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Talk about Dazzling, but no real 1 Player game 01/01/02 AlphaX
DoA3 kicks ass. Fine, fine, painfully detailed ass. 01/30/02 Andy787
Finally, a game that will be a hit on sex appeal alone. 03/05/02 BBigwig
It more Dead Or Alive 2.5 than 3, but it's a very fun fighter. 03/17/03 BladeBlur
Great Games, even to this day 10/25/04 Brimstone
Addictive and pretty to look at 06/24/13 brutusmuktuk
You just have to appreciate it for what it is... 08/01/02 CrazyDude
A very nice fighter hits the XBOX console. 06/03/05 DarkReign128
Beautiful.... 12/28/01 DoC D1o1
Greater than the sum of its bountiful parts. 11/24/01 Doc Funky
A definite must buy and a game worth your money. 11/07/02 fez2004
Tecmo hits it off again a third time. 07/19/02 Gene Starwind
All it does is show off the power of the Xbox. 01/16/02 hageshiku
Didn't I just play this game 2 years ago? 04/02/02 Khaos_
The fighting genre has evolved 01/12/02 Knuckles Rouge
Does the third in the series offer anything new? 01/17/02 Mr Pibb
Nice looking, but it doesn't offer anything new. 12/05/02 NeoGeo
The Best Fighting Game of All Time? Maybe. But it sure is the HOTTEST! 11/16/01 paraoh
Want girls, action and a great time? Then DOA3's for you! 04/29/05 Rikku_Fan_Zero
The greatest fighting game of all time! 01/08/02 Ryan Rider
Once upon a time, graphics meant everything 11/09/02 Shirow
Great Graphics, Same Gameplay 01/02/02 SJohnson
Not the best fighting gameplay but the hottest girls for sure 01/30/02 Tae Kwon Do Kicker

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