw in some Scorpion tanks, and you've got
    yourself a war. Multiple snipe locations, a variety of attack points for the
    bases, and some cool crisp snow make this a fun one for game parties.
    "Covenant Hydro-Processing Center"
    4-8 Players
    Damnation, AKA "extra-cool bump-mapped level galore", takes the most practice
    of any of the levels. It's a little odd in the way it's laid out, and you've
    got to have your long and short range skills together if you think you're going
    to survive this one. CTF is extra-fun given the "walk of death," a long walkway
    with deadly gaps in clear view of a conveniently-located ledge full of sniper
    rifles. If you're not comfortable doing quick jump-turn maneuvers in odd
    directions, you better practice on some other maps first.
    The only bad thing about multiplayer Halo is that they treat it like a PC
    multiplayer game -- namely that most games with under four players suck. Get
    your friends to forklift over their Xbox and an Ethernet cable, and you'll be a
    lot happier.
    As an unrelated tip, remember that cracking someone on the back the head with
    your weapon is a really, really effective attack, if they're not facing you.
    And you can always skip the "level will load in 10 seconds" stuff by just
    pressing A repeatedly.
    6.3 Multiplayer Games
    (Thanks again to xbox.ign.com's Vincent Lopez)
    Angel of death, angel of deaaaawwwwth! All apologies to Kerry King for that
    one. Though not sponsored by the band Slayer, this mode certainly exemplifies
    them -- ruthless, brutal, and fast as hell. It's a classic Deathmatch, where
    you'll need 15 kills to win. What level you play decides whether you'll have
    access to vehicles or specific weapons. If you're just beginning, this will
    keep your head from spinning... too much.
    Slayer Pro
    Like Slayer, only this time you'll need 25 kills to win. That's a marathon,
    folks. Thankfully, in this mode you start with a Pistol, Automatic Rifle, and
    Grenades to make the killin' a little quicker.
    Team Slayer
    You pick your teams, and the one to reach 50 kills first (total between your
    team) wins. The extra gimmick here is that the more you kill, the slower you'll
    move, but the more you die, the faster you'll be able to frag. Remember that
    you choose your teams at the start up screen, so you can mix this up in
    whatever fashion you like. Four newbies can take on two seasoned veterans, or
    you can have an even three on three split if you've got two consoles and two TV
    screens. Team games are especially fun when you've got multiple TVs, cos you
    can keep one team in one room, and another team in another room, provided you
    buy long enough Ethernet cable to go between the two. Hint: buy reeaaaally long
    Ethernet cables. More expensive but worth the price in the long run.
    This one's quick and dirty, and better suited to levels that give you a little
    room to dodge. Play it on Longer and you'll find yourself with a shorter (sorry
    about that one) game. This mode's great on levels like Boarding Action, where
    precise shooting means that the game's usually drug out longer than usual
    Mmmm... yummy Phantoms. All players are "invisible," meaning that everyone's
    got on Active Camouflage, making them almost impossible to see unless they're
    firing directly at you. Fortunately, all your opponents have nav points, so
    you'll be able to tell how far away they are from you, as well as their
    direction. This is a fun one in a variety of levels, whether you're tying to
    snipe ghosts of your enemies, or chugging it out in tight hallways.
    You've got five lives, and the winner is the first person to score ten kills.
    The clincher? Respawn Time Growth and Odd Man Out rules apply. Time Growth
    means that ever time you die, your respawn time will increase by five
    seconds... but every time you kill someone else, your time will decrease by
    five seconds. Play clumsy, and you'll be waiting ages to get back into the
    game. Odd Man Out rules mean that if you die, you can't respawn until someone
    else assumes the role of Odd Man Out by dying. It's a rotating afterlife, made
    worse by the time increments. This doesn't work with two players, for obvious
    reasons, so get a big group to make this one really frustrating.
    Don't be daunted by the 25 kills needed to win this game. Remember that one
    rocket blast will nail someone in a flash... and since that's what you've all
    got, this one flies by. The catch (and have you noticed that all Halo
    multiplayer games have one?) is that nobody's got a motion tracker, so you'll
    have to use your eyes and the rocket scope if you think you're going to nail
    someone from afar.
    Everyone with snipers! Fifteen kills are needed to win this one, but with
    Respawn Time Growth rules in place, if you're not quick you'll be waiting in
    the afterlife for what seems like hours to get back into the game. Get the lead
    guy out of the picture as quick as possible if you don't want to see them
    snowball the whole game.
    It's simple -- hold the skull for two minutes, and you win. Of course, there'll
    be a ton of people on your tail trying to take it from you, but don't worry
    about that. About 10 seconds after play begins, a skull is dropped somewhere on
    the map. Find it, and your timer will start counting down from two minutes.
    Make it to zero, and you win -- but remember that you can't use your weapons
    while holding the skull, leaving you vulnerable. The skull's a brutal melee
    weapon however, so a good knock over someone's unsuspecting head can help take
    out a potential noggin stealer. The weapons depend on the level, so try a few
    out in Oddball and see which ones suit your playing style the best.
    Team Ball
    The first team to hold the skull for two minutes wins the game, so make sure to
    protect your buddy holding the skull to keep them from getting killed. A 10
    second respawn time makes it tough to simply tag along and protect your buddy,
    Reverse Tag
    The first one to score a kill on the map is "It," and a counter starts counting
    up to two minutes. The first one to reach two minutes win -- but the one who's
    "It" runs slower than the competition. Fun for all! In case you need pointers,
    look for the big target symbol over their head to know to nail with your
    sniper. Remember, so check up on everyone's times, including your own, press
    the Back button.
    You've got to stay "It" for five minutes, but it's not as long as it sounds --
    if you're it, and score kills, you get a timer speed bonus for each one. Get a
    few kills and keep "It" and you'll win in no time. Get killed, though, and
    you'll lose "It" status, as well as any time bonuses you accrued while playing.
    The first one to kill becomes the Juggernaut, and does extra damage with all
    weapons. Kill the Juggernaut, and steal his powers for yourself. It's as simple
    as that. Ten kills will nab you the game in this mode.
    One player is invisible on the map, but if you can find and kill him, you get
    his powers. Wanna guess that the person sniping you from the hills is the
    invisible one? Get 10 kills, and victory is yours.
    Somewhere on the map is an area surrounded by a moving square ring -- get
    inside it and stay there for two minutes, and you win the match. Simple, huh?
    Of course, everyone else is trying to stay in the same place as well, so don't
    blame us if things get a little heated. For even more fun, try it out on levels
    like Prisoner where the ring is at the top, and in the middle of, the entire
    level. You may think your safe, but a good grenade toss is all they need to
    take you off your throne.
    King Pro
    Like King mode, only you start the match with grenades, a pistol and an
    automatic rifle.
    Crazy King
    Like King mode, but with one little difference -- the "hill" location changes
    during the match.
    Team King
    The same two minute rules as King, only now you're a team, and it's the team
    total that counts. A ten-second respawn time makes this one tougher, however.
    Follow your nav readout onscreen and touch a series of flags laid out around
    the map of your choice. Do three laps first by touching all the flags in order,
    and you win. This gets real fun when you big vehicle-based levels like Blood
    Gulch -- it becomes a flat-out racing game... with guns, of course.
    Team Race
    Get a team and play a level with vehicles -- you'll be able to shoot at your
    enemies while racing for the next flag point. Quake may have quad damage, but
    it certainly never had racing with guns.
    This one's a race without the laps -- collect 15 flags first, and you win. Of
    course, the designers have made it so that you're definitely getting in one
    another's way while trying to get to the flags first. A pistol will do the
    Team Rally
    The team version of rally runs a lot quicker, because you've just got to grab
    five flag points to win. Of course, everyone on your team has to collect five
    flag points, so if one of you is lagging...
    Capture the Flag (CTF)
    An FPS classic. Capture your enemy's flag and return it to you base three
    times, and you win the game. You can't fire while holding a flag however, and
    everyone will be alerted when a flag has been stolen from a base. Battles of
    epic proportions have been waged under this pretense, so beware -- your free
    time is at stake. While CTF is fun in small groups, the true beauty of the game
    type comes when you get eight or more players involved.
