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    Bayman by AceStanley

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    Bayman FAQ
    By AceStanley
    Version History:
    1/28/02: I start this, my very first FAQ. Introduction, Movelist, Key,
    Bio, star explanation, and copyright stuff included.
    Legal Stuff:
    This is my character FAQ for doa3, there are many like it, but this one
    is mine! (Sorry, full metal jacket is one of my favorite movies). If
    you want to use any part of it, use the above e-mail address and ask me
    first or face the wrath of my giant legal team. As of this moment this
    FAQ can only be seen at www.GameFAQs.com. Bayman and all the characters
    of DOA3 are property of Tecmo and Team Ninja.
    Tables Of Contents:
    1.	Intro
    2.	Bio
    3.	Control Key
    4.	Star Explanation
    5.	Move list and Info
    More to come...
    I love fighting games, but I wasn't all that interested in DOA3 when it
    first came out for Xbox. I was anticipating Halo and WWF Raw. The
    naysayers (hiss) spewed their bs about how the game lacked depth, and
    it threw me off until new years eve, when I decided to rent an xbox
    game. All of them were gone except shrek, Fusion Frenzy, and DOA3, so I
    figured, "What the hell" and rented DOA3.Let me tell you, its one of
    the best fighting games I have played in years. I played DOA2 for DC,
    and this is a worthy sequel if there ever was one. I was so gosh darned
    in love with the game that I bought it. My favorite character is the
    professional assassin himself, Bayman. Why do I like this character
    that not a lot of people play you ask? He oozes cool and he uses some
    bad ass ufc-style moves and can be rather effective if used right.
    Nationality: Russian
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 10
    Age: 31
    Blood Type: B
    Height/Weight: 6'0", 231 lbs
    Fighting Style: Russian Martial Arts
    Occupation: Assassin
    Likes: Beef Stew (why?)
    Hobbies: Chess
     Control Key:
    P+K- Punch and Kick at the same time, It's the hard punch command
    button (there's a default button for this)
    F+K-Free and Kick at the same time, It's the hard kick command button
    F+P-Thisis your throw command button, its free and punch together
    (likewise as before)
    (hold)- Hold that particular button for a couple seconds before
    releasing it. Everything that doesn't have hold next to it is to be
    Star Explanation: I use stars to rate how effective Bayman's moves are.
    *= Don't bother using this move if you want to get anywhere
    **= This move can be slightly effective, but there are moves that do
    the same thing that this move does much better.
    ***= This is a good move. It's Effective in combos, is a good launcher,
    or a good keep-away move.
    ****= These are the moves that make bayman great and make his style
    unique and should be used at all costs.
    *****= the perfection that is the stf
     Move list and info:
    Palm Arrow: UB+P Damage-30
    Ok keep-away move, but there are better. Not a whole lot of combo
    potential. Not worth using. * out of *****
    Tomahawk Elbow: UT+P Damage-32
    Good overhead move. Decent combo ender
    *** out of *****
    Smash Uppercut: U,P,P Damage-45
    Bayman has better uppercut moves. Not much combo potential, but decent
    damage. The first uppercut is deceptive and hits 8 times out of 10
    though. ** out of *****
    Break Shot: D to T,K Damage-37
    Good in Areas with Damaging Walls. Little Use otherwise.
    ** out of *****
    Rising Tomahawk: UT+K Damage-34
    Use in juggles. It's pretty slow, so don't use it too much otherwise.
    ** out of *****
    Javelin Kick: U+K Damage-30
    Good keep-away move. It sucks in combos, but makes up for it by
    knocking foes back effectively.
    *** out of *****
    Rolling Sobat: T,F+K Damage- 38
    It's Slow, there's not much combo potential there, its not even that
    much more powerful than other more useful moves, it doesn't knock them
    back very far, and it's just not worth using.* out of *****
    Turn Low Javelin: D, F+K
    It's a sweep, a slow crappy sweep and its not much use at all.
    * out of *****
    Sidewinder: F+K Damage-20
    Great stunning combo starter and it works well with a bunch of moves.
    **** out of *****
    Fire Bullet: B, P+K Damage-26
    Good in combos and deceptive.
    **** out of *****
    Charging Bolt: DB,P,P Damage-37
    It's not very useful at all.
