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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KReems

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Gun Valkyrie FAQ by Kevin Reems
    Version 1.1	03/30/2002
    This is my first FAQ. I'm doing this merely because this game has been
    out too long not to have one. So by default I'm writing this until someone
    else comes along and writes a better one. If anyone has anything they would
    like to add please feel free to e-mail me at lbt1st@cyberdude.com
    I would like to thank the community at the GameFAQ's Gun Valkyrie board for
    their posts and support.
    Ok on with it:
    Intro & Credits
    The Map
    Stage Walkthroughs
    Core Locations
    The Orbs
    ---                                                                 ...
    Just some terms you should know while reading this:
    Kelly-1		Kelly's Gearskin can be upgraded two times throughout the
    Kelly-2		game, in which case she'll become Kelly Level 2 then
    Kelly-3		Kelly Level 3. For simplicity these terms are used both here
    		and various messageboards.
    		Kelly becomes Level 2 once you defeat Nidhogg and Level 3
    		once you obtain all of the Cores.
    Saburouta	This is the second character in the game that you can play.
    a.k.a. Sab	He does not level up like Kelly does and can not be used on
    		Boss Stages while in Story Mode.
    Challenge Mode	Once you've completed the game Challenge Mode becomes
    		available on the main menu. Sab can be used in all Stages
    		while in Challenge Mode. If you've managed to get Kelly-2 or
    		Kelly-3 while in Story Mode you'll be able to use those
    		characters here as well.
    Story Mode	Refers to the normal game. Sab can not be used in all Stages
    		while in Story Mode.
    Gearskin	This is the suit Kelly is Sab wear in battle.
    Stage		Each level in the game is referred to as a Stage.
    		The stages are broken up in a tier like fashion.
    		You'll typically have three Stages to pick from per tier.
    		Once you complete them all you advance to the next tier.
    Tier		(See Above)
    Bosses		After each Tier you fight a Boss.
    		Some Stages also have Bosses that you'll have to beat before
    		completing the Stage. See also, Stage Walkthrough section.
    Zone:		Most of the stages are broken up into sections.
    		For lack of a better word I'll refer to these as Zones.
    		On the map screen you can only see the Zone you are in.
    Click-Up	Refers to pressing a direction on either of the sticks and
    Click-Down	while doing so clicking the stick in.
    Click-Left	See the Controls section for more info on this.
    Hovering	Refers to when your in the air but not falling at full speed
    		and not boosting. Your jets will be on but not blasting
    		causing you to fall slowly. Firing the Drive Gun while in
    		the air is considered Hovering. Hovering cancels Boost Combos.
    		See the controls section for more info.
    Targeting	The game has a way of auto aiming. Your character will aim at
    		whatever enemy is closest to the center of the screen and in
    		your weapon's range.
    		Your weapon's reticule will turn red once it has a Target.
    		Note that you Can shoot things without Targeting.
    		i.e. the Drive Gun can't Target stuff our of a certain range
    		but it can hit things a bit farther.
    Target Lock	Kelly's and Sab's primary weapons are able to Lock On to
    Lock-On		targets. Firing on a Locked Target causes the shot to follow
    		the Target until it is hit.
    Boost Gauge	(Bottom/Left corner of the screen) This is a count of your
    		Boost Combo. See the Combos section for more info on how
    		this is raised.
    Tricking	Refers to the act of doing a bunch of Boosting for
    		no reason other then to raise your Boost Gauge.
    		This is sometimes done to go Mobius.
    Mobius State	Once your Boost Gauge hits 25 you'll enter
    		the Mobius state.
    		This normally happens as your kicking ass in true GV style.
    		However most peoples first Mobius experiences are
    		done by Tricking. While Mobius, you get all the benefits of
    		having a high Boost Gauge as well as being invulnerable for
    		about 10 seconds. While Mobius Kelly also gets unlimited
    		use of her Napalm/Meteor Crash.
    Crash State	While doing a Meteor Crash you are said to be in
    		the "Crash State". This typically refers to Kelly-3 because
    		after her Meteor Crash she remains in the Crash State.
    		See Characters section for more info.
    Boost Combos	See the Combos section.
    Box Strafing	I don't care what anyone tells you, there's no circle
    		strafing in this game. However you can come close
    		by "Box Strafing". This is done by doing a combination of
    		Side Boosts and Quick Turns.
    		This a covered in more detail in the Techniques section.
    ---                                                                 ...
    I'll begin with the controls for the people out there renting the game or
    otherwise don't have the book. I'll get into technique and comboing later.
    By now you've heard all about the control of this game.
    This FAQ assumes you've heard all the hype already. Let's put the hype aside
    and get to playing the game. These controls take some time getting used to.
    Some people take minutes, others take hours. What really matters is that you
    master these controls before you fight Ivaldi.
    He'll be the judge if you've really mastered anything.
    If you haven't been told this already, watch the demos that the game plays
    when you leave the title screen sit a couple minutes to see how the
    game is played. If you try to play this game like Halo, Tomb Raider or any
    other 3rd Person game your going to be in a world of frustration.