    Iron CTF
    All players have 200% health, and both teams start with Scorpion tanks. If you
    think you can get away with this with only four players, it doesn't work as
    well as you think. Play it with at least six or more, and you've really got a
    party going on. You'll only find this mode in a few types (because you really
    can't fit a tank that well in a hallway), but seek it out. It's definitely
    worth some play.
    CTF Pro
    This one's a killer, and I only advise playing it if you've got a super-sized
    group ready, otherwise no one's ever going to score on this one. CTF pro plays
    just like CTF, only this time you've got to have your flag at home base in
    order for you to score. Not only do you have to sneak into your enemy's base
    and steal their flag, but you've got to make sure that your flag's intact at
    the same time. Great fun if you've got a good team to work with.
    A fast food version of CTF. You've already got your enemy's flag, and now
    you've just got to get it into their base and plant it onto their flag station.
    Do it three times and you win -- but you've only got five lives to work with.
    It's quick, it's dirty, and it's ruthless. Once you've mastered the general CTF
    skills, then move onto this one for a different sort of challenge.
                               7.0 - Weapons List
    7.1 - Human Weapons            /
    M6D Pistol
    Maximum Ammo: 120 rounds
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 12 rounds
    Most Effective: Flood Carriers, Hunters
    Least Effective: Groups of Combat Flood, Elites
    Special Abilities: 2x Zoom
    Disadvantages: Slow firing rate, moderately slow meleeing attack
    Manual Description:
    This pistol is a recoil-operated, magazinge-fed handgun. It is issued with a
    smart-liked scope capable of 2x magnification(press in the Right thumbstick).
    It fires 12.7mm semi-armor piercing, high explosive rounds. It can shoot either
    semi-automatic or automatic fire(pull and hold the Right trigger for automatic
    Shot placement is very important. The only shot that guarantees immediate and
    total incapacitation is on roughly centered in the head, above a horizontal
    line passing through the ear opening and below the crown of the alien skull.
    The Pistol is probably one of the best underrated weapons in the game. Many
    don't consider it to be too much effect. The melee attack is slow but it's
    really effective on a variety of enemies. Each shot is very powerful although
    round supplies are usually short.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    In most levels, Pistol ammo is usually short. Being found in occasional spots
    on the floor. Pistol rounds are best conserved for Hunters. Aim for their
    orange spot both on their back and their neck. A single shot will kill it.
    Also, at close enough range, a Flood Carrier can be obliverated with a single
    shot as well. However, avoid being stuck with a pistol when fighting against
    Elites. Because of the slow rate of fire and frequent reloading time, the
    Elites can hide, recharge, and pop back up again. Although the Pistol is
    slightly effective against the Flood, large groups will easily overwhelm your
    position. This is why the Pistol is ineffective in Level 7.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    The Pistol is more useless in Split Screen but if you can snipe someone out
    with a head shot, that's great. Remember you can't take them out with a head
    shot before bringing down their shields first. If you must, take a peek at
    their screen to see if their shield is going down. The pistol does have a
    pretty slow melee attack so avoid close range combat, especially if your
    enemy has a Shotgun or Assault Rifle. Snipers seem to love the Pistol because
    it's useful when their target is closer because of the faster rate of fire
    and it saves ammo as well.
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    MA5B Assault Rifle
    Maximum Ammo: 600 rounds
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 60 rounds
    Most Effective: Grunts, Flood Infection Forms
    Least Effective: Jackals, One or two Elites, Large Groups of Combat Flood
    Special Abilities: Compass pointing to the planet Threshold, screen showing
    how many rounds are left in the clip.
    Disadvantages: Bad accuracy if the trigger is held down too long
    Manual Description:
    This rifle is gas-operated and magazine-fed. It fires 7.62mm armor-piercing
    rounds. Rate of fire is limited by a soldier's ability to aim, fire and change
    magazines. Short, controlled burst are more accurate than fully automatic fire.
    The MA5B's integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and the
    relative direction of the gas giant, Threshold, for point of reference. This
    feature is particularly useful for orientating you in areas where it's easy to
    get turned around and lose your sense of direction.
    Not too good of a weapon but hey, it's the Master Chief's signature weapon.
    Being gas operated, the Assault Rifle has a very high rate of fire. Each clip
    actually contains 60 rounds that can be emptied in a few seconds if using
    automatic fire.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    Best used against groups of Grunts. Because of their physical weakness and
    speed, you can easily take out a group of them before setting your weapons
    for a more powerful enemy. The melee attack is pleasantly speedy and the
    reloading time doesn't take too much time. The Assault Rifle is extremely
    effective against the Infection Forms. A single shot can blow one up
    hopefully taking out the entire group. Use single shots when against
    Infection Forms to conserve ammo. The Assault Rifle is marginally effective
    against Elites when not in groups. Avoid wasting ammo with Jackals as they
    have that annoying shields. I've also noticed that the accuracy gets worse as
    you continue holding automatic fire. So for better accuracy, use short bursts
    of rounds against targets farther away.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Not a very great weapon but if you can get close to an opponent without them
    noticing and smack them in the back, it's worth it. Also, you can use
    automatic fire at close range to rapidly bring down an enemies shield. The
    Assault Rifle is useless when engaging targets far away as it'll only give
    your position away and you'll barely do any damage at all. Like campaign, use
    short bursts of fire whenever possible.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    M90 Shotgun
    Maximum Ammo: 60 shots
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 12 shots
    Most Effective: Flood Combat Forms, Elites, every weak enemy, Sentinels
    Least Effective: Jackals
    Special Abilities: Clips are impractical
    Disadvantages: No effect at long range, slow reloading time, slow firing
    rate, slow melee attack
    Manual Description:
    The shotgun is a pump-action magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detachable type)
    weapon. It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds. This weapon is very effective
    against targets at close range and may be used to engage several targets
    simultaneously at medium and long range.
    The Shotgun doesn't exactly have clips but it can carry a maximum of 12 shots
    at maximum. You can then reload any time you wish. The Shotgun can only be
    acquired on 343 Guilty Spark and every level after that in case you were
    Strategy in Campaign:
    The key thing to understand is that you should reload at every opportunity
    you get. You're not wasting ammunition by the way. The best enemy to use the
    shots on are the annoying Combat Forms. This weapon is required in Level 7
    and strongly recommended in any level with the Flood. The Shotgun is
    effective on every Covenant except the Jackals. Avoid wasting ammo on the
    Grunts but use them on the Hunters and Elites. One shot at close range in the
    orange areas will bring down a Hunter and a shot at close range in the head
    will kill an Elite. There is usually an abundance of ammunition for this
    weapon in the Library.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    One of my favorite weapons, great for just walking up to a Sniper that hasn't
    noticed you and just pop them in the head with a very painful shot. Avoid
    taking shots at long range. Pick up a shotgun whenever possible if you can as
    it gives you a killer advantage. However, when using a Shotgun, make sure you
    have another weapon that is effective at long range just in case your
    target makes a run for it. If you really want to annoy someone, walk up to
    them and blast them in the head. The result should be instant and you'd earn
    yourself a good laugh.
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    S2 AM Sniper Rifle
    Maximum Ammo: 24(Truth and Reconcilliation starts with 64 but you can't get
    more in any other level.)
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 4 rounds
    Most Effective: Any Covenant, Sentinels
    Least Effective: All Flood
    Special Abilities: 10x Zoom, Light Amplification(Night Vision)
    Disadvantages: Small amount of shots per clip, scarcity of ammunition,
    useless at close range, no effect against Flood
    Manual Description:
    This rifle is a gas-operated magazine-fed weapon. It is issued with a
    smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification (press in the Right
    thumbstick once for 2x magnification, press again for 10x magnification, and
    once more to deactivate). Also, while still in zoom mode you can press the
    White button to activate light amplification. It fires 14.5mm armor-piercing
    fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds.
    Warning: The 14.5x 114mm APFSDS round is an anti-material munition. It can
    easily over-penetrate several armored soldiers. Be sure of what is on the other
    side of your target before firing.