     * out of *****
    Blast Trass: B,P,K Damage-35
    Good in combos and it's deceptive
    *** out of *****
    Blast Stinger: B,P,T,K,P Damage- 33
    Decent, but use blast trass instead.
    ** out of *****
    Blast Low Javelin: B,P,D,K Damage-29
    It contains that wretched sweep of his, therefore it sucks.
    * out of *****
    Flame Stinger: T,K,P Damage-27
    Decent combo starter as anything.
    *** out of *****
    Smash: (hold)DT,P Damage-25
    It's not worth the trouble of holding down the button.
    * out of *****
    Bulk Uppercut: D to T,P Damage-30
    One of Bayman's most useful moves, it is good in combos, it's a good
    starter, and it's somewhat deceptive.
    **** out of *****
    Heel Axe: B,K Damage-30
    Like the javelin kick, it blows in combos, but really screws those
    opponents who want in close.
    *** out of *****
    Side Edge Trass: P+K,P,K Damage-50
    Decent in combos and as a launcher.
    *** out of *****
    Side Edge Javelin: P+K,P,D,K Damage-44
    It contains that slow sweep, but by the time it hits, if it hits, your
    opponent is stunned anyway. Still, I would use the side edge trass
    before I would use this. ** out of *****
    Flame Knuckle: T,T,P Damage-24
    This move is one of those moves that has better alternatives that combo
    better, are easier to execute, harder to counter, and do more damage.
    * out of *****
    Spike Shoulder: DT, DT, P Damage-38
    Read what I said about the flame knuckle, this is one of those moves
    that outclasses it in every category. It does a good amount of damage,
    it's harder to counter that a good amount of his moves, and it pops
    them in the air right in front of you. *** out of *****
    Cannonball Shot: T,P+K Damage-40
    It does a good amount of damage, but its mighty slow. Its seems like it
    would be a good solid combo ender, a "screw you" move, or a juggle
    move, but nothing could be further from the truth. * out of *****
    Spike Sobat: DB,K,K Damage-42
    Decent counter move, not a whole lot of use otherwise.
    ** out of *****
    Solid Crash: T,P,P,P Damage-39
    Its decent for ending some ground combos, otherwise, there is not a
    whole lot of use to be had here. ** out of *****
    Crash Leg Spike: T,P,P,K Damage-22
    This is a much better alternative than the solid crash, and fits well
    into a lot of combos. *** out of *****
    Stomach Break: T,P,K Damage-30
    It's a pretty worthless move that doesn't really compliment anything.
    * out of *****
    Rush Sobat: P,T,P,K Damage-35
    Read above. * out of *****
    Rush Leg Spike: P,T,P,D,K Damage-40
    This is a good move that can be continued on into a good ole fashioned
    long stunning combo. *** out of *****
    Combo Heel Hammer: P,K,K Damage-50
    The damage on this move is enough for it to stand on its own, and it
    includes one of my favorite bayman moves, the heel axe. *** out of
    Knuckle Shot: P,P,P Damage-24
    If the third hit goes through, this move has some use, if not, you have
    seen how easily countered this move can be, decent combo filler though.
    ** out of *****
    Storm Sobat: P,P,K Damage-35
    Id use this in combos before the Knuckle shot because of the bump in
    damage, but the knocking away at the end stops any flurry you had going
    dead. ** out of *****
    Storm Blast Trass: P,P,B,P,K Damage-35
    Trass must mean whoopass in Russian, because all the trass moves are
    useful. **** out of *****
    Storm Blast Javelin: P,P,B,P,D,K Damage-29
    On the flip side, javelin must mean crap in Russian, because that's all
    javelin moves are. * out of *****
    Charging Tiger: P,P,D,P,P Damage- 37
    Not very useful at all. All those punches = all that amount of life
    taken away from getting countered to hell. * out of *****
    Trap Heel Hammer: K,K Damage-42
    42 Damage from just pressing a button twice?! Not to mention, it has
    that heel axe in there. *** out of *****
    Trap Reverse Hammer: K,P,P Damage-79(!)
    The damage and ease of use speak for themselves. **** out of *****
    Turn Blade: D to B,P Damage-31
    Just as good as the bulk uppercut, which means its really useful. ****
    out of *****
    Sliding Kick: T,T,K Damage-28
    Bayman is no M. Bison. This move is too slow to be very effective. Its
    somewhat useful on opponents coming towards you. ** out of *****
    Double Spike: (hold)D,K,K Damage-24
    Im not a big fan of moves that require holding a button in 3-d
    fighters, but this move is worth the effort. It's a good move in combos
    and it's not really too easy to counter. *** out of *****
    ......and now on to the throws.