    Take your time, experiment and improve your game.
    None of these controls can be changed.
    Unfortunately you can't even un-invert the direction controls.
    This is fine for me but I feel sorry for those who don't play this way.
    Perhaps in the sequel..
    Note on Click-Directions:
    The book tells you to point the stick in a direction then click.
    However I've found it's easier for me to click first,
    Then point the direction while keeping the stick pressed.
    As long as the stick is pressed while in a direction it will work so try out
    each method and see how you like it. To me, clicking first makes the motion
    continuous where as moving the stick, then clicking seems like two steps.
    Running Forward/Back	Press the Left stick up/down.
    Jump			Briefly pull the Left Trigger.
    Air Control		Press the Left stick up/down while falling or Hovering
    (air)			to direct how you fall.
    Rotate			Unlike other games rotation is done using
    (ground or air)		the Left stick. You may hate it at first but trust
    			me it's better this way in the end.
    Twist			The Right stick allows you to twist your upper body so
    (ground or air)		that you can look side to side, up and down.
    			The best way to understand this is to think like
    			MechWarrior games where you have one control to rotate
    			the mech and another to rotate the torso.
    			You can only Twist about 120 degree left/right and
    			180 degrees up/down. See Target and Target Lock below.
    Quick Turn		Using the Right stick, Click the direction you want
    (ground or air)		to face, either left, right or down.
    			This allows you to quickly turn 90 or 180 degrees,
    			It is necessary to master this on the ground and air.
    Boost Jump		Pull and Hold the Left Trigger.
    (ground or air)
    Boost Dash		Click the Left stick Up or Down and Hold to
    (ground or air)		dash forward/backward at high speed.
    			(You can't Dash left/right).
    Side/Back Boost		Click the Left stick in any direction to briefly
    (ground or air)		boost in that direction.
    Hovering		To Hover you "cancel" a Boost Dash.
    (air)			This is done by pressing (not clicking) the opposite
    			direction you are currently Dashing.
    			i.e.Click-Up to Dash forward then press Down to Hover.
    			See the Technique section for common uses of this.
    			Note: Firing the Drive Gun while in the air also causes
    			Kelly to Hover.
    			Hovering cancels Boost Combos (see Combos section).
    GV Napalm		Press both sticks in at the same time to nuke
    (ground)		everything around you. You must have enough GV Fuel
    			to do this. GV Fuel is obtained by collecting the
    			blue orbs left by enemies or by comboing.
    GV Meteor Crash		Press both sticks in at the same time while in the
    (air)			air to boost in the direction you are looking.
    			Unlike other attacks, your Twist Does effect this.
    			i.e. If your Boosting one way and looking in another
    			direction you'll now be moving in the direction
    			your looking.
    			Meteor Crash deals heavy damage to anything
    			in your path.
    			Note: Kelly-1 can not do this move.
    Target			Whatever enemy is closest to the center of the
    (ground or air)		screen will become your weapon's Target (if it's
    			in range. Your weapon's reticule will turn red once
    			it has a Target. By using the Right stick you can
    			select what enemy you wish to target.
    			Remember that the Right stick does not actually rotate
    			your character, thus you will continue to travel in
    			the direction you were going as you Target.
    			Note that you Can shoot things without Targeting.
    			i.e. the Drive Gun can't Target stuff out of a certain
    			range but it can hit things a bit farther.
    Target Lock		The Heat Blaster and Matchlock Cannon are able to Lock
    (ground or air,Kelly)	to Targets. This is done by pulling and Holding
    (ground or hovering,Sab)the Right trigger while Targeting.
    			Depending on Character/Level/Weapon you can Lock On
    			to one or more enemies at a time.
    			Kelly-1 without upgrades can only Lock On to 1 Target.
    Fire			To simple fire your weapon briefly pull the Right
    (ground or air)		trigger. If you have Target's Locked the weapon will
    			fire once you release the Right trigger.
    Select Primary Weapon	Press the Y-Button. Kelly's Primary is
    (ground or air)		the Heat Blaster. Sab's is the Matchlock Gun.
    Select Secondary	Press the X-Button while playing as Kelly to
    (ground or air)		switch to the Drive Gun.
    			This is obtained at the end of
    			Vally-1 (the first level) in Story Mode.
    			Note: Sab does not have a Secondary Weapon.
    			His sword is only used during his Napalm and
    			Meteor Crash -Why?!
    Select Plasma Hook	Press the B-Button. The Plasma Hook only hooks
    (ground or air)		onto the Purple glowing objects in the Indoor Stages.
    			Targeting these and pulling the Right trigger
    			causes you to fly to the object.
    			The book states that the hook can
    			also be used as a weapon against some enemies.
    Do Nothing		Press the A-Button.
    (ground or air)		That's right, the A-Button doesn't do a damn thing.
    View Map		Press the White-Button to view the map.
    (ground or air)		This is extremely useful during seek and destroy
    			missions. See The Map section for more info.
