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    Costume FAQ by wc_minor

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead Or Alive 3
    System: XBOX
    Title: Costume FAQ
    Date: 05.01.2005
    Final Version: (v. 1.0)
    Author: L. Borges
    A.K.A: WilliamCMinor, wc-minor
    E-mail: se7en1969@hotmail.com (most used e-mail addy)
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Female Fighters 
    3.	Male Fighters
    4.	Total Costumes 
    5.	Credits / Thank You’s
    1. Introduction
    There seems to be a lot of questions on the costumes for Dead or Alive 3. 
    Some if it has to do with the North American vs. European, Japanese
    versions of the disc.  The American version of Dead or Alive 3 
    (and the Platinum Hits version) come with a standard set of costumes while
    the Euro, Japanese release came with special unlockable outfits that you 
    could get for completing certain task.  All of those special outfits were
    made available to the U.S. in the form of a Booster Disc that came with the 
    Official X-box Magazine or an X-box Exhibition Disc. Both can be found 
    on-line with a simple search of either E-bay or GameStop.com
    The X-box Exhibition Disc was released in 2002 and has NFL Fever 2003, Panzer 
    Dragoon Orta, TimeSplitters 2, Whacked, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, ToeJam 
    and Earl III, Quantum Redshift, Madden 2003 and Halo Combat Evolved as 
    playable demos. The disc also has music and a trailer for Halo 2. 
    The Official X-box Magazine was released in June 2002. I believe it is 
    number 16.
    So here is a list of all the playable versions of the outfits, their
    descriptions and how to get them for the U.S. version of Dead Or Alive 3. 
    2. Female Fighters
    Costume 1 – Purple and black ninja outfit (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Purple butterfly dress with yellow ribbon (Press A) 
    Costume 2 – White butterfly dress with orange ribbon (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Schoolgirl uniform with blue jacket (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Schoolgirl uniform with red jacket (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – White jumpsuit with teal detail (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Purple pinstripe suit (Press A) 
    Costume 2 – Dark red pinstripe suit (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Red dress (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Black dress (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – Black, blue and white opera dress with thigh high boots (Press A)
    Costume 2 – White opera dress with blue trim (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Black opera dress with red trim (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Genie outfit. (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – White shirt. Denim Jacket. Jeans. (Press A)
    Costume 1 – Gold shirt. Jeans. (Press A) 
    Costume 2 – White Gi. Black shirt (Press A)
    Costume 3 – Plaid schoolgirl skirt. Blue and white jacket (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Denim outfit with short orange jacket. (Booster Disc)
    Costume 5 – Denim outfit without jacket (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – Blue ninja outfit. White stockings (Press A)
    Costume 2 – White ninja outfit. White stockings (Press A)
    Costume 3 – Schoolgirl outfit. Get it by completing all 80 special moves 
                in exercise mode. 
    Costume 4 – Blue skirt, white shirt. Schoolgirl outfit. (Booster Disc)
    Costume 5 – All blue schoolgirl outfit. (Booster Disc) 
    Costume 1 – Red dress with white design. (Press A)
    Costume 1 – Blue dress with white design (Press X)  
    Costume 1 – White dress with gold design (Press Y)
    Costume 1 – Black dress with gold and white design (Press A+L)
    Costume 2 – Short black leather outfit (Press A)
    Costume 3 – Striped shirt. Long white skirt (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Short black leather dress. Thigh high stockings (Booster Disc) 
    Tina Armstrong
    Costume 1 – Blue belly shirt. Zebra pattern pants. (Press A) 
    Costume 1 – Green belly shirt. Leopard print pants (Press X)
    Costume 2 – White fringe cowgirl (Press A) 
    Costume 3 – Cowboy Hat, open shirt. And black thong (Booster Disc)
    3. Male Fighters 
    Costume 1 – Orange vest black shirt, urban camo pants and red beret (Press A)
    Costume 1 – Black shirt, woodland camo pants and blue beret (Press X)
    Costume 2 – Russian Navy commando outfit. (Press A)     
    Costume 3 – Scuba outfit. (Booster Disc)           
    Bass Armstrong
    Costume 1 – Black leather bikers outfit. (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Red bowling shirt with barbwire print. Black pants. 