    The Sniper Rifle is a very powerful weapon. Able to zoom in and the accuracy
    is perfect. Best used when your enemies don't notice you. When sniping at
    night(ie. Truth and Reconcilliation)you can use the night vision to make
    sniping easier and more fun. ^_^
    Strategy in Campaign:
    The absolute dumbest thing to do with the sniper is to try to take down a
    Flood. Any form. I had to learn this the hard way. Because of the lack of
    ammunition, the Sniper Rifle should not be used at close range as it's just
    a waste of ammo. Try to shoot Elites in the head and Hunters in their weak
    orange spots. Although the Sniper can take out a Grunt, it's best conserved
    for more powerful targets. Also, if you can get a shot to go through 2 or
    more Covenant, you can take them all down or damage them. I once took out
    4 Grunts and damaged an Elite with a single shot. Very effective, especially
    when your enemiese don't notice you.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    If you've ever played with Xbox connect, you would have probably met a few
    skilled Snipers the hard way. They're extremely skilled and can take you
    down with a single headshot from a mile away. So how do they do this? They
    probably increase their look sensitivity to make it extremely easier. I would
    suggest doing that. Also, don't just follow your target, let them walk into
    your sight and blast them. The shot is instant and you won't need to lead the
    target. Try to get them down with a head shot or chest shot.
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
    Maximum Ammo: 8 rockets
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 2 rockets
    Most Effective: Every Enemy
    Least Effective: None
    Special Abilities: 2x Zoom
    Disadvantages: Slow firing rate, slow reloading time, slow melee attack, can
    damage self if fired too close to current location, scarcity of ammunition,
    fact that rockets travel slow and targets must be "led" before the rocket
    can be launched
    Manual Description:
    The M19 SSM is a man-portable and shoulder-fired rocket launcher. It has two
    major components, the launcher and the magazine. The magazine (the expendable
    part of the system) contains two 102mm shaped-charge, high-explosive rockets.
    It is designed for fast, easy detachment from the launcher. The launcher
    contains the sighting and fire control systems.
    The Rocket Launcher is a high explosive dumb fire weapon. The rocket is quite
    slow and if a target is far away, leading the rocket would probably be
    required. Ammo is usually short and can only be found in a few levels. Also,
    try to avoid firing a rocket too close to your location or face death.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    As stated above, avoid firing too close to your location. Engage targets far
    away. Rocket Launcher ammunition can only be found in a few levels and if any
    at all, it's usually a small supply. Try to only use rockets on groups of
    enemies to send them flying or a Covenant Tank to take it out easily. An
    empty Rocket Launcher should immediately be switched. It's also best used for
    groups of Flood Combat Forms or Elites that are charging you.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    I like this weapon in Split Screen. Useful for clearing out a group of
    enemies. One of the best times to use this weapon is when a few other targets
    are fighting each other and haven't noticed you. Launch a rocket down there
    and take them out. That's a lot of fun. When going against vehicles moving at
    a fast speed, the best thing to do would be to switch to another weapon to
    take them out or lead the target far or near depending on it's speed and hope
    it'll hit. You'll need to be an excellent marksman(like me)to hit or you can
    simply get lucky.
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    M41 LAAG
    Maximum Ammo: N/A
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: Sentinels, Grunts, Elites, All Flood, All Covenant vehicles
    Least Effective: Hunters
    Special Abilities: Found only on the Warthog, Unlimited Ammunition
    Disadvantages: Very inaccurate
    Manual Description:
    The Warthog's M41 light anti-aircraft gun is a three-barreled, electric-
    powered, linkless, drum-fed weapon. It fires 450 to 550 12.7x99mm armor
    penetrating rounds per minute. Turret traverse rate is 100 degrees per second
    and weapon elevation rate is 60 degrees per second. Recoil from sustained fire
    is prodigious and negatively impacts accuracy at long range.
    The Light Anti Aircraft Gun is extremely effective against a variety of
    enemies. Although the accuracy is... questionable, the LAAG is an extremely
    powerful weapon against every enemy you'll meet in Halo. However, you can only
    this when you're in a Warthog...
    Strategy in Campaign:
    If you're playing co op, use the LAAG whenever possible but always have a
    driver. If you're not moving, you'll be easy meat for a lucky Grunt that
    happens to get a grenade on you. In single player, have a marine there and
    let him shoot everything in sight by driving by the enemy.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Use the LAAG whenever possible as well. In Blood Gulch, try to get a Warthog
    on top of the bases with Rockets and Grenades and you'll have a rotating gun
    around your base for CTF defense. The LAAG is quite inaccurate and should
    only be used if you have a driver.
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    M9 HP-DE Fragmentation Grenade
    Maximum Ammo: 4 grenades
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: Every enemy
    Least Effective: None
    Special Abilities: Explodes on contact with ground.
    Disadvantages: Can not stick to vehicles or enemies like the Plasma Grenade,
    Possible to hurt own player if thrown too close
    Manual Description:
    The M9 high-explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown fragmentation device.
    Use it to suppress or disable vehicles, except tanks. It can be thrown, rolled,
    bounced or ricocheted into places direct fire weapons can't reach. Increase the
    angle of the throw to toss it farther, or to get it over obstacles. Be careful
    not to throw it too close to your own location.
    The Fragmentation Grenade is a human commissioned high explosive throwing
    grenade for destruction. It can flush out enemies or send them flying off
    into the distance.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    The Fragmentation Grenade is much more effective than the Plasma Grenade even
    if it doesn't have that sticky thing. It can easily be used to take Elites
    and Grunts out of hiding or it can be thrown into a group of enemies and send
    them flying. These are very useful when you feel overwhelmed by whatever
    enemies. Also, remember not to throw them too close to yourself or face yet
    severe damage that could have been inflicted on your opponents, not yourself.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Because it doesn't have any blue glow like the Plasma Grenade, if your target
    hasn't noticed you, he/she probably wouldn't notice the grenade. I find the
    Frag Grenade more useful than the Plasma Grenade. Some may disagree but it
    explodes faster and has a larger splash damage radius. However, the Frag
    Grenade is impractical against vehicles. Those are what Plasmas are useful
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    7.2 - Covenant Weapons         /
    Plasma Pistol
    Maximum Ammo: 100 energy life
    Maximum Ammo per Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: Sentinels, Elites, Jackals
    Least Effective: All Flood
    Special Abilities: Overcharge
    Disadvantages: can not recharge battery, overcharge brings down the battery
    Manual Description:
    This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon. If you pull and hold
    the Right trigger, the weapon may become over-charged; when the Right trigger
    is released the bolt is launched. After the over-charged bolt is launched the
    weapon temporarily stops functioning as it dumps waste heat. Use of the
    over-charge capability rapidly depletes the weapon's power core. The Humans do
    not understand how to replace or recharge a power core at this time.
    Note: This weapon will deplete its energy source as you use it. It is wise to
    replace it as often as possible.
    I happen to like the Plasma Pistol over the Plasma Rifle when engaging
    Covenant. The overcharge rate is capable of homing in to enemies and when it
    hits, it does some tremendous damage, bringing down an Elite's shield or
    taking out a Sentinel. The Plasma bolt is green.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    Since many Grunts and Jackals carry the Plasma Pistol, it would be wise to
    pick them up at every opportunity you can. You can't exactly recahrge a
    Plasma Pistol's energy so you'd have to replace them. Use the overcharge on
    Elites, Jackals, and Sentinels and the regular shots on Grunts. The Plasma
    Pistol can have the same rate of fire as the Plasma Rifle but you would have
    to constantly fire. You can't just use automatic fire like the Plasma Rifle
    which is a major disadvantage but firing too frequently wouldn't overheat the
    gun so that helps quite a bit.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    I find the Plasma Pistol quite useless in multiplayer. The overcharge weapon
    barely ever makes contact even if it has a small homing mechanism. Your
    target will probably be moving too fast. Although I find the regular shots
    slightly effective, the Plasma Rifle is a better choice because of it's
    automatic fire. You can dish out more damage that way.