    Desert Cross Hold: F+P Damage-45
    I'm not a big fan of the standard throw because you can whiff it fairly
    easily if you don't time it just right and get punked out pretty hard,
    but as far as throws go, its pretty decent. ** out of *****
    Neck Hold Swing: B,F+P Damage-0
    Now, you may look at that goose egg for damage up there and think this
    move sucks, but nothing could be further from the truth. This move
    leaves them with their back turned, which is a good set up to those
    fairly dangerous behind throws. *** out of *****
    S.T.F.(!): DT,DT,F+P then D,F+P Damage- 77
    This is bayman's most dangerous move. It's hard to see coming, it does
    a good amount of damage, it's easy to execute, and it looks cool.
    ***** out of *****
    Jail Lock Knee: T,T,F+P Damage-65
    I would use this before I would use the desert cross hold because of
    the damage increase. *** out of *****
    Shoulder Breaker: T,F+P Damage-48
    See desert cross hold. ** out of *****
    Scorpion Deathlock: B,T,F+P then D,F+P Damage-90
    This is easier to hit than the DCH and the shoulder breaker, it does a
    whopping amount of damage, and it looks cool. I have to deduct one star
    because the timing on the second button press isn't as easy as the stf,
    and a lot of times you will end up hitting the Quebrada Congiro instead
    of the first part of the deathlock, but the damage makes it more than
    worth it. **** out of ***** (cause I'm a sting mark)
    Half Boston Crab: B,T,F+P then B,F+P then D,F+P Damage-105
    I'd have to say that this move is slightly better than the Boston crab
    because the timing is more lenient and the amount of damage is larger,
    but the same congiro complaints should be taken into account. **** out
    of  *****
    Dangerous Driver: D to B,F+P then B,F+P then D,F+P Damage-105
    The D the B motion makes this somewhat inferior to the half Boston
    crab. I would use the crab before I would use this hands down. The
    damage is great, but its easier to whiff than other throws.
    ** out of *****
    Quebrada Congiro: B to F,F+P Damage-67
    This move is easier to hit than a lot of throws, but the damage is
    slightly inferior. *** out of *****
    Catching Armbar: From behind->F+P Damage-60
    This throw works fairly well with the neck hold, fairly mediocre as far
    as throws go. ** out of *****
    Hell Hazard Lock: From Behind->T,F+P Damage-60
    This works really well with the neck hold swing, the damage keeps it
    from being as useful as other moves though. *** out of *****
    Swing Neck Hold: B,F,F+P then B,F+P Damage-90
    This is a better alternative than the hell hazard lock due to the
    significant bump in damage, but its rougher to execute fluidly than the
    hell hazard. *** out of *****
    Crazy Crash: Opponent Crouching-> D,F+P then D,F+P then D,D,F+P Damage-
    As much as I dislike behind throws, I hate crouching throws even more
    because it  all depends on rare situations, but as far as bayman's
    crouching throws, this would have to be the best. ** out of *****
    Reverse Arm Lock: DB,F+P then D,F+P Damage-75
    This is one of those situations where a move is easier to execute than
    a similar alternative, but doesn't do as much damage, so it evens out.
    ** out of *****
    Ground Submission: Opponent on the ground->D,F+P Damage-varies
    Unlike the back and crouching submissions, you can get your opponent on
    the ground often, making this move really effective because it cant
    easily be countered. **** out of *****
    Knee Drop: Opponent on the ground->U,P+K Damage-?
    This is a pretty effective move, not as damaging as a ground
    submission, but easier to execute, so you win either way.
    **** out of *****
    Knee Press: Opponent on the ground->D,P Damage-?
    This move is decent, but the knee drop is a bit more effective.
    *** out of *****
    Tank Wheel: U,P+K
    This is a good move to get away from your opponent's attack and turn
    the tables. **** out of *****
    More to come...
    Always looking for:
    Praise =0]
    And any tips that would help the FAQ
    Thanks to:
    GameFAQ's: for being the best gaming site on the net.
    Team ninja: For making such a great game
    Everybody who wrote a decent fighting game FAQ before me: for

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