    View Time		Press the Black-Button to bring the timer
    (ground or air)		on the screen. When time is important (due to time
    			limits or your trying to improve your score) this
    			can be handy.
    ---                                                                 ...
    I remember all this hype about "eight upgradable weapons!!!" Well I'm going
    to let everyone down and say there's only three guns in this game.
    However they are somewhat different and get the job done.
    Note the damage done by the Heat Blaster and MatchLock Gun is effected by
    the Boost Gauge. Meaning you deal more pain while Comboing, however you also
    take double damage while comboing.
    Heat Blaster	Kelly's Primary Weapon. This can be fired quickly but does
    		little damage. This gun can Lock On to targets.
    		The Heat Blaster can be fired at any time including
    		during Boost Combos.
    Drive Gun	Kelly's Secondary Weapon. This is Kelly's crowd control.
    		The Drive Gun can chew through a mob of enemies in seconds.
    		It can only be fired while standing still or hovering.
    		The Drive Gun has two modes that are toggled the X-Button.
    		The modes are PinPoint (Default) and Wide Spread.
    		The Wide Spread is good for when your shooting down at a
    		group from the air.
    Matchlock Gun	Sab's Primary Weapon. This huge mofo has a slow rate of
    		fire but kills most enemies with one or two shots.
    		It can only be fired while standing or hovering.
    		This gun can also Lock On to targets.
    Plasma Hook	I've yet to see this used as an effective weapon.
    		Apparently it *can* be used against some enemies.
    Sword:		Unfortunately Sab can not run around hacking up monsters
    		with his sword. :(
    		He only uses it during his Napalm and Meteor Crash.
    ---                                                                 ...
    Gun Valkyrie offers the typical Fast/Low Damage, Slow/High Damage combination
    of characters. That's not to say its a bad thing. In fact it works quite well.
    The characters are different enough to make them play differently.
    Sab doesn't really upgrade much. In general he's more powerful then Kelly-1
    and weaker (overall) then Kelly-3. The book says he's "Advanced". I wouldn't
    say that, he's just different. I do recommend new players start with Kelly
    because the controls are best learned with her.
    Here's the basic differences between the two. This compares Kelly-1.
    Eventually Kelly with here levels and upgrades will match and surpass Sab.
    That doesn't make Sab any less Fun, because he does play differently.
    Action:				Advantage:
    Dash Distance			Sab's Dashes seem to use less GV Fuel
    				allowing him to go farther.
    				Speed seems the same.
    Boost Distance			Kelly can boost farther. This also means she
    				has more time to recharge between boosts
    				thus allowing her more hangtime.
    Meteor Crash Distance		Sab's Meteor Crash seems to go farther then
    				Kelly-2's. Kelly-3's is obviously better.
    Napalm/Crash Damage		Draw. As far as I can tell they deal
    				the same damage.
    Firepower			Draw. Sab's Matchlock deals huge damage but
    				it has no mobility. The Drive Gun packs a
    				punch as well and Kelly has more freedom
    				with two guns.
    Damage				Sab can also take more beatings.
    This may look like Sab is better. However Kelly's mobility is a
    huge advantage. She can stay in the air for very long periods of time
    without depending on Meteor Crashes.
    Kelly-3 can practically fly. In fact I'm a bit disappointed in this feature
    because it kind of takes the fun out of the game. When she does her
    Meteor Crash she remains in the Crash State after the initial Boost.
    She remains this way until she touches the ground, hovers, freefalls awhile or
    runs out of GV Fuel. While in this state she Boosts in the
    direction your facing.
    i.e. If you look up and Boost forward you'll go higher into the air.
    By tapping forward Boosts you can do this infinitely.
    Also, anything in the way takes massive damage. The only downfall of this is
    her Boost Gauge can not increase while like this, thus her GV Fuel does not
    increase by Boosting.
    See Technique section about "Tapping Out".
    The Map
    ---                                                                 ...
    The in-game Map is so important in this game I felt it deserves it's
    own section. Most of the people having problems completing a stage are
    usually having trouble because they overlook the importance of the Map.
    It's a good idea to check the map before leaving any area to make sure you
    didn't leave anything behind (assuming you don't want to leave anything behind)
    or when you can't figure out why a door won't open etc.
    Here's what each of the little blips mean.
    Red Arrow			This would be you and the direction your facing.
    Yellow Dot			Enemy. Need I say more?
    Magenta (pink) Dot		Frekiheims (The big bugs that spawn enemies)
    Green or Light Blue Circle	Various Platforms,
    				i.e. on Naglfar's Pit the floating platforms
    				are green, the tall thin structures are blue
    Blue Square			Passageway. These are doors or openings
    				leading to other Zones.
    Stage Walkthroughs
    ---                                                                 ...
    These are pretty brief. I'm not going to hold your hand every step pf the way.
    But I do try to point out anything that may cause you extra trouble.
    If you don't want anything spoiled don't ready this entire section,
    just use it as a reference if you get stuck.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    VALLEY 1:		Mission:	Get the Drive Gun and return with it.