    Overall Rating: 7/10
    Plasma Rifle
    Maximum Ammo: 100 energy life
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: Jackals, Elites, Sentinels
    Least Effective: Hunters, All Flood
    Special Abilities: None
    Disadvantages: Overheats when used too much, can not recharge battery
    Manual Description:
    This is a directed energy weapon. It is capable of either semiautomatic or
    automatic fire (pull and hold the Right trigger for automatic fire). Continuous
    rapid fire overheats the weapon-this in turn depletes the weapon's power core.
    The Humans do not understand how to replace or recharge a power core at this
    Note: This weapon will deplete its energy source as you use it. It is wise to
    replace it as often as possible.
    The Plasma Rifle is an automatic plasma weapon similar to the Plasma Pistol.
    It doesn't have an overcharge but it doesn't require pushing the trigger up
    and down. It will overheat if you keep your finger on the trigger for too
    long so avoid that.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    Avoid using automatic fire even if it allows it. Instead, use it like the
    Plasma Pistol to avoid overheating. Try to replace this as much as possible.
    Elites and some Grunts carry it. The energy core can not be recharged. I
    prefer the Plasma Pistol over the Rifle, but if you're that lazy and don't
    want to have to tire your finger out, use the Rifle.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Strafe back and forth and keep moving so you're enemies won't be able to hit
    you with their weapon. Just blast them and they'll eventually fall. There are
    better weapons but if you wish, use the Rifle to rapidly bring down an
    enemy's shield and health.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    Maximum Ammo: 80 needles
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: 20 needles
    Most Effective: Elites, Grunts
    Least Effective: Hunters, Jackals
    Special Abilities: Homing projectiles, an explosion will occur when more than
    8 needles are attached
    Disadvantages: The needles will bounce off of Jackal's shields and Hunter
    Manual Description:
    Very little is known about this weapon other than that it is a magazine fed
    weapon capable of automatic fire. Its projectiles penetrate soft targets no
    matter what the angle of impact. They ricochet off of hard surfaces at oblique
    angles, however, and are always deflected by energy fields. The only exceptions
    to this are the shields generated by the MJOLNIR battle suit and the Elite's
    combat armor. The composition and energy signatures of its projectile is
    unknown. The manner in which the projectiles home in on their  target is also
    The Needler is the only Covenant weapon usable in Halo that requires clips
    and reloading. You can pick up Needler ammunition from some Grunts, Elites,
    and Flood. The projectiles are capable of "homing" into the enemy. Placing
    more than 8 needles at once will result in a pink explosion that will
    tremendously damage the target and set off any grenades nearby.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    Avoid using the Needler against Jackals or Hunters. The needles will simply
    bounce off both. Unless you can get behind a Jackal or get a Hunter in their
    weak spot, you won't be doing any damage. The Needler is the best Elite
    killer and you can kill one with around 16 needles. Great against Grunts as
    well. The explosion after putting too many needles on an enemy will set off
    any nearby grenades and you can use that to your advantage.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Although this weapon is useful in Campaign, it really doesn't do too much in
    split screen. One reason, the needles do home, but not if the target is
    moving fast. Another reason, the needles will spread out the farther away a
    target is. So if you fire a clip of 20 needles at a target a 100 feet away,
    only around 5 will actually touch the target... taking the target hasn't
    moved at all. There are much better weapons to use so don't choose the
    Needler although it may be slightly useful.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    Gun Turret(Shade)
    Maximum Ammo: N/A
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: All Covenant
    Least Effective: none
    Special Abilities: Unlimited Ammo
    Disadvantages: Immobile, Projectiles move slower than other Plasma weapons
    Manual Description:
    Although the Shade appears to be a light anti-vehicle weapon, the Covenant uses
    it almost exclusively in an anti-infantry role. The operator sits directly
    behind the gun and an armored control suite, but relies entirely on the
    infantry support for protection to the sides and rear.
    The Shade Gun Turret is mostly used by Grunts. It's extremely powerful and
    one of the best weapons in the game. However, be careful as it's immobile and
    a stray grenade can land on you. Sometimes you may find an Elite manning the
    gun. Use that opportunity to throw a Plasma Grenade and blow it up.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    You can choose to use it to mow a crowd down but don't stay in too long.
    Eventually, a Grunt will get the sense to throw a grenade and getting killed
    by a Grunt is kind of embarrassing. Get in for a few seconds and then get
    out immediately before something bad happens. Try to lead the target as well
    because the plasma bolts move a bit slow.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    I don't think you can use this in Split Screen.
    Overall Rating: 9/10
    Plasma Grenade
    Maximum Ammo: 4 grenades
    Maximum Ammo in Clip: N/A
    Most Effective: All enemies
    Least Effective: None
    Special Abilities: "Sticks" to targets
    Disadvantages: 3 second fuse can allow for a target to get away if it doesn't
    stick to the enemy, can hurt self if thrown too close to current location
    Manual Description:
    This weapon is similar to the Human's own hand grenade in that it is a thrown
    anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon. It has some kind of internal mechanism
    that allows it to distinguish between targets and background. For example, it
    will stick to a soldier or vehicle, but not a tree or wall. It has a
    three-second fuse that is activated after it sticks to a target or otherwise
    comes to a rest.
    The Plasma Grenade is capable of sticking to an enemy. This will kill it no
    matter what unless it's a hunter.
    Strategy in Campaign:
    Use the Plasma Grenade to flush out opposition to make them easier to shoot.
    It really doesn't help if you don't stick to an enemy as they'll usually run
    away before it can explode. It can help but I find the Fragmentation Grenade
    easier to use.
    Strategy in Multiplayer:
    Sticking it to your opposition would really get them angry. Because of it's
    flashing blue glow, your opponents would usually be able to see it and get
    away but if you can stick one to one's back, it'll usually kill them unless
    you have 400% health on with shield.
    Overall Rating: 5/10
                               8.0 - Vehicles List
    8.1 - Human Vehicles
    M12 LRV(aka Warthog)          ____
    -------------------------------/  \
    Crew: 1+1(plus 1 more in rear)
    Weight: 3.25 tons
    Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled machine-gun
    Manual Description:
    The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or Warthog, is the standard vehicle of
    the UEG armed forces. It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers
    during hard cornering. A three-barreled machine-gun is mounted in the rear of
    the vehicle. Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's anti-infantry
    The Warthog is a fast jeep with a LAAG fused in the back seat. It is mostly
    used for CTF games for transport the flag bearer. The player in the passenger
    seat is capable of throwing grenades although they will damage the driver if
    it's too close.
    As stated in the summary, the Warthog provides for fast transport and with more
    than one person, can be a pretty good weapon. The person in the passenger seat
    should be the one to go for the flag as the driver drives to the target. After
    getting close to the flag, the passenger gets off and the driver and gunner
    stay on fending off any attack. Then the passenger gets back and make a
    getaway. Make sure you swerve when attempting to squish others. Driving
    straight into them will easily allow them to get out of the way but if you
    swerve quickly before hitting your target, the smack radius is much larger and
    you can almost be guaranteed a hit. Take a look at this diagram:
    Going in straight, incorrect:
                             O - Target
             #####           # - Strike Zone
       <---- ##O##  ---->    W - Warthog
              ___                    The target can move in either direction
             |   |                   and the Warthog has a tiny strike zone.
             | W |                   The target can easily dodge the Warthog
             |   |                   plus have a chance to stick a Plasma to
             |___|                   Grenade to your Warthog.
    Swerving in, correct:
                             O - Target
                             # - Strike Zone
           ####O###          W - Warthog
             ,                       Although the Warthog loses all speed,
           ,'  \                     it's Strike Zone is extremely wide.
           \  W \                    This is the much more preferred way
            \    \                   of coming in.
             \   ,
    My Overall Rating: 9/10
    M808B Scorpion MBT              ____
    ---------------------------------/  \
    Crew: 2(or 1 cyborg)
    Weight: 66 tons
    Main gun: 90mm HV(High Velocity)
    Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm AP-T(Armor Piercing, Tracer)
    Manual Description:
    The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle weapons platform,
    but it also has very high anti-infantry compatibilities. Its ceramic-titanium
    armor makes it nearly invulnerable to small arms fire, but its deep dead-zone,
    or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts it
    at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry. Up to four soldiers may ride on(and fire
    from)the Scorpion's track pods. Riding on a tank is always hazardous and should
    be done only when the advantages outweigh the risks.
