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    Booster Disc FAQ by psychochronic

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead or Alive 3 Booster Disc FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic 
    (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken.com
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: June 26, 2006
    In order to use the Booster Disc option, you must have a 
    Dead or Alive 3 save file in order to download the extra 
    costumes. The booster disc comes with the June 2002 
    issue from Official XBOX Magazine.
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is NOT a list about tiers, combos, setups, 
    advanced tactics or even a move list. This is a navigation 
    of the Dead or Alive 3 Booster Disc found in the June 2002 
    issue from Official XBOX Magazine so don't expect anything 
    such as movelists, codes or anything related to those subjects. 
    If this is not the information you are looking for, please close 
    this text now.
    2a) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document 
    is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted 
    in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
    (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be 
    used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling 
    it or giving it away as a gift. Although I am...the author in 
    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors 
    whose work I have included in this guide.
    2b) This document cannot be hotlinked to any other forums/
    sites other than Gamefaqs, DOACentral and Shoryuken. To 
    kinda repeat point #2a, this guide can't be referenced, altered, 
    or used by anybody (including webmasters, publishers and 
    magazine staff) without my express written permission. This 
    guide is created and is owned by me, Brett "Psychochronic" 
    Navarro (aka. "Brettdude" in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken. 
    Plagarizing is a crime and is punishable by law.
    3) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
    set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
    and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
    feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
    easy mobility. 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Main Menu
        -Booster Disc
        -Time Attack
    3) Contact
    4) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - June 26, 2006:
    Compilated on June 26, 2006 and finished within 2 hours.
    Main Menu:
    *NOTE: This is a demo version of Dead or Alive 3 that
    comes in the June 2002 issue of Official XBOX Magazine.
    Story, Survival, Tag Battle, Team Battle, Versus, Watch,
    Sparring and Options are locked. The only available menus 
    to access are Booster Disc are Time Attack which links to 
    either Single or Tag Battle.
    1) Booster Disc:
    This is an option where you can get additional costumes
    which is exclusive only in the disc. The total amount of 
    costumes are 2992 blocks which is more than enough of 
    the 50,000+ blocks in the XBOX hard disk. You can only
    access this option if you have a Dead or Alive 3 save file.
    Below are the following costumes to be downloaded:
    Now labeled as a "traitor" to her village, Kasumi has been 
    pursued incessantly by assassins from her clan; not a day 
    passes without an attempt on her life. Despite this, Kasumi 
    still wishes to see her brother and enters the third tournament 
    to meet him one last time.
    Costume 4 (115 blocks): Schoolgirl outfit with blue skirt 
    and white shirt 
    Costume 5 (119 blocks): All blue schoolgirl outfit 
    She enters DOA3 in order to test her skills against other 
    fighters. After all the training, she is finally ready to enter 
    the Dead or Alive tournament.
    Costume 3 (106 blocks): Plaid schoolgirl skirt with blue 
    and white jacket 
    Costume 4 (123 blocks): Skimpy denim outfit with orange 
    Costume 5 (116 blocks): The skimpy denim outfit from 
    Costume 4, but without the jacket 
    -Gen Fu:
    Gen Fu ranks in the second tournament, and thanks to 
    the prize money Mei Lin is making a steady recovery. 
    However, to complete the surgery and pay for a full 
    revalidation, Gen Fu again needs a vast sum of money. 
    For this reason, Gen Fu fights yet again. It can be safely 
    assumed that he succeeded in this task, as his CG movie 
    depicts his granddaughter healthy and on her feet again. 
    It is also implied that Gen Fu ranked second place in the 
    third DoA tournament.
    Costume 3 (117 blocks): White Chinese tiger robe
    Costume 4 (95 blocks): Elf costume 
    Achieving her goal of becoming a model, Tina enters the third 
    tournament, this time in the hopes of becoming an actress.
    Costume 3 (135 blocks): Cowboy outfit with open shirt 
    and thong 
    Leon is a lonely soldier, wandering this world while building his 
    strength. His heart is still torn from the loss of Rolande, a woman 
    of the Silk Road, who died in his arms saying, "The man I love is 
    the strongest man in the world". In order to fulfill the last words 
    of his lost love, he aspires to be the strongest man on Earth and 
    intends to prove this by winning the Dead or Alive Tournament 
    in her name. He had to fight Bayman during the second DOA 
    championship. The reason why Leon is Bayman's rival is because 
    in the past Bayman was sent to kill Leon. But Bayman failed and 
    so they are rivals for that incident.
    Costume 3 (120 blocks): Silver Gladiator Armor
    Costume 4 (121 blocks): Gold Gladiator Armor 
    -Jann Lee:
    Jann Lee has never seen his parents' faces; they died, orphaning 
    him at a very young age and leaving him to fend for himself. 
    Soon after, he absorbed himself in the study of Jeet Kune Do. 
    At first, he fought to replace the feelings of loss, but eventually 
    he fought simply for the sake of fighting. One day, he heard the 
    announcement of the DOA tournament, and wondered if he 
    would find what he was looking for there.
    He is met there by Lei Fang, a girl he had saved some six years 
    prior from a gang's attack. In the time since she had become an 
    accomplished martial artist, vowing to prove herself not helpless 
    by defeating Jann Lee in the DOA World Combat Championship,
     something that - as of the ending of the third game - she has yet 
    to do.
    Not satisfied, Jann Lee enters later DOA tournaments to prove 
    his fighting skills, looking to test himself against worthy opponents.