    			Time Limit:	None
    This Stage is basically a tutorial. There's not much to say about it.
    It's a straight path, only one Zone. Make your way to one end. Get the gun
    and come back. Near the beginning of the stage there's a small dead end.
    Clearing all enemies:
    This seemingly easy Stage becomes a beast if your trying to get
    a perfect "Enemies Defeated" score. If your trying to wipe this Stage clean
    be prepared for reinforcements to show up when your on your way back with
    the gun. Take out as many monsters on the way to the gun but don't hang
    around too long, since you will be coming back again you can clean up
    the leftovers later. I say this because your probably trying to clear in good
    time as well. Make sure you visit the dead end before leaving as this
    becomes a major hot-spot.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    VALLEY 2:		Mission:	Defeat All Enemies
    			Time Limit:	None
    Nothing like a mindless slaughter! This is when you find out how really
    important the map is.
    Like with any seek and destroy type mission, take on the stage in small chunks.
    Clear anything in the immediate area. Once you think it's clear check the
    map and remove anything you missed. Then move on a bit, rinse and repeat.
    This method insures you don't miss anything. The last thing you want is to be
    at the end of the Stage and have to backtrack looking for one critter in
    a corner somewhere.
    This Stage is a huge circle. At the beginning of the Stage you will have a
    cliff to your back which you can't get over (With Kelly-1 at least),
    so anything beyond that cliff you will have to leave for the end when you
    circle around the Stage. Also near the beginning of the stage there will be a
    few swarms of small bugs. These swarms can not be targeted, so you'll have
    to get somewhat close and shoot them 'off the hip. Make sure you get all of
    these before getting too far or you'll have to circle completely around
    the Stage again later on. They show up yellow on the map and can easily be
    heard when they're close.
    One of the areas of this Stage consist of a huge pit. There's jets up air
    raising from it that will push you upward if you get in them. By using these
    and your Boosting ability you can navigate around this pit.
    Use the Heat Blaster or Matchlock Cannon's Lock On ability to takeout
    the flying stuff.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    VALLEY 3:		Mission:	Defeat All the Frekiheims
    			Time Limit:	30 Minutes
    This Stage is for those who still neglect to use the map. Frekiheim are the
    big bugs that are typically found clinging to walls and stuff. These things
    spawn other bugs, so leaving them alone too long ends you up with
    an army of enemies. That's the bad news, the good news is they show up pink
    on the map, so by using the map you can find them easy.
    There's a time limit on this mission, so remember to stick with the mission.
    Unless your going for score take out the Frekiheims and leave anything else
    unless it's in your way. If your on the ground at any time at least be Dashing
    to save time. Since you'll be leaving a lot of enemies behind try to stay
    in the air as much as possible so you don't end up being food. 
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    CIVILIAN BASE 1:	Mission:	Defeat All Enemies
    			Time Limit:	None
    This Stage introduces you to doors. These doors will not open until you clear
    the area you are in. You'll also be making use of the Plasma Hook.
    This is the first indoor Stage you'll play. You'll find that small enemies can
    be found in tight spaces and corners where they'll be overlooked.
    Even with the map they can be hard to locate since there's multiple platforms
    which they can be under or over. Also keep in mind they could be clinging to
    the bottom of such platforms.
    About halfway through this Stage it's common to find that you can't seem to
    progress any farther. You'll be searching a hallway full of dead ends and
    locked doors. If this is you, go back to the room with the bridge
    and Plasma Hook thing over it. Jump off the bridge and under it is
    a door that will now open.
    Fight your way to the end where you'll find a room Full off enemies.
    In this room there's a bunch of annoying mechalike enemies that cling to
    surfaces with electric beams. You've fought these before but it's here that
    you see them in action while in numbers. They have a laser sight that will
    lock onto you. Once locked they will rapidly fire.
    Due to the numbers in this room your best bet is to stay in the hallway and
    take out anything in view while slowly advancing into the room.
    If things get hairy retreat back to the hallway and take a moment to regroup.
    Clear this room and your done.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    CIVILIAN BASE 2:	Mission:	Defeat All Enemies
    			Time Limit:	30 Minutes
    This mission isn't too hard as long as you don't waste time. Most of the stage
    consists of long vertical tunnels that you'll be dropping down. Along the way
    are bounce pads that will shoot you back up if you need to go back for
    something. On this stage you'll need to be able to halt your freefall at a
    moments notice. There are spider like creatures on the walls that will spew
    webs out under you. You need to Boost or Hover before you fall into them while
    firing on the enemy.
    You'll also be up against large flying monsters that fade in and out of
    existence. You can see them somewhat as they pass through walls and move about.
    Because this is a timed mission your best bet is to Meteor Crash them as soon
    as you can target it.
    Along the shafts there's a few doors. You will have to enter each of these and
    clear the rooms inside. Make use of your map here to spot survivors.
    Other then that this Stage is pretty straight forward. If you make it to the
    bottom before the stage ends jump on the bounce pad to shoot upward.