    One of the more powerful vehicles in the game, the tank has a very powerful
    cannon. It's secondary weapon is similar to the Warthog's LAAG. Both powerful
    and of course, inaccurate. The main cannon requires five seconds to fire again
    as the cannon takes another shell. Firing too close to current location will
    damage the driver. Also, the Main Battle Tank has a very large deadzone. If one
    gets too close, the tank will not be able to fire upon the target. Additional
    passengers may cover the dead zone.
    The tank is another choice for Capture the Flag. Although the Warthog is better
    at taking care of that. One of the passengers can jump off while the tank takes
    care of any attackers. Very useful for direct base assaults as well. It's not
    terribly useful in Free For All because of it's crippling deadzone. Also, the
    open cockpit and the speed of the tank can make it an easy target for any sharp
    eyed Sniper.
    My Overall Rating: 7/10
    8.2 - Covenant Vehicles
    Ghost                          _____
    ---------------------------------/  \
    Crew: 1
    Weight: 3.25 tons
    Armament: Two Plasma Cannons(100-250 kW range)
    Manual Description:
    The Ghost is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle.
    It is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the standard light vehicles
    mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of
    super-heated plasma in the 100-250kW range. While the vehicle is fast and
    maneuverable, the driver is virtually unprotected.
    The Ghost is the 2nd fastest vehicle to the Banshee. Anyway, it's extremely
    maneuverable and has two Plasma Cannons. The bolts are similar to that of a
    Plasma Rifle except they're more powerful. These hovering vehicles are capable
    of strafing which makes them an excellent anti-infantry vehicle.
    The Ghost would've been a great multiplayer vehicle... if only it could carry
    more than one person. Anyway, it's great for base defenses and it's high speed
    and strafing abilities makes it a real annoyance to any tank. Be wary of
    campers as you are sitting in an open cockpit. Try to move a lot when attacking
    enemies as a still target is an easy target.
    My Overall Rating: 8/10
    Banshee                        _____
    ---------------------------------/  \
    Crew: 1
    Weight: 2.25 tons
    Armament: Two Plasma Cannons(100-250 kW range)
    Secondary weapon: Two Fuel Rod Cannons
    Manual Description:
    The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft. It is very
    fast, extremely maneuverable and capable of hovering. It has two weapon pods
    mounted to either side of the fuselage. Both of these pods contain a light
    plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon. Though small arms fire may not disrupt or
    disable the pilot, only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting damage or
    destroying the vehicles.
    The only actual thing that you can drive that is capable of flying. And it sure
    is a weapon. With the same weapon as the Hunter and the Ghost, this is a fast
    and light vehicle that can soar to the heavens. Although it has a strange
    shape, it's very streamlined and fast. Like the tank, you can't just fire the
    Fuel Rod Cannon rapidly. You have to wait five seconds.
    Sadly, the Banshee can not be used in Split Screen. Anyway, keep in mind that
    it is destroyable and because of it's fragile frame, it can easily be shot down
    by the Covenant and rapidly destroyed by the Sentinels and their lasers. Try to
    stay higher than your target and hover there. To hover, hold back on the left
    thumbstick. You'll be pointing downwards.
                               9.0 - Enemy List
    The world of Halo is diverse with three different groups living on it's
    surface. The first you meet on the Pillar of Autumn and throughout the entire
    game are the Covenant. The second is the Flood that you discover on 343 Guilty
    Spark. And the third are the Forerunners that you first start fight alongside,
    but after a betrayal by their leader, 343 Guilty Spark, they turn against you.
     // 9.1 - Covenant                 //-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    There has been a losing war between the Covenant and the humans. The Covies had
    more advanced technology, more advanced tactics, and more advanced soldiers.
    Manual Description:
    Approximately 5' tall and relatively weak, Grunts tend to travel in packs and
    stick close to more powerful allies. Individually they are easy to defeat, but
    in groups they can overwhelm careless Marines. Their armor seems to house some
    sort of life-support mechanism. They are known to use a variety of weapons
    including the plasma pistol, plasma rifle and plasma grenades.
    The Grunts are the tiniest and lowest ranking Covenant quite obviously. They
    are the only Covenant that scream out words in English. Most of what they say
    are comical actually. They have either a rounded or pointed object sticking
    out of their back which is supposedly some sort of life support device.
    They're quite easy to recognize.
    The Grunts are the lowest ranking combat Covenant that you'd meet. They are
    the Covenants that seem to throw grenades most frequently. Although they're
    pretty poor shots and have very little combat skill even on Legendary, they
    can still bring you down if you're careless enough. Grunts can also be found
    in Shade Gun Turrets.
    Orange(Minor) - You'll see the Orange Grunts found around other more
    formiddable targets. They're usually quite easy to defeat. I would suggest
    using your ammunition on the more higher ranking Covenant and use your melee
    attacks afterwards on these pests. Be careful, these can still throw grenades
    so no need to charge them. The Minors seem to be sleeping a lot so use that
    to your advantage. They mostly carry Plasma Pistols and occasionally,
    Red(Major) - Although they're better shots, better grenadiers, and better
    Grunts overall, they're still pretty simple to disperse. They seem to stick
    around with Minor Grunts and use their grenades more wisely. They also sleep
    on the job but you won't usually find Majors as lazy as the Minors. They are
    still pretty easy to defeat and will run if higher ranking comrades fall.
    They also carry small Plasma Pistols and Needlers.
    Black(Special Ops.) - The highest ranking Grunts. On higher difficulty
    levels, they can actually be a nuisance. Capable of throwing grenades farther
    and with better accuracy than the other Grunts, these guys can really hurt
    you. They hang around with the dreaded Black Elites and that makes them even
    more deadly. They carry Plasma Pistols and Needlers occasionally but their
    favorite seems to be the Fuel Rod Cannon. The same weapon that the Hunters
    and Banshees carry. When they die, look out for their Fuel Rod Cannon that
    they drop. It will self destruct and set off any grenades around it. And you
    don't want to be caught in the explosion. Special Ops. Grunts are only found
    in Level 9 and Level 10 thankfully.
    Melee attacks wreak havoc on Grunts as 2-3 smacks with your gun will put
    their tiny bodies out of commission. The most effective weapon against these
    guys would probably be the Plasma Pistol or Assault Rifle. Any weapon with a
    high rate of fire would be useful. Using grenades will bring them down as
    well. In fact, if you can get them not to notice and stick a Plasma Grenade
    to their back with other Covenant around, the Grunt will run around in
    circles and hopefully, knock out some of the other Covenants sticking around.
    Avoid wasting ammunition on these guys as they're so easy to defeat. Also,
    when you find these nuisances in Shade Gun Turrets, stick a Plasma Grenade to
    the gun turret and watch the Grunt fall out. Very funny!
    Manual Description:
    With superior senses of sight, hearing and smell, Jackals serve as scouts and
    assassins for the Covenant forces. They use plasma pistols and carry a strong
    energy shield to compensate for their physical weakness; a well-positioned
    Jackal can hold his own against several Marines, though grenades are effective
    against them. They stand approximately 5'8" tall.
    These Covenant are also pretty hard to miss with their shields. The Jackal's
    body is fairly weak and if you can get a shot behind their shields, you can
    easily bring it down. Their shield can also be brought offline but it'll come
    back up again. Also, the Blue and Orange Jackals have different colored arms
    as explained below. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.
    The Jackals are the second most maneuverable Covenant next to the Elite. They
    carry an energy shield that is quickly brought down by a Plasma Pistol or
    Plasma Rifle. These don't throw grenades or at least I've never witnessed
    them. There actual body without the shield is fairly weak and after you bring
    down their shields, you can use a better weapon to knock them out.