    Costume 3 (110 blocks): Bouncer's Tuxedo 
    Christie is an assassin hired by Donovan to keep an eye on 
    and eventually kill, Helena Douglas. Christie's mission is to 
    stop Helena from competing in DOA3 and later to prevent 
    Helena from discovering more about the secret plans of 
    Donovan and his anti-Douglas faction.
    Costume 3 (99 blocks): Red dress
    Costume 4 (99 blocks): Black dress 
    Hayate returns in Dead Or Alive 3 with his memory regained 
    and as leader of the Mugen Tenshin style. His reason for 
    joining the tournament this time is to defeat DOATEC's next 
    superhuman creation Omega, who was Ayane's foster father 
    until he was turned to evil. Some of his new moves are similar 
    to Kasumi's; this was done on purpose to show their connect-
    ion with the same fighting style and the same ninja village 
    where they came from. He also knows some old moves from 
    his karate experience. Although he felt it was his duty to 
    defeat Genra as leader of the shinobi, Ayane beat him to it, 
    citing that it was a personal affair.
    Costume 3 (127 blocks): Skin tight snakeskin shirt and black 
    Now learning of the superhuman Omega, Hayabusa once 
    again enters the DOA tournament to confront and destroy 
    it. He also learns that his friend Hayate has recovered his 
    memoriesand Hayabusa defeats him in a friendly match. In 
    the finals of the tournament, however, Ayane destroys the 
    superhuman Omega.
    Costume 3 (135 blocks): Tight black bodysuit with hair 
    After exhausting all his financial reserves, Zack enters the 
    third tournament to earn more money so that he can enjoy 
    a Las Vegas vacation. It is revealed he did not actually win 
    the tournament, but Ayane, who defeated Omega. Due to 
    Ayane's departure after the tournament, Zack claims the 
    title by default.
    Costume 4 (104 blocks): Sweatsuit 
    -Brad Wong:
    One day, Brad's old drunken master Chen, great teacher of 
    Zui Ba Xian Quan, says: "Bring me the legendary drink. The 
    name is 'Genra'."What is 'Genra'?", Brad asks himself, "It 
    seems like a riddle." So Brad Wong begins his journey in 
    search of 'Genra'. After three years of wandering, he finds 
    himself in a fighting tournament.
    Costume 3 (129 blocks): White Chinese robe
    Costume 4 (128 blocks): Purple Chinese robe 
    Hearing Tina now wants to be an actress, Bass is extremely 
    upset; he always had expected Tina to become a pro wrestler. 
    So, Bass enters once again to stop Tina's fame seeking. 
    However, judging from the CG opening of Dead or Alive 
    Xtreme Beach Volleyball, he fails again, as Tina has become 
    a pop star of sorts.
    Costume 3 (108 blocks): Viking Armor 
    After surviving a failed attack on his life (by a sniper), Bayman 
    decides to retaliate against his former client Donovan and 
    shows up at the third tournament.
    Costume 3 (145 blocks): Black Scuba gear 
    -Lei Fang:
    Lei Fang joined the Tournament in order to fight Jann Lee, a 
    martial arts expert who saved her life from a bunch of thugs 
    six years ago. For that, she was very grateful, yet felt that she 
    could have handled the situation herself. After that incident, 
    she mastered the art of Tai Chi Quan and now seeks to prove 
    her independence.
    Costume 3 (114 blocks): Striped shirt with long white skirt 
    Costume 4 (139 blocks): Skimpy black leather dress with 
    thigh highs 
    Helena is captured by Donovan and imprisoned. He tells her 
    that the only way to obtain her freedom is to win the third 
    tournament. In the meantime, Donovan assigns Christie to 
    keep an eye on Helena and should the need arise, kill her if 
    she discovers too much.
    Costume 3 (144 blocks): Genie costume 
    Ayane enters Dead or Alive 3 in order to kill Genra, who has 
    been made into a puppet of DOATEC. She sees this as her 
    responsibility and a way to return the favor of Genra having 
    taken her under his wing.
    Ayane succeeds in her mission. As a reminder of her foster 
    father, she takes Genra's ritual mask and energy sword.
    Costume 3 (122 blocks): Schoolgirl uniform with blue jacket
    Costume 4 (122 blocks): Schoolgirl uniform with red jacket 
    2) Time Attack:
    This is an option where you'll try to finish the game in the
    shortest time possible. There are 2 options:
    -Single Battle: A single character enters the battle
    -Tag Battle: 2 characters enter the battle as a Tag Team
    *NOTE: Only 1 player can play and you're limited to 4 fights
    with 2 rounds in Single and 3 fights with 1 round in Tag.
    Due to the Demo: 
    The characters are only playable:
    Hitomi, Zack, Tina, Bass, Jann Lee, Lei Fang, Christie and
    Helena with each of them having 2 costumes.
    The stages are only seen:
    Ice Palace, Beach, Lost World, Octagon X, Aquarium,
    The music is only heard:
    Hayate, Christie, Gen Fu, Hayabusa, Brad Wong
    Contact me! Here are the following e-mails and internet 
    forums you can find me at:
    MSN Messenger/Hotmail: b_unit905@hotmail.com
    Yahoo!: psychochronic2004@yahoo.ca
    Internet Forums:
    Gamefaqs.com: brettdude
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    My Fighting Game Site:
    Props to those who made this guide possible:
    Good ol' me for researching an extension part of a game 
    that a lot of people in the community consider a rarity. 
    Remember to keep  the fighting game community active 
    by participating in local events in your area. Bring your 
    talk and skill to offline competition where it really matters.
    Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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