    Listen for the caution alarm and kill whatever is causing it. If you don't see
    anything but you have a caution, check in any doors that are around.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    CIVILIAN BASE 3:	Mission:	Obtain the Documents
    			Time Limit:	25 Minutes
    This mission gives you 25 Minutes. Unless your trying to defeat every enemy
    for a clear bonus this is way more then enough time. This stage can be
    completed in 5 minutes.
    The Stage is very much like Base 2 in that you'll be freefalling down tunnels.
    There's other tunnels as well that run parallel to the main one. These can be
    ignored if your just trying to beat the stage.
    Freefall the whole way. Kill what you can but don't stop. If something shoots
    a web under you just Boost around it. You may also want to Trick up to Mobius
    which will allow you to fall through the webs unharmed. Any health or GV orbs
    that come out of enemies should be left if you don't need them.
    They will continue to fall and will be usable once you reach the bottom.
    What's at the bottom you ask? A tougher version of Daihellm is down there.
    Use the same methods to kill the first one. Make use of any health orbs that
    may fall from the tunnel. If time is running low Trick up your Boost Gauge
    to make your shots more damaging. Once he's down you can enter the next room
    which contains the documents.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    NAGLFAR'S PIT 1:	Mission:	Defeat the Creature at the Top
    			Time Limit:	None
    Most people agree it's a good idea to bring an extra shield along for this
    mission. Not that the Stage is hard (damaging that is) but there's a Boss
    at the top and he'll waste your health quickly.
    Getting to the top can be frustrating for those that haven't mastered the
    controls. Believe me, by the end of this Stage you'll know them quite well.
    Make use of Hovering and Air Control while making your platform jumps.
    There's multiple ways to get about half way to the top. Once there you'll
    be circling around the stage clockwise, then counter clockwise.
    Without making a video there's not really an easy way to explain which
    platforms you have to jump on. Just keep looking for one slightly higher
    then where you are. Also know that you'll have to make use of the walls
    and the pillar like formations as well as the floating platforms.
    Once your at the top, kill anything in the area to replenish your health.
    Boost Dash over the hole in the top and you'll see your new threat.
    On your way down you may want to go Mobius. You can't hit this boss from
    the air so you'll have to be grounded to hurt him. He has several melee
    and projectile attacks so keep away from him and Boost around.The Drive Gun
    works well if you can take the hit's hell deliver while your standing there.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    NAGLFAR'S PIT 2:	Mission:	Defeat All Enemies
    			Time Limit:	None
    This time around your started at the top and work your way down.
    You also have the Meteor Crash now so Pit-2 is less of a platformer
    and more of a killing spree. Make your way downward and wipe out everything.
    Due to the size of this Stage the map is broken up into Zones which are stacked
    over each other. The map is a birds eye view as normal. What this means is as
    you move upward or downward the map will show the Zone your in and not the
    ones above or below it. So if the map shows nothing and you know there's
    enemies nearby, they may be in the Zone above or below the one you are in.
    Go up or down and check your map again.
    There's not much else to it. You'll already be failure with this Stage from
    before. Make sure you take a look in the tunnel at the bottom and kill
    anything in the muck as well.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    YGGDRASILL 1:		Mission:	Defeat All Enemies & Obtain the Docs
    			Time Limit:	10 Minutes
    There's not much to this Stage. Kill everything as fast as possible as you
    make your way down.
    The first thing you want to do is make your way up to the very top (you start
    just a bit below the ceiling). Kill what's there and make your way down.
    Use the map constantly to check your progress.
    Also note there's swarms on this stage that may be hard to spot.
    Once everything's dead the door at the bottom will open. If it doesn't, check
    your map!
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    YGGDRASILL 2:		Mission:	Escape!
    			Time Limit:	None?
    You are now at the bottom of Yggdrasill and have to work your way up.
    There's a number of ways to get up. There's a spiraling root like surface
    around the edges of the Stage that you can run/Dash up. There's things to
    Plasma Hook onto. And you've got your Meteor Crash that can be used to jet
    you upwards. On top of that, if you get the core on this stage with Kelly and
    you have all the other cores Kelly will go Level 3 and you can simply fly to
    the top.
    Tons of enemies fill this Stage. Just take out the ones that are shooting at
    you and get to the top.
    To make things a bit more interesting there's a "void" flooding into the Stage.
    If you make contact with it you'll have to fight a Boss. This really should
    not be a problem as it fills very slowly.
    Note: Once you get to this stage there are no more save points. If you must
    exit the game you'll have to start from here. Luckily this is a pretty short
    stage so it's not really frustrating to play it again if you must.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    This boss is pretty easy once you know how to crack him.
    He has some simple patterns.
    Get under him and wait for his underside to open (it'll look yellow).
    Once this happens unload on him. I prefer the Drive Gun for this.
    If you are directly under him he will drop down and attempt to crush you.