    Blue(Minor) - These are relatively poorer shots than the Majors. They can
    still hurt you on higher difficulty levels. Their shields are also easier to
    take down with a nice Plasma weapon. They use overcharge less often and their
    accuracy is worse. Their arms are black.
    Orange(Major) - Only a step up from the standard Minor, the Majors are more
    accurate shots. They also find the overcharge fire better and will use those
    more often. They stay on balance more and won't stumble. But, like the
    Minors, the Majors can easily be taken down with a overcharged Plasma Pistol
    to bring down their shields. However, even without their shields, they can
    still take a good 2-3 melee attacks. Their arms are orange.
    The best way to knock these guys out would be too run up to them and smack
    them with the butt of your gun. And you can do that when you find a Jackal by
    itself. However, you won't always be able to do this because of the risk.
    Maybe there are dangerous Hunters or Elites around. Maybe there are more than
    "one" Jackal. Well, then you'd have to rely on a trusty Plasma Pistol for
    taking down their shields and taking them out that way. Or, you can take them
    out with a well placed Fragmentation Grenade. I find that the Jackals are
    less wary of grenades so if you happen throw one behind them, they usually
    won't see it unless you actually stick it too them. The Jackals are pretty
    tough in groups but using grenades are very effective.
    Manual Description:
    There are a few varieties of the Elite, but all are roughly 8'6" tall and
    incredibly strong. Their strength allows them to rely on brute force when
    necessary, but they're quite capable of brilliant battlefield tactics as well.
    Their natural resilience is augmented with full-body energy shielding which
    recharges when depleted. They wield plasma pistols, plasma rifles, grenades and
    The Elite, in my opinion looks the most human. It even walks human unlike
    some of the others. The Elites can be found in a variety of colors depending
    on their rank but you'll see the Blue Elites most often in the first few
    levels and throughout the rest of the game. You'll also meet less common but
    more difficult Elites as well.
    Elites are probably the second on the Covenant heirarchy next to the Hunters.
    They're extremely maneuverable and are more durable than other Covenant with
    their energy shields. Yes, just like yours, they can recharge and annoy you.
    There are many ranks of Elites that can confuse you. You'd probably want to
    take out the Elites before anything else.
    Blue(Minor) - Although they are the lowest rank, they can still make a
    formiddable foe. Especially when they come in groups. That's when grenades
    come in handy. They don't throw grenades often and seem to stick around lower
    ranking Grunts to at least give them a chance. They seem to carry the Plasma
    Rifle more often.
    Red(Major) - These are a bit better shots than the Minors but they can still
    be quite easy to defeat... or tough. They don't throw grenades very often
    either. You'll usually find these around other lower ranking Elites and lower
    ranking Grunts. They can use Plasma Rifles and Needlers.
    Invisible(Stealth) - These annoying pests, although hard to see, are pretty
    easy to defeat. First of all, they aren't really invisible. Look for
    distortions in the air that will easily give them away. Just blast away at
    that spot. Another thing that makes life a helluva amount easier is the fact
    that these Elites don't carry energy shields! That means a few shots from a
    Plasma weapon can easily bring one down. Just remember not to move too much
    when facing these. Staying in one spot will cause it to move and you can
    focus on it that way. Be careful, the Stealth Elites can also carry Plasma
    Swords at times.
    Black(Special Op.) - These are very annoying. They are very maneuverable and
    use Plasma Grenades more often. They are hard to shoot at and love to hide
    around. In fact, these Special Op. Elites actually use patterns and
    strategies. The best thing to do would be to use the same tactics as this
    Elite. Keep moving around and hiding for your shield to recharge. Then you
    can use a better weapon than them and smack them down. These Elites seem to
    hang around the Black Grunts and carry Plasma Rifles and sometimes, Needlers.
    They won't hesitate to come up to you and melee you to the floor. Luckily, we
    won't be seeing these guys until Level 9 and 10.
    Gold(Commander) - The most powerful Elite. Luckily, you will rarely find
    these guys, even on Legendary. But when you do happen to meet one, avoid it
    altogether if possible. If you can't run away, start moving. Strafe back and
    forth attacking it rapidly. There is really no easy way to defeat these guys
    but using vehicles against the Commanders is a good choice. Also, the Gold
    Elite is one of the only Elites capable of wielding the all powerful
    Plasmatic Sword capable of rendering you lifeless with a single swipe.
    The Elites are kind of hard to take down. Use vehicles whenever possible,
    strafe back and forth, hide, and use their tactics. That's really the one key
    thing to remember. Use their tactics. You will probably be able to outsmart
    them that way. Also, use the Sniper Rifle whenever you could. Even if you
    don't kill it with a shot, you will damage it by bringing down it's shield.
    Keep in mind that Elites on higher difficulty levels and with higher rankings
    can take up to four sniper shots before falling. You have to know where to
    hit them. On Legendary, four sniper shots to a Gold Commander Elite to
    anywhere except the head and chest will kill one. However, if you get two
    shots to their head, they'll fall. Or you can use three shots to their chest.
    Head shots are very, very useful when the Elite hasn't spotted you yet.
    Game Description:
    Hunters stand 12' tall, though in their combat state they contract to
    approximately eight feet. Hunters fight with a fuel rod gun integrated directly
    into their armor. They carry an enormous and nearly-impervious metal shield
    made of an unknown alloy, which they sometimes use as a melee weapon.
    The largest Covenant, the Hunters are very intimidating with their armor and
    large weapon. These guys carry a large shield and a Fuel Rod Cannon fused
    together into their armor for easy carrying. They have a few horns or spikes
    on their head piece. They have a few exposed orange spots. Those are it's
    weak spots.
    The Hunters are very intimidating yes but there's one thing that makes them
    weak and once you figure it out, Hunters will be extremely easy to bring
    down. If you don't use this advantage, you'll have a bit of trouble and
    waste a lot of ammunition. Be careful of their annoying weapon that they fire
    at you when you're far away. They will melee you with their shields if you're
    up close and that deals quite a bit of damage.
    (There is only one rank with blue armor)
    Give them a nice shot to their orange spot both on their back and
    on their neck. Get up close to them with a pistol or shotgun,(if you have
    them, if not, use any human weapon you have.) and strafe to the side when
    they get near to avoid their melee. This will expose their large orange spot
    on their back. Shoot at it with a single shot from the pistol or shotgun(more
    shots will be required with any other weapon.) You should be able to knock it
    out quickly and conserve ammunition.
     // 9.2 - Flood                    //-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    The Flood are an ancient alien specie trapped on Halo. After the humans and
    Covenant landed on Halo, the Flood had a chance to attack and kill and eat.
    Flood Infection Forms
    The Flood Infection Forms are the tiniest Flood forms. They are physically
    weak and look like little light bulbs. They have small tentacles on the
    bottom. They are brownish yellowish like every other Flood Form.
    These guys will explode on contact if you're shields are up. Try to attack
    them using the Assault Rifle with short bursts. A few Infection Forms won't
    do you too much damage but beware, if you're shields have been brought down,
    the Infections will literally, attach to you and eat you. They will disattach
    at times but you probably won't survive with some Infection Forms actually
    eating your flesh. Talk about pain.
    Avoid getting them on you when you're shields are low. With large groups,
    take them out with short bursts of Assault Rifles. If they are close and in
    small numbers, use a simple melee attack to make them explode.
    Flood Combat Forms
    The Flood Combat Forms are pretty unsightly. No seriously, the marine forms
    are like Zombies and the Elites are like, ughh. After killing one, you can
    shoot off limbs and look inside their body and their rotting organs and
    bones. They're yellowish, brownish like all the Flood.
    The Combat Forms are pretty annoying. They can jump great distances, carry
    weapons, and have an annoying three fingered arm(similar to Freddy Krueger's)
    that they melee you with. But, you will be meeting quite a lot of these,
    especially in Level 7. They can carry a few weapons including all Covenant
    weapons and Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and even Rocket Launchers.
    Flood Form 1(marines) - These can't jump as long as Form 2 but they're still
    quite annoying. These used to be the marines that founght by you before. It's
    pretty disgusting to see what they've turned into. They are generally easier to
    kill then Form 2. These will drop Fragmentation Grenades.