                Red Bandana (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Shirtless. Darks pants with blue trim. Blue Bandana.
                Gloves (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Viking armour outfit. (Booster Disc) 
    Brad Wong
    Costume 1 – Black and red tank top. Blue Pants (Press A)
    Costume 2 – White Gi with blue trim. (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Orange Gi with black trim (Press X)
    Costume 3 – White Chinese robe (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Purple Chinese robe (Booster Disc) 
    Costume 1 – Black trench coat. Mesh shirt. Leather pants. 
                Sunglasses (Press A)
    Costume 2 – White Gi. Black Belt (Press A)
    Costume 3 – Shirtless.  Red pants. Broken wrist chains from Dead or 
                Alive 2 Hardcore. Complete “Time Attack Mode” in under 
                6 minutes. (Press A)
    Gen Fu
    Costume 1 – Black tunic. White tiger strip pants, Tiger stripe
                sleeves (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Sleeveless green shirt. Tan pants. Large sun hat (Press A) 
    Costume 3 – White Chinese tiger robe (Booster Disc)  
    Costume 4 - A Green “Elf” outfit with an elf like hat. (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – White ninja outfit (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Red ninja outfit padded (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Green ninja outfit padded (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Tight snakeskin shirt. Black pants (Booster Disc) 
    Jann Lee
    Costume 1 – Shirtless. White pants with red dragon on the side. 
                Red shoes (Press A)
    Costume 1 – Shirtless. Black pants with a gold dragon on the side. 
                Yellow shoes (Press X)
    Costume 2 – Purple kung-fu outfit with high collar. Gold trim (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Gold kung-fu outfit with high collar. Purple trim (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Bouncers tuxedo. (Booster Disc)  
    Costume 1 – Desert camo with black turban. (Press A) 
    Costume 1 – Shirtless with camo pants and bandoleer (Press X)
    Costume 2 – Black shirt, Red pants, Sunglasses  (Press A)
    Costume 3 – Silver gladiator.  (Booster Disc)
    Costume 4 – Gold gladiator. (Booster Disc)
    Ryu Hayabusa
    Costume 1 – Red ninja outfit. (Press A)
    Costume 2 – Black ninja outfit. Mask. Grey boots (Press A)
    Costume 2 – White ninja outfit. Mask. Grey boots (Press X)
    Costume 3 – Black bodysuit. Hair down. (Booster Disc)
    Costume 1 – Shirtless, black and flame trunks. (Press A) 
    Costume 2 – Purple silk jacket, teal shirt, 
                and white silk pants. (Press A) 
    Costume 3 – Chrome bodysuit with green nuclear atom symbol on 
                chest and antenna on his head.  Defeat 20 opponents in 
                Survival Mode
    Costume 4 – Silver sweat suit from Dead or Alive 2. (Booster Disc)
    5. Total Costumes
    Standard Combinations = 50
    Booster Disc = 25
    Unlockable = 3
    Total = 78
    Male = 42
    Female = 36
    4. Credits / Thank You’s
    I tried my best to describe the outfits and probably did not do so well in 
    allcases as there are other ways to tell how they look. But I think that most 
    people who have played the game will know what I am talking about when they 
    read this. 
    Thanks to Temco and Team Ninja for the beautiful fighting game that really
    stands out (even after 4 years of being out on the X-Box) and has been tons
    of fun to play. 
    This document is copyrighted 2005 by L. Borges and may not be redistributed 
    without consent. This document is not be used for any commercial purposes. 
    Faq document may not be altered in any way, and may only be redistributed in 
    its original electronic form.  Any information used from this document must be
    given proper acknowledgement to the author (me!). 
    Thanks for reading it and I hope that it answered some of your questions. 
    Thanks for GameFaqs for hours of wasted time! And thanks to all the gamers 
    you fill the message boards and game stores everywhere.
    Dead Or Alive 3 and characters are (c) TECMO
    Dead or Alive 2 and characters are (c) TECMO
    XBOX is (c) Microsoft
    Contact information. 

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