    If he tries this Boost out of the way. If he doesn't try to stomp your ass he
    will release a bunch of blue objects which will follow you. When one gets over
    you it will strike you with lightning. To avoid these just Dash from one end
    of the room to the other a couple times. Make sure you keep an eye on Daihellm
    while doing this. You don't want to miss your chance to attack.
    After he tries to crush you or releases the blue things he'll sit in place a
    few seconds, then dart off to a random location. When he does this get under
    him fast! He'll open his belly again once he's there so you want to be there
    when it happens.
    Eventually he get's under 50% health. He'll fall from the sky like a brick
    and has a new method of attack. While standing face him directly as he begins
    to spin toward you. It's up to you but I'd put away the Drive Gun for this.
    Boost Jump toward him, then Dash Over him entirely. As your Dashing,
    when your directly over him, aim straight down and fire a single shot.
    If you make the shot he'll hurt a lot and stop spinning.
    Do a 180, get lined again up and do the same thing until he's dead.
    If for any reason you get too close your either going to get caught up in his
    spin cycle or he'll stab you with retracting spikes. In any case it's bad news
    so don't get near him without being in the air.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    The low ceiling in this ice cave doesn't allow for much hangtime.
    This Boss isn't too hard as long as you don't let your guard down.
    Boost from side to side to avoid the ice formations he casts at you.
    Don't get too close or he'll melee you. If you can stay in the air while
    fighting him (there's a very low ceiling) do so, but you don't have to.
    Don't use the Drive Gun as you'll need all the maneuverability you can get.
    Use QuickTurns to keep him in sight. If he gets you backed into a wall, Dash
    past him to the other side of the Stage and 180.
    Once you beat this boss Kelly becomes Level 2.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    You are faced with several ground digging monsters that can't even be shot
    most of the time.
    On this Boss you want to stay in the air at all times. These things have a Dash
    attack that deals a lot of damage and you want nothing to do with it.
    Once in awhile one of these will open theirselves for attack (you'll be able to
    Target when this happens). It's for a small amount of time so weapons would
    take all day. You need something bigger. The Meteor Crash is your answer.
    Since you'll be in the air most of the time GV Fuel won't be a problem
    so Meteor Crash these things every chance you get.
    Each one of these monsters goes through a few stages of attack.
    At first they'll just dig around. Popping up once in awhile.
    Then they'll start shooting these small projectiles that fly around.
    These can be ignored unless there's a ton of them flying around, in which
    case Lock On to a number of them and take em out.
    Eventually the beasts will jump completely out of the ground. When they do
    this they are Wide open for attack. You should be able to get in two Meteor
    Crashes before one get's back under ground.
    Once you knock one out of the sky it will scream and begin flopping around
    on the ground. Keep your sights on em when this happens. Once it recovers it
    will enter it's final state. In this state it will fire a massive beam of
    sorts. You do Not want anything to do with this. The second you can Target
    it Meteor Crash once more to finish it off.
    Once you kill all of the monsters the last one will have a Core for you.
    Get that and your mission's complete.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    Svart itself is the sphere with the long barb like things sticking out.
    He (it?) isn't too much concern quite yet. The real threat comes from the many
    somewhat disturbing babies trying to kill you. Stay in the air and keep moving.
    If at all possible fly over the void, not over the ground where the baby
    monsters can get at you easier. If you happen to fall in the void it's not the
    end of the world but do avoid it because you'll be placed back on the ground
    and who knows what will be standing there waiting.
    Like I said, the main threat is the babies. If your on the ground around them
    they'll try to cleave you with their bladed arms. Otherwise they cast
    projectile rock formations at you much like those from Hidhogg.
    These can be dodged easily if you keep your distance and remain in the air.
    The babies come in waves. Once you kill one it will begin
    warping out of existence. It's harmless once this happens so as soon as you
    can't target one anymore, move on to the next.
    When they're all dead/dying Svart's shield will fade out for a few moments.
    This is your chance to attack. Once the shield comes back up you'll have to
    face another wave of babies. Each time there will be more. At some point Svart
    will begin rotating. Keep an eye out on the barbs as they pass around you and
    Boost out of their way. Or better yet, fly over the void and avoid them
    altogether. Just remember that you'll have to get closer to be in range when
    the shield comes down.
    -----------------------------------	--------------------- ---- --- -- -
    Perhaps one of the coolest End Bosses in gaming history.
    Your going to need all your skills to take him down.
    Kelly-3's got some ways to beat him, but if your reading this you probably
    don't have Kelly-3. Anyway, I'm assuming your using Kelly-2.
    The basic way to beat this Boss is you have to Meteor Crash him three times,
    he will then be open for attack for some time. Then you have to Meteor Crash
    him more.
    There's a mist like cloud around his head. Each time you Meteor Crash him it
    changes color from white, yellow, to red. He'll also make a sound once he's
    open for attack.
    The Drive Gun is pretty useless on this boss. You will need to stay in the air
    as much as possible. Use the Box Strafe technique to keep him in your sights.
    Oddly your best off staying Close to Ivaldi. He has no melee attack to worry
    about, although you don't want to be too close while he's spinning his weapon.