    Flood Form 2(Elites) - Because Elites are bred for combat, these forms are
    more powerful than Form 1. They can jump really high and carry more powerful
    weapons like the Rocket Launcher. They are larger than Form 2 and could be
    easily distinguished by their strangely shaped head. It looks something like an
    elephant trunk. They will drop Plasma Grenades.
    If you can get your hands on a Shotgun, use that. You can easily tell that
    the Shotgun is the one most effective weapon against these freaks. Try to
    take them out at close range. If you don't have a Shotgun, use a Pistol or an
    Assault Rifle. The Form 2s will jump at you so be careful of that. When you
    see a rocket fly through the air, prepare yourself for more. Flood with
    Rocket Launchers are very, very tough.
    Flood Carrier Forms
    The Flood Carriers are the giant balloon like creatures that have short legs
    and walk extremely slow. In fact, the reasons they have such short legs are
    (a)They are what's left of the two smallest Covenant, Jackal's and Grunts and
    (b)It's only half the leg. Apparently, anything below the knees had to go. So
    what they walk on are really their knees. Anyway, it's pretty hard to miss as
    it walks slowly and looks like an inflated piece of yellowish crap.
    The Flood Carriers are kind of like kamikaze Flood. They explode and damage
    you. And if the explosion wasn't enough, 5-7 Infection Forms will pop out as
    well. However, they are pretty weak and can't withstand a single M6D shot or a
    few rounds with the Assault Rifle.
    You can use these Forms to your advantage by killing them near other Flood. A
    single M6D shot at medium range should do. The resulting explosion should kill
    any Flood nearby and if there are grenades around, you are in for one hell of
    an explosion. But be careful, if one explodes near you, ouch. And if you are
    unlucky enough to have a few grenades nearby, double ouch. Just avoid getting
    too close to one and you should be fine. I wouldn't suggest wasting Shotgun
    ammunition on the Carrier Forms although it is the best weapon against them.
    Still, they can be killed easily with any other human weapon.
     // 9.3 - Forerunners              //-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    The Forerunners are the creators of Halo. They are the ones who supposedly
    "built" the four ring installations and everything on it. Although they
    weren't human, they were predicted to be human sized because the multiple
    structures and installations on Halo were built and could fit humans. The
    Forerunners placed defense robots and a monitor in charge of every Ring
    These robotic orblike are capable of floating and wielding a precision laser
    that cuts into anything and damages it. They can easily be distinguished
    because they float and don't have the blue glow as Guilty Spark does.
    The Sentinels are the Monitor's only defense. And they are pretty darn good
    ones too if only they were more durable. They are extremely weak and are most
    effected by Covenant weapons. Two shots from a Plasma Rifle and a an overcharge
    from a Plasma Pistol can bring one down. You won't be meeting this until the
    later levels. At first, you fight alongside these, then you go against them.
    Unshielded - These are the weaker Sentinels. They carry a precision laser and
    float around.
    Shielded - Not much different than the Unshielded. They carry the same weapon
    and don't seem much better in combat. Even with their shields, they are still
    quite weak and vulnerable to Plasma fire.
    The best overall weapon to use against the Sentinels would be the Plasma
    Pistol, second the Plasma Rifle, and third, the Needler. And Assault Rifle and
    Shotgun would be pretty good only if the Sentinel is at a close range. Try not
    to stay in it's laser for too long. In the harder difficulties, they can bring
    down your shield in seconds. Use lots of cover. There's no need to rush into a
    battle with these guys. One Sentinel is enough but think about, but being
    simaltaneously attacked by 5 or more, ouch. Also, when one is hovered down to
    your current level, smack it with your gun to damage it. Since the Sentinels
    are trying to destroy the Flood, it's best to leave conflicts between them and
    wait for it to end.
    343 Guilty Spark(thanks to shenton for correcting this)
    You can't miss him. He has a blue glow when seen from far and he says annoying
    lines and hums.
    Guilty Spark is the Monitor of 'Installation 04' (which we know as 'Halo'),
    which means Halo is one of at least 4 rings. Guilty Spark is only one of
    several robotic guardians of Halos throughout the universe, all created by
    the Forerunner, about which nothing is known for sure except:
    - They made Halo (and the other Halos) and Guilty Spark (and presumably other
    monitors on other Halos).
    - They are close to human (or Elite) sized - hence all the buildings on Halo
    being scaled to human proportions.
    - They kept the Flood on Halo to study them.
    - They have disappeared
    Ignore this Monitor. He can't attack you and you can't attack him.
                            10.0 - Strategies and Tips
    If you wish to contribute to this section, please consult my topic on the Halo
    message board, email me, or IM me. Contact information can be found in section
    Contact Information. If I find that your information is either useless, or I
    personally don't like it, expect me to turn it down. Don't worry, I'll contact
    you if I turned a contribution down so you usually don't have to worry. The
    ones without a name were from me.
    10.1 - Multiplayer Tips
    -I would strongly suggest knowing everything about the level you're playing
    in. When you're not playing someone else, take some time to explore each level
    to find weapons, hiding spots, things you'd never think before.
    -Try to use the weapons best suited for a certain map. For example, Sidewinder
    has many sniping spots so a sniper would be a good choice. Battle Creek is
    more of an assault map so a close range weapon would be better.
    -Never stop moving! a stationary target is an easy kill for a sniper.(Blamat)
    -The Human Pistol is by far the strongest weapon for multiplayer. Learn where
    it respawns and learn to dominate with it.(MHarvey124)
    -Learn respawn points on every map. Respawn kills are cheap but effective.
    -If you are about to die while in combat, use this grenade trick to take him
    down with you. Do a melee attack, and then do another. Right before you do
    the second melee attack, throw a grenade (preferably at the ground or a wall,
    somewhere where it won't bounce far). This way, you look like you're doing a
    melee attack while you are really throwing a grenade. If you are playing with
    friends on 1 xbox, try using a frag grenade, so you don't have to worry about
    your friend looking at your screen and seeing a bright blue grenade behind
    him. If timed right and done correctly, your enemy will have a very short
    victory celebration.(Xicisor88)
    10.2 - Vehicle Tips
    Warthog ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    -When stoping a Warthog, with enemies around, try and position the vehicle so
    that the right side of the car (with the two marines on it) faces the enemy
    soldiers, so that they can better defend you.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Avoid overturning and flipping in the Warthog. The Warthog is very durable
    but it handles really bad.
    -Warthog, good when you have a gunner, but watch out for rockets. Makes good
    sniper protection.(Blamat)
    Scorpion --------------------------------------------------------------------
    -The Scorpion tank is very powerful against covenant troops, but it's a
    fragile machine, in that you and your four possible passengers are the only
    targets the enemy will be shooting at, and the tank offers no protection,
    other than some powerful weapons.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Remember not to fire the cannon at, or blow up any object that is very close
    to the scorpion, or you and your passengers will take serious damage. Try and
    save your cannon fire for ghosts, enemy tanks, gun emplacements, and large,
    closely packed groups of covenant. firing the cannon at a banshee will almost
    never hit it, unless it is heading straight towards you, so concentrate on
    using your machine gun on banshees whenever they come at you.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Hunters appeard several times during your drive through the mission with the
    scorpion, and unless you are facing an enemy tank, they should then be your
    first target for your cannon. It's practically impossible to avoid their
    shots, so don't waste your time trying that, but rather concentrate on
    killing them before they fire again.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Scorpion, good when you get outside of the base. If the setttings are 100%
    health, one tank rocket should kill somebody, and use the machine guns up
    close. Be careful of rockets. To avoid sniping, turn the vehicle away from the
    sniper, then just turn the crosshair/turret around.(Blamat)
    Ghost -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    -Ghosts are easy to turn over, and sometimes difficult to maneuver through
    rocky areas, so move cautiously when there's alot of obstacles, or you may
    waste even more time have to flip your ghost back over and get back on again.
    -Ghosts are fast and fire fast as well, however they are easy targets for
    infantry fire, so be cautious around foot soldiers. Tanks are very weak
    against ghosts, and as long as you can avoid a direct hit from their plasma
    rockets, you'll be fine, just keep on firing at them.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Ghost, good "get away with the flag" vehicle, and the plasma gun can stun, so
    you can easily stun someone and run them down.(Blamat)
    Banshee ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    -The Banshee is one of the two vehicles that can and will explode after a set
    amount of damage, so remember to be cautious when you're facing gun
    emplacements, banshees, or tanks.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -The banshee has two firing mechanisms, so try to take advantage of both of
    them when you make enemy contact. The left trigger fires a green cannon type
    ball, which can do serious damage to a tank, but isn't accurate enough to use
    in a dog fight.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -When fighting another banshee the best strategy is to get behind them and
    pummel them with shots, try and predict their next move, and fire into their
    path so that they run into your fire.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Be cautious around walls, since sometimes after bumping, or scrapping
    against one, you will fall out of the banshee and most likely die.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -Tanks fire very powerful plasma rockets, but they take a while to reload,
    after a tank has fired you should make a dive towards it and fire your own
    missile as well as your guns, pull up as soon as you are close, or as soon as
    it fires, and try and avoid the plasma.(lkjhgfdsa)
    -You will be facing rocket launchers about halfway through one of the last
    missions, so when you reach a point where you see rocket launchers firing
    (even if it isn't directed at you) land and exit your banshee, or you will be
    blown to smithereens.(lkjhgfdsa)
    10.3 - Enemy Tips
    -The best weapon to use against a Hunter is strangely enough, a M6D Pistol.
    Take them down in the orange spot found on their back and below their neck.
    -For Elites, I've found that the needler works best. Unload a full clip of ammo
    on them and it will take out their shields and health (even gold elites on
    Legendary). Also, the blasts will take out some nearby enemies and may even
    trigger some grenade explosions if there are any on the ground. Another Useful
    gun combination is the plasma pistol and another rapid fire weapon, like an AR
    or a plasma rifle. Use the PP's charge up shot to take out an Elite's shield
    and then mow him down with your other gun.(Xicisor88)
    -For Hunters, if you do not have a human pistol or a sniper rifle, then your
    best course of action is close combat. For example, if you encounter 2 hunters
    in the same area, the best way to kill them is to get in close to one, and then
    evade his melee attack (when he lunges, move to his side; it takes a little
    practice) and shoot him in the back in the orange area when he passes you. I've
    found that when you are in melee combat with one hunter, the other hunter will
    not attempt to shoot you or atack at all.(Xicisor88)
    -The flood take very little damage from plasma, so using projectile weapons
    like a shotgun work best, also the Flood are pretty much imprevious to sniper
    rounds. On the contrary, The Covenant easily fall from plasma, but the best
    thing to do is to take out shields with plasma, and then use a human weapon.
    -Against the carrier flood, the PISTOL is THE best weapon at mid-long range.
    Oh, and the Pistol is also really good against the Flood.(Kingcodez)
    -Meleeing is USELESS against the flood(except the spore-infection-baby flood)
    It takes upwards of 10 hits on a warrior flood to even to damage.(Kingcodez)
    -NEVER go full auto with the AR on a jackal(at close range)(for those who DO
    use an AR on jackals)most of the bullets will bounce off the shield and might
    hit you.(Kingcodez)
    -Don't shoot rockets directly at someone. Aim for their feet, or a nearby
    wall and attempt to kill them in splash damage.(Kurka)
    10.4 - Level Tips
    Pillar of Autumn ------------------------------------------------------------
    -There are many Marines on this level so use them to help you live.
    Halo ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -Cortana will give you a Nav Point to follow if you are lost. These Nav
    Points will appear only if you don't get to the objectives right away. Wait
    a few minutes.
    -Use the Sniper Rifle in this level. Get on a hill and snipe the Covenant
    while they are still in the dropship when landing.
    Truth and Reconciliation ----------------------------------------------------
    -In the empty holding cell, beyond the control panel is a cloak. Always useful
    for taking out everything in the room Keyes is being held in.(madruk)
    The Silent Cartographer -----------------------------------------------------
    -Be careful of the Gold Elite, he will ambush you towards the end of the
    level when escaping.
    Assault on the Control Room -------------------------------------------------
    -The "white arrows" on the ground will always lead you in the correct
    location. This makes life a lot easier as Assault on the Control Room is full
    of battles and you can get disorientated easily.
    -This is the only level where you can take a Scorpion Tank and one of the two
    where you can get a Banshee so use vehicles whenever possible.
    343 Guilty Spark ------------------------------------------------------------
    -Your escape route will be different then the route you entered from.
    The Library -----------------------------------------------------------------
    -This level is very linear so it will be easy to navigate through but the
    Flood will sometimes get you confused about direction. Remember to never lose
    track of where you are.
    Two Betrayals ---------------------------------------------------------------
    -Two Betrayals is basically just Assault on the Control Room backwards.
    Remember to follow the arrows in the opposite direction.
    Keyes -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Towards the end, you have to get a patrol Banshee. Instead of going through
    the hallway and fight lots of Covies, jump onto the platform of the second
    level, and then the first. Jumping straight from level 3 will only get you
    killed. Not only will you save a good 10 minutes of fighting, you also get a
    few seconds ride in a really fast Banshee that can fly through walls before
    the cutscene comes on.
    The Maw ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Try to avoid going "too" fast with the Warthog towards the end. Instead, use
    brakes and avoid overspinning and flipping.
    10.5 - Secrets and Miscellaneous
    -If you're a sniper, keep your sensitivity done to 2-4, but if you don't
    snipe often, keep it at least higher than 5-6.(Blamat)
    -For a 3 second time bomb, make sure you have 1 frag, and 1 Sticky Grenade.
    Throw the sticky(at the ground mid-long range of course)then since you're
    outta stickys, keep punching A(or your nade button)and you'll throw the frag,
    and if all goes well the two should have a simultaneous explosion(.02-.5 delay
    maybe)this only works if you have ONE no more no less, of Stickys. The # of
    frags doesn't matter. If you have more than 1 sticky and you can throw the
    nade, and hit black fast enough, maybe just maybe it will work.(Kingcodez)
    -I've been experimenting with the control options and I've found that the
    Jumpy setting is one of the best(To emphasize, turning and jumping is a heck
    amount easier, unless you have a second thumb or an opposable index finger)oh
    and Grenade is set to A which prevents accidental friendly quote "Killage"
    -When you encounter a big group of enemies and you and your partner
    continually try to kill them but fail, this is what I do; I toss a plasma
    grenade on my partner, he runs into the crowd of baddies, and kills them when
    the grenade blows. obviously he dies too...if everyone isn't dead, walk back
    and make your pal respawn, then do the same thing.(RSVP the ASAP)
    --Crouch when you land to take less damage. (When jumping down from high
    places.)(Morlok Man)
                           11.0 - Credits and Thanks
    Microsoft - The publishers and the guys that made it all possible.
    Bungie - Developed Halo. Need I say more?
    shenton - Correcting my information for the forerunners.
    Thanks to the Following for Contributing to the Reader's Corner -
    MHarvey124(2), Blamat(6), Xicisor88(3), madruk(1), Kingcodez(5), RSVP the
    ASAP(1), lkjhgfdsa(12), Morlok Man(1), Kurka(1)
                            12.0 - Version History
    Version 1.3 - This is Dark Vortex updating. I can't believe this guide has 
    sat for this long without my username updated. Well, everything's been 
    touched up again. In all honesty, this guide is FINISHED. Don't expect 
    another update. ;D
    Version 1.2 – This is A.K.A updating, I added a few strategies I wrote a long 
    time ago so I thought I’d add them here.
    Version 1.1 - Few changes were made. 
    Version 1.0 - This guide is very complete.  _A.K.A_ co-authored to finish
    this FAQ, he added the multiplayer section, and did the levels Keyes and The
    Version 0.5 - This guide is very incomplete. Submitted to http://www.game-
    guides.tk today.
    ---------------------------- END OF DOCUMENT --------------------------------
    Copyright 2007 Armin Jewell and Quan Jin

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