    He has several attacks that you'll need to be able to avoid.
    Most deadly his his trap move. You'll see white particles forming above his
    head then they'll arc out to your location and create a trap. If you touch
    this trap you'll fall to the ground unable to move. To break free do your
    Napalm attack. The second your free dash out of there as he'll have another
    on the way already!
    To avoid this attack, once you see the particles forming over his head, Dash
    towards him. Preferably get behind him where he can't shoot it.
    He likes to continue casting these for awhile so try to interrupt this or
    you'll end up with these traps all over the place.
    He's got some fireballs he'll spew out by spinning his weapon.
    It's pretty easy to see this coming. Once he starts firing off he won't
    change the directing he's aiming, so simply Boost out of the way. He'll be
    open from all other angles so this is a good time to Meteor Crash him.
    He tends to do this twice in a row also, so look out for the second attack.
    Another attack he does is he'll throw his weapon at you like a boomerang.
    It comes fast and can be hard to dodge. Remember it's going to come back to
    him so don't get caught by it's return.
    There's a less common move he does where he creates a blue or yellow sphere
    around himself. The blue one get's very large causing you to have to back off
    unless your Mobius. The yellow one's smaller but he'll charge at you.
    If he's charging you try to get behind him using Box Strafing.
    Finally he's got a spinning move where he holds his weapon on end and rotates
    at high speed. This causes a blue disk to form which also shoots projectiles
    along it's axis. Obviously you don't want to get hit by the disk itself but the
    projectiles seem to be what end up hitting you.
    He can create this disk as sever different angles (vertically, horizontally and
    anywhere in between) so once he starts spinning figure out how it's going to be
    angled and get to either side of the disk. To do this you may just need to
    Boost to the side (if it's vertical) or you may have to get over or under it
    (if it's more horizontal).
    Once your in a safe spot you'll have a good chance to strike. Also when he
    stops the attack he takes some time to slow down from spinning so he'll be
    wide open.
    ---                                                                 ...
    This game does not center around getting high Combos.
    I mean the goal is not to combo up to kill stuff.
    It's more like the other way around. Like when your in "the Zone" while
    playing a game or sport. This game captures that moment through the use
    of combos. If your playing this game and you get in the zone you'll find that
    your character is as well.
    ..as least I think that's how Smilebit intended.
    My point is, you should just play the game. Focus on your mission and blasting
    past the enemies. If your doing things right your going to reach Mobius all
    the time and the GV Fuel will be flowing like water.
    I say all this because I think people worry too much about comboing and not
    playing the game. Early screenshots of the game show that the Boost Gauge was
    not even onscreen in early versions (there was a radar there).
    I personally wish they had left it that way.
    Ok, so here's how it all works. The number in the bottom/left corner of the
    screen is the Boost Gauge a.k.a. Combo Gauge.
    To raise this you need to be near one or more enemies and Boost while
    in the air.
    Boosting in the same direction twice does not increase the Gauge though.
    The Gauge resets to zero if any of the following events happen:
    You touch the ground.
    Your attacked in any way (including hit by projectile).
    You Hover (So make sure you Click-Direction while attempting to Dash)
    You reach Mobius (Gauge hits 25).
    As the Gauge goes up the Heat Blaster and MatchLock Gun will deal more damage.
    While comboing you take double damage.
    Once you reach Mobius you'll be invincible for a sort amount of time.
    ---                                                                 ...
    I'm going to attempt to explain a few all purpose techniques that may help you.
    The best advice I can really give though is to just play your heart out and
    get the controls down. The great thing about the Stages in this game is each
    one is designed to teach you something. So by the time you play through the
    whole game your going to be pretty good with the controls.
    Timing your maneuvers:	This is really something that just takes practice.
    			Keep an eye on how much Boost you have at all times.
    			Over time you'll learn how far you can take your
    			Boosts and Jumps. Generally, getting into the air
    			requires you to Boost Jump until your Boost Meter is
    			down to 1 or 2 bars. Once your up there begin Boosting
    			around as you see fit.
    Hovering:		To Hover, or not to Hover, that is the question.
    			In general you won't be doing much Hovering.
    			In fact, while your still learning the controls you'll
    			probably find yourself Hovering a lot by mistake.
    			This is another one of those things that beginners
    			will curse. Accept the controls of this, it's better
    			in the end. There's mainly two times when you want
    			to use Hover.
    			When mowing things down with the Drive Gun.
    			Or while trying to land on platforms. Naglfar's Pit
    			will be your training ground for learning this.
    			The idea is to Boost Jump up, Dash forward, begin
    			Hovering as soon as your over what your trying to
    			land on. Then as you descend, look down and
    			use Air Control to pin-point your landing.
    			This may sound complicated but it's not too
    			hard once you've done it a few times.
    Dash Jumping:		This is something I do just because I like the feeling
    			of speed this game has.
    			While on the ground dash forward, then Boost Jump.
    			When you jump this way you keep all the speed you had
    			from the dash so you can jump pretty far.
    			You don't have to Dash or Boost jump very long to cover
    			some good distance.
    Takeout the Frekiheims:	Vally-3 gives you a taste of what these things are.
    			Basically they're fat, unmoving "queen" bugs.
    			These are normally found in groups and spawn enemies.
    			If left alone for too long they'll create a mess of
    			enemies you'll have to deal with.
    			So anytime you see a group of enemies take these
    			things out first. Then deal with the rest.
    			Also, if you notice enemies in an area you thought
    			you had cleared already, take a look around and see
    			if any Frekihims are around. Odds are there's one up
    			in the air or something dropping your new friends.
    Box Strafing:		You can't circle strafe in this game.
    			What you can do is what I call the Box Strafe.
    			Basically you do a combination of
    			90degree Quick Turns while Boosting around something.
    			So if you wanted to get behind something while your
    			facing each other you'd (try to visualize this) do a
    			Side Boost, Forward Boost, 90Quick Turn, Side Boost,
    			Forward Boost, 90Quick Turn.. You'd now be behind
    			the enemy and facing it's back.
    			Obviously if the enemy is moving or you Boost
    			too far/short you'll have to change things up.
    			The point is to get used to boosting around stuff
    			while keeping your gun facing it.
    			This technique is extremely useful against bosses.
    The Meteor Crash 180:	This may sound like a no brainer but I'm going to
    			point it out anyway. When you do a Meteor Crash you
    			normally end up on the other side of your victim.
    			Assuming it's alive and there's nothing else that
    			needs your attention it's a good idea to immediately
    			do a 180 so your facing the enemy again.
    			Never leave your back to something for too long.
    Tap out of Kelly-3's	Here's a simple technique that took me awhile to
    Crash State:		figure out. Once you have Kelly-3 you'll become
    			familiar with her insanely powerful Meteor Crash
    			which leaves her in it's state until you land,
    			run out of Fuel, fall for awhile etc..
    			There's time though when you want to exit this state
    			quickly without dropping from the sky. To do this
    			simply tap the Left Trigger. She'll boost up for a
    			second then revert back to her normal state.
    			Reasons you may want to "tap out" are to get back to
    			the normal flying style (looking down and Dashing
    			forward would cause you to fly toward the ground,
    			not always desirable). You may also be low on GV or
    			wish to Combo your weapon up a bit
    			(which you can't do while in Crash State).
    Core Locations
    ---                                                                 ...
    To get Kelly-3 you must find and obtain every Halley Core.
    Once you get the one on Yggdrasill (unless you missed any) Kelly will
    level to 3.
    The following Locations were posted by "greatxcape" on the GameFAQ's GV board:
    VALLEY 1:		At the second set of mushroom platforms,
    			on the highest thin platform.
    VALLEY 2:		In the floating platform area with the strong drafts.
    			Slightly right of the north exit, on a higher level.
    VALLEY 3:		At the very end of the stage.
    			The section resembles the one in Valley 1 where you
    			picked up the Drive Gun. Be sure to leave a Frekiheim
    			alive before you grab the core or the stage will end.
    CIVILIAN BASE 1:	In the third large room. About 2/3rds the way up on
    			the NE portion you'll find a nook. Drop down.
    CIVILIAN BASE 2:	In the narrow, 4-sided elevator-like shaft.
    			Boost up one level, then fall off to the side.
    			Go to any corner and drop down one more level.
    CIVILIAN BASE 3:	Keep falling (about 5/6th the way down) until you see
    			the 5 SVN drones that form a star pattern.
    			You should see a door on the same level. The core's
    			below the platform on the other side of that door.
    NAGLFAR'S PIT 1:	Right below the platform where you start.
    NAGLFAR'S PIT 2:	Very bottom, center of the pit.
    YGGDRASILL 1:		Alongside the wall 2/3rds the way down.
    			Should be visible as you descend.
    YGGDRASILL 2:		Alongside the wall 2/3rds the way up
    			(you start the stage at the bottom).
    The Orbs
    ---                                                                 ...
    On the Save/Load Game screen there's a number of Orbs at the top.
    Obtaining these is just adds a bit of reply value to the game.
    There are two sets of Orbs. I have not seen them named anywhere so I'll call
    them, the "Big Three" and the "Stage Orbs".
    The Big Three:
    First Orb:	The first one lights once you've completed Story Mode at
    		least once. Under it is also a counter showing how many
    		times Story Mode has been completed.
    Second Orb:	You must clear every Stage including Bosses using Sab.
    		You'll need to use Challenge mode to be able to play
    		the Bosses.
    		Thanks chocotaco and Graff for figuring this out!
    Third Orb:	Lights once Kelly reaches Level 3.
    Stage Orbs:
    Each of these represent a Stage. To light an Orb you must complete it's stage
    and rank in the top three.
    Once lit it will be one of three colors depending on what you ranked;
    3rd Place = Green	2nd Place = Yellow	1st Place = Blue
    ---                                          Kevin Reems (LBt1st)   ...

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